Will the secular left Democrats allow you to earn money if you disagree with them?


If you're trying to help the rioters escape justice, you're pro-rioting If you’re trying to help the rioters escape justice, you’re pro-rioting

I looked at a lot of different articles on Monday, and felt more and more sad about the direction that America is going. We should not be going forward with the inauguration until we find out why there were so many voting issues in certain states controlled by far-left Democrats.

I read a lot of articles about the 7-month-long campaign of violence, arson, and murder conducted by far left rioters, and I was going to write about how the media and Democrats encouraged that. But the article that really touched on what I was feeling was by Joy Pullman, writing for The Federalist:

The purge wasn’t at all limited to Trump himself. It’s also pursuing his supporters. YouTube banned all videos discussing voter fraud. Reddit shut down its Donald Trump subreddit. On Jan. 8, Facebook shut down the Walkaway campaign that shared…

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