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May 22 Handling Weakness!

When I want to do good, evil is right there with me.
(Romans 7:21, NIV)

Become an enemy of your weakness; make it your target, or it’ll become your taskmaster! When Samson awoke in the lap of Delilah, he’d lost his anointing. His next step was a dungeon. The battle of your life is always between your strength and your weakness. Listen: “These two forces within us are constantly fighting each other to win control over us” (Galatians 5:17, TLB). Nobody’s exempt. Your struggles may be different from mine, but we’re all on the battlefield.

If you think you can indulge your weakness today and just walk away from it tomorrow, you’re deceiving yourself; your weakness has a will of its own. Paul said, “When I would do good, evil is present with me” (Romans 7:21). Your weakness plans to destroy you. Listen: “Sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death” (James 1:15). Every time you justify your weakness, it rejoices, knowing that it will eventually get you.

But there’s good news; God will give you the power to overcome! After his failure, Jesus told Peter, “Satan hath desired to have you … but I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not” (Luke 22:31–32). You’re not alone! He’s interceding on your behalf! He also said, “Behold, I give unto you power … over all the power of the enemy” (Luke 10:19).


Reach for that power today and live the life of an overcomer![1]


[1] Gass, B. (1998). A Fresh Word For Today : 365 Insights For Daily Living (p. 142). Alachua, FL: Bridge-Logos Publishers.

May 22 Life-Changing Moments With God

Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you.

Eternal God, the world is passing away, and the lust of it. Surely I walk about like a shadow; surely I busy myself in vain; I heap up riches, and do not know who will gather them. What fruit did I have then in the things of which I am now ashamed? For the end of those things is death.

Like Martha, I am worried and troubled about many things. But like Mary one thing is needed, and that good part will not be taken away. You want me to be without care.

These things You have spoken to me, that in You I may have peace. In the world I will have tribulation; but I can be of good cheer, You have overcome the world. You, the Lord of peace, give me peace always in every way. You, Lord, bless me and keep me; You make Your face shine upon me, and are gracious to me; You lift up Your countenance upon me, and give me peace.

May I focus on Jesus rather than on the fading things and the tribulations of this world.

John 14:27; 1 John 2:17; Psalm 39:6; Romans 6:21; Luke 10:41–42; 1 Corinthians 7:32; John 16:33; 2 Thessalonians 3:16; Numbers 6:24–26[1]


[1] Jeremiah, D. (2007). Life-Changing Moments With God (p. 157). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

May—22 The Poor Man’s Evening Portion

And I will bring the blind by a way that they knew not; I will lead them in paths that they have not known: I will make darkness light before them, and crooked things straight. These things will I do unto them, and not forsake them.—Isaiah 42:16.

Never, surely, was there a promise of a covenant God in Christ more strikingly fulfilled as to what is said in the former part of this verse, than in thine instance, my soul. By nature and by practice, thou wert so totally blind to any apprehension of divine things, that not a right thought hadst thou ever conceived of God and Christ, when the Lord first manifested his grace to thy heart! No being in the universe was so near to me as God, but none so little known or understood. No heart was nearer to me than my own, but to all its errors and deceitfulness I remained the most perfect stranger! In the works of providence, as well as of grace, I had no consciousness whatever of any guide, nor even of needing a guide. Self-willed, wayward, and full of confidence, I was hastening on with the multitude, intent but upon one thing, “in making provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof.” Pause, my soul, and look back! When I take a review of what is past, and trace the hand of the Lord, all the way leading me as I have come on, I am lost in astonishment in the contemplation of his mercies and my undeservings. What a huge volume might be written of both, and in the margin to note down how they have kept pace together. My soul! if thou wert to read them by chapters only, what endless ones would they form under the several sections of the Lord’s love, his care, his wisdom, his methods, and his grace, in the freeness and distinguishing nature of that grace; and as I read the Lord’s mercies, to note, at the same time, my rebellions! Oh! what a subject would the whole form, in proof of this gracious promise, in viewing the wisdom, power, and love of God, in awakening, regenerating, converting, and confirming grace! Surely, Lord, thou hast indeed brought a poor blind creature, such as I am, in a way that I knew not, and led me in paths that I never should have known; and still, Lord, thou art graciously performing the same, in making darkness light, and crooked things straight. And shall I not, from the latter part of this sweet promise, derive a strength of faith, from all that is past, to trust thee for all that is to come? Hath the Lord been gracious, when in a state of total blindness, to bring me by a way I knew not; and now, when he hath mercifully opened mine eyes to see his glory, and to love his name, will he not lead me still? Had he mercy upon me, when I asked it not, neither knew that I needed it; and will he refuse me that mercy now, when I so earnestly seek it, and know that without his grace and mercy in Jesus, I shall perish for ever? Precious Lord! give me faith to believe, to trust, and to depend! Thou who hast done such great things for me already, whereof I rejoice, wilt never leave me, nor forsake me, O Lord God of my salvation![1]


[1] Hawker, R. (1845). The Poor Man’s Evening Portion (A New Edition, pp. 157–158). Philadelphia: Thomas Wardle.

Obamagate: Of Course It Comes Back to Obama’s Narcissism | The American Spectator

Lee Smith’s article in Tablet, titled “How Russiagate Began With Obama’s Iran Deal Domestic Spying Campaign,” pieces together why President Obama warned then incoming President Donald Trump away from Michael Flynn. It explains why Flynn was investigated. It all fits.

At the bottom of the Russian hoax story is a tale of narcissism: Hillary Clinton’s shock at losing the election, the media’s shock at being wrong and less capable of manipulation that they thought, and, importantly, Barack Obama’s shock that his priorities — all of them, but most of all the Iran Deal — would be swept away as so much ideological detritus. Like Saruman watching the Ents loose the dams and flood Isengard, the Obama administration knew that Michael Flynn would ruin their edifice, so they had to ruin him. Please do go read Smith’s piece.

The obvious reaction to the article is, Of course. Of course, this had to all come back to Obama’s inflated self-view. Of course, the administration was in a pure panic because Michael Flynn could deftly navigate the intelligence community backwaters and could point President Trump in the right direction to … drain  the swamp.

What’s so distressing is that President Obama and his enablers have succeeded. The torment continues. They effectively obstructed the Trump administration, and Congress helped them.

Not only did the Obama administration use every tool in their arsenal, most of them illegal at worst and damn shady at best, but they also had the media on their side. The media’s reputation was tied to Obama’s. Their cheerleading proved their own value. He was, after all, a media creation. He had to succeed or they would be revealed as fools and neophyte-enabling stooges.

And don’t forget Hillary, the creator of the Russia collusion hoax narrative. After her ignominious fit-throwing evening where she didn’t have the decency to face her supporters, she immediately began a string of confabulation to justify her loss. She had to find a boogey man to avoid any blame for a winnable election. It was her DNC and her dossier, via John McCain to the FBI, that got the ball officially rolling. Fusion GPS (former reporters who had lots of media connections), the FBI and DOJ, and, we learned this week, President Obama himself all knew about this nonsense because of their surveillance of Flynn. John McCain was just either the willing dupe or was in on the drive to destabilize the Trump presidency at the beginning.

