The Law and the Lawyer

Unfathomable Grace

God and His Good Law

Our Creator reveals to us his laws, and in them he lovingly instructs us in how we should rightly think, speak, and act. He reveals his ordinances in the following ways:

  • Principles from God’s natural order (General Revelation)
  • Principles from conscience and logic (General Revelation)
  • Principles from the Moral Law (Special Revelation)
  • Principles from the Ceremonial and Civil Law. (Special Revelation)

Within these are found specific regulations and general principles that cover all areas of our lives — personal, family, church, vocation, commerce, finances, and government. Our God is so kind and loving to us. His ordinances and precepts are so wise and good. How blessed we are to have ready access to his thinking, wisdom, and will.

God and His Lawless Thugs

However, things are not going well between us and our Teacher. The problem is…

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