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Al Mohler endorses Trump, warns against voting for Biden – The Christian Post

Influential evangelical leader Al Mohler explained why voting for Donald Trump is “consistent” with his Christian convictions, warning that a Biden-Harris administration would be “the most pro-abortion political force in American history.”

Disinformation By Popular Demand: How The Authenticity Of Hunter’s Laptop Became Immaterial | Zero Hedge

“We must treat the Hunter Biden leaks as if they were a foreign intelligence operation — even if they probably aren’t.”

Authored by Jonathan Turley,

Yesterday, former Vice President Joe Biden was again insisting that the scandal involving Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation despite the direct refutation of that claim by the FBI.

No mainstream reporter bothered to ask the simple question of whether this was his son’s laptop and emails, including emails clearly engaging in an influence peddling scheme and referring to Joe Biden’s knowledge.  Instead, media has maintained a consistent and narrow focus. Indeed, in her interview, Leslie Stahl immediately dismissed any “scandal” involving Hunter in an interview with the President on 60 Minutes. It was an open example of what I previously noted in a column: After all, an allegation is a scandal only if it is damaging. No coverage, no damage, no scandal.”

In her interview with Joe Biden, CBS anchor Norah O’Donnell did not push Biden to simply confirm that the emails were fake or whether he did in fact meet with Hunter’s associates (despite his prior denials). Instead O’Donnell asked: “Do you believe the recent leak of material allegedly from Hunter’s computer is part of a Russian disinformation campaign?”

Biden responded with the same answer that has gone unchallenged dozens of times:

“From what I’ve read and know the intelligence community warned the president that Giuliani was being fed disinformation from the Russians. And we also know that Putin is trying very hard to spread disinformation about Joe Biden. And so when you put the combination of Russia, Giuliani– the president, together– it’s just what it is. It’s a smear campaign because he has nothing he wants to talk about. What is he running on? What is he running on?”

It did not matter that the answer omitted the key assertion that this was not Hunter’s laptop or emails or that he did not leave the computer with this store.

Recently, Washington Post columnist Thomas Rid  wrote said the quiet part out loud by telling the media: 

“We must treat the Hunter Biden leaks as if they were a foreign intelligence operation — even if they probably aren’t.”

Let that sink in for a second. It does not matter if these are real emails and not Russian disinformation. They probably are real but should be treated as disinformation even though American intelligence has repeatedly rebutted that claim.  It does not even matter that the computer has seized the computer as evidence in a criminal fraud investigation or that a Biden confidant is now giving his allegations to the FBI under threat of criminal charges if he lies to investigators.

It simply does not matter. It is disinformation because it is simply inconvenient to treat it as real information.

— Read on www.zerohedge.com/political/disinformation-popular-demand-how-authenticity-hunters-laptop-became-immaterial

New York Post editor accuses Twitter CEO of ‘high-tech racketeering’ over Hunter Biden story | Fox News

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is practicing “blackmail” by demanding the New York Post delete a tweet sharing a link to its bombshell report about Hunter Biden before its account is unlocked, op-ed editor Sohrab Ahmari told “The Story” Wednesday.

October 28th The D. L. Moody Year Book

Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.—John 3:3.

IF the words of this text are true they embody one of the most solemn questions. We can afford to be deceived about many things rather than about this one thing. Christ makes it very plain. He says, “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God”—much less inherit it.

This doctrine of the new birth is therefore the foundation of all our hopes for the world to come. It is really the A B C of the Christian religion. My experience has been this—that if a man is unsound on this doctrine he will be unsound on almost every other fundamental doctrine in the Bible. A true understanding of this subject will help a man to solve a thousand difficulties that he may meet with in the Word of God. Things that before seemed very dark and mysterious will become very plain.[1]


[1] Moody, D. L. (1900). The D. L. Moody Year Book: A Living Daily Message from the Words of D. L. Moody. (E. M. Fitt, Ed.) (pp. 191–192). East Northfield, MA: The Bookstore.

Has the post-election stock market crash already begun? — The Economic Collapse

Is this rush for the exits going to turn into a stampede?  Stock prices have been plummeting in recent days, and most of the talking heads on television have been blaming the declines on the COVID-19 pandemic.  Yes, it is true that the number of confirmed cases in the United States is spiking again, but I don’t think that alone is enough to account for what we have been witnessing.  Instead, I believe that the primary reason why stocks have been tumbling is because there is so much uncertainty about what is going to take place next week.  Investors hate uncertainty, and it appears that many of them would prefer to be on the sidelines rather than gamble on the outcome of this election.

On Wednesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down another 943 points, and that was the worst day that we have seen since June 11th

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 943.24 points, or 3.4%, to 26,519.95, posting its fourth straight negative session. The S&P 500 slid 3.5%, or 119.65 points, to 3,271.03, while the Nasdaq Composite fell 3.7%, or 426.48 points, to 11,004.87. The Dow and the S&P 500 both suffered their worst day since June 11.

Overall, stock prices have now fallen for four trading sessions in a row.

Will Thursday make it five?

I just can’t see a whole lot of investors wanting to jump into the market right before Election Day.  Many have warned that an extended period of time when we don’t know the winner of the presidential election would be a “nightmare scenario” for investors, and right now it appears to be quite likely that we are headed for just such a scenario.

