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October 17th The D. L. Moody Year Book


Grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.—2 Peter 3:18.

ALTHOUGH you may be born again, it will require time to become a full-grown Christian. Justification is instantaneous, but sanctification is a life-work. We are to grow in wisdom. We are to add grace to grace. A tree may be perfect in its first year of growth, but it has not attained its maturity. So with the Christian: he may be a true child of God, but not a matured Christian.[1]


[1] Moody, D. L. (1900). The D. L. Moody Year Book: A Living Daily Message from the Words of D. L. Moody. (E. M. Fitt, Ed.) (p. 184). East Northfield, MA: The Bookstore.

The Story Behind the Ravi Zacharias Allegations (Part 2): ‘Cursory’ Investigations and More Accusations — BCNN1 – Black Christian News Network

The legacy of Ravi Zacharias, one of the most highly respected Christian leaders of our time, is threatened by an unfolding scandal. Zacharias, who founded Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) in 1984, has again been accused of sexual misconduct. This time his accusers are several women other than his initial accuser from 2016. Their testimonies, along with that of the initial accuser, paint a picture of Zacharias’ alleged predatory pattern.

Over the years, Zacharias and the other apologists on his team ministered to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. When Zacharias passed away in May, the tributes from well known ministry leaders poured in. Unfortunately, so have the accusations.

“If people are blessed by his ministry, that’s fine. We certainly weren’t blessed by it. We almost lost our lives,” Lori Anne Thompson told ChurchLeaders. Thompson accused Zacharias of luring her into a sexual relationship in 2016 (for more on that, check out Part 1 of our series).

In 2017, when RZIM learned of the allegations Thompson made against their founder and leader, they chose not to look into the allegations themselves, deferring instead to the denomination through which Zacharias was ordained, the Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA). In late 2017 through early 2018, C&MA conducted an inquiry into the allegations.

The Christian and Missionary Alliance Inquiry

ChurchLeaders reached out to C&MA to inquire about the nature of that inquiry. Peter Burgo, the director of media relations for C&MA, told us they performed an “internal inquiry” into the matter. Burgo emphasized that the inquiry could not be considered an independent investigation: “The C&MA initiated an internal inquiry (NOT an independent investigation) when it learned of the original allegations in 2017.”

The inquiry was “conducted by a team of people including senior C&MA officers who are deeply familiar with our Uniform Policy on Discipline, Restoration and Appeal,” Burgo explained. When asked who was contacted during this inquiry, Burgo said Lori Anne Thompson, Ravi Zacharias, and “leaders at RZIM.” He also mentioned he believes there were others but that their names were not disclosed as “this was a confidential inquiry.”

Thompson told us she was made aware of the inquiry via a C&MA pastor on Twitter. Thompson said she reached out to C&MA and eventually spoke with Gary Friesen (Vice President/General Counsel) and another male C&MA leader early in 2018. Thompson believes it was John Stumbo (President) who was on the phone call, but C&MA has declined to disclose who the other person was. Unfortunately, the conversation occurred “long after he [Zacharias] sued and silenced me,” Thompson explained, referring to the non-disclosure agreement she signed in 2017.

When ChurchLeaders asked Burgo why C&MA didn’t initiate contact with Thompson, Burgo said that Thompson may have reached out to the C&MA before they had officially begun their inquiry.

At the conclusion of its inquiry, in March 2018, C&MA released this statement:

The C&MA recently completed a thorough inquiry of these accusations, including interviews with those involved and a review of all available documentation and records. While it is not appropriate to publicly discuss the nuances of these allegations, the available evidence does not provide a basis for formal discipline under the C&MA policy.

Prior to this year, the only statement RZIM released about Thompson’s allegations was written by Zacharias and was the same one he gave to Christianity Today, which was published on December 3, 2017. The statement gives Zacharias’ version of the story, and as we noted in Part 1 of this article, both Thompson and Boz Tchividjian, her current legal counsel, believe Zacharias broke their non-disclosure agreement by publishing this statement.

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Source: Church Leaders

The Story Behind the Ravi Zacharias Allegations (Part 2): ‘Cursory’ Investigations and More Accusations — BCNN1 – Black Christian News Network

The Story Behind the Ravi Zacharias Allegations (Part 1): Lawsuits, NDAs, and Email Threads — BCNN1 – Black Christian News Network

When news broke of sexting allegations leveled at Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias in 2017, the evangelical world collectively held its breath. And when those allegations seemed to be addressed and resolved, we let it out again. The thought that one of the most influential Christian leaders of the modern age could do something so destructive and then lie about it was troubling, to say the least.

Zacharias passed away in May of this year, and we published a handful of tributes to the late apologist who was famous the world over. In the years before his death, we had published many articles about something Zacharias had said or the way he eloquently explained a certain aspect of the Christian faith.

When accounts surfaced again this year with new allegations of disturbing sexual misconduct on Zacharias’ part, our editorial team took a renewed interest. After the Roys Report published articles exploring one allegation in greater depth, we felt it would be negligent of us to gloss over the information without at least looking into the claims being made.

ChurchLeaders spoke to Lori Anne Thompson, the Canadian woman who accused Zacharias of preying on her and drawing her into a sexual relationship in 2016. We also spoke to Thompson’s sister, Tamara Battiste; Thompson’s husband, Brad; a close personal friend of the Thompsons; and a Christian scholar who looked into the matter with the help of a private investigator. ChurchLeaders also spoke to a former employee of a spa Zacharias co-owned, who wished to remain anonymous. We reached out to Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) and the Christian & Missionary Alliance (the denomination that ordained Zacharias and that conducted an internal inquiry into his actions pertaining to Thompson’s allegations starting in 2017).

While our work is not done looking into this matter, the following is what we have discovered so far. At certain points, we will refer to other outlets’ articles especially in cases where we were not able to make contact with the people who gave statements or information.

Lori Anne Thompson’s 2016 Allegations Against Ravi Zacharias

Lori Anne’s husband, Brad, was a “huge fan” of Zacharias and his ministry prior to meeting him in person, according to a close friend of the Thompsons. In fact, Brad donated a substantial amount of money to UCB Canada, the country’s largest Christian broadcasting network. While Brad was mostly interested in supporting the station’s Christian music and gospel programs, his contributions also supported the airing of some of Zacharias’ content on that station. Tax statements from 2015 to 2017 the Thompsons shared with ChurchLeaders show that Brad (both personally and through the electrical company he owns) donated substantial amounts (one year exceeding $100,000) to UCB, along with other charitable donations to organizations such as Samaritan’s Purse and United Way.

In 2014, Brad was invited by the Chief Operating Officer of UCB Canada, James Hunt, to sponsor a table at the Businessman’s Luncheon in Kingston, Ontario. Zacharias was the keynote speaker at this event. The Thompsons invited two other couples and a friend of Lori Anne’s to sit at their table at the event. After Zacharias’ message, Brad and Lori Anne met the apologist “briefly,” and this is when Zacharias’ assistant took Lori Anne’s email and gave Zacharias’ in exchange. Prior to this point, Lori Anne was not familiar with Zacharias and his ministry.

The second time Brad and Lori Anne met Zacharias was in June 2015. Brad says Zacharias invited the couple to RZIM’s Canadian fundraiser event called Builders, which was an invitation-only event. Brad also said Zacharias invited the couple to dine privately with him the evening before the event. However, in Zacharias’ account of events, he claims the couple invited him and his wife, Margie, to dinner.

