Jesus and American Thuggery

Unfathomable Grace

photo-1590962977676-19c260abaf0bMobs are screaming, commentators are speaking, windows are breaking, monuments are falling, inventory is evaporating, buildings are burning, and lives are being ruined. It is a day of anger and anarchy in the United States of America. Wow, 2020 just keeps throwing bombs at us — one disaster after another.

Well, what does Jesus think as he looks down upon the current crisis erupting throughout our land?

I believe Jesus is filled with intense sorrow, righteous indignation, unfathomable grace, and fair justice, and I think we should endeavor to do the same.

Intense Sorrow

photo-1495558685573-aba7573d9c01In Luke 19, As Jesus marches into the capital city of Jerusalem, he finds it to be a place filled with sectarian groups, self-righteous clerics, unjust politicians, selfish nationalists, and a foolish populace who will soon be chanting, “Crucify him, crucify him!” As he reviews the situation, he shows himself to be overcome…

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