That brings us to the Republicans in the House and Senate who aided and abetted this charade to hamstring a president they feared and loathed. To John McCain, these voters were hobbits. To Hillary Clinton, they were “deplorables.” Tomato, tomahto. Now, Lindsey Graham and Trey Gowdy trip over themselves to explain their previous prevaricating, when they knew that this “Russian collusion” story was intended to distract from the truth: that the Obama administration was using every arm of the government for political ends. What did they care? If it slowed down the Republican agenda, the platform that they paid lip service to but secretly despise, more the better.

The GOP wasted two years throwing sand into the gears of their own governance to not do what they promised to voters. Opportunities to repeal Obamacare or firm up border security or a myriad of other initiatives were frittered away because the GOP cared more about donor backing than fulfilling the will of the voters. Not only were they caught unprepared by a Republican winning, but they meant none of their rhetoric and so prepared for nothing because they wanted to fail.

Ultimately, none of this could have happened without a corruption machine by President Obama already operating at full throttle. For eight years, the administration used every branch of the government to torment their enemies. Lee Smith lays out beautifully the surveillance of American Jews in opposition to the Iran deal. But that was just the end of a long history of abuse. Obama and his cronies used the IRS, EPA, and nearly every agency you can imagine to target and harass conservatives, if not through active investigations, extraneous inspections, phone calls, and threats, then through egregious regulations.

The GOP establishment enjoyed this harassment. It interfered with difficult primaries they faced by fed-up Republican activists and used the force of government to ruin lives. Uncle Sam on a power bender is much more effective at destroying opposition than millions spent in negative ads.

Unlike Republicans, Democrats aren’t squeamish about an Uncle Sam leviathan. They’ll ride that beast to destroy their enemies. And boy, did they. It’s still going. The upper echelons of the FBI and DOJ operate to this writing unmolested. Any work that Michael Flynn could have done to clean up this intelligence community was stymied by a made-up investigation.

For three years, the Trump administration attempted to find their sea legs while actively being harassed and harried by Obama holdovers and self-dealing Republicans in the House and Senate. None of this could have happened so easily had Congress provided oversight. Why would they want oversight, though? It would expose themselves. It wasn’t just Joe Biden’s crackhead kid in Ukraine, after all. Sens. John Kerry, John McCain, and, yes, Lindsey Graham, also had strange relationships there, too. It’s like Ukraine was one big money laundering scheme for political insiders.

A lot of pols have a lot to hide, and that’s why this fiasco has gone on as long as it has. Hillary Clinton was supposed to win. No one would have ever known, and the evil would have continued. It has been three years of pain and anxiety on the part of politicians in both parties knowing that the people who elected Trump are not cynical insiders but those who believe that there is right and wrong and that there should be a system that treats all equally. That bodes ill for a whole bunch of people on the wrong side of the law.

After reading Smith’s article, though, I was left with a question that I had during the Obama administration and I still have today: Why? Why did President Obama pick terrorist fomenting Iran as his legacy? Anti-semitism? Globalism? Marxist fellow-traveler sympathy?

What’s so distressing is that President Obama and his enablers have succeeded. The torment continues. They effectively obstructed the Trump administration, and Congress helped them. How many unfilled administration positions remain to this day because Trump has never had the benefit of recess appointments like every other president? How much time has been spent by Trump to defend himself rather than just get on with the business of presiding? How did the conspiratorial lies taint President Trump’s ability to present new ideas and get a fair hearing? President Trump received no grace, not even a minute of hopeful reservation.

President Obama, Hillary Clinton, the media, and the feckless and, dare one say, colluding GOP leadership denied Trump voters their vote. They disenfranchised half the country. There can be no recompense for this grievous wrong. A pox on all their houses. The American system isn’t equipped to handle this level of injustice. Those who wait on justice likely wait in futility.

Source: Obamagate: Of Course It Comes Back to Obama’s Narcissism

FBI Director Wray opens internal investigation into how bureau handled Michael Flynn case

The FBI announced Friday that Director Chris Wray has ordered an internal review of the handling of the bureau’s investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Source: FBI Director Wray opens internal investigation into how bureau handled Michael Flynn case

May 22 Ninety-Two Bananas

Philippians 4:19

God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

The prophet Jeremiah and the apostle Paul discovered the same thing about prayer: When our hearts are right, God delights to give us more than we asked for. In Jeremiah 33:3, the Lord said, “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.” In Ephesians 3:20, Paul said that God “is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think.”

In her autobiography, Evidence Not Seen, missionary Darlene Diebler tells of being near starvation in a Japanese POW camp. Through her window she saw in the distance a banana. “Lord,” she prayed, “just one banana.” But she couldn’t see how God could get her a banana through prison walls.

The next day she heard footsteps coming down the hall and the key turning in the door of her cell. In walked a guard with a bunch of bananas. “They’re yours,” he said. She sat down in stunned silence and counted them. There were ninety-two bananas!

As Darlene wept and thanked the Lord, she seemed to hear Him say in her heart, “That’s what I delight to do, exceeding abundantly above everything you ask or think.” [1]


[1] Jeremiah, D. (2002). Sanctuary: finding moments of refuge in the presence of God (p. 149). Nashville, TN: Integrity Publishers.

Dr. Anthony Fauci says staying closed for too long could cause ‘irreparable damage’

“I don’t want people to think that any of us feel that staying locked down for a prolonged period of time is the way to go,” he tells CNBC.

Source: Dr. Anthony Fauci says staying closed for too long could cause ‘irreparable damage’

Congressman Rand Paul, Andy Biggs: If we keep listening to Fauci, there won’t be an America to reopen | LifeZette

Congressman Rand Paul and Andy Biggs published an op-ed in which they call out Dr. Anthony Fauci, warning that if the White House coronavirus task force member has his way, there won’t be an America to reopen.

The column, appearing in USA Today, slams Fauci as out of touch, unaware or unwilling to see how Americans are suffering due to the economic shutdown.

“Fauci persists in advocating policies that have emasculated the medical care system and ruined the economy,” they said, citing models that have proven wrong time and again.

“Anthony Fauci wants America closed until there’s nothing to reopen,” they write.

Rep Andy Biggs


.@realDonaldTrump has expressed a desire to restore our economic greatness and the positives that come w/ it — including better public health — by opening up our communities.

We must forge ahead even as Fauci tries to brush away the optimism. https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2020/05/21/rand-paul-andy-biggs-anthony-fauci-reopening-coronavirus-column/5225769002/  @RandPaul

Rand Paul, Andy Biggs: Anthony Fauci wants America closed until there’s nothing to reopen

Maybe Anthony Fauci is out of touch with how many Americans are suffering due to our economic shutdown, but our country cannot afford to stay closed.


