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Biden Says He Knew “Nothing” About Plot to Target Flynn – Then Backtracks When Reminded He Was in Jan. 2017 Secret Oval Office Meeting About Flynn (VIDEO) — The Gateway Pundit

Biden on Tuesday morning claimed he knew “nothing” about the plot to target General Flynn during his appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

However, Biden backtracked after GMA host George Stephanopoulos reminded him that he was in the secret Oval Office meeting on January 5, 2017 when Barack Obama discussed the Flynn-Kislyak phone calls and potential Logan Act charge.

Biden let out a very audible sigh as Stephanopoulos began to ask him about Obamagate, the targeting of General Flynn and his knowledge/involvement.

“So, what did you know about those moves to investigate Michael Flynn, and was anything improper done?” Stephanopoulos asked Biden.

“I knew nothing about those moves to investigate Michael Flynn, number one. Number two, this is all about diversion!” Biden said as he himself diverted from the issue and went on a bizarre rant about the Coronavirus.

Stephanopoulos pressed Biden about the issue and reminded him that he was in the secret Oval Office meeting on January 5, 2017 when Barack Obama discussed Flynn and his calls with Kislyak.

“You were reported to be in a January 5th, 2017 meeting where you and the president were briefed on the FBI’s plan to question Michael Flynn over those conversations he had with the Russian Ambassador Kislyak,” Stephanopoulos said.

Biden tried to act stupid and said he was only aware the FBI asked for an investigation of Flynn: “That’s all I know about it” Biden said changing the subject once again to the Coronavirus.


On January 5th, 2017, then-FBI Director James Comey held a secret meeting in the Oval Office before he traveled to Trump Tower New York to brief president-elect Donald Trump on the Hillary-funded junk Russia dossier.

This unusual meeting to discuss the dossier and the FBI’s Russia investigation that took place in January of 2017 in Obama’s White House was discovered in February of 2018 by then-Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA).

Senator Grassley uncovered a bizarre, partially declassified email former NatSec Advisor to Barack Obama, Susan Rice sent herself on January 20th 2017–Donald Trump’s inauguration day.

It was previously known the junk Russia dossier was discussed, but now we know they were also discussing General Flynn’s calls to Kislyak — A NON-CRIME!

According to newly declassified documents, then-Deputy AG Sally Yates said she first learned of the December 2016 calls between Flynn and Kislyak from Barack Obama in the January 5, 2017 Oval Office meeting.

Joe Biden, the presumptive Democrat nominee for president was in this secret meeting discussing the targeting of Trump’s National Security Advisor designate.

Since we don’t have a real media, Biden, who is still hiding in his basement, was asked about it for the first time today and he was able to skirt around the issue by talking about the Coronavirus.

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Sen. Rand Paul Calls Anthony Fauci Out To His Face Over Lack of Understanding the Economy — The Gateway Pundit

Senator Rand Paul told Anthony Fauci during a senate hearing on Tuesday that scientists should “have a little bit of humility” because they do not understand what is best for the economy.

In response, Fauci claimed that he “doesn’t give advice about anything other than public health.”

Sen. Paul critized Fauci during Tuesday’s Senate coronavirus response oversight hearing.

“I think we ought to have a little bit of humility in our belief that we know what’s best for the economy,” Paul said. “And as much as I respect you, Dr. Fauci, I don’t think you’re the end-all. I don’t think you’re the one person that gets to make a decision.”

Senator Paul, who caught the virus and quickly recovered, said that he believes there are ways to slow the spread while keeping the economy going.

“We’re opening up a lot of economies around the U.S., and I hope that people who are predicting doom and gloom and saying, ‘Oh, we can’t do this’ … will admit that they were wrong if there isn’t a surge because I think that’s what’s going to happen,” Paul added.

The Kentucky senator added that they have had fewer deaths in his state than they do during a normal flu season.

