Womanly contentment vs. discontentment, advice from 1896

The End Time

By Elizabeth Prata*

I was destined for great things, my mother promised. Women can do anything, my mother said. We should be feminists, my mother urged. Folks in our family are successful- entrepreneurs, professors, businessmen, doctors. So that was proof.

I was indeed on that trajectory when Christ interrupted my plans, humbled them, humbled me, and plucked me from the secular notion of success and began the long road of transforming my mind into acceptance of Christian success.

It took a long while of shaving, sharpening, and altering before I ceased to yearn for the worldly conception of fame, honor, and prosperity. Perhaps that is why I’m so sensitive to unsuitable Christian female yearning. Perhaps there are still vestiges of the old yearnings in me still. Likely both.

It’s been discouraging to see the speed with which women who claim to be Christian push and clamor for secular notions of…

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