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May 27 Broken Things


Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains by itself alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit [wheat].
(John 12:24, NASB)

Only when Gideon’s army broke their pitchers could the light on the inside shine out. (See Judges 7:20.) Only when Mary’s alabaster box was broken could its contents be poured out as an act of worship. (See Mark 14:3.) Only when the loaves and fishes were broken could the hungry multitude be fed. (See Matthew 14:19.) Are you getting the idea? We all have to be broken.

Anthony Lockett wrote a song called “The Upside Down Kingdom.” Here’s how it works: If you want to preserve life, you give it away (see Luke 9:24). If you want to be on top, humble yourself before God (see Matthew 23:12). If you want to be the greatest, learn to serve others (see Matthew 23:11). If you want to really live, die to self (see Romans 8:13). If you want to make a difference in this world, sow your life like a seed into the lives of others (see John 12:24).

Listen: “I counted dollars while God counted crosses; I counted gains while He counted losses. I counted my worth by the things put in store; He sized me up by the scars that I bore. I counted honors, and I sought degrees; He counted the time I’d spent on my knees. I never knew till one day by a grave, how vain are the things that we spend life to save.”


Think about it![1]


[1] Gass, B. (1998). A Fresh Word For Today : 365 Insights For Daily Living (p. 147). Alachua, FL: Bridge-Logos Publishers.

May 27 Life-Changing Moments With God


The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; and He knows those who trust in Him.

I praise You, the Lord of hosts, for You, Lord, are good, for Your mercy endures forever. You, Lord God, are my refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. I say of You, Lord, “You are my refuge and my fortress; my God, in You I will trust.” Who is like me, one saved by You, Lord, the shield of my help and the sword of my majesty! As for You, God, Your way is perfect; Your word is proven; You are a shield to all who trust in You. For who is God, except You, Lord? And who is a rock, except You, my God?

If I love You, I am known by You. Your solid foundation stands sealed with: “You know those who are Yours” and “Let everyone who names the name of Christ depart from iniquity.” You, Lord, know the way of the righteous, but the way of the ungodly shall perish. I have found grace in Your sight, and You know me by name.

What a privilege to be known by You, Lord God! What a foundation for peace and hope!

Nahum 1:7; Jeremiah 33:11; Psalm 46:1; Psalm 91:2; Deuteronomy 33:29; 2 Samuel 22:31–32; 1 Corinthians 8:3; 2 Timothy 2:19; Psalm 1:6; Exodus 33:17[1]


[1] Jeremiah, D. (2007). Life-Changing Moments With God (p. 162). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

May—27 The Poor Man’s Evening Portion


For there was a tabernacle made, the first, wherein was the candlestick, and the table, and the shew-bread, which is called the sanctuary.—Heb. 9:2.

It is blessed to see how Christ was set forth in every thing, and by every way, in the ordinances of God, in the first ages of the Church. Surely they had the gospel preached to them in type and shadow, as we have now in sum and substance. My soul, take thine evening meditation among the furniture of the outer sanctuary, and see what emblems they afford of Christ. The tabernacle, which Moses made in the wilderness, contained, in the first apartment, the things here spoken of. The candlestick, if without a light, strikingly set forth the darkness of that dispensation; and if with a light, (which seems the most probable, for the lamps were to be always burning,) it showed that the Lord himself, who walketh in the midst of the golden candlesticks, is the light of his people, and the glory of the temple. The next article noticed is the table, which was probably placed in such a direction, that the light of the candlestick might shine upon it; and here we may learn, that in going to the table of the Lord, we must be directed by his light; for none cometh to the Father but by him, who is “the way, and the truth, and the life.” The table itself, which was of pure gold, became a most lively type of the ever-blessed Jesus. The infinite worth and glory of his person, and the eternal merit and efficacy of his blood and righteousness, may be supposed to be set forth, by golden representations, as the richest and most valuable treasure we are acquainted with. And when we add to these, that Jesus feeds, entertains, supports, nourisheth, and preserves his Church and people, what could so well set forth the royal bounties of his grace, and the fulness and richness of his house, as that of a golden table, around which the poor, and the needy, the hungry, and the faint, might be received and feasted? But the first sanctuary had not only the candlestick to guide to the Lord, and the golden table to receive the followers of the Lord, but the shew-bread, also, to supply them. This shew-bread was a beautiful representation of him who is the bread of life. Twelve loaves, in allusion to the twelve tribes of Israel, were to be always standing upon it, to intimate the perpetual appearing of Jesus in the presence of God for his people. They were of the finest flour and frankincense, thereby shadowing the purity of his nature, and the fragrancy of his sacrifice before God. They were to be renewed every Sabbath, to show that Christ is not only exhibited in the gospel every day, and all the day, but to be renewed every Sabbath, when his ministers bring forth to the people, out of his treasury, “things new and old.” Those taken away when the new loaves were brought, were to be eaten by the priests alone, under this Jewish dispensation; and the same is observed under the new, for the Lord Jesus hath made all his people “kings and priests to God and the Father;” and if any that are not his, by his Spirit given to them, eat at his table, they make the table of the Lord contemptible. Are these some of the delightful subjects—the furniture of the tabernacle in the first court? Dost thou behold, my soul, these things, and through the veil and covering, discover Jesus? Oh! then, consider the vast infinite importance of redemption by his blood, whom God the Spirit thus set forth to the Church by types and shadows; and see the privilege and the happiness to which thou art called, when in reading the Old Testament, “the veil is done away in Christ.”[1]


[1] Hawker, R. (1845). The Poor Man’s Evening Portion (A New Edition, pp. 163–164). Philadelphia: Thomas Wardle.

Video: “The Incomparable Christ — Part Four” by Alistair Begg — Truth For Life Blog

Since the beginning, man has been rebellious. By nature, instead of trusting God’s wisdom and goodness, we assert our right to rule over our own lives. By grace, though, God established Jesus as the ultimate King to subdue us to Himself, to defend and keep us, and to conquer our enemies. Alistair Begg teaches that by submitting to His reign, ordinary people like us are welcomed into an eternal community where harmony and intimacy will be restored. Will we accept God’s invitation?

