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January 29 Evening Quotes of the Day

Not Reading Many Books, but Reading Well a Few
Ecclesiastes 12:12; Acts 26:24

It is not the reading of many books which is necessary to make a man wise or good; but the well reading of a few, could he be sure to have the best.


Ritzema, E., & Vince, E. (Eds.). (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Puritans. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

God Is Gracious and Knows Our Wants
Matthew 6:8, 32; Luke 12:30

We have a God who is infinitely gracious, and knows all our wants.


Ritzema, E. (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Reformation. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

January 29 Evening Verse of the Day

6:18 good works The rich must seek to be rich not only in wealth, but in good deeds that benefit others (see note on 1 Tim 5:10).[1]

6:18 rich in good works. The rich, who may not need to work any longer to earn a living, have many opportunities to spend their workdays doing “good works” for others and building up the church.[2]

6:18 ready to share. The Gr. word means “liberal,” or “bountiful.” Those believers who have money must use it in meeting the needs of others, unselfishly and generously (see notes on Ac 4:32–37; 2Co 8:1–4).[3]

6:18 — Let them do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to give, willing to share .…

God blesses us financially not simply so that we can spend His blessings on ourselves, but so that we can use the resources He gives us to help others and to expand the kingdom of God.[4]

6:18 Those with wealth are commanded to recognize God as the true source of their wealth and to be generous with their riches. The material blessings of God are to be enjoyed and used for the advancement of His kingdom, not for self-centered living.[5]

6:18 The Christian is reminded that the money he possesses is not his own. It is given to him as to a steward. He is responsible to use it for the glory of God and for the well-being of his fellow men. He should use it in the performance of good works and be willing to share it with the needy.

John Wesley’s rule of life was, “Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.”

Willing to share expresses the idea that he should be ready to use it wherever the Lord may indicate.[6]

6:18. Paul almost always countered the negative with the positive. If we are to refrain from something, then he tells us to engage in something else. If the rich are not to devote themselves to things, then they are to invest themselves in doing good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.

How we invest ourselves and our time is more valuable than money. God desires that we spend ourselves in doing good, helping others, benefiting those around us. It is a tendency of the wealthy to think that others exist or their benefit, to do their bidding. In God’s eyes it is just the opposite. Those who have been richly blessed must give abundantly. Once again, God desires that we imitate him. Just as he richly provides us everything for our enjoyment, just as his mercy and love are without limit, so his people are to live with the same extravagance.[7]

6:18 “Instruct them Here are Paul’s threefold guidelines for those who have worldly goods: (1) continue doing good (cf. 5:10; 2 Tim. 2:21; 3:17; Titus 3:1, 8, 14); (2) be ready to share; and (3) be generous (cf. 2 Cor. 8–9).[8]

18. What should be the attitude of the rich is continued, with this difference: in verse 17b their proper attitude toward God has been pointed out; now in verse 18 their correct relation toward other people, particularly toward other believers is set forth. Says Paul: (Charge them) to do what is good, to be rich in noble deeds, to be quick to give, ready to share.

A rich church-member should strive to be rich in noble deeds, in “beautiful works,” as was Mary of Bethany. He should be quick to give, being ever ready to share what he has with others who belong to the fellowship or community of believers in Christ. He should do this in the spirit of Acts 2:42–44; 4:34–37.[9]

18. To do good. He adds another remedy to the former, for correcting the sinful dispositions of rich men, by stating authoritatively what is the lawful use of riches; for the richer any man is, the more abundant are his means of doing good to others; and because we are always more tardy than we ought to be in giving to the poor, he employs many words in commendation of that virtue.[10]

6:18 / The “enjoyment” of “everything” as God’s generous gift leads away from “high-mindedness” and false security to the freedom of giving generously. Indeed, the whole of this verse repeats in four ways that the wealthy are to use their wealth for the benefit of others. It begins, command them (repeated from v. 17 for clarity) to do good, which is then repeated with a play on “riches” (cf. 2 Cor. 8:9): to be rich in good deeds. And in case that is not clear, good deeds is further defined as being generous and willing to share. This last item, an adjective form of koinōnia (“fellowship”), implies the liberal sharing with others what is one’s own. Hence true “riches” is found in the giving, not in the having.[11]

18 Three infinitive phrases expand the initial command, spelling out the appropriate ways in which the wealthy are to express their trust in God. The first two of these resume the emphasis on the observable outworking of faith and quantify it, with parallel expressions (5:10) in terms of visible service (2:10; 5:10, 25). “To do good” (i.e. “to benefit others”; Acts 14:17) is a compound verb that combines the components of one of the “good deeds” configurations (2:10 discussion). The specific shape this activity is to take becomes clearer as Paul plays with “wealth” language in the next phrase. In its redeployment of the “wealth” word group, the phrase “to be rich in good deeds”17 effects the same obvious reversal of values (cf. 6:9) that is achieved in Luke 12:21, a strand of the Jesus tradition about to be further exploited. Together the piling up of “good deeds” expressions (as in 5:10) lays stress on the call to make an observable showing of authentic faith.

But it is the last infinitive phrase with its two objects that instructs how the faith of the wealthy is to be demonstrated: “to be generous and ready to share.” The terms are complementary if not synonymous, and encompass the attitude and disposition of liberality and the action of giving. The value of sharing, carried over from Judaism (cf. Tobit 4:7–9) and also apparent in Greek thought, was fundamental to all strata in the church (Rom 12:13). What is sometimes regarded as a text that expresses a preferential option for the rich, with (as some amazingly propose!) “no suggestion that the rich should share their wealth,” in fact operates on the same basic principles designed to encourage equality and the meeting of community needs as 2 Cor 8:13–15.[12]

18 What is more, such people should also recognize their special obligation to share with others in need. They are to “do good” (agathoergeō, GK 14; cf. Ac 14:17; the synonym agathopoieō [GK 16] occurs in Luke’s and Peter’s writings and in 3 Jn 11) and to be “rich in good deeds” (another wordplay), “generous” (eumetadotous, GK 2331), and “willing to share” (koinōnikous, GK 3127). For no one is as generous as God (Tit 3:6).[13]

The Duty to Fulfill

Instruct them to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share, (6:18)

The duty of all rich believers is to use their resources to meet the needs of others. The apostle gives four phrases that define that duty.

First, Timothy is to instruct them to do good. Agathoergeō (do good) appears only here in the New Testament. It means “to do what is inherently, intrinsically, and qualitatively good.” The verb refers to doing what is noble and excellent, not what is only superficially good. It describes the most general aspect of the duty; the wealthy are to use their lives and their money to do genuinely good and noble things.

The second aspect narrows the duty of the rich further. They are to be rich in good works. God does not intend for material wealth to be hoarded or doled out sparingly. The key word is rich, meaning “abounding,” or “abundantly furnished.” Material wealth is to be used to perform good works on behalf of others. Believers’ resources are to be used to support their own families (5:8), especially needy widows (5:4). The leaders of the church (5:17), and any believer in need (Acts 4:34–35), must also be provided for. And all such sharing is not to be minimal, but to fully cover the need and more.

A third phrase sharpens the apostle’s focus still more as it zeros in on the motive. As they meet the needs of others, those with money must be generous. Eumetadotos (generous) means “liberal,” or “bountiful.” The duty of the rich involves meeting the needs of others beyond minimums, and that requires a generous, unselfish heart. Believers are to act toward others with the same generous love that moved God to act so richly toward them. Like the Macedonians commended by Paul in 2 Corinthians 8:1–4, they must give sacrificially from an open and unrestrained heart.

Such an attitude of generous giving is illustrated by the people of Israel. First Chronicles 29:1–17 records the story of their liberal giving to prepare for the building of Solomon’s temple:

Then King David said to the entire assembly, “My son Solomon, whom alone God has chosen, is still young and inexperienced and the work is great; for the temple is not for man, but for the Lord God. Now with all my ability I have provided for the house of my God the gold for the things of gold, and the silver for the things of silver, and the bronze for the things of bronze, the iron for the things of iron, and wood for the things of wood, onyx stones and inlaid stones, stones of antimony, and stones of various colors, and all kinds of precious stones, and alabaster in abundance. And moreover, in my delight in the house of my God, the treasure I have of gold and silver, I give to the house of my God, over and above all that I have already provided for the holy temple, namely, 3,000 talents of gold, of the gold of Ophir, and 7,000 talents of refined silver, to overlay the walls of the buildings; of gold for the things of gold, and of silver for the things of silver, that is, for all the work done by the craftsmen. Who then is willing to consecrate himself this day to the Lord?” Then the rulers of the fathers’ households, and the princes of the tribes of Israel, and the commanders of thousands and of hundreds, with the overseers over the king’s work, offered willingly; and for the service for the house of God they gave 5,000 talents and 10,000 darics of gold, and 10,000 talents of silver, and 18,000 talents of brass, and 100,000 talents of iron. And whoever possessed precious stones gave them to the treasury of the house of the Lord, in care of Jehiel the Gershonite. Then the people rejoiced because they had offered so willingly, for they made their offering to the Lord with a whole heart, and King David also rejoiced greatly. So David blessed the Lord in the sight of all the assembly; and David said, “Blessed art Thou, O Lord God of Israel our father, forever and ever. Thine, O Lord, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the victory and the majesty, indeed everything that is in the heavens and the earth; Thine is the dominion, O Lord, and Thou dost exalt Thyself as head over all. Both riches and honor come from Thee, and Thou dost rule over all, and in Thy hand is power and might; and it lies in Thy hand to make great, and to strengthen everyone. Now therefore, our God, we thank Thee, and praise Thy glorious name. But who am I and who are my people that we should be able to offer as generously as this? For all things come from Thee, and from Thy hand we have given Thee. For we are sojourners before Thee, and tenants, as all our fathers were; our days on the earth are like a shadow, and there is no hope. O Lord our God, all this abundance that we have provided to build Thee a house for Thy holy name, it is from Thy hand, and all is Thine. Since I know, O my God, that Thou triest the heart and delightest in uprightness, I, in the integrity of my heart, have willingly offered all these things; so now with joy I have seen Thy people, who are present here, make their offerings willingly to Thee.”

