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June 5 Paying the Price


Which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost?
(Luke 14:28)

We know now that God shut the lions’ mouths, but Daniel didn’t know in advance that it would happen! He simply counted the cost and kept his commitment to God. So did a lot of others. In Hebrews eleven, it went both ways for committed believers—some were taken out, others were taken through, but all of them “obtained a good report” (Hebrews 11:39). To follow Jesus means to discover what you were born to be, pay the price required, and spend the rest of your life pursuing it to the point of excellence! Once you catch a glimpse of “the high calling,” you’ll get up earlier, stay up later, and say “no” more often, because you understand God’s will for you. Is that how you live?

Sure, you’ll make mistakes. Les Brown says, “When life knocks you down, fall on your back, for if you can look up, with God’s help you can get up.” Winston Churchill said, “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.” Think about that! Successful people are just the ones who do what the rest of us only talk about, but never get around to doing. God doesn’t measure you by others; He measures you by what you could have been if you’d paid the price.


Ask Him today for the strength and the willingness to make that commitment.[1]


[1] Gass, B. (1998). A Fresh Word For Today : 365 Insights For Daily Living (p. 156). Alachua, FL: Bridge-Logos Publishers.

June—5 The Poor Man’s Evening Portion


Thou wentest forth for the salvation of thy people, even for salvation with thine anointed.—Hab. 3:13.

Every view of redemption is blessed: but there are some views transcendently so. And when the soul is led out in the contemplation of Jehovah, in his Trinity of persons, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, all engaged, in their goings forth from everlasting, for the accomplishment of it, there is somewhat which overpowers the mind with the greatness, and the surpassing glory of the subject. As the salvation of the Lord’s people is from Jehovah, and from all eternity, so is it to Jehovah, and to all eternity. All the springs of it are from this one source, and tend to this one end. The song of heaven, which John heard, so proclaimed it: for while the address was to the Lamb, in ascribing to him all the glory of the work, the great purpose for which it was wrought was ascribed to the Father: “Thou wert slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood.” (Rev. 5:9.) My soul! Mark the similar expression in this song or prayer of the prophet. Jehovah “went forth for the salvation of his people; even for salvation with his anointed.” And was not Christ the anointed of the Father? And did not Jehovah go forth with Christ, upholding, supporting, carrying on, and completing redemption-work in, and by, and with Jesus? Yea, did not Jesus go forth from everlasting, when his delights were with the children of men before the world? Is it not of Jesus that it is said, “Then I was by him, as one brought up with him: and I was! daily his delight, rejoicing always before him; rejoicing in the habitable part of his earth, and my delights were with the sons of men?” (Prov. 8:30, 31.) Oh! the soul-comforting subject! How truly blessed to see the whole Godhead thus engaged in the salvation of poor sinners! Yes! blessed Lord Jesus! it is plain, that in all the goings forth of Jehovah, the redemption of thy Church was the one great object and design. Before time began to be numbered, thou wentest forth. In time, when thou camest in substance of our flesh, still the salvation of thy people was the object. And now in eternity, thou art still going forth, in thy priestly office on thy throne, which thou art carrying on in heaven to the same purpose, to make the salvation of thy people secure. Oh! for grace to keep these views always in remembrance, that, while Jehovah is thus, in one eternal act, going forth for the salvation of his redeemed, all his redeemed may go forth in love, and adoration, and praise, in the acknowledgment of the mystery of God, and of the Father and of Christ: and here on earth begin the song which is never to end in heaven: “To him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood, and hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father: to him be glory and dominion, for ever and ever.” Amen.[1]


[1] Hawker, R. (1845). The Poor Man’s Evening Portion (A New Edition, pp. 172–173). Philadelphia: Thomas Wardle.

The Last Days of William Tyndale — The Master’s Seminary Blog

The climax of William Tyndale’s brief life occurred along a narrow alleyway leading to the home of Thomas Poyntz, the Englishman who had been his good patron. It was there, in Antwerp, that Tyndale’s traitor, Henry Philips, had befriended him — in a city friendly both to English merchants and Lutherans.

Now, with Tyndale’s benefactor away on business for a month, and Philips being invited for dinner, the stage was set for the treacherous young man to capture the English Lutheran so hated by Rome.

The alleyway that led to Poyntz’s home (and Tyndale’s lodgings) was too narrow for both men to enter at once, so Tyndale entered first, unaware of the two guards hidden on either side of the entrance to the house. The taller Philips followed behind him and, as recounted by John Foxe, ‘pointed with his finger over Master Tyndale’s head down to him, that the officers who sat at the door might see that it was he whom they should take.’

The translator had thus been betrayed in a manner uncannily similar to that of his Savior. Philips handed Tyndale over to the authorities, who seized his manuscripts and promptly imprisoned him at the well-fortified castle of Vilvoorde, just outside Brussels.

In a single moment, the decade-long flight of William Tyndale was over. Though the officers ‘pitied to see his simplicity when they took him in,’ Tyndale had foreseen his own fate earlier in life:

If they shall burn me, they shall do none other thing than I looked for. There is none other way into the kingdom of life than through persecution and suffering of pain, and of very death after the example of Christ.

Throughout much of sixteenth-century Europe, those who dared to translate the Word of God and thereby unchain it from its Latin coffin, faced the possibility of being burned alive. But the seeds of Lollardy, implanted in English soil a century and a half earlier by John Wycliffe, had come to sprout green shoots that gave fruit in the form of Tyndale’s Bible. For his efforts, the gifted linguist would suffer greatly for the sake of Christ.