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Paul V. Fauci

Paul has been absolutely eviscerating Fauci at every turn. Though, as he and Biggs note, they respect his “service to our country and medical opinion.”

Earlier this week, the Kentucky Republican shared a link to a chart showing the coronavirus death rate is similar to the seasonal flu for people under 60.

He added the caption, “Paging Dr. Fauci.”

During questioning and testimony before the Senate last week, Paul referred to blanket lockdowns implemented by many states through advice doled out by Fauci as “kind of ridiculous.”

“I don’t think you’re the end-all,” said Paul. “I don’t think you’re the one person that gets to make the decision. We can listen to your advice, but there are people on the other side saying there’s not going to be a surge.”

The New York Times


“I give advice according to the best scientific evidence”: Dr. Anthony Fauci and Sen. Rand Paul argued Tuesday during a Senate hearing over the impact of the coronavirus on children and the decision to reopen schools while Fauci testified to the Senate https://nyti.ms/3dIThVh 

Embedded video

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What About Those Suffering Financially?

The USA Today op-ed goes on to address comments made by Fauci before Congress that serve little more than to scare the American people and their local leaders into overreacting.

“There is a real risk that you will trigger an outbreak that you might not be able to control … not only leading to some suffering and death that could be avoided, but could even set you back on the road to trying to get economic recovery,” Fauci claimed.

States such as Georgia and Florida have proven him wrong thus far.

“What about the countless stories of needless suffering and death produced by Fauci’s one-size-fits-all approach to public health?” Biggs and Paul ask.

The congressmen concluded, “We must forge ahead even as Fauci tries to brush away the optimism of the president and the American people.”

It’s time this charade ends – with or without the blessing of Dr. Fauci.

This piece originally appeared in ThePoliticalInsider.com and is used by permission.

Read more at ThePoliticalInsider.com:
Ukrainian Judge Orders Biden To Be Named As Perpetrator Of Crime Against Prosecutor
White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Just Buried Hypocrite Chris Cuomo
James Woods Slams Nancy Pelosi As ‘Morbidly Corrupt’

Source: Congressman Rand Paul, Andy Biggs: If we keep listening to Fauci, there won’t be an America to reopen

Controversy Erupts After Biden Tells Black Voters Considering Trump “You Ain’t Black” | ZeroHedge News

Joe Biden just massively insulted black voters – telling a popular black radio host on Friday that he ‘ain’t black’ if he was still weighing whether to support Biden or Trump in the November election.

Lara Trump


WHAT IF DONALD TRUMP HAD SAID THIS? Will Joe Biden get a pass on this??? I had to watch 3 times to make sure I actually heard what he said. Here it is verbatim: “if you have a problem figuring out if you’re for me or Trump, then YOU AIN’T BLACK” 😳🤯 https://twitter.com/dailycaller/status/1263827931694075905 

Daily Caller


Joe Biden on The Breakfast Club:

“If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t Black.”

Embedded video

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Biden’s comment came during an interview with “The Breakfast Club” host Charlamagne tha God, who challenged the former VP over his decades-long record on racial issues and asked him about possibly choosing a black, female running mate, according to Politico.

“I’m not acknowledging anybody who is being considered, but I guarantee you, there are multiple black women being considered. Multiple,” said Biden of his (handlers’) search for a VP nominee.

It was then that an aide to the Biden campaign could be heard interjecting into the conversation, attempting to cut short the interview.“Thank you so much. That’s really our time. I apologize,” the aide said.

You can’t do that to black media!” Charlamagne retored.

“I do that to white media and black media because my wife has to go on at 6 o’clock,” Biden shot back, apparently referring to a subsequent media appearance by Dr. Jill Biden, before adding: “Uh oh. I’m in trouble.”

“Listen, you’ve got to come see us when you come to New York, VP Biden,” Charlamagne said. “It’s a long way until November. We’ve got more questions.”

“You’ve got more questions?” Biden replied. “Well I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.

Charlamagne explained that “it don’t have nothing to do with Trump, it has to do with the fact [that] I want something for my community.” But Biden remained adamant in promoting what he described as a career of public service devoted to advancing civil rights. –Politico

Needless to say, while Biden’s comment will probably go unnoticed by his MSM surrogates, it hasn’t slipped past Twitter users:

Robby Starbuck


“If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t Black.” – Joe Biden

Joe thinks if you’re Black, the Democratic Party owns your vote. If you’re Black and don’t want to vote for Joe… He says you aren’t Black. Racist!

Embedded video

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Ali †@ali


Embedded video

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CJ Pearson


I’ve never heard anything more racist than @JoeBiden discrediting my blackness because I refuse to allow the color of my skin to dictate my politics.

I’m disgusted.

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Author – Carol D. Mitchell@suzy1493

I am very Black. And, I am voting for @realDonaldTrump you SEALED the deal @JoeBiden you’re the worst kind of racist, one that will insult one to the face! @iamwandasykes anyone voting for Joe is sick.

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Trump works for the black vote.

Biden expects it.

Spot the difference?

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The Breakfast Club


said “If you have a problem figuring out if you are for him or Trump.. you ain’t black” Do you agree ??

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Full interview here:

No word on whether Biden thinks black Trump supporters’ kids are as bright as white kids.


Source: Controversy Erupts After Biden Tells Black Voters Considering Trump “You Ain’t Black”

“In America We Need More Prayer Not Less!” – BREAKING: President Trump Designates Houses of Worship “Essential” States Must Open Up Houses of Worship THIS WEEKEND! — The Gateway Pundit

President Trump designated Houses of Worship “Essential” on Friday during the White House press briefing.
The President announced new guidelines for Houses of Worship in the United States.
States must open their churches and synagogues THIS WEEKEND!

In his statement President Trump said if any state leaders challenge this new executive order he will overrule them!

via “In America We Need More Prayer Not Less!” – BREAKING: President Trump Designates Houses of Worship “Essential” States Must Open Up Houses of Worship THIS WEEKEND! — The Gateway Pundit

The Mortification of Sin – Modernized Version — Possessing the Treasure

by Mike Ratliff

Several years ago I did a series on John Owen’s wonderful book, The Mortification of Sin. While a great number of people participated in that study they also struggled with John Owen’s 17th Century English. He was a wonderful preacher of God’s Word and a gifted teacher. He was also mightily used by God throughout his ministry, but in our time what he was teaching seems to have been largely ignored and lost. I have so many believers contact me wanting to know how to deal with their besetting sins and their inability to turn away or kill some sin problem. John Owen had the answer, which, of course, comes directly from God’s Word.

We all have seasons in our walk down the narrow path in this pilgrimage. I too find myself struggling with old sins that I thought were long dead at times. That is when I have to get back into the battle. Yes, it is a battle. After all, part of it is putting on that spiritual armor so we can walk in the spirit isn’t it?