The final phrase states that the duty of the rich is to be ready to share. Koinōnikos (ready to share) derives from the common New Testament word for fellowship, koinōnia, and means “beneficent.” Giving to others is not to be done in a cold, detached manner. Rather, there must be mutual care and concern arising from the common life believers share.[14]

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January 29 Afternoon Quotes of the Day

Humility an Essential Part of the New Creature
Philippians 2:3

Humility is not a mere ornament of a Christian, but an essential part of the new creature. It is a contradiction to be a sanctified man, or a true Christian, and not humble.


Ritzema, E. (Ed.). (2012). 300 Quotations for Preachers. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Seeking the Lord in Hunger
Psalm 34:10; Proverbs 10:3

Lord, in hunger I began to seek you; I ask you that I may not cease to hunger for you. In hunger I have come to you; let me not go unfed.


Ritzema, E., & Brant, R. (Eds.). (2013). 300 quotations for preachers from the Medieval church. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

January 29 Afternoon Verse of the Day

6:34 Jesus did not prohibit planning for the future, but he did prohibit worrying about it. He urged his disciples instead to focus on the challenges of the present.[1]

6:34 tomorrow will be anxious for itself Jesus is not telling people to postpone their worrying for a day; He is instructing them to stop worrying altogether and to rely on God’s gracious provision (compare Phil 4:6).

Each day has enough trouble of its own There is no sense in adding additional worry. Trusting in the Father’s provision serves as an antidote to anxiety.[2]

6:34 This is God’s “social security” program. The believer’s responsibility is to live for the Lord, trusting God for the future with unshakable confidence that He will provide. One’s job is simply a means of providing for current needs; everything above this is invested in the work of the Lord. We are called to live one day at a time: tomorrow can worry about its own things.[3]

6:34. In the phrase tomorrow will care [lit., “will worry”] for itself, Jesus probably personifies tomorrow as owning its own anxieties. It is folly to wrest what belongs to “Mr. Tomorrow” and make it one’s own today. Instead, when tomorrow comes, it will have enough trouble of its own, but God will enable the believer to handle those troubles then (6:25).[4]

6:34. Jesus restated for the third time his command, Do not worry! This time he broadened it to include any possible anxieties we may have for tomorrow. As an expression of trust in his heavenly Father, the kingdom servant is to live in the present, trusting the Father for the grace to cover the needs of the present. “When tomorrow comes, the Father will provide the grace to cover its needs also,” is the implied assurance.[5]

6:34 This verse breaks the train of thought. The Christian life is a daily walk in a fallen world. Bad things that happen to the unbelieving person often happen to the believing person. This does not mean that God does not care. It simply means that believers are caught in a fallen world system. Do not let the problems of life trick you into thinking God does not care.[6]

Ver. 34. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

Undue anxiety reproved:—1. Because nothing can happen to any without God’s general permission. 2. Because nothing shall happen to His people without God’s special direction. 3. Because in what does happen, the terms good and evil, as we are accustomed to employ them, are often misunderstood and misapplied. 4. Because sufficient will be afforded by every passing day to exercise our powers and occupy our thoughts, without extending our views beyond. (T. Dale, M.A.)

Forecasting sorrow:—1. It renders us insensible to present good. 2. It unfits for the activities of to-day. Anxiety depresses. 4. It gives a practical denial of the Christian creed. 5. It has a saddening influence upon others. (T. Jackson, B.A.)

Anxiety depresses:—Men are worn out, enfeebled, aged more by corroding care than by hard labour. Look at a housemaid; if she be bright, cheerful, high-spirited, her toil is performed efficiently and speedily, to the satisfaction of herself and her mistress. How different if she is cheerless and gloomy! “A merry heart goes all the day: a sad tires in a mile,” observes our great dramatist; while the Chelsea philosopher says, “Give us, oh, give us the cheerful man that sings at his work. He will do more in the same time; he will do it better; he will persevere longer. One is scarcely sensible to fatigue when marching to music.” (Ibid.)

It renders insensible to present good:—A young lady once expressed to Hogarth, the great satirist, a wish to learn to draw caricature. “Alas!” said he, “it is not a faculty to be envied. Take my advice, and never draw caricature. By the long practice of it I have lost the enjoyment of beauty; I never see a face but distorted, and have never the satisfaction to behold the human face divine.” So, by constantly looking at the dark side of their life, its distorted and unpleasant aspect—evils at hand and those looming in the distance—men lose the power to appreciate the blessings which are theirs, and make them an object of envy to their neighbours. (Ibid.) I. Folly to be wholly taken up with the accessories, and neglect the principal.

  1. Trouble not yourselves about futurity. 1. Do not anticipate your cares. 2. Do not add vexation to your life by forecasting and designing uncertainties. 3. Leave events to God’s infinite, all-wise disposal. 4. Look after your present duty. 5. Reserve all your strength about you, to bear you up against present difficulties and temptations.

III. To-morrow is a new day. 1. Brings care of its own. 2. Brings new duties. 3. Fresh troubles. 4. Both its hands are full. Today has enough to do of its own; to-morrow brings its own harvest. (Adam Littleton, D.D.) The evil here is

  1. The evil of punishment. 1. Afflictions. 2. Troubles. 3. Incumbrances and turmoils of life. Every day finds us enough to do. Every year brings us enough to suffer.
  2. The evils of sin. 1. Temptations and lapses. 2. Allurements. 3. Suggestions of Satan. 4. Enticements of the world. As if the load of cares each day lays upon our shoulders were not heavy enough, we ourselves do fetch in more grist, and heap more bags still upon ourselves, by bringing future cares upon us. (Ibid.)

Taking no thought for the morrow:—We must regard this injunction as Christ here regards it, as flowing from faith. 1. Faith may be intuitive. It springs at once from love. You have experienced hours when the Presence of a heavenly Friend seems most real; doubt was impossible. Such a faith is a defiance of life’s evils, dares all futurity. The faith of love soars above all the sorrows of time, and gazes on the glory of immortality. 2. Faith arises from reflection on the revelation of God. The belief springing from love does not always live; it is fitful. In nature we find a Fatherly care extending to the least of God’s creatures. Is it possible that faith in this Father can exist with anxious care for the morrow? 3. Faith rises from the conscious feebleness of man. The more we are conscious of our own ignorance and powerlessness, the more utterly can we leave the future in God’s hands. (E. L. Hull, B.A.)

The future does not belong to fear:—The past belongs to gratitude and regret; the present to contentment and work; the future to hope and trust. (Beecher.) Meeting sorrow—1. This meeting trouble half way is both a sin and an act of folly. God watches over us as individuals. We are doubting God’s love and care for us. 2. This habit of looking out for sorrows makes us forget our past and present blessings. 3. It is a sin to meet sorrow half way, because our present troubles are sufficient without seeking for others. 4. It is a sin because it is a want of faith in God. 5. It makes us melancholy, suspicious, and unfit for duty. (Wilmot Buxton.)

Anxiety produces an unhealthy habit of mind:—A man once planted two rose trees, one on either side of his house. The trees were equally strong and healthy, but after a time the one grew and prospered, the other withered and died. Then the man discovered that the living rose tree was on the sunny side of the house. Brethren, we must have the sunshine of faith and hope on our lives, or we cannot live. I have read of a little child who was often observed playing by itself, and laughing and singing with delight. They asked the child what it was playing with, and the little one answered, “I am playing with sunbeams.” It would be better for some of us who are too apt to look on the dark side to imitate that happy child. If we allow ourselves to be always haunted by the shadow of fancied misfortune, we shall lose faith in prayer, since the black shadow will have eclipsed the face of God. (Ibid.)

The future should not embitter the present:—Will you shudder at winter’s snow whilst the flowers of summer are growing around you? (Ibid.)

By fighting with fancied ills, we shall be too exhausted to struggle with real misfortunes:—Your feet will become so tender from treading on imaginary thorns, that they will not endure the true thorny path, and there is such a path for all to tread. (Ibid.)

Sorrows to be borne single:—John Newton says: “Sometimes I compare the troubles we have to undergo in the course of a year to a great bundle of fagots, far too large for us to lift. But God does not require us to carry the whole at once. He mercifully unties the bundle, and gives us first one stick, which we are to carry to-day, and then another, which we are to carry to-morrow, and so on. This we might easily manage if we would only take the burden appointed for us each day; but we choose to increase our trouble by carrying yesterday’s stick over again to-day, and adding to-morrow’s burden to our load before we are required to bear it.” “Take therefore no thought for the morrow; for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself.”


  1. Its nature. It is a painful, growing, contagious, discouraging habit.
  2. The causes of this unhappy disposition. Constitutional. Bad health. Lack of faith in God.

III. The remedy for this evil habit or disposition of mind. If the result of physical causes must be treated accordingly. If the result of constitutional melancholy must be borne patiently, &c. If from defective faith can only be remedied by an increase of faith. (Dr. O. P. Fitzgerald.)

Live one day in the day:—We may consider the year before us as a desk containing 365 letters addressed to us; one for every day, announcing its trials and prescribing its employments, with an order to open daily no letter but the letter for the day. Now, we may be strongly tempted to unseal, beforehand, some of the remainder. This, however, would serve only to embarrass us, while we should violate the rule which our Owner and Master has laid down for us. (Jay.)[7]

34. While the call not to be anxious links this verse with what precedes, its theme is rather different in that it deals with trouble ahead, while vv. 25–33 envisaged full provision, not trouble. It is a salutary reminder that God’s sure provision of our needs does not guarantee a life without problems. But they need not be multiplied by worrying about them before they occur; God knows about these too, and can be trusted to deal with them when the time comes. Cf. James 4:13–15.[8]

34 This additional saying has the ring of popular proverbial wisdom.28 The thrust of its first clause is fully consonant both with the summons not to worry about provisions in vv. 25–33 and also with the preceding petition for “bread for the coming day” in 6:11; once you have asked God for tomorrow’s needs there is no need to worry about them. But the following clauses speak not of God’s fatherly concern but, in a quite pragmatic way, of the pointlessness of anticipating tomorrow’s problems. Taken out of its current context this could, then, be read as simply a piece of cynical advice to live only for the present—the attitude condemned by Paul in 1 Cor 15:32 (following Isa 22:13; cf. 56:12), and indeed also by Jesus in Luke 12:19–20. In speaking of “tomorrow worrying” and of “troubles” as the likely experience of each day v. 34 strikes a more pessimistic (or at least realistic) note than the preceding verses. By including it along with vv. 25–33 Matthew has perhaps deliberately put a sobering question-mark against an unthinkingly euphoric attitude which vv. 25–33 might evoke in some hearers. God’s care and provision are assured, but that does not mean that the disciple life is to be one long picnic. Each day will still have its “troubles;” the preceding verses simply provide the assurance that by the grace of God they can be survived.[9]

34 In view of God’s solemn promise to meet the needs of those committed to his kingdom and righteousness (v. 33), “therefore” do not worry about tomorrow. Today has enough kakia (NIV, “trouble,” GK 2798; what is evil from man’s point of view, and once applied to crop damage caused by hail [MM]; frequently translates Heb. rāʿâ [“evil,” “misfortune,” “trouble,” GK 8288] in LXX: Ecc 7:14; 12:1; Am 3:6) of its own.

