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‘Down With Fascism!’ Cries Protester Burning Bibles — The Babylon Bee

PORTLAND, OR—According to sources at the peaceful protest in Portland, one particularly brave Antifa member cried out, “Down with fascism!” while he started a fire to burn Bibles.

“We’re defeating the Nazis!” he cried as he threw another Bible into the flames. “Nazis are bad! Nazis are bad!”

“The only way to defeat fascism is to burn books we disagree with,” he said as he egged the crowd on, getting more and more peaceful protesters to join in on the Bible burning. “If we are to stop the Nazis, we must silence ideas and people who are anywhere to the right of us. So, pretty much everyone except us, I guess.”

Next, the protesters say they are planning to make a list of undesirables who are in the way of their utopian society so they can be sent to special camps concentrated specifically on them.

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Kanye West tweets “Over 22,500,000 black babies have been aborted over the past 50 years”

A day after rap artist Kanye West responded to those who criticized his emotional admission that he and wife, Kim Kardashian, nearly aborted their first daughter, the self-proclaimed presidential candidate shared an alarming figure concerning abortion and the African-American community.

Source: Kanye West tweets “Over 22,500,000 black babies have been aborted over the past 50 years”

Analysis: Leftists Burning Bibles Now, Christians Later — Capstone Report

Protesters in Portland burned Bibles outside the federal courthouse, according to new video. The video highlights the godless goals of the Neo-Marxist Woke Mobs. Mobs in some cities burned churches and now it is Bibles. What’s next?

Ian Miles Cheong tweeted, “Left-wing activists bring a stack of Bibles to burn in front of the federal courthouse in Portland…I don’t know what burning the Bible has to do with protesting against police brutality. Do not be under the illusion that these protests and riots are anything but an attempt to dismantle all of Western Civilization and upend centuries of tradition and freedom of religion.”

And Eric Metaxas made an important historical comparison. He tweeted, “A century before the Third Reich, German poet Heinrich Heine prophesied that where books are burned, humans will soon be burned also. Antifa/BLM has chosen the brazenly atheist path of Joseph Goebbels. Let the reader understand.”

This is perceptive. The very spirit motivating the Leftist Mobs in American cities is the spirit that forces the China’s Uyghur Muslims into reeducation and forced labor camps.

It is the hubris of self-righteousness.

It is the legacy of Marx and Stalin and Mao and all such tyrants.

The very spirit of antichrist is at work today.

In times past, the American public and elites would deplore this conduct. Today, it is cheered from by the masses, the elites and the nation’s rulers. Woe is coming. Even great woes to such a nation and people.

Time is running out to save America from disaster.

Crime surged in American cities as riots rocked America. Democratic mayors encouraged violence with anti-police rhetoric and policies that encouraged protests and riots.

Yet, these same Leftist Tyrants use the Pandemic to keep churches locked.

Where is justice?

Where are the brave Christian leaders fighting this?

Are you fighting this? If not, will you?

Will you take up the cause of Christ and in so doing take up the cause of the Church and your nation?

Because if not, your children and grandchildren will face a much worse America. A dystopia where Christians are the ones persecuted. For, it is very true that where they burn Bibles today that it will be Christians tomorrow—unless something changes.

Be part of the change.

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Marxist Co-founder Of Black Lives Matter Patrisse Cullors Demands Democratic Party Pass Legislation To Defund The Police, Abolish ICE And DEA — Now The End Begins

The nationwide push led by Black Lives Matter to defund the police is part of a larger radical agenda expressed in the group’s own manifesto which openly seeks a revolution to topple the U.S. capitalist system and its replacement with a socialist-style government replete with universal income, collective ownership, and the redistribution of wealth.

I am not against taking a long, hard look at how America’s police force is set up, and making reforms and changes as needed, that’s common sense. I am not against reviewing the policies and procedures of ICE and the DEA, and make sure that those agencies are functioning fairly and properly. Groups invested with that much power should be watched carefully and adjusted accordingly should they start to stray from their founding mandates. But why on earth would someone want to get rid of these three groups? The answer is clear and obvious.

Black Lives Matter, a domestic terror group if ever there was one, wants to defund the police and abolish ICE and the DEA in order bring in an oppressive system of black supremacism. Black Lives Matter, declaring that ‘whites are evil’ and ‘must be overthrown’, are rooted in the Communist Party ideals, whose heros are Marx, Stalin and Lenin. Marx was a radical Communist revolutionary who inspired blood-thirsty killers like Lenin and Stalin to rise to power and oppress the people.

Patrisse Cullors proudly says that she and her two fellow Black Lives Matter co-founders are ‘trained Marxists’, and that alone should give you all the reason you need to reject the demands of these BLM domestic terrorists. If Joe Biden wins in November, as you will read below, that will ensure that at least some of the radical legislation called for by BLM will be passed into law.


Black Lives Matter Founder: DNC Platform Must Call for Defunding Police, Abolishing ICE

FROM BREITBART NEWS: Self-proclaimed Marxist and Black Lives Matter (BLM) co-founder Patrisse Cullors called on Democrats to make “sea changes” to their party platform and adopt radical legislation that calls to defund the police force, eliminate both the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and close all federal prisons and immigration detention centers, alongside various other radical demands — otherwise, “any claims of allyship and solidarity with our work to fight for black liberation are for naught.” 