Yes, it is still possible that we could witness a landslide victory for either Joe Biden or Donald Trump that would bring the race to a conclusion very rapidly, and such an outcome would be greatly welcomed by the financial markets.

Unfortunately, it is probably much more likely that the election results will be bitterly contested, and the counting of mail-in ballots and legal fights over which votes to count could take weeks to resolve.

And when it is all over, that is when things could get really interesting.  There will be tens of millions of Americans that will be extremely upset no matter which side wins, and we could very easily see a massive national temper tantrum.

In the past, presidential elections have often resulted in significant stock market rallies, but this time around I think that it is quite likely that the opposite will be true.  Chaos in the streets is likely to be accompanied by chaos in the financial markets, and once stock prices start falling they could potentially tumble quite a long way.

Meanwhile, health authorities are telling us that the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases is starting to rise aggressively, and this is creating a whole lot of fear

For the first time since the pandemic began, the United States added more than half a million coronavirus cases in a week, according to a USA TODAY analysis of Johns Hopkins University data. This is the third day in a row the U.S. set a record for how many coronavirus cases it reported over the previous seven days.

In particular, many investors are deeply concerned that a new wave of lockdowns could crush the U.S. economy once again.  According to CNBC’s Jim Cramer, more lockdowns without more stimulus money from the federal government would be disastrous for the financial markets

Appearing on CNBC’s Squawk Box Wednesday, Cramer said he believes that restrictive measures such as those announced Tuesday in Chicago are on the horizon, and that without a stimulus deal, the implications for the market may be dire.

“I just think that there’s going to be a call for lockdowns the likes of which we’ve seen in Chicago,” Cramer said. “And I think that the lockdowns without the stimulus equals what we’re seeing,” he added — referring to the market’s freefall this week.

Of course the real economy has never recovered from the lockdowns that were instituted earlier this year.

For example, Boeing just announced that they will be laying off more workers than originally projected

Boeing will cut more jobs as it continues to bleed money and its revenue fades during a pandemic that has smothered demand for new airline planes.

The company said Wednesday that it expects to cut its workforce to about 130,000 people by the end of next year, or 30,000 fewer than it began with in 2020. That is a far deeper cut to its workforce than the 19,000 jobs the company said it planned to trim just three months ago.

And small businesses continue to suffer greatly all over the country as well.

If you can believe it, one recent survey found that a whopping 34 percent of all small businesses in America were not able to pay all of their rent for the month of October

Eight months into this devastating pandemic, more than one-third of small businesses are still having trouble paying their rent, according to our latest Alignable Pulse Poll of 7, 726 small business owners taken last week.

Right now, 34% of our small business owners report that they were NOT able to pay full rent in October.

There is no way that anyone should be using the word “recovery” to describe what we are witnessing.  When a third of all small businesses cannot even pay rent, that indicates that we are in a full-blown economic depression.

Earlier this year, the Federal Reserve pulled out all the stops in order to support the financial markets and the economy, but now even CNBC is admitting that the Fed is just about out of ammunition…

While no Fed official ever would acknowledge that monetary policy ammunition is running low, and in fact would insist to the contrary, there appear to be few weapons left in the Fed arsenal.

“What they have left is really on the margin,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics. “They just don’t have much room to maneuver with regard to monetary policy. I don’t really see what more they can do. That’s why they’ve been so explicit in telling fiscal policymakers to do more, because they know they can’t help.”

So what is the Fed going to do if there is another huge wave of lockdowns all across the nation?

And what is the Fed going to do if there is another huge wave of rioting, looting and violence like we are currently witnessing in Philadelphia?

This election has the potential to be the spark that begins a very dark chapter in our history.

If things take a really bad turn, a stock market collapse may end up being among the least of our problems.

Has the post-election stock market crash already begun? — The Economic Collapse

‘The Biden Five’: The Definitive Breakdown of One of America’s Most Corrupt Families — Christian Research Network

“The Bidens…are unprecedented in the extent and scope of the corruption, because I’ve been doing this for a long time. I’ve exposed Republicans and Democrats. The most that I’ve ever seen up to this point was a Republican senator from Missouri that had three family members engaged in this kind of behavior.” 

(Robert Kraychik – Breitbart)  The Biden Five is composed of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden; his younger brothers Frank Biden and James Biden, his sister Valerie Biden, and his daughter Ashley Biden.

Marlow highlighted Schweizer’s latest book, Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite, as “the gateway into understanding not just Joe Biden and the Biden family, but also the entire institutional Democratic Party at this moment and their corruption.”

Marlow described Schweizer’s investigation of the Biden family as yielding “indisputable evidence that Joe Biden is running a crime-like syndicate where he is, if nothing else, enabling his family members to get rich, without really any noticeable skill, using the American people’s good name.”

Schweizer noted the internationalization of the Biden family’s business dealings following Joe Biden becoming vice president.

“There’s no question about it. Joe Biden is the planet around which the moons of his family travel,” Schweizer said, “and the gravitational pull is Joe Biden’s power and his position, and the family has enriched themselves based on the positions he has.”

