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America’s Out Of Control Teens Are On A Historic Crime Spree | ZeroHedge

Authored by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog,

Young people are running wild all over the country, and nobody seems to be able to come up with a solution to slow down the violence.  Following the tragic death of George Floyd, teens were disproportionally involved in the rioting, looting and arson that erupted in major cities throughout the nation for the remainder of 2020.  And sometimes they would just take out their frustrations on random people on the street

But in addition to violence that was spurred by social movements, most of our urban areas also experienced dramatic spikes in their murder rates.  In fact, one recently released report found that murder rates rose by an average of 30 percent in 34 of our largest cities…

THE HOMICIDE RATE across 34 American cities increased by 30% on average during 2020, according to experts, as the U.S. reeled from the coronavirus pandemic and widespread protests against police brutality.

The newly released report from the National Commission on COVID-19 and Criminal Justice found that homicides rose in 29 of the 34 cities studied and that the three largest cities in the sample – New York, Los Angeles and Chicago – accounted for 40% of the additional homicide victims in 2020.

That 30 percent average increase was the biggest one year spike ever recorded, and way too much of the time these murders are being committed by Americans under the age of 20.

For example, two Milwaukee teens were just charged with the rape and murder of a young woman named Ee Lee…

Kamare Lewis, 17, and Kevin Spencer, 15 each face one count of first-degree intentional homicide, as party to a crime and one count of first-degree sexual assault (great bodily harm), as party to a crime.

Lee was found Sept. 16, 2020 in Washington Park by “bystanders,” still breathing but unconscious, severely beaten and left for dead. She was undressed below the waist, indicating sexual assault. She suffered severe contusions to the face/head. A hospital examination confirmed the sex assault.

Lee later died from her injuries on September 19th.

But it wasn’t just Lewis and Spencer that were involved in this brutal attack.  In fact, we are being told that a total of 11 youths were seen leaving the area

Video from the Washington Park Library showed 11 people leaving the park — six in a group on bicycles; five in a separate group, some on bikes and others on foot.

Sadly, young girls are also murdering one another.

Here is an example of one young girl stabbing another young girl to death

Lyric D. Stewart, 14, of Rock Island, was stabbed to death Dec. 30 during a fight in the 1200 block of 11th Street.

Jimena Jinez, 18, also of Rock Island, was arrested in the early morning of Dec. 31, 2020, and charged with first-degree murder in the stabbing death. She has been in custody in Rock Island County Jail since then, and is being held on $1.5 million bond.

Our nation is degenerating right in front of our eyes, and it is only going to get worse.

In Jacksonville, Florida a group of teens recently ganged up to kill three people, including a very young mother

In the first time since a Washington Heights triple-murder, the family of one of the victims, Sara Urriola, is speaking out. The Jacksonville mother was murdered by four suspected teens at the Calloway Cove apartments.

“We have lost a loving, caring, wife, mother, daughter, niece, cousin, sister, aunt, best-friend and friend today. Sara loved her friends and family very much and the friends that knew her know she was all about the well-being of her family. She loved to dance, dress up, and enjoyed all family events,” the family said in a statement to Action News Jax.

How twisted do you have to be in order to do something like that?

Horrific murders like this happen day after day, but they barely make a blip on the news anymore because they have become so common.

Meanwhile, carjackings are on the rise all over the nation as well.

According to NPR, the number of carjackings in Minneapolis more than tripled last year…

In Minneapolis, for example, there were 405 carjackings last year — more than triple the number in 2019. The suspects arrested were often juveniles between the ages of 11 and 17.

Other cities saw huge increases too, including New Orleans; Kansas City, Mo.; Louisville, Ky.; and Washington, D.C. Last year in Chicago, there were 1,400 carjackings.

Speaking of Chicago, there are certain parts of the city that now resemble a war zone.  If you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, there is a good chance that a kid could stick a gun in your face and demand the keys to your vehicle.

What would you do if this happened to you?

On a sunny January afternoon, Amy Blumenthal drove to her Chicago home after picking up groceries. She turned off a street and into an alley, backed her car into her garage and started unloading the bags.

“All of a sudden, I heard something and looked up and there was a boy with a COVID mask on holding a gun just inches from my face,” Blumenthal says. He demanded she hand over her keys. Another young male, also wearing a mask, told her to hurry up.

Amy Blumenthal was not prepared to face this sort of a scenario.

She eventually pulled herself together enough to give her two attackers the car keys, and she was later totally shocked to find out that they were both under 16 years of age

In shock, she fumbled as she complied — they let her keep her house keys. Then they jumped in the car and sped off. Chicago police officers noticed their erratic driving, gave chase and the two were quickly arrested after crashing the vehicle into a building.

The robbery had left her shaken, but learning more about who they were left her stunned: They were just 15 and 13 years old.

Thanks to decades of running in the wrong direction, this is what our country has become.

We have become a completely and utterly lawless nation from the very top to the very bottom, and yet we continue to refuse to see the error of our ways.

So the fabric of our society will continue to unravel, and the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted on a daily basis will continue to disappear.

— Read on www.zerohedge.com/political/americas-out-control-teens-are-historic-crime-spree

The Economic Crisis Caused By This Pandemic Has Dramatically Altered How Americans Are Living Their Lives — The Economic Collapse

This seemingly endless COVID pandemic is causing immense stress for millions of ordinary Americans.  In past articles, I have discussed the fact that surveys have shown that Americans are drinking more alcohol and taking more drugs during this pandemic.  Even more alarming, we have seen suicide rates spike over the past 12 months as well.  Sadly, this isn’t just happening here in the United States.  All over the globe, more people are ending their own lives during this pandemic.  But of course most people aren’t going to go that far.  Instead, most people are just going to quietly struggle along, but in the process many of them are making huge changes to their lifestyles.

For example, this pandemic appears to be greatly affecting both marriage and divorce rates.  Here are just a couple of examples

In Oregon, divorces in the pandemic months of March through December were down about 24% from those months in 2019; marriages were down 16%. In Florida, for the same months, divorces were down 20% and marriages were down 27%.

I can understand why so many Americans are putting off marriage right now.  A wedding can be extremely expensive, and many Americans may be hesitant to permanently tie the knot with so much economic uncertainty in our future.

But why are divorce rates down by so much?

That is a very good question.  Limited access to courts during the lockdowns was certainly one factor, and many Americans are also concerned about what a divorce would mean for them financially

One reason for fewer divorces: In many states, access to courts for civil cases was severely curtailed during the pandemic’s early stages. Another reason, according to marriage counselors, is that many couples backed off from a possibly imminent divorce for fear it would only worsen pandemic-fueled financial insecurity.

Meanwhile, this pandemic has also caused more Americans than ever to put off having children.

In fact, birth rates are way down all over the country

According to a Bloomberg analysis, births decreased by 19 percent in California between December 2019 and December 2020. Data from Florida, Hawaii, Arizona, and Ohio show large declines in birth rates since the pandemic started compared to the previous year’s data, too. A survey conducted by Modern Fertility, a company that sells fertility tests directly to consumers, found that 30 percent of nearly 4,000 people surveyed stated they changed their fertility plans due to COVID-19. One in four of those respondents said they’ve become unsure about having children at all; the most commonly cited reason was uncertainty about the world.

At the beginning of this pandemic, some had suggested that we may see a “baby boom”, but it appears that we are experiencing a “baby bust” instead.

The rising cost of living is causing a tremendous amount of stress for ordinary Americans as well.

Thanks to the crazy spending that Congress has been doing and the reckless money printing that the Federal Reserve has been engaged in, the money supply is skyrocketing and prices are aggressively rising all over the country.

Just look at what has been happening to natural gas prices.  The recent cold snap has created a dramatic spike in demand, and this has pushed natural gas prices to unprecedented levels.  The following comes from Zero Hedge

… we hit the proverbial offerless market where any natgas that was available would be purchased at virtually any price, which is why midcontinent prices such as the Oneok OGT nat gas spot exploded from $3.46 one week ago, to $9 on Wednesday, $60.28 on Thursday and an insane $377.13 on Friday, up 32,000% in a few days. This is one of those places where having a limit up circuit breaker could actually be useful, even though there simply is nowhere near enough product to satisfy demand at any price hence the explosive move.

