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February 2 Evening Quotes of the Day

Respect Differences in Worship
Romans 12:4–5

Over-value not the manner of your own worship, and over-vilify not other men’s of a different mode.


Ritzema, E., & Vince, E. (Eds.). (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Puritans. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Our Only Business Is to Please God
Deuteronomy 10:12; Micah 6:8; Mark 12:33; 1 Thessalonians 4:1–12

Let us think often that our only business in this life is to please God; that all besides is perhaps but folly and vanity.


Ritzema, E. (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Reformation. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

February 2 Evening Verse of the Day

1:23 In quoting Is. 40:3, John applies to Christ what is said of Yahweh in that passage. The same truth appears even more clearly in Mark 1:1–3.[1]

1:23 one crying out John identifies himself by quoting Isa 40:3. All four Gospels apply this Scripture to John the Baptist, but John’s Gospel is the only one that puts the quote on the lips of John the Baptist himself (compare Matt 3:3; Mark 1:3; Luke 3:4).[2]

1:23 John is the voice of one crying out in the wilderness, in keeping with the prophet Isaiah’s words (Isa. 40:3; cf. Matt. 3:3; Mark 1:3; Luke 3:4). By preaching a word of repentance and divine judgment, this messenger of God was to prepare the way for the Lord God of the OT (Yahweh himself) to come to his people through the wilderness.[3]

1:23 John quoted and applied Is 40:3 to himself (cf. Mt 3:3; Mk 1:3; Lk 3:4). In the original context of Is 40:3, the prophet heard a voice calling for the leveling of a path. This call was a prophetic picture that foreshadowed the final and greatest return of Israel to their God from spiritual darkness and alienation through the spiritual redemption accomplished by the Messiah (cf. Ro 11:25–27). In humility, John compared himself to a voice rather than a person, thus focusing the attention exclusively upon Christ (cf. Lk 17:10).[4]

1:23 The voice: Christ is the Word; John the Baptist was the voice. When pressed to identify himself, John the Baptist claimed that he was the fulfillment of Is. 40:3. In Isaiah’s day there were few roads. When a king traveled, roads were built so that the royal chariot would not have to travel over rough terrain or be stuck in the mud. Isaiah was saying that before God appeared to manifest His glory, a voice would be heard, inviting Israel to make straight the way by which God Himself would come. John was identifying himself as that voice calling people to make straight the way of the Lord.[5]

1:23 He said, “I am ‘The voice of one crying in the wilderness.’ ” In answer to their query, the Baptist quoted from Isaiah 40:3, where it was prophesied that a forerunner would appear to announce the coming of Christ. In other words, John stated that he was the forerunner who was predicted. He was the voice, and Israel was the wilderness. Because of their sin and departure from God, the people had become dry and barren, like a desert. John spoke of himself simply as a voice. He did not pose as a great man to be praised and admired, but as a voice—not to be seen, but only to be heard. John was the voice but Christ was the Word. The word needs a voice to make it known and the voice is of no value without a word. The Word is infinitely greater than the voice but it can be our privilege, too, to be a voice for Him.

John’s message was, “Make straight the way of the Lord.” In other words, “The Messiah is coming. Remove everything in your life that would hinder you from receiving Him. Repent of your sins, so that He can come and reign over you as the King of Israel.”[6]

1:23. John the Baptist (v. 23) literally preached in the wilderness as Is 40:3 indicated (cf. Mt 3:2–3; Mk 1:3–4; Lk 3:3–4). By calling for repentance, he was preparing the people’s hearts (Make straight the way) to receive Christ by faith (cf. Ac 19:4). Of the four Gospels, only John’s does not mention the word “repent” or “repentance.”[7]

1:23. We can hardly imagine the shock the Jerusalem delegation must have felt upon hearing this rugged mountain man quote Isaiah 40:3 to describe himself. Think back to Isaiah’s warnings about the future rise of Babylon with the sharp break in the narrative which begins at chapter 40 to describe the future restoration of Israel. Here is the context for John’s answer:

Comfort, comfort my people, says your God. Speak tenderly to Jerusalem, and proclaim to her that her hard service has been completed, that her sin has been paid for, that she has received from the Lord’s hand double for all her sins. A voice of one calling: “In the desert prepare the way for the Lord; make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God. Every valley shall be raised up, every mountain and hill made low; the rough ground shall become level, the rugged places a plain. And the glory of the Lord will be revealed, and all mankind together will see it. For the mouth of the Lord has spoken (Isa. 40:1–5).

So John was Elijah after all (Matt. 11:14; 17:10–13). He fulfilled the prophecy of Malachi as the forerunner who would proclaim the coming of the king.[8]

1:23 “ ‘I am a voice of one crying in the wilderness’ ” This is a quote from the Septuagint translation of Isa. 40:3 with an allusion to the parallel in Mal. 3:1.

© “ ‘Make straight the way of the Lord’ ” This is a quote from (Isa. 40:3) the literary unit of Isaiah (chapters 40–54) in which the Servant Songs occur (cf. 42:1–9; 49:1–7; 50:4–11; 52:13–53:12). They initially referred to Israel, but in 52:13–53:12, the phrase has been individualized. The concept of straightening the road was used for preparation of a royal visit.

This whole paragraph may have served John the Apostle’s theological purpose of depreciating John the Baptist because of the development of several heretical groups in the first century that took John the Baptist as their spiritual leader.[9]

23. The voice of him who crieth. As he would have been chargeable with rashness in undertaking the office of teaching, if he had not received a commission, he shows what was the duty which he had to perform, and proves it by a quotation from the Prophet Isaiah, (40:3.) Hence it follows that he does nothing but what God commanded him to do. Isaiah does not, indeed, speak there of John alone, but, promising the restoration of the Church, he predicts that there will yet be heard joyful voices, commanding to prepare the way for the Lord. Though he points out the coming of God, when he brought back the people from their captivity in Babylon, yet the true accomplishment was the manifestation of Christ in flesh. Among the heralds who announced that the Lord was at hand, John held the chief place.

To enter into ingenious inquiries, as some have done, into the meaning of the word Voice, would be frivolous. John is called a Voice, because he was enjoined to cry. It is in a figurative sense, undoubtedly, that Isaiah gives the name wilderness to the miserable desolation of the Church, which seemed to preclude the return of the people; as if he had said, that a passage would indeed be opened up for the captive people, but that the Lord would find a road through regions in which there was no road. But that visible wilderness, in which John preached, was a figure or image of the awful desolation which took away all hope of deliverance. If this comparison be considered, it will be easily seen that no torture has been given to the words of the prophet in this application of them; for God arranged everything in such a manner, as to place before the eyes of his people, who were overwhelmed with their calamities, a mirror of this prediction.[10]

1:23 / John replied in the words of … Only in this Gospel does the quotation of Isa. 40:3 appear on the lips of John the Baptist himself. In the other Gospels it is part of the comment of the Gospel writer (Mark 1:3; Luke 3:4; Matt. 3:3). In Matthew, however, it is closely joined to John’s own words and may have been adapted from them with only slight changes (“This is [rather than “I am”] he who was spoken of through the prophet Isaiah”). If Isa. 40:3 helped shape the consciousness of the Essene community of Qumran in going out to the Judean desert to study the law (1QS 8.13–16), there is no reason why it could not have influenced John the Baptist as well.[11]

23 All four Gospels describe John the Baptist with a quotation from Isaiah 40:3 (compare Mk 1:3, Mt 3:3, and Lk 3:4), but only here is the quotation attributed to John himself. The Gospel writer even calls attention to John as the speaker by prefacing his pronouncement with the delegation’s question, “What do you say about yourself?” (v. 22). “I,” he replies, “am a voice of one crying in the desert, ‘Make straight the way of the Lord,’ just as Isaiah the prophet said.” While the last clause, “just as Isaiah the prophet said,” could be a parenthetical comment by the Gospel writer, it is more likely part of John’s reply. The same text was cited by the Qumran community as a justification for their withdrawal to the Judean desert (1QS 8.14), but our Gospel divides the text differently and puts no particular emphasis on the phrase “in the desert.” While the quotation preserves the older tradition that John carried on his ministry in the desert, its purpose is not to locate his activity geographically. In this Gospel, in fact, John is seen preaching and baptizing not in the desert but in villages (such as “Aenon, near Salim,” 3:23) with ample water supplies.

The purpose of the quotation is rather to present John as a solitary and anonymous “voice” (phōnē) for God, the first such voice within the Gospel story. Although a clear distinction is evident between “the Word” (vv. 1–2, 14) and a mere “voice,” yet even a “voice” is no small thing. Jesus’ own voice will echo and reecho through the Gospel, and those who belong to him will be those who “hear his voice” (compare 5:25, 28; 10:3–5, 16, 27; 18:37). As for John, he claims no messianic role or dignity for himself. Later, in his only other self-identification in the Gospel, he will call himself “the bridegroom’s friend who stands by and hears him, and rejoices with joy at the voice of the bridegroom” (3:29). To him, Jesus is both “the bridegroom” and the coming “Lord” whose way must be made straight. To the delegation, “the Lord” is simply the God of Israel, but John will soon alert them that someone else is in the picture (vv. 26–27). The imperative, “make straight,” in the quotation is the only hint in this Gospel that John called the Jewish people to repentance. Everywhere else, his sole mission is to testify about Jesus and make him known to “Israel” (1:31).[12]

23 John’s reply is given in words from Isaiah 40:3 that are applied to him in each of the four Gospels (Matt. 3:3; Mark 1:3; Luke 3:4). In each of the others the words are applied to John by the Evangelist; here John uses them himself. The point of the quotation is that it gives no prominence to the preacher whatever. He is not an important person, like a prophet or the Messiah. He is no more than a voice (contrast the reference to Jesus as “the Word”). He is a voice, moreover, with but one thing to say. John’s ethical teaching is not large in amount, nor striking in content (see Luke 3:10–14). As T. W. Manson says, “It is an anticlimax and it is important to realise why. It is because it is Interimsethik, the genuine article: telling men how to make the best of a bad job till the new day dawns.” John’s real function was not to teach ethics, but to point people to Jesus. “Make straight the way for the Lord” is a call to be ready, for the coming of the Messiah is near. The imagery is that of preparing a roadway by clearing away the obstacles.26 This was an important process in ancient times, especially for roads in the wilderness country.

