Brannon Howse: May 13, 2020 | Worldview Weekend

Guest: Mark Hitchcock. Topic: Mark is the author of the new book: Corona Crisis: Plagues, Pandemics, and the Apocalypse. Topic: Before Brannon interviews Mark he reads from a new article from the Huffington Post in which the author is so apparently lacking in intelligence that she cannot even get the name of Brannon’s organization correct and then goes on to take a quote from Betrand Russell and declare Brannon was attributing it to Bill Gates. Brannon uses this to reveal just how debased, lazy, and frankly flat out stupid so much of the media is today. America is now at a point in which facts no longer matter to the media because their commitment is to lies, distortion, and marginalizing of their political opponents. Topic: Brannon asked Mark Hitchcock to explain how has the Coronavirus is laying the foundation for the future fulfillment of Bible prophecy? Topic: What is the meaning of the various horsemen of the apocalypse in relation to pandemics? Topic: Where is the world headed from here? Topic: We take your calls. 

Download File Here

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