“In rural states — we never really reached any sort of pandemic levels in Kentucky and other states. We have less deaths in Kentucky than we have in an average flu season.”

In response, Fauci said “I have never made myself out to be the end all, and only voice in this. I’m a scientist, a physician, and a public health official. I give advice according to the best scientific evidence.”

Sen. Paul had also noted that the infection rate is low in children, so it may be time to consider reopening schools, which Fauci pushed back on.

“We really better be very careful, particularly when it comes to children, because the more and more we learn, we’re seeing things the virus can do that we didn’t see from the studies in China, or in Europe,” Fauci said. “You’re right, in the numbers that children, in general, do much much better than adults and the elderly, and particularly those with underlying conditions, but I am very careful and hopefully humble that I don’t know everything about this disease, and that’s why I’m very reserved in making broad predictions,” Fauci said.

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Rev Thomas Littleton                                                                                 5/11/2020
Sanctuaries have been empty as Christians the world over have been unable to attend their churches for around 8 weeks now. For some it has been even longer.In this period of church lock outs many have resorted to family devotions, personal Bible study and prayer. What a wonderful Thing. Still another GREAT opportunity exist for those concerned with the leftward drift of the church. After the Covid-19 shut down and lock out ..it is time to find a new church NOT INFECTED  with the virus of The Gospel Coalition and it’s affiliates.
Coronavirus PANDEMIC RESPONSE  and overreach which forced the shutdown of church meetings could be a great opportunity to move on from the…

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We Were Created to Work and Worship, Not Isolate — David Fiorazo

It’s been well established that work and human interaction is vital to our overall health. But who saw this coming? Back in March, we were told that in order to avoid catching the coronavirus and prevent hospitals and medical workers from being overrun, entire states had to follow mitigation strategies recommended by national disease specialists.

Governors got heavily involved. Shelter in place orders were given state by state and social distancing protocol has been practiced. But these were supposed to be temporary orders that people stay in their homes and avoid traveling, with the exception of acquiring necessary items, such as groceries and gasoline.

And the U.S. unemployment rate is now up to 14.7% – the worst since the Great Depression, the media gleefully keeps reminding us. In addition, experts are predicting a spike in suicides and a substantial increase in depression. We’re already seeing it. Consumer confidence is way down and sales of alcohol are way up.

Callers to Help Lines are up 30% with people experiencing anxiety and loneliness. More than ever, we need to turn to God! But get this: as hopelessness skyrockets, tens of thousands of churches are closed.

I’m David Fiorazo and this is Christ and Culture.

Quarantines aren’t supposed to be for healthy people. And now, many Governors have declared distinctions between “essential workers” and “non-essential workers” and more businesses are closing, some for good. Industries and supply chains have been altered, but one of the most concerning things is how easy it was for government to take freedom and power from people across the U.S.

A friend of mine over at Renew America recently wrote an article on the madness. Robert Meyer states:

We were told that the objective of this strategy was to “flatten the yield curve,” that is, the normal progression of an infectious disease is extended out into the near future by slowing its spread, rather than allowing large populations to be infected all at the same time.

… But then something happened that frequently happens in fluid situations: those in charge began moving the goalposts. Governors extended the sheltering orders claiming the need to achieve new objectives that were never explicitly stated before. All of a sudden the reason for these orders became that they were necessary to save lives, so arbitrary or vague standards were set as the new goals necessary to lift the quarantines.

Now we were told new cases must drop by a certain amount for so many consecutive days, and there has to be a certain volume of testing, etc. It raised the obvious objection that as testing is increased, so will the number of new cases, thus making it difficult, if not impossible, to reach the standards in a short period of time.

As a result, there have been many “Re-Open America” protests at state capitals in various parts of the country where thousands of concerned citizens rallied for their jobs, civil rights, families, and even for the country they love. People were told to stay home and that they were being irresponsible and were going to kill others by spreading the virus.