Worry over tomorrow’s misfortunes is nonsensical, because today has enough to occupy our attention and because tomorrow’s feared misfortunes may never happen (cf. b. Sanh. 100b; b. Ber. 9a). It is almost as if Jesus, aware that his disciples are still unsettled and immature, ends his argument by setting the highest ideals and motives aside for a moment and, in a whimsical sally, appeals to common sense. At the same time, he is implicitly teaching that, even for his disciples, today’s grace is sufficient only for today and should not be wasted on tomorrow. If tomorrow does bring new trouble, there will be new grace to meet it.[10]

Worry Is Unwise Because of Our Future

Therefore do not be anxious for tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. (6:34)

Making reasonable provisions for tomorrow is sensible, but to be anxious for tomorrow is foolish and unfaithful. God is the God of tomorrow as well as the God of today and of eternity. “The Lord’s lovingkindnesses indeed never cease, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is Thy faithfulness” (Lam. 3:22–23).

It seems some people are so committed to worrying that, if they cannot find anything in the present to worry about, they think about possible problems in the future. Tomorrow will take care of itself, Jesus assures us. That is not the careless philosophy of the hedonist who lives only for his present enjoyment. It is the conviction of the child of God who knows that tomorrow will take care of itself because it is in his heavenly Father’s hands.

That each day has enough trouble of its own is not a call to worry about that trouble, but to concentrate on meeting the temptations, trials, opportunities, and struggles we have today, relying on our Father to protect and provide as we have need. There is enough trouble in each day without adding the distress of worry to it.

God promises His grace for tomorrow and for every day thereafter and through eternity. But He does not give us grace for tomorrow now. He only gives His grace a day at a time as it is needed, not as it may be anticipated.

“The steadfast of mind Thou wilt keep in perfect peace,” Isaiah says, “because he trusts in Thee. Trust in the Lord forever, for in God the Lord, we have an everlasting Rock” (Isa. 26:3–4).[11]

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29 Jan 2021 News Briefing

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29 Jan 2021

The Coming Revolt Of The Middle Class
The Great American Middle Class has stood meekly by while the New Nobility stripmined $50 trillion from the middle and working classes. As this RAND report documents, $50 trillion has been siphoned from labor and the lower 90% of the workforce to the New Nobility and their technocrat lackeys who own the vast majority of the capital: Trends in Income From 1975 to 2018.

U.S. Billionaire Wealth Rises 40%, Up $1.1 Trillion, Since March 2020
As we have continued to document, Central Bank “responses” to the Covid pandemic have done little for lower and middle class Americans and continue to disproportionately enrich the already wealthy. Further evidence of how the Fed’s flawed policies work, in action, came from the Institute for Policy studies and Americans For Tax Fairness, who yesterday issued a press release noting that 10 months into the Covid crisis, America’s billionaires have seen their wealth rise 40%, or $1.1 trillion.

Silicon Valley Joins Push To Recall Newsom As New Candidates Eye Gubernatorial Bids
A group of technology investors and executives has joined the push to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom, as one investor announced a gubernatorial bid. “California is a mess – it’s too expensive, our teachers are underpaid, and our schools aren’t good enough,” his campaign website says. The site says the longtime Democratic donor would cut taxes to zero percent, give teachers a minimum salary of $70,000, and will dole out $2,000 for every new child born in the state.

Dr. Fauci Wrong Again: Novavax Vaccine Only 50% Effective Against “Mutant” South African COVID Strain
In a separate Novavax trial held in South Africa, the efficacy was significantly lower. In a small trial the rate of protection was just 50%. Almost all the cases that scientists have analyzed there so far were caused by the mutated strain, known as B.1.351.

White House shifts from Middle East quagmires to a showdown with China
Biden is pivoting to Asia. Just don’t expect him to say so explicitly. National security adviser Jake Sullivan has restructured the National Security staff in the Middle East and Asia directorates — downsizing the team devoted to the Middle East and bulking up the unit that coordinates U.S. policy toward the vast region of the world stretching from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific. The move, which has not been previously reported, is the latest sign that the new administration will prioritize Asia in its foreign policy initiatives.

Poll shows Americans believe Biden is further dividing nation
Joe Biden repeatedly during his campaign and after his election promise to “unify” the nation and work as hard for those who voted against him as those who voted for him. But that’s “more fig leaf than honest invitation,” contends New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin. “We should ignore the unity talk because everything he had done leans far left,” the columnist wrote. “Knitting together a fractured America around a far-left agenda was never going to work. And Biden knows it.”

Mexican TV host gets vaccination in Florida ahead of US citizens
We’re still receiving reports on a daily basis of eligible people not being able to get an appointment for a COVID vaccination or being told that the next available appointment is months away. That situation didn’t seem to present any problems for popular Mexican television host Juan Jose’ Origel. The daytime television fixture traveled to Florida this week and filmed himself being vaccinated inside of a car and then uploaded the video to YouTube. This led to some immediate pushback from Floridians who wanted to know how a tourist was able to get a shot immediately upon arrival in the state when lifetime residents are being told to wait for months.

‘Enemy within’: Pelosi calls for additional House security, claims members of Congress THREATENED by colleagues
Pelosi (D-California) has demanded additional security for lawmakers, citing threats from “within” the House, while the temporary fence around the Capitol is on the way to become permanent.

Biden’s newest executive order goes after the unborn
in a flurry of nearly three dozen executive actions in his first week, it’s clear he intends to fulfill his campaign promises, including on abortion. On Thursday, Biden will sign a measure concerning “comprehensive reproductive health care” – or the destruction of unborn children – that will immediately rescind the so-called Mexico City policy put in place by President Trump blocks federal funding for non-governmental organizations that provide abortion services in other nations.

The Coming American Holy War?
Usually those words are used as a figure of speech, or even as a joke. Today I mean neither of these. We’re looking at the grave possibility of the real thing. Not that there’s anything the least bit holy about “holy wars.” The name comes instead from both sides believing they’re fighting morally necessary battles, for values of ultimate, sacred importance. Both sides, I emphasize. We could be on the brink of that such an unholy disaster even now, even in America.

Archaeological ‘Breakthrough’: True royal Purple fabric worn by King Solomon discovered in south Israel
Four years ago, archaeologists at Tel Aviv University (TAU) discovered reserved pieces of cloth from King David and King Solomon’s time at ancient copper mines in the Timna Valley in Israel’s southern Negev desert that had been colored blue and red with dye from various plants. Thanks to the very dry climate in the area, the colors have been preserved for three millennia. Now, in a “breakthrough discovery,” ….

Jordan’s King Abdullah II exhorts Israel to vaccinate Palestinians
Jordan’s King Abdullah II stated on Thursday that Israel not providing vaccines to Palestinians in the West Bank or the Gaza Strip was counterproductive for the Jewish state, AFP reported. “The Israelis have had a very successful rollout of the vaccine, however the Palestinians have not,” Abdullah told the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Biden Executive Order Creates ‘Civilian Climate Corps’ to Fight Climate Change
On Wednesday, Biden unveiled a flurry of executive actions his administration planned to undertake to “tackle the climate crisis at home and abroad.” The president, who campaigned for the White House last year on a platform “environmental justice,” argued the actions were necessary if the United States had any hopes of leading a “global response” to the climate crisis.

Small-Town Iowa Public Schools Teach Preschoolers Transgenderism And Judging People By Skin Color
Next week, the Ames, Iowa public school district is sponsoring a “Black Lives Matter week of action” that includes teaching transgenderism to children as young as four years old, Young America’s Foundation reports. On the school district’s webpage about this “week of action” slated for Feb. 1-5, it reprints the “Black Lives Matter at School Guiding Principles,” which include the following: “6. Queer Affirming…

China warns Taiwan independence ‘means war’ as US pledges support
China has warned that attempts by Taiwan to seek independence “means war”. The warning comes days after China stepped up its military activities and flew warplanes near the island. It also comes after new US President Joe Biden reaffirmed his commitment to Taiwan, and set out his stance in Asia.

US calls for withdrawal of Russian, Turkish forces from Libya
The United States has called for the immediate withdrawal of Russian and Turkish forces from Libya after a deadline for them to leave was ignored. Under an UN-backed ceasefire signed in October last year, foreign troops and mercenaries were to pull out of Libya within three months. That deadline passed on Saturday with no movement announced or observed on the ground.

Newspeak In The 21st Century: How To Become A Model Citizen In The New Era Of Domestic Warfare
“Whatever the Party holds to be truth, is truth. It is impossible to see reality except by looking through the eyes of the Party…”

Strong winter storm brings heavy snow and flooding rain to Northern California, U.S.
A potent winter storm is impacting Northern California, bringing flooding rains and heavy mountain snow. Up to 36 cm (14 inches) of snow was recorded in the Tahoe region overnight Thursday, January 28, 2021. More significant snow is forecast through Friday, January 29, with a blizzard warning in effect for the Sierra region.

The Biden / globalist agenda to DELETE humanity through global extermination
To a person who doesn’t understand the overriding global plan for mass human extermination, the events of the world make little sense.

How To Survive “Cancel Culture” When You Have Unpopular Opinions
What we do now is an important step in keeping us more even-keeled and ready. Don’t volunteer yourself for the enemies list. There are already plenty of people that will gladly put some of us there…

Illegal Chinese vaccines blamed for new strains of African swine fever
New man-made strains of African swine fever are spreading in Chinese pig farms due to the use of illegal vaccines. The disease caused by the strains is not deadly but is expected to hurt pork output in the world’s top producing country.

