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10 May 2020 – Rapture Ready News

Bubble-Wrapped Americans: How The US Became Obsessed With Physical & Emotional Safety
…what can we do to turn back the tide and reclaim our culture of self-reliance, mental toughness, and giving one another the benefit of the doubt so that we don’t “bankrupt ourselves in the vain search for absolute security”…

Mother’s Day storm may bring a month’s worth of rain to one corner of the US
The southern half of the Florida Peninsula will get hit hard with heavy rainfall on Mother’s Day, with some areas likely to pick up a month’s worth of rain in 24 hours.

Ongoing flooding kills hundreds in eastern Africa
Ongoing heavy rainfall across Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Somalia has resulted in widespread flooding leading to hundreds of deaths across the region.

California’s Newsom: ‘We’re Not Going Back To Normal’
Though California Gov. Gavin Newsom is allowing retail stores to reopen for “curbside pickup” on Friday, he emphasized to residents of the state this week that they are “not going back to normal” anytime soon. Instead, Californians must embrace the “new normal,” marked by continued social distancing measures, “until we get to immunity and a vaccine,” said the Democratic governor.

NOW WE KNOW: John Podesta Admits in Testimony Both DNC and Hillary Campaign Split the Cost for Bogus Trump-Russia Dossier That Launched the Coup
Hillary Clinton and the DNC both claimed they knew nothing about the Trump-Russia dossier when it was published by Buzzfeed in January 2017.

U.S. Faces Meat Shortages as Pork, Other Protein Exports to China Soar
The coronavirus outbreak has impacted the U.S. food supply chain, including the disease infecting workers at meat processing plants, causing operations to shut down and resulting in slaughtering of livestock that can’t be processed and shipped to retailers.

Mother’s Day weekend snowstorm could bring bomb cyclone, thundersnow to Northeast
Mother Nature wanted to make an impression this Mother’s Day weekend, in what could be a once-in-a-generation May snowstorm poised to drop snow across portions of the Northeast and New England.

The Not Really Retired Pope Benedict Takes Jab At Pope Francis, Comparing His Liberal Pro-LGBTQ Vision For The Roman Catholic Church To Antichrist
When Pope Benedict stunningly announced his retirement in 2013, to say it took the Roman Catholic Church by surprise would be a gross understatement. A pope retiring had not happened in nearly 700 years, and it immediately gave rise to myriad conspiracy theories as to why he did it. But whatever the reason, it exposed some of the arcane and evil mystery that has always walked hand in hand with the Whore of Revelation. So recent comments by Benedict comparing gay marriage, something Pope Francis seems to be increasingly in favor of, with the coming reign of Antichrist lands them both smack dab on the NTEB end times radar.

Silver Coin Premiums Soar: Signal “Alt-Money” Demand As Re-Opening Recovery Hype Fades
Silver is the matrix of precious metals..

Freak Cold Worries Growers
Across New York and New England, farmers and growers watched with worry on Saturday morning as a late season blast of Arctic air and even snow descended on fragile fruits and vegetables that had just begun to poke through.

Argentina Teeters on Default, Again, as Pandemic Guts Economy…
Argentina is hurtling toward default on international loans in two weeks, a prospect that threatens to revive its reputation as a serial deadbeat and global financial pariah that could haunt the Latin American country long after the coronavirus pandemic is over.

Source: 10 May 2020

6 Fed officials spoke out last week about the looming economic recovery. Here’s why they expect it to be bumpy and pose new risks. | Business Insider

  • Federal Reserve officials took to videoconferences, TV appearances, and interviews last week to offer their take on the ailing US economy and what must be done to save it.
  • Vice Chair Richard Clarida and Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari agreed that the coronavirus’ labor-market fallout is likely worse than already-dismal metrics suggest.
  • Several officials suggested additional fiscal and monetary policy will be needed to ensure an even and steady rebound.
  • While St. Louis Fed President James Bullard forecasted “relatively rapid growth” in the third quarter, Chicago President Charles Evans warned the odds of his similar base case “may only be a bit higher” than a bleaker situation.
  • Here’s what six central bank officials said about the economy through the first week of May.
  • Visit the Business Insider homepage for more stories.

While Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell has kept his cards close to the chest amid the ongoing coronavirus-led downturn, various central bank officials are offering insight on how they see an eventual economic recovery playing out.

Regional Fed presidents and vice chairs took to interviews, videoconferences, and TV appearances throughout the week as investors digested the central bank’s hefty stimulus measures. Most avoided offering detailed projections, but their remarks hinted at a need for more stimulus, as well as a warning of a prolonged rebound. Some even warned of the economic danger posed by keeping relief policies in effect for too long.

The central bank has slowed its roll in recent weeks after cutting its benchmark interest rate to near zero, creating nine emergency lending facilities, and buying hundreds of billions of dollars in Treasurys and mortgage-backed securities. Powell indicated on April 29 that the bank’s rates will remain low “until it is confident that the economy has weathered recent events,” but strayed away from offering additional forward guidance.

Here’s what six Fed officials recently said about future relief efforts, economic pain points, and a nationwide recovery.

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Chicago Fed’s Charles Evans: ‘I hate to say this, but it is still early stage’

The Chicago Fed chief’s baseline scenario sees growth returning in the second half of 2020 and lasting through the next year, but he warned against betting on such a V-shaped recovery.

“I hate to say this, but it is still early stage,” Charles Evans said in a Tuesday webcast with reporters. “The likelihood of the baseline scenario may only be a bit higher than that of the more pessimistic possibilities.”

One barrier already hindering a bounce-back is a lack of coordination in states’ reopening plans, Evans warned. Rebooting economies at different paces risks a second wave of infections and disruptions to interstate commerce.

“To the extent policymakers — federal, state, local — are all better aligned on maintaining their own activities, which also provide employment and income and also support local businesses, that will be important,” the Chicago chief said. “If we end up having huge disagreements over how that takes place, I think that also ends up being a headwind.”

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Atlanta Fed’s Raphael Bostic: ‘We knew … the response was going to do damage to the economy’

Atlanta Fed President Raphael Bostic made several media appearances during the first week of May, and used several to address concerns of long-term inflation. While economists have mostly praised the central bank for its creativity and speed in rolling out aid, others fear that the Fed’s quickly swelling balance sheet risks economic disaster down the road.

Addressing the immediate recession is the Fed’s first priority, and the authority is aware of the consequences it could face afterward, Bostic said.

“We knew that coming out of this public-health crisis that the response was going to do damage to the economy. And that was required if we were going to get to the other side,” Bostic told CBS’s “Face the Nation” on May 3.

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The Atlanta president also hinted at the need for more easing. The Fed is largely confined to historical precedent and what lawmakers allow it to do, and monetary policy is largely a lending power. Congress may need to step up with more fiscal relief to ensure households and businesses aren’t only relying on debt-creating aid, Bostic said.

“We have limits as to what we can do and how much support we can offer. I think it’s an open question as to how much more is going to be needed.”



St. Louis Fed’s James Bullard: ‘Always waiting for other shoes to drop’

The St. Louis Fed chief was relatively outspoken about his projected timeline for recovery. James Bullard appeared on CNBC Wednesday to offer his relatively optimistic estimates, noting that the entire coronavirus threat could fade by the end of the year.

“In the third quarter, it’ll be a transition quarter, but I would expect relatively rapid growth,” James Bullard said. “And then, hopefully by the time we get to the fourth quarter, we’ll be finishing up this process.”

Bullard echoed his Atlanta peer while speaking with the National Association of Business Economists on Tuesday. He noted that economic aftershocks are an inevitable part of issuing trillions of dollars of aid in a matter of weeks, and added that he doesn’t want the Fed’s easing to last longer than necessary.

“When you’re in a crisis like this you’re always waiting for other shoes to drop,” Bullard said. “I don’t want to be in this situation too long. You are taking the risk of a prolonged downturn, even a depression, and you are taking the risk of a financial crisis.”