The collective crickets you now hear from the liberal media tell us that even though these protests were weeks ago, there is no evidence of any outbreaks in these cities. The whole country doesn’t have to act like New York, whose Mayor and Governor should be held accountable for the thousands of deaths in nursing homes alone.

And now after months of a public quarantine for non-essential workers, many Christians are getting restless. We miss our church families and need to gather with like-minded people of faith for encouragement, biblical teaching from God’s Word, and to be reminded of our hope in Christ.

You can find alcohol, pornography, or marijuana, but can you find a prayer meeting? And what’s wrong with this picture? Abortion businesses have also stayed open – because in our “civilized” society, those in power determined it is essential to have access to murder your unwanted offspring. But the right to freely and peacefully assemble with those we love in the comfort of our churches is denied.

Walmart, Costco, Target, and Home Depot are crowded. Does one of the most important liberties in the U.S. Constitution cover corporations and abortion businesses, but it doesn’t apply to churches and small businesses? I understand we want to obey governing authorities, but civil government does not have unlimited authority!

The good news is I’m finally seeing some headlines about Christians pushing back. Pastors and churches from Oregon and California to Texas, Kentucky, Illinois, and Virginia are petitioning their local emperors, I mean governors, stating their intent to gather and hold services.

At what point can we say we’ve complied and obeyed local ordinances, and now we are compelled to get back to church? How do we answer the handful of tyrants saying the lock-downs must be extended through July or even the end of the year? Do the facts justify this?

Now, every church is different and not one size fits all.

The Greek word translated “church” is ekklesia, which means a gathering or a “public assembly” of people. We can use wisdom and caution. The elderly and immune compromised should remain at home. We can follow social distancing guidelines. We need to come together. We’re adults, we’re not children.

Things are going to get more interesting, but hang in there, keep praying, and maintain your perspective. God is not shaken or surprised by any of this. Charles Spurgeon once said:

“God is both a wall and a well to His people; a wall to guard them from their adversaries, and a well to supply all their needs out of His ever-living, over-flowing fullness.”

The Bible says the Lord is our Rock, refuge, and strength (Psalm 46), that He is with us in times of trouble and will never leave us. Great is His faithfulness, His mercies are new every morning (Lamentations 3). No matter where things go from here, He is in control and if you fix your eyes on Jesus, you will not be shaken.

God bless you and keep speaking the truth about things that matter.

Video courtesy of Freedom Project Media

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See The Latest List Of Significant Obamagate Scandal Developments Here | DCWhispers

Information is now coming out fast and furious and even though the far-left media is doing its best to distract and deflect in order to protect a multitude of high-ranking Obama-era officials, it appears the tide of truth might prove too much even for them.

Check it out:


  • DOJ moves to drop Flynn case after review by US Attorney Jensen (MO)
  • Grenell returns cleared House Intelligence Committee transcripts to Schiff, says he’ll release them if Schiff doesn’t. Schiff is clearly getting caught up in the net of this investigation which means so too is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as Schiff did nothing without her prior approval. She placed him in the committee position he now holds and for good reason – he was willing to do whatever she wanted when it came to attempting to overthrow the results of the 2016 election.
  • Transcripts show Obama (and others) knew about the Flynn surveillance from Sally Yates’ testimony.
  • Transcripts show Crowdstrike CEO did not have any direct evidence that the DNC was hacked by Russia or that Russia provided any (presumably hacked) DNC data to Wikileaks. This is significant given it was a major motivator of the “Russia! Russia! Russia!” Mueller investigation hoax.
  • Transcripts also show NO Obama admin official had any evidence of Russian collusion which means it had NO right to engage in a spy operation against a political opponent.
  • Obama comments on rule of law being endangered by all this in “private” conference call with 3000 followers. This is pure Obama deflection and a clear sign even he is now worried about where the investigation into the investigators might lead.
  • Media ramps up its negative spin coronavirus coverage while saying almost nothing about what is potentially the single greatest political scandal in American history.
  • Grenell delivers documents to Barr at DOJ that likely include the declassified list of names who were involved in unmasking Flynn in surveillance documents – a BIG crime by those involved and as such, highly unlikely to have occurred without former President Obama’s approval.
  • AG Barr assigns two additional US Attorneys (Jensen and Shea) to assist Durham due to increasing case load in the ongoing investigation.
  • Obama’s longtime personal adviser Valerie Jarrett is said to be contacting a myriad of trusted  political soldiers throughout the DNC/media complex in preparation for what is coming. It’s likely their hope to delay/stall the final release/decision by AG Barr until after the 2020 election when Barr will be removed and then move quickly to sweep it all under the proverbial rug and move on as if nothing happened.