Cullors stated there is “an opportunity right now to right the course of history” and warned that if not careful, the Democratic Party “will miss its greatest opportunity” to lead our country to the “true American revolution.”

The radical BLM co-founder was addressing the Democratic National Convention’s (DNC) virtual party platform meeting on Monday, only weeks before the start of the summer convention. Cullors told the panel “without making the necessary recommitments and revisions, can any of you here truly stand up and say, ‘my party is the party of principles?’”

Cullors also expressed a non-compromising attitude toward adopting some of the most radical policies:

Until and unless our leaders become signatory to the BREATHE Act — to legislation that eliminates the federal government’s ability to give multi-million dollar grants to militarize police forces; dismantles punitive like ICE, Border Patrol, and the DEA; ends the use of surveillance systems being used to target protesters; and bans the use of police agencies to suppress political dissent — the Democratic Party of today will be remembered as the party of complicity. The party that refuses to sacrifice its own creature comforts and material securities to ensure it walked the walk. So before you leave today, I want you to answer this question for yourselves: Which side of history is my party actually on?

In a call following her remarks, Cullors told Axios that she and other activists are “playing the long game” and that “even if we get Trump out in November we will still be having this same conversation about police violence with Biden in office.”

Cullors also added that earlier this month, the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL) policy team met with members of Biden’s campaign to discuss the BREATHE Act.


Formulated by the radical Movement for Black Lives (M4BL) — a coalition of more than 150 organizations and championed by Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) — the bill, posted on breatheact.org, is broken into four sections that focus on reforming federal institutions and policies.

The first section calls for moves such as divesting from police agencies like the DEA and ICE, dramatically reducing the Department of Defense budget, ending life sentences and mandatory minimum sentences, closing all federal prisons and immigration detention centers, and decriminalizing and retroactively expunging both state and federal drug offenses.

The second section calls for federal grants to incentivize local jurisdictions to decarcerate jails and/or defund police forces, close detention facilities, abolish state gang databases, remove police from schools, repeal all juvenile offenses, eliminate all court fees and forgive past debts.

The section also calls for a new program that would send trained civilian specialists, rather than police, to respond to 911 calls in order to reduce unnecessary contact between law enforcement and community members.

The next section calls for allocating new money for social equality in communities that provide equitable funding for all schools; developing school curricula that examines the impacts of colonialism, genocide against indigenous peoples and slavery; closing youth detention centers; and providing a lifetime of free access to education for undocumented immigrants, including those who are currently or were formerly incarcerated.

The final section calls for reparations for those incarcerated, including enfranchisement to vote; creating a public financing program for campaigns powered by small-dollar contributions; incentivizing states to increase voter turnout; and allowing undocumented immigrants to vote in local and state elections.

Biden-Sanders unity task force on criminal justice reform:

Unsurprisingly, many of the BREATHE Act’s demands resemble recommendations made by the Biden-Sanders criminal justice task force.

The task force recommendations include ending the use of private prisons and detention centers — including for immigration offenses; ending cash bail; abolishing the death penalty at the federal level; making all sentencing reforms retroactive to allow for individualized resentencing; incentivizing jail and prison closures as populations decline; restoring the right to vote for all formerly incarcerated individuals; reinstating government-subsidized grants (Pell Grant eligibility) for previously incarcerated individuals; conditioning the receipt of federal funds on the automatic expungement and sealing of juvenile records; and federal funding to create a civilian corps of unarmed first responders such as social workers, EMTs, and trained mental health professionals to handle non-violent emergencies.

Breitbart News previously reported that the task force on criminal justice reform, charged with shaping Biden’s public policy agenda and intended to guide the party’s 2020 platform, was composed of extremist members with radical views directly tied to organizations that believe America is inherently racist and must be fought through radical transformation.

Biden, long seen as a moderate, has earned plaudits from progressives in recent weeks for the aggressive recommendations made by the Biden-Sanders unity task force.

“The compromise they came up with, if implemented, will make Biden the most progressive president since FDR,” Sanders told MSNBC after the task force released its recommendations.

Sanders added that there was a “real honest effort” to find a compromise between left-wing supporters of Sanders and establishment Biden backers.

Patrisse Cullors radical revolution:

Breitbart News previously reported on the M4BL and its extreme vision for what a “true American revolution” would look like, with Patrice Cullors warning the DNC platform committee that if the Democratic Party is not careful, they risk losing the great opportunity to lead our country.

As reported, the nationwide push led by Black Lives Matter to defund the police is part of a larger radical agenda expressed in the group’s own manifesto which openly seeks a revolution to topple the U.S. capitalist system and its replacement with a socialist-style government replete with universal income, collective ownership, and the redistribution of wealth.

Additionally, Breitbart News documented Cullors — whom the DNC platform committee embraced — as the protégé of a communist-supporting domestic terrorist for over a decade, spending years training in political organizing and absorbing the radical Marxist-Leninist ideology which shaped her worldview.