Hubs across the Midcontinent led the surge in prices again Feb. 12 as weather forecasts predicted the coldest temperatures in more than a decade would hit the region over the upcoming holiday weekend. Platts reported that at locations across Kansas, Oklahoma and Eastern Arkansas, hub prices were trading at single-day record highs around $200 to $300/MMBtu. Regional hubs, which typically service only limited local demand, saw fierce competition among shippers, utilities and end-users looking to meet weekend requirements.

This is a reminder of what can happen when things get crazy.

If a short-term cold spell can cause this much chaos, what would happen during a long-term national emergency?

That is something to think about.

Other Americans don’t need to worry about heating their homes, because this pandemic has forced them to live in their vehicles

Americans are being driven into their vehicles by pandemic-fueled woes. And their ranks are likely to grow as the government safety net frays and evictions and foreclosures rise.

“It’s in times of crisis that the fragility of our systems are laid bare,” said Graham Pruss, a postdoctoral scholar with the Benioff Homelessness and Housing Initiative at the UC San Francisco Center for Vulnerable Populations.

Particularly on the west coast, government officials have been setting up huge parking lots where those that live in their vehicles can sleep safely at night.

Many of those that are now sleeping in their vehicles were once living comfortable middle class lifestyles, but now this crisis has changed everything.  Nicholas Atencio and Heather Surovik are two examples

For months, Nicholas Atencio and girlfriend Heather Surovik spent nearly every minute of their lives together in a 2000 Cadillac Escalade.

After Atencio, 33, lost his job as a plumber in May, he and Surovik, 36, delivered for Grubhub by day and at night curled up with their puppy on an air bed in the back of their car parked in a lot in Longmont, Colorado, dreaming of being reunited under one roof with Surovik’s teenage son who was living with his grandmother.

Have you ever spent a night in a vehicle?

If you have, then you already know that it isn’t pleasant.

Unfortunately, once eviction moratoriums are finally lifted all over the country we are going to see the largest tsunami of evictions in American history.

So that means that a lot more people are going to end up sleeping in their vehicles.

These are very troubled times, and they are about to get even more troubled…

The Economic Crisis Caused By This Pandemic Has Dramatically Altered How Americans Are Living Their Lives — The Economic Collapse

When the American Dam Breaks What Then America? What Then? — The Ignorant Fishermen Blog

Beloved; America, which was founded during the Philadelphia Church Age (from about 1700 to about 1900 – the church of the “open door” – Rev 3:7-13), was established on the bedrock of natural and moral laws and foremost acknowledged the RIGHTEOUS Person of Almighty God at its founding. Beloved, just read the Declaration of Independence, our nation’s precious birth certificate, and see for yourself how Almighty God was included! Oh, how the haters love to slander our founding and twist the truth of its inception! In the fullness of time, at the end of world history, some 4000 years after the Tower of Babel America was established for Almighty God’s purpose and plan. Tragically after 246 years of our nation’s history and journey, we have reached socially and culturally the point of no return! 
Dear friends, in a day of global EXPONENTIALISM in every facet of life, there is absolutely no time left to counter the EXPONENTIAL growth of lawlessness and godlessness of our day and its EXPONENTIAL ravishing of our nation due to the abandonment of sound moral principles and its restraints!

Dear friends, in a day of global EXPONENTIALISM in every facet of life, there is absolutely no time left to counter the EXPONENTIAL growth and spread of lawlessness and godlessness of our day and its EXPONENTIAL ravishing of our nation due to the abandonment of sound moral principles and its restraints. There is not enough time to put out the EXPONENTIALLY burning fires which consume our nation in lawlessness! Today’s tragedy for millions of Americans is that we who live in this EXPONENTIAL deteriorating day are living at the end of America and it’s a great experiment! Beloved, when America’s dam breaks, what then for America and this world? What then? Today, America’s only hope is to be found in a PERSON and that PERSON is the Lord Jesus Christ and His ETERNAL RIGHTEOUS salvation (John 3:16-17; 1 John 4:10)! We must see the ETERNAL today to understand our hour; for the Kingdom of Heaven is indeed at hand, with the seven years HORRIFIC Day of the Lord preceding it (Matt. 24; Rev. 6-19).
Dear friends, there is absolutely no time left to counter the EXPONENTIAL growth of lawlessness and godlessness of our day and its EXPONENTIAL ravishing of our nation due to the abandonment of sound moral principles and its restraints. There is not enough time to put out the EXPONENTIALLY burning fires which consume our nation in lawlessness! 

Dear friends, there has been no other nation in this world’s history in which believers in Jesus Christ have sent out the ETERNAL Gospel LIGHT as America has! In our day of EXPONENTIAL technology, faithful believers in Jesus Christ are sending forth the ETERNAL Gospel LIGHT EXPONENTIALLY via all the mediums of our day, reaching billions before the Rapture of the Church! No day ever has seen such outreach and though the church its self is failing, faithful believers in Jesus Christ are able to reach ALL the world through these technological tools and mediums (Matt. 17:20, John 14:12, Gal. 2:20, Eph. 3:20-21, Rev. 3:8)! America, as a nation has been a beacon of freedom to the world’s oppressed and has been a global dam holding back this world’s anti-Semitism, oppressive tyrannies, and the unbridled passions of fallen despots, especially in this last century. With her gone; what then? What then?
The Four Horsemen must ride America! They must ride! And WOE! WOE! WOE!

Dear friends, let me ask you this very sobering question, “What do you think will become of the world once America’s restraining influence has been removed from the scene?” The very sobering answer is… GREAT global tribulation and global anti-Semitism (Zech 14:2, Rev 6-16). Just begin to read the Book of Revelation from chapters 6 to 19 and you will get a good enough picture of what will be! America in these last 60 years has truly given herself over to lawlessness, lewdness, godless pleasure-seeking, immorality, vice, abortion, anti-family values, godless ambitions, demonic euphemisms, and to the absolute hatred and disdain of biblical TRUTH and REALITIES (Eph. 2:1-2). Dear friends, when the American dam, which is holding back Satan and this world’s EXPONENTIAL evil designs breaks at the Rapture, what then my friends? What then? 
What do you think will become of the world once America restraining influence has been removed from the scene?

Beloved, may we who personally know the Lord Jesus as our ETERNAL RIGHTEOUS Savior, pray with one Spirit that our Heavenly Father will give us His ETERNAL PERSPECTIVE and His DIVINE INSIGHT for our day and in this hour to be the bright burnings lights for Jesus that we so need to be; and that we might have eyes to see REALITY and TRUTH, not just from our position in Christ (Eph. 2:6, Col. 3:1-4, Rev 4-5), but also to comprehend our day and hour in which we live (Prov. 2:6, Matt. 7:7, James 1:5). Dear friend, if you are reading this post and know not the Lord Jesus; may you place your trust in Him today! In Jesus is ETERNAL hope!
Maranatha! The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!

When the American Dam Breaks What Then America? What Then? — The Ignorant Fishermen Blog

Hope in the Lord — Reformation Theology

We were blessed to have Dr. Brian Borgman, pastor of Grace Community Church in Minden, NV preach God’s word to us today at King’s Church, Peoria, AZ. His sermon “Hope in the Lord” based on Lamentations 3:19-25 was very much a word in season for us and I hope it will be widely heard.


Hope in the Lord — Reformation Theology

February 14 Evening Quotes of The Day

Grace Is the Cure
Romans 5:15

Free grace will fix those whom free will shook down into the gulf of misery.