Originally, Lori Anne and Brad corresponded with Zacharias in an email between the three of them. Over time, Lori Anne shared with the apologist, whom she considered a father figure and grew to trust, about her abuse-ridden childhood. Brad did not keep up with the communication and eventually, Zacharias requested he and she correspond via BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) citing security reasons. And that’s when things turned inappropriate, according to Lori Anne.

Both Zacharias and Lori Anne acknowledge that they communicated over BBM at the request of Zacharias. In a lawsuit Zacharias filed against the Thompsons in 2017, his lawyer writes: “As Plaintiff does with colleagues, certain friends and family members with whom he engages in more substantive communications, Plaintiff asked Ms. Thompson that she communicate with him via private BlackBerry Messenger (‘BBM’)—a more secure method of communication than e-mail given its superior security and encryption capabilities.” Zacharias maintained the reason he used BBM was because he traveled overseas frequently, sometimes to countries where his Christian message would be seen as threatening, even illegal, and didn’t want his contacts or phone calls to be used to put others in harm’s way.

It’s important to note that BBM calls are not traceable, however phone records ChurchLeaders obtained show that Lori Anne received calls from Zacharias’ personal cell phone as well as BBM calls immediately following these that lasted upwards of 35 minutes.

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Source: Church Leaders

The Story Behind the Ravi Zacharias Allegations (Part 1): Lawsuits, NDAs, and Email Threads — BCNN1 – Black Christian News Network

October 17 Life-Changing Moments With God


In Your name they rejoice all day long,

and in Your righteousness they are exalted.

In You, Lord God, I have righteousness and strength. To You men shall come, and all shall be ashamed who are incensed against You. In You all the descendants of Israel shall be justified, and shall glory. Counted righteous, I am glad in You, Lord, and I rejoice; made upright in heart, I shout for joy!

Your righteousness, Lord, apart from the law is revealed, being witnessed by the Law and the Prophets, even Your righteousness, through faith in Jesus Christ, to all and on all who believe. To demonstrate at the present time Your righteousness, that You might be just and the justifier of those who have faith in Jesus.

I rejoice in You, Lord, always. Again I will rejoice! Whom having not seen I love. Though now I do not see You, yet believing, I rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory.

Lord God, the salvation You provided me in Christ is a reason for joy no matter what the circumstances of life. May my joy point others to You even as it sustains me.

Psalm 89:16; Isaiah 45:24–25; Psalm 32:11; Romans 3:21–22, 26; Philippians 4:4; 1 Peter 1:8[1]


[1] Jeremiah, D. (2007). Life-Changing Moments With God (p. 312). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

President Trump ‘Supporting Law Enforcement’ Rally – Janesville, Wisconsin – 7:00pm Livestream — The Last Refuge

After departing Michigan President Trump heads to Janesville Wisconsin for another campaign event.   This one themed “Supporting Law Enforcement.”  Anticipated start time 7:30pm EDT [Livestream Links Below]

Trump Campaign LivestreamRSBN Livestream LinkFox News Livestream

President Trump ‘Supporting Law Enforcement’ Rally – Janesville, Wisconsin – 7:00pm Livestream — The Last Refuge

October 17, 2020 Evening Verse Of The Day

18. Even when I am old and grey, do not forsake me, O God, till I declare your power to the next generation, your might to all who are to come (v. 18). As he nears the end of life the psalmist still wants to declare to the coming generation the great things that God has done. Not only the nation but he himself has experienced the power of God (Hebrew, zerôʿa, ‘your arm’), and this forms a further testimony to God’s saving might. Having already prayed that God would not abandon him (v. 9), he again prays for his sustaining presence and help.[1]

71:18 till I declare your power to the next generation. This would be a very appropriate motive for David, if he is the speaker, in preparation for Psalm 72, which David dedicates to Solomon, the next generation. This vow is based on the instruction in Exodus 10:2 and Deuteronomy 32:7.[2]

Ver. 18.—Now also when I am old and greyheaded, O God, forsake me not. Surely, then, thou wilt not forsake me when my youth has fled, and my time of weakness and decay has arrived, so that I need thee all the more. At the time of Adonijah’s rebellion, David was “old and stricken in years” (1 Kings 1:1)—nearly, if not quite, seventy years of age (2 Sam. 5:4). Until I have showed thy strength (literally, thine own) unto this generation, and thy power to every one that is to come. The psalmist calls on God to sustain him in his old age, not for his own sake, but that he may impress on the rising generation God’s might and marvellous acts.[3]

18. “Now also when I am old and greyheaded, O God, forsake me not.” There is something touching in the sight of hair whitened with the snows of many a winter: the old and faithful soldier receives consideration from his king, the venerable servant is beloved by his master. When our infirmities multiply, we may, with confidence, expect enlarged privileges in the world of grace, to make up for our narrowing range in the field of nature. Nothing shall make God forsake those who have not forsaken him. Our fear is lest he should do so; but his promise kisses that fear into silence. “Until I have shewed thy strength unto this generation.” He desired to continue his testimony and complete it; he had respect to the young men and little children about him, and knowing the vast importance of training them in the fear of God, he longed to make them all acquainted with the power of God to support his people, that they also might be led to walk by faith. He had leaned on the almighty arm, and could speak experimentally of its all-sufficiency, and longed to do so ere life came to a close. “And thy power to every one that is to come.” He would leave a record for unborn ages to read. He thought the Lord’s power to be so worthy of praise, that he would make the ages ring with it till time should be no more. For this cause believers live, and they should take care to labour zealously for the accomplishment of this their most proper and necessary work. Blessed are they who begin in youth to proclaim the name of the Lord, and cease not until their last hour brings their last word for their divine Master.[4]

[1] Harman, A. (2011). Psalms: A Mentor Commentary (Vol. 1–2, p. 526). Ross-shire, Great Britain: Mentor.

[2] Bullock, C. H. (2015). Psalms 1–72. (M. L. Strauss & J. H. Walton, Eds.) (Vol. 1, p. 541). Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books.

[3] Spence-Jones, H. D. M. (Ed.). (1909). Psalms (Vol. 2, p. 61). London; New York: Funk & Wagnalls Company.

[4] Spurgeon, C. H. (n.d.). The treasury of David: Psalms 56-87 (Vol. 3, pp. 211–212). London; Edinburgh; New York: Marshall Brothers.

President Trump ‘Supporting American Way of Life’ Rally – Muskegon, Michigan – 5:00pm ET Livestream… — The Last Refuge

President Trump travels to Muskegon, Michigan, today to deliver remarks on ‘Supporting the American Way of Life’ at a campaign style event.  The venue is Flyby Air and the anticipated start time is 5:00pm ET.  [Livestream Links Below]

Trump Campaign LivestreamRSBN Livestream LinkFox News Livestream Link

President Trump ‘Supporting American Way of Life’ Rally – Muskegon, Michigan – 5:00pm ET Livestream… — The Last Refuge

October—17 The Poor Man’s Evening Portion


As the girdle cleaveth to the loins of a man, so have I caused to cleave unto me the whole house of Israel, and the whole house of Judah, saith the Lord; that they might be unto me for a people, and for a name, and for a praise, and for a glory.—Jeremiah 13:11.