Source: See The Latest List Of Significant Obamagate Scandal Developments Here

Here Are All The Chinese “Propaganda” Centers Currently Operating In The US | ZeroHedge News

Authored by Jon Street via Campus Reform,

Dozens of Chinese “propaganda” centers still operate across the United States, even as U.S. lawmakers debate how to hold the communist country accountable for withholding information about the coronavirus, which originated in China’s Wuhan province.

For years, Campus Reform has reported on the number of Confucius Institutes on U.S. college campuses. Funded by the communist regime, these centers are marketed as Chinese language and culture centers. However, U.S. intelligence officials have warned that these centers are little more than “propaganda” arms of the communist country.

Even the former Chinese propaganda minister,  Liu Yushan, wrote in a 2010 article for Chinese-state media:

“With regard to key issues that influence our sovereignty and safety, we should actively carry out international propaganda battles against issuers such as Tibet, Xinjiang, Taiwan, human rights and Falun Gong…

We should do well in establishing and operating overseas cultural centers and Confucius Institutes,” Politico reported in 2018.

While China and the U.S. disagree on most things, this appears to be one area in which officials from both countries share opinions.

FBI Director Christopher Wray said during a 2018 congressional hearing when asked about Confucius Institutes on college campuses, “The level of naïveté on the part of the academic sector about this creates its own issues. They’re exploiting the very open research and development environment that we have, which we all revere. But they’re taking advantage of it.”

CIA reports obtained by The Washington Free Beacon further revealed, “The [Chinese Communist Party] provides ‘strings-attached’ funding to academic institutions and think tanks to deter research that casts it in a negative light. It has used this tactic to reward pro-China viewpoints and coerce Western academic publications and conferences to self-censor. The CCP often denies visas to academics who criticize the regime, encouraging many China scholars to preemptively self-censor so they can maintain access to the country on which their research depends.”

While legislation signed into law by President Donald Trump in 2018 resulted in about a dozen U.S. colleges shuttering Confucius Institutes on campus, those closures were largely the result of their loss of funding, rather than concerns for the country’s national security.

And now, nearly two years after that legislation became law, more than 75 Confucius Institutes are still in operation in the U.S., most of them on college campuses. From Maine to Florida to Kansas to California, these centers claim to educate American students about Chinese language and culture, and administrators who run the campuses on which they operate appear to believe the same country that claims to have fewer coronavirus deaths than the U.S, despite its population being more than three times the size of the U.S. population.

Based on data from the National Association of Scholars, along with records maintained by Campus Reform, the interactive map above shows the locations where Confucius Institutes still operate. Hover your cursor over each dot to reveal the name of each college or school that currently hosts one of these centers.

Source: Here Are All The Chinese “Propaganda” Centers Currently Operating In The US

Mitch McConnell: ‘President Obama Should Have Kept His Mouth Shut’ About Trump | The Daily Wire

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) ripped former President Obama for speaking out against the current administration, something rarely done in recent years.

McConnell (R-KY) appeared on Monday’s episode of “Team Trump Online!” with host Lara Trump, the Trump campaign’s senior adviser, and responded to Obama’s attacks against President Trump revealed in leaked audio of a Friday phone call. McConnell said Obama’s criticisms violated a tradition that former President George W. Bush had respected during the Obama administration.