Ritzema, E., & Vince, E. (Eds.). (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Puritans. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Regard the Word of God, Not the Minister
2 Corinthians 2:17; 1 Thessalonians 2:13; 2 Timothy 3:16–17; 1 Peter 1:23

When this Word of God is now preached in the church by preachers lawfully called, we believe that the very Word of God is preached, and received of the faithful; and that neither any other Word of God is to be feigned, nor to be expected from heaven: and that now the Word itself which is preached is to be regarded, not the minister that preaches; who, although he be evil and a sinner, nevertheless the Word of God abides true and good.


Ritzema, E. (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Reformation. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

February 14 Evening Verse of the Day

3:22 Jesus is the object of faith and the means of obtaining the gift of the righteousness of God. The gift is for both Jews and Gentiles who believe.[1]

3:22 through faith in Jesus Christ for all who believe. The righteousness of God must be received now that it “has been manifested” (v. 21). To believe, for Paul, involves knowledge of the gospel’s content, mental assent to its testimony about Christ (10:14), and obedient trust and reliance on Him as Savior and Lord (1:5). The righteousness of God is exclusively for those who have faith (“there is no distinction: for all have sinned”), whether Jew or Gentile (3:22–23).[2]

3:22 faith in Jesus Christ The Greek phrase here could mean “faith in Jesus Christ” or “the faithfulness of Jesus Christ.” Paul could have had both meanings in mind.

all who believe Emphasizes the inclusive nature of the gospel message. See 4:18–25, where Paul uses the circumstances of Abraham’s life to describe the nature of faith.

there is no distinction The gift of righteousness applies to all who have faith in Christ, without any distinction between Jews and Gentiles.[3]

3:22 This right standing with God is available to all who believe, whether Jew or Gentile. On the righteousness of God, see note on 1:17.[4]

3:22 Verse 21 told us that this righteous salvation is not obtained on the basis of law-keeping. Now the apostle tells us how it is obtained—through faith in Jesus Christ. Faith here means utter reliance on the living Lord Jesus Christ as one’s only Savior from sin and one’s only hope for heaven. It is based on the revelation of the Person and work of Christ as found in the Bible.

Faith is not a leap in the dark. It demands the surest evidence, and finds it in the infallible word of God. Faith is not illogical or unreasonable. What is more reasonable than that the creature should trust his Creator?

Faith is not a meritorious work by which a man earns or deserves salvation. A man cannot boast because he has believed the Lord; he would be a fool not to believe Him. Faith is not an attempt to earn salvation, but is the simple acceptance of the salvation which God offers as a free gift.

Paul goes on to tell us that this salvation is to all and on all who believe. It is to all in the sense that it is available to all, offered to all, and sufficient for all. But it is only on those who believe; that is, it is effective only in the lives of those who accept the Lord Jesus by a definite act of faith. The pardon is for all, but it becomes valid in an individual’s life only when he accepts it.

When Paul says that salvation is available to all, he includes Gentiles as well as Jews, because now there is no difference. The Jew has no special privilege and the Gentile is at no disadvantage.[5]

3:22. The first part of this verse is not a new sentence in the Greek; it is an appositional clause, and could be rendered, “a righteousness from God through faith.” These words reminded Paul again of the Jewish insistence on their special position before God. As a result he added, There is no difference (cf. 10:12), introduced in the Greek by the word “for” to tie it to what precedes. Any prior privilege the Jews had is gone in this Age when God is offering a righteous standing before Him to all sinful people on the basis of faith in Christ alone. Since all are “under sin” (3:9), salvation is available “to all” on an equal basis.[6]

3:22. First, Paul says that faith is the key to receiving God’s righteousness. Do not forget to connect this verse, and what Paul is declaring, with his original statement about the “righteousness from God” in 1:17. Think of it this way: “For in the gospel a righteousness from God is revealed, a righteousness that is by faith (1:17) … [and by the way, all are in need of this righteousness, whether Jew or Gentile (1:18–3:20)] … This righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe (3:22).”

That is the essence of what Paul has said in Romans so far. Looked at another way:

I am writing, and coming to visit you, to minister the gospel to you.

The gospel reveals what the world needs more than it needs anything else: righteousness. The human race has forfeited its own righteousness (more about that in Romans 5) and can only look to God to regain righteous standing before him.

Contrary to the sanctimonious attempts of the Jews, and the bungled religiosity of the Gentiles, the only way to gain this righteousness is by faith in Jesus Christ. Forget everything else—faith is the key to standing on righteous ground before God.

And who can receive this righteousness? All who believe. There is no difference. We know that this is true when we look ahead to the closing chapters of the redemption story and see people “from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb” (Rev. 7:9; see also 5:9; 14:6). The church of Jesus Christ should be the greatest force in the world for breaking down racial and ethnic barriers—and often it is. Unfortunately, the stories of the love of God pulling down centuries-old walls of division often go unheard. Instead, the news is filled with years of strife between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland, or uneasy truces between black and white Christians in the American South. But Paul says that there is no difference. None is better than another. All receive righteousness the same way, through faith in Jesus Christ.

All men and women are made equal by three things: first, our equality in need (all are guilty). Second, our equality in what we receive (redemption is one gift; the same for all). Third, our equality in how we receive redemption (by faith; everyone receives it the same way). Equality in Christ represents a radical message from one who formerly prided himself on his rung on the ladder of racial respectability.

Combining Paul’s words here (and in Rom. 10:12 and 1 Cor. 12:13) with those in Galatians (3:28), Colossians (3:11), and John’s in Revelation (5:9; 7:9; 14:6), here are the differences common in Paul’s day which the gospel ignores: Jew, Gentile, circumcised, uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave, free, male, female, language, ethnicity, racial stock, and tribe (people group). To these, we could add the differences that have become important in our day: weak, powerful, educated, uneducated, rich, poor, economically developed, economically deprived, sophisticated, or plain. Why do none of these distinctives matter in the eyes of God?[7]

3:22 “through faith in Jesus Christ” This is literally “through faith of Jesus Christ.” This is a GENITIVE construction. It is repeated in Gal. 2:16 and Phil. 3:9 as well as a similar form in Rom. 3:26; Gal. 2:16, 20; 3:22. It could mean (1) the faith or faithfulness of Jesus (SUBJECTIVE GENITIVE) or (2) Jesus as the object of our faith (OBJECTIVE GENITIVE). The same grammatical construction in Gal. 2:16 makes #2 the best choice.

This shows the main aspect of God’s justification. It is the righteousness of Christ made operative in one’s life by God’s free gift through Christ (cf. 4:5; 6:23), which must be accepted by faith/belief/trust (cf. Eph. 2:8–9) and lived out in daily life (cf. Eph. 2:10).

© “for all” The gospel is for all humans (cf. v. 24; Isa. 53:6; Ezek. 18:23, 32; John 3:16–17; 4:42; 1 Tim. 2:4; 4:10; Titus 2:11; 2 Pet. 3:9; 1 John 4:14). What a great truth! This must balance the biblical truth of election. God’s election must not be understood in the Islamic sense of determinism nor in the ultra—Calvinistic sense of some vs. others, but in the covenantal sense. Old Testament election was for service, not privilege! God promised to redeem fallen man (cf. Gen. 3:15). God called and chose all mankind through Israel (cf. Gen. 12:3; Exod. 19:5–6). God elects through faith in Christ. God always takes the initiative in salvation (cf. John 6:44, 65). Ephesians 1 and Romans 9 are the strongest biblical passages on the doctrine of predestination which was theologically emphasized by Augustine and Calvin.

God chose believers not only to salvation (justification), but also to sanctification (cf. Eph. 1:4; Col. 1:12). This could relate to (1) our position in Christ (cf. 2 Cor. 5:21) or (2) God’s desire to reproduce His character in His children (cf. Rom. 8:28–29; Gal. 4:19; Eph. 2:10). God’s will for His children is both heaven one day and Christlikeness now!

The goal of predestination is holiness, not privilege! God’s call was not to a selected few of Adam’s children, but all! It was a call to God’s own character (cf. 1 Thess. 5:23; 2 Thess. 2:13). To turn predestination into a theological tenant instead of a holy life is a tragedy of human theological systems. Often our theological grids distort the biblical text!