Certain details concerning his final year and a half at Vilvoorde are missing in Foxe’s account, as Foxe was unaware of the existence of a poignant letter, penned in William Tyndale’s hand, that was discovered three centuries later in the state archives of Brussels. This letter is the only fragment of Tyndale’s original handwriting that we possess, and it evokes deep emotion at the conditions he faced during his imprisonment, even as his captors and a team of lawyers and theologians worked diligently to bring about his destruction.

The letter, translated from Tyndale’s Latin by J. F. Mozley, reads as follows:

I beg your lordship, and that of the Lord Jesus, that if I am to remain here through the winter, you will request the commissary to have the kindness to send me, from the goods of mine which he has, a warmer cap; for I suffer greatly from cold in the head, and am afflicted by a perpetual catarrh [nasal inflamation], which is much increased in this cell; a warmer coat also, for this which I have is very thin; a piece of cloth too to patch my leggings.

My overcoat is worn out; my shirts are also worn out. He has a woolen shirt, if he will be good enough to send it. I have also with him leggings of thicker cloth to put on above; he has also warmer night-caps. And I ask to be allowed to have a lamp in the evening; it is indeed wearisome sitting alone in the dark.

But most of all I beg and beseech your clemency to be urgent with the commissary, that he will kindly permit me to have the Hebrew Bible, Hebrew grammar, and Hebrew dictionary, that I may pass the time in that study. In return may you obtain what you most desire, so only that it be for the salvation of your soul. But if any other decision has been taken concerning me, to be carried out before winter, I will be patient, abiding the will of God, to the glory of the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ: whose spirit (I pray) may ever direct your heart. Amen

— W. Tindalus

We have here a precious window into the conditions that Tyndale faced, and his frame of mind in reaction to them. This is made all the more intriguing by the simple fact that we will likely never know whether his urgent, yet polite requests were ever answered.

Nevertheless, one may greatly profit from examining the example of this faithful servant of Christ and imitating it, even as we are instructed to do so in the book of Hebrews concerning the saints:

Remember those who led you, who spoke the word of God to you; and considering the result of their conduct, imitate their faith. (Heb. 13:7)

Picture this brilliant scholar of language, locked up in a dungeon in solitary confinement for well over a year. He is entirely at the mercy of his captors and depends upon their kindness for every meal and physical comfort. We may infer from the dire sound of Tyndale’s letter, that — as winter drew near — such comforts had been denied him, to the point that he had begun to suffer from various ailments.

We note that Tyndale’s request is modest; he does not ask for anything from others, but only for items that had been seized from him — a warmer cap, a warmer coat. The damp Northern European winter cold, unalleviated, must have been unbearable. The onset of early darkness every single afternoon — and with it the prospect of spending another lonely night — would have been enough to drive him to despair.

The godly Christian who is distressed on this earth for a little while by various trials (1 Peter 1:6) is not stoically indifferent to them. He does not seek after them as if they could somehow increase his personal righteousness, after the manner of the monkish asceticism of a young Luther. Neither, however, does he complain about his lot to man or God; he entrusts his soul to a loving Father in whose eyes no sparrow escapes notice (Luke 12:6).

We have in William Tyndale an example of a faithful servant who did not shrink from trying to better his conditions, yet he was nevertheless content to suffer for the sake of Jesus Christ, if necessary.

At length, however, we read of the translator’s true desire:

But most of all I beg and beseech your clemency to be urgent with the commissary, that he will kindly permit me to have the Hebrew Bible, Hebrew grammar, and Hebrew dictionary, that I may pass the time in that study.

The desperate conditions in which William Tyndale found himself did not in the least bit temper his soul’s deepest longing — to finish the task God had given him of translating the Bible into the language of the common English folk. Having completed, and revised, his New Testament, Tyndale subsequently taught himself Hebrew and proceeded to translate a large portion of the Old Testament before his work was suddenly and violently halted.

Here at once we see a true pastor’s heart that is greatly concerned for the salvation of all of England. Tyndale’s recognition that faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of Christ (Rom. 10:17) meant only one thing for his homeland — it was absolutely imperative that they have the Scriptures in their language.

Ultimately it was this imperative that drove him first to flee his country. It was this understanding that led him to work tirelessly for ten years in constant danger for his life. And it was for this reason that he was made a prisoner for Christ and ultimately paid with his life.

No more fitting closing words may be addressed to us than those of Tyndale himself, taken from a letter written to his beloved friend John Frith, who was likewise burned for his faith:

For Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example that we should follow his steps, who did no sin. Hereby have we perceived love that he laid down his life for us: therefore we ought to be able to lay down our lives for the brethren.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in July 2016 and has been updated. 

via The Last Days of William Tyndale — The Master’s Seminary Blog

June 5 Life-Changing Moments With God


When you have done all those things which you are commanded, say, “We are unprofitable servants.”

Lord, where is my boasting then? It is excluded. By what law? Of works? No; by the law of faith. What do I have, Lord God, that I did not receive? If I did indeed receive it, why do I boast as if I had not received it? By grace I have been saved through faith, that not of myself; it is Your gift to me, O God, not of works, lest I should boast. For I am Your workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which You prepared beforehand that I should walk in them.

By Your grace, Lord God, I am what I am, and Your grace toward me was not in vain; but if I labor more abundantly than others, it is not I, but Your grace with me. For of You, Almighty God, and through You and to You are all things. All things come from You; of Your own I have given You.

Do not enter into judgment with me, Your servant, for in Your sight, Lord God, no one living is righteous.

This unprofitable servant thanks You for

countless ways You pour Your grace into my life!