Schweizer continued, “Before Joe Biden is vice president of the United States, they’re really not doing many international deals, but once Joe Biden becomes vice president of the United States, suddenly, they’ve got foreign governments and foreign entities falling over themselves to cut them in on deals that they have no background or no expertise in. There’s a direct link between the corrupt acts of the family and the policy positions and power that Joe Biden has.”   View article →



‘The Biden Five’: The Definitive Breakdown of One of America’s Most Corrupt Families — Christian Research Network

Bidens Weren’t Worried About If They Got Caught – They Would Rely On “Plausible Deniability” — The Gateway Pundit

The Biden’s weren’t concerned about getting caught in their many corrupt business deals – they had plausible deniability.

Tony Bobulinski is the CEO of Sinohawk Holdings which was a partnership between the Chinese operating through CEFC/Chairman Ye and the Biden family.

Tony Bobulinski came forward last week after he was implicated in emails released from Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell.

Bobulinski touched on several key points in his damning memo and impromptu press conference Thursday night before the final presidential debate:

  • He confirmed “the Big Guy” AKA “the chairman” referred to in Hunter’s emails is indeed Joe Biden
  • He met with Joe Biden at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles in May of 2017 to discuss Hunter’s business deals in China
  • Mr. Bobulinski said he received an email concerning allocation of equity, which says 10% held by “H” for “the Big guy” in that email there’s no question that “H” stands for Hunter, and “big guy” for his father Joe Biden and Jim for Jim Biden
  • Bobulinski confirmed that he was warned by his business partner never to mention Joe Biden was involved in Hunter’s shady business dealings over email or text (only face to face) because the Bidens (Joe, Hunter and Jim Biden) were paranoid people would find out.
  • Bobulinski said Joe Biden was intimately involved in Hunter Biden’s overseas grift and influence peddling scheme
  • He confirmed the Bidens went behind his back and got paid millions by the Chinese in side deals outside of their contract

This impromptu presser was ignored by the fake news media.

Tony Bobulinski said he is providing all of his electronic devices and other documents related to his business dealings with Hunter Biden to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and to the FBI.

On Monday Tucker Carlson announced he will have Tony Bobulinski on his show for an extended intervew on Tuesday night.

During the interview Bobulinski stated that he asked Jim Biden, VP Joe Biden’s brother, if they were concerned about getting caught for their illegal activities by the government.  Jim Biden said no because they had “plausible deniability”:

Under the Bidens America is for sale!

Bidens Weren’t Worried About If They Got Caught – They Would Rely On “Plausible Deniability” — The Gateway Pundit

Arizona Rally #2 – President Trump Make America Great Again Rally – Phoenix, Arizona – 5:30pm Livestream — The Last Refuge

For the second MAGA rally in Arizona President Donald J. Trump heads to Phoenix Goodyear Airport in Phoenix. The anticipated start time is 5:30pm EDT

[Livestream Links Below]

Trump Campaign Livestream – RSBN Livestream Link – Fox News Livestream



Arizona Rally #2 – President Trump Make America Great Again Rally – Phoenix, Arizona – 5:30pm Livestream — The Last Refuge

Mental Health Worsens, Suicides Spike as pandemic Drags On — BCNN1 – Black Christian News Network

Image is a representative stock photo courtesy of Josh Appel on Unsplash.

A new report confirms what experts warned all along – the COVID-19 pandemic is creating a serious mental health crisis. See our full coronavirus coverage here.

The pandemic is “a significant source of stress” for 80-percent of U.S. adults, the American Psychological Association found. One-in-five say their mental health is worse than it was at this time last year. See the full report here.

“The thing with the pandemic [is] it has isolated people. [Isolation is] Satan’s number one trick,” Dean Vander Mey of Set Free Ministries says.

“God created us to be relational. Loving God and loving others is the essence of life, according to Jesus.”

Dr. John Greden, founder and director of the University of Michigan Comprehensive Depression Center, says pandemic-related stressors compound mental illnesses. “Some people have preexisting depression, bipolar and anxiety conditions. They are intensified because of the pandemic, job loss, social isolation, and sleep disturbances,” he explains.

“We have a collision of things underway. The combination is toxic.”

Simultaneously, fatal overdose and suicide rates hit record highs in many states. Fatal opioid overdoses between March and September in Michigan were 15-percent higher than the same period last year. In one month, Kentucky saw nearly as many overdose deaths as it had during all of 2019.

Care facilities are overbooked throughout the country.

“We have people calling Set Free Ministries and some are suicidal. We say, ‘You need to get into a mental health facility to get assessed.’ They call back an hour later and say [the facilities are] all full,” Vander Mey says.

“That’s happening not only in Michigan but in other states as well.”

Click here to read more.

SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Ask the Lord how He wants to use you to help others.
  • Think of people in your life who may benefit from a 10-minute phone call. Then, find time to connect and encourage them with God’s Word.

Mental Health Worsens, Suicides Spike as pandemic Drags On — BCNN1 – Black Christian News Network

Christianity, Trump, and the White House — CultureWatch

Why Christians need to support Trump:

America will soon determine who will be its next president. Debate still rages amongst the voters at large, and also amongst the Christian community. Whereas in times past such a stark decision facing the electorate would have meant Christians would be pretty clear on who to run with, the continual leftist takeover of the churches has changed all that.