New York Governor Cuomo Caught Covering Up Shocking Fact That COVID Nursing Home Deaths Of Elderly Were Underreported By Nearly 50%
New York governor Andrew Cuomo is a pathological liar who counts on the complicity of fake news outlets like CNN where his brother Chris Cuomo works to keep his dirty misdeeds buried. But no amount of fake news revisionist history is going to keep these dead bodies buried much longer as a bombshell new report proves Andrew Cuomo and his administration have tried to keep the actual number of dead his executive orders killed.

G7 Elites In England Calling For Creation Of ‘Global Covid Travel Pass’ Digital Passport To Create 21ST Century Version Of ‘Show Me Your Papers’
When we first warned people about this back in March of 2020, many people said we were ‘deluded conspiracy theorists’ and that a global, one world digital, and eventually biometric passport could not happen. Guess what? It’s happening, and not only is it happening, it will soon be mandatory as will the COVID vaccine. The countdown to the Mark of the Beast has not only begun, it is well underway.

The coronavirus: using ‘animal models’ as proof of infection; another lie
There are a number of badly informed scientists who believe current “animal models” prove SARS-CoV-2 is infectious. They’re wrong. First of all, I’ve been demonstrating that no one has proved the virus exists. But putting that aside for the moment and assuming it does exist, for the purposes of argument only…what is an animal model?

Putin: World Risks “Fight Of All Against All” In “Grim Dystopia” Amid Growing Crises
“…the situation might develop unpredictably and uncontrollably if we sit on our hands doing nothing to avoid it… that might result in a fight of all against all.”

Facebook bans Christian prof. from platform for speaking against Biden’s transgender military policy
A Christian university professor has been suspended from Facebook for voicing disagreement with President Joe Biden’s executive order allowing trans-identifying individuals to serve in the U.S. military.

Baylor newspaper apologizes after calling professor’s criticism of Biden’s LGBT order ‘transphobic’
The student newspaper at a prominent Christian university has apologized for calling a professor’s comments “transphobic” after she criticized President Joe Biden’s executive order allowing biological males who identify as females to compete in women’s sports.

29 Jan 2021 – Rapture Ready

Headlines – 1/29/2021

Netanyahu says US freeze of F-35 sale to UAE won’t dent normalization

Biden’s pause on Gulf weapons sales foreshadows a tougher U.S.-Saudi relationship

New US defense secretary speaks to Gantz, vows to uphold Israel’s military edge

‘Israel isolating al-Asqa’ – Head of the ‘Jerusalem Committee’ of the PA Parliament calls on the international community to prosecute Israeli leaders for ‘war crimes.’

Hezbollah Cyber Terror Goes Unnoticed for Years, Even in Israel

Netanyahu: “Mistake” for US to rejoin Iran agreement

Israel’s military chief goes public with severe warning against return to Iran nuclear deal

Iranian general: We will level Tel Aviv if Israel makes slightest mistake

Picking a fight with US over Iran deal, IDF chief baffles even accord’s critics

Iran says it will install 1,000 centrifuges at nuclear plant in next 3 months

Iraqi premier says top Islamic State figure killed by security forces

Italy ‘failed to protect life’ in 2013 drowning of 200 people, rules UN

Pentagon warns Taliban on failure to meet commitments on violence, terrorism

Russian opposition leader Navalny to remain jailed as supporters plan more protests

Defiant Alexey Navalny vows from jail cell that Russians won’t let Putin “steal our country”

China sharpens language, warns Taiwan that independence ‘means war’

Report: Hunter Biden Continues to Hold Stake in Chinese Private Equity Firm

Experts: Joe Biden’s Foreign Policies ‘Embolden Enemies of America’

Flashback: Before signing 37 executive actions​ Biden said, ‘We need consensus,’ and dictators rule by executive orders

White House outraged at decision to release man convicted in Daniel Pearl murder

Romney: For ‘National Unity,’ Republicans Must Publicly Say Biden Won Legitimately

Rasmussen Poll: Majority of Voters Convinced Impeachment Will Further Divide Country

Nancy Pelosi: Trump’s Impeachment Trial Is About ‘Protection of the Constitution’

Nolte: An Impeachment So Fake, John Roberts Refuses to Participate

Lawyer for ‘Guy with the Horns and Fur’ Offers to Bring Down Trump by Having ‘QAnon Shaman’ Testify at Impeachment Trial

GOP Sen. Rob Portman says Trump impeachment trial post-presidency could set a dangerous precedent

Ted Cruz Says Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama Could Be Impeached Next

Nancy Pelosi: “The enemy is within” the House of Representatives

Marjorie Taylor Greene won’t resign amid calls for her expulsion

Trump meets with McCarthy in Florida to plan GOP House takeover in 2022

Capitol police chief calls for permanent fencing, back-up security

The Guard isn’t going home. Leaders fear retention may suffer

Prepare for Persecution: Domestic Terror Law, Big Tech, and Big Media May Target Christians

Apple, Facebook Trade Barbs Over Privacy-Focused Business Models

Apple CEO links Facebook’s business model to real-world violence

JPMorgan to Launch U.K. Digital Consumer Bank

Robinhood Blocks Users From Buying GameStop Stock [Update: And Sends The Price On A Roller Coaster Ride]

Robinhood users are revolting against the trading app after it stopped trades of GameStop

Is GameStop’s wild ride due to market manipulation by social-media users – or are they exercising free speech?

Barstool’s Portnoy rips Robinhood as ‘biggest frauds of them all’ after GameStop trading restrictions

Creator of WallStreetBets calls GameStop surge a ‘train wreck’

Billionaire investor Lee Cooperman on GameStop: This is not going to end well for the public

Dave Portnoy slams Robinhood app amid GameStop turmoil: ‘I think people have to go to jail’

Rush Limbaugh: GameStop Shows ‘Everything’ Is Rigged for Elitists

Congress plans hearings after GameStop stock frenzy and Robinhood trading freeze

Lawmakers from AOC to Ted Cruz are bashing Robinhood over its GameStop trading freeze

AOC rebuffs Ted Cruz Twitter overture: ‘You almost had me murdered’

GOP congressman demands Ocasio-Cortez apologize following Twitter exchange with Cruz

Faith Under Fire: Gingrich warns U.S. religious liberty in gravest peril since Revolutionary War

Church donates $500K in reparations for slavery

UK PM Johnson heads to Scotland amid fears of break up of UK

Large sinkholes still opening one month after destructive M6.4 earthquake in Petrinja, Croatia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 28,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Klyuchevskoy volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 20,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 12,000ft

Eruption at La Soufriere remains effusive, lava dome continues growing, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Monstrous California storm triggers mudslides, 4 feet of snow in 24 hours

Des Moines breaks single-day snowfall record set in 1895, Iowa

UN chief calls for ‘reset’ between China, US, says they can work on ‘climate action’

John Kerry To Gas And Coal Workers: Make ‘Better Choices’ Because Your Jobs Are Going Away

Sarah Sanders: Biden using executive power to kill millions of US jobs is ‘absurd’

6 people killed after liquid nitrogen leak at Georgia food processing plant

After decades of searching, son finds father through DNA test

2 men publicly caned for having sex by religious police in Indonesia

States planning anti-transgender push

Two Biological Males Now Hold 15 Women’s State Championship Titles in Connecticut, Female Athletes Fight Back

In Poland, Protests As Near-Total Ban On Abortions Goes Into Effect

South Carolina could soon be latest state to ban abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected

Biden announces U.S. will again fund abortions overseas

Biden to expand Obamacare, roll back anti-abortion Mexico City policy

Israel-led team creates a ‘Google Map’ of brain RNA; may help Alzheimer’s fight

U.S. intelligence officials say Chinese government is collecting Americans’ DNA

Airline executives say COVID tests for passengers on US flights not feasible, fair or needed: ‘It’s wholly impractical’

FEMA asks Pentagon for help administering COVID-19 vaccines

Stranded drivers get COVID-19 vaccine while stuck on highway during snowstorm

Tanzania’s president says ‘vaccines don’t work,’ earning a rebuff from the W.H.O.

Governments Sign Secret Vaccine Deals: Multibillion-dollar contracts give drug makers liability shields, patent ownership and leeway on delivery dates and pricing

White House Asks CDC to Study How Many Have Died After COVID Vaccine Shots

U.S. is in a ‘race against time’ with new coronavirus variants, scientists warn

New York Post: Dr. Fauci needs to be held responsible for COVID-19 mistakes

New York coronavirus nursing home report reveals ‘massive corruption,’ ‘coverup scandal’

‘Incompetent Government Kills People,’ Says Andrew Cuomo Unironically

Florida Teachers Who Demanded to Work from Home Caught at Mass Gatherings

Macron weighs up a third lockdown despite signs the French ‘can’t take it anymore’

Israel leads the world in time spent in coronavirus lockdowns

10,000 stores are expected to close in 2021, as pandemic continues to pummel retailers

Poll Finds Pandemic Had Positive Impact on the Faith and Family Life for Millions of Americans

Christian leaders withdraw legal action against Government after being allowed to keep churches open

Demand for the Bible in North Korea has increased during the pandemic – ministry leader

Source: Tracking the Birth Pangs – News and Links (trackingbibleprophecy.org)

Apostasy Watch Friday 1-29-21

Marsha West – Evangelicalism Has Been Hijacked by ‘Woke’ Elitist Progressive ‘Christians’

The ‘bait’ of MystiChick Lisa Bevere

Victim of alleged sexual misconduct asks to be released from NDA with Ravi Zacharias

Franklin Graham accused of helping incite Capitol rioters

SBC Credentials Committee Is Botching A Sex-Abuse Case Right Before our Eyes

Pastor who coerced teen into having sex to cleanse her of childhood abuse gets 10 years in prison

Surprise! Gay Campus Crusade (CRU) Leader Joining Catholic Church

Jewish Filmmaker gives Catholics ‘Gay Jesus’

Taxpayers Will be Paying for Gender Reassignment Surgeries for Troops

Biden Signs Executive Order Allowing the U.S. to Fund Global Abortions

Majority of Americans Favor ‘Significant Restrictions’ on Abortions, Survey Finds

China tells Taiwan that independence ‘means war’

Biblical ‘royal purple’ found at Timna offers look at King David wardrobe

Source: Daily News and Commentary (apostasywatch.com)

Mid-Day Snapshot · Jan. 29, 2021


“In our private pursuits it is a great advantage that every honest employment is deemed honorable.” —Thomas Jefferson (1795)

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GameStop: Gamer Culture Hits Wall Street

Thomas Gallatin

It’s a game that no one should be playing. It results in vastly more losers than winners, and those who lose often lose big. The (rigged) game is Wall Street’s hedge fund-style speculation, which is entirely different from that of sound investment analysis. Hedge fund managers are everyone’s favorite villain. They literally produce nothing but accumulate enormous amounts of wealth, often by betting on the failure of others. It’s a legal racket, which may explain why political polar opposites like Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) actually found common ground on an issue.