To kill or mortify our sin we must rely on the Holy Spirit to do His work. We have to get into the mode of being Spirit-led and in so doing the Holy Spirit will transform us and drain the life from our besetting sins. This is a simplified analysis of Owen’s treatise. Here is a link to the modernized version of his book. I have it on my Kindle and am rereading it. It is very good and I suggest you all do this.

via The Mortification of Sin – Modernized Version — Possessing the Treasure

In Mother’s Day Message, Laodicean Heretic Paula White ‘Preached’ About Doing Ritual Sex Dance Of The Queen Bee On The White House Lawn — Now The End Begins

Paula White, and all her fellow sideshow freaks like TD Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland, Todd Bentley do not preach biblical Christianity and they do not present the blood-bought salvation of the gospel of the grace of God.

I understand that the professing Christian Church is well into the falling away mentioned by the apostle Paul in 2 Thessalonians, and I understand that Jesus tells us that the last state Christian Church on earth before the Rapture is the lukewarm Laodicean Church that has locked Him outside the door. I mean, I truly “get it” about all these prophecies of the last days we now find ourselves in. But what is hard to wrap my head around is not falling away, it is that there seems to be no bottom to it as you will see with Paula White ‘preaching’ the Queen Bee ritual sex dance sermon in today’s video.

“Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first,…” 2 Thessalonians 2:3a (KJB)

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.” 2 Timothy 4:3,4 (KJB)

I found this video on a site called the Friendly Atheist, and as you can see when you watch it, it is mind numbing to say the least. And when the atheist who wrote the article you will read below is scratching their head wondering why anyone would be attracted to the brand of “christianity” that Paula White preaches, I actually side with the atheists on this one. I get that, too.  If Christianity was what Paula White presents it as, I would never, in a million years, have signed on to it.


Paula White, and all her fellow sideshow freaks like Jim BakkerTD JakesCreflo DollarJoel OsteenKenneth CopelandTodd Bentley do not preach biblical Christianity and they do not present the blood-bought salvation of the gospel of the grace of God. They are all charlatans and ‘bag holders’ who pervert the gospel for personal profit. You will never see an atheist getting saved from any of their messages, and that’s the real shame of these phonies. If you’re an atheist and want to know the truth about what actual Christians believe, click here.

Here’s Trump’s Spiritual Adviser And End Times Heretic Paula White Dancing Like a Bee for Jesus

FROM FRIENDLY ATHEIST: White House “spiritual adviser” and head of the government’s “Faith and Opportunity Initiative” program Paula White has used her position to praise Donald Trump at all costs… and make money in the process.

During a Mother’s Day service on Sunday, she decided to go in a slightly different direction, praising queen bees (like the biblical Deborah, she said), patting herself on the back for calling on God to end the pandemic, and… dancing.

Someone needs to explain Christianity to me. I don’t get the appeal. This is the woman advising the president. This is what white evangelicals bought themselves when they sold their souls for Trump in 2016.

This is what they’re doing with the power they always dreamed about. Congratulations, I suppose…? READ MORE

Paula White And The Queen Bee Ritual Sex Dance

via In Mother’s Day Message, Laodicean Heretic Paula White ‘Preached’ About Doing Ritual Sex Dance Of The Queen Bee On The White House Lawn — Now The End Begins

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Evidence Indicates that the Entire Plot to Prevent President Trump from Winning the 2016 Election and Then Governing If He Won Started in … ITALY! — The Gateway Pundit

As information continues to surface on Obamagate, the puzzle pieces are beginning to fall into place.  And many of the most significant pieces are turning up overseas in, of all places, Italy.

After the release a week ago of transcripts from individual testimonies in front of the US House of Representatives, George Papadopoulos released the following tweet about Obamagate in Italy:

George Papadopoulos


We now know that Italy was involved in spying on me in Rome with Mifsud and Flynn case. Durham’s probe became criminal after learning about this from Italian officials. Key question is, why did Obama have the Italian PM visit him in October 2016 right when the spying ramped up?

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Obama and the former leader of Italy, Matteo Renzi, held meetings in Italy before the 2016 election and in early 2017.


Why Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is Dining With Obama

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi joined Barack Obama for the last formal dinner of his presidency. Why?

Barack Obama Arrives in Milan for Climate Speech, Meeting with Former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi

Former President Barack Obama touched down in Milan, Italy, on Monday, kicking off a two-day trip in which he will meet with former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and also discuss climate change at a conference.

Papadopoulos also tweeted his thoughts that Italy was more involved in Obamagate than previously reported:

George Papadopoulos


I have explained since the beginning that Italian intelligence was involved in targeting the campaign from my meetings in Rome/London to the now evidence that the US ambassador to Italy was involved in unmasking Flynn. Get ready for a ride with the evidence coming out on the CIA!

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Italian nuclear engineer and suspected Deep State target Giulio Occhionero pointed out the Italian connection in the release of those who unmasked General Michael Flynn in the weeks after the 2016 election.  This list was also released a few weeks ago.  The list included Obama’s Ambassador to Italy, John R. Phillips and the Deputy Chief of Mission in Italy, Kelly Degnan.

Giulio Occhionero@g_occhionero

US Embassy in Rome, headquarter of Obamagate. Centro Studi Americani, Procura di Roma and the governments of Renzi and Gentiloni, YOU ARE NEXT.

And to the most idiot Confidential Human Source in the history of the FBI, my free advice: lawyer up. 😉

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Occhionero was arrested for a crime he claimed he didn’t commit where he says he was set up by the Deep State.

Upon his arrest, the Italians who arrested him asked, “Who is your contact with the Trump team?”

Maurizio Mazzella 🇮🇹🇺🇸🇮🇱@MazzellMaurizio

yes … I am the Italian who received this question !!! it was January 9th 2017, I never thought while I was being unfairly charged that someone between the US and ITALY wanted to sabotage @realDonaldTrump @MariaBartiromo @joehoft @gatewaypundit https://twitter.com/mazzellmaurizio/status/1192534560736759810 

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter
Maurizio Mazzella 🇮🇹🇺🇸🇮🇱@MazzellMaurizio

@realDonaldTrump @MariaBartiromo January 2017 “WHO IS YOUR CONTACT OF THE TRUMP TEAM?” Has anyone explained to Durham and Barr why this question was asked in ITALY of an Italian? #Russiagate #Spygate #Eyepyramid

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The Italian press is appalled with reports that young Papadopoulos’s wife, an Italian born model, was asked by the FBI to spy on her husband:

Maurizio Mazzella 🇮🇹🇺🇸🇮🇱@MazzellMaurizio

Why did FBI ask an Italian citizen to spy on an American in the USA, taking advantage of being his wife? If true, it is a very serious thing. The worst crimes have been committed against @realDonaldTrump. @GeorgePapa19@MariaBartiromo @joehoft @atlanticomag

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But perhaps the most damaging document, proving ties to Italy, is the recently released Crossfire Hurricane launch letter.  This document is what started it all.  The alleged, and now known to be a hoax about ties between President Trump and Russia, which culminated in the Mueller Special Counsel, started with this document.  Many in Italy believe this document proves Obamagate started in Europe, and more specifically in Italy.