Sure, mainstream denominations have long ago succumbed to theological and political liberalism. But now the woke movement is penetrating the evangelical world big time as well. The left has always hated Trump, and Trump Derangement Syndrome is most certainly real.

Now we have evangelicals strongly pushing a Biden win. Not that they can actually name anything good about Biden, or offer any constructive policies of his. It is all about hating on Trump. The other day I discussed all this, focusing on one evangelical – John Piper – who said he cannot vote for either man: billmuehlenberg.com/2020/10/24/evangelicals-and-trump/

That discussion continues, with other evangelicals responding to Piper, and others giving a more generic case for why Trump is the right choice. One major response to Piper came from Wayne Grudem. In his lengthy and irenic piece, he explained in detail why he has to differ from his friend. Let me share parts of that article. He begins:

John Piper has been a friend – a good and faithful friend – for more than 40 years. I thank God for his remarkable worldwide ministry, his evident deep love for God, his faithfulness to every word of Scripture, and the way his life of self-sacrifice continues to provide a challenge to me personally. When we have opportunities to be together, I enjoy every minute of conversation with him. I pray for him regularly, as I believe he does for me. I agree with probably 98% of everything he has written and said during his entire ministry. But he and I have reached different conclusions about this year’s presidential election.

He continues:

A candidate’s character and policies are both important to consider before voting. And I would agree that there are some character flaws so serious that they would by themselves disqualify a candidate (such as an avowed racist). But in most elections, and with most candidates, we have to choose between two rather ordinary human beings, both of whom have flaws. In that case, an evaluation of their policies becomes decisive. And that is the case in this election….

After his nearly four years in office, I would add that he has shown remarkable courage of his convictions, faithfulness to his campaign promises, steadfastness of purpose in spite of an astoundingly hostile press, incredible energy in the performance of his job, dignity and even eloquence in many formal speeches and ceremonies at home and abroad, respect and appreciation for his wife Melania and his sons and daughters, and a wide-ranging understanding of the hundreds of different issues that every president faces….

Imagine what would happen if all evangelical Christians followed Piper’s example and decided to write in someone else’s name instead of voting for either Trump or Biden. The result would be an overwhelming landslide victory for Biden, because the largest single bloc of Trump supporters is evangelical Christians. In 2016, 80% of white evangelicals voted for Trump, while 16% voted for Clinton and 4% didn’t vote for president or voted for some other candidate. If that 4% of “vote for neither one” evangelical voters had been 5% or 6%, Hillary Clinton would have been president.

So, if Trump loses the evangelical bloc, Biden wins. In fact, if a significant number of Christians decide not to vote for either Trump or Biden, the result will not be some ideal third-party president. It will be a Biden presidency which (in my opinion) will bring great harm to the nation. Therefore the decision not to vote for either candidate is not a neutral position for evangelicals. When evangelicals decide not to vote for either candidate, this takes voters primarily from Trump’s base and therefore helps Biden win the election.

He goes into some detail on the clear differences between the two if elected, and concludes:

These are two vastly different kinds of nations. The first one features increasing freedom, personal responsibility, and human flourishing. The second one features ever-increasing government control of every aspect of our lives, significant losses of freedom, and the implementation of many laws and regulations that are contrary to the moral teachings of Scripture. That is why voting for Trump seems to me to be the most loving, most faithful choice for a Christian. http://www.christianpost.com/voices/a-response-to-my-friend-john-piper-about-voting-for-trump.html

And a key evangelical leader who did not vote for Trump in 2016 explains why he now will. Al Mohler said this in part:

I am a Christian, Baptist by conviction. I am a Christian theologian who has addressed issues of public policy, political theory, history, and cultural analysis for decades. . . . I cling to the gospel of Jesus Christ and the saving truths of redeeming grace, but I am also thankful for the common grace whereby all humanity, formed in the image of God, is accountable to universal truths embedded by the Creator in his creation—including the goods of marriage and family and community and economy and culture. I believe that denying these universal truths is destructive of civilization.

I believe that, in a fallen world, all politics is some mixture of good and evil, all political gains are partial, and the perfect is—often tragically—the enemy of the good. As a Christian, I believe that love is to be the animating motivation for political action, but I understand love as revealed in Scripture to be manifested in concrete actions that are measured in moral effect. In other words, love is not merely a mood or an emotion. Love leads to policies that have good moral effects, not necessarily to actions that earn the applause of the world.

Thus, I am also a classical conservative in the Western tradition. I stand solidly in the tradition of Edmund Burke, affirming the real but limited responsibilities of government, the importance of the rule of law, the classical defense of liberty, the vital importance of free associations, and the necessary alignment of human government with human nature.

The life issues are absolutely crucial here for Mohler, as they should be:

Just consider the fact that a Biden-Harris administration would be, by any honest account, the most pro-abortion political force in American history. . . . The Democratic Party is now so pro-abortion (and yes, that is the right term) that it has declared opposition to any restriction on abortion and demands tax-payer funding for abortion.