See Special Topic: Election/Predestination and the Need for a Theological Balance at 8:33.

© “who believe” Jesus died for all humans. Potentially all can be saved. It is mankind’s personal reception that makes Jesus’ righteousness applicable to their lives (cf. 1:16; John 1:12; 3:16; 20:31; Rom. 10:9–13; 1 John 5:13). The Bible presents two criteria for imputed righteousness: faith and repentance (cf. Mark 1:15; Acts 3:16, 19; 20:31 and see note at 1:5). This text clearly reveals the universal scope of salvation, but not all will be saved.

© “for there is no distinction” There is only one way and one Person by which humans (Jews and Gentiles) can be saved (cf. John 10:1–2, 7; 11:25; 14:6). Anyone can be saved by faith in Christ (cf. 1:16; 4:11, 16; 10:4, 12; Gal. 3:28; Col. 3:11).[8]

The righteousness of God is for all who believe (v. 22)

The righteousness of God is God’s saving activity now being revealed in the world (v. 21) through the message about Christ. But to whom is it being revealed? Verse 22 expands on verse 21. God’s ‘righteousness’ is being revealed to those who believe his message.

… the righteousness of God is being revealed

… to all who believe …

These words match exactly those given earlier, ‘I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to all who believe’ (see on 1:16). Clearly believing is the critical human response to God’s saving act and his saving word.

Paul’s words, ‘the righteousness of God through faith of (literally) Jesus Christ’, have inspired discussion. There is word-play but also ambiguity. Does ‘the faith of Jesus Christ mean (1) the faithfulness of Christ in doing the will of God for us, or (2) our faith directed towards Christ? Both views have their advocates.

Perhaps, though, we don’t have to decide. Paul may have been making two points by one ‘shorthand’ statement: that Christ’s faithfulness towards God and our faith in Christ are inseparable and basic to the revelation of God’s righteousness in the world.

Christ’s faithfulness towards God expressed obediently as, ‘Not my will but yours be done’ (Mark 14:36), brought him to Jerusalem and ultimately to Golgotha for our salvation. There his enemies mocked his faithfulness to God: ‘He trusts in God; let God deliver him now …’ (Matt. 27:43). The salvation won for us by Christ’s ‘faithfulness’ is ours as we direct our faith towards him.

The words ‘all who believe’ (v. 22b), are important. It is not that the Jews will be saved by ‘doing’ the ‘works of the Law’ and the Gentiles by ‘believing’ the gospel (see on v. 30). There are not two ways of salvation, one for Jews another for Gentiles. ‘For,’ as he immediately adds, ‘there is no distinction; all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.’ That ‘all’ includes ‘all’ the descendants of Adam, both Jews and Gentiles, as the previous chapters have shown. God’s ‘righteous’ work of saving people only applies to those Jews and Gentiles who give themselves in faith to the Son of God.

for there is no distinction;

all have sinned

and are falling short of the glory of God.

But why does Paul say ‘all have sinned’ rather than ‘all are sinning’? The latter option is true, but our present sins and our present ‘falling short’ flow from the ‘original sin’ of the first man, the fountainhead of the race, who set all his descendants on a pathway of rebellion against God (see on 5:12). Paul was thinking of Adam when he wrote that we have ‘borne the image of the man of dust’ (1 Cor. 15:49). When Adam sinned, God’s image in him was marred, as it has been since for all his descendants, Jews and Gentiles. This is another way of saying that humankind then lost access to the tree of life and gained death in its place (Gen. 3:23–24; see on 5:12).[9]

Ver. 22. The righteousness of God which is by the faith of Christ unto all and upon all them that believe.

This righteousness is

  1. Divine in its nature.
  2. Free in its dispensation—unto and upon all them that believe.

III. Unlimited in its offer—there is no difference. (J. Lyth, D.D.)

God’s grace abundant:—God’s grace resembles a flood of water, which not only reaches to believers, but comes upon them like the waves of the sea, to cover all their unrighteousness and drown all their guilt. Their sins sink into its depths like stones in the midst of the ocean, to be remembered against them no more for ever. (T. G. Horton.)

For there is no difference.

All involved in the same peril:—When the ship is wrecked what difference does it make that some should be drowned far out at sea, and others come nearer land, and there be lost? or even that one is within arm’s length of the shore when he sinks for ever out of sight? What does it avail? They are all lost. This world is a wrecked world; the strongest soul cannot reach the haven of a perfect state of being in his own strength. We are all helpless against the storm of lightning and wind and waves. “There is no difference, for all have sinned.” (H. Elvet Lewis.)

The right platform:—1. The truth laid down here and in ver. 23 is of immense moment. You must take your right position if you wish to journey in a right direction. At a great railway junction the main thing is to get on to the right platform for the station you want to reach. So with all who wish to reach heaven. But what is that platform? That of self-condemnation. It is the laying aside of every self-righteous, self-excusing plea, and taking the place of a sinner in God’s sight. 2. The Old Version, “There is no difference,” scarcely puts the truth so clearly as the New. There is a wide difference between one and another as to the measure of responsibility and the amount of guilt. Great is the difference between an Englishman and an Arab; between a youth yielding for the first time to some subtle temptation and the hoary-headed sinner who has been the means of stumbling to multitudes. 3. But in spite of these differences “there is no distinction.” There is not one who has kept the law. “All have fallen short of the glory of God.” At a match in archery many try their skill and some come nearer than others; but the only matter of importance is whether any one actually hits the eye. If otherwise all alike fail. In the matter before us perfect holiness is the end of God’s law. But who has reached it? No doubt some may come nearer than others, but where is one who has never failed? 4. Own this before God. Do not put in any claim for arrest of judgment. Do not try to lull conscience to sleep by imagining yourself no worse than others. One sin is enough to prove you guilty, how much more thousands? 5. Therefore learn the lesson. Stoop and take the lowest place—willing to be saved on the same footing as a criminal. “God be merciful to me a sinner” must be your only plea. Then you are in the right direction. Keep on that line and you will reach your journey’s end. (G. Everard, M.A.)[10]

22. Through faith in Jesus Christ. Lit. ‘through faith of Jesus Christ’, where the genitive is objective: Jesus Christ is the one in whom faith is placed (this is confirmed by the unambiguous wording of verse 26: ‘who has faith in Jesus’).

There is no distinction. As here there is no distinction between Jews and Gentiles (or between any other opposed categories of mankind) in respect of sin, so in 10:12 ‘there is no distinction’ between them in respect of the mercy of God.[11]

22. Even the righteousness of God, &c. He shows in few words what this justification is, even that which is found in Christ and is apprehended by faith. At the same time, by introducing again the name of God, he seems to make God the founder, (autorem, the author,) and not only the approver of the righteousness of which he speaks; as though he had said, that it flows from him alone, or that its origin is from heaven, but that it is made manifest to us in Christ.

When therefore we discuss this subject, we ought to proceed in this way: First, the question respecting our justification is to be referred, not to the judgment of men, but to the judgment of God, before whom nothing is counted righteousness, but perfect and absolute obedience to the law; which appears clear from its promises and threatenings: if no one is found who has attained to such a perfect measure of holiness, it follows that all are in themselves destitute of righteousness. Secondly, it is necessary that Christ should come to our aid; who, being alone just, can render us just by transferring to us his own righteousness. You now see how the righteousness of faith is the righteousness of Christ. When therefore we are justified, the efficient cause is the mercy of God, the meritorious is Christ, the instrumental is the word in connection with faith. Hence faith is said to justify, because it is the instrument by which we receive Christ, in whom righteousness is conveyed to us. Having been made partakers of Christ, we ourselves are not only just, but our works also are counted just before God, and for this reason, because whatever imperfections there may be in them, are obliterated by the blood of Christ; the promises, which are conditional, are also by the same grace fulfilled to us; for God rewards our works as perfect, inasmuch as their defects are covered by free pardon.

