Perverting Grace — Do We Really Know What This Means?

Unfathomable Grace

Of all people, we who call ourselves “Reformed” should understand grace is an undeserved, monergeistic, irrevocable, and unfluctuating gift that cannot be paid

We talk much about God’s Holy LawWe know God has rules. We know God is serious about his laws. And we also know for us to be righteous and acceptable we must keep every portion of every law with every part of our entire being every single second of every single day. Yes, we recognize how demanding is our good God. He has put before us an impossibly high standard that none can reach. There is no good news here.

We talk much about the Covenant of Works. We know God has established a relationship with consequences based upon performance. Perfect obedience equals blessing. Imperfect obedience or disobedience equals cursing. There is no middle-ground. There is no partial credit. Friends, this is good that…

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