Led by Democratic governors, states such as New York and Illinois have adopted new abortion legislation that effectively allows for abortion right up to the moment of birth. . . . The party’s dogma would allow for unrestricted abortion in the case of Down syndrome diagnosis, for reasons of sex-selection, or for any other reason, or for no stated reason at all. The Democratic Party is linked hand-in-hand with Planned Parenthood, which is not only the nation’s largest abortion provider, but is also the engine for the Culture of Death, unmasked for having targeted unborn babies for the strategic removal of specific organs and tissues.

This tears at my heart like no other issue. I agree that there are many other issues that press on the Christian conscience—questions of economic policy and foreign affairs and energy and the stewardship of the earth. The searing pain of racial injustice and the unraveling of our social fabric demand Christian response and urgency. Christians must be concerned about questions of immigration policy and refugees—and these issues defy the simplifications of the sound-bite and tweet culture.

But human dignity and the sanctity of human life are even more basic truths, and I believe there is no hope for defending human dignity for all if it is denied in the womb. To be intellectually responsible is to recognize the array of issues confronting us, but the same intellectual responsibility demands that we know which questions are prior to others and on which truths the entire superstructure of human dignity and human rights depend.

He says this in conclusion:

I am thankful to be a Southern Baptist, and extremely thankful that Southern Baptists have for nearly four decades spoken clearly and courageously for the unborn, and just as clearly and courageously about marriage and sexuality and gender. The convictions of Southern Baptists are clear, and I am confident that the vast majority of Southern Baptists will vote according to those convictions. That pattern has been in place for many decades.

But Christian fellowship is based on shared convictions and common faith in Christ. In my denomination, that means shared passion for the gospel, shared commitment to cooperative ministry, and shared convictions about marriage, the sanctity of human life, human beings made male and female, and the wholeness of the faith once for all delivered to the saints.

I know of no church or denomination that makes voting choices a matter of church discipline or church order. It is the convictions themselves that constitute grounds for church discipline and church order. On the other side of this election, brothers and sisters who share the same convictions will have to find a way to work together to forge a way forward. If politics becomes primary, the church is reduced to a political party. Politics is never off the horizon, but if it dominates the horizon, Christian fellowship is undermined….

I truly believe that this presidential election, with the control of the Senate also clearly at stake, is likely to be transformational. The stakes just keep getting higher. The difference between a Trump administration and a Biden administration will shape a generation and have a very great deal to do with the future of our nation. My convictions lead me to a very clear conclusion in this election. I hope and vote for the election of Donald Trump and the Republican ticket for a second term and for a continued Republican majority in the U.S. Senate. I do so precisely because of my convictions. I am accountable to make those convictions and reasons clear. May God bless the United States of America, and may this nation bless the nations of the world. albertmohler.com/2020/10/26/christians-conscience-and-the-looming-2020-election

There are many more voices that could be featured here – both pro and con. But I must agree with these two men. This may well me the most important American presidential election yet, and the stakes are enormous. As I keep saying, Christians must be very prayerful and careful as to how they vote. The fate of America and the West may well depend upon it.

Christianity, Trump, and the White House — CultureWatch

October 28 Life-Changing Moments With God

He saw that there was no man, and wondered that there was no intercessor; therefore His own arm brought salvation for Him.

Father, with the psalmist I say, sacrifice and offering You did not desire, Lord God … burnt offering and sin offering You did not require … in the scroll of the Book it is written of me. I delight to do Your will, O my God, and Your law is within my heart. Jesus lay down His life that He may take it again. No one took it from Him, but He lay it down of Himself. He had power to lay it down, and He had power to take it again.

There is no other God besides You, Lord God, a just God and a Savior; there is none besides You. I look to You and am saved! For You are God, and there is no other. There is no other name under heaven given among men by which I must be saved.

I know the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for my sake He became poor, that I through His poverty might become rich.

Almighty God, thank You for being the Author of my salvation and my Intercessor.

Isaiah 59:16; Psalm 40:6–8; John 10:17–18; Isaiah 45:21–22; Acts 4:12; 2 Corinthians 8:9[1]


[1] Jeremiah, D. (2007). Life-Changing Moments With God (p. 323). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

October 28, 2020 Evening Verse Of The Day

20 The phrase stand before (or “wait upon”) is often used specifically of priests attending in a sanctuary or “before the ark” as in Judg. 20:28. Compare Samuel’s ministering before the Lord (mešārēt) in 1 Sam. 2:11, 18; 3:1. But it can also mean “withstand,” as in Exod. 9:11, where the Egyptian magicians were not able to stand before Moses. “In this case the men of Beth-shemesh would be acknowledging the overwhelming power of Yahweh, rather than overlooking the obvious expedient of hiring a priest.”