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Minneapolis Fed’s Neel Kashkari: ‘I don’t think we’re actually headed for another Great Depression’

For Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari, Friday’s jobs report stands as a stark reminder of how long it will take to return to pre-virus norms.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced Friday morning that the US unemployment rate soared to 14.7% in April, its highest level since the Great Depression. Nonfarm payrolls shrank by a record 20.5 million in the month, revealing the rapid labor-market deterioration fueled by the coronavirus pandemic.

The bureau’s survey only accounts for those who are actively looking for work. Kashkari said on Thursday that current conditions make such job-hunting difficult, signaling the labor market is in a deeper rut than the report shows.

“That bad report tomorrow is actually going to understate how bad the damage has been,” Kashkari said in a CNBC interview. “I think the real number is probably around 23% to 24%. It’s devastating.”

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While the unemployment rate hits its highest level in nearly a century, today’s economic crisis isn’t as horrific as that seen in the 1930s, the Minneapolis chief added.

“I don’t think we’re actually headed for another Great Depression,” Kashkari said. “Part of the reason the Great Depression was as bad as it was was that policymakers in the 1930s did the wrong thing. I think we’ve learned from that.”


Richmond Fed’s Thomas Barkin: ‘The pace will likely be slow’

Richmond Fed President Thomas Barkin joined the chorus of central bank officials acknowledging the risks borne of multitrillion-dollar relief measures. He took a more future-focused tone while speaking with the Howard County Chamber of Commerce in Maryland.

“We need to make the investments in the economy we are making right now, so to me this isn’t a question of what we are doing today,” Barkin said. “This is a question of a long-term trajectory, and in the long-term trajectory I believe we are going to have to get our fiscal situation under more control, whatever combination of less spending, higher revenues, or increased growth does that.”

Barkin also emphasized the importance of lifting consumer confidence alongside lockdown measures. Economists have raised the issue that — without widespread testing and case tracking — Americans won’t be willing to leave quarantine even if economies fully reopen.

Ensuring health practices are normalized and disseminated will benefit a post-shutdown nation, Barkin noted.

“The biggest stimulus of all would be real clarity and consistency and unanimity among public officials saying that if you do these seven things, don’t worry about it you will be safe,” he added.


Fed Vice Chair Richard Clarida: ‘It’s going to take some time for the labor market to fully recover’

Regional Fed chiefs weren’t the only officials to make appearances through the start of the month. Vice Chair Richard Clarida noted that both Congress and the Fed need to remain flexible in how they can issue relief, as the coronavirus’s trajectory remains highly uncertain.

“Fiscal policy also plays an essential role,” he said in a CNBC interview. “It may well be the case depending on how the economy evolves that more policy support will be needed from the Fed and possibly also fiscal policy. It just depends on how this evolves.”

Clarida joined his colleague Neel Kashkari, from the Minneapolis Fed, in warning of a worse-than-reported hit to the US labor market. Even if the economy roars back in the second half of 2020, unemployment won’t stage as healthy a recovery, Clarida warned.

“There can be a rebound in the economy once businesses reopen and people return to work,” he said. “But I think realistically it’s going to take some time for the labor market to fully recover from this shock.”

Source: 6 Fed officials spoke out last week about the looming economic recovery. Here’s why they expect it to be bumpy and pose new risks.

Pollak: 7 Bombshells in the Michael Flynn Case

Article Image
https://www.breitbart.com, JOEL B. POLLAK

But there was no way for the DOJ to proceed after several bombshell revelations in the past several days. Here are seven things you need to know about the new developments — and what happens next in the saga:

Last week:

1. New documents suggest the FBI laid a trap for Flynn. In February, Attorney General William Barr appointed U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Jensen to review the prosecution against Flynn after reports of irregularities. Last week, Jensen delivered a trove of documents to Flynn’s defense team — including handwritten notes showing FBI agents discussed whether they would “get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired.” In addition, emails showed the FBI had not properly warned Flynn that lying to the FBI was a crime when they met with him in the White House — a meeting then-Director James Comey planned to catch Flynn off guard.

