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June 1 Born to Produce


And God said unto them, be fruitful.
(Genesis 1:28)

One day an ox said to a mule, “Let’s play sick today.” The mule said, “No, we need to get this work done.” But the ox played sick, and the farmer brought him fresh hay and corn. When the mule came in from plowing that evening, the ox asked him how things went. The mule said, “We did OK.” Then the ox asked, “What did the farmer say about me?” The mule replied, “Nothing.” The next day the ox played sick again. When the mule came home, the ox asked again, “How did it go?” The mule said, “OK, but we didn’t get much done.” The ox asked, “Did the farmer say anything about me?” the mule replied, “Well, he said nothing to me, but he did stop and have a long talk with the butcher!”

You may smile, but you were born to be productive. When you’re not, life becomes meaningless. Paul didn’t retire—he “finished”(see 2 Timothy 4:7). Listen to what he says, “Whatever you may do, do all for the honor and glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31, AMP). Think about that! When you consider how little some people work, you wonder how they’ll ever know when they retire. Honor God on your job! You may be the only Christian your fellow workers know, so a lot is riding on your performance. Go the extra mile. It’ll do more to reach them than all your preaching.


Ask God to make you an example on the job today.[1]


[1] Gass, B. (1998). A Fresh Word For Today : 365 Insights For Daily Living (p. 152). Alachua, FL: Bridge-Logos Publishers.

June—1 The Poor Man’s Evening Portion


Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power: in the beauties of holiness from the womb of the morning: thou hast the dew of thy youth.—Psalm 110:3.

There is so much of the Lord Jesus in this sweet Psalm, indeed it is altogether so truly a gospel psalm, that the morning portion, which was a selection from it, cannot be better followed than by taking another verse of it for the evening portion, that both together may furnish out blessed meditations to my soul, in the contemplation of our precious Jesus. Here are views of Jesus, in all his blessed offices, as the Prophet, Priest, and King of his people; and every verse is more or less descriptive of his glorious person, offices, and character. This precious portion for my evening thoughts, contains the promise of Jehovah, the Father, in his covenant engagements, that the Redeemer should see the blessed fruits and effects of his undertaking in the hearts and minds of his elect people. “Thy people” (saith the Lord) “shall be willing.” So then Jesus had a people before his incarnation, and that people Jehovah engaged to make willing; willing to be saved, willing to receive Christ, and own him for their Redeemer! Sweet thought of encouragement to the poor sinner! The Lord undertakes to give the willing mind; so that this is enough to stir the humblest to attend the means of grace, where Jehovah will make Christ’s people willing in the day of Christ’s power. And while it furnisheth out encouragement to the sinner, it holds forth instruction to the saint; the former can plead no inability, and the latter can make no boasting: the willingness is of the Lord, and it is in the day of Christ’s power. My soul! thou canst subscribe to this truth. The fine awakenings of grace in thine heart, thou knowest, were not the effect of thy strength, but the willingness there wrought by divine power. But there are in this verse, also, “the beauties of the Lord’s holiness” spoken of: “from the womb of the morning.” It is indeed to see “the King in his beauty,” and to worship in the “beauty of holiness,” when the Lord’s people are made willing in Christ’s power, and worship only in the beauties of Christ’s holiness. And such, the promise saith, shall be the fruit-fulness of the womb of conversion in Christ’s strength, when he seeth the travail of his soul, that, as the dew-drops of the morning are incalculable, so shall be the multitude of redeemed souls that shall “flee as a cloud, and as doves to their windows!” Precious Lord Jesus! rule thou as a King, the rightful Sovereign of Zion; subdue thine enemies to the sceptre of thy grace, and bring every knee of thy people to bend to the rod of thy power. And oh! almighty Father! ever let my poor soul praise thee, love thee, obey thee, adore thee, that thou hast fulfilled this covenant-promise to thy dear Son, in the instance of my soul. Thou hast indeed subdued the natural stubbornness of my nature, and made me willing to be saved in the Lord’s own way, And now, blessed Lord, I desire to bend the knee of my heart to Jesus, and daily, hourly ascribe the whole of my salvation “to him that sitteth upon the throne, and to the Lamb that was slain, for ever!”[1]


[1] Hawker, R. (1845). The Poor Man’s Evening Portion (A New Edition, pp. 168–169). Philadelphia: Thomas Wardle.

Do All Religions Lead to the Same Place? (Video) — Cold Case Christianity

Is any belief in God sufficient? Don’t all religious claims and systems ultimately lead to the same God or the same experience in an afterlife? Why must I hold a particular, singular view of God? In this video from J. Warner’s “Quick Shots: Fast Answers to Hard Questions” series on RightNow Media, J. Warner answers this common concern related to the claims of Christianity.

To see more training videos with J. Warner Wallace, visit the YouTube playlist.


via Do All Religions Lead to the Same Place? (Video) — Cold Case Christianity

June 1 Life-Changing Moments With God


The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness.

You, Lord, the Lord God, are merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abounding in goodness and truth.

May I walk worthy of the calling with which I was called, with all lowliness and gentleness, with longsuffering, bearing with others in love. May I be kind to others, tenderhearted, forgiving others, even as You in Christ also forgave me. The wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy. Love suffers long and is kind.

In due season I shall reap if I do not lose heart. Therefore I will be patient until the coming of the Lord Jesus. I see how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and latter rain. I will also be patient. I will establish my heart, for the coming of the Lord is at hand.

Lord, teach me to live so that Your Holy Spirit’s presence in me bears fruit that blesses others and honors You.

Galatians 5:22; Exodus 34:6; Ephesians 4:1–2; Ephesians 4:32; James 3:17; 1 Corinthians 13:4; Galatians 6:9; James 5:7–8[1]


[1] Jeremiah, D. (2007). Life-Changing Moments With God (p. 168). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

Jeffress: Political Correctness keeping some pastors silent on riots — Capstone Report

Starnes: SBC’s Statement sounds ‘Far-Left’

Southern Baptist Pastor Robert Jeffress said that rioters destroying property are lawless and that God condemns lawlessness. However, political correctness is keeping many pastors from speaking this important truth. The muzzle of political correctness was how Dr. Jeffress talked about the Southern Baptist Convention’s recent Statement on the Death of George Floyd. Jeffress made the comments on the Todd Starnes Radio Show Monday afternoon.