Occhionero believes that the launch letter begins in Italy.  Much of the document is still redacted [again no doubt only to cover for the criminals] so we really don’t know, yet, who the document specifically refers to.  However, if the document is referring to Italy, we have strong belief that it refers to LEGAT or Legal Attache Kieran Ramsey.  Occhionero has claimed that Ramsey would not testify at his trial and believes this is because he is hiding something.

We reported on Ramsey previously and noted that he is being requested to be interviewed by the Senate.

Giulio Occhionero@g_occhionero

So did a Deputy Chief of Mission finish his/her assignment at the US Embassy in Rome on July 30, 2016, prior to Kelly Degnan’s arrival? @JudicialWatch @TomFitton https://www.judicialwatch.org/press-releases/declassification-spyoperation/ 

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The Crossfire Hurricane launch letter begins with this:

(S/ /REL TO USA[Redacted] On Wednesday, July 27, 2016, Legal Attaché (Legat) [Redacted] was summoned to the Office of the Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) for the [Redacted] who will be leaving [Redacted] post Saturday July 30, 2016 and set to soon thereafter retire from government service, advised [Redacted] was called by [Redacted] about an urgent matter requiring an in person meeting with the U.S. Ambassador. [Note: [Redacted]. The [Redacted] was scheduled to be away from post until mid-August, therefore [Redacted] attended the meeting.

If the incident occurred in Italy, the LEGAT was Ramsey.  Barbara on Twitter points out that the Holy See (i.e. Catholic Church in Rome, Italy) had a change in the Chief of Mission in July 2016:


DCM to the Holy See, July 2016!..https://va.usembassy.gov/july-4-2016/ 

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Ken Hackett was the prior US Ambassador to the Holy See and he retired in early 2017:


Ken Hackett..https://2009-2017.state.gov/r/pa/ei/biog/215702.htm 

Hackett, Kenneth Francis




Ken Hackett

Ken Hackett served as U.S. ambassador to the Holy See from 2013 until his retirement in January 2017. He previously was the president of Catholic Relief Services (CRS) from 2003 until his 2011…


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No wonder the Senate wants to interview Kieran Ramsey.  No wonder US Attorney John Durham traveled with AG Barr to Italy.  Italy, it appears, was the epicenter for Crossfire Hurricane!

via BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Evidence Indicates that the Entire Plot to Prevent President Trump from Winning the 2016 Election and Then Governing If He Won Started in … ITALY! — The Gateway Pundit

OMG! Feckless Clown Dr. Fauci NOW SAYS Staying Closed Too Long Could Cause “Irreparable Damage” — AFTER USING JUNK MODEL TO DESTROY ECONOMY! — The Gateway Pundit


As we know from previous reporting:

** Dr. Tony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx used the Imperial College Model to persuade President Trump to lock down the ENTIRE US ECONOMY.
** The fraudulent model predicted 2.2 million American deaths from the coronavirus pandemic
** The authors of the Imperial College Model shared their findings with the White House Coronavirus task force in early March
** Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx then met with President Trump privately and urged him to shut down the US and destroy the record Trump economy based on this model
** New analysis of the Imperial College Model finds the study is “completely unusable for scientific purposes” — The Imperial College study was a complete sham
** Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx pushed a garbage model on the White House and the American public and destroyed the US economy

As reported weeks ago — in mid April Dr. Fauci admitted that it was he and Dr. Birx who persuaded President Trump to lock down the US economy knowing the massive destruction this would cause in jobs, lives and commerce.

President admitted that during a press conference in April that “two very smart people” came into his office and urged him to lock down the economy or 2.2 million Americans would die from the China virus.

This guy has been wrong nearly every step of the way.

CBS Evening News


Dr. Anthony Fauci: “I can tell you, the first and only time that I said we should do mitigation strongly, the response was, ‘yes, we’ll do it.'” https://cbsn.ws/2Xxj7af 

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After Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci sat with the president the US went into lockdown and since that time over 39 MILLION Americans have lost their jobs and thousands of companies have gone bankrupt.

In late March, Neil Ferguson, who was behind the Imperial College coronavirus study, backtracked and said 20,000 Brits may die from the coronavirus instead of his original estimates of 500,000.

Neil Ferguson resigned from his government post as researcher a week ago after he was caught breaking his own lockdown rules by meeting with his married mistress at his home.

Now we have evidence that Neil Ferguson’s model was complete trash.

Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx ran with it anyway — without any facts or comparisons.
They never got a second opinion!

This was not science — it was raw emotion and panic!

Now we are facing massive unemployment and poverty over a virus the CDC now says has a fatality rate similar to the 1957-1958 flu pandemic.

On Friday Dr. Tony Fauci finally backtracked from his previous statements.

Dr. Fauci told CNBC — Staying closed too long could cause “irreparable damage!”




Dr. Anthony Fauci says staying closed for too long could cause ‘irreparable damage’ https://cnb.cx/36lJ2nH 

Dr. Anthony Fauci says staying closed for too long could cause ‘irreparable damage’


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This fickle doctor now says this after destroying the US economy?
Fauci needs to go and should be prosecuted for his crimes.

via OMG! Feckless Clown Dr. Fauci NOW SAYS Staying Closed Too Long Could Cause “Irreparable Damage” — AFTER USING JUNK MODEL TO DESTROY ECONOMY! — The Gateway Pundit

President Trump Holds A Press Briefing – 1:30pm ET Livestream… — The Last Refuge

The White House has added a press briefing by the President to the schedule today.  President Trump is expected to give remarks between 1:30pm and 2:00pm ET.

White House Livestream Link – Fox Business Livestream – PBS Livestream Link




via President Trump Holds A Press Briefing – 1:30pm ET Livestream… — The Last Refuge

‘Arrogant, Condescending, Outrageous’ – Senator Tim Scott, Black Voters Respond to Biden’s “You Ain’t Black” Comment (VIDEO) — The Gateway Pundit

It’s not racist if a Democrat says it.

Joe Biden appeared on the The Breakfast Club hosted by Charlamagne Tha God on Friday morning and told the black community, “you ain’t black” if they don’t vote for him over President Trump.

“If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump then you ain’t Black,” said Biden.

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) said Biden’s comment was “the most arrogant, condescending comment I’ve heard in a very long time.”

“He’s saying that 1.3 million African-Americans (who voted for Trump), that you’re not Black? Who in the heck does he think he is?” Scott added.


Trump War Room – Text TRUMP to 88022 & get the APP


“That is the most arrogant, condescending comment I’ve heard in a very long time,” @SenatorTimScott says in response to Joe Biden saying he’s not really Black.