2. Text messages showed the FBI leadership kept the case open: Jensen’s trove included a memorandum showing that the FBI wanted to close the case against Flynn on Jan. 4, 2017, but that agent Peter Strzok — who hated Trump and had led the troubled investigations into both Hillary Clinton and the Trump campaign — ordered that the case be kept open. When asked why, Strzok referred to the “7th floor,” i.e. the FBI leadership.

Truth Is A Casualty Of A Broken Moral Compass | SkyWatchTV

by Robert L. Maginnis

Truth is becoming an endangered species in America because our moral compass is broken.  The COVID-19 pandemic is just the latest petri dish into which truth has gone to rot like a dead fish.  It seems as if no one tells the truth anymore and in part that’s why America is failing.

It used to be a man’s word was his bond, the professional classes were mostly honest and government shot straight with citizens.  After all, America was built on trust in our leaders and its citizens.

Founder John Adams said as much: “Our constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Our early leaders were known for their integrity.

President George Washington supposedly said “I cannot tell a lie.”  Abraham Lincoln, our greatest president, was known as Honest Abe.  But honesty, truth even from our chief executive is no longer an American virtue.  Truth is dead.

Today our relativistic culture tolerates lies on every front and the problem is getting worse.   The stark lack of truth is the canary in America’s coal mine – our country is coming apart at the seams because as Adams rightly said, our way of life was meant “for a moral and religious people.”  We are quickly jettisoning morality and religion that made us once great and truth is left in the wake.

Who do we trust today?

Should we believe our presidents?  History indicates Richard Nixon was a pathological liar and Lyndon B. Johnson lied to the American people about an “unprovoked attack” in Vietnam’s Gulf of Tonkin, which he used as an excuse to extend a dead-end war that cost more than 58,000 American lives.  George W. Bush lied about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction which led to a war that cost a trillion dollars and more than 4,400 American lives.  Even the Democrat Party’s darling, President Barack Obama famously promised that Obamacare would bring down health care costs.  He said that if you like your health plan, you’d be able to keep it.  He lied.

Who believes officials like Hillary Clinton, the former first lady, secretary of state and 2016 presidential candidate?  Remember her missing emails, the “vast right-wing conspiracy,” Whitewater or the time she claimed to have landed in Bosnia under sniper fire?

Who believes our medical professionals in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic?  At first, we sheltered in place because of their doomsday forecasts but then our skepticism erupted.  Yes, it seems as if every day there is some new and alarming statement from a medical expert about our coming calamity, while there are conflicting promises that a vaccine is either at our doorstep or years away at best.  Life will never be the same, say others and some even say we must shelter in place until either we or the virus dies.

Who believes our federal law enforcement?  This past week we learned that deep state miscreants used our Federal Bureau of Investigation and Justice Department to entrap former national security advisor and retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.   The prosecutor dropped the case when newly released documents proved senior FBI officials conspired to set-up Flynn hoping to force him to help overturn the election of Donald Trump.

Who believes Congress and especially the likes of disgraced Representative Adam Schiff (D., Calif.) who chairs the House Intelligence Committee and was the front man for the Russia hoax investigation that dragged the nation through three years of slimy lies costing tens of millions in taxpayer funds?

Now the truth about the Russia hoax is out.  The lineup of lying former Obama officials are exposed for misleading the public thanks to documents released by both Congress and the Director of National Intelligence.

Who believes in our state and local justice systems?  Recent cases of moms arrested for letting their children play in public parks or with neighbor kids are frightening evidence of gestapo-like tactics used to trample on our liberties.

Most telling was the case of the Dallas, Texas salon owner thrown in jail after defying state restrictions ordering her to keep her business closed.  She opened to earn money to feed her children.  Meanwhile, across other jurisdictions many hundreds of convicts serving hard time were freed early because of the COVID-19 threat in prisons.  Some of those former convicts quickly returned to their lives of crime and the innocent suffered.

Who believes the mainstream media?  They lie about both the spread of the coronavirus and President Trump by using facts and figures out of context in misleading ways.  Even when they get the facts right, they string them together without providing context – making them guilty of sins of omission.