Listen | Download Audio (15.5 mb) | Watch Part One | Watch Part Two Watch Part Three

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via Video: “The Incomparable Christ — Part Four” by Alistair Begg — Truth For Life Blog

May 27 The Spirit’s Presence


1 Corinthians 6:19

Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God?

Paul said to the Corinthians, “Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit?” Why was he telling them that? Because the Corinthians were doing things with their bodies that were an embarrassment to the Holy Spirit. They were living lives divorced from the awareness of His holy presence within them.

Perhaps you’ve found yourselves at certain crossroads recently where you didn’t know whether you should go to a certain place or participate in a certain activity because you are a Christian. The fact is, where you go, the Holy Spirit goes with you. So before you go, you’d better ask Him if He wants to go. And whatever He tells you, you do it.

Many Christians don’t even think about that. They just drag the Holy Spirit everywhere into all kinds of things that are dishonoring to His first name, which is Holy.

The Holy Spirit permanently indwells you. If you grasp that concept, it could have a life-changing impact on you. He is there. He is in you. He will never leave you.[1]


[1] Jeremiah, D. (2002). Sanctuary: finding moments of refuge in the presence of God (p. 154). Nashville, TN: Integrity Publishers.

Bill Clinton hung out with Epstein because of affair with late financier’s madame Maxwell, new book alleges | RT – Daily news

Bill Clinton hung out with Epstein because of affair with late financier’s madame Maxwell, new book alleges

According to a new book about the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, former President Bill Clinton had an affair with Ghislaine Maxwell, a close associate of the late sex offender accused of procuring underage women for him.

“Clinton was allegedly carrying on an affair with at least one woman in Epstein’s orbit, but she was well over the age of consent,” claim authors Alana Goodman and Daniel Halper in ‘A Convenient Death: The Mysterious Demise of Jeffrey Epstein’, due out next month.

Rumors about the former president’s involvement with convicted sex offender Epstein have swirled on social media since the billionaire was arrested last year on charges of sex trafficking minors. Epstein later died in a jail cell in New York in a death officially deemed a suicide, but details surrounding it have inspired plenty of conspiracy theories about possible foul play.

Clinton denied knowing anything of Epstein’s crimes, but he admitted to being jetted around multiple times on Epstein’s customized Boeing 727 that is now known to many as the ‘Lolita Express’, as it would allegedly fly men to Epstein’s private island in the Virgin Islands where they allegedly engaged in sex with minors.

Also on rt.com

Hillary ditches pantsuits for Covid face-mask with a message, is immediately MEMED to death with reminders of scandals

A new Netflix documentary includes an interview with a former worker for Epstein, Steve Scully, who confirms seeing Clinton with Epstein on the island. Virginia Giuffre, who has accused Epstein and Maxwell of forcing her to have sex with Prince Andrew, also saw Clinton on the island, though said she didn’t see him do anything improper with minors.

According to the new book though, Clinton kept a close relationship with Epstein only to carry on an affair with Ghislaine Maxwell, a British socialite who has been accused of procuring minors for the island.

“[Bill] and Ghislaine were getting it on,” an anonymous source who reportedly witnessed the affair told the authors — Goodman is an investigative reporter for Free Beacon, and Halper is an editor for Drudge Report — according to an excerptpublished by the New York Post. “That’s why he was around Epstein – to be with her.”

Clinton and Maxwell were actually spotted together on several occasions, including at a private dinner at the New York restaurant Nello in 2002 and at various charity events for the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative.

Maxwell even reportedly attended Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in 2010.

Also on rt.com

Lolita Island Part 2? FBI raid New York HQ of fashion mogul friend of Prince Andrew in sex trafficking probe

Clinton spokesman Angel Urena denied the affair accusation lobbed at Clinton, saying, “It’s a total lie today, it’s a total lie tomorrow, and it’ll be a total lie years from now.”

Maxwell has reportedly been under investigation by the FBI since last year for her involvement with Epstein. She is currently suing Epstein’s estate for legal fees stemming from her connection to the late financier.

Though the new book, as well as the Netflix documentary, give weight to the argument that Clinton was not up to the same crimes as Epstein – who he claims he had not seen in a decade when he was arrested – it is still only the latest bad look for the former president, who left office following a scandalous affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Since then, Clinton has been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women, including Juanita Broaddrick, who claims he raped her in the ‘70s.

Source: Bill Clinton hung out with Epstein because of affair with late financier’s madame Maxwell, new book alleges

We’re going to see stocks take another dive once market realizes coronavirus vaccine won’t be ready soon – RT’s Boom Bust

Stock markets are rallying on optimism of global economies reopening and hopes of a potential Covid-19 vaccine, with the US S&P 500 and the Dow Jones climbing to levels not seen since early March.

Boom Bust talks to editor of the Logical Investor Sean Hyman about the stock market sentiment and if its positivity is sustainable.

Hyman cites the CEO of the global biopharmaceutical company Merck, who said that even the 18-month time frame was “way too aggressive.”

“You’re probably looking at two or three years at best,” Hyman says, explaining that the average vaccine could take up to several years to actually get through all the trials before it becomes available to the public. There could be Phase One trials, two, three, and sometimes even Phase Four, he says.

“It takes a lot longer than people think. So, we are going to see stocks take another dive once the market really realizes this,” Hyman says.

Source: We’re going to see stocks take another dive once market realizes coronavirus vaccine won’t be ready soon – RT’s Boom Bust

Wash Post: MyPillow’s Lindell a ‘Scam Artist,’ ‘Castaway’

When the cool kids sneer at you, do you wear it like a badge of honor? Mike Lindell should. He’s the “MyPillow Guy,” the TV-friendly entrepreneur and enthusiastic Trump supporter. He’s also a former drug addict who got himself clean and turned into an outspoken evangelical Christian.

Source: Wash Post: MyPillow’s Lindell a ‘Scam Artist,’ ‘Castaway’

A Virtual Memorial Service Will Be Held for Ravi Zacharias — Blogs

Christian evangelist Ravi Zacharias will be honored in a livestream memorial service this week.