It is not without its interest that the Qumran sect made use of the same passage from Isaiah: “they shall be separated from the midst of the session of the men of error to go to the wilderness to prepare there the way of the Lord; as it is written, ‘In the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord; make straight in the desert a highway for our God.’ This is the study of the law, as he commanded through Moses.” But they understood it to apply to themselves as they sat down quietly reading their Bibles in the desert. Whatever happened to people outside, they would be ready when Messiah came. John, by contrast, understood the words as a clarion call to the nation. He was not concerned with himself and his own safety at all. He was trying to prepare the way of the Lord by getting people ready to meet the Lord. He was only a voice. But he was a voice, proclaiming the Lord’s message.[13]

23 John answers with a quotation from the OT prophet Isaiah: “I am the voice of one calling in the desert.” The Synoptics quote Isaiah 40:3 and apply the prophecy to John the Baptist (Mk 1:3 par.), but in the fourth gospel John uses it to identify himself and his mission. He is not a prominent figure but only a “voice in the wilderness.” His role is simply to speak a word in behalf of the Eternal Word. This understanding of mission in terms of the quotation from Isaiah may account for the fact that John begins his career in the thinly populated area (“the desert”) of Israel rather than in the city. Boaō (“to call, shout, cry out,” GK 1066) is a strong word. It is used of Jesus’ cry of desolation on the cross (Mk 15:34).

John’s message is, “Make straight the way for the Lord” (cf. Isa 40:3). When an ancient dignitary was about to visit a province of his realm, the message would go out to prepare the way by removing all obstacles from the road and making it as smooth as possible. The road that the Messiah would travel was the road into the hearts and lives of his people. Only national repentance could prepare the way for that spiritual journey, and John had come to prepare the nation for the advent of the Messiah.[14]

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February 2 Afternoon Quotes of the Day

The Unexpected Pains of Becoming More Holy
Malachi 3:1–3

Reformation is to many of us, as the Messiah was to the Jews. Before he came they looked and longed for him, and boasted of him, and rejoiced in hope of him; but when he came, they hated him, and would not believe that he was indeed the Person, and therefore persecuted and put him to death, to the curse and confusion of the main body of their nation.…

So it is with too many about reformation. They hoped for a reformation that should bring them more wealth and honour with the people, and power to force men to do what they would have them; and now they see a reformation that must put them to more condescension and pains than ever they were at before; this will not go down with them.


Ritzema, E. (Ed.). (2012). 300 Quotations for Preachers. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

The World Must Be Renewed
Matthew 19:28; Romans 8:19–22; 2 Peter 3:10–13; Revelation 21:1–5

We believe that the material substance of the world must be renewed, and that this will not take place until the number of the elect is accomplished, and that happy kingdom made perfect, and that after its completion there will be no change.


Ritzema, E., & Brant, R. (Eds.). (2013). 300 quotations for preachers from the Medieval church. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

February 2 Afternoon Verse of the Day

15:11 what comes out of the mouth. What one says is a reflection or product of what is inside (12:36, 37 note).[1]

15:11 defiles Make ritually unclean.[2]

15:11 what proceeds out of the mouth … defiles the man. People might defile themselves ceremonially (under the Old Covenant) by eating something unclean, but they would defile themselves morally by saying something sinful (cf. Jas 3:6). Here Jesus clearly distinguished between the law’s ceremonial requirements and its inviolable moral standard. Ceremonial defilement could be dealt with through ceremonial means. But moral defilement corrupts a person’s soul.[3]

15:11 “It is not what enters into the mouth that defiles the man” This related primarily to the question of hand washing (cf. v. 20), but Mark 7:19 adds a phrase that related it to all foods (cf. Acts 10).[4]

11. This epigram, which is the sum of Jesus’ public teaching on this issue, states a principle of inward religion which was destined in time to undercut for the Christian church the whole elaborate system of ceremonial purification of the Old Testament and of later Judaism. It remains sufficiently cryptic not to be perceived immediately in all its radical newness, and to need further explanation for the disciples. The focus on words is reminiscent of 12:33–37; words which come out of the mouth form an appropriate contrast to defilement from what goes into the mouth. As in his exposition of Christian obedience in 5:21–48, Jesus goes behind the outward act and the literal observance of regulations to what ‘proceeds from the heart’ (v. 18). His words suggest a view of ‘original sin’, i.e. that sin springs from what a man is in himself, not from his environment.[5]

Ver. 11.—Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man. The word rendered “defileth” (κοινοῖ) means “renders common,” in opposition to ἁγιάζειν, “to separate” for God’s use; hence the verb, ethically applied, signifies “to contract guilt.” The rabbis taught that certain meats of themselves polluted the soul, made it abominable in God’s sight. This was a perversion of the law respecting clean and unclean food. The pollution or guilt arose, not from the nature of the meat, but from the eating of it in contravention of a positive command. It was the disobedience, not the food, which affected the soul. It is remarkable that these distinctions of meats still obtain among half the civilized inhabitants of the world—Buddhists, Hindoos, Mohammedans—and that one of the hardest tasks of Christian missionaries is to make men understand the non-importance of these differences. We do not see that Christ here abrogated the Levitical law, but he certainly prepared the way for its supersession and transformation. But he made no sudden and violent change in the constituted order of things. Indeed, some distinctions were maintained in apostolical times, as we read in Acts 10:14; 15:20, 29; and it was only gradually, and as circumstances made their observation impossible, that such ceremonial obligations were regarded as obsolete. It is, perhaps, with the view of not shocking inveterate prejudice, that he does not say, “No food whatever defileth,” but “That which goeth into the mouth” defileth not, referring especially to the notion above reprehended, that eating with unwashen hands polluted the food taken and the soul of the person who consumed it. Our Lord says nothing of excess, e.g. gluttony and drunkenness, which, of course, has a polluting and deteriorating effect on the moral nature (see Luke 21:34). But that which cometh out of the mouth. In the former sentence the mouth is regarded simply as the instrument for receiving food and preparing it for digestion; in this sentence it is considered as the organ of the heart, that which gives outward expression to inward thoughts and conceptions. Fillion distinguishes them as “la bouche physique, et la bouche morale.” Philo has well said, “The mouth is that by which, as Plato puts it, mortal things enter, and whence immortal things issue. For therein pass meat and drink, the perishable food of a perishable body; but from it proceed words, immortal laws of an immortal soul, by which the rational life is directed and governed” (‘De Mundi Opif.,’ § 40). Defileth a man. Pollutes his soul, not with merely ceremonial defilement, but intrinsically and morally. Of course, our Lord is referring to evil words, etc., as he explains in ver. 19. For the mouth may give utterance to God’s praise, words of love, sympathy, edification. But the evil in a man’s heart will show itself in his mouth; and the open expression will react on the wicked thought, and make it more substantial, deadly, and operative.[6]

15:11 What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them. Jesus tells a parable to illustrate his point. His parable addresses purity issues (see the “Jewish Purity Considerations and Regulations”), which are central to the Pharisees’ question in 15:2.[7]

11 This key saying, though described as a “parable” in v. 15, is not particularly cryptic. It is more in the nature of a proverb or epigram (which also fall within the range of meanings of Greek parabolē), a pithy statement of a general truth which then needs to be applied more prosaically to specific cases. Matthew’s version is slightly more pithy than that of Mark, which specifies that the things coming in are things “outside the person,” while those coming out are “out of the person;” Matthew, on the other hand, makes it clear that both the coming in and the going out are via the mouth—food and words respectively (cf. 12:33–37 for the importance of the latter). Not all ritual defilement in the OT was by means of food, of course; one could also be defiled by disease (especially skin disease), by one’s own bodily secretions or by touching something or someone unclean. But the principle of externally contracted defilement is well illustrated by the Levitical food laws (Lev 11; cf. also 17:10–16), and it is this principle which Jesus is here setting aside, no less explicitly in Matthew’s rather smoother version than in Mark’s.37 True defilement is not external and ritual, but internal and moral, as vv. 17–19 will explain further. The statement is simple and clear; it is its practical implications for those brought up on the OT and rabbinic ideology of ritual purity which are far-reaching and which were bound to lead to controversy and division in a church which derived its heritage from Judaism.[8]

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2 Feb 2021 News Briefing

By the end of summer, soil moisture content in portions of central and eastern Wyoming hovered in the tenth percentile. Wildfires raged, one burning the most acres in recent history. Areas of Fremont and Natrona county were in what’s classified as extreme drought. Months later in the depth of winter, the forecast hasn’t really improved.

Weather-linked events dominate cat losses
Hurricanes, floods, hailstorms and other severe weather-related events made up more than 90% of the $US268 billion ($349 billion) in natural peril losses last year, an annual review from Aon says. Weather-linked disasters, which led to $US258 billion ($336 billion) in damages, accounted for 99% of the insured losses.

