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Corona Crisis Control – Digital Identification for All — Christian Research Service

A digital identity for every citizen on the globe has been identified by the World Bank and World Economic Forum as an important part in the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals. The right to a legal identity is a part of Global Goal 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions). An effort to achieve this is the ID2020 Alliance. A Public-Private Partnership between United Nations agencies, World Economic Forum, Foundations and Big Tech-corporations. Their grand goal do however raise some concerns about loss of privacy, mass surveillance and population control. It comes with a price that might have severe implications for the freedom of man.

ID2020 was founded in New York 2014 by John Edge, an expert on how Public-Private Partnerships can solve the sustainability goals with the help from blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies.

The organisation, that was supported by law firm Kaye Scholer, technology conglomerate Red Rose Corporation and the merchant bank Broadhaven, held their first meeting in September 2015. Their stated mission was to give a digital identity to everyone through “leveraging start-up models” and in the end create a system that would span the globe, including the 1 billion people that currently have no proper identification.

Their first meeting, coinciding with the adoption of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, was connected to Global Goal 16 with its sub target 9 to “by 2030, provide legal identity for all, including birth registration”. …

The drive for a digital ID risks in the end to fundamentally reshape our place in society, with a human race that is more or less forced or coerced to migrate from the physical to the digital realm. If you as an individual don’t accept the ID, you risk being denied access to basic services and a decent life.

United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is in the end a technocratic plan to achieve world domination – A new economic system with a digital surveillance regime that comes with severe consequences for the freedom and future of man. It is essentially a Scientific Dictatorship that requires all things to be digitally connected to function. The Corona Crisis of 2020 has been a trigger event on a scale never seen before in the history of mankind and the ID2020 Alliance and World Economic Forum has wasted no time using it to further their agenda.

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Emmanuel Macron And Bill Gates Held First New World Order Virtual Meeting To Mobilize All G7 And G20 Nations In COVID-19 Global Response Team — Now The End Begins

Macron told the meeting: “We will continue now to mobilise all G7 and G20 countries so they get behind this initiative. And I hope we will be able to reconcile around this joint initiative both China and the US, because this is about saying the fight against Covid-19 is a common human good and there should be no division in order to win this battle.” And so it begins. Bookmark this article, and title it as the functional beginning of the New World Order, because that’s exactly what it was and that’s exactly what took place. Emmanuel Macron is now in sole possession of first place in the end times Antichrist Derby, and he continues to exceed expectations.

20 world leaders and global health figures held the first New World Order virtual COVID-19 response meeting, run by the French president, Emmanuel Macron, and the population control eugenicist Bill Gates.

We have been showing you their every move since the COVID-19 global crisis began, and today we bring you this blockbuster story that is simply astonishing when you consider the speed at which all this is coming together. Last week we showed you how French president Emmanuel Macron has been positioning himself for months now to lead the New World Order that is being created during the global lockdown, and the other day in Europe he chaired the very first meeting of this nascent grouping of nations. By his side, virtually of course, was eugenicist Bill Gates who is waiting in the wings with his syringe and digital IDfor ‘every person on earth’. It has officially begun.

“And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.” Revelation 17:12,13 (KJB)

And so it begins. Bookmark this article, and title it as the functional beginning of the New World Order, because that’s exactly what it was and that’s exactly what took place. On May 4 they are going to do it again, this time being co-chaired by Britain. On June 4, they will host a ‘Global Vaccines Summit‘. Emmanuel Macron is now in sole possession of first place in the end times Antichrist Derby, and he continues to exceed expectations. Yep, he’s that good. His buddy Bill Gates is beaming from ear to ear, rubbing his hands with glee at the prospect of injecting nearly 8 billion people with a vaccine, and then forcing them to take a digital Immunity Passport. That’s how close we are to Flight #777 taking off. Hope you’re ready.

Leader Emmanuel Macron told the meeting: “We will continue now to mobilise all G7 and G20 countries so they get behind this initiative.”

FROM THE GUARDIAN UK: Global leaders have pledged to accelerate cooperation on a coronavirus vaccine and to share research, treatment and medicines across the globe. But the United States did not take part in the World Health Organization initiative, in a sign of Donald Trump’s increasing isolation on the global stage.

The cooperation pledge, made at a virtual meeting, was designed to show that wealthy countries will not keep the results of research from developing countries. The meeting also represented a symbolic endorsement of the United Nations body in the face of Trump’s decision to suspend US payments and condemn its leaders as subordinates of the Chinese Communist party. China and the US have accused each other of bullying and disinformation over the coronavirus outbreak, damaging efforts to secure cooperation at the G20, the natural international institution to handle global health outside the UN.


Instead an ad hoc grouping of 20 world leaders and global health figures were on the call, including the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, the French president, Emmanuel Macron, and the American philanthropist Bill Gates. Britain will co-chair a joint coronavirus global response summit on 4 May aimed at raising funds for vaccine research, treatments and tests.

Macron told the meeting: “We will continue now to mobilise all G7 and G20 countries so they get behind this initiative. And I hope we will be able to reconcile around this joint initiative both China and the US, because this is about saying the fight against Covid-19 is a common human good and there should be no division in order to win this battle.”

The WHO director general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said: “We are facing a common threat that we can only defeat with a common approach. Experience has told us that even when tools are available they have not been equally available to all. We cannot allow that to happen.”

More than 100 potential vaccines are being developed, including six already in clinical trials, according to Seth Berkley, the chief executive of the Gavi vaccine alliance, a public-private partnership that leads immunisation campaigns in poor countries. Berkley said it was critical that there was not a repeat of the experience in 2009, when the H1N1 vaccine did not reach developing countries until very late.

Five pledges were agreed on the call:

  • Provide access to new treatments, technologies and vaccines across the world.
  • Commit to an unprecedented level of international partnership on research and coordinate efforts to tackle the pandemic and reduce infections.
  • Reach collective decisions on responding to the pandemic, recognising that the virus’s spread in one country can affect all countries.
  • Learn from experience and adapt the global response.
  • Be accountable, to the most vulnerable communities and the whole world.

The meeting also agreed to appoint two new special envoys to lead global cooperation on vaccine research and to help ensure equal access to any successful vaccines. Sir Andrew Witty, the British former head of the global drugs giant GSK, was appointed alongside Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the chair of Gavi.

Britain has been one of the biggest supporters of the global effort to find a coronavirus vaccine, providing £250m for international research on the disease at the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations. READ MORE

Covid-19: French President Macron Orders Military To Join Virus Fight

French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday announced the launch of army Operation Resilience to provide support in the fight against Covid-19 along with ‘massive investments’ in the country’s public health system as France’s coronavirus death toll rose to 1,331 with 25,233 confirmed cases.


World Health Organization COVID-19 – Accelerate Development, Production & Distribution Of Vaccines


UN Secretary General Calls For Whole World To Be Vaccinated

António Guterres joined leaders from the European Union and beyond on Friday to ensure all countries receive the tools to fight the coronavirus outbreak. Speaking during a virtual WHO launch event, Guterres said treatments and vaccines should belong to the whole world, not to individual countries or regions. ‘Not a vaccine or treatments for one country or one region or one-half of the world,’ Guterres said, ‘but a vaccine and treatment that is affordable, safe, effective, easily administered and universally available for everyone, everywhere.’

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“The Food Supply Chain Is Breaking” And We Are Being Warned That “Meat Shortages” Are Imminent — The Economic Collapse

When meat processing facilities started shutting down because of the coronavirus pandemic, we were initially told not to worry because the facilities that were still operating normally would be able to make up the difference.  But now all of that has changed.  As you will see below, even the mainstream media is beginning to use the phrase “meat shortages”, and we are being told to brace for supply chain disruptions all over America.  Hopefully any “shortages” will only last for a few months, and hopefully supply chain disruptions will disappear later this year as the pandemic fades.  But this is yet another example that shows how exceedingly vulnerable our system has become, and it makes one wonder what will happen once a crisis even worse than this pandemic comes along.

In today’s extremely litigious environment, big corporations are going to exercise an abundance of caution when it comes to COVID-19, and we have already seen that just a handful of confirmed cases can shut down an entire food processing facility for weeks.  As a result of all the shutdowns that have already taken place, Bloomberg is warning that we are “dangerously close to meat shortages”…

Plant shutdowns are leaving the U.S. dangerously close to meat shortages as coronavirus outbreaks now spread to suppliers across the Americas.

