DEEP STATE’S WEAPON: FAUCI Warned Trump of SURPRISE OUTBREAK During His Admininistration

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Make sure that you see this video before it is yanked off the internet. If there is a way for you to download this for safe keeping – please do.

One America News broke the story of how DEEP STATE TONY   warned the Trump administration that there was no doubt that they would be facing a ‘SURPRISE OUTBREAK” of a massive infectious disease.

When did DEEP STATE TONY bring his dire warning?

In 2017.

I will call this monster “DST” gong forward in my articles.

The Left are acting outraged at this revelation of DST predicting a “Surprise Outbreak” during the Trump Administration.

The Fake News team have huddled together to form a narrative about this.  They are asking why President Trump did not prepare for this…….why medical supplies were not purchased.

Well, I’ll tell you why:  From 1974 until 2019, DST sent $7.4 million to ‘Bat…

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