During the discussion on the state of America, Starnes mentioned the SBC’s Statement on Death of George Floyd.

“I have not kept in close contact with what is happening in the Southern Baptist Convention,” Jeffress said with a chuckle. This is not surprising as Jeffress has previously stated his church refuses to fund Russell Moore’s ERLC and that most church members today are post-denominational and do not care what is happening in the SBC.

Starnes summarized the statement’s assertions as “Something that sounds like it would be coming from a far-Left denomination.” Starnes went on to point out the glaring problem with the SBC’s statement—not one word about the people who are literally burning down American cities right now.”

As we pointed out this weekend, the statement fails to mention the riots and focuses instead on the talking points of Racial Identity Politics.

Jeffress reacted to the statement by pointing out that many evangelical pastors are muzzled by political correctness.

“I think they have just been muzzled, shackled by political correctness,” Jeffress said.

Jeffress urged pastors to speak clearly about the issues and tell the truth to the people.

“I think we’ve got to say strongly is that what happened to this man George Floyd was absolutely despicable,” Jeffress said. He also pointed out that while there are bad police officers, these are a tiny minority in law enforcement.

Another important point during this crisis is that rioting is sinful.

Robert Jeffress said, “God hates lawlessness. 1 John 3:4 says, ‘Sin is lawlessness.’”

Jeffress’ First Baptist Church of Dallas was damaged during the riots in Dallas. However, he said the church’s plans to reopen following the Pandemic were proceeding on schedule despite the damage.

Jeffress urged Christians to pray. He said, “The most patriotic thing Christians can do for the country they love is to pray for the country they love.”

via Jeffress: Political Correctness keeping some pastors silent on riots — Capstone Report

Swords into plowshares: Police in Several Cities Lay Down Weapons, March & Pray with Protestors — Julie Roys

Editorial Note: Like many of you, I have been heartbroken by the events of the past week. I was shocked by the senseless killing of George Floyd and grieved by the injustice and oppression that African-Americans face in this country. Then, when I saw violence and looting break out in our cities, I was completely at a loss. I’m still overwhelmed and searching for words. But in the midst of this crisis, I found this article with stories of hope and am reprinting with permission. 

As tensions continued to rise across the U.S. following the death of George Floyd, there were also glimmers of hope at protests over the weekend.

Police chiefs from across Miami Dade County gathered in Coral Gables, southwest of downtown Miami. There they met with protesters and talked with them. And at the end of their meeting, they knelt and prayed for the life of George Floyd, as well as for ways to move forward.

“As leaders of this profession, we must all do better at improving on our training and protocols so that our efforts towards building and maintaining community trust are not lost or overshadowed,” said Daniel J. Junior, the president of the Miami-Dade County Association of Chiefs of Police.

“Transparency during this time is key to demonstrating law enforcement’s commitment to serving and protecting our residents with dignity, humanity, and respect.”

Read more: Swords into plowshares: Police in Several Cities Lay Down Weapons, March & Pray with Protestors — Julie Roys

June 1 Come to Know Him


2 Timothy 2:12

I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that day.

We worship whom we trust, and we trust whom we know. We come to this level of faith because we build trust, and we build trust because we spend time with God. Do you remember the experience of getting to know your best friend—perhaps the person you married? You didn’t fully unburden your deepest thoughts because you didn’t know whether you could trust your new friend. Alas, there are lesser relationships with people who fall by the wayside because they betray our trust in some way. But your best friend was that person who redeemed your trust, and you confirmed it only through the time and tears of relationship.

The same principle holds true with God. You must come to know Him before you can really, truly, deeply trust Him. Then and only then will you be able to worship in spirit and in trust. Then and only then will you be able to say, in a twenty-first-century paraphrase of Habakkuk, “I may lose my work, my loved ones, and all that I own. Still I will love God all the more. Still I will praise Him with the loudest voice I can muster. And He will lift me up, for I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able.”[1]


[1] Jeremiah, D. (2002). Sanctuary: finding moments of refuge in the presence of God (p. 160). Nashville, TN: Integrity Publishers.

Kayleigh McEnany White House Press Briefing – 2:00pm ET Livestream… — The Last Refuge



White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany holds a press conference with DC media from the Brady room. Anticipated Start Time 2:00pm EDT

White House Livestream Link – Fox News Livestream – Fox Business Livestream




via Kayleigh McEnany White House Press Briefing – 2:00pm ET Livestream… — The Last Refuge

Week of Angry Protest After George Floyd’s Murder, Yet Human Rights Watch Silent

Ever since the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer on 25th May, righteously enraged Americans have taken to the streets of almost every major US city in protest, leading to at-times incendiary clashes with law enforcement.

Source: Week of Angry Protest After George Floyd’s Murder, Yet Human Rights Watch Silent

8 Reflections on Racism and Riots | The Biblical Spirituality

I’m neither black nor white. I’m brown, or Asian American. And I’m a Christian; therefore, I will address racism and rioting from a biblical point of view. Here are my thoughts on these issues:

1) There’s only one race on earth and that is Adam’s race. Regardless of your skin color, your origin can be traced back to Adam (Genesis 1 & 2). We should therefore view ourselves as belonging to the same Adamic race. And having the same blood, we should love, and not hate, each other.

2) Since we have the same race, you can’t say that your race is better than other races. In fact, it doesn’t make sense to think that your race is superior to other races, since there’s only one race. Thus, to be a racist is inconsistent with the Bible. I think we see racism at its worst in the genocide of approximately six million Jews during Hitler’s time. Hitler thought that the Jews were an inferior group of people, “fit for enslavement, or even extermination.”