Unto all and upon all, &c. For the sake of amplifying, he repeats the same thing in different forms; it was, that he might more fully express what we have already heard, that faith alone is required, that the faithful are not distinguished by external marks, and that hence it matters not whether they be Gentiles or Jews.[12]

3:22 righteousness is given through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe … Jew and Gentile. One of the two contrasts that Paul touches upon is that whereas the stipulation of the old covenant was the law of Moses (3:21), the stipulation of the new covenant is faith in Jesus Christ (3:22). The second contrast is that the old covenant pertained only to Jews, but the new covenant includes Gentiles (3:23–24). But Paul seems to dig deeper when he makes the two contrasts: the new covenant does not include the old covenant (contrary to the Old Testament, which seems to have anticipated the incorporating of the old covenant in the new covenant), and the conversion of the Gentiles precedes the restoration of Israel, even replaces it to some extent. (Though, as Rom. 11 will make clear, Jewish Christians represent a partial restoration of Israel in the present, yet it is also clear that the remnant in Paul’s day did not constitute the majority of the church, as the Gentile believers did.) Yet we see here how fair God is in all of this: all have sinned before him, but all can be saved through faith in Christ (see sidebar).[13]

3:22 / Paul repeats his leitmotif again in verse 22. Righteousness from God is not simply an attribute of God or an idea, a theological truth, or even a religious dogma. It is present in a person, Jesus Christ; and because Jesus is the personal manifestation of God’s righteousness, righteousness must be received through a relationship of faith in God’s Son.

The concept of righteousness is the seminal idea in this passage, and perhaps in all Pauline literature. The English nouns “justification” and “righteousness” (as well as their adjectival and verbal forms), all translate the same Greek word, dikaiosynē. Paul’s use of dikaiosynē is guided by the same model which informs the Greek writers as well as the Hebrew ot (e.g., Ps. 98:2; Isa. 43:9), namely, a court of law and the absolute righteousness of God’s judgments. The niv correctly translates the Greek original, dikaiosynē theou, as righteousness from God (see particularly Phil. 3:9), i.e., righteousness not as God’s attribute (which no one doubts), but righteousness which comes from God to guilty humanity, effecting a condition of righteousness in it. God as judge pronounces a verdict of acquittal upon a guilty party, thereby reckoning or imputing to that party a quality which it does not possess on its own, nor can it possess apart from God’s pronouncement. This is primarily a forensic or covenantal understanding of righteousness rather than a moral or ethical understanding, for it begins with God’s treating humanity in a way which its unfaithfulness and wickedness do not warrant. When God acquits a sinner or restores a faithless covenant partner on the basis of trust in the saving work of Jesus Christ, the forgiven party is at the time no better or worse than it was before. It is a righteousness utterly independent of merit, otherwise the reward would be a payment or obligation of God (Rom. 4:4). As it is, righteousness from God is a gift, wholly unmerited and freely given, which is motivated by grace and received by trust or faith (Rom. 4:5).

Lest the voltage of this truth dissipate into sentimentality, we must recall that a judge who hands down a lenient sentence to a guilty party (not to mention acquittal) has done a monstrous thing at law. In so doing the judge violates the one thing judges are obligated to do—to mete out justice by matching punishment with wrongdoing. Is then the justification of sinners an injustice on God’s part? It might be regarded as such if the discussion were divorced from 1:18–3:20. Three times in 3:25–26, however, Paul declares that righteousness by faith demonstrated God’s justice. How can this be? Moral outcries against injustice arise from parties desiring redress (i.e., from innocent parties which have been wronged), but they are never heard from guilty parties. Whether one is the wronged or the wrongdoer makes a vast difference in one’s attitude towards the decision of the judge. The party in the right expects justice, a “therefore.” The party in the wrong hopes for mercy, a “nevertheless.” But Paul has shown in 1:18–3:20 that all people stand justly condemned by God. Neither Jew nor Gentile is innocent; both are guilty. What to the morally faultless is a travesty is to the sinner grace. There is thus no “injustice” in God’s imputing righteousness to sinners—at least humanly speaking—for as sinners all humanity stands under God’s wrath, and justly so. The only injustice might be to God’s nature, but, as Paul will explain in verses 24–25, Jesus Christ has satisfied the requirements of justice by his “sacrifice of atonement.”

God’s righteousness cannot be earned (v. 28), nor is there anything one can give in return for it. It can be received only through faith in Jesus Christ as a gift of which one is absolutely unworthy. Faith is an attitude and action of pure receptivity. Paul does not say “the faith,” in reference to faith as a creed or formula. Faith as an affirmation of certain truths in order to merit God’s acceptance is really but a substitute for works. True faith is a response of trust in Christ and a confession that in oneself one has nothing to bring to God.

Verse 22 concludes with an emphasis on the universality of righteousness by faith, to all who believe. There is no difference (see also 10:12). It had been Paul’s purpose in 1:18–3:20 to show that all stand under God’s wrath; it is now his purpose to show that all are objects of God’s grace. “For God has bound all men over to disobedience so that he may have mercy on them all” (11:32)! The gospel is the universal answer to universal need.

How might righteousness by faith have been heard in first-century Rome? In the introduction we suggested that the polarities between Jew and Gentile, which were extreme in the best of circumstances, were likely exacerbated in Rome due to the expulsion and return of Jews surrounding the edict of Claudius. This would have been due, in part, to the fact that the church, which had grown out of the Jewish synagogue, had become increasingly Gentile after Jews were expelled from Rome. Upon their return, perhaps in a.d. 54, it would be surprising indeed if friction and divisions had not developed. In light of this, Paul’s protracted strategy in 1:18–3:20 must have been read as more than an abstract theological exercise. The guilt of both Gentiles and Jews is underscored, and the right of either to judge the other is undermined. Moreover, God’s righteousness is offered to all who believe. There is no difference. We can well imagine the reconciling and healing effect which the doctrine of justification by faith must have had for Jews and Gentiles in such circumstances.[14]

22 God’s righteousness becomes operative in human life “through faith in Jesus Christ.” This statement is more explicit than the initial mention of faith in connection with the gospel (1:16–17), since it specifies the necessary object of faith, even Jesus Christ. Much discussion has been given to the phrase “through faith in Jesus Christ.” Is pisteōs Iēsou Christou (lit., “faith [faithfulness] of Jesus Christ”) to be understood as a subjective or objective genitive? If the phrase is taken as a subjective genitive, in view would be the faith of Jesus, or more precisely, his faithfulness (which is also one of the meanings of pistis, GK 4411) in fulfilling his mission (for an example of the same genitival construction [tēn pistin tou theou] understood as a subjective genitive, see 3:3, “will their lack of faith nullify God’s faithfulness?”; cf. 4:16). On the other hand, if the construction is taken as an objective genitive, it would mean, as commonly translated, “faith in God” (for an example that requires this meaning, see Mk 11:22). The same construction is found in Romans 3:26; twice in Galatians 2:16; and also in Galatians 2:20; 3:22; and Philippians 3:9. In all of these instances, there is a degree of similar ambiguity. In Galatians 2:16 we find the identical phrase, “by faith in Jesus Christ,” followed by the explanatory statement, “we, too, have put our faith in Christ Jesus.” In this present instance, it seems that the objective genitive (so NIV, “faith in Jesus Christ”) is to be preferred.

It is worth noting that it is never said that people are saved on account of their faith in Christ, a construction that might encourage the notion that faith makes a contribution and has some merit. Rather, it is through faith that salvation is appropriated. Faith is simply a mode of receptivity (“the hand of the heart,” as Frédéric Godet puts it). Faith receives what God bestows but adds nothing to the gift. As all are under the curse of sin (v. 9), so all recipients of salvation depend on its appropriation through faith, “for there is no difference” (10:12).[15]

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February 14 Afternoon Quotes of The Day

What the Church Needs Is Prayer
Luke 18:1; Ephesians 6:18; 1 Thessalonians 5:17

What the Church needs today is not more machinery or better, not new organizations or more and novel methods, but men whom the Holy Ghost can use—men of prayer, men mighty in prayer. The Holy Ghost does not flow through methods, but through men. He does not come on machinery, but on men. He does not anoint plans, but men—men of prayer.