Chinese warplanes test ran an attack on US aircraft carrier while in South China Sea
Chinese bombers and fighter jets simulated an attack on the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) aircraft carrier as the Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group entered the contested South China Sea. Eight Chinese H-6K bombers and four J-16 fighter jets appeared to practice an attack on the aircraft carrier,

Physical Premium To Paper Hits Record As Silver Market Tears In Two
The shortage of physical silver is exposing a tear in the precious metals market unlike any we have seen before. As we detailed below, various executives from bullion dealers have explained that huge demand has left them with no supply (and no source) for physical silver.

Permanent fencing could be coming to Capitol, would protect lawmakers from peasants
As congressional Democrats fearmonger about the security situation where they work, Capitol Police are calling for permanent fencing around the U.S. Capitol Building weeks after it was stormed on Jan. 6. Police Chief Yogananda Pittman on Thursday vowed to work with Congress to permanently secure the building … Her recommendation for keeping peasants away from lawmakers was met with a bipartisan groan,

Iran’s FM suggests path to overcome impasse with US
“There can be a mechanism to basically either synchronize it or coordinate what can be done.” Zarif noted the agreement created a Joint Commission coordinated by the European Union foreign policy chief, a role currently held by Josep Borrell. Borrell, said the Iranian Foreign Minister, “can … sort of choreograph the actions that are needed to be taken by the United States and the actions that are needed to be taken by Iran.”

Blinken: Iran could be weeks away from enough nuclear material for bomb
It could be only “a matter of weeks” if Iran continues to lift restraints in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action that the US pulled out of under president Donald Trump, Blinken told NBC.

Top ISIS leader in Iraq reportedly killed in joint US-Iraqi operation
Iraqi security forces late last week killed a senior commander of the Islamic State group, the prime minister said on Thursday, a week after a twin suicide bombing by ISIS terrorists killed dozens in Baghdad.

Kushner, Friedman nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Professor Allan Dershowitz nominates former President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner, former US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, Trump advisor Avi Berkowitz, and former Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer for the prize for their work on the historic Abraham Accords.

Israeli University honors Trump’s Israel Ambassador with Doctorate
Israel’s Ariel University in Samaria announced on Sunday that it will award its first honorary doctorate to outgoing U.S. Ambassador to Israel David M. Friedman “in recognition of his extraordinary contribution to the diplomatic international relations between the USA and Israel.”

Archaeology clues lead to site of Israel’s Tabernacle ‘where God dwelt among people’
He said: “A series of archaeological clues have come to light that can help us identify the exact spot where the God of Israel tabernacled or dwelt among his people. “The city of Shiloh, located in the heart of the Biblical hill country, became the first capital of Israel shortly after the conquest of Canaan around 1400 BC.

New magnetic rocket thruster concept could propel astronauts to Mars
A crewed mission to Mars may be more practical thanks to a new rocket concept developed by Fatima Ebrahimi, a physicist at the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL), that uses magnetic fields to generate thrust.

Bible news: Turkey is ‘unintentionally paving way’ to End Times prophecy, expert claims
The Bible expert said: “The construction of a series of dams in Turkey which culminated with the great Ataturk Dam (1983-1990), one of the world’s largest dams, could be unintentionally paving the way for the fulfilment of Biblical prophecy within our lifetimes. “The vast majority of the mighty Euphrates River’s annual flow originates within the nation of Turkey. “The Euphrates is a great river, over 1,800 miles long, stretching from its source in eastern Turkey, through Syria and Iraq, and terminating in the Persian Gulf. “The Euphrates plays a significant part in Biblical history and prophecy.”

The Chinese Aided In the Theft of the Myanmar Election the Same as the US Election- The Myanmar’s Military Has Moved to Stop the CHICOMS
The civil-military tension in Myanmar had been increasing since the landslide victory of the National League for Democracy led by Ms. Suu Kyi over reports of electoral fraud. Myanmar’s newly elected Parliament was expected to meet on Monday but the military junta moved in the early hours and declared the state of emergency. Kyi is not assuming power and is under arrest as a result of this coup.

Severe storms hit Chile with hail and record rainfall
Severe weather affecting south-central Chile since January 29, 2021, left more than 170 000 people without power and dozens of homes damaged or destroyed.

Tropical Cyclone “Ana” hits Fiji, leaving at least 1 person dead and 5 missing
Category 2 Tropical Cyclone “Ana” made landfall near Rakiraki, Fiji at 06:00 LT on January 31, 2021, and continued tracking SSE over the Central Division towards the Suva area. By 12:00 LT (00:00 UTC), Ana’s center was located over the coast of Viti Levu, between Suva and Navua, heading towards Kadavu. The storm caused extensive damage and flooding, leaving at least 1 person dead and 5 others missing.

Here Are My Top Ten Reasons Why I Personally Would Never Take The COVID-19 Vaccine
Doc Ruckman famously said that if “something don’t make sense, there’s a buck in it”, referring to the fact that the love of money is the root of all evil and when things happen that just don’t add up, someone is usually profiting from it. I agree with that wholeheartedly, and on today’s Prophecy News Podcast, we are going to apply that very same principle to see if we can make some sense out of all the confusion and chaos surrounding the handling of the COVID-19 virus and global vaccination program.

The non-existent virus: it undercuts all other stories
n this article, I continue to trace the implications of the missing virus; I’m referring to the fact the no one has proved SARS-CoV-2 exists.

Anti-Trump Group ‘The Lincoln Project’ Co-Founder John Weaver Revealed To Be A Homosexual Pedophile Who Preyed On 14-Year Old Boys
One of the groups that positioned themselves are the ‘moral authority’ and a ‘voice of reason’ is an anti-Trump group of Never Trumpers known as The Lincoln Project, and they hounded Donald Trump at every turn. One of the co-founders of The Lincoln Project, John Weaver, was engaged in aggressive homosexual pedophilic activity with boys as young as the age of 14. This is the great ‘moral authority’ who told us that Donald Trump was not fit for office.

THE DAYS OF LOT: Joe Biden Secretary of State Antony Blinken Orders LGBTQ+ Pride Flags To Be Flown At All US Embassies Around The World
In the Bible, God destroyed both Sodom and Gomorrah for the wickedness and the LGBTQ+ lifestyle is spoken against in both the Old and New Testaments including in the writings of our apostle Paul for the Church Age. Yet ironically, Tel Aviv in Israel contains the world’s largest concentration of LGBTQ+ people, and now America has decided to issue an ordinance proclaiming solidarity with what the Bible says God hates. Israel is unwittingly preparing to go through the time of Jacob’s trouble, and what of America? Say goodnight, Gracie.

Natgas Prices Jump 11% As Weather Models Point To “Widespread Cold”
Natural-gas futures jumped 11% to 2.844 per million British thermal units on Monday afternoon after new forecasts suggest energy demand will increase in February as colder weather returns.

18 Shot Friday into Sunday Morning in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago
Eighteen people were shot, one fatally, Friday into Sunday morning in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s (D) Chicago.

Populist financial uprising may tear down the entire RIGGED system
The silver lining for the events of the last year is that huge numbers of people are awakening to fact that everything is rigged:

110 Million Americans in the Path of Monster Storm: ‘Preparing for the Worst’
The Northeast is being hit with a whopper of a storm, dumping well over a foot of snow in many areas and creating blizzard-like conditions, as a powerful nor’easter barrels up the coast.

Source: 2 Feb 2021 – Rapture Ready

Headlines – 2/2/2021

Kushner and 3 Trump-Era Officials Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

UAE Ambassador: ‘Abraham Accords were about preventing annexation’

Muslim-majority Kosovo forges ties with Israel; will open embassy in Jerusalem

Iran agents scouted Israeli, US, UAE embassies in East Africa for attack

Iran state TV airs launch of new satellite-carrying rocket

Iran asks Europe to help bridge impasse with US over return to nuclear deal

Blinken: If it further breaks deal, Iran could amass material for nuke in weeks

Syria: dozens killed in weekend of violence

The Looming Threats of Al Qaeda and ISIS

Saudi human rights under new spotlight in Biden era

Twitter Temporarily Blocked Accounts Critical Of The Indian Government

Somali Forces End Jihadist Siege of Mogadishu Hotel, 5 Dead

Belgian prime minister’s home daubed with swastikas

Germany rejects French plea to scrap Russia gas pipeline over Navalny crackdown

Ukraine’s Zelensky ‘offended’ by media reporting that Trump ‘put pressure’ on him

The military, citing election fraud claims, staged a coup in Myanmar, detaining Aung San Suu Kyi

Myanmar coup and Aung San Suu Kyi’s arrest presaged by world ignoring Rohingya genocide

Aung San Suu Kyi urges people to resist Myanmar military coup

Biden threatens U.S. sanctions in response to Myanmar coup

Australia to help south-east Asia combat crime as China deepens influence in region

China Has Stolen The Personal Data Of 80% Of American Adults: Report

Pentagon Commits $30 Million to Texas Rare Earth Plant, Aims to Reduce Reliance on China

Hundreds of Twitter Accounts Linked to China Sowed Discord Around US Election

Alan Dershowitz accuses media of selectively editing Trump’s words

Ken Starr: Senate ‘Utterly Without Jurisdiction’ to Try Ex-President Trump

Arizona’s largest county unanimously votes to conduct ‘full forensic audit’ of election equipment

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel regrets letting Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani hold ‘Kraken’ presser at RNC

Dozens of former Bush officials leave Republican Party, calling it ‘Trump cult’

Mitch McConnell issues one statement backing Liz Cheney and another slamming Marjorie Taylor Greene

McConnell says Taylor Greene’s embrace of conspiracy theories a ‘cancer’ to GOP, country

House Democrats move swiftly to strip Marjorie Taylor Greene of committee assignments

Cruz, Hawley To Face ‘Secretive’ Senate Ethics Committee Panel

Black Lives Matter backs ‘Squad’ member’s push to expel over 100 Republicans from Congress