3) Whether you’re black, brown, red, white, or yellow, your life matters to God because He created you in His image (Genesis 1:26–27). So my life matters not because I’m brown but because I bear God’s image. Black lives matter not because of their color but because they are made in God’s image.

4) Since every life is created in God’s image, all lives (black, brown, red, white, and yellow) are equal. We should therefore treat every life with equal importance. George Floyd’s life was as important as the lives of those Nigerian Christians brutally murdered by Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen and Boko Haram.

According to genocidewatch.com, “350 Nigerian Christians were massacred in the first two months of 2020…Nigeria has become a killing field of defenseless Christians. Reliable sources show that between 11,500 and 12,000 Christians have been massacred since June 2015 when the Buhari Government of Nigeria came to power. Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen accounted for 7,400 murders of Christians. Boko Haram committed 4000 killings of Christians.”

Imagine since 2015 about 12,000 black lives were murdered in Nigeria! Right now there are demonstrations around the world, including England, Germany, and Canada, against the murder of George Floyd. Yet I can’t help but wonder why we also don’t hear an outcry regarding the mass killing of black lives in Nigeria? Is it because Nigerian lives are not as important as the lives of those living in the US? I’m not minimizing the horrible murder of Floyd, nor am I saying that police brutality should not be peacefully protested. However, if we really believe that all lives matter, we should treat every single life with equal worth. We should not pick and choose what life we want to value.

5) Since God’s image is sacred and since every life is made in God’s image, every life is not only important and equal, but also sacred. The murder of George Floyd was evil because it violated the sacredness of his life (Genesis 9:6). And the sacredness of one’s life doesn’t depend on who violates it. Floyd’s life was sacred not because it was violated by a white police officer. Even if he was murdered by a black police officer, his life was still sacred.

Sadly, if a black life was killed by another black person, or if a white life was killed by a black person, we don’t see the same degree of protest, as if black lives only matter when they are killed by a white person. When was the last time you heard a strong demonstration because a black man was killed by a black police officer? Every life matters because every life is sacred; and thus, I plead with the Black Lives Matter movement that they also protest against the murder of unborn innocent babies in the wombs of every black woman. The lives of these aborted unborn babies were as sacred as George Floyd’s life.

According to Grand Rapids Right to Life, “Abortion is not just a woman’s issue.  It’s a human rights issue.…Abortion is the number one killer of black lives in the United States.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, abortion kills more black people than HIV, homicide, diabetes, accident, cancer, and heart disease … combined.”

6) God has gifted us in the US with the First Amendment, which guarantees “the freedom of speech” and “the right of the people peaceably to assemble.”Constitutionally, you have all the right to protest against the injustice done to George Floyd. But according to the First Amendment, you must to do so “peaceably.” Therefore, you have no right to loot, hurt police officers and set their vehicles on fire, vandalize and ruin buildings. This is not your right! After all, what does looting have to do with the murder of Floyd? Do you think it will help solve the issue? The injustice done to Floyd does not license you to do lawlessness. My heart was grieved with what happened to Floyd but my heart was equally grieved with the riots caused by lawless protesters.

God says, “Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all. If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all….Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” (Romans 12:17–21).

7) Racism is still very much alive in our country. We can either ignore this problem and pretend it doesn’t exist, or face and address it. Fellow Christians, we should deal with the issue of racism with the same equal force that we give to the issues of abortion and same-sex marriage. To my fellow pastors, we should also be preaching against the sin of racism.

8) The only remedy for racism is the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Racism says, “I’m ethnically superior to you.” The gospel says, “We equally matter before God because both of us are created in His image.” Racism violates the sanctity of life. The gospel treats every life as sacred. Racism begets hatred and violence. The gospel begets love and peace. Racism divides. The gospel brings reconciliation not only between you and God but also between you and your enemies. Racism harms and kills. The gospel heals and gives everlasting life through faith in Jesus Christ (John 3:16). Racism resents. The gospel forgives.

“Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you” (Ephesians 4:31–32).

What we therefore desperately need today in our country is the gospel.


Source: 8 Reflections on Racism and Riots

Minneapolis police rendered 44 people unconscious with neck restraints in five years

Several police experts said that number appears to be unusually high. “By using this tactic, it’s a self-fulfilling tragedy,” said one.

Source: Minneapolis police rendered 44 people unconscious with neck restraints in five years

Powerful: Protesters Spell Out ‘Love’ With Burning Homes And Businesses — The Babylon Bee

MINNEAPOLIS, MN—In a powerful display of their care for love and justice, protesters in Minneapolis burned the word “LOVE” into the city, arranging the inspiring message with homes and businesses set ablaze by their riots.

Heartfelt and moving.

“We just really wanted to show how much we care about love and social justice by burning this community into a powerful reminder of what it’s all about,” said local protester Jake Hernandez, who had flown in from Portland for the event. “Now, when police and fire helicopters fly over to try to restore order, they’ll be inspired by our message of love and harmony.”

Upon seeing the heart-wrenching message of unity, police dropped their batons, ripped off their badges, donned bandanas, picked up bricks, and joined the protesters in their rioting and looting. “I don’t know how I didn’t see the light before,” said former police officer, now Antifa chapter leader Bridget Morrison as she lobbed a Molotov cocktail into a minority-owned business. “I’m woke to the cause of love and harmony.”

What a powerful message! The protesters were also planning to burn the word “SOCIAL JUSTICE” into predominantly black parts of town but have sadly run out of buildings to burn.

via Powerful: Protesters Spell Out ‘Love’ With Burning Homes And Businesses — The Babylon Bee

June 1, 2020 Truth2Freedom Briefing Report (US•World•Christian)

Mid-Day Snapshot · June 1, 2020


“Slavery is such an atrocious debasement of human nature, that its very extirpation, if not performed with solicitous care, may sometimes open a source of serious evils.” —Benjamin Franklin (1789)

Rule of Law vs. Anarchy

All across the country, riots are breaking out ostensibly over the death of George Floyd.

Cheering the SpaceX Triumph

Saturday’s successful public-private partnership opens new horizons in space.