What is the mainstream media’s real objective?  They promote a progressive anti-Trump agenda.  After all, the vast majority of today’s mainstream journalists are ideological progressives who align with the Democrat Party.  So, they isolate facts, choose to omit very basic information or editorialize in their reporting which earns them the rightful title of “fake news.”

Who believes the truth about sexual allegations made against officials?  Former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democrat Party’s 2020 presidential candidate, stands accused by his former senate aid of sexual assault.  Mainstream media and much of Biden’s party accept his denial.  But two years ago, when now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was grilled about unsubstantiated sex-based allegations, most of the same Democrats excusing Biden today called for an investigation and the withdraw of Kavanaugh’s nomination.   Such hypocrisy!

Yes, there is a pervasive lack of trust and truth in America.  No wonder a 2018 Gallup poll found that four in five adults (79 percent) believe the morals and values of America are declining across all areas of life.

The most corrupt, according to Gallup, are politicians (58 percent), specifically our congress.  Only 8 percent of respondents held a high or very high impression of members of congress concerning honesty and ethics.  Others in this culture fare little better.

What contributes to the popular view that American morals and values are in the toilet?

That’s pretty obvious.  Much of our culture is dominated by secularists who embrace a so-called progressive worldview defined by two concepts, relativism and humanism.

Relativism states that truth is relative and that no set of values is better than any other.  Not surprisingly, for the contemporary relativist, morality is a personal preference; truth is just a label.

The view of “relative truth” may sound open-minded but it’s flawed logic.  After all, not even relativists believe gravity works for you but not for me.  Otherwise the relativist would jump off a tall building expecting to land safely.

Humanism is the progressives’ religion which does not recognize absolutes like truth or an eternal, all powerful God.  The humanist decides on the best course of life and what is ultimately right and wrong (truth).

Today’s pervasive secular worldview is based on humanism and relativism which are the very antithesis of the Christian values and principles which made America once great.

The death of truth in America is just one of many indications of cultural decay.  And that decay is even evident with the moral center of our society– the religious communities – which no longer believe in objective truth either.

In early America the Christian church was the “pillar and ground of the truth” as the Apostle Paul wrote in 1 Timothy 3:15, but that is no longer.  We too are awash with relativism, humanism and trending away from Christian teaching.

You see, real truth is universal, absolute, objective, and based on God’s word.  It should be personal and it is knowable.  But today it is a casualty of a corrupted culture.

We must restore truth to repair our broken moral compass.  Otherwise, like John Adams explained at America’s founding, our way of government won’t survive.


Robert Maginnis is the author of seven books to include The Deeper State, Progressive Evil and the newest being released this summer, Collision Course, The Fight to Reclaim Our Moral Compass before it’s too Late.


Source: Truth Is A Casualty Of A Broken Moral Compass

Flash Commentary No. 1435 | Shadow Government Statistics

• Headline April 2020 Unemployment Really Was Around 20%, Not 15%
• Bureau of Labor Statistics Disclosed Erroneous Unemployment Surveying for a Second Month
• About 7.5 Million People in the April Household Survey Were Misclassified as Employed Instead of Unemployed, per the BLS
• Headline April U.3 Unemployment at 14.7%, Should Have Been 19.5%
• The BLS Had Disclosed the Same Surveying Error Last Month; Where Headline March 2020 U.3 Was 4.4%, It Should Have Been 5.3%
• Per the BLS, Headline Data Will Not Be Corrected: “To maintain data integrity, no ad hoc actions are taken to reclassify survey responses.”
• Nonetheless, Headline April Unemployment Soared to Historic Highs from March: U.3 from 4.4% to 14.7%, U.6 from 8.7% to 22.8% and ShadowStats from 22.9% to 35.4%
• More Realistic, Those Same Unemployment Numbers, Corrected: U.3 from 5.3 % to 19.5%, U.6 from 9.6% to 27.7% and ShadowStats from 23.7% to 39.6%
• April 2020 Payrolls Collapsed by an Unprecedented 20.5 Million Jobs
• Annual Growth in April 2020 Money Supply Measures Soared to Historic Highs
• U.S. Economic Activity Has Collapsed to Great Depression Levels, with the Federal Reserve Creating Unlimited Money

Source: Flash Commentary No. 1435

Moscow Vows to Hold Serious Talks With US Amid Attempts to Downplay USSR’s Role in Defeat of Nazism

The backlash from Moscow comes after the White House made a post on Twitter, stating that “America and Great Britain had victory over the Nazis”, but failed to mention the Soviet Union and its part in the victory.