See, my soul! the blessedness of witnessing to God, and witnessing for God. His people, the Lord saith, are called, and are, in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, as lights in the world. Both Israel and Judah are included in what is here said; and by the figure of a girdle cleaving to the loins of a man, so close, so strongly bound, and extending all around, is shown the nearness, and firmness, and the security in every way, and by every direction, in which the Lord’s people are brought into relation with him. Such, then, were the Lord’s people of old, a people near to himself; and as they were the Lord’s own choice, so were they dear to the Lord; and as he had made the whole of the nation a kingdom of priests to the Lord, so were they wholly designed for the divine glory: “This people have I formed for myself; they shall show forth my praise.” Now, pause, my soul, over this blessed scripture, and contemplate with what holy rapture and delight a child of God, under the New Testament dispensation, may look up and behold his nearness and dearness to God in Christ, by virtue of his union with Jesus. Here the figure, beautiful as it is, of a girdle encircling the loins, doth not come up to the full idea of that oneness and union which the believer stands in with Jesus. For the soul not only is made by the Lord himself to cleave unto Christ, as the ivy clings to the oak, but being part of Christ’s mystical body, is, like the branch in the vine, one with Christ, and Christ with him. The believer in Jesus is interested in all that is in Jesus; and not only cleaves to him, but is part of himself, and is blessed in his blessedness, and beheld, and accepted, and loved by God the Father, as the Father loveth Jesus. And think, my soul, what unspeakable felicity ariseth out of this one consideration, that, amidst all thy coldness, and wanderings, and departures, still the Lord causeth his Judah and Israel to cleave to him. However the poor senseless child in arms lets go his holdfast, when hanging round the neck of its nurse and protector, yet the little creature falls not, because he is upheld by his support from her. So the one only cause that thou art supported and preserved from falling, is, because “the eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.” It is the Lord that saith, “I have caused to cleave unto me the whole house of Israel, and the whole house of Judah.” And, oh! what a name, and a praise, and a glory, will be the whole redeemed Church of God in Christ, when Jesus brings them all home, and presents them to himself and Father, as “a glorious Church, not having spot or wrinkle, or any such thing, but that it should be holy and without blemish before him in love!”[1]


[1] Hawker, R. (1845). The Poor Man’s Evening Portion (A New Edition, pp. 298–299). Philadelphia: Thomas Wardle.

October 17 Thoughts for the quiet hour


I spake unto thee in thy prosperity

Jer. 22:21

We shade our eyes with the hand to shut out the glare of the strong daylight when we want to see far away. God thus puts, as it were, His hand upon our brows, and tempers the glow of prosperity, that we may take in the wider phases of His goodness. It is a common experience that, looking out from the gloom of some personal affliction, men have seen for the first time beyond the earth plane, and caught glimpses of the Beulah Land. Let us not shrink from the Hand which we know is heavy only with blessing.



[1] Hardman, S. G., & Moody, D. L. (1997). Thoughts for the quiet hour. Willow Grove, PA: Woodlawn Electronic Publishing.

The Progressivism of the Future Is Really Just the Socialism of the Past | Mises Wire

The world is currently in the midst of a newly aggressive drive to bring about a new socialist order through a powerful and “efficient” technocratic state. This new order has been labeled as “progressive,” but it is merely the latest version of the socialist impulse which we have seen before in the form of socialism and communism.

A War on Private Property

Summed up in a single sentence, the plans of the communists aim at the abolition of private property. From there, the other major demands follow, such as abolishing the family, nation, and countries, and finally, as Marx noted, “communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality.” In as much as the program of liberalism “if condensed into a single word….is private ownership of the means of production” (as described by Ludwig von Mises), the program of the communists is the abolition of private property.

A Promise of Efficiency and Expertise

Yet Marxian socialism—i.e., communism—has not found many followers in the United States. The communist appeal to justice and equality found more resonance in the old world. To have an appeal to the Americans, socialism had to be packaged differently. In the United States, the gospel of socialism appeared under the name of “progressivism” and was preached as bringing society to the highest degree of efficiency.

Under President Woodrow Wilson, progressivism attained its first peak as the dominant philosophy of the state. Society was to these socialists a single organization. The bureaucrats as public administrators found a vivid expression in the political novel Philip Dru: Administrator: A Story of Tomorrow by Edward Mandell House, who was a very close friend of Wilson and who served as the president’s most important political and diplomatic advisor.

This vision of progressivism requires:

  • Government and labor representation on the board of every corporation
  • Sharing the profits of public service companies
  • Government ownership of the means of communication
  • Government ownership of the means of transportation
  • A comprehensive system of old age pension
  • Government ownership of all healthcare
  • Full labor protection and governmental arbitration of industrial disputes

Beyond that, other demands and programs put forth and realized by the progressive movement have included eugenics, population and birth control, family planning, prohibition, antitrust legislation, public education, central banking, and an income tax.

These echo of the planks of the Communist Manifesto, which included demands to

  • Centralize the means of communications and to put the means of transport in the hand of the state
  • Extend the control of the state across the factories and over all land
  • Implement a heavy progressive income tax and abolish the rights of inheritance
  • Centralize credit in the hands of the state and establish a central bank of an exclusive monetary monopoly

Unlike the Communist Manifesto, the progressives did not preach a proletarian revolution but spoke out in the name of efficiency and demanded the bureaucratic rule of expert public administrators. In a specific way, the progressive movement presents an even worse program than Marxism. As Murray Rothbard summarized it, the progressive movement brought about a profound transformation of the American society:

from a roughly free and laissez-faire society of the 19th century, when the economy was free, taxes were low, persons were free in their daily lives, and the government was noninterventionist at home and abroad, the new coalition managed in a short time to transform America into a welfare-warfare imperial State, where people’s daily lives were controlled and regulated to a massive degree.

Socialism in Disguise

Guiding mankind to heaven on earth by transforming society is the quintessential message of socialism, beginning with the “utopian socialism” of the nineteenth century and leading up to our time with the demand for a “concrete utopia.” Yet different from the Marxist mythology that socialism would be the unstoppable successor of capitalism, history shows that the “socialist phenomenon” has appeared time and again throughout history. Instead of being the model of the future, socialism is, de facto, a failed idea of the past.

Socialism is the attempt to create a new social order at will. Yet one cannot construct “order” to one’s wishes. The volitional realization of a socioeconomic system results in establishing society as a single state-dominated organization and as such, it is necessarily hierarchical and must be based on command and obedience instead of the free association of the people as it happens in a spontaneous order.

President Wilson failed in his plan to bring the United States into the League of Nations and establish an organization to promote a new world order in tune with the visions of the progressives. For some time, the Americans resumed the tradition of individualism and isolationism. Yet with the Great Depression and World War II the chance of transforming the society and putting bureaucratic experts at the top came back with a vengeance under the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. With the end of the world war returned the chance to establish a network of international organizations with the mission of organizing society and the economy under the auspices of bureaucratic experts. This happened with the founding of the United Nations and its several subgroups and sister organizations to become active in finance, education, development, and health.

The International Push

With the launch of the United Nations, progressivism as a program of what James Ostrowski calls “destroying America” has attained a global platform. The main seat of this philosophy has moved into the headquarters of the United Nations Organizations. From its start, the United Nations has been the light bearer of global progressivism.