Luke 17:10; Romans 3:27; 1 Corinthians 4:7; Ephesians 2:8–10; 1 Corinthians 15:10; Romans 11:36; 1 Chronicles 29:14; Psalm 143:2[1]


[1] Jeremiah, D. (2007). Life-Changing Moments With God (p. 172). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

The Thing That Separates Jesus from Every Other Ancient Sage (Video) — Cold Case Christianity

Is Jesus just another ancient wise man? What makes him any different than Mohammed, Buddha, or Krishna? What is the one thing that differentiates Jesus from anyone else on planet earth? In this interview with Joel Settecase from the Think Institute, J. Warner discusses the Christian worldview and the importance of apologetics (both evidential, classical and presuppositional). Be sure to subscribe to Joel’s Think Institute Podcast!

To see more training videos with J. Warner Wallace, visit the YouTube playlist.


via The Thing That Separates Jesus from Every Other Ancient Sage (Video) — Cold Case Christianity

June 5 God Works All Things for Good


Romans 8:28

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

When President Roosevelt was in office a madman once took a shot at him, wounding the president in the arm. A steel glasses case, which the president kept in his breast pocket, deflected the bullet and saved his life. The funny thing is, President Roosevelt hated that glasses case. It was heavy and burdensome, and he had often complained about it. But in the process of God’s providence, the thing he hated saved his life.

Joseph’s is a similar story. Though at times Joseph may have hated his situation and wondered about God’s purposes, eventually his life was an example of the rule of God’s providence. God took the darkest events and used them as stepping stones to move Joseph into position. Even when Joseph couldn’t understand what God was doing, the Lord was still at work. God had been arranging the situation, even when it seemed like He was far away. In the end, Joseph realized God had worked all things out for good.

Joseph had it all in perspective. He saw that God was using even the evil things of this world to illustrate His providential work in the lives of men.[1]


[1] Jeremiah, D. (2002). Sanctuary: finding moments of refuge in the presence of God (p. 164). Nashville, TN: Integrity Publishers.

Weekly Watchman for 06/05/2020

Gary Gilley: Growing in Christ, Working Our Salvation Out

Today we to look at Christian maturity and sanctification in the life of the disciple of Jesus Christ, as well as the delicate balance of Christians working with the Holy Spirit in this lifelong process. Our guest is Pastor Gary Gilley and his brand new study book is: Growing in Christ: Laying the Foundations of Christian Maturity.

Daily podcast, relevant articles on issues pertaining to Christians and more can be found on Stand Up For The Truth.

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Dr. Ragy Girgis: Demonic Behavior, Mental Illness, the Power of Jesus

On today’s podcast, our special guest is Dr. Ragy Girgis, an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at the Columbia University department of psychiatry. His book is called, “On Satan, Demons, and Psychiatry” – Exploring Mental Illness in the Bible.

WE DISCUSS: misconceptions that Christians have about mental illness, depression and medication, Christians in the science and medical fields, mental illness in the pages of Scripture, King Saul’s psychotic depression and paranoia, David’s extremes of elation and deep depression, Jonah’s narcissism, Nebuchadnezzar’s breakdown, and the miraculous healings performed by Jesus.

Daily podcast, relevant articles on issues pertaining to Christians and more can be found on Stand Up For The Truth.

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Biblical Worldview: Racism, Chaos, Division & Redemption

Over the weekend as cities in America were vandalized, the Lincoln Memorial was defaced with graffiti. The national monument honors Abraham Lincoln, who resided as president during the Civil War, a bloody battle fought over slavery and the treatment of black Americans. It was at this same spot Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke to a […]

Daily podcast, relevant articles on issues pertaining to Christians and more can be found on Stand Up For The Truth.

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Patrick Wood: As Activists Distract America, Globalism Advances

Patrick refers to the Coronavirus as the “great Panic of 2020.” He explains why in this podcast. We also discuss several topics including the recent rioting and anarchy in American cities, the limitations on Christians and churches, Democratic governors and technocrats such as Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates, and some of the damage the shutdowns have done.

Daily podcast, relevant articles on issues pertaining to Christians and more can be found on Stand Up For The Truth.

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Alex Newman, David Fiorazo: Racism, Riots and Government Schools

Today’s guest is international correspondent, Alex Newman with The New American and The Newman Report. We discuss racism, riots, radicals, and redemption through Christ; the rotten fruit we’re seeing from the anti-Christian government school system in America.

Daily podcast, relevant articles on issues pertaining to Christians and more can be found on Stand Up For The Truth.

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June 5, 2020 Truth2Freedom Briefing Report (US•World•Christian)

Mid-Day Snapshot · June 5, 2020


“If we can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people, under the pretence of taking care of them, they must become happy.” —Thomas Jefferson (1802)

A Reopening Economic Miracle

The U.S. added 2.5 million jobs in May, but we have a long way to go for full recovery.

When Is It ‘Enough’ Insurrection?

Key Pentagon and former military leaders confront Trump over presidential power.

The Cotton-Picking Times

The New York Times staff revolted after the paper published the senator’s op-ed.

Young America — Embrace the ‘Dream,’ Not the Nightmare

Turn it OFF!

The Hoax — and Its Aftermath

It’s instructive to revisit the Democrats’ Russia-collusion narrative from 75,000 feet.

Ignoring the Real ‘Pandemic’ Plaguing Black Americans

Highlighting “racism and coronavirus” misses fatherlessness and abortion in the black community.

Americans Aren’t Having Enough Babies

A worrying trend has continued and it will inevitably lead to problems down the road.

Guns Don’t Kill People, COVID-19 Does

In at least five instances, gunshot deaths have been classified as coronavirus.

Denial Ain’t No River in Egypt

As the media deny or excuse violence, the rest of us are labeled as racists.

Video: Candace Owens on George Floyd

“We are being sold a lot of lies … at the detriment to America as a whole.”