On the “holiness” of God, see on 2:2. While the people of Beth-shemesh used the same attribute (holy) of Yahweh as Hannah, the implication is different in the two cases. While on the one hand Hannah acknowledged Yahweh as the intimate and yet sovereign Lord of Hosts, these people somehow lacked the proper attitude toward God, not honoring and reverencing the holy One. The addition of this makes their relationship with God sound more superficial and exhibits a popular conception of qādôš “holiness,” that is, “taboo.” As it was one of the darkest eras of the history of ancient Israel, it is no surprise to find that the spiritual condition of the covenant people was at such low ebb. In light of this, Hannah’s “prayer” sticks out. Now the time is ripe for Samuel’s new ministry. God has not forgotten his people even in the darkest time.[1]

6:20 Who can stand in the presence of. The Hebrew expression can mean “attend to” (Judg. 20:27–28), but it can also carry the nuance “withstand, resist” (Exod. 9:11; Judg. 2:14; 2 Kings 10:4). The latter nuance fits nicely here as an affirmation of God’s invincible and potentially destructive power.

this holy God. In its primary sense “holy” refers to someone or something that is distinct from what is commonplace or ordinary. Here the nuance may be “off limits, unapproachable,” since touching and peering into the ark causes the death of the people.[2]

20. If this question of the men of Bethshemesh be the humble enquiry of souls under divine visitation, the question is gracious indeed: and in a gospel sense it may be thus answered. None but souls who approach this Holy Lord God in the holiness and sin-cleansing blood of the Mediator. But in him and his all-sufficient righteousness, the poorest sinner hath boldness to enter within the vail by his blood. See Heb. 10:19–22. But if the question was the language of displeasure, perhaps it was like that of David upon a similar occasion, in the instance of Uzzah. 2 Sam. 6:6–9.[3]

[1] Tsumura, D. (2007). The First Book of Samuel (pp. 227–228). Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.

[2] Chisholm, R. B., Jr. (2013). 1 & 2 Samuel. (M. L. Strauss, J. H. Walton, & R. de Rosset, Eds.) (p. 41). Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books.

[3] Hawker, R. (2013). Poor Man’s Old Testament Commentary: Deuteronomy–2 Samuel (Vol. 2, p. 491). Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software.

Steve’s Devotional – Satan is Real & Out to Get You — Key Life

Steve’s Devotional – Satan is Real & Out to Get You

I want to introduce you to someone so evil that most Christians can’t even comprehend that evil. I want to introduce you to a being who is as evil as God is good; as selfish as God is unselfish; and as hateful as God is loving. His name is Satan and he is out to get you. Let’s check out Ephesians 6:10-12.

The Reality & Personality of Evil

It is immediately apparent that the Apostle Paul believes in the reality and personality of evil. Someone has said that one of the finest acts of strategy that Satan performs is to convince people that he doesn’t exist. So why do I believe in Satan?

Jesus Warned Us

I believe in a personal, real devil because Jesus warned us about him. In fact, almost all of the clear teaching that we have comes from Jesus’ lips. Jesus is quite specific about the reality and personality of evil as well as the dangers in many passages in the New Testament, including John 8, John 12, Mark 4 and Luke 22. The temptation of Jesus is a prime example of the reality of the devil. Where do you think we found out about the temptation? We didn’t get it from Luke, Matthew or Satan. We got it from Jesus…who didn’t waste words. When Jesus speaks, the wise believer will listen. And not only from Jesus, the whole of the Bible witnesses to the reality of Satan. There are a lot of things I don’t like about the Scriptures, one of the major ones is the doctrine of Satan.

The temptation of Jesus is a prime example of the reality of the devil.

In Culture

Another reason I believe in Satan is existential. He is alive and well in our lives today. We’re a sophisticated age enmeshed in technology and science. But if that’s the case, why are so many being drawn into the occult? Evil is a present reality. It proposes a clear and present danger to the body of Christ.

Without the existence of Satan but with a logical mind, we have a problem. How do you explain Hitler, Dachau and Auschwitz? What about 9/11? What about war? In every major culture in the history of mankind, there has been the understanding of a great dichotomy that exists in our universe. A great split. A great flaw. Love and hate. Good and evil. In earlier cultures, good gods and bad gods. It took the biblical Judeo-Christian tradition to bring it into perspective. Satan is personal and real. If you believe in God and if you are logical, you believe in that reality.

In My Own Life

I have also experienced the reality and personality of evil in my own life. I have seen Satan walking down the city streets. I have seen Satan in a drunk’s bottle. I have seen Satan smiling as crowds lined up for an “adult movie.” I have seen Satan’s writing in the words of a hate letter. I have seen Satan in the hurt, emptiness and frustration of humanity. Sometimes, late at night when I can’t sleep, I have seen Satan in the fear, anger and guilt of my own life.

How Does Satan Operate?

Satan has many tricks or “wiles” (as it is expressed in Scripture). Satan doesn’t come up and introduce himself with, “Hi, I’m Satan and I’m going to destroy you.” Of course not. Satan comes as a mysterious stranger, as one who cares and understands, and as one who’s willing to listen. Then he attacks.

The Bible calls Satan the Tempter. Satan is an accuser before God and an accuser to us. Have you ever, after you’ve had a mountaintop experience and then sinned, had the thought, “If you’re really a Christian, you wouldn’t have done that”? You didn’t get that from God. In the Bible, Jesus calls Satan a liar. Have you heard the slander that comes from Christians about other Christians? Have you heard the anger, bitterness and lies that rail against the truths of God? Someone has said that the devil tempts youth with beauty, the ambitious with power and the rich with gold. Satan is crafty. He always says, “Take what you want…and pay for it later.”