Roberts Fails to Uphold First Amendment Religious Rights

SCOTUS rules 5-4 against California church’s challenge of Gov. Newsom’s restrictions.

Government-Run Healthcare Abets the Surveillance State

There are inherent privacy violations in a massive contact-tracing program.

China and WHO Earn Trump’s Ire

The president rebukes China over Hong Kong overreach, and the U.S. will leave WHO.

Misleading Women on Feminism

Longtime feminist Sue Ellen Browder now warns about deceptive propaganda.

Black Brutality, Deferred

While the national focus is on one dead man, countless others lose their lives.

Video: Rioters Burn Down Minneapolis, Because ‘Black Lives Matter’

As we all know by now, the best response to a black man being killed by the cops is to steal a big-screen TV.

Video: Dems Push for Mail-in Voting, Creating Risk for Substantial Voter Fraud

Matt Walsh also says the more important point is that voting shouldn’t be easy.

Video: WHO’s Sneaky Ties to China’s Most Powerful Communists

Unbeknownst to many, Xi Jinping’s wife is a WHO Goodwill Ambassador.

Video: Middle-Aged YouTuber Answers Fatherless Americans’ Heart Cry

The commenters on his videos seem to find an instant emotional bond with something that, in many cases, they never had.


What Is Wrong With Minneapolis?
How America Can Stand for Peace While Demanding Justice
Why the Push for an All-by-Mail Election Is Unwise — And Unnecessary
Trump to Big Tech: Time to Shift Back Into Neutral
The Chinese Menace
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Monday News Executive Summary

Antifa terrorists, Floyd officer charged, Keith Ellison takes over, and more.

Monday Short Cuts

Notable quotables from Keisha Lance Bottoms, Taylor Swift, Bill de Blasio, and more.


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“The Patriot Post” (https://patriotpost.us)

Second earthquake hits Japan in day
An earthquake 4.3 in magnitude rocked southwestern Japan on Monday, according to the country’s national meteorological office reported on Monday. This is the second earthquake in just a few hours. An earthquake 5.3 in magnitude was recorded earlier in the northeast of Japan.

Seven dead in flooding as first tropical storm of season hits Central America
At least seven people have died and hundreds have been evacuated in El Salvador as the first tropical storm of the Eastern Pacific season drenched parts of Central America, officials said.

6.0 magnitude earthquake 32 km from Lampa, Puno, Peru
Sunday, May 31, 2020 05:09 AM. Sunday, May 31, 2020, 12:09 AM Magnitude Type: mww USGS page: M 6.0 – 32 km WNW of Lampa, Peru.

5.6-magnitude quake hits 335 km SSW of Ohonua, Tonga — USGS
An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.6 jolted 335 km SSW of Ohonua, Tonga at 23:25:42 GMT on Sunday, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

Irish water warns that bans and water restrictions may be on the way as drought looms
Irish Water has warned that a hosepipe ban and water restrictions are approaching as the summer heat continues. Irish Water are asking people to conserve water as much as possible in order to avoid stricter restrictions. The sun is showing no sign of letting up as Ireland faces incoming drought conditions.

A New Global Club Of 10 Nations – Precursor To The Beast Of Revelation?
The United Kingdom has proposed a plan to create a new club of democratic nations to address the reliance of the world on Chinese technology partners for 5G. The ‘D10’ club of democratic partners, which would include G7 countries – UK, US, Italy, Germany, France, Japan and Canada – plus Australia, South Korea and India would aim to create alternative suppliers of 5G equipment and other technologies to avoid relying on China. These 10 members represent more than 50% of the worlds Gross Domestic Product and would certainly have the economic power to make changes on a global scale.

Shades of Reagan: Bill Barr vows to employ 1960s anti-riot law on loot-and-riot thugs
I’m already seeing it on Twitter: “Thank goodness we have Bill Barr.” Which makes sense. Here’s his plan of action on the beasts overtaking our cities under color of civil rights protests, according to the New York Post: Attorney General Bill Barr will go after violent demonstrators with a 1968 law meant to quell rioting.

Daughters of Minnesota Governor Walz and Congresswoman Ilhan Omar tweeting support and helpful advice to rioters
The acorn, as the saying goes, does not fall far from the tree. Daughters of two of riot-torn Minnesota’s highest profile office holders have been on Twitter offering encouragement and support to the forces rampaging there.

Meant to eradicate locusts, pesticides affect soil, crops
The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations said on Friday that it may declare the locust invasion a plague if it takes a turn for the worse after breeding by the voracious, crop-crunching insects in India, Pakistan and West Africa.

Wandering Stars Pass Near Our Solar System Surprisingly Often
The most famous of these stellar interlopers is called Scholz’s Star. This small binary star system was discovered in 2013. Its orbital path indicated that, about 70,000 years ago, it passed through the Oort Cloud, the extended sphere of icy bodies that surrounds the fringes of our solar system. Some astronomers even think Scholz’s Star could have sent some of these objects tumbling into the inner solar system when it passed. But in recent years, scientists have been finding that these kinds of encounters happen far more often than once expected.

Former senator majority leader and architect of Pentagon UFO program says aliens are real
Harry Reid has announced he believes in extraterrestrial life, maintaining the government should be doing more to research Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).

Majority of Pastors See Signs of End Times in Current Events
Almost 9 in 10 pastors see at least some current events matching those Jesus said would occur shortly before he returns to Earth, according to a new survey focused on Christian eschatology, or the study of end times. A study from Nashville-based LifeWay Research of pastors at evangelical and historically black churches found 97% say they believe Jesus Christ will literally and personally return to Earth again soon. “Many pastors believe they see signs His return may be close,”

Pompeo: China Is Intent Upon The Destruction Of Western Ideas, Western Democracies, And Western Values
Cranfield is right, if for another reason: while Trump may have left the Phase 1 trade deal in place for now, at this point this is purely theater, for the simple reason that China is woefully behind on its signed contractual commitments to import a set quantity of US agircultural, energy, and manufacturing exports.