Almost a third of U.S. pork capacity is down, the first big poultry plants closed on Friday and experts are warning that domestic shortages are just weeks away. Brazil, the world’s No. 1 shipper of chicken and beef, saw its first major closure with the halt of a poultry plant owned by JBS SA, the world’s biggest meat company. Key operations are also down in Canada, the latest being a British Columbia poultry plant.

Who ever imagined that we would be talking about “meat shortages” during the first half of 2020?

It is crazy how rapidly things have changed.

On Friday, Smithfield Foods announced the closure of a fifth meat processing facility

Smithfield Foods has closed another meat processing plant amid the coronavirus pandemic, the company’s fifth facility to discontinue operations this month as a result of the illness.

According to Smithfield, a significant supplier of the global meat market, the company has stalled production on a rolling basis since April 19 “out of an abundance of caution” for employees of its St. Charles, Illinois, facility.

And on that same day, Hormel announced the closure of two major turkey plants

A Hormel Foods subsidiary has shut down a pair of Jennie-O turkey plants after reporting some employees have tested positive for COVID-19.

The company said 14 employees out of about 1,200 workers at the two Willmar plants have tested positive for the virus.

Even more chilling, on Sunday Tyson Foods actually ran a full page ad in the New York Times in which they admitted that “the food supply chain is breaking”

Tyson Foods, one of the U.S.’s biggest meat processors, didn’t mince words in a full page New York Times spread that ran Sunday, in which they warned, “the food supply chain is breaking.”

“As pork, beef and chicken plants are being forced to close, even for short periods of time, millions of pounds of meat will disappear from the supply chain,” John Tyson, Chairman of the Board of Tyson Foods, wrote in a letter published as an advertisement. “As a result, there will be limited supply of our products available in grocery stores until we are able to reopen our facilities that are currently closed.”

Look, the truth is that the head of Tyson Foods would not be talking like that if things were not very serious.

I believe that things will be better by the end of the year, but for now we should expect significant meat shortages in the grocery stores for several months.

And for some portions of the supply chain, the shortages are already here.  In fact, one expert is warning that restaurants “could be out of fresh ground beef” in a week…

While hundreds of plants in the Americas are still running, the staggering acceleration of supply disruptions is now raising questions over global shortfalls. Taken together, the U.S., Brazil and Canada account for about 65% of world meat trade.

“It’s absolutely unprecedented,” said Brett Stuart, president of Denver-based consulting firm Global AgriTrends. “It’s a lose-lose situation where we have producers at the risk of losing everything and consumers at the risk of paying higher prices. Restaurants in a week could be out of fresh ground beef.”

The good news is that once this pandemic fades things should get significantly better for the industry.

The bad news is that we are probably going to be facing elevated prices for a long time to come.  In fact, the price of U.S. wholesale beef just set a brand new record, and the price of wholesale pork surged 29 percent last week.

And as I noted the other day, all of this is happening at a time when African Swine Fever has already killed about one-fourth of all the pigs in the world.

When it comes to pork, the answer is really easy.  Just don’t eat it.  Pork is a highway to cancer, heart disease and a whole bunch of other very serious illnesses, and I don’t understand why anyone would ever want to eat it.

But the fact that we are also facing shortages of beef, chicken and turkey now is very concerning, and I hope everyone out there has stocked up.

Sadly, the truth is that there are plenty of chickens and turkeys out there at this moment, but because of the plant shutdowns many growers don’t have anyone to sell to right now.  As a result, millions of animals are being culled

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that 2 million chickens are set to be culled across farms in Maryland and Delaware amid coronavirus-related staffing shortages at meatpacking plants.

We’ve heard the same story with pork, turkey, and beef processing plants across the country. Reducing operations or shutting down due to virus-related illnesses among staff.

“With reduced staffing, many plants are not able to harvest chickens at the pace they planned for when placing those chicks in chicken houses several weeks ago,” before strict social distancing rules went into effect, trade group for the Delmarva poultry industry said in a statement.

I believe that it is a huge mistake to completely close all of these meat processing facilities, and hopefully many of them will be reopened as soon as possible.

But meanwhile things will become increasingly difficult, and American families will suffer.

Now that tens of millions of Americans have lost their jobs, people are starting to get desperate, and the National Guard is being deployed to food banks all over the nation.

Of course this coronavirus pandemic is not the worst thing we are going to face.  In fact, it isn’t even close to the worst thing we are going to face.

So if fear of COVID-19 is causing this much of a disruption to our supply chains, what is going to happen when a crisis that is far, far more severe comes along?

We are not going to see a full return to “normal”, but later this year there should be a window of opportunity to prepare for the events of 2021 and beyond, and I very much encourage all of my readers to take full advantage of that opportunity.

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With No Daily Briefing, Trump Slams Fox News , New York Times and Fake News Reports on Firing Sec. Azar — The Gateway Pundit

President Trump went after Fox News and the New York Times in a tweet storm Sunday afternoon, venting about the media online instead of at the White House Coronavirus Task Force daily briefings which have not been held this weekend. Trump also debunked a report that he would be firing HHS Secretary Azar. Earlier Trump had gone after so-called “Noble” prize winning reporters in now deleted tweets he put down as misunderstood sarcasm.

File screen image.

“Does anybody get the meaning of what a so-called Noble (not Nobel) Prize is, especially as it pertains to Reporters and Journalists? Noble is defined as, “having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals.” Does sarcasm ever work?”

Trump ripped the Times first, calling them out for a story with gossip about his work habits:

“The people that know me and know the history of our Country say that I am the hardest working President in history. I don’t know about that, but I am a hard worker and have probably gotten more done in the first 3 1/2 years than any President in history. The Fake News hates it!”

“I work from early in the morning until late at night, haven’t left the White House in many months (except to launch Hospital Ship Comfort) in order to take care of Trade Deals, Military Rebuilding etc., and then I read a phony story in the failing @nytimes about my work….”

“….schedule and eating habits, written by a third rate reporter who knows nothing about me. I will often be in the Oval Office late into the night & read & see that I am angrily eating a hamburger & Diet Coke in my bedroom. People with me are always stunned. Anything to demean!”

Trump then called out Fox News:

“.@FoxNews just doesn’t get what’s happening! They are being fed Democrat talking points, and they play them without hesitation or research. They forgot that Fake News @CNN & MSDNC wouldn’t let @FoxNews participate, even a little bit, in the poor ratings Democrat Debates…..”

“….Even the Radical Left Do Nothing Democrats laughed at the Fox suggestion. No respect for the people running
@FoxNews. But Fox keeps on plugging to try and become politically correct. They put RINO Paul Ryan on their Board. They hire “debate questions to Crooked Hillary”….”

“….fraud @donnabrazile (and others who are even worse). Chris Wallace is nastier to Republicans than even Deface the Nation or Sleepy Eyes. The people who are watching @FoxNews, in record numbers (thank you President Trump), are angry. They want an alternative now. So do I!”

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April 26th The D. L. Moody Year Book

For the zeal of Thine house hath eaten me up.—Psalm 69:9.

I HEARD of some one who was speaking the other day of something that was to be done, and who said he hoped zeal would be tempered with moderation. Another friend very wisely replied that he hoped moderation would be tempered with zeal. If that were always the case, Christianity would be like a red hot ball rolling over the face of the earth. There is no power on earth that can stand before the onward march of God’s people when they are in dead earnest.[1]


[1] Moody, D. L. (1900). The D. L. Moody Year Book: A Living Daily Message from the Words of D. L. Moody. (E. M. Fitt, Ed.) (p. 79). East Northfield, MA: The Bookstore.

April—26 The Poor Man’s Evening Portion

Was not Esau Jacob’s brother? saith the Lord: yet I loved Jacob, and I hated Esau.—Malachi 1:2, 3.