Video: Ben Shapiro Debunks the Myth of Systemic Police Racism

“This is the way a country falls apart — by holding people accountable for things they did not do.”

Video: After David Dorn, I’m Done Trying to Empathize With Anyone

Anthony Brian Logan responds to the black retired officer murdered in St. Louis.

Humor Video: Why the Lockdown Should Last Longer

The lockdown has been used and extended. Many think it should end. Here’s why they’re wrong.


Time for Normal People to Take Back Our Country
The Status Quo of Virtue Signaling
Of Course Destruction of Property Is Violence
Law Enforcement Is Not the Enemy
So Much for ‘Shelter in Place’ Orders
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Friday News Executive Summary

Hydroxychloroquine study retracted, Biden’s “deplorables” moment, and more.

Friday Short Cuts

Notable quotables from Larry Elder, Armstrong Williams, Joe Biden, and more.


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“The Patriot Post” (https://patriotpost.us)

9 killed in alleged Israeli airstrikes in Syria – report
At least nine people were killed in alleged Israeli airstrikes targeted Syrian defense factories near the city of Masyaf in northwest Syria on Thursday night, according to Syrian reports. Four of the dead were Syrian nationals, but it is unclear if they were Syrian soldiers or working for the Iranian forces, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

‘Joshua’s altar site may be outside of Israel’s borders’ – settler leader
Concerns have been raised by settler leader Yossi Dagan that the archaeological site where the Biblical figure of Joshua is supposed to have erected an altar could end up being outside Israel’s borders under the Trump peace plan. Efforts are currently underway to map out the precise areas in the West Bank which the current US administration is allowing Israel to annex…

Is America headed for a post-apocalyptic currency collapse?
Just when it seemed as though America may be turning the corner after months of lockdown… just when it seemed as though we were on a path to reopening and gradually returning to normalcy… just when the prospects of panic-induced social unrest seemed to be behind us…America’s cities erupted into flames. Antifa and BLM-organized rioting, looting, violence, and mayhem have pushed cities across the country into pandemonium.

Hong Kong Criminalizes ‘Disrespect’ for Communist Anthem on Tiananmen Anniversary
The Hong Kong Legislative Council (LegCo) passed a law Thursday that could result in up to three years in prison for anyone found guilty of “disrespecting or misusing” the “March of the Volunteers,” the anthem of communist China. Thursday is the anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacres, in which Beijing murdered thousands of peaceful protesters seeking democracy.

US pushing Saudi Arabia, UAE to lift Qatar air blockade
It has been three years since an air, land and sea blockade was imposed on Qatar by fellow Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain, as well as non-GCC member Egypt. The US is now pushing Saudi Arabia and the UAE to lift a ban on Qatar Airways using their airspace.

NASA in bombshell Hubble Telescope discovery that changes how old we think universe is
New discoveries from the Hubble Space Telescope have changed the scientific view on the age of the universe, NASA has confirmed…The revelation comes as a European team of astronomers say they have found no evidence of the first generation of stars, known as Population III stars, as far back as when the universe was just 500 million years old.

Russian-U.S. Tensions Rise in Syria as Moscow Expands Presence – Reports
Tensions flared between Russia and the United States as the Russian military reportedly seeks to expand its presence in U.S.-controlled northeastern Syria… The latest flare-up follows the Russian military’s reported attempt to build a base near the Turkish and Iraqi borders last week. President Vladimir Putin has ordered talks with Russia’s ally Syria on cementing Moscow’s presence with additional military facilities…

WHO repeatedly colluded with China to spread misinformation about coronavirus
Since the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic first reared its head late 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) has repeatedly parroted China’s talking points as the latter downplayed the outbreak.

At least 3 dead, more than 500 000 without power as rare derecho rips through mid-Atlantic, U.S.
Severe thunderstorms ripped through parts of mid-Atlantic on Wednesday, June 3, 2020, leaving at least three people dead and more than half a million people without power. On Thursday morning, June 4, the National Weather Service (NWS) confirmed the event was a ‘derecho’ – a widespread, long-lived, straight-line wind storm that is associated with a fast-moving group of severe thunderstorms known as a mesoscale convective system.

Joel Osteen Joins Paula White, Tony Evans And Other High-Level Laodicean Church Hirelings To March In Solidarity With Black Lives Matter
False teacher and Laodicean heretic Joel Osteen, miffed that the race riots seemed to have cancelled out the LGBTQ Pride Marches, decided to march instead with Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA for BlackOut Tuesday in Houston. He had plenty of company when his Laodicean buddies like John Hagee, Paula White Tony Evans and others stepped in to join him. If you ever wanted to see a picture of the lukewarm and useless Laodicean Church of the last days, brother, this is it.

BREAKING: Antifa terrorists to be bused to Sparta, Illinois with orders to burn farm houses and kill livestock in rural “white” areas
Today Natural News has learned that Antifa operatives are organizing a plan to bus large numbers of Antifa terrorists to the vicinity of Sparta, Illinois, where they will be directed to target rural white Americans by burning farm houses and killing livestock. The purpose of the attack, according to sources, is so that Antifa can send a message to white America that “not even rural whites are safe” from the reach of Antifa, and that if their radical left-wing demands are not yet, all of America will burn (not just the cities).

CHRISLAM: President Trump Signs Executive Order ‘Advancing International Religious Freedom’ After Visiting The Idol Of Saint John Paul II
Over the years, we have been on the front lines of informing you about the One World Religion of Chrislam that Pope Francis successfully put in place back in 2019 with the signing of the covenant of the Declaration Of Human Fraternity with Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb in Abu Dhabi. That created the Abrahamic Faiths Initiative, and it is 100% supported by the Trump administration at the highest levels. Think that’s bad? Buckle up, I have worse news than that.