What’s happening on Wall Street in recent days can be described as a perfect storm of two subcultures colliding — the gamer culture and Wall Street hedge funds. What initially was confined to those subcultures has spilled out into the broader American culture. How and where it will eventually end is anybody’s guess.

Many people’s eyes may have been opened to the nature of Wall Street’s “fat cats” and their double standards. It all started after a Reddit group called WallStreetBets learned of a gamer store called GameStop being shorted by short sellers. The group decided to squeeze the hedge funds and stick it to Wall Street by buying up GameStop stock in order to drive up the price. In so doing, a kind of a “social justice” moral crusade was unleashed. This was made possible thanks to online brokerage platforms like Robinhood Markets, which allow access to Wall Street for millions of people. As a result of the Reddit group’s actions, the shorted stock shot up by more than 1,000% as millions jumped on the gig. A stock that in reality should be worth little more than $10 a share is hitting trading highs upwards of $400. This resulted in the hedge fund Melvin Capital Management having to be bailed out by two other hedge funds.

Score one for the the little guy, right? Not so fast. Volatility surrounding GameStop stock caused panic on Wall Street. Robinhood shut down sales of the stock (at least in part to protect folks from buying into inevitable big losses) and temporarily limited access to the platform. This reaction is what brought out the ire of both Cruz and AOC, with the latter posting on social media, “This is unacceptable. We now need to know more about RobinhoodApp’s decision to block retail investors from purchasing stock while hedge funds are freely able to trade the stock as they see fit.”

Rush Limbaugh saw a populist element at play, stating on his radio program Thursday, “Folks, it’s not just political now. The elites are bent out of shape that a bunch of average, ordinary users have figured out how to make themselves billionaires. … Whatever you think is going on in politics, Washington establishment, the deep state, what have you — it’s the same thing in finance.” The elitist establishment versus the rest of us.

The trouble is, like almost all get-rich-quick schemes, it’s only a very few who actually do. In the end, there will be many more folks who wind up on the losing end of this latest incident. However, the problem will likely only become exacerbated when Washington steps in to “fix” things, as those who will ultimately be saved will be those deep-pocketed Wall Street “fat cats” whose DC connections ensure that their losses are covered.

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The FBI’s Disgraceful Prosecution of a Joke

Nate Jackson

Ten years in prison for posting memes. That’s what a Florida man faces after an outrageous FBI investigation has pinned him with supposedly violating 18 U.S. Code section 241, which says no one may “conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person … in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States.” In this case, don’t interfere with voting. Joe Biden’s Social Justice Department accuses the man of a “disinformation campaign” to do just that.

“Douglass Mackey, known online as Ricky Vaughn, was arrested Wednesday in West Palm Beach and is facing a staggering 10 years in prison,” reports The Daily Wire. “At the helm of [a] pro-Trump [Twitter] account, Mackey is accused of essentially tricking people into not voting in the 2016 election by suggesting folks text in their vote to avoid long lines.”

Ah, there’s the catch — this happened in 2016, and the dupes were Hillary Clinton supporters. “Avoid the Line,” said Mackey’s post. “Vote from Home. Text ‘Hillary’ to 59925. Vote for Hillary and be a part of history.”

Gee, the integrity of our elections is really jeopardized with that one.

These jokes are a dime a dozen on social media and, frankly, if you fall for it, you shouldn’t be voting in the first place. You should be attending remedial civics class instead. Nearly 5,000 people evidently responded, though the FBI’s sleuths didn’t bother to note if these chumps did or didn’t actually vote for Hillary Clinton in the election. And, as Andrew McCarthy notes, “In New York, where the case against Mackey is filed, Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump by about 1.8 million votes.”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson wryly observed, “Well, it looks like this is the part of the revolution where they start throwing their political opponents in jail. That was fast. It was just a week ago they were telling us about ‘unity.’ Remember that? Well, what we didn’t know at the time is that everyone with power should unite against the rest of the country. ‘Unity’ meant oligarchy.”

This is yet another embarrassment for the FBI. While it is still true that the vast majority of the bureau’s agents are upstanding Patriots who seek to uphold the Rule of Law, there are still evidently some partisan actors who’d rather abuse power for political ends.

This is also the same bureau that spent years chasing the “Russia collusion” rabbit. You might even call it a disinformation campaign. Except that rabbit didn’t just lead down a hole or even to a few shifted votes but to the attempted coup against a duly elected president. And when agents weren’t busy doing that, they were investigating “nooses” at NASCAR tracks. Now, evidently the focus is right-wing meme sharers on Twitter.

Mackey is not technically charged with voter fraud. But as for actual voter fraud, the entire Democrat Party foisted that on the nation in 2020. Where’s the FBI?

Finally, there are dire implications for free speech in what would otherwise be a humorous story. This isn’t just Big Tech companies removing politically inconvenient posts. It’s a citizen being prosecuted by the federal government for posting political speech online. Forget Section 241. Have these FBI jackboots ever heard of the First Amendment?

And if this is what we can expect from Joe Biden’s Social Justice Department — after only two weeks in office — grassroots Patriots had better strap in for a very bumpy four years.

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Demo Fraidy Cat Cries Murder

Douglas Andrews

Murder! she cried.

We’ll say this about Sandy Cortez: She has a flair for the dramatic. Whether it’s changing her name to the far more important-sounding “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez” or saying, in the wake of the January 6 Capitol uprising, “We came close to half of the House nearly dying,” she knows how to titillate.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what our fractured politics don’t need right now. And yet yesterday, AOC outdid her histrionic self when she accused Texas Senator Ted Cruz of … attempted murder. Seriously.

And what did Cruz do to warrant such an accusation? Well, he agreed with her.

Cortez, always eager to let her 12 million Twitter followers know that she’s paying attention, weighed in on the GameStop kerfuffle currently roiling Wall Street. “This is unacceptable,” she tweeted. “We now need to know more about RobinhoodApp’s decision to block retail investors from purchasing stock while hedge funds are freely able to trade the stock as they see fit. As a member of the Financial Services [Committee], I’d support a hearing if necessary.”

To which Senator Cruz, in what can only be seen as a good-faith effort to find common ground, tweeted, “Fully agree.”

That’s it. That’s all Ted Cruz said, and all he did to warrant an accusation of attempted murder from Cortez.

“I am happy to work with Republicans on this issue where there’s common ground,” she hysterically tweeted back, “but you almost had me murdered 3 weeks ago so you can sit this one out. In the meantime if you want to help, you can resign.”

Ah, unity.

The Dying Darknessers of Democracy at The Washington Post took it from there. “Open hostility broke out among Republicans and Democrats in Congress on Thursday amid growing fears of physical violence and looming domestic terrorism threats from supporters of former president Donald Trump, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi leveling an extraordinary allegation that dangers lurk among the membership itself,” raved the Post’s Colby Itkowitz and Mike DeBonis, before finally running out of prepositions.

As to those “lurking dangers,” there’s exactly zero evidence that Cruz “almost had [AOC] murdered” on January 6 or any other day. But there’s plenty of evidence that operatic behavior like hers is thwarting whatever wafer-thin hope Joe Biden had of building unity in the Beltway. To be fair, the eye-popping and record-shattering 40 executive orders he’s issued in just his first week in office might’ve had something to do with these heightened tensions.

Not surprisingly, though, the tension is most pronounced on the Left. No less a tranquilizing tone-setter than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, for example, told her colleagues during a Thursday morning conference, “The enemy is within the House of Representatives, a threat that members are concerned about, in addition to what is happening outside.”

Pelosi was referring to newly elected Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. In a rather less than charitable characterization of Greene’s previous career in talk radio, Pelosi screeched, “Assigning her to the Education Committee when she has mocked the killing of little children at Sandy Hook Elementary… What could they be thinking, or is thinking too generous a word for what they might be doing?”

Way to lead by example, Madame Speaker.

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Teachers Unions Are Hurting Our Kids

Brian Mark Weber

On the campaign trail, Joe Biden pledged to open up America’s schools within 100 days. Just days into his presidency, however, we’re learning that teachers unions are calling the shots in this country. Despite increasing evidence about the safety of in-person instruction, the unions are keeping classrooms closed and harming our kids.

study shows that transmission of COVID-19 in the classroom is quite rare. Likewise, a recent report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association encourages American schools to reopen.

But that’s not enough to convince those in power that it’s time to get teachers back to the job of teaching in person.

Cindy Marten, Biden’s pick for deputy education secretary and superintendent of the San Diego Unified School District, refuses to open public schools despite the fact that the majority of independent schools in the area have opened their doors for in-person teaching and learning.

As Matthew Foldi writes at The Washington Free Beacon, “Marten’s refusal to set a timeline for schools to reopen is in direct contradiction with Biden, who has vowed to have schools reopen within the first hundred days of his presidency. Dr. Anthony Fauci, Biden’s chief medical adviser, has said the government’s ‘default position’ should be to get kids back in the classroom.”

The real issue here is the impact on our children.

We’ve documented how virtual learning has been an abject failure. Kids are increasingly suffering from emotional and psychological problems due to a lack of social interaction and being forced to sit in front of computer screens all day. And now the very people who should be looking out for our kids are telling them they don’t matter.

Power Line’s John Hinderaker writes, “The sinister role that teachers’ unions play in our society has come clearly into focus, as our children’s lives have been devastated by needless school closures across the country. These closures — still in effect in most places, despite all scientific evidence that they are both unnecessary and harmful — largely reflect the power of the teachers’ unions.”

Meanwhile, millions of people have returned to work in department stores, restaurants, and even colleges and universities. So why can’t teachers go back to work?

Hinderaker asks, “Are they seriously unaware that many millions of people have kept working right through the Wuhan epidemic? And that many millions more have returned to work in recent months? Maybe so. I am not sure they understand that most people work in the Summer.”

