Good News for Drowning Believers

Unfathomable Grace

Good News:

Christian, should you have taken the other road — the one less traveled? Do you find yourself outside the “perfect will” of God? Today, have you fallen to depths you never imagined? Have your transgressions become public? Do you imagine you have gone too far and sinned away the grace of God? Does it seem like God’s Spirit has “left the building” because of your gross, intentional, persistent, private, and public sins? And right now, today, do the consequences of your decisions seem insurmountable? Would you like to die and be done?

Well fellow sinful saint, I have good news. We are just like Jonah. We are far more sinful we think, but we are far more loved and graced than we can imagine. And right now, even though we sin terribly and hurt horribly, our Heavenly Father is gracing us and calling us to repentance and restoration.

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