The protection of the environment and “global health” proved to be the ideal pretexts to move forward the agenda of progressivism. In June 1994, the UN Agenda 2021 was initiated by the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro and called for the imposition of “sustainable development” on a global scale. While Agenda 2021 was still relatively modest in its demands and nonbinding as to its full execution, the later Agenda 2030 let the cat out of the bag. The new agenda was adopted when the heads of state and government and high representatives met at the United Nations Headquarters in New York in September 2015. At this meeting, they approved the adoption of “Global Sustainable Development Goals” about comprehensive and far-reaching universal and transformative goals and targets.

The new agenda describes a program of comprehensive government takeover of almost all aspects of personal life. With no nods to human freedom and market coordination, the document lists seventeen goals that should be met through a bureaucratic takeover of society on a worldwide scale. Behind popular promises such as the end of poverty and hunger, healthy lives, equitable education, and gender equality lurks the agenda to impose global socialism. Demands such as the reduction of income inequality within and among countries, sustainable consumption and production patterns, and building inclusive societies for sustainable development, are parts of an overriding plan to do away with the market economy and to impose comprehensive state planning.

Claiming the “perpetuation of disparities between and within nations, a worsening of poverty, hunger, ill-health and illiteracy, and the continuing deterioration of the ecosystems on which we depend for our well-being” (chapter 1, preamble), the conference calls of a “global partnership for sustainable development.”

Under the heading of “program areas” the agenda stresses “the links between demographic trends and factors and sustainable development.” The growth of the world population combined with “unsustainable consumption patterns” endangers the planet, as they “affect the use of land, water, air, energy and other resources.” Under point 5.17 of its objective, the conference demands: “Full integration of population concerns into national planning, policy and decision-making processes.” Protecting the environment requires the comprehensive regulation of the world population which in turn makes it necessary to control personal behavior.

In short, the adoption of this “new world order” would mean the abolition of private property, or what Mises regarded as the liberal program—a world based on private property. If enacted, this project will fail in the end, but it will bring immense suffering in the meantime.

Source: The Progressivism of the Future Is Really Just the Socialism of the Past

Report Says Hunter Biden Emails Identify Joe Biden as ‘the Big Guy’ Who Would Receive 10% Share in Deal With Chinese Energy Firm — BCNN1 – Black Christian News Network

Joe Biden is the person referred to as the ‘the big guy’ who would receive 10 percent equity in a deal with a Chinese energy firm, as referenced in an email chain including his son Hunter, a report says.

According to Fox News, the May 13, 2017, email sent to Hunter by James Gilliar, from consulting firm J2cR, has been authenticated by others included on the chain.

The network also claimed that sources have confirmed Joe Biden was ‘the big guy’ listed among the six people who would receive the payments.

The payees were only identified with initials and nicknames with a note stating that ‘the big guy’ would get his payment through ‘H’.

‘H’ is his son Hunter, sources told Fox, who would receive 20 percent.

The emails were sent when Biden was no longer Vice President and Trump was in office.

The email had already been published by the New York Post on Thursday but the identity of ‘the Big Guy’ was not known.

Titled ‘Expectations’, it details ‘remuneration packages’ for six people in a business venture.

Hunter was identified as the ‘chair/vice chair depending on agreement with CEFC’, an apparent reference to the now bankrupt Shanghai conglomerate China Energy Co.

His pay was ‘850’ and the correspondence also noted how he ‘has some office expectations he will elaborate’.

The remaining 20 per cent was split with 10 per cent going to ‘Jim’ who is otherwise unnamed, and then ’10 held by H for the big guy?’

The big guy was previously unnamed until Fox claimed Friday that it was in reference to Joe Biden.

Zang appears to be a reference to Zang Jian Jun who was the former executive director of CEFC.

According to the alleged emails published by the Post about huis Chinese dealings, Hunter also struck a deal for $30 million plus bonuses ‘based on introductions alone’ over three years after his father left office, then was offered a ‘much more lasting and lucrative arrangement.’

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Source: Daily Mail

Report Says Hunter Biden Emails Identify Joe Biden as ‘the Big Guy’ Who Would Receive 10% Share in Deal With Chinese Energy Firm — BCNN1 – Black Christian News Network

Full Story Behind Hunter’s Laptop Debunks Latest Russia Conspiracy Theory | ZeroHedge News

As the Hunter Biden laptop scandal threatens to throw the 2020 election into chaos with what appears to be solid, undisputed evidence of high-level corruption by former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, the same crowd which peddled the Trump-Russia hoax is now suggesting that Russia is behind it all.

To wit, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, who swore on National television that he had evidence Trump was colluding with Russia – now says that President Trump is handing the Kremlin a “propaganda coup from Vladimir Putin.”

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) has gone full tin-foil, suggesting that Giuliani was a ‘key target’ of ‘Kremlin constructed anti-Biden propaganda.’

Headlines in major publications are perhaps even more conspiratorial:

Yet, if one looks at the actual facts of the case – in particular, that Hunter Biden appears to have dropped his own laptops off at a computer repair shop, signed a service ticket, and the shop owner approached the FBI first and Rudy Giuliani last after Biden failed to pick them up, the left’s latest Russia conspiracy theory is quickly debunked.

*  *  *

Authored by Larry C Johnson via Sic Semper Tyrannis  (emphasis ours)

This is the story of an American patriot, an honorable man, John Paul Mac Issac, who tried to do the right thing and is now being unfairly and maliciously slandered as an agent of foreign intelligence, specifically Russia. He is not an agent or spy for anyone. He is his own man. How do I know? I have known his dad for more than 20 years. I’ve known John Paul’s dad as Mac. Mac is a decorated Vietnam Veteran, who flew gunships in Vietnam. And he continued his military service with an impeccable record until he retired as an Air Force Colonel. The crews of those gunships have an annual reunion and Mac usually takes John Paul along, who volunteers his computer and video skills to record and compile the stories of those brave men who served their country in a difficult war.

This story is very simpleHunter Biden dropped off three computers with liquid damage at a repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware on April 12, 2019. The owner, John Mac Issac, examined the three and determined that one was beyond recovery, one was okay and the data on the harddrive of the third could be recovered. Hunter signed the service ticket and John Paul Mac Issac repaired the hard drive and down loaded the data. During this process he saw some disturbing images and a number of emails that concerned Ukraine, Burisma, China and other issues. With the work completed, Mr. Mac Issac prepared an invoice, sent it to Hunter Biden and notified him that the computer was ready to be retrieved. Hunter did not respond. In the ensuing four months (May, June, July and August), Mr. Mac Issac made repeated efforts to contact Hunter Biden. Biden never answered and never responded. More importantly, Biden stiffed John Paul Mac Issac–i.e., he did not pay the bill.

When the manufactured Ukraine crisis surfaced in August 2019, John Paul realized he was sitting on radioactive material that might be relevant to the investigation. After conferring with his father, Mac and John Paul decided that Mac would take the information to the FBI office in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mac walked into the Albuquerque FBI office and spoke with an agent who refused to give his name. Mac explained the material he had, but was rebuffed by the FBI. He was told basically, get lost. This was mid-September 2019.