“You know, generally former presidents just don’t do that. I remember President George W. Bush and his father went right through eight years of Democratic administrations after they left office and kept their mouths shut because they didn’t feel it was appropriate for former presidents to critique even the president of another party,” McConnell said.

“I think President Obama should have kept his mouth shut, you know. We know he doesn’t like much this administration is doing. That’s understandable, but I think it’s a little bit classless, frankly, to critique an administration that comes after you,” he continued. “You had your shot. You were there for eight years. I think the tradition that the Bushs set up of not critiquing the president that comes after you is a good tradition.”

In a Friday phone call with thousands of alumni of his administration, Obama slammed Trump’s coronavirus response while defending his administration’s decision to move forward with an investigation of Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Trump’s Department of Justice dropped perjury charges against Flynn last week after unsealed FBI documents revealed the investigation into Flynn was based on meager evidence.

“The fact that there is no precedent that anybody can find for someone who has been charged with perjury just getting off scot-free, that’s the kind of stuff where you begin to get worried that basic — not just institutional norms — but our basic understanding of rule of law is at risk,” Obama said, referring to Flynn’s case.

Attorney General William Barr said that the FBI’s Jan. 24, 2017 interview with Flynn, which became the basis to charge Flynn with lying to the FBI, was actually a “perjury trap” top FBI officials had set up to get Flynn. Barr dropped the case based off the recommendation of U.S. district attorney Jeffrey Jensen, whom Barr assigned to review the case in February.

Obama also called the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic an “absolute chaotic disaster” and later blamed Trump for exacerbating political division in the country.

“It would have been bad even with the best of governments,” Obama claimed. “It has been an absolute chaotic disaster when that mindset – of ‘what’s in it for me’ and ‘to heck with everybody else’ – when that mindset is operationalized in our government.”

Source: Mitch McConnell: ‘President Obama Should Have Kept His Mouth Shut’ About Trump

White House Security Concerns Raised As Eyes In Old Obama Portrait Clearly Seen Moving — The Babylon Bee

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Trump White House has raised serious security concerns as the eyes in an old portrait of President Obama gathering dust in a side hallway were clearly seen moving side to side.

Aides noticed the portraits’ eyes would follow Trump whenever he walked through the hallway, then freeze again once he had left the room.

“Something fishy’s going on here,” said a Secret Service agent. “I’m pretty sure those eyes were looking to the left before. What the heck?”

Agents rushed over to the picture. The eyes got wide, then suddenly disappeared. They ripped it out of the wall and found that two holes had been punched in the wall directly behind it. A tunnel was discovered leading out of White House grounds and letting out through a sewer manhole on the street nearby.

An unidentified black man was seen jumping into a car and speeding away.

via White House Security Concerns Raised As Eyes In Old Obama Portrait Clearly Seen Moving — The Babylon Bee

Biden Denies Knowing Anything About Flynn Investigation Before Admitting He ‘Was Aware’

Presumptive Democrat Presidential nominee Joe Biden denied knowing anything about the investigation into Michael Flynn until he was reminded that he was in the room at the White House with other top Obama officials on the day the matter was discussed.

Source: Biden Denies Knowing Anything About Flynn Investigation Before Admitting He ‘Was Aware’

Judicial Watch files lawsuit seeking Dr. Fauci, WHO records

Article Image
• FOX News

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton explains to FOX Business’ Lou Dobbs why the organization filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Daily Caller seeking Dr. Anthony Fauci and the World Health Organization’s records as the coronavirus pandemic affected the U.S.

Before Evangelicals Canonize Ravi Zacharias, will they learn from Jean Vanier and L’Arche?