Zacharias died May 19 at the age of 74. The service will be streamed live at RZIM.org/RaviMemorial on May 29 at 11 a.m. ET.

“The story of the gospel is the story of eternal life. My life is unique and will endure eternally in God’s presence. I will never be ‘no more.’ I will never be lost because I will be with the One who saves me,” Zacharias wrote in Seeing Jesus from the East.

Zacharias founded Ravi Zacharias International Ministries in 1984. His ministry equipped some 100 Christian scholars and authors to travel the world and speak to millions of people.

Former football star Tim Tebow, Louis Giglio, Brooklyn Tabernacle Senior Pastor Jim Cymbala and others are expected to speak at Ravi’s memorial service. Matt Redman and Lecrae will also perform.

In lieu of flowers, the Zacharias family has asked that donations be made to RZIM.

Zacharias was best known as a top Christian apologist.

“(Ravi) saw the objections and questions of others not as something to be rebuffed, but as a cry of the heart that had to be answered,” said Michael Ramsden, president of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.

“People weren’t logical problems waiting to be solved; they were people who needed the person of Christ. Those who knew him well will remember him first for his kindness, gentleness, and generosity of spirit. The love and kindness he had come to know in and through Jesus Christ was the same love he wanted to share with all he met.”

As Christian Headlines previously reported, Zacharias wrote more than 30 books and preached in some 70 countries during his 48-year career. He was born in India and converted to Christianity as a teenager after reading the Bible in the hospital while recovering from a failed suicide attempt.

Zacharias is survived by his wife, Margie, daughters Sarah and Naomi, son, Nathan, and five grandchildren.

via A Virtual Memorial Service Will Be Held for Ravi Zacharias — Blogs

May 27, 2020 Truth2Freedom Briefing Report (US•World•Christian)

Mid-Day Snapshot · May 27, 2020


“If we can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people, under the pretence of taking care of them, they must become happy.” —Thomas Jefferson (1802)

Democrats Panic Over Economic Recovery

“We are about to see the best economic data we’ve seen in the history of this country.”

Trump Trolls Twitter

The social-media giant’s “fact-checks” expose its incestuous relationship with the Leftmedia.

Minneapolis Cops: Due Process for Everyone?

A black man died under the knee of a white cop. But is that the entire story?

COVID-19 Hitting Blue States Harder Than Red States

Dems’ failure to enact targeted responses did little more than damage their own economies.

Pathogens, Pelosi, Policies … They’re Connected

San Francisco is losing residents because of policies that preceded coronavirus.

‘You Ain’t Black!’

Putting Joe Biden’s recent racially offensive remarks in real perspective.

Video: How Planned Parenthood Uses Uber to Arrange Secret Abortions

The abortion mill utilizes the judicial-bypass process to exploit teenagers.

John Stossel Video: Free Speech for All

People complain that social-media companies like Facebook and Twitter often ban good content. What’s the solution?


Making the World a Worse Place, One Twitter Mob at a Time
Biden’s Disturbing Pattern
Smearing Our Heroes
Insane News Tidbits
Church Attendance Essential to America’s Greatness
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Wednesday News Executive Summary

Pelosi sued, insider-trading update, Dems’ economic dread, and more.

Wednesday Short Cuts

Notable quotables from Kevin McCarthy, Ilhan Omar, Jerry Nadler, and more.


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“The Patriot Post” (https://patriotpost.us)

9 Signs Of The End Times That Are Unfolding Right In Front Of Our Eyes
Global events are beginning to spiral out of control, and this has created a resurgence in interest in what the Bible has to say about “the last days”. Throughout the Scriptures, we are warned about apocalyptic events that will precede the second coming of Jesus Christ, and a lot of people are wondering if that period of time is now upon us.

President Trump Opens US Churches
“Some governors have deemed the liquor stores and abortion clinics as essential. But have left out churches and other houses of worship. It’s not right. So I’m correcting this injustice and calling houses of worship essential.” -President Donald Trump

China to deploy 2 aircraft carriers after ‘brink of Cold War’ with US warning
Two Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) aircraft carriers are preparing to conduct a set of provocative war games in the contested South China Sea, near the Taiwan-claimed Pratas Islands, also known as the Dongsha Islands.

Navy ship shoots down drone with its laser beam
It doesn’t get much more futuristic than a Navy ship downing a drone with a weaponized laser. Grainy video released by the United States Naval Institute Friday appears to show the USS Portland taking aim at an aerial drone, then unleashing its laser beam and blowing the aircraft out of the sky over Pearl Harbor.

For First Time: Disney Introduces Openly Gay Main Character
Disney has released its first-ever film with an openly gay main character. The short, entitled “Out”, was introduced through Disney Plus’s SparkShorts series on Friday. Disney seems to be progressing towards making homosexuality mainstream among children. Back in March, Pixar’s Onward was the first feature film to include a gay character playing Lena Waithe’s cyclops cop Officer Spector.

Erdogan: Temple Mount is a “Red Line for all Muslims”
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said in a video message posted on social media on Monday that “we will not allow Palestinian lands to be offered to anyone.”In the video, which was addressed to American Muslims in honor of the Eid al-Fitr holiday marking the end of Ramadan, Erdoğan said that the Temple Mount in Jerusalem was a “red line” for all Muslims. “I would like to reiterate that al Quds as-Sharif [the Temple Mount], the holy place of the three religions … is a red line for all Muslims in the world,” he said.

The Galaxy’s Black Hole is Mysteriously Flashing Starlight
The enormous black hole at the center of our galaxy is acting in an increasingly unusual manner, making stars dance around it and blinking in our direction. One rabbi noted that in their quest for answers to the mysteries of the stars, scientists are finally coming closer to what is explicitly written in the Bible. In a span of just two hours, the black hole became 75 times brighter in the near-infrared band of the light spectrum.

US B-1B bombers just flew over the South China Sea
Two U.S. Air Force B-1B bombers conducted another flyover in the South China Sea on Tuesday, marking a new increase in flyovers in the region after the bombers deployed to Guam on May 1. The two bombers were based at Dyess Air Force Base in Texas, and supported a Bomber Task Force mission “showcasing their ability to fly, sail, & operate anywhere international law allows, at the time and tempo of our choosing,” according to the Pacific Air Forces.