“He’s saying that 1.3 million African-Americans, that you’re not Black? Who in the heck does he think he is?”

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Black voters were disgusted with Biden’s racist comment.

Candace Owens was outraged and said Biden and the Democrat party view black people as “trained chimpanzees who should not ask questions, but perform the same circus act every 4 years.”

Candace Owens


WOW!! @JoeBiden tells @cthagod that if blacks have to think about whether they are for Trump or for Biden then, “YOU AIN’T BLACK”.

Disgusting! @TheDemocrats view black people as trained chimpanzees who should not ask questions, but perform the same circus act every 4 years.

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Imagine if Trump said “ain’t” when speaking to black people? Candace Owens said.

Candace Owens


REMINDER BLACK PEOPLE: If you don’t do the bidding for wealthy white Democrats “YOU AIN’T BLACK”.

Just IMAGINE the media reaction if @realDonaldTrump said this to a black person that asked questions about his policies?

Or if Trump said “ain’t” when speaking to black people?

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“I’ll be black when I vote for Trump in November” – Rob Smith, a black, gay veteran said.

Rob Smith 🇺🇸@robsmithonline

I’ve been Black for over 30 years.

I was Black when I served my country in Iraq as an Army soldier.

And I’ll be Black when I vote for @realDonaldTrump in November.

Shame on you

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Lawrence B. Jones III


“If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

Oh really, Joe.

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I’m NOT black. I’m American… will suddenly turn into “I’m Black and I support Trump”…

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Hotep Jesus@HotepJesus

When Biden says if you vote for Trump.

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Hotep Jesus@HotepJesus

Democrat (Biden) arrogance on display.

Taking the blah vote for granted, again. A white man telling black people when and if they’re black.


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Biden’s ‘hot sauce in my purse’ 2020 edition.

Felecia Killings🔥Conscious Black Conservative@CoachFelecia

Hot sauce in my purse, 2020 edition. https://twitter.com/hotepjesus/status/1263814100360089600 

Hotep Jesus@HotepJesus

Democrat (Biden) arrogance on display.

Taking the blah vote for granted, again. A white man telling black people when and if they’re black.


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via ‘Arrogant, Condescending, Outrageous’ – Senator Tim Scott, Black Voters Respond to Biden’s “You Ain’t Black” Comment (VIDEO) — The Gateway Pundit

May 22, 2020 Truth2Freedom Briefing Report (US•World•Christian)

Mid-Day Snapshot · May 22, 2020


“The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government.” —Thomas Jefferson (1809)

About That Roe v. Wade ‘Documentary’

No one’s opinion changes the reality that an uninterrupted pregnancy results in the birth of a human child.

Philadelphia Fraud ‘Em

Actual voter fraud in Philly once again proves false Democrat insistence that it’s not real.

Why Florida and New York Have Very Different Records

Yet another unfavorable comparison for Leftmedia hero Andrew Cuomo.

Minnesota Nice? Not for Residents of Nursing Homes

Following Andrew Cuomo’s deadly example, Minnesota exposes those at highest risk.

World-Renowned Christian Apologist Ravi Zacharias Has Died

Ravi’s presence will be sorely missed yet his legacy will live on for generations to come.

Students Exploring the ‘Gap Year’

Many are graduating high school and not planning to attend college just yet.

Columbia Law’s Model of #MeToo Hypocrisy

Faculty protested Kavanaugh but have no problem with Biden’s commencement speech.

Eye of the Demos’ 2020 Hurricane

Leftists are pulling out all the stops to defeat President Donald Trump in November.

Memorial Day — Lest We Forget

Remember those on the frontlines of freedom who stand ready to put their lives on the line.

Video: Obama Blames COVID Disparities on Systemic Racism

“A disease like this just spotlights the underlying inequalities and extra burdens that black communities have.”

Video: Mike Rowe’s Trade-School Commencement Speech

“Thanks for resisting the temptation to borrow vast sums of money.”


It’s OK to Acknowledge Good COVID-19 News
Confronting the ChiComs Is America’s Generational Challenge
Democrats Warning Trump Will Reject Election Results Should Look in the Mirror
RIP Ravi Zacharias, Good and Faithful Servant
Planned Parenthood’s Steal Small Voice
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Friday News Executive Summary

Mueller’s hound helps Biden, Open Skies withdrawal, Ratcliffe confirmed, and more.

Friday Short Cuts

Notable quotables from Mike Pompeo, David Marcus, Nancy Pelosi, and more.


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 “The Patriot Post” (https://patriotpost.us)

Read Online

22 May 2020

Ban on non-Israelis entering the country extended to at least mid-June
The ban on non-Israelis entering the country in order to stop the spread of COVID-19 has been extended at least two weeks into mid-June. The Israel Airports Authority notified airlines on Wednesday that non-citizens would be barred until at least June 15, the business daily Globes reported. The order had been set to expire on May 30.

Attorney: 1,200 California Pastors Agree To Reopen May 31 In Defiance Of Stay-At-Home Order
More than 1,200 California pastors say they will resume in-person services on May 31 in defiance of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s stay-at-home order to slow the spread of the new coronavirus. Newsom has gradually allowed some businesses to reopen as the state’s number of virus-related hospitalizations has flattened. But churches are still banned, along with hair salons and sporting events.

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi shooting terror-related, person of interest may be-at-large
A shooting that injured one security guard at the Naval Air Station Corpus Christi in Texas on Thursday has been determined to be terrorism-related, FBI officials said. The shooter was shot dead, but a second person of interest may be at-large, the FBI said. “The public should remain calm, and if you see something, say something,” FBI officials said.

More than 500 earthquakes rattle western Nevada after 6.5 hit less than a week ago
The ground has come alive in a pocket of western Nevada. A magnitude-6.5 earthquake rocked a remote region 35 miles west of Tonopah on May 15 and hundreds of aftershocks have followed — an event this corner of the county hasn’t seen in over half a century. The initial big quake struck at 4:03 a.m. last Friday east of the Sierra Nevada, roughly halfway between Reno and Las Vegas, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

China to impose sweeping national security law in Hong Kong, bypassing city’s legislature
China’s Communist Party will impose a sweeping national security law in Hong Kong by fiat during the annual meeting of its top political body, officials said Thursday, criminalizing “foreign interference” along with secessionist activities and subversion of state power. The move is the boldest yet from Beijing to undercut Hong Kong’s autonomy and bring the global financial hub under its full control…

Iran leader hails armed support for Palestinians against ‘tumor’ Israel
Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Friday denounced Israel as a “tumor” to be eliminated and hailed Tehran’s supply of weaponry to Palestinian armed groups fighting against it. Opposition to Israel is a touchstone of belief for Shi’ite-led Iran, which backs Palestinian and Lebanese Islamic militant groups opposed to peace with the Jewish state, which Tehran refuses to recognize.