The Next Solar Cycle Begins in 2020 & May be a Panic Decline in Solar Activity
…the next solar cycle should be at least one-third less solar activity and it could rise to a panic type of decline of 50% as measured in terms of sunspots. This analysis warns that the next cycle will start in 2020 and reach its maximum in 2025. This further warns not of global warming, but highly volatile weather and crop failures as we hit both extremes. The next two solar cycles will be the risk of violent weather and global cooling.

OUCH! ‘Vaccination passport’ coming, report says
The “passport” is to take “into account potentially different national vaccination schedules” and be “compatible with electronic immunization information systems,” according to the EU. It must be “recognized for use across borders.”

Egypt officials say 19 Islamic militants killed in Sinai
Military says 5 soldiers killed including a colonel and a lieutenant, and three conscript soldiers according to officials, as security forces battle local affiliate of Islamic State

Whirling, glassy magnets found to be new state of matter
Most of us are familiar with the four classical states of matter – solid, liquid, gas and plasma – but there’s a whole world of exotic states out there. Now, physicists at Radboud and Uppsala Universities have identified a new one named “self-induced spin glass,” which could be used to build new artificial intelligence platforms.

Donald Trump: The United States will Designate Antifa as a Terrorist Organization
“The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization,” Trump wrote on Twitter. The president commented after consecutive days of heightened rioting in several major cities after a black man George Floyd died after an officer knelt on his neck for several minutes while detaining him. Attorney General Bill Barr issued a statement after the president’s declaration. “The violence instigated and carried out by Antifa and other similar groups in connection with the rioting is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly,”

White supremacists, Soros, ‘Russians,’ and antifa blamed for US protests
Despite lack of evidence, conspiracy theories advanced by politicians and commentators on the Left and Right seek to argue that protests were organized by professionals to destabilize the US.

Iran Nearly Poisoned all of Israel’s Drinking Water: Miraculously Failed
An unprecedented Iranian cyberattack targeted six facilities in Israel’s water infrastructure on April 24-25 nearly dumped lethal levels of chemicals into the Israeli water system. Fortunately, the attack impacted some systems but did not cause any disruption in the water supply or waste management. The computer system was breached but the cyberattack was blocked before any damage could be done. “This was an attack that goes against all codes, even in war,” said an Israeli official …

India: Wild Monkeys Steal Vile of Coronavirus
Last week, a laboratory technician was walking on the campus of a state-run medical college in Meerut, about 285 miles north of Lucknow, when a troop of monkeys attacked him, stealing blood samples infected with the coronavirus.

Saudi Arabia, Israel negotiating Temple Mount control – report
Saudi Arabia and Israel are conducting negotiations to allow Saudi representatives to join the Jerusalem Waqf Islamic religious trust that controls the Temple Mount and Al-Aqsa… “These are sensitive and secret discussions conducted with…a small team of diplomats and senior security officials from Israel, the US and Saudi Arabia as park of negotiations to progress the Deal of the Century,” said senior Saudi diplomats to Israel Hayom.

Unrest overshadows peaceful US protests for another night
Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets across America again Sunday, with peaceful demonstrations against police killings of black people overshadowed by unrest that ravaged cities from Philadelphia to Los Angeles and flared near the White House. City and state officials deployed thousands of National Guard soldiers, enacted strict curfews and shut down mass transit systems to slow protesters’ movements…

STREETS OF RAGE 23 arrested at London Black Lives Matter protest after George Floyd demonstrators ‘assault police’ at US embassy
TWENTY-THREE people have been arrested during a Black Lives Matter protest at the US Embassy in London as fury mounts over the death of George Floyd. The Met Police confirmed the people were arrested during the protest on suspicion of a number of offences – including assaults on officers. It came as hundreds of activists gathered in the capital holding placards reading “racism has no place” and “no justice, no peace”.

U.S. lawmakers to unveil bill banning investment in firms tied to China’s military
A group of Republican lawmakers plans to unveil legislation…to keep Americans from investing in foreign defense companies with ties to China’s military…Representatives Mike Gallagher, Jim Banks and Doug LaMalfa plan to introduce the bill, which would require Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to submit a report to Congress listing foreign defense companies that have “substantial contracts with, ties to, or support from” the Chinese military.

Biden staff donate to group that pays bail in riot-torn Minneapolis
Campaign staff for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden are advertising their donations to a group that pays bail fees in Minneapolis after the city’s police jailed people protesting the killing of a black man by a white police officer. At least 13 Biden campaign staff members posted on Twitter on Friday and Saturday that they made donations to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which opposes the practice of cash bail…

Report: Iran tried to poison Israelis by increasing chlorine in water
Iranian hackers intended to poison Israel’s water by increasing the amount of chlorine during a thwarted cyber attack in April, the Financial Times reported Monday, citing both Israeli and foreign sources. Last week, Israel’s national cyber chief officially acknowledged the country had thwarted a major cyber attack against its water systems, an assault widely attributed to arch-enemy Iran…

Air strike kills 5 in eastern Syria
An airstrike in eastern Syria on Sunday killed five non-Syrian fighters backed by Iran, a Britain-based war monitor said. The strike targeted three military vehicles belonging to Iran-backed paramilitary fighters near the Iraqi border, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. The monitor did not say who was behind the attack near the border town of Albu Kamal.

Tropical Storm “Amanda” hits Guatemala and El Salvador, leaving at least 11 people dead — very heavy rain falling across Central America
Tropical Storm “Amanda” formed at 09:00 UTC on May 31, 2020, as the first named storm of the 2020 Pacific hurricane season. At the time, the storm was about 90 km (55 miles) south of Guatemala City, Guatemala. Just three hours later, Amanda made landfall in southeastern Guatemala with maximum sustained winds of 65 km/h (40 mph) and very heavy rainfall.

Today Is The Day Of Pentecost, Let’s Look And See What Really Happened To The Jewish Believers In Jesus In The Upper Room
Today is Sunday, May 31, 2020, and it is also the day of Pentecost that we see taking place in Acts 2 in your King James Bible. The events that happened here were momentous for the Kingdom Age believers who were assembled in the Upper Room, and when rightly divided, we see how those things combined with everything else up to Acts 7 formed the basis for the infant New Testament Church. Ironically, no sooner did it begin when it was forced to begin again starting Acts 8.