Two months passed and then, out of the blue, the FBI contacted John Paul Mac Issac. Two FBI agents from the Wilmington FBI office–Joshua Williams and Mike Dzielak–came to John Paul’s business. He offered immediately to give them the hard drive, no strings attached. Agents Williams and Dzielak declined to take the device.

Two weeks later, the intrepid agents called and asked to come and image the hard drive. John Paul agreed but, instead of taking the hard drive or imaging the drive, they gave him a subpoena. It was part of a grand jury proceeding but neither agent said anything about the purpose of the grand jury. John Paul complied with the subpoena and turned over the hard drive and the computer.

In the ensuing months, starting with the impeachment trial of President Trump, he heard nothing from the FBI and knew that none of the evidence from the hard drive had been shared with President Trump’s defense team.

The lack of action and communication with the FBI led John Paul to make the fateful decision to contact Rudy Giuliani’s office and offer a copy of the drive to the former mayor. We now know that Rudy accepted John Paul’s offer and that Rudy’s team shared the information with the New York Post.

John Paul Mac Issac is not responsible for the emails, images and videos recovered from Hunter Biden’s computer. He was hired to do a job, he did the job and submitted an invoice for the work. Hunter Biden, for some unexplained reason, never responded and never asked for the computer. But that changed last Tuesday, October 13, 2020. A person claiming to be Hunter Biden’s lawyer called John Paul Mac Issac and asked for the computer to be returned. Too late. That horse had left the barn and was with the FBI.

John Paul, acting under Delaware law, understood that Hunter’s computer became the property of his business 90 days after it had been abandoned.

At no time did John Paul approach any media outlet or tabloid offering to sell salacious material. A person of lesser character might have tried to profit. But that is not the essence of John Paul Mac Issac. He had information in his possession that he learned, thanks to events subsequent to receiving the computer for a repair job, was relevant to the security of our nation. He did what any clear thinking American would do–he, through his father, contacted the FBI. When the FBI finally responded to his call for help, John cooperated fully and turned over all material requested.

The failure here is not John Paul’s. He did his job. The FBI dropped the ball and, by extension, the Department of Justice. Sadly, this is becoming a disturbing, repeating theme–the FBI through incompetence or malfeasance is not doing its job.

Any news outlet that is publishing the damnable lie that John Paul is part of some subversive effort to interfere in the United States Presidential election is on notice. That is slander and defamation. Fortunately, the evidence from Hunter Biden’s computer is in the hands of the FBI and Rudy Giuliani and, I suspect, the U.S. Senate. Those with the power to do something must act. John Paul Mac Issac’s honor is intact. We cannot say the same for those government officials who have a duty to deal with this information.

Source: Full Story Behind Hunter’s Laptop Debunks Latest Russia Conspiracy Theory

“I’m Shocked That This Man Has ANY Sort of Podium – He’s Been Wrong So Many Times” – Top US Doctor UNLOADS on Crazy Dr. Fauci …(Plus Fauci’s 19 Mistakes) — The Gateway Pundit

Dr. Ramin Oskoui, a renowned US cardiologist, joined Laura Ingraham on The Ingraham Angle on Friday night.

Dr. Oskoui has been a frequent guest discussing the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Oskoui also is not a fan of befuddled Dr. Tony Fauci.

Dr. Ramin Oskoui: Herd Immunity is how ALL pandemics end. Whether it’s induced by the use of vaccine or not. Under the age of 60 this virus acts as a prototype of the coronavirus vaccine. It makes you a little bit ill and you move on. Look at our own president. He had it. He was on Vitamin D, zinc and pepsid. He was sick for a few days and now, you’ve seen him all this week campaigning. The man looks as robust and energetic as he ever has.

Laura Ingraham: Now Dr. Fauci has taken another shot at that Great Barrington Declaration, Dr. O., which of course is all the hundreds and hundreds of doctors and health care professionals opposing lockdowns and other severe Covid restrictions…

Dr. Ramin Oskoui: I think some have accused him of being responsible for this crime against humanity. The reality is never in human history have we locked down a whole society. You quarantine the sick. You quarantine the vulnerable. You don’t shut down the whole country. What he is suggesting is scientifically antithetical and unsubstantiated. I’m shocked that this man has any sort of podium anymore. He’s been wrong so many times. It’s terrible!… I think the biggest mistake was involving him.

Laura Ingraham: I’m shocked that he’s still heading the coronavirus task force.

Via The Ingraham Angle:

It’s hard to believe but America’s top Infectious Disease Doctor Anthony Fauci has been wrong on the coronavirus pandemic — Almost every step of the way!

Here is a list of several errors, contradictory statements and dangerous gaffes by NIAID Director Dr. Tony Fauci:

1.)  Dr. Fauci says he warned Trump in January that the US was in real trouble but that is not what he said publicly.

In January Dr. Anthony Fauci told Newsmax TV that the United States “did not have to worry” about the coronavirus and that it was “not a major threat.”

2.)  Dr. Fauci warned of an apocalyptic coronavirus pandemic — then just weeks later he compared the coronavirus to a bad flu.

3.) Dr. Fauci based all of his predictions on the garbage IHME models that were OFF BY MILLIONS and then later told reporters, “You can’t really rely on models.”

4.) On March 20th Dr. Fauci jumped in and “corrected” the president during a press briefing on hydroxychloroquine treatment for coronavirus saying, “You got to be careful when you say ‘fairly effective.’ It was never done in a clinical trial… It was given to individuals and felt that maybe it worked.”

Exactly two weeks later hydroxychloroquine was deemed the most highly rated treatment for the novel coronavirus in an international poll of more than 6,000 doctors.

5.)  Dr. Fauci pushed these garbage models every step of the way.

In March Dr. Fauci claimed 1 million to 2 million Americans would die from coronavirus. Then he said 100,000 to 200,000 Americans will die from the virus. Then weeks later he agreed 81,766 Americans would die from the coronavirus. Then later the experts cut the number of deaths to 60,415 projected deaths.

6.)  On Easter Dr. Fauci suggested President Trump should have shut down the economy in February…  When the number of known cases in the US was around 100.  Fauci later walked back his attacks.

7.) Dr. Fauci said cruises were OK on March 9th.  That was a huge error.

8.) Dr. Fauci said malls, movies and gyms were OK on February 29th.  That was another huge mistake.

9.) Dr. Fauci was wrong about the first coronavirus deaths in the country. Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx and the CDC were off by nearly a month. California officials revealed in April that a patient in Santa Clara died from coronavirus on February 6th not February 29th.

10.) Dr. Fauci and the CDC missed the millions and millions of US citizens who had already contracted the coronavirus before the draconian lockdowns took place.  Knowing this could have prevented the economic calamity.

11.) On April 15, 2020, Fauci endorses Tinder hookups, unbelievably. Then said Americans should never shake hands again.

12.)  Dr. Fauci relied on corrupt W.H.O rules to lock down the United States and destroy the US economy. Meanwhile, this delays the herd immunity that is needed to prevent a future outbreak of this deadly virus.

13.)  Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx used the Imperial College Model to persuade President Trump to lock down the entire US economy.  The Imperial model has since been confirmed as A COMPLETE FRAUD.

14.) Dr. Fauci warned that Georgia would see a surge in coronavirus cases and deaths by opening their economy too early.

He was wrong again – In fact the opposite happened.