Recently, the Chicago Teachers Union voted overwhelmingly to prevent the nation’s third-largest school district from moving forward with its reopening plan. Teachers were scheduled to go back to work in early February, but now they’ll continue to teach remotely, nearly a year after schools were shut down.

Sadly, it’s no surprise that President Biden publicly supports the CTU.

“Unresolved disputes between the district and teachers include coronavirus vaccine availability for teachers, public health metrics determining when schools should reopen or close, and accommodations for teachers and staff who live with a relative at higher risk for complications from COVID-19,” writes National Review’s Zachary Evans.

Seems like the teachers unions are once again holding our kids hostage until their demands are met.

For nearly a year, we’ve been told to “trust the science.” Well, the science is telling us that it’s time for America’s teachers to ring those school bells and get back to teaching the three Rs in person.

Schools are one of the safest places to work for the vast majority of teachers and students. Everyone knows this, and the science supports it. Now we just need the teachers unions to stop playing politics and start caring about our kids.

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Joe Biden’s Californication of America

Michael Swartz

During the runup to the 2020 election and beyond, people who knew where to look were warned about the policy direction taken by California. We told you about its bright idea of eliminating the gas-powered car by mandating all new cars sold in the state after 2035 be electric, and in another news flash alerted you to the exodus of people and capital from the state.

Unfortunately for Americans who prefer gainful employment and freedom, the California influence on Joe Biden’s regime extends far beyond his vice president and current House leadership.

As City Journal contributing editor Joel Kotkin writes, “[Biden] seeks to ‘make America California again,’ and he will have plenty of help. Californians will run Health and Human Services, the Treasury, Homeland Security, and Energy. Former California senator Kamala Harris is vice president, and San Francisco’s Nancy Pelosi rules the House of Representatives. Progressives like Laura Tyson and Lenny Mendonca see the shift as embracing ‘California’s distinctive approach to market capitalism.’ The Golden State, they insist, can ‘show the way forward’ toward a more socially just future.”

Or these Californians can set our nation on a course of economic deviancy.

One case in point is the idea that American taxpayers should pay even more for the lavish idea of placing San Francisco’s homeless population in hotels. While the mean old Trump administration was only reimbursing the city 75% of the monthly cost, a recent executive order from Biden could mean taxpayers pick up in full the city’s $18 million monthly tab to house about 2,200 people. (Doing the math, that’s over $8,000 per month per person! Really?) And as The Daily Wire’s Emily Zanotti writes, “One big issue … is whether the federal government will only pay for the hotel rooms going forward, through September — a program that could cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars — or whether San Francisco can expect to be reimbursed for all expenses, even retroactive expenses. That means taxpayers could be on the hook for the entire hotel program.”

While it’s a sure bet that San Francisco will be happy to fleece Uncle Sam for assistance in housing its homeless population, a smarter city government would be looking for out-of-the-box ideas from the private sector. If a government watchdog group can come up with a poop map for the city, surely there are solutions out there to address other problems. But as long as the federal government keeps an open checkbook for “fixing” the blunders of Democrat-dominated state and local governments like those in California, we’re not going to get anywhere.

In his conclusion, Kotkin — a longtime Golden State resident — sums up the issue: “The apparent decision of the Biden administration to model its policies on California, particularly in terms of regulation, augurs, if anything, far worse for the rest of the country. The assault on fossil fuels — starting with the announced end of the Keystone XL Pipeline — will destroy a large number of generally well-paying union construction jobs. The banning of fracking, already endorsed by Vice President Harris, would devastate economies in less climactically blessed states like Texas, Pennsylvania, or Ohio. Similarly, California-style regulation already makes it difficult for industrial firms to reshore to the Golden State; imposing similar strictures would slow and even end the gradual shift of industry to the Midwest and other parts of the Heartland. … The middle of the country will see its economies threatened even as digital revenues continue to pour into Palo Alto or San Francisco.” Of course, we’ve seen in recent months how Big Tech companies work hand in hand with government to stifle competition and amass more wealth and power for themselves.

Under the previous administration, businesses and citizens who were worn out by California’s restrictive policies voted with their feet, moving to places like Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, and other states around the nation in such numbers that California lost population. But if California’s failing policies become those of the federal government, then where else can we go?

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Cuomo Finally Gets His Comeuppance

Douglas Andrews

“Every country,” said 17th-century French diplomat Joseph de Maistre, “has the government it deserves.”

It’s hard to beat Maistre’s scathing indictment of the collective idiocy of the mob, especially when one’s countrymen have just elected a lying, backslapping, money-grubbing, 78-year-old ChiCom stooge. But it’s harder still to argue that the people of New York deserved Andrew Cuomo.

No one deserves Andrew Cuomo. Least of all, the state’s elderly citizens.

As the New York Post reports, “New York’s nursing-home death toll from COVID-19 may be more than 50 percent higher than officials claim — because Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration hasn’t revealed how many of those residents died in hospitals, state Attorney General Letitia James [herself a hard leftist] announced Thursday. In a damning, 76-page report, James also said that some unidentified nursing homes apparently underreported resident fatalities to the state Department of Health and failed to enforce infection-control measures — with more than 20 currently under investigation.”

This wasn’t some little bookkeeping error by the state’s “officials,” either. Everyone knows how deadly this virus is in a nursing home, and everyone knows how badly it hit New York. As for the Cuomo administration’s grievous undercounting, the Post notes that the current DOH tally could go from 8,711 deaths to more than 13,000.

Way back in April. That’s when we first smelled a rat in Albany. And then in August, Cuomo dug in his heels against getting to the bottom of what happened in his state’s group-home facilities and nursing homes. “No, I wouldn’t do an investigation,” he said. “Whether or not it’s political, everybody can make that decision for themselves. I think you’d have to be blind to realize it’s not political. … It’s kind of incredible.”

Notice the condescension and the indignation. It’s kind of incredible that you’d even ask such a question, you right-wing Associated Press hack.

Why, it’s almost as if he’d been hiding something. Almost as if the Cuomo administration had been trying to cover up a catastrophic policy that kept shoving the state’s coronavirus-positive elderly folks back into nursing homes, where the deadly contagion could spread like wildfire.

And what kind of grotesque accounting trick is it to count only those residents who die on nursing home property rather than those who get whisked away to a hospital in the nick of time, there to die on a cold gurney instead of a warm bed?

Cuomo finally rescinded his disastrous nursing home order on May 10, but how many lives had been unnecessarily snuffed out by then? Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean has, understandably, made it her mission to find out.

Fox Business anchor Dagen McDowell has seen and heard enough of Andrew Cuomo. “Monster, sociopath, human emetic, take your pick,” she said. “My guess is that his political career is over. Maybe his bro can get him a job on TV.”

To that point, if you’re looking for this story on CNN, you’ve gone to the wrong place. Even if you find it, you’ll see only a fleeting reference to the man most responsible for New York’s COVID calamity. Nine paragraphs in, we read, “The Department of Health and Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office did not immediately respond to CNN’s requests for comment.” That’s it. That’s all we hear about Andrew Cuomo.

And why might that be?

Might it be because New York’s Emmy Award-winning governor had been yukking it up on CNN with his brother Chris all throughout the pandemic, and doing tone-deaf victory laps, and showing off his cartoonish mountain-of-death poster, and promoting his so-called leadership book?

“The attorney general’s report shows that Cuomo’s book on his great leadership during the pandemic is a fraud,” said Vivian Zayas, who lost her mom in a Long Island nursing home last year. “It’s a fraud and insult to the families. He’s a fraud and his book is a fraud.”

One thing we can say about Andrew Cuomo’s leadership, though: He sure knows how to pass the buck. As if to prove the point, he appeared on both CNN and MSNBC earlier this week to take another shameless swipe at President Donald Trump. “Incompetent government kills people,” he said. “More people died than needed to die in COVID. That’s the truth.”

Talk about an ill-timed outburst. It’s the truth all right, but not for the reasons Cuomo would have us believe.

Why is it that leftists always blame others for the things that they themselves are most guilty of?

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A Christian Prof’s ‘Wrongthink’ on ‘Transgender’ Issue

Thomas Gallatin

The Rainbow Mafia wants a Christian English professor canceled after she dared to criticize the rationale behind Joe Biden’s recent executive order expanding Title IX protections to include so-called “transgender” individuals.

Baylor University professor Christina Crenshaw responded in agreement with a social media post by Daniel Darling, senior vice president of communications for the National Religious Broadcasters, that accurately labeled Biden’s policy position on “transgenderism” as “anti-science and bad for human flourishing.” Crenshaw posted her thoughts: “But what if I don’t want my biological sons in the bathroom with my biological daughters? Do the 99% of us who do not wrestle with gender dysphoria have a voice? No? What if I told you Title IX was never meant to apply to >1% of the students over the 99%? Doesn’t matter? OK. Cool.”

Crenshaw is reportedly not teaching this spring semester. Dr. Kevin Gardner, the English department chair, said, “Dr. Crenshaw is a temporary lecturer in the English department” who “has been teaching for us off and on for several years.” There’s not yet any further information as to her future with the Southern Baptist university.

The Baylor Lariat, the student newspaper, quoted Ashley Nitsche, a senior and secretary and treasurer of Gamma Alpha Upsilon, “a support group for the LGBTQ community.” Nitsche lamented Crenshaw’s post “because it eliminates another professor as one of our allies, because we have been searching for potential allies and professors for the past 10 years.” She added, “I feel confused and conflicted about all of it. I’m very worried about if any other professors at Baylor align with these ideals as well because that just means more and more supporters falling away.”

Gamma Alpha Upsilon president Emma Fraley also weighed in, ridiculously complaining, “To know that this is a person who was hired by Baylor University, they’ve given her their stamp of approval. Even if she isn’t a teacher here this semester, she was at one point, and she might be again. … We do not want this to be the sort of thing that people see Baylor as. We don’t want to be known as a transphobic university. We don’t want to be known as a homophobic university. We want to be known as a safe and loving place where we can show Christ’s love to all people.” Fraley might want to read up on what Jesus actually had to say, but we digress.

Following its first publication of the story, the Lariat issued a correction and an apology for originally describing Crenshaw’s social media post as “transphobic.” The paper changed its characterization of Crenshaw’s post to “controversial.”