My soul! sit down this evening, and ponder over some few particulars of the characteristics of grace, and behold its freeness, fulness, unexpectedness, greatness, sovereignty, and undeservedness; and yet, if possible, more astonishing than either in its distinguishing operations. The Lord himself invites his redeemed people to this blessed study; and when a poor sinner can receive it, and mark his own interest in it, nothing more tends to humble the soul to the dust before God, and compels it to cry out, under a deep sense of it, “Lord, how is it that thou hast manifested thyself to me, and not unto the world?” In this demand of God, the question is decided and answered: “I have loved you, saith the Lord. But ye say, wherein hast thou loved us?” or, as some read it, Wherefore hast thou done so, when we were utterly undeserving of it? How is it, Lord, that thy grace was so personally distinguished? To which the Lord replies, “Was not Esau Jacob’s brother? yet I loved Jacob, and hated Esau.” As if Jehovah had said, I have been pointing out my distinguishing love from the beginning. Was not Esau Jacob’s brother; yea, his elder brother? And had any right of inheritance arisen by birth, or from my covenant with Abraham, was not Esau before Jacob? Yet to show the freeness and sovereignty of my decrees, before “the children were born, and had done either good or evil,” it was said by me, “The elder shall serve the younger.”—Lord! help me to bow down under a deep sense of thy sovereignty, and to cry out with the patriarch, “Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?” or in the precious words of the patriarch’s Lord, “Even so, Father, for so it seemed good in thy sight.” My soul! sit down, and trace the wonderful subject all the Bible through; and when thou hast done that, ponder over thine own experience, and fall low to the dust of the earth, in token that it is, and ever must be, from the same distinguishing grace alone, that one man differs from another; for all that we have is what we first received. And how marvellous is the distinguishing nature of grace, when passing by some that we might think more deserving, to single out others apparently the most worthless and undeserving. The young man in the gospel, full of good deeds, and, as he thought, within a step of heaven, shall go away from Christ very sorrowful; while Paul, in the midst of his hatred of Jesus, and making havoc of his people, shall be called. Nay, my soul! look not at these only, but look at thyself. Where wert thou, when Jesus passed by and bid thee live? How wast thou engaged, when grace first taught thine eyes to overflow, and He that persuaded Japheth to dwell in the tents of Shem, persuaded thee, and constrained thee by his love? And what is it now but the same distinguishing love, and grace, and favour, that keeps thee, under all thy wanderings, and coldness, and backslidings, from falling away? Who but Jesus could keep the immortal spark of grace from going out amidst those floods of corruption which arise within? Who but Jesus could prevent the incorruptible seed from being choked for ever, which at times seems to be wholly encompassed with weeds, or buried in the rubbish of thy sinful nature? Precious Lord Jesus! let others say what they may, or think what they will, be it my portion to lie low in the deepest self-abasement, under the fullest conviction that it is thy free grace, and not creature desert, which makes all the difference between man and man! Oh! for the teachings of the Holy Ghost, the Comforter, to accompany all my views of this most wonderful subject! And when at any time pride would arise in my heart, on any supposed excellency in me, compared to others, or when beholding the state of the vain or the carnal, oh! for grace to hear that voice speaking and explaining all: “Was not Esau Jacob’s brother? saith the Lord; yet I loved Jacob, and Esau have I hated.”[1]


[1] Hawker, R. (1845). The Poor Man’s Evening Portion (A New Edition, pp. 125–126). Philadelphia: Thomas Wardle.

April 26, 2020 Evening Verse Of The Day

The Arguments

But when He heard this, He said, “It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick. But go and learn what this means, ‘I desire compassion, and not sacrifice,’ for I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” (9:12–13)

When Jesus heard this accusatory question, He answered it for the disciples. His doing so doubtlessly embarrassed the Pharisees and added to their indignation. The fact that they had approached His disciples suggests that the Pharisees were afraid to confront Jesus Himself, and His overhearing and responding to their obvious indictment of His actions was more than a little disconcerting.

Although Jesus was fully aware of the Pharisees’ true intent (cf. 9:4), He took their question at face value and explained exactly why He had done what He did. In His brief reply, He gave three arguments in defense of His gospel of forgiveness and reconciliation, the gospel that was reflected in His willingness to eat with the ungodly and immoral tax-gatherers and sinners.

the argument from human logic

First of all, Jesus said, “It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick.” “If,” He was saying to the Pharisees, “you are really as spiritually and morally perfect as you claim to be, you do not need any help from God or other men. If you are indeed spiritually healthy, you do not need a spiritual physician. On the other hand, these tax-gatherers and sinners—who you declare, and they themselves admit, are spiritually sick—are the self-confessing sinners who need God’s way of salvation presented to them. They are the one’s who seek the spiritual physician, and that is why I am ministering to them.”

The analogy is simple. Just as a physician is expected to go among people who are sick, a forgiver should be expected to go among those who are sinful. Jesus was giving Himself to those who recognized their deepest need. What sort of doctor would spend all his time with healthy people and refuse to associate with those who are sick? “Are you doctors,” He implied to the Pharisees, “who diagnose but have no desire to cure? Will you tell a person what his disease is and then refuse to give him medicine for it?” What an indictment of their self-righteous hardheartedness! Those whom they diagnosed as sinful they were quite willing to let remain sinful.

As the Lord charged them later, the scribes and Pharisees were hypocrites who were careful to “tithe mint and dill and cummin” but had no regard for the matters of true righteousness, the “weightier provisions of the law” such as “justice and mercy and faithfulness” (Matt. 23:23). They had outward form but no inward holiness, much ritual but no righteousness. They loved to condemn but not uplift, to judge but not help, They loved themselves but not others, and proved themselves to be without the compassion and mercy that God’s law required—the law they vigorously claimed to teach, practice, and defend.

How could the Pharisees have missed or forgotten God’s wonderful and merciful declarations such as, “I, the Lord, am your healer” (Ex. 15:26). How could they neglect, and even resent, the healing of those whom God Himself desired to heal? Those who claimed to be well proved themselves to be sickest of all!

the argument from scripture

Jesus’ second argument was directly from Scripture. “Go and learn,” He said, “what this means, ‘I desire compassion, and not sacrifice.’ ” He pinned the Pharisees to the wall with their own Scripture. The phrase go and learn was commonly used in rabbinic writings to rebuke those who did not know what they should have known. Jesus used the Pharisees’ own most honored authorities to rebuke them for their ignorance of God’s true nature and of their failure to follow His clear commandments.

Jesus here quotes the prophet Hosea, through whom God said, “I delight in loyalty rather than sacrifice, and in the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings” (Hos. 6:6). “It is the perfect Word of God and not the flawed words of men that you should be concerned about,” Jesus was saying; “and His Word calls you to be merciful and forgiving, not judgmental and condemning.”

The fact that the quotation was from Hosea made it all the more pointed. The story of Gomer’s unfaithfulness to her husband Hosea was a living illustration of Israel’s own unfaithfulness to God; and Hosea’s continuing love and forgiveness of Gomer was a picture of the continuing love and forgiveness God offered Israel. And just as God then desired compassion rather than sacrifice, He still did. Without compassion, all the rituals, ceremonies, and sacrifices of the Pharisees were unacceptable to God. Without compassion they proved themselves to be more ungodly even than the despised tax-gatherers and sinners, who made no pretense of godliness.

God had divinely instituted the sacrificial system, and when the prescribed offerings were made to Him in a spirit of humility, penitence, and reverence, they were pleasing to Him. But when offered insincerely and in a spirit of self-righteousness and self-satisfaction, they became instead an abomination. The rituals and ceremonies were only as valid as the contriteness of the worshiper. And the person who sacrificed to God in genuine reverence would serve his fellow man in genuine compassion. Conversely, the person who is cold toward other people proves he is also cold toward God, no matter how orthodox his theology and how impeccable his external moral standards. The person who sees obvious sinners as those only to be condemned proves himself to be a greater sinner than they. Those who are furthest from giving mercy are furthest from receiving it (see Matt. 6:15; 18:23–35).

God is never pleased with religious routine and activity that does not come from sincere love of Him and of other people. Ritual separated from righteousness is a sham and an affront to God. “I hate, I reject your festivals,” God declared to Israel. “Nor do I delight in your solemn assemblies. Even though you offer up to Me burnt offerings and your grain offerings, I will not accept them; and I will not even look at the peace offerings of your fatlings. Take away from Me the noise of your songs; I will not even listen to the sound of your harps. But let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream” (Amos 5:21–24).

the argument from his own authority

Third, Jesus defended His work on the basis of His own authority: I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners. He gladly associated and identified with tax-gatherers and other sinners, because they are the ones who needed Him. The parallel passage in Luke 5:32, and some Greek texts and English translations of Matthew 9:13, include the ending phrase, “to repentance.” It is the repentant person, the person who is sinful and who acknowledges and turns from his sin, who is the object of Jesus’ divine call. The person who is sinful but thinks he is righteous shuts himself out from God’s mercy, because he refuses to acknowledge his need of it. He rejects Jesus’ call to salvation because he rejects the idea of his lostness.