Biden embracing the revolution:

On Tuesday, Biden reiterated that he would be “one of the most progressive presidents in U.S. history” during a rare question-and-answer session with the press after a speech on racial equality in Wilmington, Delaware, as Breitbart News reported.

Biden’s promises of a fundamental transformation have been made on several occasions, including:

  • May 4: Biden calls coronavirus an “incredible opportunity … to fundamentally transform the country.”
  • May 11: Biden says America needs “revolutionary institutional changes.”
  • June 2: Biden calls for America to fight “systemic racism.”
  • July 4: Biden promises to “transform” America and “rip the roots of systemic racism out of this country.”
  • July 9: Biden vows he will put an “end to the era of shareholder capitalism.”
  • July 13: Biden promises “systemic” and “institutional” changes.

On Friday, former congressman Phil Gramm noted in The Wall Street Journal that Biden had taken a hard left turn since securing his party’s nomination, adopting the socialist agenda of former rivals Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. As a result, Gramm said the election was no longer a referendum on Trump, but a referendum on the survival of America. READ MORE

“We Are Trained Marxists” – Patrisse Cullors, Co-Founder

The Violence Of Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is dedicated to the overthrow of the United States, and by any means necessary as you see here. 

via Marxist Co-founder Of Black Lives Matter Patrisse Cullors Demands Democratic Party Pass Legislation To Defund The Police, Abolish ICE And DEA — Now The End Begins

Astronomer Guillermo Gonzalez lectures on intelligent design and habitability


Christianity and the progress of science Christianity and the progress of science

Here is a lecture that talks about intelligent design and eclipses. There are 5 video clips that make up the full lecture.

The playlist for all 5 clips is here.

About the speaker

Guillermo Gonzalez is an Associate Professor of Physics at Grove City College. He received his Ph.D. in Astronomy in 1993 from the University of Washington. He has done post-doctoral work at the University of Texas, Austin and at the University of Washington and has received fellowships, grants and awards from such institutions as NASA, the University of Washington, the Templeton Foundation, Sigma Xi (scientific research society) and the National Science Foundation.

Learn more about the speaker here.

The lecture

Here’s part 1 of 5:

And the rest are here:

Total time: 43…

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Government lockdowns are proving just as deadly as the virus — Christian Research Network

“Realities like the fact that it is the height of hubris for you, me, them, or some panel of bureaucrats to determine for everyone else what is “essential” and “nonessential” business. Our well-intentioned efforts to do that several months ago have proven fiscally and psychologically catastrophic.”

(Peter Heck – Disrn)  I about swallowed my tongue when I sat down at the table to try to ease into the news of the day, and instead saw this from NBC:

BREAKING: US GDP falls by a record 32.9% in 2nd quarter, and more than 1.43M people filed for unemployment benefits for the 1st time last week, rising for a 2nd week. 
For those uninitiated to basic economics, a collapse of that magnitude would be more than just bad. It would be singularly catastrophic. Now, of course as it turned out, NBC was wrong. Breathtakingly wrong.

The U.S. GDP did fall a dangerous amount – 9.5% to be precise – but nowhere near the mark that NBC reported. The 32.9% was the annualized number, meaning that if the GDP continued falling at its current clip, that would be the total drop for the year.   View article →

via Government lockdowns are proving just as deadly as the virus — Christian Research Network

Memo From Insiders: Dear Bagholders, Thanks For Buying Our Shares At The Top | ZeroHedge News

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog,

The self-sustaining recovery is a fantasy that’s evaporated.

What looks like a powerful, can’t-lose rally to newbies is recognized as distribution by old hands. In low-volume markets (as in the past few months), insiders holding large positions can’t dump all their shares at once or the price of the stock would plummet due to the thinness of the bid.

The only way to get top-dollar for one’s overvalued shares is to play distribution games: sell a little each day on the upticks, and buy back shares when they threaten to drop below the key support levels followed by trading algos.

When insiders have finished distributing their shares to naive and trusting bagholders at the top, then the price can flush lower with a velocity that shocks the complacent bagholders who saw only the inevitability of an endless rally rather than the inevitability of a collapse of bubble valuations.

Stocks are priced for a V-shaped recovery and/or $1 trillion in federal giveaways per month. Neither is possible. The V-shaped recovery hopes were based on $6 trillion in federal/Federal Reserve stimulus washing over the nation, boosting household incomes and opening spigots of cash for enterprises and local governments.

The basic idea was to give the economy a needed shot of adrenaline to get to to the point where a recovery would be self-sustaining: companies would hire back laid-off workers, people would start borrowing and over-consuming again, sales and income tax revenues would return to pre-pandemic levels, etc.

The self-sustaining recovery is a fantasy that’s evaporated. The spike in activity was all the giveaways being spent. Now that most of the free-money programs are expiring, there’s no more stimulus to spend.

As for budgeting another trillion or two for future infrastructure projects: what few proponents of infrastructure spending realize is the number of companies and skilled workers capable of getting this work done is limited. You can create the cash out of thin air but you can’t conjure up experienced welders, crane operators, etc. to get the work done or the complex operational skills required to manage these large, complicated projects.