‘Kevin McCarthy, You Did This’: Lincoln Project Ad Blames House Minority Leader for Riots

Payback: Republicans who backed Trump impeachment face rising rebuke, including censure

Horowitz: Red states must nullify Biden’s nullification of the Constitution

Texas secession bill formally filed in state legislature

U.S. voting rights activist Stacey Abrams nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Report: Armed Antifa Members Violently Took Over a Hotel in Olympia, Washington

America’s murder rate increase in 2020 has ‘no modern precedent’

Rochester police release video of cops pepper-spraying handcuffed 9-year-old girl; protests erupt as officers are suspended

Biden State Dept. spokeswoman called police ‘largest threat to US national security’: Report

SNL, liberal comedians ‘scared’ to criticize Joe Biden, Gov. Cuomo: Adam Carolla

CNN’s Brian Stelter wants ‘liar’ Fox News’ influence reduced, claims it’s not ‘censorship’: ‘Freedom of speech is not the same as freedom of reach’

Project Veritas Releases Leaked Video Of Facebook Execs Admitting They Are Too Powerful

Facebook tries to remind users about benefits of data collection ahead of Apple privacy change

Robinhood is facing dozens of lawsuits over GameStop stock freeze

Robinhood CEO Denies ‘Conspiracy Theory’ That Hedge Funds Pushed GameStop Trading Halt

The GameStop stock craze is about a populist uprising against Wall Street. But it’s more complicated than that.

Kudlow: Government Should Refrain From Intervening in GameStop Trading

Toomey: Hope GameStop Probe Doesn’t Damage Markets

GameStop shares lose nearly a third of their value on Monday following 400% short-squeeze spike last week

Dow adds 229 points, silver soars as GameStop grinds lower

Silver Prices Surge to Eight-Year High Amid Reddit-Fueled Frenzy

New chart shows China could overtake the U.S. as the world’s largest economy earlier than expected

NASA, China and UAE Probes Race to Mars, With February Landings In Sight

Intense earthquake swarm north of Granada, Spain

Earthquake swarm under Cumbre Vieja volcano, Canary Islands

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Polichnitos, Greece

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Lobujya, Nepal

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near South Sandwich Islands region

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 29,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 19,000ft

Klyuchevskoy volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 18,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Raung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 10,000ft

Tropical Cyclone “Eloise” death toll rises to 21 after striking Mozambique

1 dead, 5 missing in Fiji due to tropical cyclone Ana

New Caledonia braces for Cyclone Lucas

Severe storms hit Chile with hail and record rainfall

Major storm leaves 2 dead, takes out massive chunk of Highway 1 in California, U.S.

Major winter storm is pummeling Northeast, expected to drop up to 2 feet of snow

Snow Won’t Delay Groundhog Day, Which Is Already Virtual This Year

Elon Musk’s Neuralink implanted a chip into a monkey’s brain and now he ‘can play video games using his mind’

Fact checkers report that Biden climate plan will not replace lost jobs

Biden administration cites climate change as a ‘racial justice issue’

Biden asks U.S. Supreme Court to cancel asylum, border wall arguments

Marcellus Wiley calls for ‘separate transgender category in competition’ after Biden’s executive order affecting girls’ sports

Urging return to ‘nation’s glorious past,’ Erdogan slams Turkey’s LGBT movement

Lincoln Project condemns co-founder accused of making overtures to young men

Actress Evan Rachel Wood accuses musician-actor Marilyn Manson of underage grooming, ‘horrific’ abuse – and then more women come forward

Marilyn Manson dropped by record label after Evan Rachel Wood says he ‘horrifically abused me’

Oregon law to decriminalize all drugs goes into effect, offering addicts rehab instead of prison

Half of Moscow’s 12million residents have had Covid-19, mayor reveals

Two million Australians in lockdown after one COVID-19 case found

Peruvian Court Probing Judge’s Ruling Alleging Soros, Bill Gates are Creators of COVID-19 Pandemic

Cuomo Must Resign If ‘Coverup’ of Nursing Home Deaths Proven: Stefanik

NY Senate Democrats block subpoena of records in Gov. Cuomo’s nursing home scandal – They went so far as to mute the microphone of the senator who asked for the motion

Report: Majority of U.S. Cities Unprepared for Financial Fallout from Statewide Shutdowns

Democrats Who Resisted Reopening Schools Took Thousands From Teacher Unions

Chicago Democratic Mayor Lightfoot throws down gauntlet, orders teachers to return to classrooms Monday or face discipline

China Tells Citizens They Won’t Waddle ‘Like Penguins’ Following COVID-19 Anal Swab Tests After ‘Fake’ Video Goes Viral

China arrests more than 80 people in ‘fake vaccine’ ring crackdown

Majority of Residents in Shanghai District Refuse to Take Chinese COVID-19 Vaccine: Govt Survey

Only 38% of nursing home workers accepted COVID-19 vaccines, new data shows

Poll: 51% of Americans would refuse or delay COVID vaccine

‘Substantial lack of morality’: Clark County says people are lying to get the vaccine

Green passport hope dashed? Israel weighs post-flight isolation for vaccinees

Covid: Flyers to Canada to be tested, will have to pay for quarantine

TSA authorized to fine passengers who refuse to wear masks

Fauci says ‘there’s no data that indicates’ double masks work after saying otherwise last week

Top infectious diseases expert says double masking may actually increase COVID infection: ‘May do more harm’

Oversight Board reverses Facebook removal of post touting hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 treatment

Use Noisemakers, Consider An Outdoor Projector: CDC Urges Safe, Physically-Distant Super Bowl Watch Parties

Some pastors fear their churches won’t survive the pandemic – report

Pew: How COVID-19 Changed Faith in 14 Countries

Indian Police Join Attack on Christians, File False Charges

Source: Tracking the Birth Pangs – News and Links (trackingbibleprophecy.org)

Apostasy Watch Tuesday 2-2-21

Mike Ratliff – Those Who Will Not Inherit the Kingdom of God

False Prophets Prophesying Falsely

How Christians in Alcoholics Anonymous actively disobey the Bible

SBC report calls never-Trumper Russell Moore’s agency a ‘significant distraction’

Professing ‘Christian’ Steve Harvey Says ‘There’s No One Way to Heaven’

The Gospel Coalition Says Suffering Adults Need Children’s Books to Heal

Secretary of State Antony Blinken Orders LGBT Flags Flown at U.S. Embassies…

New Pro-Life Law in Poland Bans All Abortions, Protects Babies With Down Syndrome

Over 100 people, largely Christians, killed in mass attacks in DRC: Open Doors

Source: Daily News and Commentary (apostasywatch.com)

Mid-Day Snapshot · Feb. 2, 2021


“The great desideratum in Government is, so to modify the sovereignty as that it may be sufficiently neutral between different parts of the Society to controul one part from invading the rights of another, and at the same time sufficiently controuled itself, from setting up an interest adverse to that of the entire Society.” —James Madison (1787)

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Manchin Bristles at Harris Pressure Play

Thomas Gallatin

In a conspicuously timed and located news interview last week, Kamala Harris intimated to a West Virginia news station that the state’s coal industry would essentially die due to the Biden administration’s “green energy” agenda. But take heart, West Virginians, she added. There will be lots of new career opportunities for unemployed miners — jobs like “reclaiming abandoned land mines.” Just how many “abandoned land mines” Harris believes are lying around West Virginia is anybody’s guess, but nothing says “I care” like a California elitist telling West Virginians what to do.

Obviously, the real reason behind Harris’s West Virginia visit had little to do with building connections with West Virginians, 68% of whom voted for Donald Trump compared to Joe Biden’s 29%. Rather, Harris was there to exert pressure on the state’s moderate Democrat senator, Joe Manchin. Get in line with Biden’s $1.9 trillion “American Rescue Plan” was the unmistakable message.

Harris’s gaffe about “abandoned land mines” certainly grabbed headlines. She probably meant to say “abandoned mine lands.” But that really wasn’t the most offensive statement she made. Instead, it was her condescending elitism — the suggestion that miners’ jobs were dispensable because she knows what’s best for them. Worst of all was Harris’s overly simplistic, idealistic, and completely impractical claims that miners’ jobs, eliminated by government mandates, could easily transition to new equally fulfilling and well-paying careers.

It’s as if Harris and her elitist ilk view Americans and their careers like a box of Legos to be destroyed and reassembled in completely different forms, with little appreciable consequence to those whose careers have suddenly been eradicated. Recall that “Blue Collar” Biden expressed this same obtuse elitism back in December 2019 when he told a group of workers in New Hampshire, “Anybody who can go down 3,000 feet in a mine can sure as hell learn to program as well. Anybody who can throw coal into a furnace can learn how to program, for God’s sake!”

The good news is that Harris’s pressure play backfired, as Manchin clear took umbrage. “I saw [the Harris interview],” Manchin responded. “I couldn’t believe it. No one called me [about it]. We’re going to try to find a bipartisan pathway forward, but we need to work together. That’s not a way of working together.”

Making it even more obvious that this was indeed a pressure play to get Democrats in line behind Biden’s agenda was the fact that the one other state targeted by Harris’s local media appeal was Arizona, the home of Senator Krysten Sinema. She has expressed the unacceptable desire for a bipartisan stimulus bill. As The Federalist’s Jayme Metzgar observed, “Harris’s media blitz was an unsubtle attempt to generate popular demand for the multi-trillion-dollar stimulus bill, pressuring Manchin and Sinema to stop agitating for bipartisan compromise and fall in line with the party.”