Source: Moscow Vows to Hold Serious Talks With US Amid Attempts to Downplay USSR’s Role in Defeat of Nazism

What Is ‘Operation Mockingbird’?

Article Image
https://www.zerohedge.com, by valuewalk

Mainstream Media Under Control

The covid-19 issue is obviously a nightmare, but with the virtual entirety of the mainstream media under the control of puppet-masters who essentially are giving the media all their talking points (psychology for American consumption) coupled with the evolving economic disaster, the combination sets the stage for an Orwellian nightmare to unfold.

Most Americans were largely unprepared for the Covid Event (by design?), let alone the predicted Q2-2020 unemployment in America of “30%” (James Bullard – President Federal Reserve Bank – St. Louis), which has now come true, and is still growing…

So how can anyone now even suggest that these economic metrics, which are now baked into a cake is not leading to an unprecedented long-term disaster for America?  Denial is the worse thing we can engage upon as this situation is unfolding….

Bottom line, no-rose colored glasses expectation is; there will be no quick recovery… and there is a high probability that we’ll have to endure severe austerity for years, as the media engages in a strategy of psychological operations on Americans.

BREAKING: New Evidence Based on Cell Phone Data Records Shows Shutdown of Wuhan Virology Lab in October – Two Months Before Outbreak (VIDEO) — The Gateway Pundit

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures on Mother’s Day weekend.

Bartiromo broke news this morning that cell phone records show there was a shutdown at the Wuhan Virology Lab in October of 2019.

Cell phone data suggests the roads around the Wuhan lab was shut down for a number of days in October.
This was around the same time of the expected viral release.

This is a HUGE development!

Senator Cotton also added there is no doubt the Chinese Communist Party officials were pressuring the W.H.O on communications around the virus.

Via Sunday Morning Futures:

via BREAKING: New Evidence Based on Cell Phone Data Records Shows Shutdown of Wuhan Virology Lab in October – Two Months Before Outbreak (VIDEO) — The Gateway Pundit

COVID-19 Doctors Push Back on CDC’s Controversial and Questionable Rules that Inflate Real Coronavirus Numbers — The Gateway Pundit

In April the CDC forced states to recount their coronavirus deaths to include confirmed cases and probable cases.
Several states are in the process of reassessing their numbers based on this controversial new rule.

They likely did this because the initial predictions they used included the Imperial College Study out of England that predicted 2 million deaths in the US due to the virus.  Of course, the numbers were much less than that.  The UK study is now confirmed as a complete fraud.

In mid-April New York state added 3,700 deaths to their numbers to include presumed but not confirmed cases.

The CDC is forcing states to recount their coronavirus fatality deaths and update their numbers.

But now COVID-19 doctors are pushing back against the inaccurate labeling promoted by the CDC.

Christine Dolan at Just The News reported:

Frontline COVID-19 doctors this week have gone public saying they feel pressured to show COVID-19 as cause-of-death on certificates of patients suspected of having the virus when they also have had underlying medical conditions.

Dr. Jonathan Fishbein, a clinical researcher, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease and the World Health Organization have issued “vague if not misguided recommendations that unfortunately have been adopted by national, state and local leaders.”

“It is absolutely critical that we have accurate data to support decision-makers,” he also told Just the News. “If the data in our assessments included patients who have not definitively tested positive for COVID-19, that provides misleading information to policy-makers…

…It is unusual when there is a new disease and a patient dies and the cause of their death may be their underlying condition like diabetes or congestive heart failure and the doctors are pressured to report the cause of death as COVID-19 instead.

