Weekend Snapshot · Oct. 31, 2020

The Case for Trump’s Reelection Is Clear

His list of accomplishments should please even conservatives worried about character.

Amy Coney Barrett Is a Triumph for the Constitution

Her confirmation to the Supreme Court presents voters with a real achievement.

It’s Still the Economy, Stupid

Donald Trump’s V-shaped recovery continues, and the numbers are better than expected.

The Democrat Party of Division and Hate

The Democrats’ primary political strategy has been, and remains, to foment division, creating fear, anger, and hate.

Biden’s Utter Lack of Character

The Democrat nominee keeps telling us that character counts, but he’s not coming clean.

Debunking Biden’s ‘Trump Is a Racist’ Lie

And exposing Joe’s fraudulent claim that he’s running to “save America’s soul.”

Biden Family Corruption Scandal Grows Hotter

Hunter’s email is verified as authentic; DOJ confirms FBI money-laundering investigation.

The Bobulinski Interview and Joe Biden’s BIG Lie

A compelling eyewitness tells all about Joe Biden’s lies and his family’s corrupt business dealings.

The Ever-Expanding Influence of China

The communist Chinese have invested heavily in Joe Biden, and they’re all in behind his candidacy.

Confronting Our Social Media Accusers

Our pre-election encounter with Facebook’s rogue “fact-checkers.”

Senate Grills Big Tech for Censoring Conservatives

CEOs of Facebook, Twitter, and Google made it clear they have no intention of changing their ways.

Biden’s Dark Money Advantage Over Trump

No campaign finance complaints from Dems, who hold a massive fundraising advantage over the GOP.

Transitioning Away From Prosperity

The Left’s climate plans include depriving Americans of basics like reliable electricity.

Biden’s ‘Green Energy’ Boondoggle

Ending America’s fossil-fuel production would spread California’s energy woes to the entire nation.

Perspective on a Doozy of a Hurricane Season

An unusually active tropical season doesn’t invariably portend climate doomsday.

Parenting for Freedom or Serfdom

Helicopter parents yield helicopter government because people expect the nanny state.

The Most Important Election in History?

We hear this every four years, but when has it actually been true?


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“The media spent more time investigating Brett Kavanaugh’s yearbook than investigating what’s on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Just saying.” —Gary Bauer

“The Patriot Post” (https://patriotpost.us)

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