15.) And on Tuesday during testimony Dr. Fauci told Dr. Rand Paul that opening the schools would not be a good idea.

This was after The Netherlands and Switzerland reopened their schools after finding children are not at risk from coronavirus and are not carriers of the virus.

16.) Fauci praised New York state’s response to the COVID crisis despite it dumping sick seniors in nursing homes and having the worst record in the world.

17.) Dr. Fauci recently called for continued economic lockdowns until at least the end of winter.

18.) In September Dr. Fauci called people to refrain from going to movie theaters until we have a COVID vaccine for a year.

19.) Dr. Fauci condemned attendance to Trump rallies but NOT Black Lives Matter rioting.

What a Fraud: Dr. Fauci Warned that Trump Campaign Rally Was Dangerous — Then Refuses to Condemn Leftist Street Protests and Riots (VIDEO)

This quack needs to go.

“I’m Shocked That This Man Has ANY Sort of Podium – He’s Been Wrong So Many Times” – Top US Doctor UNLOADS on Crazy Dr. Fauci …(Plus Fauci’s 19 Mistakes) — The Gateway Pundit

Sources Tell Fox News That ‘The Big Guy’ in Hunter Biden’s Emails in Proposed Equity Split is Reference to Joe Biden — The Gateway Pundit

On Wednesday the New York Post released emails and photos from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop that prove Hunter was bringing his international clients to meet with his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden during the Obama years.

One of the people on the email chain corroborated the veracity of the emails to Fox News.

The emails also prove the Biden Crime Family was running a multi-million dollar pay-for-play operation selling access to VP Joe Biden.

Private text messages and emails from Hunter reveal Joe Biden was a ruthless “Don” and demanded a large cut of the foreign money flowing in through his crackhead son Hunter.

In one text message Hunter Biden sent to his daughter Naomi Biden, he said he gives Joe Biden “half of his salary.”

Hunter’s text to Naomi: “But I don’t receive any respect and that’s fine I guess. Works for you, apparently. I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years. It’s really hard, but don’t worry, unlike Pop (Joe Biden) I won’t make you give me half your salary.”

In a separate tranche of emails obtained by Fox News, a discussion of “remuneration packages” for six people in a backdoor deal with a Chinese energy firm revealed ‘the big guy’ getting a piece of the pie is Joe Biden.

One email, dated May 13, 2017, and obtained by Fox News, includes a discussion of “remuneration packages” for six people in a business deal with a Chinese energy firm. The email appeared to identify Biden as “Chair / Vice Chair depending on agreement with CEFC,” in an apparent reference to now-bankrupt CEFC China Energy Co.

The email includes a note that “Hunter has some office expectations he will elaborate.” A proposed equity split references “20” for “H” and “10 held by H for the big guy?” with no further details. Fox News spoke to one of the people who was copied on the email, who confirmed its authenticity.

Sources told Fox News that “the big guy” is a reference to the former vice president. The New York Post initially published the emails and other controversial messages that Fox News has also obtained.

Biden immediately went into hiding after the emails became public as the tech giants and fake news media ran cover for him.

One reporter asked Biden about the New York Post story and he lashed out, calling it a “smear campaign.”

Sources Tell Fox News That ‘The Big Guy’ in Hunter Biden’s Emails in Proposed Equity Split is Reference to Joe Biden — The Gateway Pundit

Weekend Snapshot · Oct. 17, 2020 – Top Stories This Week

ACB Hearings: Wrap-Up and a Looming Scheme

Democrats may have one more obstruction card up their sleeves.

Hunter Biden’s Trouble Grows, House GOP Questions FBI

More emails reveal lucrative deals with a Chinese firm for “investment” in the Biden family.

Hunter Biden Emails Expose Joe

More evidence that Dems impeached Trump for what Biden actually did.

Big Tech’s Corrupt Censorship

The Hunter Biden story is a huge deal. No wonder Facebook and Twitter blocked it.

Evangelicals for Biden Make a Mockery of Christian Faith

For pro-life voters, there’s only one choice and it’s not the Democrat ticket.

The Democrats’ Assault on ALL Faithful Americans

The Left’s insidious campaign against Amy Coney Barrett is a frontal assault on religious liberty.

No Durham Findings Before the Election

AG Barr says the probe into the Russia hoax’s origin won’t come out by November.

The Deadly Biden-Harris Assault on Cops

The Demo-sponsored crime surge is coming to a neighborhood near you.

No, Women Voters Are Not the Same

Despite feminists telling all women what to think, many think for themselves.

Former WH Doc Says Biden’s Not Mentally Fit

Dr. Ronny Jackson says Biden’s frequent gaffes reveal a concerning level of cognitive decline.

Some Good Questions for Joe

The media has no interest in asking tough questions of Joe Biden, but we do.

The Great COVID Freakout Disparity

If you’re a Democrat, you’re a lot more likely than Republicans to be afraid of the coronavirus.

The New York Times Goes Full Orwell

After publishing an op-ed critical of the 1619 Project, “journalists” revolt.

Amazon Censors a Black Conservative

Shelby Steele’s new documentary debunks a popular leftist narrative, so he must be silenced.

Math Is ‘Racist’?

If you thought arithmetic itself would escape the social justice warriors, think again.

Polling and Pollaganda Déjà Vu

Once again, Donald Trump has the pollsters right where he wants ’em.

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Today’s Cartoon

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Quote Of The Week

“I have an agenda to stick to the Rule of Law.” —Amy Coney Barrett

“The Patriot Post” (https://patriotpost.us)

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Baby Sexually Assaulted After Child Welfare Agency Places 3-Week-Old in Home With Known Teenage Abuser   Oct 15, 2020 04:06 pm

Photo Credit: Pexels.com (Yahoo News) — A 3-week-old girl was sexually assaulted and battered in an Ocala area foster home, and child welfare officials could have prevented it from happening, according to a lawsuit filed last week in the Marion County Courthouse. Both Kids Central, the Ocala nonprofit agency charged with managing child welfare in the region,…

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‘The Language of Hell’: Apologia Pastor’s Preplanned Profanity at Conference Provokes Shock, Rebuke   Oct 13, 2020 07:59 pm

NASHVILLE — Jeff Durbin, who leads a Reformed assembly in Arizona along with apologist James White and others, is drawing scrutiny after he recently used preplanned profanity as a guest speaker at a gospel-themed conference in a move to condemn what he considers the “woke church.” Durbin’s verbiage is being condemned as “unnecessary,” “disappointing” and “shameful”…

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Pro-Life Speaker Shannon Dingle Comes Out as Now Supporting Abortion ‘Rights’   Oct 14, 2020 02:19 pm

Photo Credit: ShannonDingle.com Shannon Dingle, a former pro-life speaker who appeared at Evangelicals for Life conferences, has released an op-ed outlining that she now supports abortion “rights.” “I’m not pro-life anymore, not in the political sense,” she wrote in an article released by USA Today on Sunday. “I firmly believe that decisions regarding…

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Biden Says Enactment of Homosexual, Transgender ‘Equality Act’ Is ‘Top Legislative Priority’ if Elected   Oct 16, 2020 05:31 pm

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden says that, if elected, he will make the “enactment of the Equality Act during his first 100 days as president a top legislative priority.” The controversial bill has been of concern to Christians as it is believed that it would preclude entities — including faith-based organizations and others who do not want to…

