Top Weekly Stories from for 10/31/2020

Police in Wales Shut Down Church Gathering of 36 People in Enforcing COVID Rules: ‘Worship in Other Ways’   Oct 28, 2020 01:20 pm

CARDIFF, Wales — Police in Wales shut down a church service of 36 people on Sunday evening, noting that current regulations prohibit more than six people from gathering during a government “firebreak” COVID lockdown. “You need to stay at home. prohibited gatherings of more than six people,” one officer states, as recorded by a member of the church and streamed…

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‘Rescued From This Evil’: 179 Arrested, 45 Missing Children Recovered in Ohio’s ‘Operation Autumn Hope’   Oct 27, 2020 03:51 pm

(Yahoo News) — Law enforcement agencies across Ohio cooperated in a monthlong investigation, dubbed Operation Autumn Hope, that led to 179 arrests and the recovery of 45 missing children. In all, 109 human trafficking victims were rescued and referred to social services, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office reported. More than 50 agencies participated in the…

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Man Who Identifies as Woman Files Complaint Against Beauty Pageant for Not Allowing Him to Compete   Oct 28, 2020 04:26 pm

TORONTO — A man who identifies as a woman has filed a human rights complaint against Canada Galaxy Pageants, which hosts contests for women and girls, for not allowing him to compete in the “28 and older” division. According to reports, Jonathan Yaniv, who goes by the name Jessica, applied to be a participant in the pageant in May 2019. Galaxy Pageants allows…

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Biden Cites Scripture, Catholic Faith in Attempt to Appeal to Religious Voters   Oct 29, 2020 02:06 pm

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikipedia In an op-ed published by the Christian Post on Thursday, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden cited Scripture and his Catholic faith in an attempt to appeal to religious voters. However, some noted that if Biden really believes that man is made in the image of God like he asserts, he would not support the murder of…

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American Bible Society Study Shows 35% Republicans, 47% Democrats Are ‘Bible Disengaged’   Oct 28, 2020 08:56 am

Photo Credit: Rod Long/Unsplash PHILADELPHIA — The Philadelphia-based American Bible Society has released the seventh chapter of its annual “State of the Bible” report, which focuses in part on Scripture engagement and political identity. It found that, for those surveyed, a significant percentage of each affiliation is Bible disengaged, meaning that they rarely…

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Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Opens Second ‘Gender and Sexuality Development Clinic’ for Youth   Oct 27, 2020 05:28 pm

VOORHEES TOWNSHIP, N.J. — The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), a large and well-known pediatric and neonatal healthcare institution, has announced the opening of a “gender and sexuality development clinic” at its Specialty Care Center in Voorhees Township, New Jersey to “affirm” youth who allegedly struggle with confusion about their gender. CHOP…

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Poland’s Highest Court Rules Law Allowing Abortion of Babies With Defects Is Unconstitutional   Oct 24, 2020 01:25 pm

Photo Credit: Madcapslaugh/Wikimedia Commons (The Christian Institute) — Poland’s highest court has ruled that abortions on the grounds of disability will no longer be permitted. The Constitutional Tribunal ruled that the current law is unconstitutional. It is under this law that 98 percent of the country’s abortions are carried out, including for…

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Episcopal Bishop Deemed Guilty For Prohibiting Same-Sex ‘Weddings’ in Diocese Resigns   Oct 27, 2020 01:54 pm

ALBANY, N.Y. — A New York bishop who had been deemed guilty of violating canon law by the apostate Episcopalian church for declining to allow same-sex “weddings” to take place at churches in his diocese has decided to resign rather than comply with whatever disciplinary action would be taken against him. William Love, who presides over the diocese of Albany,…

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Md. Man Who Identifies as Woman Running for Congress Against Incumbent Republican Rep.   Oct 26, 2020 05:55 pm

FREDERICK, Md. — A Maryland man who identifies as a woman is running for U.S. Congress in an effort to unseat Republican Rep. Andy Harris, who represents the Eastern Shore region. “We know Rep. Harris stands in voting against veterans, women, mental health, CARES Act, environmental projects, LGBTQ persons, OB/GYN care, and abortions. His answer to us is by voting…

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Mo. Coach to No Longer Lead Team in Prayer Following Letter From Freedom From Religion Foundation   Oct 29, 2020 09:13 am

JASPER, Mo. — A high school football coach in Missouri will no longer be leading his team in prayer after the school district received a letter from the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) claiming that the practice is illegal. “Head Coach Joey Ballard’s conduct is unconstitutional because he endorses and promotes his religion when acting…

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