Ritzema, E. (Ed.). (2012). 300 Quotations for Preachers. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

The Time for Labor and Agony Is Not Long
Matthew 24:22; Mark 13:20; 1 Peter 1:6; 5:10; Revelation 6:11

God has provided this also, that the time for labor and for agony should not be extended—not long, not enduring, but short, and so to speak, momentary: that in this short and little life should be the pain and the labors; that in the life which is eternal should be the crown and the reward of merits; that the labors should quickly come to an end, but the reward of endurance should remain without end; that after the darkness of this world they should behold that most beautiful light, and should receive a blessedness greater than the bitterness of all passions.


Ritzema, E., & Brant, R. (Eds.). (2013). 300 quotations for preachers from the Medieval church. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Dershowitz: Trump Impeachment Was “A Referendum On The Constitution, And The Constitution Prevailed And Won” | RealClearPolitics Videos

Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz commented on President Trump’s second impeachment acquittal today on FOX News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo.

DERSHOWITZ: This was a rebuke to 144 alleged scholars who threatened Trump’s lawyers and said, if you dare to even raise a First Amendment defense, that would be legally frivolous, and you could be disciplined and disbarred. And the Senate smacked them down and said, not only was it not a legally frivolous defense; it was a valid defense. Quite a number of senators voted on First Amendment grounds. Others voted on the constitutional limitation. And some voted on the merits. All you need is enough together. And I think the Trump team made a very effective argument at the end, saying, you don’t have to accept the initial vote that the Senate said it had jurisdiction. You could stick to your dissenting vote. Many of them did. You can apply the First Amendment. This is not a referendum on Donald Trump’s actions on December — on January 6. This is a referendum on the Constitution. And the Constitution prevailed and won. And a lot of the media misunderstands it. CNN was saying, oh, it’s a contradiction by McConnell. No, it wasn’t a contradiction. We’re smart enough to understand that the First Amendment covers speech that you don’t agree with, speech that you even condemn, and that the Constitution itself places limits on the role of the Senate. If the Senate voted the other way, it would mean anybody who ever held federal office could be impeached without any statute of limitations, without any limitation of time. It would be an open invitation for one party to preclude a candidate from another party from running. So, the Constitution won.

Source: Dershowitz: Trump Impeachment Was “A Referendum On The Constitution, And The Constitution Prevailed And Won”

Fresh from acquittal, Trump says MAGA movement has ‘ONLY JUST BEGUN,’ calls impeachment part of ‘greatest witch hunt’ in history | RT – Daily news

Fresh from acquittal, Trump says MAGA movement has 'ONLY JUST BEGUN,' calls impeachment part of 'greatest witch hunt' in history

Former president Donald Trump appeared emboldened by being acquitted in a Senate impeachment trial for a second time, making clear that he will seek to remain a major political force in the times to come.

Trump denounced the impeachment as “yet another phase of the greatest witch hunt in the history of our country.” He thanked his lawyers and the supporters who backed him through the Democrat effort to block him from ever seeking office again. The 74-year-old stopped short of saying that he will run for president in 2024, but he said the “Make America Great Again” movement has “only just begun.”

Also on rt.com

US Senate ACQUITS Trump, ex-president cleared of incitement charges

“In the months ahead, I have much to share with you, and I look forward to continuing our incredible journey together to achieve American greatness for all of our people,”Trump said in a statement immediately following Saturday’s Senate impeachment vote. “There has never been anything like it.”

House impeachment managers failed to achieve the two-thirds majority needed to convict Trump over his alleged incitement of the January 6 Capitol riot. The Senate voted 57-43 on Saturday in favor of impeachment, falling short of the 67 votes needed.

Democrats managed to win two more Republican votes than when the Senate voted in late January to go forward with the trial, rejecting a motion by Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) alleging that it would be unconstitutional to seek to convict Trump after he had left office, becoming a private citizen.

The five Republicans who voted to hold the trial – Mitt Romney (Utah), Susan Collins (Maine), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), Ben Sasse (Nebraska) and Pat Toomey (Pennsylvania) – also voted to convict Trump. They were joined by Bill Cassidy (Louisiana) and Richard Burr (North Carolina). Toomey and Burr have announced plans to retire, so they won’t have to face the prospect of Trump campaigning against their re-election in 2022.

There were reports that Trump was considering forming a new political party, but this speculation was put to rest after the ex-president met late last month with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California) and agreed to help the party take back control of Congress in the 2022 mid-term elections.

Also on rt.com

The same abhorrent Republican neocons whose treachery gave rise to Trump are talking of forming a new party because of Trump

With Trump’s stranglehold on the GOP apparently set to continue, anti-Trump establishment Republicans have discussed starting their own breakaway party. About 120 former officials of the Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush administrations met remotely last week to discuss the idea of forming a third party.

The Capitol riot clearly eroded Trump’s support. Some 40 percent of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents in a Politico/Morning Consult poll released one week after the debacle said they would favor Trump if he sought the party’s nomination for president in 2024, down from 53 percent in November. He remained a frontrunner, though, as former vice president Mike Pence had the second-most support, at 18 percent.

Source: Fresh from acquittal, Trump says MAGA movement has ‘ONLY JUST BEGUN,’ calls impeachment part of ‘greatest witch hunt’ in history

The inside story of how Ravi Zacharias’s ministry concealed and enabled his abuse | BCNN1 – Black Christian News Network

In May 2018, the senior leadership of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) gathered together with two more junior employees—RZIM’s public relations manager and spokeswoman, my longtime friend Ruth Malhotra, and global media director Nancy Gifford—at an offsite conference room for a three day “conciliation” meeting. The group had spent months together serving as an impromptu task force designed to deal with the fallout from claims by a Canadian woman named Lori Anne Thompson that Zacharias, one of the Evangelical world’s most-respected apologists, had engaged in an inappropriate relationship with her. She claimed he’d “groomed” her over a period of months and persuaded her to send him inappropriate pictures, including nudes.

The story had unfolded slowly within RZIM. One task force member wasn’t even aware of Thompson’s claims until months after they were made. But the story they heard from Zacharias had a certain brutal simplicity. Ravi—a person who’d lived an apparently exemplary public and private life—was the victim of a woman who’d preyed on his naivete and kindness, sent him unsolicited nude messages, and then demanded millions of dollars to maintain her silence.

In other words, there was a predator, and there was victim. The predator was Thompson. The victim was Zacharias.

Zacharias stuck to that narrative so ferociously that he sued Thompson and her husband, Bradley, claiming they violated the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act when she made her monetary demand. Zacharias claimed: “Defendants labored relentlessly to foster a relationship with Plaintiff in hopes of manipulating him into a compromising position.” When the alleged scheme to create a relationship failed, Zacharias claimed: “Defendants resorted to simply plying Plaintiff with electronic messages containing unwanted, offensive, sexually explicit language and photographs.”

In November 2017, Zacharias settled his suit. Within RZIM, employees were told a reassuring narrative. The RZIM board of directors (oddly enough, its members are anonymous, allegedly out of a desire to protect them from cultural or economic reprisals for their association with a Christian ministry) had “looked into everything.” Ravi’s denomination, the Christian and Missionary Alliance, had conducted a thorough and complete investigation and had cleared Zacharias of wrongdoing. No money had exchanged hands between Zacharias and the Thompsons.

None of this was true. The board of directors had not “looked into everything.” In fact, Zacharias had flatly refused to hand over his personal electronic devices for examination. His denomination had not conducted a complete investigation. And Zacharias had agreed to pay the Thompsons $250,000 to settle his own lawsuit against them, and all parties were bound by a nondisclosure agreement.