In response to a later similar charge by the Pharisees and scribes that He “receives sinners and eats with them” (Luke 15:2), Jesus gave three illustrations of God’s concern for and forgiveness of the penitent sinner. Through the stories of the lost sheep and lost coin He pointed up the truth that “there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents, than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance” (v. 7; cf. v. 10). In the story of the prodigal son He dramatically illustrated the double-sided truth that God is overjoyed with a humble sinner who repents and is grieved by the self-righteous person (represented by the older brother) who is himself unforgiving of others and even resents God’s forgiveness of them (see espec. vv. 21–32).

Kaleō (to call) was often used of inviting a guest to one’s home for food and lodging. The inference here is clear. Jesus did not come to call the self-righteous to salvation for the same reason He did not call the Pharisees to recline with Him at the dinner in Matthew’s house. They were too good in their own eyes to condescend to such humiliation. And because they would not identify themselves with fellow sinners, they could not be identified with Christ, who offers salvation only to sinners who willingly acknowledge they are sinners.

“Because you consider yourselves already righteous,” the Lord was saying, “I have not come to call you. Because you are satisfied with yourselves, I will leave you to yourselves.” The Pharisee who stood proudly in the Temple and thanked God for his own goodness saw no need for forgiveness and thus was not forgiven. But the penitent, heart-broken tax-gatherer who beat his breast and cried out, “God, be merciful to me, the sinner!… went down to his house justified” (Luke 18:10–14). At that same Temple, Jesus said to a group of Pharisees, “I go away, and you shall seek Me, and shall die in your sin; where I am going, you cannot come” (John 8:21; cf. v. 24). The one who thinks he is righteous and spiritually safe without Christ has no part in Christ, who came to call … sinners. He cannot seek and save those who will not recognize they are lost (see Luke 19:10). Logic, Scripture, and Jesus Himself together affirm that forgiveness is for the sinful and salvation is for the lost.

In one of His last parables Jesus graphically portrayed that truth. He pictured His kingdom as a great royal wedding feast for the king’s son, for which the king had sent out many invitations. When the previously invited guests, who represented Israel, were called at the appointed time but were unwilling to come, the king several times sent his servants out again to plead with them to reconsider. When they still refused, and mistreated and killed some of the servants, the enraged king ordered his armies to destroy the murderers and set their city on fire. He then sent servants throughout the rest of the kingdom, even to the most out-of-the-way places, to gather all they could find and bring them to the feast (see Matt. 22:1–10; cf. 21:33–46). That was the message He gave to the Pharisees at Capernaum. As Jews, they were the already invited guests to the Lord’s banquet, but they refused to attend and acted with hostility toward the messengers. Therefore, just as they stood outside Matthew’s house and watched the tax-gatherers and sinners eat with Jesus, they would also stand outside God’s kingdom and watch every sort of repentant sinner and outcast be welcomed into it.

The kingdom of God is for the spiritually sick who want to be healed, the spiritually corrupt who want to be cleansed, the spiritually poor who want to be rich, the spiritually hungry who want to be fed, the spiritually dead who want to be made alive. It is for ungodly outcasts who long to become God’s own beloved children.[1]

12–13 These verses again connect Jesus’ healing ministry with his “healing” of sinners (see comments at 8:17). The sick need a doctor, and Jesus healed them; likewise the sinful need mercy, forgiveness, restoration, and Jesus healed them (v. 13). The Pharisees were not as healthy as they thought (cf. 7:1–5); more important, they did not understand the purpose of Jesus’ mission. Expecting a Messiah who would crush the sinful and support the righteous, they had little place for one who accepted and transformed the sinner and dismissed the “righteous” as hypocrites. Jesus explained his mission in terms reminiscent of 1:21. There is no suggestion here that he went to sinners because they gladly received him; rather, he went to them because they were sinners, just as a doctor goes to the sick because they are sick.

The quotation (v. 13) is from Hosea 6:6 and is introduced by the rabbinic formula “go and learn,” used of those who needed to study the text further. Use of the formula may be slightly sardonic: those who prided themselves in their knowledge of and conformity to Scripture needed to “go and learn” what it means. The quotation, possibly translated from the Hebrew by Matthew himself, is cast in Semitic antithesis: “not A but B” often means “B is of more basic importance than A.”

The Hebrew word for “mercy” (ḥesed, GK 2876) is close in meaning to “covenant love,” which, according to Hosea, is more important than “sacrifice.” Through Hosea, God said that the apostates of Hosea’s day, though continuing the formal ritual of temple worship, had lost its center. As applied to the Pharisees by Jesus, therefore, the Hosea quotation was not simply telling them that they should be more sympathetic to outcasts and less concerned about ceremonial purity, but that they were aligned with the apostates of ancient Israel in that they too preserved the shell while losing the heart of the matter, as exemplified by their attitude to tax collectors and sinners (cf. France, Jesus and the Old Testament, 70). Jesus’ final statement (v. 13b) therefore cannot mean that he viewed the Pharisees as righteous people who did not need him, who were already perfectly acceptable to God by virtue of their obedience to his laws so that their only fault was the exclusion of others (contra Hill, Greek Words, 130–31). If the Pharisees were so righteous, the demand for righteousness surpassing that of the Pharisees and teachers of the law (5:20) would be incoherent.

On the other hand, it may not be exactly right to say that “righteous” is ironic here. The saying simply defines the essential nature of Jesus’ messianic mission as he himself saw it. If pushed, he would doubtless have affirmed the universal sinfulness of man (cf. 7:11). Therefore, he is not dividing men into two groups but is disavowing one image of what Messiah should be and do, replacing it with the correct one. His mission was characterized by grace, a pursuit of the lost, of sinners. The verb kalesai (“to call,” GK 2813) means “to invite” (unlike Paul’s usage, where the call is always efficacious). By implication, those who do not see themselves in the light of Jesus’ mission not only fail to grasp the purpose of his coming but exclude themselves from the kingdom’s blessings.

If Matthew does not add “to repentance” after “sinners” (as Lk 5:32), it is not because he is disinterested in repentance (cf. 3:2; 4:17). Rather, the words are not in his principal source (Mark) and do not contribute to his present theme.

Hosea 6:6 is also quoted in 12:7, again in a context challenging the Pharisees’ legal scruples. Cope (Matthew, 68–70) suggests that the verse reveals a contrast between the substantial demands of mercy and merely legal and ceremonial piety, a contrast traceable in the following pericopes (vv. 14–17, 18–26, 27–34, 35–38). But his evidence is slightly overdrawn. In vv. 27–34, for instance, vv. 27–31 raise no overt hints of ceremonial defilement.[2]

12 Jesus’ first response is in the form of a proverb which uses physical illness as a metaphor for spiritual need. Plutarch quotes a similar saying of the Spartan king Pausanias when he was criticized for neglecting his own people: “It is not the custom of doctors to spend time among people who are healthy, but where people are ill.” The philosopher Diogenes is quoted as saying that as a doctor must go among the sick so a wise man must mix with fools. The point is obvious: any effective “healer” must expect to get his hands dirty.[3]

12. When he heard this he said, It is not those who are healthy that need a doctor but those who are ill.

The slur of the Pharisees and the resulting embarrassment of the disciples had been duly noted by Jesus. He himself, by means of what may have been a current proverb, flings back a clinching answer. When he associates on intimate terms with people of low reputation he does not do this as a hobnobber, a comrade in evil, “birds of a feather flocking together,” but as a physician, one who, without in any way becoming contaminated with the diseases of his patients, must get very close to them in order that he may heal them! Moreover, it is especially the Pharisees who should be able to understand this. Are not they the very people who place their trust in their own righteousness while they despise all others (Luke 18:9)? If, then, in the eyes of the Pharisees, publicans and sinners are so very sick, should they not be healed? Is it the business of the healer to heal the healthy or the sick? The sick, of course.[4]

[1] MacArthur, J. F., Jr. (1985). Matthew (Vol. 2, pp. 64–67). Chicago: Moody Press.

[2] Carson, D. A. (2010). Matthew. In T. Longman III & D. E. Garland (Eds.), The Expositor’s Bible Commentary: Matthew–Mark (Revised Edition) (Vol. 9, pp. 264–265). Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan.

[3] France, R. T. (2007). The Gospel of Matthew (p. 354). Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publication Co.

[4] Hendriksen, W., & Kistemaker, S. J. (1953–2001). Exposition of the Gospel According to Matthew (Vol. 9, p. 424). Grand Rapids: Baker Book House.