Manchin remains the Senate wildcard. But he’s been around long enough to recognize these partisan pressure plays, and he represents a state that is overwhelmingly red. We’ll see if Harris’s ham-handed approach only ensures that his demand of a bipartisan stimulus bill be met.

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Christian Org Censored for Pointing Out Biology

Nate Jackson

There are some immutable truths in this world that we can all agree on: A cloudless sky is blue, gravity keeps our feet on the ground, an XY chromosome pairing produces a male human… [record player screeches] Hold on a minute. YOU CAN’T SAY THAT! shout the leftist censors.

Among Joe Biden’s first acts was to hire Dr. Richard Rachel Levine as assistant secretary for health at the Department of Health and Human Services. We warned that picking a so-called “transgender” individual for such a post was both pandering to a radical constituency and a trigger for silencing conservatives who have to talk about Levine and use actual facts and science to do it. It took about a week for that prophecy to come true.

The Daily Citizen, part of Focus on the Family, was suspended from Twitter for “hateful” rhetoric regarding Levine. That rhetoric? “Dr. Levine is a transgender woman, that is, a man who believes he is a woman.”

Except the Citizen’s comment is quite literally true.

According to a glowing 2016 bio in The Washington Post, “Levine does not discuss whether she took hormones or had surgery, calling it a private medical matter.” It’s not a “private medical matter” when organizations are being censored by Big Tech for attempting to explain the situation.

Reading Levine’s Wikipedia biography is like walking into George Orwell’s 1984. Just as history was revised according to whatever “Big Brother” wanted it to be at any given moment, Levine’s achievements all list him as her. Except that he didn’t even “identify” as her until after he had achieved many of those things as a man — like playing linebacker at an all-boys high school. He married and divorced a woman with whom he had two children. Yet, “She transitioned in 2011,” says Wikipedia, without elaborating on what that even means or getting the pronouns to agree chronologically. How could “she” “transition” unless he “became” “she”? And how can we even write about this stuff without confusing the heck out of people?

The answer is there’s no such thing as “transitioning.” It’s dangerous and harmful pseudoscience. Richard can go to therapy, grow his hair long, and change his name to Rachel, as Levine has. He can even dose up on hormones and undergo cosmetic body-altering surgery, which he won’t admit one way or the other. But he cannot change the immutable fact of his God-given XY chromosomes.

YOU CAN’T SAY THAT! scream the censors.

Focus on the Family President Jim Daly put it succinctly: “Big Tech titans are the new emperors of the twenty-first century, wielding an inordinate amount of power by silencing individuals and organizations that don’t comport or cave to their political or social point of view.”

And you may not point out that the emperor has no clothes.

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Supporting Congressional Term Limits?

Harold Hutchison

Congressional term limits have again become a cause célèbre among those seeking to win the support of grassroots Patriots for higher office. In one sense, the push is very understandable because our Founders desired citizen legislators, not just professional ones. But the man leading the charge, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, is placing a risky bet to bring America closer to constitutional practices. In reality, Cruz’s proposal for a limit of three terms in the House of Representatives and two terms in the Senate will have some unintended but drastic adverse consequences.

Before folks get too invested in the approach championed by Cruz, they need to keep in mind that fond hopes do not always materialize. To illustrate, we’re reminded of some particularly notorious pre-game comments in not-too-distant National Football League history. In November 2007, Todd Sauerbrun, a punter and kickoff specialist for the Denver Broncos, publicly announced his intent to not kick away from Devin Hester of the Chicago Bears, who had arguably laid claim to being the greatest return specialist of all time by the end of his second year in the NFL. It didn’t go well.

For the record, here’s how Sauerbrun’s plan worked out: Hester took a punt back 75 yards for a touchdown in the third quarter. After a Broncos score in that same quarter, Hester returned the following kickoff 88 yards for a touchdown. To put it bluntly, Sauerbrun’s faith in his teammates had some unintended adverse effects on his team, which lost the game thanks in part to Hester’s returns, and his career in the NFL, which ended after that season.

In the same way Sauerbrun had faith in his teammates’ ability to tackle Hester, Cruz is placing a lot of faith in citizen legislators to bring America closer to constitutional practices. But what is likely to happen is far different than what the hopes were. In reality, Cruz’s proposed term limits will have some unintended but drastic adverse consequences.

One of the consequences is the fact that, in general, they will result in a massive shift of power from elected lawmakers to unelected bureaucrats, lobbyists, and the legislative staffers. During Donald Trump’s administration, bureaucrats undermined him, usurped policymaking power that belonged to elected officials, and engaged in multiple abuses at the federal and state levels. This should warn against shifting power away from elected lawmakers.

If there is one thing bureaucrats know, it’s how to be dilatory and to obstruct any sort of progress. Does anyone think encouraging that behavior is a good idea?

Furthermore, with the constant inflow of new members of Congress, power would shift outside government to lobbyists, who would have far more time and experience discussing various issues than the lawmakers they’re talking to. In addition, staffers will have a lot more influence because, after all, lawmakers will be gone in the not-too-distant future, so they will be more likely to cater to lobbyists and bureaucrats as they seek a more stable paycheck in the public policy arena.

That power shift is just one negative. Another is the fact that it wouldn’t just clean out Congress of the likes of Maxine Waters; it would also have prematurely ended the career of Orrin Hatch after the 1988 election. Does anyone think that absent Hatch’s efforts we’d have Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court? Hatch, thanks to his longevity, played key roles in the confirmation of four other justices as well. Do we throw out the good lawmakers with the bad?

Term limits are a feel-good measure that is held out as a way to rid us of bad career politicians. But there is already something that offers grassroots Patriots a chance to oust bad politicians: elections. Perhaps the effort pushing a constitutional amendment that may never pass would be better focused on the hard political work to replace bad politicians with good ones, often by changing the minds of our fellow Americans.

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Obama Judge Goes Easy on Clinesmith

Thomas Gallatin

In a decision that is immensely frustrating to conservatives who endured years of government officials engaging in a willful attempt to subvert and ultimately remove a duly elected president, Judge James Boasberg sentenced Kevin Clinesmith to 12 months probation and 400 hours of community service. Who is Kevin Clinesmith? He’s the individual responsible for altering an email to indicate that Carter Page was “not a source” for the CIA when in fact he was. The alteration was significant in that it paved the way for the FBI to obtain its FISA warrant to initiate surveillance on Page, who was then Donald Trump’s campaign adviser. That was the FBI’s way in to the candidate himself.

Clinesmith is the only individual to date to be charged by John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Russian-collusion hoax. Yet even he was essentially given a slap on the wrist by Judge Boasberg, a Barack Obama appointee who ridiculously contended, “Mr. Clinesmith has lost his job in government service — what has given his life much meaning.” In other words, the poor guy just made a mistake that has already cost him his job, so we really need to go easy on him.

However, Page addressed the judge and pressed against such simplistic and naïve assumptions, arguing that the damage he had personally suffered, including death threats, were due in part to Clinesmith’s criminal actions. “This manufactured scandal and associated lies caused me to adopt the lifestyle of an international fugitive for years,” Page contended. “I often have felt as if I had been left with no life at all. Each member of my family was severely impacted.”

Judge Boasberg also asserted, “Mr. Clinesmith likely believed that what he said about Mr. Page was true.” This assertion runs counter to the prosecution’s position that Clinesmith held strong animus toward Trump out of which his actions against Page flowed. The prosecution argued that Clinesmith needed to suffer prison time in order to “deter others from committing similar crimes.”

The Wall Street Journal editorial board notes, “Friday’s sentencing will fuel cynicism about two-tiered justice. While George Papadopoulos served time in prison for making false statements to the FBI, and a federal judge refused to drop charges against former national security adviser Michael Flynn after the Justice Department said they had no basis, a top law enforcement official who abused his police powers while operating in secrecy escapes with probation.”

There’s also likely a bit of rear covering at play for Boasberg. The Daily Wire observes, “It should be noted that Judge Boasberg sat on the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the secret court that granted the numerous warrants against Page. He is now the presiding judge of that court.”

Still, the big looming question remains: In exchange for this lightest of sentences, did Clinesmith serve up someone higher up the chain to Durham? If that is indeed the case, then this slap on the wrist of a low-level member of the deep-state cabal may be worth a lot more than it currently appears.

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The Lincoln Project’s Dirty Little Secret

Douglas Andrews

Let’s start with what we know: John Weaver, longtime John McCain campaign strategist and cofounder of the Trump-hating Lincoln Project, is a 61-year-old homosexual child predator.

We know this because he’s admitted to being the former, and because one of the 21 victims of his sexual advances who have so far come forward, Cole Trickle Miele, has credibly accused him of the latter. Miele says he was just 14 when Weaver began contacting him, and not much older when Weaver began asking him whether he was still in high school, telling him he looks “older” and “taller,” and gushing about how much he wanted to “come to Vegas and take you to dinner and drinks and spoil you!!”

Suffice it to say: This is a sickening story about a sick man.

If you want the lurid details of John Weaver’s depravity from a leftist source, Maggie Astor and Danny Hakim of The New York Times have you covered. But the Times published this story just two days ago, whereas a lone journalist named Ryan Gidursky broke the story a full three weeks ago in The American Conservative.

Why, if we didn’t know better, we’d swear the Times was trying to do damage control on behalf of a creepy Trump-hating homosexual.

Interestingly, when we visit The Lincoln Project website, we see not a hint of its cofounder. No “About” page, and certainly no statement about his awful sexual predation on boys less than a third his age. But on Sunday, perhaps knowing that their guy had been outed, the stand-up dudes at The Lincoln Project defenestrated Weaver via tweet: “John Weaver led a secret life that was built on a foundation of deception at every level. He is a predator, a liar, and an abuser. We extend our deepest sympathies to those who were targeted by his deplorable and predatory behavior. We are disgusted and outraged that someone in a position of power and trust would use it for these means.”