Even worse, emails that later leaked into the public square not only strongly implied that there was far more to the relationship between Thompson and Zacharias than Zacharias had disclosed, they also contained what appeared to be an explicit suicide threat. After Thompson told Zacharias she was going to tell her husband about their relationship, Ravi responded, “You promised you wouldn’t Lori Anne. If [sic]. You betray me here I will have no option but to bid this world goodbye I promise.”

As these details became known within RZIM, discontent grew. Malhotra and Gifford consistently fielded questions for which they had no good responses. Compounding the challenge, Zacharias had been caught exaggerating his academic credentials. The public-facing members of the team were facing a credibility crisis, and they wanted answers. Yet as Malhotra and others probed for more information, they faced withering internal resistance.

In a 26-page letter Malhotra wrote and delivered to the chairman of RZIM early last week, she reflected back at her long ordeal at RZIM and described feeling “systematically marginalized, maligned, and misrepresented to others by key members of senior leadership” during her time on the Thompson task force.

According to Malhotra and at least one other person present at the task force meetings, RZIM president Michael Ramsden objected to her notetaking. RZIM general counsel Abdu Murray said her lingering questions meant that she had moved from being “skeptical to being cynical.”

When Malhotra continued to ask questions as she learned more about the gaping holes in the original story, Ramsden allegedly called her “tired and emotional” and suggested to the group that “she can’t handle” the stress and pressure of responding to the allegations.

Senior leaders would tell Malhotra and others that they should believe Zacharias because the senior leaders believed Zacharias. As one senior leader allegedly told the task force, “You just don’t know Ravi as well as I know him. If you had spent as much time with him as I have, you wouldn’t have these concerns.”

When Malhotra continued to press for answers she was told to “do the Matthew 18 thing” (referring to a scripture that admonishes believers to first confront a fellow believer personally before addressing their sin with others). At one point RZIM senior vice president Sanj Kalra pressed Ruth with a question, “Whose side are you on?” He allegedly accused her of “plotting to bring the ministry down.”

It’s against this backdrop that RZIM conducted its May 2018 “conciliation.” They brought in a Christian “conciliator” named Judy Dabler to facilitate dialogue. Almost immediately, however, it became clear to Malhotra that the gathering wasn’t intended to bring reconciliation. Instead, it was designed in part to allow the senior leaders to vent at Malhotra. As the tension escalated—and as Malhotra fought back tears in the face of attacks from her more-senior colleagues—Dabler allegedly turned to her and uttered crushing words. Malhotra, she said, was “one step away from complete and total insanity.”

Ultimately, senior leadership forced Malhotra to take a sabbatical in November 2018. Before she left for her leave, RZIM took from her all company technology and secured all relevant passwords (other employees were allowed to keep devices when they were on sabbatical). Zacharias, recall, had been permitted to keep his own phones safe from investigation. He never turned them over during his lifetime.

The account above is based on the review of multiple internal RZIM communications, and interviews with current and former RZIM employees. I also reached out to Ramsden, Murray, former RZIM senior vice president Sanj Kalra, and current RZIM CEO Sarah Davis for their accounts. Ramsden and Kalra did not respond, and Davis declined to be interviewed, but I did speak to Murray, RZIM’s general counsel, at some length. The account above—and the words below—are designed to help answer a single question: how could a Christian ministry fail to discover serial sexual misconduct and dreadful abuse by their founder and leader until months after his death?

On Thursday afternoon, an outside law firm retained by RZIM to investigate claims that Zacharias had sexually abused employees at Atlanta spas that he co-owned released a 12-page report detailing its findings. The results were horrifying. They detailed abuse—including rape allegations by a longtime massage therapist—that were far beyond his defenders’ worst fears. A Christianity Today story describes the report well:

A four-month investigation found the late Ravi Zacharias leveraged his reputation as a world-famous Christian apologist to abuse massage therapists in the United States and abroad over more than a decade while the ministry led by his family members and loyal allies failed to hold him accountable.

He used his need for massage and frequent overseas travel to hide his abusive behavior, luring victims by building trust through spiritual conversations and offering funds straight from his ministry.


Even a limited review of Zacharias’s old devices revealed contacts for more than 200 massage therapists in the US and Asia and hundreds of images of young women, including some that showed the women naked. Zacharias solicited and received photos until a few months before his death in May 2020 at age 74.

Using his back pain as pretext, Zacharias was able to completely circumvent normal precautions that many ministry leaders take to avoid situations where they’re alone with women in personal settings. The rules held for everyone but his massage therapists, but his therapists were the prime targets for his manipulative sexual overtures. The report details how he questioned women about their economic conditions and preyed upon those most in need of financial assistance.

The woman who accused him of rape said that “he made her pray with him to thank God for the ‘opportunity’ they both received.” She also said that “he called her his ‘reward’ for living a life of service to God, and he referenced the ‘godly men’ in the Bible with more than one wife.”

Moreover, Zacharias spent extended time in Bangkok, where—according to the report—he would spend his days writing and his evenings receiving massages. For a time he maintained two apartments in the city. He stayed in one, and his massage therapist stayed in the other. The investigators said they had “little insight into whether Mr. Zacharias engaged in inappropriate massage behavior when in Asia.”

Investigators were able to obtain an immense amount of incriminating information from Zacharias’s old phones—including phones that he allegedly refused to turn over to RZIM when the Thompson allegations surfaced in 2016. In other words, had the ministry conducted even the most minimally competent investigation, they could have discovered (and potentially stopped) almost four years of additional misconduct and abuse.

Click here to read more.
Source: The Dispatch

Source: The inside story of how Ravi Zacharias’s ministry concealed and enabled his abuse

Trump defense attorney goes scorched earth against media in explosive interview: ‘Bloodthirsty for ratings’ | TheBlaze

Michael van der Veen, one of former President Donald Trump’s defense attorneys, tore into the mainstream media and Democratic House impeachment managers in an explosive interview on Saturday that ended with the attorney ripping off his microphone and walking away.

What happened?

CBS News host Lana Zak began the interview by asking van der Veen whether he believes Trump will face more charges beyond impeachment, and accused the attorney of admitting that Trump incited an “insurrection.”

Van der Veen responded by dismissing the question as “political rhetoric,” and then corrected Zak — and pointed out that Democratic House impeachment managers “doctored evidence” against Trump.

Van der Veen said:

I used the word “insurrection” in my closing argument when quoting the charging documents. What happened at the Capitol on January 6 is absolutely horrific. But what happened at the Capitol during this trial was not too far away from that. The prosecutors in this case doctored evidence. They did not investigate this case. And when they had to come to the court of the Senate to put their case on, because they hadn’t done any investigation, they doctored evidence.

It was absolutely shocking, I think, when we discovered it and we were able to expose it and put it out. I think it turned a lot of senators. The American people should not be putting up with this. They need to look at who these House managers were and look to see whether these are the folks they want representing them. It was shocking to me. Wouldn’t have believed it.

The “doctored evidence” that van der Veen referred to included edited tweets and selectively edited video. Democrats denied manipulating evidence.

What happened next?

That is when the interview went completely off the rails.

After Zak seemingly minimized the actions of Democratic House impeachment managers, van der Veen tore into the media.

“The media is trying to divide this country. You are bloodthirsty for ratings,” the lawyer said. “And as such, you’re asking questions now that are already set up with a fact pattern. I can’t believe you would ask me a question indicating that it’s all right just to doctor a little bit of evidence.”

Van der Veen continued:

What should happen is somebody should look at the conduct of these House managers. It’s unconscionable, aside from all of the due process violations that my client had. And the media should be looking that at a square, straight way, a straight way. When I watch the news, I watch one station and it’s raining. I watch another station at the same time and it’s sunny.

Your coverage is so slanted. It’s got to stop. You guys have to stop and start reporting more like PBS does rather than a TV news show that doesn’t have any journalistic integrity at all. What I’m telling you is that they doctored evidence. And I believe your question says, “Well, it’s only a Twitter check and changing a year of a date here.” They switched the date of a Twitter a year to try to connect it to this case. That’s not a small thing, ma’am.