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Gucci Introduces ‘Mx’ Clothing Section ‘Presenting Masculinity and Femininity as Relative Concepts’   Oct 15, 2020 02:05 pm

The Italian fashion label Gucci has rolled out a genderless clothing section on its website, called the politically correct “Gucci Mx,” which aims to “deconstruct preconceived binaries” with handbags, shoes, blouses, dress-like tunics, sweaters and other pieces that can be worn by either sex. “The House’s collections emphasize the dissolving lines of the gender…

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Amy Coney Barrett Apologizes After Senator Claims ‘Sexual Preference’ Is ‘Offensive and Outdated Term’   Oct 15, 2020 03:28 pm

(Fox News) — Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, said the LGBTQ community should be “concerned” about Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the Supreme Court after she said she wouldn’t discriminate against “sexual preference.” “Sexual preference is an offensive and outdated term, it is used by anti-LGBTQ activists to suggest that sexual…

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Oreo Giving Away Rainbow-Themed Cookies in Partnership With Homosexual Advocacy Group   Oct 14, 2020 05:47 pm

Nabisco’s Oreo brand has announced that it is giving away 10,000 packages of its limited edition rainbow-themed cookies, which it created out of a partnership with the group Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). While some have supported the effort, others have denounced Oreo for promoting sin and not just making cookies. The year-long…

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Judge Tosses Discrimination Lawsuit Against Fuller Theological Seminary for Dismissing Homosexual Students   Oct 12, 2020 12:14 pm

PASADENA, Calif. — A federal judge in California has dismissed a lawsuit against Fuller Theological Seminary (FTS), which had been sued by two students for allegedly violating Title IX of the federal Education Amendments as they were let go after they were found to be in same-sex “marriages.” She found that the educational institution is entitled to an exemption of…

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US Supreme Court Temporarily Allows Mothers to Obtain Abortion Pills Without In-Person Visits   Oct 12, 2020 04:00 pm

Photo Credit: Joe Ravi WASHINGTON (USA Today) – The Supreme Court ruled on a temporary basis Thursday night that women seeking to end their pregnancies with medication do not need to visit a , given the COVID-19 pandemic. The action was a setback for the Trump administration, which had sought to reinstate a 20-year-old policy following lower court…

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Amnesty International: Human Rights Law Is Clear That ‘Human Rights Apply After Birth, Not Before’   Oct 15, 2020 04:47 pm

Photo Credit: Vidal Balielo Jr./Pexels (The Christian Institute) — The unborn child has no right to life, according to Amnesty International’s updated policy. Amnesty now states human rights protections only “apply after birth, not before.” The organization, which is one of the biggest promoters of abortion in the world, continues to call for its…

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Establishment media buries Hunter Biden story with 9 Minutes, 47 Seconds of coverage over 2 days | WND

As Twitter worked overtime this week to suppress the bombshell New York Post reporting about emails allegedly linking Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to his son’s shady business dealings, network and cable news broadcasts cumulatively gave the story fewer than 10 minutes of air time over two days.

Birds of a feather flock together.

NewsBusters evaluated news coverage on Wednesday and Thursday from ABC News, CBS News and NBC News, and the results are about what you’d expect.


The legacy media outlets buried the Hunter Biden email story, as did their allies in left-wing cable news.

“For Wednesday, October 14 and Thursday, October 15 MRC analysts looked at the ABC, CBS, NBC evening and morning shows, plus ABC’s and NBC’s townhall events with Joe Biden and President Trump, as well as CNN and MSNBC’s coverage (6am through midnight ET). Out of a total of 92 hours of news programming, there was less than 10 minutes (9 minutes, 47 seconds) spent on the latest scandal involving Joe Biden’s son, or less than 0.2% of the available airtime,” NewsBusters reported.

The media watchdog noted that two networks, ABC and CNN, ignored the Biden story altogether.

“NBC spent just 45 seconds on Hunter’s emails. CBS led the broadcast networks with still a meager four minutes, 28 seconds,” NewsBusters said.


According to the report, MSNBC “spent the most amount of time on the latest Biden family scandal coming in with a still insignificant four minutes, 34 seconds of coverage during a 36-hour period.”

While much of the country expressed shock and dismay that Twitter would go to such extreme lengths to keep a potentially damning story for Biden from being read, the establishment media was right on cue helping to ensure the story would die.

The establishment media, which you’d think exists solely to cover huge stories, somehow didn’t find a credible report from one of the country’s largest newspapers connecting a presidential candidate to shady payments from foreign corporate entities to be newsworthy.

There is no surprise there.

Emails shared by the Post purport to link Biden to a meeting with a Burisma Holdings board adviser, which allegedly took place before Biden bragged about pressuring foreign government officials into firing Ukraine’s top prosecutor.

Biden’s campaign is actually attempting to cite Twitter’s suppression of the reporting as evidence it isn’t credible.

“Twitter’s response to the actual article itself makes clear that these purported allegations are false and are not true,” Biden spokesman Jamal Brown said Thursday.



Still, despite their best efforts, the establishment media, Big Tech and even Biden’s campaign can’t make the email story go away.

While it originally might have ended up being just another scandal involving Hunter Biden, Twitter actually amplified it by attempting to suppress it.

The result is now that the story is so big that there isn’t any killing it.

NBC’s Savannah Guthrie and her unstable temperament couldn’t make it disappear when debating President Donald Trump Thursday, nor could ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, who sat across from Biden during his network’s Thursday town hall and didn’t utter a word about Hunter Biden’s emails.

The rest of the establishment media’s near blackout of the story also failed to dissuade it from becoming this week’s most important election topic.

That might change next week, due to the roller-coaster nature of this election, but for now, Hunter Biden’s emails and Joe Biden’s reported connection to them, are the talk of presidential politics.

No amount of censorship, gaslighting or suppression of the story can make it go away.

The establishment media has been losing its grip on what information it wants Americans to hear, and Big Tech is only beginning to learn that Silicon Valley billionaires will not replace the country’s activist reporters as the gatekeepers of information.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

Source: Establishment media buries Hunter Biden story with 9 Minutes, 47 Seconds of coverage over 2 days

Biden town hall featured voters with undisclosed Democratic ties, ABC News silent on growing criticism | Conservative Review

ABC News has refused to address criticism surrounding their town hall with Democratic nominee Joe Biden on Thursday after two of the voters who asked Biden questions had undisclosed connections to Democrats.

What are the details?

One of the questioners, Nathan Osburn, was introduced by town hall moderator George Stephanopolous as a “Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Democrat” and identified as a “communications” professional, according to the New York Post.

As it turns out, Osburn’s communications background includes working for the Obama-Biden campaign in 2008. Osburn also worked as a speechwriter in the Obama administration for more than five years, including stints at the Small Business Administration and Department of Commerce.

Osburn now works at Google, according to his LinkedIn page.

Meanwhile, another questioner, Mieke Haeck, was identified by ABC News as a physical therapist from Pennsylvania. As it turns out, Haeck is “the wife of a prominent Pennsylvania Democrat,” Fox News reported.

From Fox News:

Haeck is also the wife of Ezra Nanes, who in 2018 ran for Pennsylvania state Senate Republican Majority Leader Jake Corman. Nanes is currently an at-large member of the Centre County Democratic Committee.