Such reporting could result in inaccurately inflating the number of virus-related deaths and hurt those drafting public health policy for future pandemics or epidemics.

Read the rest here.

via COVID-19 Doctors Push Back on CDC’s Controversial and Questionable Rules that Inflate Real Coronavirus Numbers — The Gateway Pundit

HUGE DEVELOPMENT: Following Last Week’s Release Attorney Clevenger Alleges Office of DNI Has Communications Between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks – Russia Collusion a Lie! — The Gateway Pundit


In June 2016, Ellen Nakashima, a Deep State favorite from the Washington Post, released a report that the Democrat National Committee (DNC) had been hacked by Russia.  The firm that validated this was Crowdstrike and its President Shawn Henry confirmed the claims.  In December 2016, Ms. Nakashima followed up her reporting with the outlandish claim that the CIA had determined that Russia hacked the DNC because they wanted Trump to win the election.  Nakashima also reported that the the Intel Community had determined that Russia also sent the emails to WikiLeaks.  This position was reinforced by the Mueller gang in their efforts to have President Trump removed from office.

WikiLeaks did release DNC emails related to John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager, in the months before the 2016 Presidential election which showed massive corruption combined with an elitist attitude from members of the Hillary Clinton team – all willing to do whatever it took to win the election.  The emails were very revealing but the mainstream media chose not to share the damaging and corrupt information because they were all behind Hillary winning the election.

On March 8, 2020 and before on June 16, 2019, we presented arguments against the Mueller gang’s assertion that the DNC was hacked by Russians.

Cyber expert Yaacov Apelbaum posted an incredible report with information basically proving that the DNC was not hacked by the Russians.

Then last Friday, after years of being hidden by corrupt lying Representative Adam Schiff in Congress, a number of testimonies related to the Russia collusion sham were unveiled after Schiff received pressure from Richard Grenell, the Acting Director of National Intelligence (ADNI).  One transcript was from Crowdstrike’s Shawn Henry who stated under oath that Crowdstrike had no evidence that Russia even “exfiltrated” the emails from the DNC.  The whole ‘Russia stole the DNC emails and sent them to WikiLeaks’ story was a fraud.

This leads us to today.  Many people suspected that in 2016 a young man working for the DNC by the name of Seth Rich, copied emails from the DNC and shared them with WikiLeaks.  Mr. Rich was murdered in Washington D.C. in July 2016 but his wallet, phone and watch were found on his person when the police arrived at the scene.  We reported numerous oddities surrounding his death.

For years the Seth Rich story has been covered up and labeled a conspiracy.  However, we reported numerous incidents and activities within the Deep State related to covering up the Seth Rich story.  We recently reported that Judicial Watch released documents obtained in a FARA request. These emails revealed that corrupt cops Peter Strzok and Jonathan Moffa were copied in an email regarding a report from Daily Mail where ex-Brit Craig Murray claimed he traveled to Washington DC and obtained Clinton emails in an exchange in a wooded area near American University.

(Here is a link to the article that was shared between the dirty cops.)

The Mueller gang never looked into the Seth Rich matter and never interviewed Julian Assange from WikiLeaks to determine who provided him the DNC emails which were reportedly the cause of the Russia collusion sham.

In a prior post related to this subject we detailed the many actions taken over the past few years to determine if Seth Rich was the one who provided emails to WikiLeaks.

Recently, transcripts of a conversation between George Papadopoulos and a confidential informant believed to be Stefan Halper were released by the DOJ. This transcript confirms that Papadopoulos was spied on and recorded, two things Papadopoulos was not told at the time of the case made against him by the Mueller gang.

We know from our previous reporting that a Deep State Anti-Trump former Assistant US Attorney claimed under oath that the FBI did examine Seth Rich’s computer and that she met with an FBI Agent and prosecutor from the Mueller gang. This indicates the meeting should have been recorded in a form 302 but the FBI continues to claim no records related to Seth Rich are available!

