Full of Grace and Truth

Unfathomable Grace

The world is so sinful.

God continually reveals himself and his truth to all men and women. Some hear God’s truth over the airwaves, some learn of God and his ways from their friends, some read his proclamations in his Book, and all have a measure of his truth written on their brains and consciences. However, despite God’s distribution of his truth, none appreciate his revelation. Instead of worshiping him and loving their brothers well, all men and women ignore God, suppress his teachings, and fill the gap with some sort of replacement theology. Yes, relativism, materialism, and hedonism rule the day. All humans prove to be arrogant, foolish, idolatrous, and dangerous followers of Satan.

The world is so condemned.

photo-1575505586569-646b2ca898fcGod continually sees all man’s wicked affections, thoughts, words, and deeds. And being the Just Judge of all the earth, he rightly condemns the guilty.

And one ought not think for…

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