A Supernatural Battle

According to Paul, the battle in which we, as Christians, are engaged is not psychological, monetary, social or administrative. Our battle is supernatural. Years ago in seminary I learned administration and pastoral counseling. I did my clinical work at a mental hospital. I learned so many things, yet nobody taught me how to pray. Nobody taught me how to get on my knees and storm the gates of heaven.

Take a look at the supernatural battle in Judges 7. Gideon went out to fight against the Midianites with 32,000 men. Even with 32,000 men, it was not enough…but God told him that it was too many and for him to cut it down. So Gideon asked anybody who was afraid to leave…and he ended up with 10,000 men remaining. Gideon said, “All right, guys, this is not very many, but we’ll go up against them.” God had other plans and had Gideon test them again, this time by how they drank water. Finally, it was down to 300 men. If I were Gideon at that point I would have been scared and tempted to leave too. The key verse (Judges 7:9) is “That same night the Lord said to Gideon, ‘Arise, go down against the camp; for I have given it into your hands…’” That is the battle supernatural.

We Have Already Won the Battle

As human, finite creatures, we have lost the battle, but as children of the King, we have already won it. Why? Because of 1 John 4:4, “He [Christ] who is in you, is greater than he [Satan] who is in the world.” Many Christians believe that Satan is sovereign, not God. Many Christians look under their beds for demons, seeing demons in every facet of their lives. To them, I offer a reminder. Satan does nothing except by the permission of the Sovereign God. God is in control of the supernatural battle.

Many Christians believe that Satan is sovereign, not God.

James 4:7 teaches, “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” Why is that? It is not because we’re so smart or have the power. It is because, on the cross, Christ already won the battle.

When I was growing up, there was a neighborhood bully a few years older than me. He had me “in his sights.” The bully one day came into my yard…and I was scared to death. After a few very long seconds, I decided that the only way to win this thing was to stand up against him, so I started to move towards him. The bully was scared. In fact, he began to tremble all over. I said to myself, Man, I’m really something! Then I turned around and noticed my father, having heard all the noise, standing behind me on the front porch. It is the same way for us. As believers, we have all the power of the universe at our disposal. The dragon has been slain.

Time to Draw Away

Read Matthew 4:1-11 & 1 Peter 5:6-11

What struggle in your life can you attribute to Satan? Your sovereign Father God has already won that particular supernatural battle and all your other battles—past, present and future. That is what the cross is all about. It is God’s ultimate victory…out of love for you.

Steve’s Devotional – Satan is Real & Out to Get You — Key Life

October—28 The Poor Man’s Evening Portion

O the hope of Israel, the Saviour thereof in time of trouble, why shouldst thou be as a stranger in the land, and as a wayfaring man that turneth aside to tarry for a night?—Jeremiah 14:8.

My soul! follow up these holy pleadings with thy Lord. Jesus loves boldness, and not bondage frames. Remember, when thou goest to him, thou goest to a tried friend, a long-proved, a faithful friend, and one that loveth at all times; and he that was and is the hope of Israel, hath ever been, and will be thy hope, thy Saviour, the Rock of Ages; yea, Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, and to-day, and for ever. Is then thy Jesus as a stranger to thee? Are his visits short, and but as the wayfaring man that is hastening on his journey, who, though he stops at the inn for the night, stops only to refresh himself, and takes no account of what passeth in the house? Pause, my soul! it is time to inquire. I hope no shyness has crept in between thy Lord and thee! When did he last visit thee? When did he last manifest himself unto thee, otherwise than he doth to the world? What precious Bethel-visits hast thou lately had? When did he show thee all his secrets, and thou didst tell him all that is in thine heart? When was his well-known voice last heard by thee, saying, “Come with me from Lebanon, my spouse, with me from Lebanon: look from the top of Amana, from the top of Shenir, and Hermon, from the lion’s den, from the mountains of the leopards?” And when didst thou answer the gracious invitation, crying out, with joy unspeakable, “It is the voice of my beloved! Behold, he cometh leaping upon the mountains, and skipping upon the hills?” O my soul! my soul! I charge it upon thee to be very choice of thy Lord’s visits! See to it, that thou art always upon the alert, waiting for them, and going forth in holy longings and vehement desires after them. Depend upon it, Jesus is no stranger in his visits, but it is thou who art a stranger to the consciousness of his coming. Never is thy Lord as a wayfaring man, that tarrieth but for a night with his people; but it is through thy sleepy, slothful, forgetful frame, that, while Jesus is standing and knocking at the door, saying, “Open to me,” thou art regardless of his coming, and having put off thy coat, feelest not inclined to put it on. Jesus! master! suffer not a coldness to arise, no, not for a moment, in my poor heart, towards thee. Oh! give me a holy jealousy to be always on the look-out for thy sweet visits. Do thou, my beloved, put in thy hand by the hole of the door of my heart, that my bowels may be moved in earnest desires for thy coming. For then, thou sweet Lord, thou that art the hope of Israel, and the Saviour thereof, then when thou comest, and I shall find thee without, I will lead thee, and bring thee into my mother’s house, who would instruct me; and I would cause thee to drink of spiced wine of the juice of my pomegranate; yea, I would constrain thee, and hold thee fast, that thou shouldst not be as a wayfaring man of the night, but I would keep thee until the break of day, and thou shouldst make thyself known to me in breaking of bread and in prayer![1]


[1] Hawker, R. (1845). The Poor Man’s Evening Portion (A New Edition, pp. 307–308). Philadelphia: Thomas Wardle.