EU civil war erupts: States furious as Barnier poised to surrender to UK on Brexit deal
He is said to have identified a potential compromise offer that would enable him to move closer to Boris Johnson’s demand to become an independent coastal nation and unlock the deadlocked negotiations. One EU diplomat said: “Our opening line of keeping the current terms is impossible to uphold.“That is clearly unattainable so we’d be looking to some narrowing of the positions.”

49 Shot in Chicago Over Memorial Day Weekend
“The violence throughout the city on Memorial Day weekend was nothing short of alarming,” said Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown on Tuesday. One man, Tobias O’Neal, 41, was found near midnight Friday on the sidewalk on Chicago’s South Side “with gunshot wounds throughout his body,” reported ABC 7.

House Republicans to sue Pelosi over remote proxy voting in pandemic
U.S. House of Representatives Republicans will sue Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi over rule changes that allow members to vote on each other’s behalf during the coronavirus pandemic, Republican aides said on Tuesday. The lawsuit, to be filed in federal court in Washington, will seek to block the new system passed by the Democratic-majority House and intended to allow the chamber to function while observing social distancing guidelines. It will argue that the rule changes are unconstitutional, the Republican aides said.

Russia’s MiG diplomacy: US, Turkey, Russia, Egypt square off over Libya
Russia deployed MiG-29s and other aircraft to Libya in what appeared to be throwing down a gauntlet to Turkey and other countries that might think Moscow is ending its support for the eastern Libyan government of Khalifa Haftar. It is a big play for Russia, doing it in broad daylight to show off after around ten Russian Pantsir air defense systems were reportedly destroyed by Turkish drones in Libya.

Government decides on guidelines for Ethiopian aliyah
Over the past few months, political and educational leaders have been working with rabbis and Ethiopian religious leaders to put together the nation’s first set of guidelines to solve the painful question of bringing the families of Ethiopian immigrants to Israel.

How globalism went from Right to Left
This is another question being debated in the tug-of-war between “right” and “left.” Theoretically, the Left is supposed to adhere to the idea of national solidarity, that is the tradition in Israel, and not only here. But the “progressive Left” has recently come to be identified with globalization. It supports increased free trade, the movement of assets, and an international supply and manufacturing chain. It is in favor of free immigration and the creation of a global employment market. It also prefers moves toward global control at the expense of democratic-national sovereignty.

Mayor of Town near Bethlehem Connects Trump’s Peace Plan to Messiah
Efrat mayor Oded Revivi spoke with Israel365’s Rabbi Tuly Weisz on the topic of annexation and it’s demographic, economic and spiritual implications. Efrat is a Jewish Israeli town adjacent to Bethlehem in Israel’s Judean region. And although Trump’s Deal of the Century has been heavily criticized by many settler leaders for enabling a potential Palestinian state, Revivi claims to take a more practical approach saying that Israel should take what it can get now while the Jewish state still has a friend in the White House.

Russia’s MiG diplomacy: US, Turkey, Russia, Egypt square off over Libya
Russia has deployed MiG-29s and other aircraft to Libya in what appeared to be the throwing down of a gauntlet to Turkey and other countries that might think Moscow is ending its support for the eastern Libyan government of Khalifa Haftar. It is a big play for Russia, doing it in broad daylight to show off, after around ten Russian Pantsir air defense systems were reportedly destroyed by Turkish drones in Libya.

Russian pilots intercept US Navy aircraft for 3rd time in 2 months
Russian pilots intercepted a US Navy aircraft in an “unsafe and unprofessional manner” on Tuesday – for the third time within two months – the US Naval Forces Sixth Fleet has claimed. Two Russian Sukhoi Su-35 fighter planes intercepted a US Navy P-8A Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft of the Sixth Fleet for a period of a little over an hour.

Trump: US to take action against China over Hong Kong this week
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday the United States was working on a strong response to China’s planned national security legislation for Hong Kong and it would be announced before the end of the week. China’s parliament is expected to approve a proposed security law that would reduce Hong Kong’s separate legal status on Thursday, calling into question the special economic status the territory currently enjoys under U.S. law.

Chinese Embassy in France tweets anti-US, anti-Israel imagery in error
The Chinese Embassy in France tweeted an anti-US, anti-Israel cartoon depicting the grim reaper, donned in an American flag cloak holding a scythe with the blade being the Israeli flag, according to multiple media sources. In the photo, the grim reaper is shown knocking on Hong Kong’s door after exiting the rooms of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine and Venezuela – leaving a trail of blood lining the floor in its wake.

The Mysterious Anomaly Weakening Earth’s Magnetic Field Seems to Be Splitting
New satellite data from the European Space Agency (ESA) reveal that the mysterious anomaly weakening Earth’s magnetic field continues to evolve, with the most recent observations showing we could soon be dealing with more than one of these strange phenomena. The South Atlantic Anomaly is a vast expanse of reduced magnetic intensity in Earth’s magnetic field, extending all the way from South America to southwest Africa.

COVI-PASS: UK Introduces ‘Digital Health Passport’ To Monitor Travel, Health Of Population
The UK government is preparing to rollout a new “digital health passport” to monitor nearly every aspect of citizens’ lives in the name of strengthening public health management. British cybersecurity firm VST Enterprises…developed an application called “COVI-PASS” to track “your Covid-19 test history and immunoresponse and other relevant health information” using a proprietary matrix code called a “VCode.”

India heatwave: Delhi temperature hits 47C as north India reels
The Indian capital, Delhi, saw temperatures rise to 47.6C on Tuesday, as most of north India faced severe heatwave conditions. The heatwave, which officials say is likely to last until the weekend, comes even as the region struggles with rising Covid-19 infections and swarms of locusts that are ravaging crops. Churu in Rajasthan state recorded a temperature of 50C – India’s highest.

