Thinking Biblically in a Day of Depravity

Unfathomable Grace

How is your attitude towards the changing state of our nation? What do you think as you witness the chaotic condition of our beloved country? Today, I might suggest three thoughts:

1. Let us not conclude this is the apocalypse.

photo-1561439870-b1aa70689e97Friends, none of this is new. This is the same old devilish depravity of Lucifer, Adam, and Eve, and it is showing its ugly head one more time. What has happened in the beginning, and has been happening ever since, is happening today, and will happen again. America may be getting worse, but the world is not. Ever since the beginning, across the globe and throughout cultures, sin has plagued humanity. In Romans 1:18-32, Paul described the universal condition. Men …

  • Know the true God because he has revealed himself.
  • Know a good portion of God’s ethic.
  • Discount the true God.
  • Are ungodly.
  • Are unrighteous.
  • Are faithless
  • Hate God
  • Replace the true…

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