Also overlooked is the fact that most of these companies and workers are already busy, and it takes years to train new workers with the requisite skills.

So what’s left to support the can’t-lose rally? The promise of trillions of dollars more given directly to households and enterprises and local governments, at a run-rate of a trillion a month. Anything less won’t be enough.

And then there’s the line of dominoes that are toppling:

Distribution isn’t a rally.

Source: Memo From Insiders: Dear Bagholders, Thanks For Buying Our Shares At The Top

John MacArthur Says JD Greear Doesn’t Know What A Church Is, Doesn’t Know How To Shepherd His People — Christian Research Network

“MacArthur released a video statement last night explaining his strong stance for continuing to keep his church open…”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  John MacArthur has been one of the few glimmers of light as a biblical shepherd during the coronavirus pandemic. As most churches are caving to the demands of the state to shutdown or limit worship, MacArthur has declared that his church will obey God rather than man.

MacArthur has been under fire from the governments who continue to threaten to shut down his church or take other actions such as shutting off the utilities to his church — which have already happened — but he’s also been under fire from those whom he’s called friends. Namely, other church leaders.  View article →

If there’s no link, click on the headline to read the article.


J.D. Greear


Defying Tyrants & Fearing God – John MacArthur, 9Marks and Thinking Biblically

via John MacArthur Says JD Greear Doesn’t Know What A Church Is, Doesn’t Know How To Shepherd His People — Christian Research Network

LA County Health Department ‘Investigating’ MacArthur’s Grace Community Church — Capstone Report


John MacArthur: America looks like a massive Jerry Springer Show.

John MacArthur: Apparently, a Master of Divinity does not come with a backbone.

John MacArthur’s brave stand for the First Amendment brings attention to Leftist Tyranny in California.

John MacArthur and Grace Community Church made a brave stand for the Gospel and religious freedom by holding church services last Sunday. And now everyone waits for how the People’s Republic of California will respond. We know the bureaucracy is paying attention and an investigation is underway.

“The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health in a statement provided to Religion News Service said its Environmental Health division ‘is investigating and will be reaching out to the church leaders to let them know they need to comply with the Health Officer Order,’” according to RNS.

Pastor John MacArthur said any next level action against the church likely will begin with the health authorities.

He told Eric Metaxas, “The next level will be the intrusion of the state and it may start with the health department or something like that,” MacArthur said. (See below for video of Eric Metaxas talking with John MacArthur.

Will that lead to enforcement action? And if so, what kind?

LA has promised stiff action against those who fail to comply with its draconian orders. These include shutting off water and power at the locations.

The State said outdoor church meetings are acceptable. In a statement from the Los Angeles County Health Department, “The State Public Health Officer created an exception to the prohibition against gatherings for faith-based services and cultural ceremonies as well as protests. Churches and protests can only operate outdoors, which is safer than indoors, with protocols in place including physical distancing between non-household members and wearing face coverings. It is important that worship services happen outside.

However, for large churches tents and outdoor meetings in 100+ degree heat is impossible. The heat likely poses its own serious health threat.

What will happen this week? Next week? Will the Leftist Tyrants in City Hall and Sacramento silently acquiesce or will they escalate the situation? Stay tuned.

Eric Metaxas and John MacArthur

This week, Pastor John MacArthur was interviewed by Tucker Carlson. It was brief but one of the most important conversations so far. Tucker Carlson Tonight is the voice of conservative America during this crisis. His ratings are through the roof even beating MLB games.

However, the interview was short. If you want a deeper dive into the politics and theology of the situation then Eric Metaxas interview with MacArthur provides it. Metaxas had MacArthur sit through an entire hour and then a portion of the next hour too. Video below and below that a few excerpts, comments, and thoughts.

“America looks like a massive Jerry Springer Show,” MacArthur said around the 25:45 mark. “That is not to say that God can’t revive and God can’t bring the Gospel to bear. But I promise you one thing, if all the evangelical leaders are running around trying to make sinners happy, instead of confronting sin and proclaiming the Gospel—it is not going to happen.”

Metaxas brings up and important point—the national conservative media often ignores biblical perspectives on political issues. This is true as much of the conservative establishment dollars go to fund libertarian economic and social policy views as opposed to conservative, Christian views. That is not to say reducing market regulation is a bad thing. It is a good thing. However, the social issues or the Culture War issues are decidedly a low emphasis in most circles of the conservative media and establishment.

That makes hosts like Eric Metaxas and Todd Starnes critical during these times. These men have backbones. Too many pastors do not. And John MacArthur pointed that out by telling Metaxas that an Master of Divinity does not come with a backbone.

Yet, there is hope for Christians.

“Paul the apostle in I Corinthians 2 said we march in a triumph we always triumph in christ why because Christ triumphs,” MacArthur said. “Psalm 2 tells us that God is going to give the nations of the world to his son and he tells the nations of the world kiss the Sn lest He be angry. He will come as the final judge and the final earthly king. He will establish his kingdom in this world Christ triumphs. We march in his triumph. It’s not up to us to change the world. He has the plan. It’s only up to us to be the tools that He uses to do that by living godly lives and preaching the saving Gospel.”

