Staying Together while Staying Apart

Unfathomable Grace

In the denomination which I serve, there are five vows required for one to become a member of a local church. There are only five, and they don’t cover topics such as:

  • How should we walk in holiness on the Lord’s Day?
  • What ought one believe regarding tithing?
  • Does the Holy Spirit still speak audibly to some?
  • When and how much water should be used in baptism?
  • How is one to “Christianly” educate their children?
  • Can one imbibe?
  • Is salvation completely God’s work, or is it a joint-venture?
  • What is the proper view of end-times?
  • How serious is the sin of ________ (fill in the blank) in comparison to others?
  • How much of the Westminster Standards must one appreciate?

It’s not that these topics are unimportant. It’s not that God’s Word does not help us answer these questions as we learn to think after him. It’s not that these…

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