April 26 Streams in the Desert

I even reckon all things as pure loss because of the priceless privilege of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord

(Phil. 3:8.) (Weymouth.)

SHINING is always costly. Light comes only at the cost of that which produces it. An unlit candle does no shining. Burning must come before shining. We cannot be of great use to others without cost to ourselves. Burning suggests suffering. We shrink from pain.

We are apt to feel that we are doing the greatest good in the world when we are strong, and able for active duty, and when the heart and hands are full of kindly service.

When we are called aside and can only suffer; when we are sick; when we are consumed with pain; when all our activities have been dropped, we feel that we are no longer of use, that we are not doing anything.

But, if we are patient and submissive, it is almost certain that we are a greater blessing to the world in our time of suffering and pain than we were in the days when we thought we were doing the most of our work. We are burning now, and shining because we are burning.—Evening Thoughts.

“The glory of tomorrow is rooted in the drudgery of today.”

Many want the glory without the cross, the shining without the burning, but crucifixion comes before coronation.

Have you heard the tale of the aloe plant,

Away in the sunny clime?

By humble growth of a hundred years

It reaches its blooming time;

And then a wondrous bud at its crown

Breaks into a thousand flowers;

This floral queen, in its blooming seen,

Is the pride of the tropical bowers,

But the plant to the flower is sacrifice,

For it blooms but once, and it dies.

Have you further heard of the aloe plant,

That grows in the sunny clime;

How every one of its thousand flowers,

As they drop in the blooming time,

Is an infant plant that fastens its roots

In the place where it falls on the ground,

And as fast as they drop from the dying stem,

Grow lively and lovely around?

By dying, it liveth a thousand-fold

In the young that spring from the death of the old.

Have you heard the tale of the pelican,

The Arabs’ Gimel el Bahr,

That lives in the African solitudes,

Where the birds that live lonely are?

Have you heard how it loves its tender young,

And cares and toils for their good,

It brings them water from mountain far,

And fishes the seas for their food.

In famine it feeds them—what love can devise!

The blood of its bosom—and, feeding chem, dies.

Have you heard this tale—the best of them all—

The tale of the Holy and True,

He dies, but His life, in untold souls

Lives on in the world anew;

His seed prevails, and is filling the earth,

As the stars fill the sky above.

He taught us to yield up the love of life,

For the sake of the life of love.

His death is our life, His loss is our gain;

The joy for the tear, the peace for the pain.



[1] Cowman, L. B. (1925). Streams in the Desert (pp. 128–130). Los Angeles, CA: The Oriental Missionary Society.

April 26 The Interpreter: Spurgeon’s Devotional Bible

April 26.—Morning. [Or August 19.]
“Salvation belongeth unto the Lord.”

1 Samuel 17:1–12; 14–18

NOW the Philistines gathered together their armies to battle, and were gathered together at Shochoh, which belongeth to Judah.

Israel had sinned, and her king had cast off his allegiance, and therefore chastisement came. God has the hearts of wicked Philistines in his hands, and can move them to be a scourge to his offending people.

2, 3 And Saul and the men of Israel were gathered together, and pitched by the valley of Elah, and set the battle in array against the Philistines. And, the Philistines stood on a mountain on the one side, and Israel stood on a mountain on the other side: and there was a valley between them. (For forty days they remained gazing upon one another. O, had Israel been faithful to her God, she would soon have been delivered, for then the promise would have been fulfilled, “five of you shall chase an hundred, and an hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight.” When God is gone, the strongest are as weak as water.)

4, 5 And there went out a champion out of the camp of the Philistines, named Goliath, of Gath, whose height was six cubits and a span (or about ten feet.) And he had an helmet of brass upon his head, and he was armed with a coat of mail; and the weight of the coat was five thousand shekels of brass.

And he had greaves of brass upon his legs, and a target of brass between his shoulders.

And the staff of his spear was like a weaver’s beam; and his spear’s head weighed six hundred shekels of iron: and one bearing a shield went before him.

And he stood and cried unto the armies of Israel, and said unto them, Why are ye come out to set your battle in array? am not I a Philistine, and ye servants to Saul? choose you a man for you, and let him come down to me.

If he be able to fight with me, and to kill me, then will we be your servants: but if I prevail against him, and kill him, then shall ye be our servants, and serve us.

10 And the Philistine said, I defy the armies of Israel this day; give me a man, that we may fight together. (Goliath is called “the champion,” or, in the Hebrew, the middle-man or Mediator, he typifies Satan, our great enemy. Where could we have found another Mediator to meet him if the Son of David had not stood in the gap?)

11 When Saul and all Israel heard those words of the Philistine, they were dismayed, and greatly afraid. (Time was when Saul, who was himself gigantic, would have accepted the challenge, but when God departs from a man he becomes a coward. “Without me ye can do nothing,” is a great truth. Many have learned it to their sorrow.)

12 ¶ Now David was the son of that Ephrathite of Beth-lehem-judah, whose name was Jesse; and he had eight sons: and the man went among men for an old man in the days of Saul.

When made feeble by old age it is a great blessing to have vigorous sons to fill up the ranks of the Lord’s army. O ye young men, fill the places of your godly sires.

14 And David was the youngest: and the three eldest followed Saul.

15 But David went and returned from Saul to feed his father’s sheep at Beth-lehem.

Probably he had long before left the courts of Saul for the solitude he loved so well, just as our Lord after going up to the temple went back to his parents, and was subject unto them.

16 And the Philistine drew near morning and evening, and presented himself forty days.

Even as for forty days Satan tempted our Lord.

17, 18 And Jesse said unto David his son, Take now for thy brethren an ephah of this parched corn, and these ten loaves, and run to the camp to thy brethren; And carry these ten cheeses unto the captain of their thousand, and look how thy brethren fare, and take their pledge. (The great Antitype of David visited his brethren below, his Father sending him to us with heavenly food, and messages of love. Alas, like David, he met with a churlish reception, “he came unto his own, and his own received him not.” The Lord grant that in our hearts he may ever find a welcome.)

O Son of Jesse come

Into our camp to day;

Bring with thee much-loved food from home,

And bear our pledge away.

Goliath’s threatening words

Oft make thy people fear;

Vain are our numbers, and our swords,

Till thou art with us here.

April 26.—Evening. [Or August 20.]
“Who delivered us, and will yet deliver us.”

1 Samuel 17:20–37

AND David rose up early in the morning, and left the sheep with a keeper, and took, and went, as Jesse had commanded him; and he came to the trench, as the host was going forth to the fight, and shouted for the battle. (He was a good shepherd and did not leave his sheep without a keeper, in this being a fit type of the great Shepherd and Bishop of souls.)

21 For Israel and the Philistines had put the battle in array, army against army.

22 And David left his carriage (or baggage) in the hand of the keeper of the carriage, and ran into the army, and came and saluted his brethren.

23 And as he talked with them, behold, there came up the champion, the Philistine of Gath, Goliath by name, out of the armies of the Philistines, and spake according to the same words: and David heard them.

24 And all the men of Israel, when they saw the man, fled from him, and were sore afraid.

25 And the men of Israel said, Have ye seen this man that is come up? surely to defy Israel is he come up: and it shall be, that the man who killeth him, the king will enrich him with great riches, and will give him his daughter, and make his father’s house free in Israel.

Such was the prize offered to our champion the Lord Jesus, “the king’s daughter all glorious within,” was to be the reward of his battle.

26, 27 And David spake to the men that stood by him, saying, What shall be done to the man that killeth this Philistine, and taketh away the reproach from Israel? for who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God? And the people answered him after this manner, saying, So shall it be done to the man that killeth him.

28 ¶ And Eliab his eldest brother heard when he spake unto the men; and Eliab’s anger was kindled against David, and he said, Why camest thou down hither? and with whom hast thou left those few sheep in the wilderness? I know thy pride, and the naughtiness of thine heart; for thou art come down that thou mightest see the battle.

29 And David said, What have I now done? Is there not a cause? (Brave men may expect to be misunderstood and charged with forwardness; but it will be to their honour if they beat it patiently and still persevere. Our Lord was rejected by his brethren, but he did not desist from his work of love, neither did he answer them roughly. If we can conquer our own spirits we shall be able to conquer others.)

30, 31 And he turned from him toward another and spake after the same manner: and the people answered him again after the former manner. And when the words were heard which David spake, they rehearsed them before Saul and he sent for him. (He was at his wit’s end and therefore caught at this which he looked upon as a desperate hope. Despair of all other salvation often drives men to Jesus.)