MacArthur says that some Christians would rather fight on another issue such as LGBT laws. However, MacArthur rejected that.

“The first hill that we come to we’ll die on that hill for the sake of the freedom to preach the gospel in this country,” MacArthur said.

And that is just a few samples of the Metaxas and MacArthur interview. Watch it all. It is rewarding.

via LA County Health Department ‘Investigating’ MacArthur’s Grace Community Church — Capstone Report

Confronting the Chaos of Our Culture with the Love of Christ

The Fight of Faith

Our culture seems to be described perfectly in 2 Timothy 3:2-4. It says, “Men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.

As Christians, what is more important than the description of the culture, is how scripture calls believers to respond in times like this. The righteous are not to be afraid of bad news; their heart is to be firm, trusting in the Lord (Psalm 112:7). Yet, many churchgoers seem to be at their whit’s end as they watch it all unfold. It is as if they believe this fiery trial is something strange (1 Peter 4:12). It seems we have had it so good for so long that we have forgotten what the Bible promised us. It says, “Indeed…

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As They Turn To Burning Bibles, Portland Rioters Show Their True Colors — The Federalist

As They Turn To Burning Bibles, Portland Rioters Show Their True Colors

For radical leftists like the ones rioting in Portland, it was never truly about addressing police brutality, but tearing down all the West holds dear.

While rioters previously attacked federal buildings, businesses, and even officers, this weekend, they found a new target: Bibles.

A video posted to Twitter on Saturday shows rioters holding Black Lives Matter signs tossing Bibles into a fire. Bystanders stood and watched as the flames licked away at the pages of the books.

“Left-wing activists bring a stack of Bibles to burn in front of the federal courthouse in Portland,” wrote the Twitter user, Ian Cheong, who posted the video.

Later in the Twitter thread, Cheong pointed out that the violent and chaotic nature of these protestors is not correlated with “protesting against police brutality.”

“I don’t know what burning the Bible has to do with protesting against police brutality. Do not be under the illusion that these protests and riots are anything but an attempt to dismantle all of Western Civilization and upend centuries of tradition and freedom of religion,” he continued.

Donald Trump Jr. also commented on the video criticizing it as an escalation of Antifa.

“Now we move to the book burning phase. I’m pretty sure ANTIFA doesn’t actually stand for what they say it stands for. Maybe just remove the anti part of [their] name and it’s perfect,” he wrote.

Other Twitter users acknowledged that burning Bibles confirms what many have thought all along about the riots.

“There is a purpose to this. The protesters are signaling they will dismantle and replace our whole entire narrative,” tweeted another user.

The Portland riots have been raging since George Floyd’s death in early May, even before “the ramped-up federal presence.” While many have claimed that these riots are “largely peaceful,” “gunfire, arson, stabbings, and other violence followed rioters” well through Saturday morning.

Jordan Davidson is an intern for The Federalist and a recent graduate of Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism.

via As They Turn To Burning Bibles, Portland Rioters Show Their True Colors — The Federalist

Mission Accomplished: Fed Officially Blows The Biggest Ever Bubble | Zero Hedge

Stocks managed gains on the month (4th month in a row) – Nasdaq best, Dow worst…

Source: Bloomberg

And note that despite the epic surge in the mega tech stocks overnight… Yes, that is AAPL up 10%!! (GOOGL -4%)…MSFT  managed to rally back to unch after rumors of it buying TikTok…

Apple is up $170BN today, more than the market cap of Oracle, more than the GDP of Hungary; Apple’s value increase today would be the 33rd biggest company in the S&P500.

Nasdaq was not a one-way street today as CNBC stunningly remarked “nasdaq has now gone negative which is quite interesting…”

And you have to laugh at this – The Dow scraped by today… as AAPL’s insane squeeze higher dominated the rest of the entire index…

Source: Bloomberg

but that will change when AAPL splits.

BUT, it was in currency, commodity, credit, and crypto land that the real fun and games took place.

Bonds were bid pretty much all month with the long-end notably outperforming…

Source: Bloomberg

… and pushing to new record low yields…

Source: Bloomberg

Some highlights:

  • 2Y Treasury yields fell for the 8th month in a row

  • 30Y Treasury yields fell for the 5th month this year

  • 2s30s Curve flattened by the most since August 2019

Source: Bloomberg

Still a long way down for stocks if bonds are right…

Source: Bloomberg

Gold and silver screamed higher on the month.

  • Silver’s best month since 1979 (when the Hunt Brothers tried to corner the market)

  • Gold’s best month since 2011

Spot Gold reached a new record above Sept 2011 and Futures topped $2000…

Source: Bloomberg

Silver’s at its highest since June 2013…

Source: Bloomberg

Oil’s up for the 3rd month in a row, but has largely trod water all month…

Source: Bloomberg

Cryptos soared in July with Ethereum best (up over 50%, its 4th monthly rise in a row) and Bitcoin up 22%…

Source: Bloomberg

Ethereum closed at its highest since August 2018…

Source: Bloomberg

And helping all these assets rise in value, DXY Dollar Index suffered its biggest monthly drop since 2010…

Source: Bloomberg

Breaking a key up-trend line…

Source: Bloomberg

Did Washington mess with the ‘money’ one too many times?

