George Soros: STILL the Most Dangerous Man on the Planet

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Originally written in 2016 – I felt that it was time to bring this article out once again.  Some things never change…..

The senseless and tragic murder of George Floyd was despicable. But it was yet another reason for Soros to deploy his forces, BLM and Antifa, to burn American cities. They are his “paid” employees. 

And Soros knows the condition of our economy and jobless rate which has spiked because of the Covid-19 Plandemic. Perfect time for his sorry troops to attack our cities once again.

Original Article  

There are some in this world whom I believe are demon possessed. One such person is George Soros. Oh, you’ve heard of him? Rich man, yes? Perhaps there are some things about him that have been hidden. Let’s take a look at some the history of Soros before I show the reader how this man is manipulating the minds of…

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