The Lincoln boys go on like this for another hand-wringing paragraph. They tell us how they’re “absolutely shocked and sickened by it.” (Here we can’t help but think of Captain Renault in Casablanca: I’m shocked — SHOCKED — to find that homosexual predation is going in in here.) The last sentence of their tweet, though, is quite revealing: “We are grateful beyond words that at no time was John Weaver in the physical presence of any member of The Lincoln Project.” Translation: We know that the cofounder of our Trump-hating enterprise is irredeemably toxic, and we want you to know we’re as grossed out by his child sexual predation as you are.

As the Times article continues, “Lincoln Project leaders, in their first extended comments about Mr. Weaver, said they had not been aware of such allegations until this month, when articles in The American Conservative and Forensic News, and an open letter on Twitter from a data analyst named Garrett Herrin, accused Mr. Weaver of grooming young men online. Steve Schmidt, a co-founder of the group [and MSNBC’s Trump-hating Republican squish], said its leaders had learned last summer from social media posts that Mr. Weaver, who has a wife and two children, might be involved in relationships with men, but emphasized, ‘There was no awareness or insinuations of any type of inappropriate behavior when we became aware of the chatter at the time.’”

Isn’t it amazing how little some people profess to knowing about a guy whom they’ve known and worked with for years? Especially when that guy turns out to be a child sexual predator? And especially when warnings about his deviant behavior have been ignored for perhaps more than two decades?

Weaver apparently hopes that having come out as a homosexual will blunt the outrage. It shouldn’t.

What John Weaver did to these boys and young men is repugnant. May they recover fully, and may he and his enablers be forever shamed by it.

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Jordan Candler

Government & Politics

  • Friendly fire: Some of Biden’s top economic advisers are pushing back on his stimulus package (Daily Caller)
  • Totally trustworthy: Pennsylvania secretary of state at the center of Trump election concerns resigns for failing to comply with an unrelated state election law (NY Post)
  • Bail fund praised by Kamala Harris has twice freed the same rioter. He was just charged again. (Daily Wire)
  • Transparency! White House asking reporters to share questions in advance of briefings (Examiner)
  • Stacey Abrams (in addition to BLM) nominated for Nobel Peace Prize (The Hill)


  • New York Times reviews book advocating blowing up pipelines to combat climate change (Daily Signal)


  • White House strikes $230 million deal for at-home coronavirus testing kits (U.S. News)
  • Republicans introduce measure to block Gitmo detainees from being vaccinated before Americans (Daily Wire)
  • Governor Andrew Cuomo loses nine top health officials after downplaying experts (Fox News)
  • Who’d a thunk it? Top epidemiologist says double-masking increases infection risk (Disrn)

Business & Economy

  • CBO sees rapid growth recovery, labor force returning to pre-pandemic level by 2022 (CNBC)
  • Landlords are struggling to make ends meet as CDC extends eviction ban (FEE)
  • “They are playing with our lives”: Locals lash out at Biden canceling Keystone XL (Daily Wire)
  • Dodge warns that regulations are killing the V8 engine (Auto Blog)

Annals of the “Social Justice” Caliphate

  • An Oregon economist could not think of another example of “an area that has so quickly fallen into disfavor” (Willamette Week)

The lowdown: “Portland has gone from one of the most desirable locations in the country just four years ago to near the bottom of an 80-city ranking. That ranking was compiled by the Urban Land Institute in a report titled ‘Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2021.’ It shows that a survey of more than 1,300 lenders, investors, developers and other national real estate experts found Portland the third-most desirable real estate market in the nation in 2017. For 2021, it now ranks 66th of 80 cities on the list.”

  • This woman disembowel the pervasive brainwashing of Critical Race Theory in under 60 seconds (Not the Bee)

Odds & Ends

  • Biden threatens sanctions against Burma following military coup (Daily Caller)
  • Seventy-four percent of American teens and young adults embrace moral relativism (Disrn)
  • SpaceX announces first space flight manned solely by civilians (Examiner)

Stranger Than Fiction

  • Anti-vaxxers won’t stop harassing a Chattanooga nurse they’re convinced is dead (Daily Beast)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: Why John Kerry’s claim on solar and wind jobs misses the mark (Examiner)
  • Policy: The real greenhouse gas polluter isn’t the U.S.; it’s China (The Federalist)
  • Humor: Wife promises to “circle back” to question about how much she spent at Hobby Lobby (Babylon Bee)

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Lincoln Project Cofounder Allegedly Sexually Harassed 21 Young Men — John Weaver allegedly sexually harassed them over the course of many years. The story has reached mainstream media with a whimper.

Why Are Utilities So Expensive? — The cost of producing electricity has dropped significantly in the last decade. So why haven’t electricity bills dropped?

Satire: PETA Says Animals Are Offended — PETA says animals are getting offended and oppressed through speciesist animal insults.




For more of today’s columns, visit Right Opinion.


Insight: “You can’t give the government the power to do good without also giving it the power to do bad — in fact, to do anything it wants.” —Harry Browne (1933-2006)

For the record: “When the Obama administration proposed regulations and emissions reduction targets in response to the Paris Agreement, Heritage Foundation economists estimated it would cost the average family of four more than $20,000 in lost income by 2035, an annual average loss of nearly 400,000 jobs and an aggregate GDP loss of over $2.5 trillion. Although the energy landscape has changed since then, Biden’s stringent emissions targets would likely impose similar drastic consequences.” —Kay C. James

Upright: “The U.S. Energy Information Administration recently released a chart showing the latest official data on U.S. energy production sources from the Department of Energy. Some 80% of all our energy comes from oil, gas and coal. Less than 5% comes from wind and solar. … Perhaps over the next several decades, wind and solar power will be cheap enough to meet most of our energy needs. But are we to starve ourselves of energy in the meantime? Are Americans willing to pay $4 or $5 a gallon to fill up the tank with Saudi oil or Russian gas? Wouldn’t it be smarter, safer and, yes, more virtuous to get the energy we need from Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota or even Alberta, Canada, than from countries that hate us?” —Stephen Moore

Alpha jackass: “The largest threat to U.S. national security are U.S. cops. Not ISIS, not Russian hackers, not anyone or anything else.” —State Department deputy spokesperson Jalina Porter in September 2016

And last… “If you are working on the #KeystonePipeline you can just find another job? Okay. If you are a teacher afraid to teach in person because of #COVID you too can just find another job.” —Kimberly Klacik

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Faith Nation – February 1, 2021

COVID compromise? President Joe Biden meets with Republican senators in a bipartisan effort to reach a deal on the relief bill. Did they find middle ground? Black pastors work to bolster vaccine confidence in their communities as more contagious strands on the virus begin to spread across the country.

White House asks reporters to submit questions ahead of daily press briefings: ‘Not really a free press’

President Joe Biden’s administration apparently does not want to be caught off guard with tough questions by the media during its press briefings. What’s going on? According to the Daily Beast , Biden’s communications department has requested that reporters submit their questions to the White House staff in advance of press secretary Jen Psaki’s daily briefings, presumably to avoid being scrutinized by reporters with difficult questions.

Source: White House asks reporters to submit questions ahead of daily press briefings: ‘Not really a free press’

Southern Baptist Convention in rebellion against pro-Democrat Russell Moore, ERLC — Capstone Report

Hundreds of churches withhold SBC funding over progressive ERLC policy stances; more will follow report finds.

Russell Moore and his leftist ERLC pose a systemic risk to the Southern Baptist Convention.

Russell Moore and his progressive politics are destroying the Southern Baptist Convention. That is the entire point of a bombshell report on problems caused by the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC). The report by a special committee of the Executive Committee found hundreds of churches giving millions of dollars to the Southern Baptist Convention already withhold funds or plan to withhold funds over the liberal-progressive politics promoted by Russell Moore and his ERLC. As we have repeatedly warned over the last few years here and here and here that progressive politics destroy churches.

Also, the report verifies our earlier reports on churches leaving the SBC over Russell Moore’s liberal politicsThese are no longer anecdotes. These are facts. Hard facts with a price tag in the millions.

The facts in the report should scare anyone who depends on the Cooperative Program for their pay. It details hundreds of churches are in open rebellion. And the numbers are growing as more and more become aware of Russell Moore’s pro-Democratic politics. The unanimous report documented hundreds of churches across the SBC angered by the progressive political opinions of Russell Moore.

Specifically, the report found: “One state convention reported that more than 250 churches are considering withholding or negatively designating funds or have already done so. This number represents a significant percentage of the churches currently in friendly cooperation with that state convention. Some churches are considering a complete withdrawal from the SBC because of the belief that the national convention is moving in a liberal direction. The ERLC is listed as one of those concerns. The state convention reported that serious concerns about the ERLC exist with 10 of the top 30 CP-giving churches, potentially impacting a total of $2,448,000 from those 10 churches alone.”

And that state was not alone. The report found, “Another state convention verified that $1,147,000 has been withheld due to the ERLC. Based on communications with other churches considering the same approach, the state executive estimated that $1,500,000 of Cooperative Program giving is in jeopardy in the state.”

And the report continued, “Another state reported that 94 churches have either decreased or completely eliminated Cooperative Program support this year at a total budget cost of approximately $500,000. Based on actual conversations with these pastors, the state executive estimated that 50% have done so because of a ‘lack of confidence in many national SBC issues.’ These issues included but were not limited to the ERLC.”

And there is more: “Another executive director reported that 46 churches have withdrawn from the state/national conventions, ‘due to what they perceive as an undesirable direction/action of the ERLC.’  In addition to the departure of these churches, the state verified over $217,000 annually in reduced giving through the Cooperative Program. Further, the state executive was recently contacted by one of the state’s largest churches to ask how to negatively designate its $300,000 annual Cooperative Program gifts because of its concerns with the ERLC.”