Gold seems to think so…

Source: Bloomberg

Finally, we note that ‘soft’ survey macro data has surged full of hope to a region that has not ended well in the recent past

Source: Bloomberg

Better keep pumping…

Source: Bloomberg

Remember, Diversify, Diversify, Diversify… oh wait!

h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer

We’ve seen this before…

h/t KesslerCompanies.com

Trade accordingly.

So – summing up July – Stocks up, Bonds up, Gold up, Silver up, Oil up, Crypto up, Dollar Down (along with Fed credibility.)

— Read on www.zerohedge.com/markets/silver-soars-best-month-79-dollar-dumps-most-decade

These Five Democrat Governors Behind Tens of Thousands of Coronavirus Deaths Sent COVID-19 Patients to Nursing Homes — The Gateway Pundit

(Source: G. Girvan / FREOPP; Graphic: A. Roy / FREOPP)

An updated study revealed 45% of all US coronavirus deaths occurred in nursing homes.

That comes out to 73,733 Deaths in US Nursing Homes!
That is a bloodbath!!

Italy also saw 40% of their coronavirus deaths in nursing homes.

Only 0.6% of the US population lives in nursing homes but over 45% of the coronavirus deaths were in these centers.

These five Democrat governor sent COVID-19 patients into nursing homes.

Via Jordan Schachtel at Medium.

Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo in New York state.

Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom in California.

Democrat Governor Tom Wolf in Pennsylvania

Democrat Governor Phil Murphy in New Jersey

Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan.

via These Five Democrat Governors Behind Tens of Thousands of Coronavirus Deaths Sent COVID-19 Patients to Nursing Homes — The Gateway Pundit

Top Weekly Stories from ChristianNews.net for 08/01/2020

Todd White: ‘I Am So Convicted. … I Feel Like I Haven’t Preached the Whole Gospel, and I Repent’   Jul 28, 2020 03:26 pm

In a message posted to YouTube on Monday, Todd White of Lifestyle Christianity told those gathered during a Sunday evening service that he has been convicted of not preaching the whole gospel. While it is not clear if White has rejected teachings that had made him controversial in the past, he stated that the Lord has been “pruning” and correcting him and that “it…

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‘I Am a New Creation’: Woman in Malta Breaks Free From Lesbianism Through Jesus Christ   Jul 27, 2020 04:56 pm

During a recent interview conducted by the UK-based organization Christian Concern, a woman from Malta who identified as a lesbian for seven years shared her story of how she found fulfillment in Jesus Christ and was set free from homosexuality. “In Christ today, I am a new creation,” joyed Kylie Delia during the interview, which is posted to YouTube. Delia…

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Children’s Author, Former CCM Magazine Editor Comes Out as Homosexual, Announces Divorce From Wife   Jul 31, 2020 05:08 pm

Matthew Turner, the former editor for CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) magazine and author of books such as “Our Great Big American God,” “Churched: One Kid’s Journey Toward God Despite a Holy Mess” and the bestselling children’s rhyme “When God Made You”, has announced that he and his wife are divorcing in order to accept and embrace his inclination toward the…

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Six Christian Families in India Issued Ultimatum to Renounce Their Faith   Jul 25, 2020 12:30 pm

Photo Credit: Luis Valiente/Pixabay India (International Christian Concern) – Six Christian families have received an ultimatum from the Latehar District Police of Jharkhand state to either renounce their Christian faith or prepare to leave the village. The police have given the Christians a single month to respond to this demand. The police issued the…

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Texas Pastor Lays Down His Life to Save His Friend as They Assist Scene of Highway Accident   Jul 29, 2020 01:06 pm

SHERMAN, Texas — Thousands have viewed a memorial service held on Friday to honor the life of a pastor and church planter who was tragically killed on July 18 while saving a friend as they both were assisting a motorist involved in a fiery accident. According to reports, John Powell, pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in New Caney, was driving on US Highway 75 in…

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US Supreme Court Declines 5-4 to Halt Nev. Rule Limiting Churches to 50 People While Casinos Open at 50% Capacity   Jul 27, 2020 02:54 pm

Photo Credit: Luis Quintero/Pexels WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court declined on Friday to grant an injunction against a Nevada rule limiting church attendance to 50 people while casinos, bars, restaurants and gyms are permitted to operate at 50% capacity at this stage of the state’s reopening plan. The 5-4 decision was again due to Chief Justice John…

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Pastor, 5-Year-Old Boy Among 10 Christians Killed in Herdsmen Attacks in Nigeria   Jul 28, 2020 04:29 pm

JOS, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – Muslim Fulani herdsmen on Friday (July 24) killed a church pastor, a 5-year-old boy and eight other Christians in attacks in north-central Nigeria, sources said. The boy, Joel Cephas, and Shamah Kuyet Ishaya of the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) in Zikpak were killed in attacks on predominantly Christian areas in and…