Hong Kong police arrest 300 as thousands protest over security laws
Police in Hong Kong fired pepper pellets and made 300 arrests as thousands of people took to the streets on Wednesday to voice anger over national security legislation proposed by China, that has raised international alarm over freedoms in the city. In the heart of the financial district, riot police fired pepper pellets to disperse a crowd, and elsewhere in the city police rounded up groups of dozens of suspected protesters…

House Republicans to sue Pelosi over remote proxy voting in pandemic
U.S. House of Representatives Republicans will sue Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi over rule changes that allow members to vote on each other’s behalf during the coronavirus pandemic… The lawsuit, to be filed in federal court in Washington, will seek to block the new system passed by the Democratic-majority House and intended to allow the chamber to function while observing social distancing guidelines.

Iran’s president approves ban on use of all Israeli products
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday approved the order banning the use of any Israeli products in the country. The move comes after the Iranian parliament voted in favor of a legislation prohibiting the use of Israeli-made goods last week. The ban includes technology, such as computer hardware and software, and was passed unanimously by Iranian lawmakers last week, Fars News Agency reported.

Israeli jets violate Lebanon’s airspace
Israeli fighter planes have violated Lebanese airspace carrying out a number of flights in the past week over different parts of the country, state news agency NNA reported, citing the Lebanese army. Various Israeli military aircrafts were reported over the town of Kafr Shuba on Tuesday, and then flying over the western Bekaa regions and the south.

Coronavirus Uses Same Strategy As HIV To Evade, Cripple Immune System: Chinese Study Finds
The discovery came after autopsies in China found immune system destruction similar to that caused by AIDS.

Obama, Clinton 9th Circuit Judges Suspend Bill of Rights Until Coronavirus is Cured
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday ruled that Democratic California Gavin Newsom’s ban on in-person church services during the coronavirus pandemic can stand.

Turkey’s eastern provinces hit by disruptive snowstorm and strong winds
A cold front accompanied by snow and strong winds caused disruptions to Turkey’s eastern provinces beginning Sunday, May 24, 2020. The storm led to extensive damage to properties, power blackouts, traffic interruptions, and at least one person dead.

Furious Trump Threatens Twitter For “Interfering In The 2020 Presidential Election” After “Misinformation” Fact-Check
“Twitter is completely stifling FREE SPEECH…”

Shock Video Of Bill Gates Laughing While Saying ‘We Take GMO Organisms & Shoot Them Right Into Little Kids Veins’ In Brussels Interview In 2015
Over the years we have shown you the level of utter depravity that New World Order global elite Bill Gates operates on, and over the past few months in particular we have exposed his plan to inject every human on earth with a vaccine and a digital identification from ID2020. As if all that wasn’t bad enough, today we bing you just a short little video clip from an interview Bill and Melinda gave in Brussels back in 2015. It will confirm your very worst fears about who Bill Gates really and truly is.

United Nations New World Order Economic Paradigm Project Creates ‘International Day Of Happiness’ Calls For ‘Global Citizens’ To Celebrate
It really doesn’t get much weirder or more end times than this story today, you really can’t make this stuff up. But several sharp-eyed NTEB readers wrote to us today asking if we had heard of something called the United Nations New World Order website. We had not, but imagine my shock and surprise when upon investigating it turned out to be real, and not only that, far exceeded my expectations of end times intrigue and shenanigans. Welcome to the UN New World Order Project promoting something called the International Day of Happiness.

COVI-PASS Digital Health Passport Certified By The United Nations Uses Your Biometric Markers To ‘Facilitate Safe Return’ To Global Society
Yesterday on our weekly Prophecy News Podcast, we talked about Phase II of the COVID-19 plannedemic, and what it would look like. Today I want to show you visually what Phase II will look like. It is important to remember that as the COVID-19 lockdown is lifting, the real lockdown is coming. Remember how Bill Gates famously warned that the ‘war of the future’ would involve ‘not missiles but microbes‘? Meet COVI-PASS, your digital health passport that uses biometric markers to allow you to reintegrate with society.

China’s coronavirus campaign offers glimpse into surveillance system
The coronavirus outbreak in China has given unprecedented glimpses into how an extensive system of surveillance cameras works, as monitoring stations are rebranded epidemic “war rooms” helping to check people’s movements and stifle the disease.

Total Chaos: Chicago Sees Deadliest Memorial Day Weekend In Years Despite Stay-At-Home Orders
10 dead out of nearly 50 shot over long warm weather holiday weekend…

Headlines – 5/27/2020

Settler leader launches campaign to thwart ‘poisoned’ Trump peace plan

European leaders said to implore Netanyahu not to advance annexation

Army Chief Is Preparing IDF for Violence in West Bank Over July Annexation

Army liaison to Palestinians said to warn of ‘terror wave’ if West Bank annexed

Palestinian envoy: Biden isn’t taking strong enough stance against annexation

Touring Gaza border amid lull, Gantz said to warn tensions will remain for years

UAE virus aid rejected by Palestinians still at Israel’s airport; UN rethinking

Liberman: Netanyahu inciting ‘civil war’ to save himself

Israel rejects $1.5B Chinese water plant after Pompeo said it could affect working relationship with US

Hailing ‘return to normal,’ Israel rescinds virus closures on eateries, bars

Nearly half of Israelis taking economic hit over virus; 1 in 7 skipping meals

One in five Brits believe anti-Semitic virus conspiracies – survey

Anti-Semitism examined as a social virus in new PBS documentary

Israel said set to reject Chinese bids for role in 5G network infrastructure

U.S.-China Competition Demands Tough Decisions of Israel, and Netanyahu Has Little Choice

Ilhan Omar says Israel, Saudi Arabia both have too much influence on US policy

Hezbollah’s Nasrallah rejects US pressure to beef up role of UN peacekeepers

Iran’s president orders implementation of law banning all use of Israeli tech

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‘I’m looking for the truth’: States face criticism for COVID-19 data cover-ups

In a first, Twitter adds fact-check warnings to ‘unsubstantiated’ Trump tweets

House Republicans sue Pelosi in bid to stop proxy voting amid coronavirus concerns

Biden calls Trump a ‘fool’ for mocking masks during pandemic

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The CDC Slashed The COVID-19 Fatality Rate To A Fraction Of Earlier Estimate Used To Justify Lockdowns | ZeroHedge News

Authored by Ryan McMaken via The Mises Institute,

Governments throughout the world and across the US justified extreme, draconian, undemocratic, and unconstitutional (in most US states) “lockdown” and stay-at-home orders on the grounds that the COVID-19 virus was exceptionally fatal.