And the Leftward Drift of the SBC worries some churches. The report explained, “Another state executive confirmed a $345,000 annual impact from churches currently withholding or considering escrowing Cooperative Program funds because of ‘a perceived leftward or liberal drift generally,’ which includes concerns related to the ERLC.”

Escrowing might be how some churches handle Russell Moore’s liberal politics. But not all. Many are outright leaving: “When asked about churches escrowing funds due to the ERLC, another state executive responded, ’Few of our churches have talked about escrowing CP funds in the future. They have mostly threatened to reduce or cease CP giving soon, or indicated that they have started doing so already. At least a couple of churches this year have withdrawn from affiliation with our state convention and the SBC over issues primarily related to the ERLC.’”

And Russell Moore’s liberal ERLC continues to spark protests from conservatives to the Executive Committee. “We were also informed of a high volume of recent calls and emails received by the Executive Committee office. These communications expressed frustration with the ERLC and indicated possible changes in Cooperative Program support.”

Safe to say, it is clear to anyone unbiased—the chickens have come home to roost. Russell Moore’s liberal policy preferences are destroying the Southern Baptist Convention.

The ERLC Study Task Force included Mike Stone (former chairman of the Executive Committee and current candidate for SBC President), Rolland Slade (current chairman of the Executive Committee), Hoyt Savage, Ron Hale, Mike Lawson, Monte Shinkle, and Cheryl Samples.

The committee should be praised for its excellent work highlighting the systemic risk to the SBC’s future posed by Russell Moore and the reckless ERLC.

The report will make Russell Moore’s liberal politics a central issue in the 2021 SBC Presidential race. As of now, Conservative Mike Stone, reform-minded Randy Adams appear to demand change from the SBC establishment. Stone led the report exposing the high cost of Russell Moore’s pro-Democratic Party politics.

Contrast this to Woke Ed Litton and Al “I know Russell Moore’s Heart” Mohler who both appear ready to enable more of Russell Moore’s dangerous politics.

If you care about the Southern Baptist Convention—you should show up in Nashville and vote for change.


Executive Committee learned about ERLC issues by reading Capstone Report

ERLC a threat to Great Commission; if Russell Moore cares about the SBC, he must resign

Baptist Press lies again; Johnathan Howe should be fired over repeating Big Lie

Southern Baptist Convention in rebellion against pro-Democrat Russell Moore, ERLC — Capstone Report

The SBC Executive Committee Torches ERLC, Moore in Recently Released Report — Protestia

The Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee task force charged with studying and reviewing the effectiveness of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) released their findings yesterday, damning the embattled organization with faint praise for a bit of support (or at least tolerance) engendered to them by a handful of churches, but overall noting them to be “a source of significant distraction from the Great Commission work of Southern Baptists.”

The full report can be accessed here and all the appendices here. In the report, the committee describes how the ERLC has been by and large obstreperous and uncooperative throughout the review and investigation.

Commissioned early last year, the task force sought to assess “whether the actions of the [ERLC] and its leadership are affecting Cooperative Program giving or the further advancement of the Cooperative Program” by seeking to discover to what degree the ERLC’s positions and President Russell Moore’s statements and actions have been the cause of Churches withholding their funding, which has been in decline. (In SBC Churches, they all give a portion of tithes and offerings so that they can be pooled together in a way that maximizes their impact, with some doing to their missions board, some funding ERLC, some helping fund post-secondary education, etc.)

Mike Stone, chairman of the task force and former Executive Committee chairman explained that the report was not “based on anecdotes or third-hand reports. It is based, almost exclusively, on documented facts received from the chief executive officers of various state conventions.” He further writes:

The task force sought to find objective verifiable facts…and based on the statistical information we received, the direction of the ERLC is a significant source of division and creates a very real challenge to reversing CP decline.

This sentiment is echoed by leader of a large state convention who explains that “The ERLC has been a stumbling block not worth the mission dollar investment.”

The task force sent out a host of questionnaires to all of the SBC’s state conventions, and while a minority of them responded, those that did represent 60% of the SBC’s 47,000 churches that gave 74% of Cooperative funds.

While some of the state executives who responded “reported little to no negative effect from the ministry of the ERLC,” the report notes that “No state convention reported data that any church had verifiably increased Cooperative Program support because of an appreciation for the ERLC.”

In contrast, several state executives reported many instances of churches either reducing their giving or flat out refusing to give any funds at all, along with withdrawing from the state and/or national conventions on account or the ERLC, citing the actions and directions of the ERLC and Russell Moore as a reason for doing so. They write:

One state convention reported that more than 250 churches are considering withholding or negatively designating funds or have already done so. This number represents a significant percentage of the churches currently in friendly cooperation with that state convention.

Some churches are considering a complete withdrawal from the SBC because of the belief that the national convention is moving in a liberal direction. The ERLC is listed as one of those concerns. The state convention reported that serious concerns about the ERLC exist with 10 of the top 30
CP-giving churches, potentially impacting a total of $2,448,000 from those 10 churches alone.


Another state convention verified that $1,147,000 has been withheld due to the ERLC. Based on communications with other churches considering the same approach, the state executive estimated that $1,500,000 of Cooperative Program giving is in jeopardy in the state.

As far as what exactly the ERLC and Russell Moore has done that has the people so vexed, they cite these concerns:

  • The open opposition of a candidate for president of the United States
  • The accusation of receiving funding from an organization with ties to George Soros
  • Amicus brief in support of a New Jersey mosque
  • That the ERLC is not available or responsive
  • ERLC stance on immigration
  • Silence on certain issues including timely public support for the religious liberty of California churches during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The appearance by a recently departed senior staffer on an online panel sponsored by the Joe Biden campaign, contributing to perceptions of a leftward political drift.
  • Dr. Moore’s stated support of attending homosexual wedding showers and receptions
  • Disrespectful and condescending responses to the questions of messengers. Repeatedly noted was the response given to Pastor John Wofford of Armorel Baptist Church at the 2016 annual meeting.
  • That conservative political figures are criticized more frequently and more harshly than moderate to liberal figures

These of course are all true and we have covered them at length here.

The report also dedicates a large portion to the amicus brief in McRaney v North American Mission Board – how it was botched, was unacceptably handled, was the source of friction between the ERLC and the task force, and was cited by many pastors as a cagey, stupid thing that was done that contributed to the breakdown of confidence and trust in the ERLC.

Summarizing their findings, the task force writes:

…that the current perception of the leadership and direction of the ERLC by many Southern Baptists is a substantial impediment to the growth of the Cooperative Program. Without quick and significant changes in that perception, the findings suggest the potential for a measurable decline in the near future and beyond.

They conclude with a series of recommendations, which amount to “tell Moore to stop popping off about his never-Trumpism or publicly opposing political candidates for office. Focus your message on where the SBC and BF&M2K has already spoken.

Stop lying, stop being so secretive, inaccessible, and hard to reach. Come up with a plan to understand how you’re contributing to disunity within the ranks and what steps you can take to mitigate that, and let us vet your amicus briefs so that you don’t embarrass us again and show you don’t know what you’re doing.

The SBC Executive Committee Torches ERLC, Moore in Recently Released Report — Protestia

Movie Tuesday: Critical Race Theory – Part 5

Michelle Lesley

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you know that, from time to time, I post biblically edifying, informative movies, videos, or documentaries on Tuesdays – ergo, “Movie Tuesday.”

Recently, my friend, Pastor Travis McNeely, released a six video series on Critical Race Theory featuring LSU law professor, Randy Trahan. In this series, Randy, a former proponent of CRT, describes his journey into – and out of – critical theory, explains what CRT is, and why it’s a danger to the church, particularly to Southern Baptists.

So, for the next few weeks, every Tuesday will be Movie Tuesday as we make our way through this video series. I would urge you to carefully watch each episode – especially if you’re Southern Baptist (if we actually have an SBC annual meeting this year, this issue is sure to come up) – so you’ll be informed and able to…

View original post 232 more words

Biden Reich Is Not Only Keeping The Troops In Downtown Washington DC, They Are Bringing In New Troops Daily In Stunning Fascist Foreshadowing — Now The End Begins

The troops came last month, tens of thousands of them. We were told they’re going to protect the capital from the inevitable right-wing violence, certainly certain to accompany Joe Biden’s Inauguration. Donald Trump didn’t chain himself to the North Portico. Trump voters didn’t rush the stage. The Trump restoration never happened. And yet, the troops have stayed.

There is an unbelievable amount of change taking place in our nation’s capital of Washington DC right now, and very little of it is good. Democrats are pushing crazy hard to have Washington made into our 51st state, and if that happens, it will drastically switch the voting bloc in favor of the Democrats. But the real story is not party politics, the real story is why not only armed troops have remained on our streets, and why their numbers are increasing on a daily basis.

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” Proverbs 29:2 (KJB)

For years we’ve been warning about the rise of Democrat Socialism, something that is not unlike the National Socialism of Hitler’s Germany, and that is absolutely assembling itself here in America right now. Joe Biden is a doddering old fool who can’t complete a sentence without a teleprompter, but his handlers are quite sharp and totally plugged in. It is quite ironic that while they talk incessantly about ‘right wing extremism’, they themselves are conducting a coup and using armed troops to carry it out. If Hitler could take a break from his incessant burning down in Hell, he would be oh so very proud of what America is turning into. Or maybe, just maybe, he would scream out a warning to all of us to oppose it or suffer the consequences. Hmm.