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Ex-Wife of Amazon.com Billionaire Donates $46 Million to Homosexual, Transgender Causes   Jul 30, 2020 01:14 pm

WASHINGTON (Reuters) — MacKenzie Scott, ex-wife of Amazon.com Inc.’s billionaire Chief Executive Jeff Bezos, has donated $1.7 billion of her wealth in the past year to causes including racial equality, LGBTQ rights, public health and climate change, she said in a blog post on Tuesday. Scott, who was previously known as MacKenzie Bezos, also announced her…

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Christian Ministry Helping Homosexuals Has Bank Accounts Closed Following Harassment Campaign   Jul 29, 2020 10:21 am

(Christian Concern) — A Christian ministry is being targeted by activists because it offers help to people who want to move away from same-sex attraction or behaviors. Core Issues Trust (CIT) is a non-profit Christian ministry that supports men and women who voluntarily seek change in sexual preference and expression. Led by Mike Davidson, the group has…

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Planned Parenthood New York to Remove Founder Margaret Sanger’s Name Due to Her ‘Eugenic Ideology’   Jul 28, 2020 06:49 pm

Photo Credit: Bain News Service NEW YORK — Planned Parenthood of Greater New York (PPGNY) has announced that it will remove founder Margaret Sanger’s name from its Manhattan facility bearing her namesake, and is also working with city council to rename Margaret Sanger Square, due to her “harmful connections to the eugenics movement.” The organization says…

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August 1 Life-Changing Moments With God


The fruit of the Spirit is … faithfulness.

My grace I have been saved through faith, and that not of myself; it is Your gift, O God. Without faith it is impossible to please You. I believe in Jesus; I am not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!

When I keep Your word, Lord God, truly Your love is perfected in me. Faith working through love—for faith without works is dead.

I walk by faith, not by sight. I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me. Although I have not seen Jesus, I love Him. Though now I do not see Jesus, yet believing, I rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory, receiving the end of my faith—the salvation of my soul.

May my faithfulness to You, my ever-faithful God, be obvious in my love, my obedience, and my joy.

Galatians 5:22; Ephesians 2:8; Hebrews 11:6; John 3:18; Mark 9:24; 1 John 2:5; Galatians 5:6; James 2:20; 2 Corinthians 5:7; Galatians 2:20; 1 Peter 1:8–9[1]


[1] Jeremiah, D. (2007). Life-Changing Moments With God (p. 232). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

August 1 Thoughts for the quiet hour


Continue in prayer

Col. 4:2

The greatest and the best talent that God gives to any nun or woman in this world is the talent of prayer. And the best usury that any man or woman brings back to God when He comes to reckon with them at the end of this world is a life of prayer. And those servants best put their Lord’s money to the exchangers who rise early and sit late, as long as they are in this world, ever finding out, and ever following after better and better methods of prayer, and ever forming more secret, more steadfast, and more spiritually fruitful habits of prayer, till they literally pray without ceasing, and till they continually strike out into new enterprises in prayer, and new achievements, and new enrichments.

Alexander Whyte[1]


[1] Hardman, S. G., & Moody, D. L. (1997). Thoughts for the quiet hour. Willow Grove, PA: Woodlawn Electronic Publishing.

The Three Waves of Pentecostalism — Ligonier Ministries Blog

Despite its humble beginnings, the Pentecostal movement has gained a significant influence in the world. From his teaching series A Survey of Church History, W. Robert Godfrey describes three waves of Pentecostalism in the United States.


Pentecostalism, as we look at it historically, we can say has passed probably through at least three stages or has seen three waves. Original Pentecostalism, as we talked about it in the last lecture, was a movement very much oriented to the idea that they wanted to recapture what the early church had had in terms of the presence of the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit, particularly in healings and in speaking in tongues. That led to the creation of a number of Pentecostal denominations, because their new insights were not welcomed into most of the rest of Protestantism. Early in the formation of those new denominations, they began to face a very serious problem internally, that some of the early Pentecostals began to reject the doctrine of the Trinity in the name of what came to be known as the “Oneness doctrine,” a form of modalism that says there is no real distinction of persons in the Godhead. Father, Son and Holy Spirit are just different names for the one God, and Jesus is the one God come in the flesh. This was very traumatic for the early Pentecostals, because they had most of the Trinitarian Pentecostals labeling these modalists as heretics, but these heretics were all speaking in tongues and performing miracles. And so, how was it possible that the Holy Spirit could be present with the heretics? How could the very signs that they claimed marked them as children of God be present in heretics? The answer to that was that these were demonic counterfeits. So, nonetheless, it kind of blurred the witness a little bit as to the clarity of what was going on. So that’s the first wave, the original impulse oftentimes tied to end-times speculation. The second wave arising mainly in the ’60s is often labelled as the “charismatic wave.” These were kinder, gentler Pentecostals. These were Pentecostals who said, “The baptism in the Holy Ghost is available to everybody, but maybe it’s not actually for everybody. Certainly, we don’t want to pressure anybody into this. We find it personally very helpful, but you may not, and that’s fine.” These folks, many of them, operated within established denominations and were not necessarily driven out. Even within the Roman Catholic Church, there arose charismatic Roman Catholics who claimed to have had these experiences and came to be tolerated within the mainline movements. The old Pentecostals were rather suspicious of these charismatics. They thought they were rather accommodating and rather compromising, but nonetheless there was a profound impact in the ’60s and beyond by these charismatics. Then, maybe about the ’80s or so, there came a third wave of a renewed kind of more old line Pentecostal, but focusing on different gifts. In this new movement was particularly an emphasis on wealth. Not only health but also wealth was promised by the Holy Spirit. The prosperity gospel begins to attract more attention. Word of knowledge, word of prophecy becomes more significant in some of these movements. So, the basic theology remains the same of the presence of the Holy Spirit, but now there’s now more talk about the restoration of the office of the prophet and even in some groups the restoration of the office of the Apostle. So, it becomes somewhat more radical even and I think certainly more worldly.