32 ¶ And David said to Saul, Let no man’s heart fail because of him; thy servant will go and fight with this Philistine.

33 And Saul said to David, Thou art not able to go against this Philistine to fight with him: for thou art but a youth, and he a man of war from his youth. (So the Jewish nation thought our Lord quite unable to save them, and therefore despised him: but nevertheless he won the victory over the dread foe of men.)

34 And David said unto Saul, Thy servant kept his father’s sheep, and there came a lion, and a bear, and took a lamb out of the flock:

35 And I went out after him, and smote him, and delivered it out of his mouth: and when he arose against me, I caught him by his beard, and smote him, and slew him. (Christ also delivers his own sheep out of the power of him who goeth about like a roaring lion, and of him it is said, “thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder, the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.”)

36 Thy servant slew both the lion and the bear: and this uncircumcised Philistine shall be as one of them, seeing he hath defied the armies: of the living God.

37 David said moreover, The Lord that delivered me out of the paw of the lion, and out of the paw of the bear, he will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine. And Saul said unto David, Go, and the Lord be with thee.

It is wise to conclude that what God has done, for us once he can and will do again. We have an unchanging helper to rely upon, and therefore we may reckon on continual help.[1]


[1] Spurgeon, C. H. (1964). The Interpreter: Spurgeon’s Devotional Bible (pp. 243–244). Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House.

John Podesta and George Soros Connected to Consortium Behind Russia Collusion Sham Now Pushing Democrat Coronavirus Investigation — The Gateway Pundit

Creepy John Podesta and George Soros are connected to a consortium behind the creators of the Steele dossier and the Senate report on Russia collusion – both totally bogus reports.  Now they’re working on the upcoming investigation into the President’s actions with the coronavirus.

Daniel Jones, a former staffer for Democrat Dianne Feinstein, received awards for his efforts in the Democrat’s horrible CIA torture report where he was connected to Senate Intelligence Committee staffer James Wolfe.  A woman from the New York Times, Ali Watson, almost received a Pulitzer for her reporting on this subject.  Watson was the young girl who was reporting classified information in the Times that was given to her by the much older man she was sleeping with,  James Wolfe.

Wolfe was eventually arrested for leaking classified information to his younger partner from the NYT and was indicted for lying to the FBI, a much lesser charge, and sentenced to only two months in prison (a significantly minor charge when compared to the illegal leaks he was accused of participating in).

After his work on the bogus Senate CIA torture report, Jones moved on to bigger and better things. In our post in June 2018 we noted that:

The Federalist first reported in February a former staffer for Dem Senator Dianne Feinstein, Daniel Jones was working with Fusion GPS.

A group of about 7-10 wealthy donors from California (Silicon Valley) and New York spent $50 million to fund a Trump-Russia investigation conducted by none other than Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS and a former staffer for Dem Senator Dianne Feinstein named Daniel Jones.

Chuck Ross at the Daily Caller provided more information this week on Jones’ actions with Fusion GPS.   According to Ross:

Jones told the FBI in March 2017 that he had secured $50 million in funding from a group of wealthy donors and had “secured services of Steele … and Fusion GPS to continue exposing Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.”

Jones also told the bureau he “planned to share the information he obtained with policymakers … and with the press.”

Simpson and Fusion GPS co-founder Peter Fritsch wrote in their recent book, “Crime in Progress,” that former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta was “most helpful” in setting up fundraising meetings for Jones’s venture.

“Podesta agreed to contact some friends out west on Jones’s behalf and told him to drop his name in talks with other potential supporters,” Simpson and Fritsch wrote.

Ross continues:

Jones has not disclosed the funders for TDIP and ADI [the two firms Jones founded]. But the DCNF has confirmed that Open Society Foundation, a non-profit network controlled by billionaire George Soros, contributed $1.5 million in 2017 and 2018 to TDIP. A dark money group called the Fund for a Better Future contributed $2,065,000 to TDIP in 2017. The Silicon Valley Community Foundation gave $500,000 to ADI in 2018, according to tax records.

Jones created Advance Democracy Inc. (ADI) and The Democracy Integrity Project (TDIP) as nonprofits.  These two firms paid New Knowledge, a cyber security firm that contributed to a 2018 Senate Intelligence Committee report about Russian disinformation, nearly $500,000 in 2018.

Ross claims:

ADI and TDIP paid $747,608 the same year to Walsingham Partners, a firm controlled by [Russia collusion MI6 source, Christopher] Steele, and $2,010,317 to Bean, LLC., a shell company that controls Fusion GPS [the other entity involved in the fraudulent Steele dossier used to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on candidate and President Trump through Carter Page.]

Notable is the fact that ADI and TDIP, the companies Jones created to hound President Trump, originated on January 31, 2017, one day after the attorney for corrupt whistleblower Eric Ciaramella tweeted: “#coup has started”. 

Since that day, this group of attorneys and investigators have hounded, harassed and made up nasty stories on individuals connected to President Trump, like Judge Kavanaugh:

Debra Katz, represented Blasey-Ford, who slandered Judge Kavanaugh, and is now representing the NIH’s Dr. Bright.

Far left VOX reports that Dr. Rich Bright claims he was fired by the Trump team:

In a scathing letter, the former director of the federal agency overseeing the development of a coronavirus vaccine claims he was removed from his post following clashes with Trump administration officials over their pushing of unproven and potentially dangerous coronavirus treatments.

“Specifically, and contrary to misguided directives, I limited the broad use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, promoted by the administration as a panacea, but which clearly lack scientific merit,” writes Dr. Rick Bright in the letter, which was released through the law firm representing him.

So it looks like this is the next fraudulent investigation into President Trump, managed the Democrats and  supported by individuals like George Soros, which will be reported on day and night up until the 2020 election. 

These people are evil and care nothing about America or the US Constitution.

via John Podesta and George Soros Connected to Consortium Behind Russia Collusion Sham Now Pushing Democrat Coronavirus Investigation — The Gateway Pundit

27Apr 2020 – Rapture Ready News

Pa. removes more than 200 deaths from official coronavirus count as questions mount about reporting process, data accuracy
Twice in the last week, Pennsylvania’s official COVID-19 death count spiked. Then, on Thursday, the number plummeted. facing mounting questions about the accuracy of the count, officials on Thursday removed more than 200 probable deaths from the tally, further complicating the state’s accounting of the pandemic.

More than 1,500 rally to ‘Reopen Wisconsin’
About 1,500 people gathered in defiance of Governor Tony Evers’ “Safer at Home” order on Friday to protest the order and demand the state “reopen.” A permit for the event was denied this week … Only a few Capitol Police officers could be seen outside the Capitol building. Neither police department intervened in the event, as it was peaceful and there were no arrests or citations.

European Union calls for Libya truce, resumption of peace talks
The foreign ministers of Germany, France and Italy, along with the European Union’s top diplomat, have issued a joint call for a ceasefire in Libya, urging the warring sides in the North African country to resume peace talks. “We want to unite our voices to those of the UN Secretary-General…and his Acting Special Representative for Libya…in their call for a humanitarian truce in Libya,” they said in a statement on Saturday.

Millions of Credit-Card Customers Can’t Pay Their Bills. Lenders Are Bracing for Impact
Robert Rodriguez and Migdalia Wharton, a married couple in Orlando, Fla., have been out of work for more than a month and can’t afford to pay their credit-card bills. When they called Capital One Financial Corp. to explain, the bank told them they could skip their April payments. But they doubt they will have money in May. Ms. Wharton, a school-bus driver, was told she wouldn’t get paid until school reopens.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un rumored to be dead, brain dead or just fine
North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is either dead, brain dead or just fine… The dictator…underwent a stent procedure earlier this month that started a swirl of international speculation. A Hong Kong broadcast network claimed Saturday that Kim died, citing a “very solid source.” A Japanese magazine…reported late Friday that he is in “a vegetative state.” On Kim’s home turf, the North Korean media has acted as if everything is perfectly normal.

In four U.S. state prisons, nearly 3,300 inmates test positive for coronavirus — 96% without symptoms
When the first cases of the new coronavirus surfaced in Ohio’s prisons, the director in charge felt like she was fighting a ghost. “We weren’t always able to pinpoint where all the cases were coming from,” said Annette Chambers-Smith, director of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. As the virus spread, they began mass testing.