President Trump Says America Will Designate Fascist Radical Group ANTIFA As A Terrorist Organization, Saying ‘These People Are Anarchists!’
It is beyond high-time to designate pro-fascist group ANTIFA, fueled and funded by George Soros through his Open Society Foundation, as a bona fide domestic terrorist organization, they have absolutely earned it. But don’t stop there, let’s revoke the US citizenship of George Soros, he has dual citizenship between the US and Hungary, and let’s destroy the platform of the people and groups who exist to keep America in a perpetual state of civil unrest. Simply put, George Soros is a devil.

Tech giants, fake news media in PANIC over Trump’s targeting of Sec. 230; ending “viewpoint censorship” would crush fake news media’s propaganda monopolies on vaccines, 5G and GMOs
Now that Trump has declared war against censorship and the evil techno-fascists (Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Vimeo, etc.), the corporate-controlled media is totally freaking out.

The real Obama scandal: fighting illegal wars in Libya and Pakistan
Washington DC appears to have reached peak hysteria this week. The confluence of not one, not two, but three potential scandals involving the White House has given practically every Beltway scribe a case of the vapors as they don their Woodward/Bernstein capes and doggedly uncover the truth behind the Obama Administration’s lies.

WE CAN’T BREATHE: America Wakes To Stunning Carnage In Over 30 States As Tyranny And Anarchy Become Simultaneous For First Time In Our Nation’s History
Just as in past years, an organic protest over unjust use of force by police has once again been hijacked, weaponized and unleashed back on American cities, causing a mind-numbing degree of carnage, death and destruction. And as in past flare-ups, we see once again George Soros, his Open Society Foundation, and their twin pitbulls of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter pulling all the strings. But this particular protest is unlike all the others, this one has the potential to be the one that brings it all down to the ground.

‘Trump’s Deal of the Century paves way for Palestinian state’
David Elhayani, chairman of the Jordan Valley Regional Council, appeared on Radio 103FM and explained his reservations for Trump’s “Deal of the Century.”

L.A. Up In Flames, Cop Cars Torched, National Guard Moving In
The rioting hoards took over Los Angeles, and the National Guard is moving in to relieve the LAPD and other area agencies. Several buildings were engulfed in flames, many stores looted, untold number of arrests.

Headlines – 6/1/2020

Jews return to the Temple Mount – After 70 days, restrictions banning Jews from visiting their holiest site are lifted

Fatah, Hamas, threaten retaliation over Israeli killing of disabled Palestinian

All staff, students from Jerusalem high school isolated as virus concerns mount

5 pro-Iran fighters killed in Syria strike blamed on Israel

Iran suggests up to 225 died in November gas hike protests

Pompeo: China is bent on Western ‘destruction’

Trump Postpones G7 Summit, Seeks to Add Russia to Invitation List After Merkel Snuff

Mexican president says most domestic violence calls are ‘fake’ despite lockdown rise in femicide

COVID-19: Testing on kids is a nervous next step on way to vaccine

Hundreds of California Churches Plan to Openly Disregard COVID-19 Rules

Global report: fears of coronavirus surge from US protests as world cases hit 6m

George Floyd protests erupt in Berlin, London and Toronto

Big-city Dems who had imposed strict coronavirus lockdowns now let George Floyd rioters flout rules

Officials see extremist groups, disinformation pushing US protests to violence

Trump tweets Antifa will be labeled a terrorist organization but experts believe that’s unconstitutional

Antifa warns: “F-the City. Tonight we move into the residential areas” before Twitter account shut down

‘Just sometimes stop talking’: Atlanta Mayor says Trump tweets making anger over George Floyd worse

World horrified, but not surprised, as racism protests tear apart US

At least 60 Secret Service members injured during George Floyd protests in DC

Semitrailer speeds toward crowd of George Floyd protesters on Minneapolis bridge; driver arrested

Protesters in some cities target Confederate monuments

Dan Bongino reacts to violent riots across the country: ‘This isn’t a protest anymore, this is a coup’

Making history, SpaceX Dragon docks at space station with two-man crew

Moscow bemused at US space ‘hysteria’ as Musk taunts Russia

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Ohonua, Tonga

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Okunoya, Japan

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Klyuchevskoy volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 22,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 15,000ft

Karymsky volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 15,000ft

Tropical Storm “Amanda” hits Guatemala and El Salvador, leaving at least 11 people dead — very heavy rain falling across Central America

Storm crosses Central America, may threaten Gulf

Apostasy Watch

Mike Ratliff – Unity Through Humility

‘Gospel’ Coalition Says You ‘Have Duty’ to Let Rioters Break Into Your Home

Supreme Court Denies California Church’s Request to Fully Reopen, Chief Justice Roberts Sides With Liberals

Anarchists Set Fire to Historic St. John’s Church Near White House

Wisconsin city refuses to arrest rioters, but hands out hefty fines to churches with more than 50 worshipers

The Passion Translation author: “We are the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ”

Church settles lawsuit with nonreligious family over ‘forced’ baptism

Oregon Street Preacher Awarded $50,000 from City After being Targeted by Cops

Miami-area police, protesters pray together amid George Floyd unrest

‘Cannabis burned during worship’ by ancient Israelites – study

Death of Algerian girl, 10, in (Islamic) ‘faith healing’ ceremony sparks outcry

How a missionary imprisoned in Sudan brought prisoners to Christ

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“A simple layman armed with Scripture is to be believed above a pope or a council without it…” – Martin Luther

How Christians should respond to the riots — Capstone Report

“Be of good courage, and let us play the men for our people, and for the cities of our God: and the Lord do that which seemeth him good.”[1] 2 Samuel 10:12

The videos of violent mobs burning, looting, beating and destroying life and property is dreadful. It is a sad image of 2020 America. The Shining City on A Hill is no longer a beacon to the World. It is now a reproach. A reproach as spoiled brats toss away the blessings of riches and liberty that God and our fathers bestowed on this present generation.