Spiritual Sounding Board

Ravi Zacharias, clergy sexual misconduct, chronic lies
Facebook photo

One year ago this week the renowned Catholic disability rights advocate, Jean Vanier, died. The widely-adored Vanier had created 154 communities for mentally disabled adults in 38 countries through the group he founded, L’Arche International. He had lived with those he cared for and sacrificed much for those who suffered. 

At the time of his death, according to the Washington Post, Vanier “was lauded as a moral exemplar to people worldwide and a likely future saint in the Catholic Church.”

Shortly before his death it was learned that Vanier had been involved in abusive sexual relationships with at least six women, beginning around 1970. An investigation confirmed that these relationships were marked by “significant imbalances of power.” To make matters worse, Vanier’s manipulative methods were similar to those of his spiritual mentor, the late Rev. Thomas Philippe, who once sexually assaulted a woman when she approached him…

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Coronavirus and Dodgy Death Numbers

Not only are the coronavirus models being used by WHO and the most national health agencies based on highly dubious methodologies, and not only are the tests being used of wildly different quality, that only indirectly confirm antibodies of a possible COVID-19 illness. Now the actual designations of deaths related to coronavirus are being revealed to be equally problematic for a variety of reasons. It gives alarming food for thought as to the wisdom of deliberately putting most of the world’s people–and with it the world economy–into Gulag-style lockdown on the argument it is necessary to contain deaths and prevent overloading of hospital emergency services.

When we take a closer look at the definitions used in various countries for “death related to COVID-19” we get a far different picture of what is claimed to be the deadliest plague to threaten mankind since the 1918 “Spanish Flu.”

Source: Coronavirus and Dodgy Death Numbers

‘It’s an Inalienable Right’: Frustrated Americans Defy Quarantine, Say It’s Time to Return to Work

In some states, people are back on the job, even in defiance of state orders. It is a growing movement as some Americans argue that the government has overstepped its bounds.

Source: ‘It’s an Inalienable Right’: Frustrated Americans Defy Quarantine, Say It’s Time to Return to Work

Here’s What China’s Scientists Have To Say About The Origins Of COVID-19 | ZeroHedge News

Authored by Lawrence Sellin via WIONews.com,

During a March 15, 2020 interview, beginning at the 27:40 time point, Dr Ralph Baric, noted coronavirus scientist at the University of North Carolina, said the following when asked about the animal origin of the human COVID-19 pandemic:

“As far as I know they [the Chinese] have not identified the actual reservoir species. There were reports about pangolins [scaly anteaters] as being potentially being the intermediate host, but pangolins viruses are 88-90% identical to SARS-2 [COVID-19] in comparison civet and racoon dog strains of SARS coronavirus were 99.8 identical to SARS coronavirus from 2003. In other words, you are talking about a handful of mutations between civet strains, racoon dog strains and human strains in 2003. Pangolins have over 3,000 nucleotide changes – no way they are the reservoir species [for COVID-19], absolutely no chance.

Here is what Dr Baric was saying…

It was logical to conclude that the coronavirus from the human 2003 SARS outbreak could have originated in animals because the coronavirus circulating in the civet and racoon dog populations was 99.8 per cent the same as the coronavirus eventually found in humans. That would, therefore, require only a relative “handful” of naturally-occurring mutations to “jump” to humans.

In contrast, pangolin coronaviruses are only 88-90 per cent the same as COVID-19. The huge number of naturally-occurring mutations required for pangolins to act as a reservoir species and intermediate host for COVID-19 would make it practically impossible.

Despite that, an article published by scientists from Guangzhou, China on May 7, 2020 in the prestigious journal Nature directly contradicts the comments made by Dr Baric, concluding:

“The isolation of a coronavirus that is highly related to SARS-CoV-2 [COVID-19] in pangolins suggests that they have the potential to act as the intermediate hosts for SARS-CoV-2 [COVID-19].”