Nanes praised his wife’s appearance at the town hall on Twitter. “Our children and I are so proud of our @MiekeHaeck for her courage in asking this question of @JoeBiden and so grateful to our next President for his caring and decisive answer in support of transgender and all LGBTQ people,” Nanes wrote

How did ABC News respond?

According to Fox News, the news network is staying silence amid growing criticism, only pointing toward comments from Stephanopoulos at the town hall’s opening.

“Some are voting for [Biden], some have said they’re voting for President Trump, some are still undecided, and we’re going to try to take questions from as many as we can tonight,” Stephanopoulos said.

Anything else?

The controversy comes after ABC News hosted a town hall with President Donald Trump last month in which the network presented those who would ask Trump questions as “uncommitted voters.”

However, one of the questioners had committed on social media to volunteer for Sen. Kamala Harris during the Democratic primary last year. The voter was a self-described “liberal Democrat” and repeatedly bashed Trump on social media, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Meanwhile, another alleged “uncommitted voter” who asked Trump a question tweeted just weeks before the town hall that he’s “never once supported trump and won’t now.”

ABC News also dodged questions about the partisanship of those questioners, telling the Free Beacon that the voters “all identified to [the network] as uncommitted.”

Source: Biden town hall featured voters with undisclosed Democratic ties, ABC News silent on growing criticism

October 17 – Captivity, Exile, and Diaspora – what is Jeremiah talking about? — VCY America

October 17
Jeremiah 30:1-31:26
1 Timothy 2:1-15
Psalm 87:1-7
Proverbs 25:18-19

Jeremiah 30:9 – Why does God bring the time of “Jacob’s trouble” (Jeremiah 30:7)? So that they may serve the LORD! But David their King? God is planning on bringing him back? That was not fulfilled after the exile – Jeremiah 30:3 must refer to another event. We see three major separations of the Jewish people from the land between Abraham (2166 BC) to today (2018 AD):

  • Captivity –  1876 BC (Entrance into Egypt under Joseph) to 1446 BC (Exodus under Moses). This was under the Dispensation of Promise/Covenant.
  • Exile – fall of the Northern Kingdom of Israel in 722 BC to Sargon & Southern Kingdom of Judah in 586 BC to Nebuchadnezzar until the returns led by Zerubbabel, Ezra, and Nehemiah, but intensifying under the Hasmonean dynasty starting in 140 BC. This was the under the Dispensation of Law.
  • Diaspora – starting with the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70, and intensified with the Bar Kohba revolt of 135 AD until the modern Aliyah starting in 1882 and intensifying in 1948 with the formation of the modern state of Israel.

Did any ruler after the Exile time count as “King David”? The Hasmonean dynasty was an independent kingdom for only 50 years (110-63 BC). until it succumbed to the Roman oversight. Herod the Great wasn’t “King David” – he was an Edomite! This prophecy is yet to be fulfilled – but in our day we are seeing Israel and Judah returning to the land (Jeremiah 30:3), making Aliyah even today! Unfortunately they have not returned to serve the LORD yet – 67% of Israeli Jews identify as secular atheist. Pray with Paul that Israel will be saved! (Romans 10:1).

Jeremiah 30:22 – We talked yesterday that it is good (and even commanded!) to be involved in political campaigns – to seek the good of the land. But how much better is it to know that our leader is not a mere politician, but God. Note that most of the time He uses LORD to describe Himself, his relation to us. But here, he uses God – the Hebrew Elohim, the same word that describes Himself as the Creator of the World (Genesis 1:1). Our ultimate Leader, My father is omnipotent!

Jeremiah 31:3 – God is not done with Israel – He loves them with an everlasting love!

Jeremiah 31:15 – We’re familiar with this verse from Matthew 2:17. But that’s not the only application. From Jamieson-Faussett-Brown:

In Benjamin, east of the great northern road, two hours’ journey from Jerusalem. Rachel, who all her life had pined for children (Ge 30:1), and who died with “sorrow” in giving birth to Benjamin (Ge 35:18, 19, Margin; 1Sa 10:2), and was buried at Ramah, near Beth-lehem, is represented as raising her head from the tomb, and as breaking forth into “weeping” at seeing the whole land depopulated of her sons, the Ephraimites. Ramah was the place where Nebuzara-dan collected all the Jews in chains, previous to their removal to Babylon (Jer 40:1). God therefore consoles her with the promise of their restoration. Mt 2:17, 18 quotes this as fulfilled in the massacre of the innocents under Herod. “A lesser and a greater event, of different times, may answer to the single sense of one passage of Scripture, until the prophecy is exhausted” [Bengel]. Besides the temporary reference to the exiles in Babylon, the Holy Spirit foreshadowed ultimately Messiah’s exile in Egypt, and the desolation caused in the neighborhood of Rachel’s tomb by Herod’s massacre of the children, whose mothers had “sons of sorrow” (Ben-oni), just as Rachel had.

1 Timothy 2:2 – Do you pray for those in authority? PublicServantPrayer.org has done a great job in identifying the state elected officials so you can daily pray for them.

1 Timothy 2:4 – If God wants all men to be saved – how will he get His message to all men? Romans 10:14-15 reminds us that God is sending preachers – they just need to say Here I am, LORD, Send me! (Isaiah 6).

1 Timothy 2:14 – Eve received bad information from Adam and the serpent. God told Adam not to eat of it (Genesis 2:17), but Eve who heard it second hand from Adam said God said not to touch it (Genesis 3:3). Interestingly all the while the Serpent and Eve are having their discussion, Adam is standing right next to her! (Genesis 3:6).

So why should Eve’s mistake keep women from being preachers today? For that matter why should woman “have power on her head because of the angels”? (1 Corinthians 11:10). Like Job, we don’t have to understand why, we just have to obey!

1 Timothy 2:15 – Does childbearing sanctify? No – Paul is going back to the garden – the man was cursed in sorrow of work, the woman was cursed in the pain of childbirth. Henry Alford discusses:

The curse on the woman for her “transgression” was, “in pains you will bear children” (Genesis 3:16). Her “childbearing” is that in which the curse finds its operation. What then is here promised her? Not only exemption from that curse in its worst and heaviest effects: not merely that she shall safely bear children: but the Apostle uses the word “will be saved” purposely for its higher meaning [eternal salvation], and the construction of the sentence is precisely as [in] 1 Corinthians 3:15 — “he will be saved, yet though as through fire.”

Just as that man should be saved through, as passing through, fire which is his trial, his hindrance in his way, in spite of which he escapes — so she shall be saved, through, as passing through, her child-bearing, which is her trial, her curse, her (not means of salvation, but) hindrance in the way of it. (Alford, H. [2010]. Alford’s Greek Testament: an exegetical and critical commentary [Vol. 3, 320]. Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software)

Psalm 87:2 – As Jeremiah stated, God is not done with Israel! John Newton took this verse and composed the hymn “Glorious Things of thee Are Spoken

Proverbs 25:19 – Are you trusting the right people? Solomon said earlier it’s hard to find such a one (Proverbs 20:6).

Share how reading thru the Bible has been a blessing to you! E-mail us at 2018bible@vcyamerica.org or call and leave a message at 414-885-5370.

October 17 – Captivity, Exile, and Diaspora – what is Jeremiah talking about? — VCY America