Russian GDP could fall by more than 8% second quarter 2020: Nabiullina
Russia’s economy could contract by more than 8% in the second quarter of 2020, central bank governor Elvira Nabiullina said on Friday, adding that the bank would revise its most recent gross domestic product forecast. Nabiullina said cutting Russia’s benchmark interest rate by 100 basis points from 5.5% will be considered in June.

Northern Command: rise in infiltration attempts through Lebanese border
The Northern Command reports it has seen an increase in the number of people trying to illegally cross the border from southern Lebanon to Israel over the past two months. Although most incidents are of criminal nature, i.e. drug trafficking and arms smuggling, the Galilee Division treats each event as a potential terrorist attack, which involves deploying large forces and attack helicopters.

‘Grave consequences’: Turkey warns Libya’s Haftar against attacks
Turkey has warned that attacks on its interests in Libya by renegade military commander Khalifa Haftar’s forces will have “grave consequences” after advances by the country’s Turkish-backed government. Ankara has provided military support to the internationally recognised Government of National Accord (GNA) in Libya, which has been battling to fend off a year-long offensive by Haftar’s forces to take control of the capital Tripoli.

Early winter blast, record rain hit much of the eastern seaboard of Australia, severe weather to continue into weekend
Much of the eastern seaboard of Australia was hit by wet weather overnight into May 20, 2020, as a cold front generated rains across Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. The severe weather conditions are forecast to last until the weekend as the country experiences an early winter blast. Queensland, in particular, recorded 450 mm (1.5 feet) of rain in a 48-hour period to May 22– its highest two-day rainfall total in 29 years.

Planned Parenthood Affiliates Received $80 Million in PPP Loans
Planned Parenthood affiliates received $80 million in loans from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) in violation of the rules of the relief program revealed Fox News’s Tucker Carlson Tonight Tuesday night.

Feminist Defends Joe Biden Over Tara Reade: “I Would Vote For Joe Biden If He Boiled Babies and Ate Them”
A columnist for The Nation defended 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden from allegations of sexual assault by his former senate staffer Tara Reade, saying, “I would vote for Joe Biden if he boiled babies and ate them.”

Supreme Leader Of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Releases Poster Telling Jews In Israel To Prepare For Another ‘Final Solution’ Like The Nazi Holocaust • Now The End Begins
From God’s perspective, Jerusalem is not an ‘international city’ that is to be shared by the ‘three Abrahamic religions’, no, not by a long shot. The bible tells us that Jerusalem is the ‘city of the great King’, and that it is the capital city of nation of Israel, and more importantly that it is God’s city. The entire Battle of Armageddon from Ezekiel 39 is a battle over who has the right to control Jerusalem, Satan or God. Who wins in the end? God, of course, and a Thousand Year Kingdom of righteousness follows that victory.

Harvard Professor Seeks to Eliminate Parental Authority in Lieu of the State
Harvard Professor Seeks to Eliminate Parental Authority in Lieu of the State

A “Final Solution” Strategy Is Being Implemented by FEMA and the Governor of Washington
Since the beginning of the COVID-19 so-called crisis, my daily emails have increased from about 500 per day to about 800 per day. I am struggling to keep up. However, there are consistent themes that are emerging from these communications which helps me gauge the mood and temperment of the people as a whole.

Cyclone kills at least 82 in India and Bangladesh, flooding lowlands
The most powerful cyclone to strike eastern India and Bangladesh in over a decade killed at least 82 people, officials said, as rescue teams scoured devastated coastal villages on Thursday, hampered by torn down power lines and widespread flooding.

“Thousands Are Starving”: Protesters Demanding Food Clash With Soldiers As Lockdown Intensifies in Chile
The coronavirus hit Chile at a particularly delicate time. Back in October, the Chilean military deployed tanks and troops onto the streets of Santiago – the Chilean capital – and President Sebastian Piñera declaring a state of emergency to quell a violent uprising triggered by – of all things – a hike in metro fares (can you imagine that happening in NYC?).

Bill Gates reportedly offered a $10 million bribe to use Nigerian children in coronavirus vaccine experiments
The left’s most beloved “humanitarian” has been caught in yet another human rights scandal, this time involving innocent Nigerian children who were to be used as human guinea pigs in one of his forced vaccination programs.

“It Felt Like A Death”: 20% Of Illinois Restaurants Will Go Out Of Business In Coming Months
“It felt like going through the grieving process, which I still am. Any time I thought about it, and I looked at the prospects, it just, in my gut, didn’t feel like it was something that would be workable.”

Unsealed docs show Planned Parenthood charged $25G for body parts, blood samples within months
Recently-unsealed documents reveal Planned Parenthood charged a biospecimen company nearly $25,000 for fetal tissue and maternal blood samples in 2012, fueling accusations from opponents that the nation’s largest abortion provider violated federal law while exchanging fetal body parts.

School Pushes Disgusting Hardcore Gay Pornography ‘Homework’ on Their 11yr Old Students
A United Kingdom school is catching heat for pushing disgusting hardcore gay pornography ‘homework’ on their eleven-year-old students. Archbishop Sentamu Academy assigned students, aged eleven through fourteen, an assignment, as part of their Personal, Social, and Health Education (PSHE) program, that included topics such as ‘transsexual pornography’, ‘hardcore pornography’, ‘female genital manipulation’..among many other inappropriate topics.

USS Theodore Roosevelt Returns as China Increases ‘Harassment’ of US Spy Planes, Ships
United States aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt will be returning to sea after having been inactive for nearly two months when more than 1,000 sailors tested positive for coronavirus. Before heading into port due to the pandemic outbreak, the warship was monitoring the South China Sea. Without the U.S. ship’s presence, “China appears to have taken advantage of the situation and ramped up its harassment of the U.S. military allies amid the global pandemic” reports Fox News.

How Fear, Groupthink Drove Unnecessary Global Lockdowns
That is the story of what may eventually be known as one of the biggest medical and economic blunders of all time.

Headlines – 5/22/2020

Saudi Arabia condemns Israeli plans for annexation in West Bank

Jordan says it will review ties if Israel annexes West Bank

Joe Biden to Jewish donors: ‘I do not support annexation,’ will reverse Trump policies on Israel and the Palestinians

Senate Democrats: Annexation puts Israel’s security, democracy at risk

Virus responses in Israel, US may permanently erode democracies, experts warn

Cutting security ties, Abbas shows he’s serious – even if it risks everything

Senior Palestinian official says PA no longer sharing intelligence with CIA

PA refuses UAE aid sent via Israel, won’t be ‘tool for normalization’

The Arabs may have lost the war, but not the battle for control of the Temple Mount

Netanyahu: There will be no stoppage in construction in Jerusalem

Hundreds of Fires in Israel, Many Deliberately Set by Arabs

Netanyahu and Gantz meet as tensions bubble in new coalition

Court orders Netanyahu to appear at first trial hearing

20 years after Lebanon pullout, IDF faces a stronger Hezbollah – in Syria too

On Quds Day, Iran’s leader says Zionism ‘a virus that must be eliminated’

EU condemns Iran’s ‘totally unacceptable’ threats against Israel

Iran picks cyber fight with Israel as both sides target critical infrastructure

Iranian hackers target dozens of Israeli websites

Pompeo ordered officials to find a way to justify Saudi arms sale being probed by fired watchdog

Pompeo announces US withdrawal from major Open Skies US-Russia treaty for nuke surveillance

China to impose sweeping national security law in Hong Kong, bypassing city’s legislature

Hong Kong is ‘anxious, angry and frightened,’ ex-lawmaker says of China’s proposed security law

Asian markets fall on U.S. friction with China, new Hong Kong worries

70% of Dubai companies expect to go out of business within six months due to coronavirus pandemic, survey says

Obama No Longer President, So Why Is He Meeting World Leaders?