The Guangzhou scientists concede that the bat coronavirus RaTG13, which is actually BtCoV/4991, has  about a 96 per cent sequence identity to SARS-CoV-2 [COVID-19] at the whole-genome level and it is reasonable to assume that bats are the native host of SARS-CoV-2 [COVID-19].

Agreeing with Dr Baric, the authors admit that, although genetically similar, it is unlikely that coronaviruses usually found in pangolins are directly linked to the outbreak because of their overall substantial sequence differences from COVID-19.

The Guangzhou group states, however, that the receptor-binding domain (RBD) of a pangolin coronavirus is nearly identical to the same structure in COVID-19, having only a single amino acid difference.

The Chinese scientists claim that a pangolin coronavirus appears to have “donated” the RBD to COVID-19, presumably through some type of recombinant event occurring between a bat coronavirus and a pangolin coronavirus inside a pangolin host.

The close identity of COVID-19’s RBD to that of pangolins has been widely reported, but the recombinant scenario suggested by the Guangzhou research team is purely speculatively for which they provide no supporting data.

China’s own scientists may have inadvertently stumbled upon the truth. A far more likely explanation is that the pangolin RBD was inserted into a bat coronavirus by genetic engineering.

Source: Here’s What China’s Scientists Have To Say About The Origins Of COVID-19

‘Social Distancing’ Is Snake Oil, Not Science | ZeroHedge News

Authored by William Sullivan via AmericanThinker.com,

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York says that it’s “shocking” to discover that 66 percent of new hospitalizations appear to have been among people “largely sheltering at home.” 

“We thought maybe they were taking public transportation,” he said, “but actually no, because these people were literally at home.”

“Much of this comes down to what you do to protect yourself,” he continues.  “Everything closed down, government has done everything it could, society has done everything it could.”

It’s your fault, he says to the hospitalized New Yorkers who loyally complied with his government directive.  But here’s an interesting alternative theory as to why, mostly, old people who are staying at home are being hospitalized.

What if the government directive to close everything down and mandate “social distancing” actually made the problem worse?

Dr. David Katz predicted precisely this outcome on March 20, in an article that is proving every bit as correct in its predictions and sober policy recommendations as Dr. Anthony Fauci has been proven incorrect — which is another way of saying that the article has proven flawless, so far.

Dr. Katz writes:

[I]n more and more places we are limiting gatherings uniformly, a tactic I call “horizontal interdiction” — when containment policies are applied to the entire population without consideration of their risk for severe infection.

But as the work force is laid off en masse (our family has one adult child home for that reason already), and colleges close (we have another two young adults back home for this reason), young people of indeterminate infectious status are being sent home to huddle with their families nationwide. And because we lack widespread testing, they may be carrying the virus and transmitting it to their 50-something parents, and 70- or 80-something grandparents. If there are any clear guidelines for behavior within families — what I call “vertical interdiction” — I have not seen them.

One might be inclined to simply accept this as an unintended consequence of “social distancing,” but accepting that would require there to be some kind of benefit to “social distancing” that would make it worth the cost. 

Is there?

Very likely, you already instinctively know that the guidelines suggesting that it’s somehow helpful to keep a six-foot space between healthy people, even outdoors, is not based on science, but just an arbitrary suggestion we’ve been conditioned to accept without evidence.

And your gut feeling would be right.  There’s a reason that “social distancing” wasn’t a buzzword common to the American lexicon prior to 2020.  There’s very little science behind “social distancing” at all. 

“It turns out,” Julie Kelly writes at American Greatness, “as I wrote last month, “social distancing” is untested pseudoscience particularly as it relates to halting the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. On its website, the CDC provides no links to any peer-reviewed social distancing studies that bolster its official guidance.” 

There’s a reason for the lack of peer-reviewed studies on the CDC website.  She continues:

The alarming reality is that social distancing never has been tested on a massive scale in the modern age; its current formula was conceived during George W. Bush’s administration and met with much-deserved skepticism.