In March, the World Health Organization (WHO) was claiming that the fatality rate was a very high 3.4 percent.

Yet as time went on, it became increasingly clear that such high estimates were essentially meaningless because researchers had no idea how many people were actually infected with the disease. Tests were largely being conducted on those with symptoms serious enough to end up in emergency rooms or doctor’s offices.

By late April, many researchers were publishing new studies showing that the number of people with the disease was actually much higher than was previously thought. Thus, it became clear that the percentage of people with the disease who died from it suddenly became much smaller.

Now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released new estimates suggesting that the real fatality rate is around 0.26 percent.

Specifically, the report concludes that the “symptomatic case fatality ratio” is 0.4 percent. But that’s just symptomatic cases. In the same report, the CDC also claims that 35 percent of all cases are asymptomatic.

Or, as the Washington Post reported this week:

The agency offered a “current best estimate” of 0.4 percent. The agency also gave a best estimate that 35 percent of people infected never develop symptoms. Those numbers when put together would produce an infection fatality rate of 0.26, which is lower than many of the estimates produced by scientists and modelers to date.”

Of course, not all scientists have been wrong on this. Back in March, Stanford scientist John Ioannidis was much, much closer to the CDC’s estimate than the WHO. The Wall Street Journal noted in April:

In a March article for Stat News, Dr. Ioannidis argued that Covid-19 is far less deadly than modelers were assuming. He considered the experience of the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which was quarantined Feb. 4 in Japan. Nine of 700 infected passengers and crew died. Based on the demographics of the ship’s population, Dr. Ioannidis estimated that the U.S. fatality rate could be as low as 0.025% to 0.625% and put the upper bound at 0.05% to 1%—comparable to that of seasonal flu.

Not that this will settle the matter.

Proponents of destroying human rights and the rule of law in order to carry out lockdowns will continue to insist that “we didn’t know” what the fatality rate was back in March. The lack of evidence, however, didn’t stop proponents of lockdowns from implementing policies that destroyed the ability of families to earn a living, and which also created social conditions that caused child abuse and suicides to spike.

But for more sane people, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Those who have claimed that lockdowns are “the only option” had virtually no evidence at all to support their position. Indeed, such extreme over-the-top measures such as the general lockdowns required an extreme level of high-quality, nearly irrefutable evidence that lockdowns would work and were necessary in the face of a disease with an extremely high fatality rate. But the only “data” the prolockdown people could offer was speculation and hyperbolic predictions of bodies piling up in the streets.

But that became politically unimportant.

The people who wanted lockdowns had gained the obeisance  of powerful people in government institutions and in the media. So actual data, science, or respect for human rights suddenly became meaningless. All that mattered was getting those lockdowns. So the lockdown crowd destroyed the lives of millions in the developed world—and more than a hundred million in the developing worldto satisfy the hunches of a tiny handful of politicians and technocrats.

Source: The CDC Slashed The COVID-19 Fatality Rate To A Fraction Of Earlier Estimate Used To Justify Lockdowns

Trump Threatens “Big Action” Against Twitter After ‘Fact-Check’, Political Bias Exposed | ZeroHedge News

Update (1025ET): That did not take long. As more and more information is exposed about Twitter’s bias, President Trump has tweeted an ominous warning to “Jack” and his crew of social justice warriors…

And Kellyanne follows up with devastating blows…

*  *  *

Update (0845ET): Last night, President Trump slammed Twitter for tagging several of his tweets touting the alleged risks of mail-in ballots as ‘misinformation’, with the president accusing the social media giant of interfering in the 2020 election.

On Wednesday morning, Trump issued a couple more tweets claiming the federal government will “strongly regulate, or close them down” – referring to social media companies who suppress conservative voices in the name of protecting “the truth” (ie the progressive narrative that Silicon Valley tech giants have promised to perpetuate).

He also linked his accusations of bias with his opposition to mail-in ballots.

“We saw what they attempted to do, and failed, in 2016. We can’t let a more sophisticated version of that happen again. Just like we can’t let large scale Mail-In ballots take root in our Country,” Trump said in a series of tweets.

Weeks ago, anonymously sourced reports claimed that the White House was considering a panel to investigate anti-conservative bias on popular social media platforms and across Silicon Valley, an issue that has been explored in a series of Congressional hearings involving top officials at the biggest tech firms.

*  *  *

Shortly after Twitter announced it would start “fact-checking” President Trump’s tweets, yet more evidence has been exposed of the blatant anti-Trump bias at the most senior levels of the social media giant.

In the past we have seen Project Veritas expose the ‘fact’ behind the so-called ‘conspiracy theory’ of shadow-banning for conservative voices on Twitter.

former Twitter software engineer who explains how/why Twitter “shadow bans” certain users:

Abhinav Vadrevu:  “One strategy is to shadow ban so you have ultimate control. The idea of a shadow ban is that you ban someone but they don’t know they’ve been banned, because they keep posting but no one sees their content.”

“So they just think that no one is engaging with their content, when in reality, no one is seeing it. I don’t know if Twitter does this anymore.”

Meanwhile, Olinda Hassan, a Policy Manager for Twitter’s Trust and Safety team explains on December 15th, 2017 at a Twitter holiday party that the development of a system of “down ranking” “shitty people” is in the works:

“Yeah. That’s something we’re working on. It’s something we’re working on. We’re trying to get the shitty people to not show up. It’s a product thing we’re working on right now.”

Then there is the company’s associate General Counsel, Jeff Rich (his LinkedIn page is here) who in January urged his 1,500 followers to “cull” and “excise” the “cancerous” president Trump from the herd.

One wonders, Rich, does this violate Twitter’s “Abuse and harassment” rules?