It’s amazing that expressing concern that men and women should be accurately identified by their biological sex is now deemed “controversial.” And yet this is exactly what the Left and Biden’s EO is intended to do — sow division and discord. The vast majority of Americans are expected to embrace and uphold the insanity of the few or risk being canceled and labeled a bigot. Tell us again how this brings “unity.” Not only is this a threat to free speech, free thought, and religious liberty, but it’s a threat to our nation’s cultural sanity.

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Donald Trump: The Last-Second Racist

Willie Richardson

What a benevolent racist. A racist white man with power on his way out of the most powerful position in the free world took the time to pardon black rappers, black politicians, black drug dealers, and black hip-hop moguls. What kind of racist would go out of his way after being robbed of an election to reach back and free the very ones who, generally speaking, considered him a racist? Enter, or should I say, exit, President Donald J. Trump.

Even on his last leg, with 1.2 seconds left on the clock, President Trump pardoned a friend of his enemy, Snoop Dogg. The famous Snoop Dogg made no qualms about his hate, as he depicted himself in a video shooting President Trump in the face. He depicted the president with a toe tag on his foot, pronounced dead in an assassination.

No matter what, Trump will get no credit in forgiving the prison debt many owed to society because, somehow, he’s still racist. If Trump is a racist for pardoning black inmates from prison after serving hard time, then tell me, what is Joe Biden for implementing ways for black “super predators” to be put on a conveyor belt into prison? Doesn’t this sound absurd to anyone except me?

The former president even pardoned a local former drug dealer, Darrell Frazier, who was serving over 30 years and counting for drug conspiracy. Today, Frazier, a black man, dons the “Make America Great Again” hat made famous by the Donald. He formed a nonprofit in prison called the Joe Johnson Tennis Foundation, which he established in 2005. He named it after his stepfather. Will local Chattanooga leftists send their regards to Trump? I doubt it.

With everything around the seemingly “black community” crumbling like American apple pie crust, President Trump began his first campaign by telling black folks to “Try Trump.” His campaign for a second term literally ended with him giving people from the urban community one more chance.

I don’t know what else to tell you, but Trump wasn’t a racist until he ran as a Republican candidate. This four-year cyclical magic trick that Democrats pull off is a sight that creates sore eyes. Just like that, abracadabra, the white liberal made the world believe the Republican candidate was the scum of the earth. Mission accomplished. Nonetheless, ever since the Klu Klux Klan was founded in Tennessee, raiding my ancestors for their voting power under the Republican ticket as they were becoming free, the Democrats have continued to intimidate blacks into voting against their own personal interests.

Ask an average black person why he or she voted for Biden and I guarantee you he or she will mention Trump. They are unable to articulate purposeful, political, or intelligent dialogue about how Biden has or will benefit America or even the black community.

The great delusion is happening, and I believe it has been happening for the past 65 years in America. When you see the truth, but it’s still portrayed as a lie, you know the end is closer. Welcome to 2021. The illusion doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon.

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Jordan Candler

Top of the Fold

  • The White House refuses to address GameStop controversy (Fox News)
  • Congressional committees to hold hearings on trading fallout (Examiner)

Someone’s Got Some ‘Splainin’ to Do

  • Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen received nearly $810,000 from hedge fund embroiled in GameStop debacle (Examiner)
  • Yellen was also paid by Chinese Communist Party-linked group that even The Washington Post highlighted (National Pulse)
  • Nancy Pelosi’s Tesla stock purchase before Biden’s “Buy American” EO raises ethical and legal questions (PJ Media)

Big Tech Oligarchs

  • The inmates are running the asylum: Facebook “supreme court” orders social network to restore four posts in first rulings (NPR)

Seriously, this story reads like a courtroom drama: “The Trump case, which the board has 90 days to consider since receiving it last week, is seen as a crucial test of the panel’s legitimacy. The board will begin taking public comment on it on Friday.”

Government & Politics

  • Biden revives international abortion funding even though 77% oppose it (World)
  • “The radical Democrat agenda must be stopped”: Donald Trump commits to campaigning for Republicans in 2022 (Post Millennial)
  • Orwellian gun control bill proposed by Sheila Jackson-Lee would create public registry of all firearms (Bearing Arms)

National Security

  • China flexes its military muscle in Taiwan and Philippines (National Review) | Secretary of State Antony Blinken issues early warning to China after “verbal threat of war” (Examiner)
  • Capitol Police chief calls for “permanent fencing” around (ahem) the People’s House (Examiner)
  • Biden Pentagon says Trump right-sized Afghanistan force, but officials won’t commit to full withdrawal (Examiner)
  • “The Pearl family is in complete shock by the decision”: Islamist convicted of beheading WSJ reporter Daniel Pearl acquitted (Reuters)

Annals of the “Social Justice” Caliphate

  • Maryland church donates $500K in reparations to “atone” for slavery (NY Post)
  • Guilt by association by association by association: Literary agent fired for merely having an account on Parler (Not the Bee)
  • Godzilla is now a “gender-neutral icon” because there wasn’t enough woke insanity in the world already (Not the Bee)

Other Notables

  • Novavax says its COVID vaccine is more than 89% effective (CNBC)
  • U.S. economy slowed sharply in fourth quarter (NPR)

Non Compos Mentis

  • Dumbest bank robber ever? Armed bandit in Chicago demands $10,000 but then hands teller his state ID upon request (Daily Mail)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: Three problems with Biden’s childcare rescue plan (IFS)
  • Policy: The GameStop squeeze will end badly (National Review)
  • Humor: Jen Psaki says she’ll “circle back” to question about why Biden is wandering the press room sniffing reporters (Babylon Bee)

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What’s Going on With the GameStop Situation? — Reactions from both sides of the political aisle condemn the “fat cats” at the top while praising the little guy.

The Insufferable Ignorance of Intellectuals — Thomas Sowell explains how they misguided the public in the past, how they’re still doing it in the present, and why they feel the need to step into areas where they have no expertise.

Satire: YouTube Needs Censorship! — How else will we fight the NATSEES???




For more of today’s columns, visit Right Opinion.


Insight: “Our life is what our thoughts make it. A man will find that as he alters his thoughts toward things and other people, things and others will alter towards him.” —James Allen (1864-1912)

Observations: “Practically speaking, the micromanaging of the economy under the diktats of a progressive ‘climate emergency’ would be far closer to the definition of fascism than the ones casually thrown around by contemporary liberals.” —David Harsanyi

Setting the record straight: “What happened on Jan. 6 was not an ‘insurrection.’ There was no serious attempt to ‘overthrow’ the United States government. Was there a riot? Yes. Was it deliberately disruptive of government business? Definitely. But an attempted coup? Ridiculous on its face. … The target of the ‘insurrection’ propaganda campaign is not so much Donald Trump as it is the 74 million-plus people who voted for him. Americans were stunned when Hillary Clinton referred to only half of Donald Trump’s supporters as a ‘basket of deplorables’ in 2016. But Trump had millions more supporters in 2020, and now all of them are being demonized by Democrats and their mouthpieces in the media as threats, as ‘seditionists’ and ‘white supremacists’ who need to be ‘deprogrammed,’ ‘reprogrammed,’ imprisoned in ‘reeducation camps’ or subjected to ‘Nuremburg trials.’ … This is beyond political difference. It is a sickness.” —Laura Hollis

For the record: “This ‘systemically racist’ nation has elected a black president and a black vice president. We have had a black attorney general and black Supreme Court justices. Many of our major cities, including our nation’s capital, are led by black mayors, police chiefs, and city councils. Yet to the left, this progress is never seen as evidence that America is a good and decent country. It is continually doubling down on the idea that America is racist to its core.” —Gary Bauer

Upright: “Being a good citizen is not going along to get along, nor it is making fun of those you disagree with, or exploding in anger. Being a good citizen means focusing on what is good about this country and emphasizing that while ignoring any attempts to ridicule or engage in a personal attack. If the only attack they have is personal, you know you’re on target. Just smile and refocus on the issue at hand.” —Jackie Gingrich Cushman

Then: “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet, but it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is. And, often, there are unintended consequences — people keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face.” —Anthony Fauci (March 8, 2020) | Now: “If you have a physical covering with one layer, you put another layer on, it just makes common sense that it likely would be more effective.” —Anthony Fauci (January 25, 2021)

Friendly fire: “Ease Up on the Executive Actions, Joe.” —NY Times editorial board

And last… “Biden has reverted to an old and meaningless excuse when he says he doesn’t want to ‘impose’ his faith on others. The question then becomes why have a faith at all, if he won’t apply what his church teaches as truth? How is Biden different from a person who is about to witness a murder but doesn’t try to stop it, or call the police, because he doesn’t want to impose his moral views about the value of life on a man about to commit an illegal and immoral act?” —Cal Thomas

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“The Patriot Post” (https://patriotpost.us)

6 State Attorneys General Warn Biden Over Potential Presidential Overreach | ZeroHedge

Authored by Janita Kan via The Epoch Times,

A coalition of state attorneys general on Wednesday sent a letter to President Joe Biden reminding him that any potentially unconstitutional executive actions or federal overreach will not go unchallenged.

The letter, signed by six attorneys general (AGs), puts the Biden administration on notice that any actions that might exceed their statutory authority, are inconsistent with constitutional tenets, or place civil liberties at risk could trigger legal action by the states.

“We stand ready to meet with your administration to discuss more how the issues below affect our States; litigation is never first option, and we would like to help your team in its important job on behalf of all Americans, consistent with the Constitution and the rule of law,” West Virginia AG Patrick Morrisey, who is leading the group, wrote in the letter addressed to the White House (pdf).

Yet if you sign unconstitutional laws passed by Congress, it will be our responsibility and duty to challenge those laws in court. If cabinet officials, executive officers, and agencies go beyond the bounds of their statutory authority, fail to follow legally required procedures, or fall short of the bedrock Administrative Procedure Act obligation of reasoned decision making, it will likewise be our responsibility to take action.”

The Administrative Procedure Act, or APA, is a federal law that governs the process for agency rulemaking and has been frequently invoked to challenge executive branch rules and regulations.

Morrisey is joined by AGs from Arkansas, Indiana, Mississippi, Montana, and Texas.