We reported in mid-February how Attorney Ty Clevenger, who represents a client who is being sued for his comments about Seth Rich, reported to the courts that despite numerous assurances from the FBI that they had no information related to Seth Rich, emails related to Seth Rich were identified and provided to Judicial Watch. It looked like the FBI was lying to Clevenger all this time.

(There is much, much more in our prior posts that refer to this matter. Please take a look.)

Now This ==>>

Attorney Clevenger sent a letter to ADNI Rick Grenell that he should receive by this Monday.

According to Ty, the NSA, knows exactly who sent the records to Wikileaks. So does the FBI. Seth Rich is the last shoe to drop, and the Trump Admin needs to hurry up and drop it

Clevenger goes on to state the most shocking statement related to the Russia collusion sham to date:

I am reliably informed that the NSA or its partners intercepted at least some of the communications between Mr. Rich and Wikileaks. Before elaborating on that, however, I should first note the extent to which the “deep state” has already tried to cover up information about Mr. Rich. In an October 9, 2018 affidavit submitted in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, FBI section chief David M. Hardy testified that (1) the FBI did not investigate any matters pertaining to Mr. Rich, and (2) the FBI was unable to locate any records about Mr. Rich. Both claims were unequivocally false.

Read the entire letter below:

Letter from Attorney Ty Cle… by Jim Hoft on Scribd

We now know there is no evidence Russia hacked the DNC and sent the hacked emails to WikiLeaks.  Crowdstrike admitted this under oath and the Mueller Report backs this up.  Attorney Ty Clevenger asserts the DNI has been covering up for 4 years the fact that they have communications between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks. 
This is an enormous development.

via HUGE DEVELOPMENT: Following Last Week’s Release Attorney Clevenger Alleges Office of DNI Has Communications Between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks – Russia Collusion a Lie! — The Gateway Pundit

“By the One Man’s Obdience” — Romans 5:12-21 — The Latest Post

Here is the video and audio for this Lord’s Day:  Week Nine in Covid Exile


Video:  “By the One Man’s Obedience” — Romans 5:12-21

Audio:  “By the One Man’s Obedience” — Romans 5:12-21


Video:  Rev. Lenzner: “The Comfort of the Resurrection” –Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 17

Audio: Rev. Lenzner: “The Comfort of the Resurrection” — Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 17

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May 10 Streams in the Desert

I had fainted unless …!” (Psalm 27:13)


HOW great is the temptation at this point! How the soul sinks, the heart grows sick, and the faith staggers under the keen trials and testings which come into our lives in times of special bereavement and suffering.

“I cannot bear up any longer, I am fainting under this providence. What shall I do? God tells me not to faint. But what can one do when he is fainting?”

What do you do when you are about to faint physically? You cannot do anything. You cease from your own doings. In your faintness, you fall upon the shoulder of some strong loved one. You lean hard. You rest. You lie still and trust.

It is so when we are tempted to faint under affliction. God’s message to us is not, “Be strong and of good courage,” for He knows our strength and courage have fled away. But it is that sweet word, “Be still, and know that I am God.”

Hudson Taylor was so feeble in the closing months of his life that he wrote a dear friend: “I am so weak I cannot write; I cannot read my Bible; I cannot even pray. I can only lie still in God’s arms like a little child, and trust.”

This wondrous man of God with all his spiritual power came to a place of physical suffering and weakness where he could only lie still and trust.

And that is all God asks of you, His dear child, when you grow faint in the fierce fires of affliction. Do not try to be strong. Just be still and know that He is God, and will sustain you, and bring you through.

“God keeps His choicest cordials for our deepest faintings.”

Stay firm and let thine heart take courage.” (Psa. 27:14—After Osterwald.)

Stay firm, He has not failed thee

In all the past,

And will He go and leave thee

To sink at last?

Nay, He said He will hide thee

Beneath His wing;

And sweetly there in safety

Thou mayest sing.



[1] Cowman, L. B. (1925). Streams in the Desert (pp. 142–143). Los Angeles, CA: The Oriental Missionary Society.