Rouhani says Iran watching US activities in Gulf region
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said Tehran was closely following United States activities, but would never initiate a conflict in the region. Rouhani’s comments, which come at a time of rising tension between Washington and Tehran, were made during a telephone call to Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Iranian state media reported on Saturday.

Thousands demonstrate against Israeli coalition deal
Several thousand Israelis on Saturday demonstrated against a unity government deal reached last week that leaves Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in power as he prepares to go on trial for corruption charges…The protesters say the unity government agreement, which gives Netanyahu influence over the appointment of judges and legal officials, “crushes democracy” and is meant to rescue Netanyahu from his legal troubles.

Too many false positives: CDC perplexed after 146 homeless people in Boston shelter tested positive for coronavirus, but NONE had any symptoms
As part of a coordinated response to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, a local homeless shelter in Boston known as the Pine Street Inn recently tested 397 people who were staying there, 146 of whom tested positive for the coronavirus. But the odd thing is that none of them showed any symptoms.

Unprecedented Pace Of Corporate Debt Issuance Has Crippled Corporate Fundamentals
The March IG debt issuance total surpasses the prior record for the busiest month by over $80 billion, and as companies flood the market with new debt, they plant the seeds of their own overlevered demise.

Putting America In the Rearview Mirror! When the Cure Is Worse Than the Disease
No reasonable person is saying the the virus is a hoax. However, and as has been pointed out, the numbers are greatly exaggerated in ways that have been identified in previous articles. The most notable fake science comes from the fact that “flu-like symptons” are being added to the CV-19 numbers in order to exacerbate the threat and to prolong the threat for as long as possible.

Big Tech, Elected Officials Mimicking China’s Surveillance Methods To Police Citizens Amid Pandemic
Surveillance measures elected officials and big tech companies are taking to slow the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. mimic some of the heavy-handed efforts China used to track and police citizens.

After threatening to close churches for good, NYC will give 400K meals to Muslims for Ramadan
Failed Democratic presidential candidate and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says his administration will provide free meals to Muslims celebrating Ramadan.

Nearly 400 children rescued and 348 adults arrested in Canadian child pornography bust
Nearly 400 children have been rescued and 348 adults arrested following an expansive and “extraordinary” international child pornography investigation, Canadian police announced Thursday.

Ecuadorian Space Agency rules out meteorite impact in El Empalme, Ecuador
Although the Government of Ecuador initially confirmed that a meteorite hit the Guayas parish in El Empalme early Wednesday, April 22, 2020, causing panic among residents and power outages, experts from the Ecuadorian Space Agency ruled it out on April 23, saying that the geometry and texture of the object are inconsistent with the effects of atmospheric entry.

Dark And Sinister Opening Ceremony Of The 2012 London Olympics Used Predictive Programming To Show Us The Coming COVID-19 Plannedemic
For years now, we have shown you Predictive Programming and how it is used all throughout the movies, music and television shows we love so much. A 1981 episode of ‘Barney Miller‘ unveiled the New World Order, The Simpsons showed us 9/11, the Boston Bombing and so much more. More recently, predictive programming had already shown us how Kobe Bryant would die back in 2017. So naturally you would think that the global elites behind predictive programming would also have already given us the current COVID-19 Plannedemic. Guess what? They did back in 2012.

SilverDraft Supercomputing Company Powers Media And Entertainment Industry With Demonically-Inspired Computers And Virtual Reality
When Washington State NTEB’er Pete sent me this yesterday, I thought for sure it came from The Babylon Bee, it was so over the top. I mean, everywhere you looked on the website it was paying homage to the Devil with a capital ‘D’ as being the power behind the company, and bragged about a satanic infusion in its product line of supercomputers. But SilverDraft is not joking, and it’s not satire, they are powered by the Devil, and they are the power behind high-end supercomputing systems in Hollywood and the media industry.

China Will Be Testing Out A New Digital Currency And They’ll Be Using American Companies Starbucks, McDonald’s And Subway To Help Them Do It
Last week we told you how Microsoft Technologies, Inc., had filed patent #060606 on a human implantable cryptocurrency system using body activity data, something amazingly similar to the Mark of the Beast sans the Beast. The dust on that story has barely had time to settle when today’s story hit our end times radar about how China is rolling out a new digital currency, and will be using Starbucks, McDonald’s and Subway to test it. Seems to me it is just as much a test for the American companies to see how they like it as it will be for the Chinese Communist government.

Harvard Law Professor Wants To Ban Homeschooling For Being ‘Dangerous’ To Children And Society
During the Coronavirus crisis, many people who have never even considered homeschooling have been thrust into the practice.

Source: 27Apr 2020

White House economic advisor Kevin Hassett says unemployment rate will approach Great Depression

A White House senior economic senior advisor, Kevin Hassett, said on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” on Sunday morning that the economy is in a “really grave situation.”

Source: White House economic advisor Kevin Hassett says unemployment rate will approach Great Depression

Timeline shows media, Dems’ different approach to Tara Reade accusation

When Christine Blasey Ford accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, prominent Democrats and media organizations rushed to demand answers. In the weeks after Tara Reade has publicly charged that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her, however, those same politicians and outlets are now either silent or equivocal.

Source: Timeline shows media, Dems’ different approach to Tara Reade accusation

Cuomo Quarantine Greatest Fake News Ever

After weeks in Coronavirus quarantine, CNN’s Chris Cuomo, makes a big show of leaving his basement for the first time, says it’s what he’s been waiting for… but wasn’t he out with his family on Easter Sunday? There is a police report to prove it, and Cuomo himself admits to having a confrontation with a biker while he is supposed to be quarantining.

Nolte: 16 Reasons Why I Believe Joe Biden Sexually Assaulted Tara Reade | Breitbart News

Primarily because I incorrectly believed her story had changed over the course of a year, had moved from unwanted touching to a flat-out sexual assault, I at first had trouble believing Tara Reade’s claim she was sexually assaulted by presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden in 1993.

When Reade originally came forward in April of 2019, she joined about a half-dozen women who have credibly accused Biden of unwanted touching. And I say “credibly” because Biden has serially committed acts of unwanted touching in public. We have countless videos of Biden making women and children uncomfortable with inappropriate hair-sniffing, nuzzling, kissing, and getting handsy.

Now, however, Reade tells a much more lurid and disturbing story of being sexually assaulted by Biden. While working for the then-Delaware Senator while in her mid-20s, she says he cornered her in a hallway, thrust his hands up her skirt, penetrated her vagina, and when she objected, he said something to the effect of, “Come on, I heard you like me.”

Reade further alleges that after she complained, there was retaliation. She lost her job.

So here are the reasons why I now believe Joe Biden sexually assaulted Tara Reade…

  1. Reade Did Not Change Her Story

The allegation Reade changed her story is false. She still claims Biden engaged in unwanted touching but that this was separate from the assault. She also says there’s a paper trail backing up this claim. She filed a complaint against Biden over the unwanted touching — something I will address below.

  1. Experts Say Assault Victims Frequently Don’t Tell the Full Story All at Once

Rich McHugh, one of the investigative reporters who worked with Ronan Farrow to break the Harvey Weinstein story and who says he finds Reade’s allegation “credible,” also says he has seen this before:

“A number of [Weinstein’s victims] didn’t come out with their full story to us at the time,” he states. “For obvious reasons they are wrestling with whether they trust you as a reporter, whether they want to go out with the full horrific story that’s going to be Google-able for the rest of their life.” He asserts many survivors have told him they did not tell their “full story at the time because they didn’t feel comfortable” and that he does not see this as an issue.

And again, Reade did not change her story, she simply added more details.

  1. Reade is a Lifelong Democrat

Reade did support Bernie Sanders during the primary, but why would she risk a second Donald Trump term by continuing to push the issue now that Bernie’s dropped out?

  1. Reade Worked in Biden’s Senate Office in 1993

This might sound simplistic, but it’s important to remember how apeshit Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) went over Christine Blasey Ford’s now-debunked allegations against Brett Kavanaugh when she could not even establish she ever knew Kavanaugh.

So, yes, in this climate, it is worth noting that Reade knew and worked for Biden during the time in question.

  1. Witness Number One

Reade told her brother about the alleged sexual assault at the time it happened. McHugh has talked to Reade’s brother and says the details of their stories are the same.

  1. Witness Number Two

Reade told a friend about the alleged sexual assault at the time it happened. McHugh has talked to Reade’s friend and says the details of their stories are the same.