Bill Gates, The CDC, Fauci And Birx Now Totally Silent About The Mass Race Riots Across America Proves The COVID-19 Lockdown Was A Total Scam
From the middle of March until just about 9 days ago, there was one persistent and consistent message drilled into our heads around the clock – it’s not safe to go outside. COVID-19 was spreading faster than it could be contained, they said, and the only remedy was a total lockdown of the economy, and of the people. Breathless news updates from Bill Gates, CNN, the CDC, the WHO, Fauci and Birx made us to believe that it would be tantamount to murder for us to gather in groups. Unless, of course, you wanted to take part in race riots.

U.S. court blocks sales of Bayer’s weed killer
German group Bayer AG (BAYGn.DE) has been blocked from selling its dicamba-based weed killer in the United States, the latest setback for a business that is already fighting an expensive legal battle over another of its products.

Disney and Nickelodeon Kids Channels Run Ads in Support of Black Lives Matter
The ad targets young children to begin indoctrinating them on the Black Lives Matter movement which started after Mike Brown was gunned down by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. The police officer was later exonerated after the facts on the case were presented at trial.

Pelosi Bashes Trump Over Riots While Holding Bible & Quoting Obama
Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has leveraged the nationwide riots to attack President Donald Trump during a bizarre political stunt.

Jobless Claims Fall to 1.88 Million, Slightly More Than Expected
New claims for unemployment benefits fell to 1.88 million last week, data from the Department of Labor showed Thursday. That brings new unemployment claims, a proxy for layoffs, since the coronavirus pandemic began to claim jobs ten weeks ago to nearly 42 million.

Headlines – 6/5/2020

Egyptian, Russian FMs warn of annexation’s ‘perils,’ call for two-state solution

Russia, Egypt Say Israeli Annexation of West Bank Will Spark Regional Violence

Annexation will mean apartheid, warns Mandela ally who always fought comparison

PA: Annexation will collapse the prospect of a Palestinian state

Jordanian FM says annexation will lead to ‘confrontation and anarchy’

Source close to Jordanian King says he will not annul the peace agreement with Israel despite his opposition to sovereignty

Pelosi says Israeli annexation in West Bank would hurt US interests

Netanyahu lambastes settler leader for saying Trump is no friend of Israel

Settler leader says annexation plan like being forced to eat cake at gunpoint

Trump’s Mideast peace plan comes under surprise attack from Israeli settlers

‘Joshua’s altar site may be outside of Israel’s borders under Trump’s peace plan’ – settler leader

Likud minister: We didn’t say we’d adopt full Trump plan, only parts of it

Citing Coronavirus Limitations, Police Say Anti-annexation Rally Can’t Be Held in Major Tel Aviv Square

As Coronavirus Rages in Brazil, Bolsonaro’s Embrace of Israel Puts Jews at Risk

Hundreds protest against Netanyahu, contentious emergency virus bill in Tel Aviv

Over 20 more schools closed as Israel sees largest daily virus rise in a month

Norway to withhold funding to Palestinians over textbooks that promote violence

Russia Sends Second Batch of Fighter Jets to Syria, Embassy Says

Israeli aircraft said to bomb weapons facility in Syria, killing 9

IDF denies report troops entered Syria unauthorized, sparked deadly firefight

U.S. Court Rules Iran, Syria Liable for Attacks in Israel

Trump hopeful for Iran relations after American freed

Russia defends Iran satellite launch against US opposition

Iran cases hit record high in second wave of coronavirus

Tripoli Forces Say They Have Ended Siege of Libyan Capital

Erdogan Hosts Libya PM as Turkey Looks to Lock in Gains

Facebook deactivates accounts of Tunisian political bloggers and activists

Philippines war on drugs may have killed tens of thousands, says UN

Indian defense minister says there have been ‘significant’ Chinese troop movements amid border tensions

China, India unlikely to turn to the U.S. for mediation over border tensions

U.K. Willing To Admit Nearly 3 Million From Hong Kong If China Adopts Security Law

China warns UK ‘interfering’ in Hong Kong affairs will ‘backfire’

Hong Kong passes law to criminalise insult of Chinese national anthem

Thousands Defy Beijing With Hong Kong Vigil for Tiananmen Victims

Iran’s Rouhani condemns Floyd’s ‘brutal’ killing, slams Trump for Bible photo op

Germany’s Merkel condemns racist ‘murder’ of George Floyd

‘No Justice In France, Either’: French Protest Police Killings In U.S. And At Home

As America Grapples With Unrest, It Leaves a Vacuum on the World Stage

Obama urges Americans to make “real change” in wake of George Floyd’s death

‘God is Dead’: Leftist Rioters Vandalize Churches and Synagogues

Protesters Defend Looting, Destroying Businesses: It’s ‘Slavery Money’

Proud of the protests, not the destruction: George Floyd’s brother at NY service

Proud of the protests, not the destruction: George Floyd’s brother at NY service

Evidence that antifa, ‘foreign actors’ involved in sowing unrest and violence: AG Barr

Three men connected to ‘boogaloo’ movement tried to provoke violence at protests, feds say

Floyd death sparks Democratic, Republican calls in U.S. Congress for action on policing

Black Lives Matter sues Trump administration over use of force on D.C. protesters

Riots Are Part of Weeklong Campaign to Defund Police. In Some Places It’s Working.

