Who Is The WHO – REALLY?

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Well, they are not the 70’s band who came out with the mega hit “Pinball Wizard” – that’s for sure. 

The WHO (World Health Organization) is simply another political globalist arm of the United Nations. And I’m proud of President Trump for cutting off funding to this evil organization.  

Canada Free Press did an exhaustive exposé on these devils, and as usual they were spot on.

From canadafreepress.com

Now Is Exactly the Time to Investigate the WHO’s Catastrophic Public Failures and Internal Rot

President Trump made precisely the right call in suspending U.S. funding to the World Health Organization, pending a review of its role in “severely mismanaging and covering up the coronavirus.” Trump is doing an important service not only to America, but to the world, with his demands that the WHO clean up its abysmal and misleading act, and stop kowtowing to China.

But here comes the…

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