  1. Witness Number Three

Reade told a friend about the alleged assault about 15 years after it happened, so sometime around 2008. McHugh has talked to this woman and this woman confirms Reade told her a “horrific” story about Biden.

  1. Witness Number Four

McHugh spoke with an intern who worked under Reade in Biden’s Senate office at the time. The intern knew nothing about the alleged assault, but McHugh says, “she said … in mid-April of 1993, Tara was abruptly no longer her supervisor. So the timing matches exactly with what Tara was saying.”

And what Reade is saying is that she was fired for filing a complaint.

  1. Reade Invites Scrutiny

Unlike Blasey Ford, who hid behind her lawyers and little girl voice, Reade is inviting scrutiny, has asked investigative reporters like McHugh to dig into the details of her allegation.

Liars never invite scrutiny. They dodge it and look for excuses to avoid it.

  1. Scrutiny Has Only Bolstered Reade’s Claim

Since Reade invited this scrutiny, details have only bolstered her claim, not contradicted it. Most notably…

  1. Mom’s Anguished Call to Larry King Live

Reade has been telling interviewers she told her mother, Jeanette Altimus, at the time about the alleged assault. Unfortunately, Altimus passed in 2016, so there is no way to verify this… Except there is…

Reade’s been telling journalists that sometime in 1993 her mother called into CNN’s Larry King Live asking for advice about her daughter’s problems with a “prominent senator.”

That video clip has now been found, and is a crucial and damning piece of evidence in support of Reade’s allegation.

  1. The University of Delaware Refuses to Open Biden’s Senate Papers

According to McHugh, if Reade did indeed file a sexual harassment complaint, it would be among Biden’s senate papers, which are currently held at the University of Delaware. The university, however, told McHugh it will not allow anyone access to those papers until two years after Biden retires from public office.

  1. Biden Is Not Demanding the University of Delaware Open His Papers

Look at the difference between Kavanaugh and Biden…

Kavanaugh could not wait to defend himself in public, to put forth all the documentation asked for, to do whatever he could to invite whatever scrutiny was required to prove his innocence.

Biden, on the other hand, is in hiding. He has not even said a word about the allegation (it helps that in a series of interviews with friendly fake reporters like Jake Tapper, Anderson Cooper, and George Stephanopoulos, he wasn’t asked).

Further, Biden is not asking the University of Delaware to throw open his senate papers while begging reporters to dig through them knowing this will prove no one filed a sexual harassment complaint against him.

Biden is acting like a guilty man. The guilty have everything to hide.

Innocent men, like Kavanaugh, have nothing to hide.

  1. The Media are Terrified of This Story

Within a few weeks, on top of countless hours of broadcast time, CNN published nearly 700 stories in support of Blasey Ford’s ridiculous lies.

As of this writing, CNN has published only two stories about Reade, both of them favorable to Biden.

No one in the media have dared ask Biden about the allegation, and when the media do bring it up, they try to write Reade off as a crank, as an unstable Putin supporter (an allegation McHugh says is false).

Those of us of a certain age remember all too well that this is exactly what the media did to Bill Clinton’s victims. Paula Jones was smeared as trailer trash. Monica Lewinsky was defamed as a crazed stalker. Kathleen Willey was slandered as an unstable gold digger. Juanita Broaddrick was swept under the rug. And just like today’s so-called #MeToo activists, just like Alyssa Milano and Hilary Rosen today (both have endorsed and stand by Biden), Clinton-era feminists gleefully joined this appalling jihad.

If the media believed they could debunk and discard Reade’s allegation with facts, they would be all over this story. They know they can’t, so they are treating it like its radioactive — because it is.

  1. Biden Has a Long Pattern of Inappropriate Touching

Biden’s sense of entitlement when it comes to inappropriately touching women and CHILDREN, is well-established. If he behaves this way in public, imagine his behavior in private.

  1. Reade Faces Prison If She’s Lying

Last month, Reade filed a formal criminal complaint against Biden, and one of the penalties for filing a false complaint is prison.

So while Reade is inviting investigative reporters to dig into and possibly debunk her allegation, she is also risking prison if that debunking occurs.

Bottom line…

Reade is behaving like someone desperate to expose a terrible truth, while Biden is behaving like someone with something terrible to hide.

Additional evidence could certainly change my mind. But right now the only people who do not want this investigated are Joe Biden and his media allies.

Source: Nolte: 16 Reasons Why I Believe Joe Biden Sexually Assaulted Tara Reade

Biden Accuser Torches Media For Avoiding Allegations: ‘I’m A Surviver And I Would Like The Question Asked’ | The Daily Wire

Tara Reade, the woman accusing former Vice President Joe Biden of  sexual assault, told Fox News Sunday that she’s “disappointed” in the media — and especially CNN anchor Anderson Cooper — for avoiding asking Biden about her allegations in at least two interviews, calling anchors’ behavior “shocking” and partisan.

Reade made her claims more than a month ago, on a podcast with progressive political commentator Katie Halper. She says Biden sexually assaulted her back in the mid-1990s, when she worked as an aide in his Senate office, and alleges that she was fired when she considered going to authorities to report Biden’s behavior.

Since Reade first went public with her story, “Biden has done nearly a dozen TV interviews with news anchors including NBC News’ Chuck Todd, ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, and twice with Cooper,” Fox News reports, and all of them “failed to ask Biden about [Reade’s] public claim.”

Reade has since filed a criminal complaint with the Washington, D.C., police, even though the statute of limitations on the alleged criminal behavior has long since past, and at least two people have come forward to say that Reade told them about the assault back in the 1990s, providing some evidence of contemporaneous accounts of the attack.

Biden denies the allegations, though he has yet to speak on them publicly. When asked for comment, the Biden campaign refers reporters to a statement issued earlier in April, from Biden’s campaign manager, Kate Bedingfield calling Reade’s claims “untrue.”

Reade’s evidence is thin, but it is more than Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was able to provide in testimony made under oath against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, whom Dr. Ford claims sexually assaulted her during a high school house party when the pair were both teenagers. Dr. Ford’s claims were given far more weight in the media than Reade’s, even though Dr. Ford’s only “witness,” a woman named Leyland Keyser, denied knowing anything about the alleged assault.

According to Reade, the disaprity in treatment of her claims and Dr. Ford’s is evidence of partisanship and protectionism.

“I think it’s shocking that this much time has passed and that he is an actual nominee for president and they’re not asking the questions,” Reade told Fox, exclusively. “He’s been on ‘Anderson Cooper’ at least twice where he was not asked.”

“I guess my question is, if this were Donald Trump, would they treat it the same way? If this were Brett Kavanaugh, did they treat it the same way?” Reade added. “In other words, it’s politics and political agenda playing a role in objective reporting and asking the question.”

Reade says the only reason Biden hasn’t been asked about the sexual assault allegations is because news anchors simply don’t want to bring up a difficult subject for the presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee.

“There are two things happening at once. [Biden] is not making himself accessible to be asked the question,” she said. “And when he does make himself accessible, they are not asking, those anchors. And so that tells there may be a political agenda behind that and that’s gross. … I’m a survivor and I would like the question asked.”

“I really would look to [Cooper] for answers and I would never do that again. I’ve lost total respect,” she added, claiming that Cooper, in particular, is now showing a “blatant bias.”

Anchors may not be able to ignore Reade’s claims much longer, however. On Saturday, it emerged that Reade’s mother called into “Larry King Live” back in the late 1990s to ask the host and his panel how her daughter should handle a claim of “sexual harassment” against a high ranking Washington official.

CNN and others reported the “Larry King Live” interview late Saturday, and using circumstantial evidence, were able to largely substantiate Reade’s claims that her mother was the caller in question.

Source: Biden Accuser Torches Media For Avoiding Allegations: ‘I’m A Surviver And I Would Like The Question Asked’

Pelosi Now Says U.S. Should Have Stopped Americans Coming Back From China

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi complained Sunday that the Trump administration’s China travel ban should have barred U.S. citizens from returning home. She previously called the travel ban racist.

Source: Pelosi Now Says U.S. Should Have Stopped Americans Coming Back From China

Democratic leaders in Congress remain mum on Biden sexual assault allegations despite mounting uproar from progressives

Democratic leaders in Congress continued on Sunday to remain quiet on the sexual assault allegations leveled against their party’s presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden, even as anger over the accusations mounted from the party’s more progressive wing.

Source: Democratic leaders in Congress remain mum on Biden sexual assault allegations despite mounting uproar from progressives