Minneapolis City Council members pledge to ‘dismantle’ police department

Democrats introduce bill to rein in Trump’s power under Insurrection Act

Military leaders remind troops to uphold oath to Constitution as Trump threatens ‘domination’ of protesters

Trump backs down on Insurrection Act but not before rebuke from military leaders

Military brass clashing publicly with a president is rare in America

Former Joint Chiefs Chairman Condemns Trump’s Threat To Use Military At Protests

Robert E Lee statue: Virginia governor announces removal of monument

Mike Lee: Rod Rosenstein made a ‘stunning’ admission about Russia probe, Carter Page

Rod Rosenstein’s admission exposed heinous plot against Trump

Grassley holds up key Trump nominations, demands White House explain inspector general firings

Chinese, Iranian Hackers Targeted Biden And Trump Campaigns, Google Says

Today’s Eclipse Of The Moon Kicks-Off An ‘Eclipse Season’ Crowned By A Summer ‘Ring Of Fire’

NASA Detects 5 Asteroids Flying Past Earth This Weekend

6.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Tobelo, Indonesia

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Ohonua, Tonga

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Bandar Lampung, Indonesia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Port-Vila, Vanuatu

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Ternate, Indonesia

Yellowstone national park hit with multiple earthquakes in 24 hours

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Peru erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Sakurajima volcano on Japan erupts to 16,000ft

Nevados De Chillan volcano in Chile erupts to 13,000ft

Powerful landslide sweeps away buildings in Norway

US Gulf Coast on alert for Cristobal as system crawls across Mexico

Rare derecho kills 4, cuts power to more than half of a million people in mid-Atlantic

Flooding leaves 16 dead in Yemen

Putin declares state of emergency after massive fuel leak pollutes river in the Arctic Circle

Trump Waives Environmental Reviews, Citing Pandemic Economic Emergency

US billionaires have become $565 billion richer during the pandemic

Bill Gates said it’s hard to deny vaccine conspiracy theories involving him because they’re ‘so stupid’

AstraZeneca is aiming to produce 2 billion doses of a coronavirus vaccine – and it could be ready by September

Coronavirus vaccine developers expect ‘two-dose regimen,’ report says

Anthony Fauci claims coronavirus vaccine will be produced before confirmation of its effectiveness

NIH chief worried vaccine “skepticism” might cause some to skip coronavirus vaccine

Scientists Use Gene-targeting Breakthrough Against COVID-19 Cells With CRISPR Tool Called ‘PAC-MAN’

Singapore plans for all citizens to wear coronavirus tracing device

Surgisphere: governments and WHO changed Covid-19 policy based on suspect data from tiny US company

Unreliable data: how doubt snowballed over Covid-19 drug research that swept the world

A mysterious company’s coronavirus papers in top medical journals may be unraveling

Medical Journal Retracts Study Claiming Hydroxychloroquine Is Dangerous

US doctors group sues FDA for limiting access to drug touted by Trump for COVID-19

Israel aiming to enable unprecedented human DNA edits, to help cure illnesses

Scientists engineer human cells with squid-like transparency

58 Percent of Americans Believe Moral Truth ‘Is Up to Each Individual,’ New Poll Finds

Friday 6-5-20

Bryan Schneider – Race, Riots, & The Bible

Andrea Widburg – Americans are bowing down before the mob because of the Big Lie

Cliff Kincaid – Maoist thugs target Christians, with support from Justice Roberts

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: Racism Won’t Stop Until We ‘Accept Jesus Christ’

Hillsong Pastor’s Daughter Screams and Screeches at Police During Riots and Anarchy in NYC

Young witch reveals that witches are already behind the scenes putting hexes on police and government

Evangelical leaders support Black Lives Matter

Islamic Republic of Iran stands with Antifa and BLM, calls American law enforcement “vicious dogs”

Three Women Harassed, Called Racist for Cleaning BLM Graffiti

Abortion Activist Debra Messing Calls The Bible a “Dog Whistle to Nazis”

The Passion Translation author’s heretical views about Christ’s return

Trump signs order allocating $50M for international religious freedom programs

University prof urges families in lockdown to mix assisted suicide drugs for relatives wanting to die

Biblical village of Bethsaida ‘where Jesus fed the 5,000’ is underwater as floods in Israel force archaeologists to abandon the excavation site

Nigerian pastor and Calvin Seminary grad gunned down with his wife on their farm

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“A simple layman armed with Scripture is to be believed above a pope or a council without it…” – Martin Luther

Lara Logan on DOJ confirmation of Antifa’s role in riots: ‘This is the super bowl of their efforts’

Veteran correspondent Lara Logan, who has done extensive reporting on the Antifa movement, warned that the far-left extremist group is going all out to capitalize on national unrest.

Source: Lara Logan on DOJ confirmation of Antifa’s role in riots: ‘This is the super bowl of their efforts’

We Must Dedicate Ourselves to “Freedom’s Victory over the Socialist Monster” – General Flynn Releases Important Message, Signals He Is Ready to Get Back into the Fight — The Gateway Pundit

Retired General Michael Flynn on Friday released an important message for our challenging times.

General Flynn sent the letter to Scott Kesterson who later published the message on Twitter at BardsFM.

BardsFM 🇺🇸@BardsFM

A letter from @GenFlynn.

Read it.

View image on Twitter
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General Flynn is still waiting for the court to officially drop his case
Rogue DC Judge Emmet Sullivan is wanting to drag the case out.

via We Must Dedicate Ourselves to “Freedom’s Victory over the Socialist Monster” – General Flynn Releases Important Message, Signals He Is Ready to Get Back into the Fight — The Gateway Pundit

Social Distancing is Still Mandatory Unless You are Looting, Rioting or Starting Fires

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Have you noticed that during the riots, the media is not speaking about “social distancing” or even about the Covid-19 pandemic any longer?

How could the non-stop 24/7 news of Covid-19 which was forced upon us, ad nauseam, for 4 months be pushed aside and replaced by the violence and murder in the streets by ANTIFA? 