FBI declares Texas Navy base shooting ‘terrorism-related;’ 2nd possible suspect at large

FTC fines Facebook $5B for privacy violations

Personal data used in COVID-19 unemployment claims exposed in data breach

Brexit Tension Flares, Increasing Risk of No Trade Deal

US stocks decline amid renewed US-China tensions, historic jobless claims

As America Reopens, Trial Lawyers Salivate at Endless Coronavirus Lawsuit Possibilities

Rand Paul: Fauci’s Policies ‘Emasculated The Medical Care System And Ruined The Economy’

‘Cardiac Arrests up 800 Percent’: 600+ Doctors Warn Lockdowns Doing Much More Damage Than COVID

A quarter of Americans are hesitant about a coronavirus vaccine

Poll: 36 percent of Americans less likely to take coronavirus vaccine if Trump says it’s safe

‘Science by press release’: Sudden rise of vaccine developer Moderna rankles some in scientific establishment

Tens of thousands of coronavirus tests have been double-counted, officials admit

Scientists Warn CDC Testing Data Could Create Misleading Picture Of Pandemic

CDC estimates that 35% of coronavirus patients don’t have symptoms

Cuomo brothers’ jokey CNN interview ignoring nursing home controversy sparks outrage

Trump blasts Michigan AG for ‘viciously threatening’ Ford for letting him tour plant without mask

‘The president is like a petulant child’: Michigan attorney general says Trump no longer welcome in state after not wearing mask

Baltimore mayor to Trump: Don’t visit our city during coronavirus stay-at-home order

Trump orders flags on federal buildings lowered for 3 days in memory of those killed by coronavirus

DOJ: There Is No Pandemic Exception to the U.S. Constitution

Trump says he won’t close the country if second wave of coronavirus hits

Oregon’s coronavirus restrictions ruled ‘null and void’ after governor failed to get approval from legislature

Illinois House Votes to Remove Representative Who Refused to Wear a Mask in Session

Minnesota Governor: Restaurants Can Have 50 People, Churches Just 10

‘Bet You Stay Home Now Hypokrits’: Church That Refused To Close During Lockdown Gets Burned Down, Investigated As Arson

Attorney: 1,200 California Pastors Agree To Reopen May 31 In Defiance Of Stay-At-Home Order

Trump says Christian faith ‘treated very unfairly’ during COVID-19 pandemic

Trump Says He Plans to Take a Strong Position on Churches Re-Opening

Dr. Alveda King: Claim that ‘Jane Roe’ was paid to join pro-life cause is false

Christian Organization Calls for Cancellation of PBS’ LGBTQ Pride Month Miniseries, TV Broadcast

Scientists made a mouse embryo that’s 4% human — the highest level of human cells in an animal yet

SpaceX will make history with NASA astronaut launch next week. But will it draw crowds to Florida? NASA wants spectators to stay home amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Satellites and spacecraft malfunction as Earth’s magnetic field mysteriously weakens

ESA’s SWARM investigates weakening of Earth’s magnetic field, possible split up of South Atlantic Anomaly

6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes central Mediterranean Sea

6.1 magnitude earthquake hits near San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Tonopah, Nevada

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Kamina, Democratic Republic of the Congo

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Aitape, Papua New Guinea

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Ierapetra, Greece

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Lambasa, Fiji

Klyuchevskoy volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 23,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 23,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Nevados De Chillan volcano in Chile eurpts to 12,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 10,000ft

Sakurajima volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 10,000ft

More than 500 earthquakes rattle western Nevada after 6.5 hit less than a week ago

Hawaii just got a new ‘largest volcano on Earth.’ (Condolences to Mauna Loa.)

Cyclone Amphan kills more than 80 people as it tears through India and Bangladesh

Western Australia on alert for approaching Tropical Cyclone Mangga

Record-breaking rainfall hits Australia’s east, with more to come

May 2020 is now Chicago’s wettest on record in 150 years of official rainfall observations, U.S.

East Africa fears ‘triple threat’ from coronavirus, floods and locusts

Climate change is causing Antarctica’s snow to turn green, study says

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“A simple layman armed with Scripture is to be believed above a pope or a council without it…” – Martin Luther

May 22 Streams in the Desert

He worketh.” (Psalm 37:5.)

THE translation that we find in Young of “Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass,” reads: “Roll upon Jehovah thy way; trust upon him: and he worketh.”

It calls our attention to the immediate action of God when we truly commit, or roll out of our hands into His, the burden of whatever kind it may be; a way of sorrow, of difficulty, of physical need, or of anxiety for the conversion of some dear one.

He worketh.” When? Now. We are so in danger of postponing our expectation of His acceptance of the trust, and His undertaking to accomplish what we ask Him to do, instead of saying as we commit, “He worketh.” “He worketh” even now; and praise Him that it is so.

The very expectancy enables the Holy Spirit to do the very thing we have rolled upon Him. It is out of our reach. We are not trying to do it any more. “He worketh!

Let us take the comfort out of it and not put our hands on it again. Oh, what a relief it brings! He is really working on the difficulty.

But someone may say, “I see no results.” Never mind. “He worketh,” if you have rolled it over and are looking to Jesus to do it. Faith may be tested, but “He worketh”; the Word is sure!V. H. F.

I will cry unto God most high; unto God that performeth all things for me.” (Psalm 57:2.)

The beautiful old translation says, “He shall perform the cause which I have in hand.” Does not that make it very real to us today? Just the very thing that “I have in hand”—my own particular bit of work today, this cause that I cannot manage, this thing that I undertook in miscalculation of my own powers—this is what I may ask Him to do “for me,” and rest assured that He will perform it. “The wise and their works are in the hands of God.”—Havergal.

The Lord will go through with His covenant engagements. Whatever He takes in hand He will accomplish; hence past mercies are guarantees for the future and admirable reasons for continuing to cry unto Him.—C. H. Spurgeon.[1]


[1] Cowman, L. B. (1925). Streams in the Desert (pp. 154–155). Los Angeles, CA: The Oriental Missionary Society.