The Scheduled White House SIEGE

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

There is not much talk about the scheduled “White House Siege” beginning on September 17th and supposedly continuing until the Presidential election.

This movement has the fingerprints of boogie-man George Soros all over it.

Please take a closer look at the image right above. You will notice the word “Comrade.”  I guess the leaders of the movement, who by the way, are the same leaders of “Occupy Wall Street” (that was a dud, huh?)  want you to know that they are Communists. Why else would they call themselves and their readership “Comrades?”

I’ll tell you who they actually are. They are “Useful Idiots” who live in the basements of their hippie, well-to-do parents.  They do not know American history, nor do they wish to know.

They are paid by George Soros to show up and act obnoxious.

They are clueless.

They are also oblivious to the fact that Communism in…

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