October 28 – Meet Baruch’s brother! — VCY America

October 28
Jeremiah 51:54-52:34
Titus 3:1-15
Psalm 100:1-5
Proverbs 26:18-19

Jeremiah 51:58 – From Ancient History Encyclopedia: “Nebuchadnezzar II (634-562 BCE) built three walls around Babylon at heights of forty feet and so broad at the top that chariots could race around them. The Ishtar Gate in the wall of Nebuchadnezzar II’s Babylon was claimed by some to be greater than any of the listed Wonders of the Ancient World.”

Jeremiah 51:59 – Seraiah is the son of Neriah, son of Maaseiah. Who else is a son of Neriah, son of Maaseiah? Baruch! Yes Baruch’s brother is the “quiet prince” (KJV). Commentaries suggest alternatives but the best guess is he was an “advance man” for the king. Jeremiah was not without connections – and this helps understand Baruch’s concern (Jeremiah 45:5). Baruch was  a man of influence and he had been identified with the apparently treasonous Jeremiah.

Jeremiah 52:30 – So 4,600 people were taken away in three different captivities. The number is not excessively large, but this was the ruling class, the political elite, the “1 percenters” of Judaea.

Jeremiah 52:34 – This chapter provides a recap of the historical events, and this particular recap is also documented also in II Kings 25:27-30, and recorded in the “Jehoiachin Ration Tablet.”


Titus 3:1-2 – Paul continues with exhortation on relationships, now to our relationship with authority.

Titus 3:4 – Paul identifies Jesus, our Savior, as God.

Titus 3:7 – Paul never got over what the kindness, love, mercy, and grace of Jesus did to him. The chief of sinners (1 Timothy 1:15), less than the least of all saints (Ephesians 3:8), is made an heir of God!

Titus 3:14 – Paul wanted Titus to be fruitful. How can we be fruitful? Thru good works. Careful to maintain good works (Titus 3:8).

Psalm 100:1Sing with Patch the Pirate this Psalm! https://www.youtube.com/embed/-WZLV-RXPs0?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&autohide=2&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent

Proverbs 26:19 – The one who attacks others and claims “just joking” is not to be trusted.

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October 28 – Meet Baruch’s brother! — VCY America

October 28 Thoughts for the quiet hour

Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it you

John 16:23

Prayer must be based upon promise, but, thank God, His promises are always broader than our prayers! No fear of building inverted pyramids here, for Jesus Christ is the foundation.

Frances Ridley Havergal[1]


[1] Hardman, S. G., & Moody, D. L. (1997). Thoughts for the quiet hour. Willow Grove, PA: Woodlawn Electronic Publishing.

Excuse me John Piper, but pride doesn’t kill babies

What a ridiculous comment from someone seen as a faith leader. And what a ridiculous justification to vote for a party that stands for the expansion of elective abortion through 40 weeks for any and every reason. Pathetic.

Source: Excuse me John Piper, but pride doesn’t kill babies

Twitter, Facebook Confess There Is No Evidence Of Russian Disinformation Behind Hunter Biden Story

Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg both admitted that neither had any evidence that the New York Post’s bombshell reporting is Russian disinformation.

Source: Twitter, Facebook Confess There Is No Evidence Of Russian Disinformation Behind Hunter Biden Story

Nearly half of university students OK with censoring speech | WND

A noted pollster is calling the results of his survey of university students an “indictment” of the radicalism that is being taught in institutions of higher learning.

Jim McLaughlin’s survey for Yale University’s William F. Buckley Program found 36% of students call the U.S. Constitution “outdated,” and 48% favor “speech codes” restricting faculty and students.

More than half, 52%, claim they “share the same opinions and beliefs as all or most of their friends.”

And 39% say “violence can be justified to prevent a person from using hate speech or making racially charged comments,” up 8 points from just a year ago.

McLaughlin shared the results with Paul Bedard’s “Washington Secrets” column for the Washington Examiner.

“Free speech, support for the Constitution and even having a variety of friends are taking a hit on America’s campuses where college undergraduates appear to be adopting a ‘my way or the highway’ attitude,” Bedard wrote.

He said the nation’s future leaders “shows an antagonistic approach by students to views they don’t agree with.”

“And worse, a majority feel they can’t express a view different from those of their professors.”

The survey found 52% say the Constitution is important.

But 40% agree “it is sometimes appropriate to shout down or disrupt a speaker on campus.”

Fifty-three percent “feel intimidated in sharing their views if they disagree with their professor.”

“These findings are a real indictment of the radical teachings of the American higher educational system and a total lack of understanding of the U.S. Constitution by students,” McLaughlin said. “Think about it. More than one-third of students call the 8th wonder of the world an outdated document and bare majority, 52%, call it an important document.”

Only 41% opposed speech codes to regulate speech.

Source: Nearly half of university students OK with censoring speech