The leftist media want the sheeple to believe that the massive number of rioters are just locals who are truly protesting the murder of George Floyd. 

Of course, there are many genuine protestors of the heinous cold blooded murder of one George Floyd by a police officer. But the truth of the matter is this:  A very large portion of the violent,  brick yielding looters are none other than George Soros’s ANTIFA;  an Anarchist paid group of lawless opportunistic thugs.

Evidently, this is more important than “protecting” the people of America from a…

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Extraordinary Disconnect Between Stock Prices and Economic Collapse | Global Research by Stephen Lendman

Wall street

US equity prices are near or at all-time highs at a time of unprecedented economic collapse, a festering main street Depression, unemployment way higher than in the 1930s, with no prospect for a V-shaped recovery, only its illusion.

The Wall Street owned and controlled Fed is responsible for the extraordinary melt-up in stock valuations, money printing madness to blame — saving the stock market at the expense of the economy and welfare of ordinary Americans.

For the first time in US history, the Fed’s balance sheet exceeds $7 trillion.

It’s up from around $250 billion in the late 1980s and $750 billion in late December 2007, the onset of the 2008-09 financial crisis — a colossal example of mismanagement, an eventual price to pay for what’s going on.

Wall Street on Parade (WSOP) noted a disconnect between the Fed’s balance sheet and economic collapse.

At yearend 2019, WSOP explained that the Fed “was already deep into a debt crisis,” reflected by its minutes.

From mid-September 2019 to late January, the Fed already “had made $6.6 trillion cumulatively in emergency revolving repo loans to Wall Street” — even though the first US COVID-19 death didn’t occur until February 28.

Flooding the market with liquidity at near-zero percent interest is a virtual open sesame to unrestrained speculation for easy profits — no matter the extraordinary divergence between equity valuations and intrinsic value.

While highly indebted US households pay double-digit interest on outstanding credit card balances, banks and investors have access to near-free money, because of unprecedented Fed policy, changing the rules on how it operates.

As the saying goes, there’s something rotten in Denmark — courtesy of the US ruling class in Washington, at the Fed, and in corporate suites.

From 2008 to now with no end of it in prospect, the White House and Congress let the Fed (aka Wall Street) artificially manipulate markets and interest rates for maximum speculative profit-making.

It’s operating like never before as “both the lender and buyer of last resort,” WSOP explained, breaching its Federal Reserve Act (1913) statutory obligations.

The greater the Fed-produced equity and bond bubble, the louder the bang when it bursts beyond repai.

At the same time, protracted main street Depression conditions have festered for over a decade, conditions today worse than at any previous time in US history.

On June 3, economist John Williams warned that the entire economic expansion since 2009 “is at risk of collapse,” adding:

“Exploding federal deficit and debt shows (a) historic low ability of the US economy to cover (its) government obligations.”

The state of the US economy is the most dismal in its history by virtually all key metrics — notably GDP, retail sales, industrial production, durable goods orders, and unemployment at around 40%, not the phony low-ball Labor Department number.

Annualized Q II contraction is estimated to be about 50%, far exceeding all previous downturns.

And yet the Trump regime and Congress are doing little to nothing to create jobs and stimulate economic recovery — their focus almost entirely on serving corporate America and high-net-worth households.

US policy comes at the expense of ordinary Americans — hung out to dry by ruling class indifference to their health, welfare, and other fundamental rights.

Over a decade ago, noted investor Scott Minerd said “(t)he Fed will never be able to end quantitative easing. It’s here forever” — artificially manipulating markets, adding:

“This policy blunder will have long-term implications for our society.”

“The Fed and Treasury have essentially created a new moral hazard by socializing credit risk.”

“The United States will never be able to return to free market capitalism as we knew it before these policies were put in place.”

Minerd and others believe it’ll take years for the US economy to recover to its 2019 level.

Countless millions of ordinary Americans and others abroad may never recover, including hundreds of thousands of small, medium-sized, and some large enterprises gone forever — millions of lost jobs with them.

Boston-based philosopher king of Wall Street Jeremy Grantham warned of an unsustainable divergence between “depressionary” economic conditions and melt up in equity valuations.

“(B)oth can’t be right,” he stressed. Dismal economic data are worse than during the 1930s Great Depression.

Unprecedented US unemployment makes near-term economic recovery virtually impossible.

In his quarterly letter to investors, Grantham said the following:

“The current P/E on the US market is in the top 10% of its history.”

“The US economy in contrast is in its worst 10%, perhaps even the worst 1%.”

“In addition, everything is uncertain, perhaps to a unique degree.”

Economic and market data reflect “one of the most (extreme) mismatches in history.”

What’s new in the current environment “is the meaningful possibility of a disastrous economic outcome combined with a substantially overvalued stock market.”

What’s going on today in the US economy and markets is unprecedented.

“(T)his event is unlike all” earlier disturbing times.

“It is totally new, and there can be no near certainties, merely strong possibilities” — why he’s “nervous” as “should be” all investors.

US and global economic weakness preceded current conditions.

Supply and demand shocks alone are “generating a much faster economic contraction than that (during) the Great Depression.”

“The (US) drop in GDP and rise in unemployment in four weeks have equaled what took one to four years to reach in the Great Depression and were never reached in the other events.”

Grantham believes it’ll take “at least 5 years to regain 2019 levels of activity…Nearly certain is that a V-shaped recovery looks like a lost hope.”

He added that the notion of a magical vaccine in the coming months to make coronavirus outbreaks go away would be the equivalent in poker of “drawing successfully to several inside straights in a row.”

Statistically the odds against drawing it once are over ten to one.

“(W)e have never lived in a period where the future was so uncertain…perhaps to a unique degree,” Grantham stressed.