Dr. James White tweeted an important observation: We are in the middle of a revolution.

“Good morning! You have woken up in a revolution. No, a real one. Guns and enemy forces and the clear goal of overthrowing the Constitution of the US. Feels unreal, huh? It’s not unreal. Whether successful or not, the question for you is: how will I remain faithful now?”

James White@DrOakley1689

Good morning!

You have woken up in a revolution.

No, a real one. Guns and enemy forces and the clear goal of overthrowing the Constitution of the US.

Feels unreal, huh? It’s not unreal.

Whether successful or not, the question for you is: how will I remain faithful now?

96 people are talking about this

How will we remain faithful?

How will we remain faithful to God and our country?

Be of Good Courage

2 Samuel 10 provides instruction for the child of God facing danger. With Israel’s army in the field and facing an enemy force both in front and behind, Joab responded with a boldness worthy of Scipio or Marlborough. He acted boldly and wisely.

As one commentary says, “He did not panic in the face of the formidable odds, but strategically deployed his forces so as to allow for flexibility as the battle progressed.”[2]

This battle is not with armies standing in battle lines. Yet, the battle lines are clear. There are those who defend Christianity and Western Civilization and Truth against the wickedness of postmodernism, racial identity politics and chaos.

It is our responsibility to courageously proclaim the truth. Proclaim the truth of the Gospel. Proclaim the truth of what American stands for—One Nation dedicated to liberty for all people.

Why can we be of good courage when the very foundation of law and order, safety and security are under assault? Because God is in control.

He is sovereign. We can know with certainty that the Lord will dispose of this battle—a battle He has chosen to give to our generation—in a way that seems good to Him.

While that does not promise victory, it does promise that God is in control.

How then can we not be courageous?

Let us play the men for our people

Now is the time for men (and women) to do their duty.

In 2 Samuel 10, Israel’s army faced a great crisis—surrounded in the field. On one side stood the army of the Arameans and the army of Ammonites in battle lines on the other.

Is there a more dangerous situation? To be surrounded with enemies? Yet, God’s general did not waver from his duty. He exhorted his troops.

As one commentary notes, “Joab encouraged the troops to do three things: first, to ‘be strong’ (v. 12)—that is, to utilize every personal resource at their disposal. Second, he urged them to ‘fight bravely for our people’—that is, to remember that their efforts on the battlefield would directly impact their families and the rest of Israel. Third, he encouraged them to fight bravely for ‘the cities of our God’—that is, to fight in defense of the Lord’s possessions, in this case the Promised Land and its cities.”[3]

The actions we take in the days, weeks and months ahead will directly impact our families and the rest of America. Will we be men? Or will we be weak?

Too many weak leaders fill our churches. Compromisers—people pleasers. They will affirm orthodox statements of faith and then proceed to teach the foulest doctrines of Hell: the godless ideology of postmodernism and Racial Identity Politics.

We see within Critical Race Theory the very spirit of antichrist. It divides. It lets division fester. It does not heal any wounds.

And there are wounds in America. There are people who suffer. George Floyd suffered what appears to be excessive police force. All the people cry out for justice.


There is no division here.

Everyone who watches the video thinks this act was wrong.

Yet, the preachers of this new civil religion–Critical Race Theory–claim we are divided. They seek to divide.

They say t the bad action of one police officer in Minneapolis speaks about the systemic condition of America.

However, America is working to eliminate racism. Or, at least was. With the rise of Critical Theory a new racialist system is being constructed.

This new system views every action through the lens of Identity Politics.

And Evangelicalism is susceptible to this poison. Watch as churches submit to the spirit of the mob and tell Christians to be humble.

Stephen Wolfe said that Christians are exploited by this rhetoric of Evangelical Elites. Specifically, the admonition to “listen humbly” is deceptive. He said, “Agreeing to ‘listen humbly’ is not about rational discussion but about assuming passivity, assenting to whatever narrative you’re given, and acknowledging that any slight disagreement or rational unease is due only to your willful ignorance or some malicious mental malformity.”

Stephen Wolfe@PerfInjust

Agreeing to “listen humbly” is not about rational discussion but about assuming passivity, assenting to whatever narrative you’re given, and acknowledging that any slight disagreement or rational unease is due only to your willful ignorance or some malicious mental malformity.

See Stephen Wolfe’s other Tweets

We cannot be passive in this hour.

Conclusion: Stand for Justice, Defend Truth and Never Waver

Our nation is in trouble. A Pandemic, massive unemployment caused by the disease and now mob violence seeking to destroy civil society.

These are perilous times.

Yet, though we may be facing difficulty, we must be faithful to our calling—as Christians and Americans.

That means we must condemn the actions of one bad police officer without encouraging mob violence.

That means we must defend truth against the acid criticism of Critical Race Theory.

That means we must never waver. Why? Because the battle is the Lord’s. He will do what seems good to Him.

[1] The Holy Bible: King James Version, Electronic Edition of the 1900 Authorized Version. (Bellingham, WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc., 2009), 2 Sa 10:12.

[2] Joyce G. Baldwin, 1 and 2 Samuel: An Introduction and Commentary, vol. 8, Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 1988), 246.

[3] Robert D. Bergen, 1, 2 Samuel, vol. 7, The New American Commentary (Nashville: Broadman & Holman Publishers, 1996), 359–360.

via How Christians should respond to the riots — Capstone Report

Videos of alleged Antifa members instigating violence go viral on social media | LifeZette

As nationwide protests combined with violence continued across America in the wake of the death of African American George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, many observers have caught on video what appears to be members of the far-left extremist group Antifa (anti-fascist) instigating the mayhem.

A Flood of Alleged Antifa Members Causing Violence Videos Circulate on Twitter

These videos are all over social media.


Trump National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien Weighs In

National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien told CNN that the violence across the country was “being driven” by the extremist Antifa group.