“People could not believe that the strategy would be effective or even feasible,” one scientist told the New York Times last month. A high school science project—no, I am not joking—added more weight to the concept.

“Social distancing” is very much a newfangled experiment, not settled science.  And, Kelley writes, the results are suggesting that our “Great Social Distancing Experiment of 2020” will be “near the top of the list” of “bad experiments gone horribly wrong.”

You also don’t have to be a scientist to also instinctively know that “two weeks to flatten the curve” becoming “America must lock down until a vaccine is created” is more social experimentation than science.  But what the data have fleshed out, beyond the point of argument, is that the proximity of one human being to another has proven to be a very small factor in determining the impact of Covid-19 infections. What’s far more important is which human beings happen to be in close proximity of one another.

According to Dr. Steven Shapiro and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center:

Crowded indoor conditions can be devastating in nursing homes, while on the USS Theodore Roosevelt 1,102 sailors were infected, but only 7 required hospitalization, with 1 death. This contrast has significant implications that we have not embraced. Epidemiologic prediction models have performed poorly, often neglecting critical variables.

The USS Theodore Roosevelt had a crew of 4,800.  Given the acute sample, testing was holistic.  This yields an actual infection rate of roughly 23 percent, and among those infected, the fatality rate is 0.09 percent.  Among the Roosevelt’s entire crew of assumedly healthy and able-bodied sailors, on a floating Petri dish, during the thick of viral outbreak that shut down all schools and placed healthy citizens across America under house-arrest, the fatality rate was .002 percent.

It seems more than obvious that there is little sense in quarantining the young and healthy.  As Dr. Shapiro also observes:

Our outcomes are similar to the state of Pennsylvania, where the median age of death from COVID-19 is 84 years old.  The few younger patients who died all had significant preexisting conditions.  Very few children were infected and none died.  Minorities in our communities fared equally well as others, but we know that this is not the case nationally.  In sum, this is a disease of the elderly, sick, and poor.

Here’s another thing you likely already know.  Politicians and the media are committing to damage control to hide all of these facts from you.  In fact, finding any news relating to Dr. Shapiro’s somewhat revelatory comments online is, so far, quite difficult.

That’s because, for the people who pushed “social distancing” and destroying the economy as an absolutely necessary evil, this is a matter of self-preservation.  If this information were widely known, citizens might be more inclined to demand that schools and parks and restaurants and malls be opened.  But if schools open tomorrow, without testing, and there is not a surge in hospitalizations or deaths, then the obvious question is why the schools closed in the first place.  If restaurants and other shuttered businesses open without a spike in hospitalizations and deaths, then why did they ever close?

There’s value in the media and government officials maintaining the public perception that the costs of “social distancing” have been offset by its benefits.  But while those benefits are elusive in the data, and require mountains of presumption to imagine that they even exist at all, the costs of “social distancing” couldn’t be clearer.

As Dr. Steven Shapiro concludes:

What we cannot do, is extended social isolation. Humans are social beings, and we are already seeing the adverse mental health consequences of loneliness, and that is before the much greater effects of economic devastation take hold on the human condition…

In this particular case, the problem we’re not going to be able to fix in the short term is the complete eradication of the virus. The problem we can fix is to serve and protect our seniors, especially those in nursing homes. If we do that, we can reopen society, and though infectious cases may rise as in the Theodore Roosevelt, the death rate will not, providing time for the development of treatments and vaccines.

At this point, this is little more than common sense, and the truth can’t continue to be suppressed for much longer.  It’s becoming more and more obvious that it’s well past time to take a more tactical approach to mitigation, as Dr. Katz suggested back on March 20, allocating resources and efforts toward protecting and caring for those most at-risk, and ending this soul-crushing and economy-crashing experiment with holistic “social distancing.”

Source: ‘Social Distancing’ Is Snake Oil, Not Science

Mid-Day Snapshot · May 12, 2020

The Foundation

“A popular Government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: And a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” —James Madison (1822)

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