It comes as Biden issued a series of executive orders in his first week since taking office. Some of the executive orders have overturned Trump-era policies, while others have established or expanded policies relating to climate change, racial equity, and the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic.

Some of the orders have already drawn widespread scrutiny, such as the decisions to rejoin the Paris Climate agreement and to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline, which is expected to put thousands of jobs at risk and undermine the U.S. relationship with Canada. The Biden admin has also met with backlash for embracing a quasi-Marxist critical race theory in its policies seeking to prioritize certain racial groups that have historically met with disadvantage over others.

Similarly, Biden’s order addressing discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation is expected to threaten the constitutional freedom to exercise one’s religious beliefs for individuals and organizations who affirm the traditional understanding of human persons as created biologically male and female.

“The President cannot cut constitutional corners or shirk statutory strictures without inevitably doing more harm to our country than good,”the AGs wrote.

“The foundations of our republic and American life are embedded within our Constitution’s carefully crafted design.

“Accordingly, today by this letter we respectfully urge you when pursuing your policy priorities to honor the core constitutional tenets which should be appreciated and respected by every person entrusted with the honor and burdens of the presidency,” they wrote to Biden.

The letter notes the freedom of religion and religious expression, and the right to bear arms as two areas of concern.

The AGs said that while there is always pressure for U.S. presidents and Congress to exceed their power “lest they be judged to be ignoring important issues or failing to address critical problems,” it is a president’s duty to uphold the U.S. Constitution’s separation of powers as well as respect the sovereignty of the states.

They added that limits on federal power are not a flaw of the Constitution and that when certain issues that are excluded from the federal sphere need to be addressed, the “states are ready and able to do the job.”

The Biden administration has already faced several legal challenges over its executive actions. A federal judge in Texas temporarily blocked Biden’s executive order to halt the deportation of certain immigrants for 100 days. The order is seen as a setback for the administration, which had campaigned on implementing far-reaching immigration changes, including a plan that would legalize about 11 million illegal immigrants.

Earlier on Wednesday, Western Energy Alliance, a group representing fossil fuel producers on federal lands, challenged Biden’s executive order aimed at halting oil and gas leasing on federal lands and waters.

Legal challenges against presidential orders are not uncommon. During former President Donald Trump’s four years in office, Democrat AGs frequently sued his administration on a range of executive actions and regulations in the area including health, climate, and immigration.

According to a website run by Dr. Paul Nolette, associate professor of political science at Marquette University, who tracked the lawsuits against the former president, the Trump administration was sued 157 times in cases where states were initial plaintiffs, successful intervenors, or in single state lawsuits.

— Read on www.zerohedge.com/political/6-state-attorneys-general-warn-biden-over-potential-presidential-overreach

Some Christians belong to a non-Christian religion

The Word Like Fire

Can two walk together, except they be agreed? (Amos 3:3)

I am the Lord: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another. (Isaiah 42:8)

Christians in Alcoholics Anonymous may not see it this way, but in their participation of A.A., they are standing in agreement with a belief system that lifts up strange gods. In Alcoholics Anonymous, all gods are considered equal and are called “the higher power,” thus relegating Christ our King to commonality as if He were simply one nameless deity among many. Yet Scripture tells us:

Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. (Acts 4:12)

In 1941, Jack Alexander of theSaturday Evening Postwrote the article that provided A.A. its first national publicity. Describing A.A.’s “higher power,” Alexander noted the following:

[The alcoholic] “may choose…

View original post 388 more words

America’s Trust in the Mainstream Media Hits an ALL-TIME LOW and “Journalists” Are Shocked

Article Image
 • Organic Prepper – Robert Wheeler

Given the 24/7 hysterical propaganda coming from mainstream media, it is easy to see how Americans are clueless about current events’ true nature, whether it be politics, COVID, or foreign policy.

But, there is some good news.

For the first time, most Americans do not trust the mainstream media

According to PR firm Edelman’s Annual Trust-Barometer, fewer than half of all Americans trust the mainstream media despite the constant propaganda onslaught.

Anyone in journalism or media could have told you long ago this would be the case. The dinosaur knowns as Mainstream Media is dying. Before Google conspired with Zuckerberg and other digital giants to crush alternative media, those alternative outlets competed with and beat MSM.

MSM and Big Tech attempted to put a stop to that revolution, but the damage was done. Alternative media gave a large portion of the American people a glimpse of real journalism, and, ever since, MSM has been slowly withering.

Edelman’s “Trust Barometer” shows that Americans’ trust in the media establishment has now hit an all-time low in 2021, falling three more points to 46 percent. For the first time, that figure has dropped below the 50 percent mark.

Social media is taking blows to the chin, with Americans’ trust ranked at only 27% for content found on Facebook, Twitter, and the like.

The lack of faith in the mainstream is not exclusive to America. Across the world, belief in social media is only 35 percent. Globally, only 35 percent of people rank social media as trustworthy for “general news and information.”

Other related information shows that Americans are not happy with journalists or the journalistic profession either. Fifty-six percent of Americans said journalists are “purposely trying to mislead people by saying things they know are false or gross exaggerations.”  Fifty-eight percent agreed that most media outlets were “more concerned with supporting an ideology or political position than informing the public.” This website published an article about how the MSM was goading the public back in 2018.

‘A dark day for our nation’: 5 pro-life reactions to Biden’s decision to rescind Mexico City Policy

Here are five pro-life reactions to President Joe Biden rescinding the Mexico City Policy. They include those who believe that his decision goes against his message of unity and his Catholic beliefs.

Source: ‘A dark day for our nation’: 5 pro-life reactions to Biden’s decision to rescind Mexico City Policy

Biden Overturns Pro-Life Rule, Letting Foreign Groups Promote Abortion with U.S. Funds

The Mexico City Policy – which was implemented by President Reagan in 1984 and supported by every Republican administration since – bans U.S. funds from going to foreign organizations (NGOs) that promote or counsel for abortion.

Source: Biden Overturns Pro-Life Rule, Letting Foreign Groups Promote Abortion with U.S. Funds

You Don’t Need Jezebel for a Role Model

Michelle Lesley

In the midst of all the craziness going on out there, did you notice that, for the first time in history, the United States has a woman occupying the office of Vice President?

It’s been overshadowed a bit by the Covid vaccination, the protest at the Capitol, the “will they or won’t they” impeachment proceedings against former President Trump, the flurry of executive orders issued by President Biden in his first few days in office, and, of course, Bernie’s mittens.

Sorry to rain on your inaugural parade, there, feminists, but it seems like there aren’t very many folks – at least not as many as you’d probably like – celebrating this supposedly groundbreaking moment for women. I guess it’s kind of hard when the tribe you’re joined to has, for the moment anyway, left you in the wallflower line to dance with the “gender is just a social construct”

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Left in Complete Meltdown Over Conservative Pastors Comparing Kamala Harris to Jezebel — Reformation Charlotte

Just to clear the air and bring clarity to the situation, Kamala Harris, who now occupies the United States’ office of Vice President and is the most powerful woman in the world, is, biblically-speaking, a perfect modern-day example of Jezebel. Now, to clarify, I have no idea what Harris’ sex life is or how many men she’s been with in her life nor do I care. I also am not interested in the color of her skin. But her actions — from a political perspective — place her in the category of a sick and perverse God-hating woman of power, just like Jezebel.

To clarify, Kamala Harris wants to murder children, advance sodomy and promote sexual immorality in schools and public and force Christians to celebrate it. She wants to steal from people with good work ethic to give to people without it. She wants to abandon immigration laws and allow swaths of criminals and drug cartels to control our borders and enter our country. And, worst of all, she wants to legislate away the constitutional protection of religious freedom, forcing Christians to embrace a secular godless worldview or be pushed to the fringes of society.

And she does it all with a fake smile on her face, just like Jezebel.

Left in Complete Meltdown Over Conservative Pastors Comparing Kamala Harris to Jezebel — Reformation Charlotte

The Death of America; The Lord Jesus our Only ETERNAL Hope! — The Ignorant Fishermen Blog

Our nation and its republic are officially dead as of 4:00 AM January 7th and no optimistic appraisals and well wishes can overturn that! I am not saying, not to do your part, etc. but the America you once grew up in is now officially dead and for years we as a nation have been on total life support! Just go back these last twenty years and see how EXPONENTIALLY we have fallen socially, morally, and godlessly as a nation! It will astound you! That is what people miss today. They truly don’t see how EXPONENTIALLY far we have fallen and are seeking to save a sinking Titanic without faith in Almighty God and RIGHTEOUSNESS (Psalm 11:3)!

Beloved, wake up to Almighty God America! Wake up to ALL of Almighty God’s WONDERFUL ETERNAL promises and RIGHTEOUSNESS, which is found in Jesus Christ!

Today is the day not to despair, but to place your ETERNAL trust in Jesus Christ (Prov. 3:5-6, John 3:16-17)! We as a post-American nation need to make Almighty God and His Word our treasure and our possessive reality today (Gen. 15:1, Prov. 3:5-6)! We need to fully receive and believe His Word with all our hearts and seek His perfect will for us in such days until He comes!

Beloved, wake up to Almighty God America! Wake up to ALL of Almighty God’s WONDERFUL ETERNAL promises and RIGHTEOUSNESS, which is found in Jesus Christ! Not a popular message but one ETERNALLY filled with ETERNAL hope! No King but the Lord Jesus is my cry till He comes! Maranatha!

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!


The Death of America; The Lord Jesus our Only ETERNAL Hope! — The Ignorant Fishermen Blog

January 29 Morning Quotes of the Day

Christ Prays for Us, in Us, and Is Prayed to by Us
Psalm 86:1–17; Romans 8:34; 1 Corinthians 12:12; Ephesians 1:22–23; Colossians 1:18; 2:19; Hebrews 7:25

When the body of the Son prays, it does not separate its Head from itself. It is one Savior of His body, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who both prays for us, and prays in us, and is prayed to by us. He prays for us, as our Priest; He prays in us, as our Head; He is prayed to by us, as our God.


Ritzema, E. (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Early Church. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Time with God Alone
John 15:7; Matthew 6:6; Hebrews 10:23

God’s acquaintance is not made by pop calls. God does not bestow his gifts on the casual or hasty comers and goers. Much with God alone is the secret of knowing him and of influence with him.


Ritzema, E., & Vince, E. (Eds.). (2013). 300 quotations for preachers from the Modern church. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.