via The Three Waves of Pentecostalism — Ligonier Ministries Blog

Answering Reader Question: What are we to think of the “Let Us Worship” tour?

The End Time

By Elizabeth Prata

A reader asked what I think about the recent activity of the “Let Us Worship” tour led by Bethel worship leader Sean Feucht (pronounced Foyt). Some are calling it “a revival.” Others are just excited to see ‘all those people worshiping’. What should we think about this?

Bethel is a large (false) church in Redding California, and also founded a “School of Supernatural Ministry.” The organization relies heavily on Charismatic activities such as manifestations of the Spirit, miracles, healing, and voices to draw congregants and to point to Christ, a different Christ than the Jesus of the Bible. Mainly, youths gravitate to Bethel Church.

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1 Aug 2020 Rapture Ready News

Nephilim Returns – These are the Days of Noah (video)

Violent hailstorm hits central Slovenia – Europe’s first giant hail event in 2020
A violent supercell storm produced severe hailstorm over central Slovenia on Wednesday evening, July 29, 2020. Ice stones up to 10 cm (4 inches) in diameter left enormous damage along its path in what is now the first giant hailstorm event of 2020 in Europe.

Bahamas bracing for Hurricane “Isaias”
Tropical Storm “Isaias” — the 9th named storm of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season — has strengthened into a hurricane at 03:40 UTC on July 31, 2020. At the time, its center was located about 110 km (70 miles) ESE of Great Inagua Island, Bahamas, moving NW at 30 km/h (18 mph). NHC forecast calls for the center of Isaias to move near or over the southeastern Bahamas on Friday, July 31, 2020. Preparations to protect life and property should be rushed to completion.

Unsealed Court Documents Place Bill Clinton On Orgy Island With Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell Suicide Up Next?
Court documents unsealed yesterday shed new light on the pedophilic activity of Jeffrey Epstein and his madame Ghislaine Maxwell, those same documents also place Bill Clinton on Epstein’s ‘Orgy Island’ where the rape and molestation of underage girls was known to have taken place. Is Ghislaine Maxwell about to join the Clinton Body Count? Sure looks like it.

Xi Hails Now “Fully Operational” China-Controlled Satellite Navigation System Which Rivals GPS
China joins a very few number of nations possessing its own independent global navigation system.

Donald Trump Suggests Delaying ‘Most Inaccurate and Fraudulent’ 2020 Election
President Donald Trump on Thursday predicted the 2020 election would be the “most inaccurate and fraudulent” in history, and even suggested delaying it as Democrats continue promoting vote by mail during the coronavirus pandemic.

Michigan Governor Closes Bars Statewide but Opens up Casinos in Detroit. Makes Sense Right?
Occasionally a story I choose to tackle makes me wonder if I should have taken up writing about science fiction and things that are make-believe. Lucky for me though, I live in Michigan during the time of COVID-19 and I STILL get to write about fiction that is based on pretend science that no one could make up unless they were high.

Heartbeat Laws Protect Human Dignity; the Recent Court Decision Against Georgia’s Law Does Not
On July 13th, a federal judge permanently blocked Georgia’s recent heartbeat law from going into effect. The law would have prohibited abortion, barring certain specific exceptions, after a heartbeat is detectable in the pre-born child, usually at around 6 weeks after conception.

With Blazing Hatred In Their Eyes, Every NBA Player In First Basketball Game Of 2020 Season Kneels In Contempt While American National Anthem Played 
It is time to not only boycott basketball, but to turn off and stop watching every professional sporting event that is broadcast across America. Look at the hatred in the faces of these privileged, rich Liberals who have nothing but hatred and contempt for the country that made them wealthy bouncing a ball. They want real change? I say America turns them off starting immediately, and let’s see them have to get real jobs and actually have to work for a living.

Democrats Introduce Bill to Repeal Amendment Barring U.S. Funds to Provide Abortion Overseas
House Democrats launched a bill Wednesday that would repeal a long-standing amendment that blocks U.S. foreign aid programs from contributing to abortion overseas.

Seattle Moves To Replace ‘Racist’ Police With ‘Trauma-Informed, Gender-Affirming, Anti-Racist’ Organizations
Citizens On Patrol…

Source: 1 Aug 2020