And more recently expressed his biased opinion:

And now, as Jonathan Turley details below,  the latest controversy concerns the person who has said that he is in charge of “developing and enforcing Twitter’s rules,” Twitter’s “Head of Site Integrity” Yoel Roth.  Critics have highlighted fairly extreme postings from Roth calling Trump and his supporters Nazis.  I do not agree that the problem is Roth’s personal views or postings. The problem is his role and the rules at Twitter.

The problem is anyone exercising this power of speech regulation. Indeed, as this controversy grew around Roth, Kathy Griffin is the latest poster to face calls for removal for effectively calling for Trump to kill himself.  Again, Griffin should be allowed to post such hateful thoughts and the rest of the world should be allowed to denounce her, again, for her unhinged humor.

Roth has attacked Bernie Sanders supporters and proclaimed how he is working against Trump. He compared senior Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels. He  has referred to Trump and his team as “ACTUAL NAZIS” and called Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., a “personality-free bag of farts.” As Fox noted, “last August, Twitter suspended McConnell’s Twitter account, prompting the GOP to threaten to cut off advertising on the site until Twitter relented.”

The attacks are numerous, raw, and offensive However, conservatives calling for him to be fired or his tweets censored are reaching the wrong conclusion.

The problem is not Roth but his role.  He has a right to express himself. I have no problem with Twitter hiring people with such political views and I believe it is a good thing for people to express themselves on social media.  Indeed, we have discussed the free speech concerns as private and public employers punish workers for their statements or actions in their private lives. We have addressed an array of such incidents, including social media controversies involving academics. In some cases, racially charged comments have been treated as free speech while in others they have resulted in discipline or termination. It is that lack of a consistent standard that has magnified free speech concerns.  We have previously discussed the issue of when it is appropriate to punishment people for conduct outside of the work place. We have followed cases where people have been fired after boorish or insulting conduct once their names and employers are made known. (here and here and here and here and here and here).

Roth’s comments highlight how bias is always a concern for those who take it upon themselves to decide who can speak or who must be “corrected” in communications with others.  Twitter is notorious for a lack of consistency and coherence in the enforcement of its rules.  However, regardless of such enforcement, there remains a core free speech issue in the regulation of speech. I recently criticized the calls of Democratic leaders like House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff for greater censorship of the Internet and social media. Such calls have been growing for years but leaders like Schiff are citing the pandemic as a basis for speech monitoring and censorship. Roth is merely the personification of the problem of such speech regulation.  Again, the real problem is his role and Twitter’s rules.

As Summit News’ Paul Joseph Watson notes, Roth has been head of site integrity at Twitter since July 2018 and is responsible for “election security” and “misinformation,” meaning he almost certainly played a key role in the decision to ‘fact-check’ Trump’s tweets.

In the meantime, We await Twitter ‘fact-checking’ false claims about ‘Russian collusion’ or any other of the erroneous issues pushed by the blue check mark brigade that have proven to be spectacularly wrong.

Don’t hold your breath…

Source: Trump Threatens “Big Action” Against Twitter After ‘Fact-Check’, Political Bias Exposed

Twitter Fact-checker Claimed Trump Admin Are ‘ACTUAL NAZIS’; Mocked ‘Fly Over’ States

The Twitter official responsible for the platform’s fact-checking policy has tweeted that members of the Trump administration are “Nazis,” among other false and inflammatory statements on the platform.

Source: Twitter Fact-checker Claimed Trump Admin Are ‘ACTUAL NAZIS’; Mocked ‘Fly Over’ States

Trump warns social media giants that feds can ‘regulate’ or ‘close them down’ amid fight with Twitter

President Trump warned social media giants Wednesday that the federal government could “strongly regulate” or “close them down” if they continue to “silence conservative voices,” amid a flaring battle with Twitter after the platform fact-checked one of his tweets for the first time this week.

Source: Trump warns social media giants that feds can ‘regulate’ or ‘close them down’ amid fight with Twitter

Twitter’s Trump ‘Fact Check’ Does Not Disclose Company Partnered with Groups Pushing Mail-In Ballots

Twitter for the first time put a fact-check label on tweets from President Trump, using the controversial tactic on messages in which the president complained there is “no way” that “mail-in ballots will be anything less than substantially fraudulent.”

Source: Twitter’s Trump ‘Fact Check’ Does Not Disclose Company Partnered with Groups Pushing Mail-In Ballots

Trump Threatens to Regulate, Close Social Media Companies amid Tensions with Twitter — National Review

“We saw what they attempted to do, and failed, in 2016. We can’t let a more sophisticated version of that happen again,” Trump said.

via Trump Threatens to Regulate, Close Social Media Companies amid Tensions with Twitter — National Review

Twitter executive fact-checking Trump has profane history of anti-Trump, anti-Republican comments

Already facing a backlash for its decision to apply a warning label to President Trump’s tweet regarding the risks associated with mail-in ballots, it has now been revealed that the man Twitter has made responsible for these “site integrity” issues has a history of anti-Trump, anti-Republican remarks.

Source: Twitter executive fact-checking Trump has profane history of anti-Trump, anti-Republican comments

Twitter’s chief ‘fact-checker’ called Trump officials ‘Nazis’ | WND

President Donald J. Trump waves as he prepares to board Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, Friday, Feb. 23, 2020, en route to Charleston International Airport in Charleston, S.C. (Official White House photo by Tia Dufour)

The Twitter employee in charge of “fact-checking” President Trump’s concern about voter fraud in mail-in balloting has a history of anti-Trump tweets.

DailyMail.com reported Yoel Roth, whose official title is head of Site Integrity, referred to Trump officials as “actual Nazis in the White House” in 2017 and prior to that charged that flyover states are racist.

He also compared adviser Kellyanne Conway to Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.

Roth wrote: “Today on Meet The Press, we’re speaking with Joseph Goebbels about the first 100 days…’ – What I hear whenever Kellyanne is on a news show.”

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway participates in a press briefing Thursday, Jan. 30, 2020, in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House. (Official White House photo by Tia Dufour)

His past statements were discovered after Twitter put a “fact-checking warning” on two of Trump’s tweets about California’s plan for mail-in voting in November.

Twitter cited left-wing organizations that oppose the president, such as CNN, in charging that the president’s claims were “unsubstantiated.”