Current economic conditions and equity valuations are entirely disconnected from each other.

Markets eventually return to their mean valuations, no exceptions in modern financial history.

Is this time different? Will the sun one day rise in the West and set in the East?


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Award-winning author Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG)

His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com.

Source: Extraordinary Disconnect Between Stock Prices and Economic Collapse

Kneel — Triablogue

Rebeccah Heinrichs


There are more Americans willing to kneel before Americans commanding them to kneel than I realized

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The true American way when it comes to kneeling:

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Is Protesting Christian? — Gentle Reformation


“What do protests actually do?” “Do you think Christians should protest alongside of those groups?” “How does this actually promote justice?” These were the questions that I was asking my friend Ryan as I sought to understand the philosophy and theology of protest. We need to understand what is going on in our country.

Why Ryan? Because not only is he a reformed Christian (RPCNA), but he’s also an expert on radical abolition in early American history. He has taught on activism, dissent, and protest, all from a reformed Christian perspective.

As the discussion continued, we decided to do an interview on the theology and philosophy of protests, but that morphed into a micro-lecture series. I want to share that micro-lecture series with you. You may not agree with all the conclusions, and that’s okay. As Christians, we need to consider both the means of change in society as well as be able to discern which movements ought to be promoted. Thanks Dr. McIlhenny for my lecture series… but it ought to shared more widely.

Here is lecture 1 of Dr. McIlhenny’s new series. The following micro-lectures will appear on the same YouTube channel:

More information:
For more information on Dr. Ryan McIlhenny, you can visit his website: https://ryanmcilhenny.academia.edu

via Is Protesting Christian? — Gentle Reformation

The Absurdity of Enforcing Coronavirus Mandate Business Restrictions While Mass Protests, Rioting, and Looting Abound | Ron Paul Institute

Across America over the last week large groups of people have been protesting. Many people have also crowded together rioting and looting, often with no police taking any action to stop the out-in-the-open assaults and theft. Meanwhile, in many of the same cities and towns across America businesses remain totally shut down or are legally allowed to operate only under new restrictions that make profitable functioning difficult to impossible, all in the name of countering coronavirus.

That is not fair. That is not just.

Sure, people have a right to protest. But, people also have a right to engage in commerce.

People do not have a right to physically attack individuals who are not endangering people or property. And people do hot have a right to steal. Yet, in many places across America, cops are just letting such happen.

In contrast, people do have the right to strike a bargain for mutual benefit — exchange money for goods or services at a business, for example. Yet, they fear to do so because of government mandates prohibiting such actions.

Governments mandating, in the name of countering coronavirus, that businesses shut down or operate under new restrictions has been an aberration since it started in March. Now, there is the additional blight that owners of businesses are continuing to suffer under these draconian mandates while other activities such as protests, rioting, and looting that could spread the coronavirus under the logic of the mandates are flourishing. Of course, businesses have also suffered directly from the thefts and physical destruction.

Take New York City for example. While New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is condoning people engaging in mass protests in favor of certain causes with which he agrees and while the looting of businesses and destroying of property has occurred with little effective counter-action from city police, the coronavirus crackdown on businesses continues strong.

Karol Markowics addresses the problem well in her June 2 New York Post editorial “If protesters can march, why can’t businesses open?” Early on in her editorial, Markowics describes the painful situation many New York City businesses find themselves in under the continuing government-mandated restraints on their operation. She writes:

New York City is still a full five days away from entering Phase 1. This will open up only some industries, like construction and manufacturing and retail on a pickup basis only.

Many business owners are wondering if they’ll have a business left to open when their turn finally comes.

Continuing, Markowics writes:

The protests have exposed the absurdity of the continued lockdowns. It’s either a public-health emergency and crowds must be stopped or it’s not. It cannot be both.

On Sunday, as protests continued in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, a video circulated online of a city sheriff just a few avenues away giving tickets to open stores on 13th Avenue in Brooklyn.

None of this makes any sense anymore. The jig is up, the lockdown is over, our elected officials just need to catch up.

Exactly. Governments across America should ditch the phased reopenings and the accompanying new regulations, including percentage occupancy caps and new surveillance programs called “contract tracing.” Instead, just let people buy and sell as they choose. End the mask mandates too, along with the group size limits, stay-at-home orders, and the rest of the kit and kaboodle of draconian restrictions placed on businesses and individuals in the name of countering coronavirus.

Politicians should leave their dystopian dreams of a “new normal” behind and immediately rescind the entire coronavirus crackdown so Americans can choose to return to their “old normal.” As Markowicz writes, “the jig is up.”

Source: The Absurdity of Enforcing Coronavirus Mandate Business Restrictions While Mass Protests, Rioting, and Looting Abound

June 5th The D. L. Moody Year Book


Who is on the Lord’s side?—Exodus 32:26

WHEN I was in England in 1867, a friend happened to introduce me to a man from Dublin. Alluding to me, the latter said, “Is this young man all O O?” Said the London man, “What do you mean by O O?” Replied the Dublin man, “Is he Out-and-Out for Christ?” I tell you it burned down into my soul. It means a good deal to be O O for Christ.[1]


[1] Moody, D. L. (1900). The D. L. Moody Year Book: A Living Daily Message from the Words of D. L. Moody. (E. M. Fitt, Ed.) (pp. 97–98). East Northfield, MA: The Bookstore.

Tucker Carlson: The riots are not about George Floyd or racial justice. They’re about Trump and seizing power

Shame on those who pretended that it did — those who fell for the lie and those who knew better but played along because they are cowards.

Source: Tucker Carlson: The riots are not about George Floyd or racial justice. They’re about Trump and seizing power