President Trump Wants To Designate Antifa as a Terrorist Group

On Sunday, President Trump said he was making moves to designate Antifa as a terrorist organization.

“The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization,” the President tweeted.

That might not be a hard sell.


Even as these horrific videos were being shared, many liberals and far-leftists were sharing the hashtags #IAmAntifa and #WeAreAntifa on social media to show solidarity with these thugs.

Merriam-Webster defines “terrorism” as “the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion.”

Do you believe the videos featured here fit this definition?

This piece originally appeared in ThePoliticalInsider.com and is used by permission.

Read more at ThePoliticalInsider.com:
Kayleigh McEnany Slaps Down Jim Acosta: ‘If Anybody Needs To Be Fact-Checked, It’s The Media’
Taylor Swift Pins Minneapolis Riots On Trump – President ‘Stoking The Fires Of White Supremacy’
College Democrats Across The Country Call For Investigation Into Biden Sexual Assault Allegations

Source: Videos of alleged Antifa members instigating violence go viral on social media

‘Not in the Spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr. This is Chaos’: Protests Turn Violent, Authorities Point to Outside Agitators

Chaos in America’s streets with the National Guard called up in 20 states. Even the White House was temporarily at risk. Peaceful protests over the killing of an unarmed black man in police custody, turned violent over the weekend, but who are the groups taking advantage of the situation?

Source: ‘Not in the Spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr. This is Chaos’: Protests Turn Violent, Authorities Point to Outside Agitators

We’re Living The Founding Fathers’ Nightmare: America Is Corrupt To The Core | ZeroHedge News

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog,

Our ruling elites, devoid of leadership, are little more than the scum of self-interested, greedy grifters who rose to the top of America’s foul-smelling stew of corruption.

The Founding Fathers were wary of institutional threats to liberty and the citizenry’s sovereignty, which included centralized concentrations of power (monarchy, central banks, federal agencies, etc.) and the tyranny of corruption unleashed by small-minded, self-interested, greedy grifters who saw all elected offices and positions of government influence as nothing more than a means to increase their own private wealth.

The Founders feared the dominance of self-interested, greedy grifters because they had no concept of the public good: to the greedy grifters, the government existed solely to serve their petty private interests and the interests of their fellow grifters.

The Founders understood that a republic required disinterested leadership capable of looking past petty self-interest to the common good of the people and their nation. They feared the election of self-interested, greedy grifters because once no one served the common good, the republic would fall into a fatal disunity.

We are living the Founders’ nightmare, for America is corrupt to the core. While everyone gorging at the public trough bleats about the “common good,” their single-minded focus is on aggrandizing as much power and private wealth as possible, and feeding their corrupt crew of insiders, lobbyists, “business interests,” bankers and assorted other legalized looters.

America has plenty of law enforcement, prosecutors and prison cells for those who loot a Whole Foods, but none for those who loot the public treasury, commit stock market swindles or financial fraud on a monumental scale. Not only did no one go to prison for the rampant institutionalized fraud of the 2008 looting, a.k.a. the Global Financial Meltdown–the looters were bailed out by the Federal Reserve and Treasury.

More recently, no one was even questioned when a biotech company issued a press release about a Covid-19 vaccine trial that boosted the stock’s price just long enough for insiders to dump millions of dollars of shares on a credulous public and also sell new shares in the company at a premium: a classic looting strategy known as pump and dump.

Members of Congress were caught red-handed in what amounted to insider trading, selling millions of dollars in their stock portfolios based on their secret briefings of the coming pandemic, while they reassured the public Covid-19 was no biggie. The farcical “investigation” found no wrong-doing.

Corruption in our political parties is so endemic nobody even bothers listing it except as a parlor game of pondering which party is more corrupt.

Our ruling elites, devoid of leadership, are little more than the scum of self-interested, greedy grifters who rose to the top of America’s foul-smelling stew of corruption. As for the nation’s infinitely greedy billionaires, if there was any justice left in America, Apple CEO Tim Cook would be rotting in a cell on Devil’s Island for buying back billions of dollars of Apple stock–buybacks were illegal not that long ago.

The cells next to his would be crowded with Big Pharma CEOs who advertised their products directly to consumers–also illegal not so long ago.

America is now a pay-to-play paradise of greed and corruption. The “public good” is a PR cover for legalized looting, much of which now depends on the Federal Reserve’s free money for financiers, parasites and predators.

If you think this is far too harsh on our current crop of greedy grifters and looters, please read historian Gordon Wood’s epic account Empire of Liberty: A History of the Early Republic, 1789-1815, which details the many critical debates between founders with fundamentally different views of what structures and safeguards were essential for the Republic’s survival.

When we look back at the genius of Hamilton, Madison, et al., and Washington’s obsession with ethics and promoting national unity, we are forced to weep for the pathetic, venal scum that passes for “leadership” in America today. The feedback loops the Founders designed to restrain the tyranny of corruption have all failed, as the biggest looters serve their interests under the guise of legality.

The Founders’ weren’t saints; they were flawed as are all humans, and like all humans, they were products of their era. But they did have a keen, abiding sense of the public good, and when they clashed over ideas about banking, the power of the presidency, etc., it was not for personal gain but for their vision of the common good.

If any of America’s “leadership” over the past 30 years had an ounce of concern for the common good, why did they enable financialization and globalization to hollow out the nation’s economy and social order? Why did they enable the frauds, skims, scams, cartels and monopolies that are the foundation of virtually every American billionaire’s “we pay no taxes” empires of greed?

The tyranny of corruption thrives in an amoral cesspool of anything goes and winners take all.

In today’s America, the tyranny of corruption has been so normalized that America’s polarized populaces are blind to the profound corruption of their parties and institutions. As in the last days of the Western Roman Empire, the masses are made complicit with bread and circuses, mimicking their “leaders” debasement of the public good to feeding at the public trough.

These are the troubled years that came before the deluge (Jackson Browne), for as Mr. Dylan put it, a hard rain’s a-gonna fall.

Source: We’re Living The Founding Fathers’ Nightmare: America Is Corrupt To The Core