Conway reacted: “This guy is constantly attacking Trump voters, Trump, Mitch McConnell, you name it. He’s the head of integrity at Twitter. It’s horrible the way he looks at people who should otherwise have a free and clear platform on Twitter.”

Trump, meanwhile, has warned that the federal government could regulate social media companies or shut them down.

Twitter posted a blue exclamation mark alert underneath the two Trump tweets, urging readers to “get the facts about mail-in ballots” and directing them to an information page aggregated by Twitter staffers.

Source: Twitter’s chief ‘fact-checker’ called Trump officials ‘Nazis’

Trump lawyer: Mueller’s intent was ‘monstrous lie and scheme to defraud’ | WND

Robert Mueller (via YouTube)

FBI special counsel Robert Mueller, whose two-year-plus investigation into claims the 2016 Trump campaign colluded with Russia was unable to find evidence, deliberately misled the president’s lawyers in his attempt to “set up a perjury/false statement trap,” according to one of the president’s legal team.

For nearly the first three years he was in office, Trump’s agenda was blunted and he was personally assaulted with those claims which turned out to be unsubstantiated.

One of the key attackers, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., who stated for all that time he’d seen evidence of the collusion, even though Mueller was unable to find it, even now claims there was that evidence.

But now, in an interview with Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett, one of the lawyers who handled the case for the president, John Dowd, has charged that Mueller deliberately deceived the president in his “monstrous lie and scheme to defraud.”

Mueller, whose mental acuity was questioned even by his supporters after he released a report on his unsuccessful investigation and he stumbled and bumbled his way through questions at a congressional hearing, had “engineered” a “perjury trap” for the president, just like James Comey’s FBI “invented a trap for former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn,” Dowd said, according to a commentary from Jarrett.

The DOJ recently announced it was dropping its case against Flynn even though Flynn had pleaded guilty to lying to an agent. The federal government admitted that it had a transcript of the telephone call about which it questioned Flynn, at the time he allegedly lied to officers.

The DOJ concluded that means the interview was without legal foundation, and so any statement Flynn made was irrelevant.

“Mueller’s scheme was the same one captured in the (newly released) FBI set-up notes pertaining to Flynn,” Dowd told Jarrett. “They knew they had nothing, but using their official power they created and perpetuated the façade of an investigation.”

Even the president’s promise of, and delivery of, transparency was used against him, Dowd said.

In fact, Jarrett explains Dowd alleged that Mueller’s team “misled” the president’s lawyers “in order to manufacture a crime where none existed.”

“According to Dowd, Mueller learned early in his investigation that there was no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion to influence the 2016 presidential election. He admitted it during a meeting with the president’s lawyers on March 5, 2018. So, Mueller shifted to a legally contorted interpretation of obstruction of justice in order to keep his investigation afloat,” Jarrett wrote.

Dowd told him, “As I look back, we had the most perfect trusting relationship with Mueller based on his word and handshake, which held throughout. No paper. Word was solid. They received everything they asked for without a hitch or page missing, including the most intimate notes of conversations with and by POTUS (President of the United States). Every witness they requested testified truthfully. No lying. No grand jury testimony. Mueller affirmed all of this in our March 5 (2018) meeting. How could there be a whisper of obstruction under these circumstances?”

The scheme became apparent because despite the fact there was no evidence of an underlying crime, Mueller kept demanding that the president be “interviewed.”

“Dowd knew it was a trap. Mueller had done it to Flynn and others. He was clearly angling for obstruction of justice and hoping to ensnare the president in the equivalent of a perjury trap if he consented to be interviewed,” Jarrett wrote. But the issue remained that how could there be obstruction if there was no crime?

Jarrett explained Dowd came to understand he “had been conned all along.”

“That is when I knew he had lied to me in our original meeting (June 16, 2017) and every meeting thereafter. Robert Mueller —‘D.C.’s great man’ — completely and deliberately misled us in order to set up a perjury/false statement trap for POTUS. It was a monstrous lie and scheme to defraud.”

Jarrett wrote that Dowd shared documents and letters supporting his contention.

“They paint a vivid picture of a special counsel determined to damage the president with an investigation bereft of any credible evidence,” he wrote.

The special counsel even had suggested that perhaps Trump’s firing of FBI chief James Comey, who was Mueller’s longtime friend, “might constitute obstruction.”

“This was especially ludicrous since both Comey and deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe had testified that no one had obstructed the bureau’s investigation and that the probe had continued uninterrupted after Comey’s departure,” Jarrett wrote.

But Mueller would not relent, even after Dowd “patiently explained” the firing was an exercise of presidential authority under the Constitution.

Jarrett explained there was a point “Mueller became so desperate that he broached the absurd idea of how Trump’s public criticism of the special counsel might be construed somehow as an obstructive act.”

He described how “Dowd felt that Mueller and his subordinates were now living in an alternative universe where their version of the law bore no resemblance to statutes, Supreme Court decisions and accepted constitutional law.”

The commentary points out one of the documents Dowd shared was a letter to Mueller – dated more than two years ago – where Dowd’s team argued the FBI’s investigation of Trump was based on Russian disinformation fed to Christopher Steele, who composed the debunked anti-Trump “dossier” while in the pay of the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democrats.

Jarrett noted, “Just last month, more than two years after Dowd’s letter, declassified documents were released proving that Kremlin-sponsored disinformation drove the collusion case. Comey and his confederates deliberately exploited what they knew to be untrue and discredited information. They used it as a pretext to spy on the Trump campaign and investigate the president. This led to the illegitimate appointment of the special counsel, Bob Mueller, who launched an investigation in search of a crime that never occurred. As Dowd correctly stated in his letter, the special counsel appointment was ‘void’ because it was the product of corruption.”

Dowd’s conclusion?

“They knew there was nothing to investigate. People subverted the system of justice. One corrupt act after another. It’s staggering. The lies were monstrous. It was all pretense and fraud. Mueller should not walk. Rod Rosenstein should not walk.”

In fact, U.S. Attorney John Durham now is conducting a criminal investigation into the origins of the Russia collusion claims.

Source: Trump lawyer: Mueller’s intent was ‘monstrous lie and scheme to defraud’