We told you all this was coming, but Twitter said that was ‘hate speech’ and removed thousands of our followers, YouTube suspended us until April, and Facebook limits the exposure of what we post so the majority of people never see it in their news feeds. We are shouting it from the housetops, America is being taken over by her enemies, is anyone listening??


Tucker Carlson: Democrats ‘Think It Is Fine to Mobilize the Army in Order to Put Down Domestic Opinions’

FROM BREITBART NEWS: The news is moving with bewildering speed, in case you haven’t noticed. We’ve noticed. No presidential administration has ever changed so many basic institutions and facts of American life, and done it so quickly. We’ve done our best to bring you nightly updates on what’s happening for the week and a half that Joe Biden has been President, but at times, it’s overwhelming, there’s just too much to cover.

The other day, for example, we learned that the Biden administration plans to make the tiny District of Columbia, our 51st state, a more corrupt English speaking version of Monaco, as if lobbyists in Washington didn’t have enough control over your life. Now, there will be U.S. senators.

But that’s not even the biggest news. Just a few hours ago, Biden officials informed us that after almost 65 years of working to build a nuclear weapon, the nation of Iran maybe finally — and you’ll find this amazing, quote: “just weeks away” from getting a bomb. After 65 years of trying. What a coincidence. You already know how that story is going to end, another pointless foreign war, trillions spent many dead, the United States gaining nothing. We’ve seen that a lot and it’s happening again.

Joe Biden just sent American troops to Syria. Well, you didn’t know that? Yes. Hours after he became President, American soldiers crossed into the nation of Syria, sending them to Syria was one of the first things Joe Biden did. Somehow most of the media forgot to even mention that. In their defense, as noted, there’s a lot going on in the news, including a lot of troop mobilization. Syria is not the only place they’re massing. Washington, D.C. looks like occupied Sarajevo tonight, a small city overflowing with soldiers.

The troops came last month, tens of thousands of them. We were told they’re going to protect the capital from the inevitable right-wing violence, certainly certain to accompany Joe Biden’s Inauguration. Then Joe Biden was inaugurated, and there wasn’t any violence. Donald Trump didn’t chain himself to the North Portico. Trump voters didn’t rush the stage. The Trump restoration never happened. And yet, the troops stayed.

No one in Congress seemed to notice, but in fact, they’re still arriving, as of tonight, thousands of them. As of last Thursday, National Guard troops from 23 states were stationed in Washington. That number seems to have risen over the past few days. We called the National Guard today to find out by how much, but they couldn’t give us numbers or wouldn’t.

We do know that more states have sent troops since last week. You may have seen the video of soldiers getting off buses downtown near the Capitol. What are they all doing there? Again, National Guard leadership wouldn’t tell us quote, “for operational security reasons,” the spokesman said, “We will not get into specific details of the ongoing mission.”

Oh, soldiers in our capital, but we don’t have a right to know. Got it.

JB Pritzker, who is the Governor of Illinois was not so shy about the purpose. He laid it out very clearly. In a press release announcing the deployment of more soldiers to Washington, D.C., Pritzker explained that, quote, “We must root out the dark forces of racism, white supremacy and disinformation that have created this moment.” Let that sink in.

The military has been deployed to Washington, D.C. to fight disinformation. So say something a Democratic Governor doesn’t like and he will send troops. Does that sound like the country that you grew up in? It probably doesn’t.

This is not the way things are done in America. It’s not the way they have been done since the Civil War. No one alive has ever seen anything like this. So why is everyone — everyone pretending it’s totally normal to have thousands of troops in the Capitol to fight disinformation? Because obviously, they’re in favor of it. They think it is fine to mobilize the Army in order to put down domestic opinions. READ MORE

Biden Reich Is Not Only Keeping The Troops In Downtown Washington DC, They Are Bringing In New Troops Daily In Stunning Fascist Foreshadowing — Now The End Begins

February 2 Morning Quotes of the Day

Do Good Works for the Praise of God
2 Corinthians 9:8; Ephesians 2:8–10; 1 John 4:12–16

Let Him be praised in you who works by you. Therefore do not work the good you do for your own praise, but to the praise of Him from whom you have the power to do good. From yourself you have the ill doing; from God you have the well doing.


Ritzema, E. (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Early Church. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Creation Shines God’s Glory
Psalm 8:1–9; 19:1–14

Through every star, through every grass-blade, and most through every living soul, the glory of a present God still beams.


Ritzema, E., & Vince, E. (Eds.). (2013). 300 quotations for preachers from the Modern church. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

February 2 Morning Verse of the Day

3:17 The Judeans had no doubts about God’s existence or power to deliver. Their statement, “If the God we serve exists, then He can rescue us,” did not suggest any uncertainty on their part about the reality of God; it means only that they were leaving the matter of their deliverance to His sovereign will. The verse may also be rendered “If it happens [that we are thrown into the furnace], our God whom we serve can rescue us.”[1]

3:17 If it is so Even if death is the consequence of noncompliance, they will still hold fast to their religious commitments and trust God for deliverance.

our God A courageous proclamation of faith. God is both able and faithful to deliver His people.[2]

3:17 God … is able: The response of the Jewish young men is a model of confidence in God and submission to His will. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego recognized God’s sovereignty and power.[3]

3:17 If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to deliver us. This cryptic statement is more difficult to translate than most modern translations reflect. Literally, the first clause reads: “If it be so” (KJV, NASB; cf. ESV)—begging the question: “If what be so?” The NLT concurs with the NIV in rendering, “If we are thrown into the blazing furnace,” while the NRSV translates, “If our God whom we serve is able to deliver us.” This may be a reference only to the inevitability of their execution, yet the grammar allows for the possibility of their having an understandable moment of doubt. Both renderings find justification in legitimate antecedents in 3:15. The NIV’s rendering of the clause appeals to the threat, “you will be thrown …” and is clearly the more palatable reading.7 Yet the NRSV’s interpretation appeals to the nearer antecedent, “what god will be able?” In context, this intriguing, yet slightly ambiguous, assertion allows readers to identify with the Judeans, setting them up for the second, and more important, conditional statement.[4]

[1] Cabal, T., Brand, C. O., Clendenen, E. R., Copan, P., Moreland, J. P., & Powell, D. (2007). The Apologetics Study Bible: Real Questions, Straight Answers, Stronger Faith (p. 1274). Nashville, TN: Holman Bible Publishers.

[2] Barry, J. D., Mangum, D., Brown, D. R., Heiser, M. S., Custis, M., Ritzema, E., … Bomar, D. (2012, 2016). Faithlife Study Bible (Da 3:17). Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

[3] Radmacher, E. D., Allen, R. B., & House, H. W. (1999). Nelson’s new illustrated Bible commentary (p. 1011). Nashville: T. Nelson Publishers.

[4] Pierce, R. W. (2015). Daniel. (M. L. Strauss & J. H. Walton, Eds.) (p. 56). Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books.

Ever Mindful — VCY America

The Lord hath been mindful of us: he will bless us.

Psalm 115:12 

I can set my seal to that first sentence. Cannot you? Yes, Jehovah has thought of us, provided for us, comforted us, delivered us, and guided us. In all the movements of His providence He has been mindful of us, never overlooking our mean affairs. His mind has been full of us—that is the other form of the word mindful. This has been the case all along and without a single break. At special times, however, we have more distinctly seen this mindfulness, and we would recall them at this hour with overflowing gratitude. Yes, yes, “the Lord hath been mindful of us.”

The next sentence is a logical inference from the former one. Since God is unchangeable, He will continue to be mindful of us in the future as He has been in the past; and His mindfulness is tantamount to blessing us. But we have here not only the conclusion of reason but the declaration of inspiration; we have it on the Holy Ghost’s authority—”He will bless us.” This means great things and unsearchable. The very indistinctness of the promise indicates its infinite reach. He will bless us after His own divine manner, and that forever and ever, Therefore, let us each say, “Bless the Lord, O my soul!”

Ever Mindful — VCY America

February 2 – God mission for his glory and his covenants — Reformed Perspective

Now therefore, if you will indeed obey my voice and keep my covenant… – Exodus 19:6

Scripture reading: Exodus 19:1-6

I’m sure those who are married have not forgotten their marriage vows. Perhaps, as a groom you made a vow like this: “I solemnly declare to take to myself and acknowledge as my wife _______. And I promise that I will, with the gracious help of God, love, honour and maintain her, live with her in the holy bonds of marriage according to God’s ordinance, and never forsake her, so long as we both shall live.” As the bride, you made a similar vow.

Why are vows necessary? Why not solemnize a marriage without vows? Well, vows are necessary because of the fall into sin. Before the fall into sin, there was no need for formally bonded relationships, because there was no uncertainty in them. After the fall into sin, all sorts of uncertainty crept into relationships. Because of the fall into sin, we make covenants with each other. We seal these covenants with an oath in the presence of God and each other.

God Himself also makes covenants with humanity and His people. Why would it be necessary for God to make covenants with human beings? This is necessary because of the fall into sin. Because of the fall into sin, there is often uncertainty in the relationship between God and us. And so, God finds it necessary to formally guarantee His commitment to us as well as His commitment to His purposes for us and His world. This is also the reason why He makes a covenant with Israel.

Suggestions for prayer

When you feel uncertainty in your relationship with your heavenly Father, ask Him to take it away by having you focus on His commitment to you, signed and sealed with baptism, that He will provide you with everything good and protect you from evil or turn it to your benefit.

Rev. Dick Moes is pastor emeritus of the Surrey Covenant Reformed Church in Surrey, BC. He and his wife Elsina have five children and 14 grandchildren. This daily devotional is also available in a print edition you can buy at Nearer to God Devotional.

February 2 – God mission for his glory and his covenants — Reformed Perspective