Catherine Austin Fitts Explains It All

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Having watched the video I highlighted in my last article, I wanted to put this out there to help people understand that what she is talking about is Technocracy and Transhumanism. I cannot stress this enough – you must watch this video. It’s less than an hour long and if needed, bump up the speed to 1.25 or 1.5. It will still be very understandable and seriously enlightening.

Fitts explains the whys and wherefores about what is happening, why it’s happening and where it’s leading society to. If we were not at this point in society, it would be very difficult to believe what she is saying because it sounds like science fiction. Unfortunately, due to “Mr. Global” (the committee that runs the world), we are moving to a desired point whereby the entire world will run like China:

  • fully controlled society
  • social grading
  • UBI (Universal Basic Income)
  • everyone will…

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