Sunday Talks – Maria Bartiromo Questions Senator Graham: “Why Do You Continue To Do Nothing”?… — The Last Refuge

Ms. Maria Bartiromo interviews Senator Lindsey Graham, yet again, about the surveillance coup effort and the recent documents released in the Flynn case.  Once again, Senator Graham claims he will use his position as Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman to initiate an investigation of those in the DOJ and FBI who have continually lied to the FISA court, the U.S. judicial system (various judges), and the America people.

Bartiromo calls Graham out on his lack of action; however, once again Senator Graham hides behind an “ongoing investigation.”  This “I’m not going to interfere in an ongoing criminal matter” is the exact same excuse Graham used previously in: (1) the Mueller investigation; (2) the Horowitz investigation; (3) the IG review of the FBI FISA abuse; (4) the IG review of Andrew McCabe; (4) the IG review of Comey’s memos; and now the Durham investigation into the origins of Obama’s political targeting and Flynn.


I will keep repeating this until the Hope-Porn sellers catch up. Graham cannot, and will not, take any investigation action within the Senate because senators were involved in the FBI/DOJ and Intelligence Community operations. His own chamber, and the Senators on his own committee, were participants in the schemes.

[John McCain, Richard Burr, Dianne Feinstein, Mark Warner, Lindsey Graham, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, and every person sitting on the SSCI know what happened and who was participating. The SSCI controls who is allowed to be CIA Director, NSA Director, FBI Director, Director of National Intelligence and Intel Community Inspector General. The nominees must pass through this committee. Senator Burr and Senator Warner are the Chairman and Vice-Chair respectively. Both blocked Ratcliffe.]

Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, about the inaction behind politicians, DC, the intel community, the current FBI and the Current DOJ, showing their unwillingness to do anything….. all of it…. circles back to the Summer of 2018 when:

(1) WHEN the decision was made not to prosecute James Wolfe for leaking the top-secret and classified FISA application (that contained the lies needed to continue surveillance operations).

(2) WHEN the DOJ/FBI lied to the FISA court; they didn’t mislead – they lied in July 2018; about the continued valid predication for the FISA application.

(3) WHEN the DOJ/FBI and SSCI operated in unison to protect Mueller’s investigation as a tool to cover-up their own participation in an effort to target and remove Donald Trump.

(4) WHEN the DOJ/FBI and Intelligence Community threw a bag over Julian Assange; anticipating in advance and preparing for the Mueller report to come out.

(5) WHEN the DOJ/FBI and total IC continued to hide, mislead, stall, redact and remove damaging information that would have outlined the intent and purpose of the surveillance effort against Donald Trump.

Those 2018 decision were an inflection point; a massive signal flare fired from the epicenter of Washington DC; that should have alerted everyone to think carefully about the ramifications and WHY the institutions were going to take no action.

The consequences from those decisions are only just now starting to come out because some of the material connects to the Flynn case.

Unless and until John Durham or Bill Barr are going to admit what took place within the DOJ/FBI and Intelligence Community in the summer of 2018, nothing is going to change.


If Durham and Barr decide to allow the truth to come out; Bill Barr is going to have to reverse all of his support for the 2018 participants which includes: Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, Chris Wray, Dana Boente and all of the DC politicians who were/are attached to the fraud and scheme.

That reality is what CTH previously called The Big Ugly.

As soon as CTH saw all five of those points above; and as soon as we accepted the ramifications of the 2018 actions identified; CTH stopped outlining the possibility of a quest for justice and started accepting that, unless a complete change in top-level officials were instituted, no justice would be delivered.   We are asking the participants to prosecute themselves.

Do you see AG Bill Barr positioning toward telling those truths?…

Or do you see AG Bill Barr positioning to mitigate for survival against those truths?…

Be honest with yourself.

Codependent no more !


via Sunday Talks – Maria Bartiromo Questions Senator Graham: “Why Do You Continue To Do Nothing”?… — The Last Refuge

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