The other thing they did is they put a checkmark on something to make it look like it was a validated account when it wasn’t. And when they were caught, they didn’t say anything about it. They didn’t even try to come up with an excuse about it. And that’s not the way our prosecutors or our government officials should be conducting themselves. And the media shouldn’t letting them get away with it, either.

“I’m tired of the biased media— on both sides, left and right. What this country wants, what this country needs, is this country to come together,” van der Veen declared, “to take the left and the right and find a middle ground and start responsibly being our public officials, our elected officials. And one of the reasons why they do it is because of the media, because the media wants to tell their narrative rather than just telling it like it is.”

After additional back-and-forth, van der Veen accused Zak of asking a “slanted question that was set up to say, it’s OK for them to cheat. That was your question.”

Zak denied the allegation.

“That’s the problem. The media has to start living by the truth and not try to create a narrative,” van der Veen went on to say.

That’s when van der Veen ripped off his microphone, dropped it, and then walked away.


Source: Trump defense attorney goes scorched earth against media in explosive interview: ‘Bloodthirsty for ratings’

Cuomo’s Admin Makes STUNNING Admission About NY’s COVID-19 Deaths | Dinesh D’Souza

Governor Cuomo’s administration now admits to concealing the data on nursing home deaths, showing that Cuomo is not only responsible for killing people, but also for hiding the bodies. For full podcast: WATCH: https://rumble.com/vdsen9-democrats-lies-and-videotape-dinesh-dsouza-podcast-ep25.html?mref=23gga&mc=8uxj1 LISTEN: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/democrats-lies-and-videotape/id1547827376?i=1000508791236 — Dinesh D’Souza is an author and filmmaker.

National Guard could be stationed in DC until at least the fall: report | TheBlaze

Department of Defense officials are considering keeping National Guard troops in Washington, D.C. through the fall, according to internal communication obtained by WTTG-TV.

There are currently approximately 6,000 National Guard troops patrolling Washington, D.C., following the Capitol riot on Jan 6. At one point, there were an estimated 26,000 National Guard members in D.C. to provide security for President Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20.

An internal communication between the Department of Defense and the National Guard reportedly discusses keeping troops in the nation’s capital until the fall.

Robert G. Salesses, who is the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Global Security, allegedly discussed an extension of the National Guard in D.C.

“If it’s not possible to sustain at the current level with [National Guard] personnel, we need to establish the number of [National Guard] personnel (DCNG and out-of-state) we can sustain for an extended period – at least through Fall 2021 – and understand additional options for providing [Department of Defense] support, to include use of reserve personnel, as well as active component,” Salesses reportedly wrote to the Capitol Police and National Security Council in an email.

Currently, there are plans to keep the National Guard in Washington, D.C., until mid-March. On Monday, Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said the cost of having the National Guard secure Washington, D.C. from Jan. 6 until March 15 will cost taxpayers $483 million — $284 million for personnel and $199 million for operations, according to Forbes.

Rep. Michael Waltz (R-Fla.) questioned why there are still National Guard troops in Washington.

“We still have National Guardsmen out there, away from their families, away from their jobs, supplementing the police,” Waltz told Fox News host Martha MacCallum. “And yet we can’t get a briefing on what is this dire threat that requires so many people. We still don’t have answers.”

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) also questioned why there were still troops in D.C.

“I sit on the Intelligence Committee, but I’m aware of no specific, credible threat reporting — as distinguished from aspirational, uncoordinated bluster on the internet — that justifies this continued troop presence,” Cotton wrote in a Fox Newsop-ed. “Thus, I believe the rest of these soldiers should also go home to their families and civilian jobs.”

The National Guard created a three-mile perimeter around the Capitol grounds after the Capitol riot, complete with barriers, fortified fences, and barbed wires.

Several Republican lawmakers have called for the barriers to be removed after pointing out the hypocrisy of the border wall being canceled by President Joe Biden.

The National Guard provided a statement to WTTG, “The National Guard is conducting prudent planning for the eventual end of the security mission and the return of its Soldiers and Airmen to their home stations.”

Maj. Matt Murphy, a spokesman for the National Guard, told DCist, “We are providing assistance such as security, communications, medical evacuation, logistics, and safety support to state, district and federal agencies.”

Law enforcement agencies involved with securing Washinton, D.C. and the federal buildings in the city will reportedly will discuss possible plans during a meeting on Feb. 17.

Source: National Guard could be stationed in DC until at least the fall: report

Sunday Talks, Richard Grenell Discusses the New Police State in Washington DC | The Last Refuge

Richard “Ric” Grenell appears on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the new police state constructed around our nation’s capitol in Washington DC.

Bartiromo outlines the newly fortified security perimeter and the thousands of military troops that will be guarding Capitol Hill for an unknown amount of time.  Questions are being asked about why DC needs to assemble a police state encampment. Who and what are they protecting themselves from?

Source: Sunday Talks, Richard Grenell Discusses the New Police State in Washington DC

President Donald J. Trump: Still the Greatest President of the Modern Era! | The Gateway Pundit

President Trump is hands down the greatest President in the modern era.

One example supporting this is the markets:

IT’S OFFICIAL: Despite Numerous Hurdles President Trump Shattered the Record for the Greatest Market Increase in US History

President Trump wasn’t only the greatest US President for the markets, he accomplished other amazing successes.  President Trump’s White House put together a list of the President’s accomplishments while in office.  The list is a mile long.


Below is the entire list:

Unprecedented Economic Boom

Before the China Virus invaded our shores, we built the world’s most prosperous economy.

  • America gained 7 million new jobs – more than three times government experts’ projections.
  • Middle-Class family income increased nearly $6,000 – more than five times the gains during the entire previous administration.
  • The unemployment rate reached 3.5 percent, the lowest in a half-century.
  • Achieved 40 months in a row with more job openings than job-hirings.
  • More Americans reported being employed than ever before – nearly 160 million.
  • Jobless claims hit a nearly 50-year low.
  • The number of people claiming unemployment insurance as a share of the population hit its lowest on record.
  • Incomes rose in every single metro area in the United States for the first time in nearly 3 decades.

Delivered a future of greater promise and opportunity for citizens of all backgrounds.

  • Unemployment rates for African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and those without a high school diploma all reached record lows.
  • Unemployment for women hit its lowest rate in nearly 70 years.
  • Lifted nearly 7 million people off of food stamps.
  • Poverty rates for African Americans and Hispanic Americans reached record lows.
  • Income inequality fell for two straight years, and by the largest amount in over a decade.
  • The bottom 50 percent of American households saw a 40 percent increase in net worth.
  • Wages rose fastest for low-income and blue collar workers – a 16 percent pay increase.
  • African American homeownership increased from 41.7 percent to 46.4 percent.

Brought jobs, factories, and industries back to the USA.

  • Created more than 1.2 million manufacturing and construction jobs.
  • Put in place policies to bring back supply chains from overseas.
  • Small business optimism broke a 35-year old record in 2018.

Hit record stock market numbers and record 401ks.

  • The DOW closed above 20,000 for the first time in 2017 and topped 30,000 in 2020.
  • The S&P 500 and NASDAQ have repeatedly notched record highs.

Rebuilding and investing in rural America.

  • Signed an Executive Order on Modernizing the Regulatory Framework for Agricultural Biotechnology Products, which is bringing innovative new technologies to market in American farming and agriculture.
  • Strengthened America’s rural economy by investing over $1.3 billion through the Agriculture Department’s ReConnect Program to bring high-speed broadband infrastructure to rural America.

Achieved a record-setting economic comeback by rejecting blanket lockdowns.

  • An October 2020 Gallup survey found 56 percent of Americans said they were better off during a pandemic than four years prior.
  • During the third quarter of 2020, the economy grew at a rate of 33.1 percent – the most rapid GDP growth ever recorded.
  • Since coronavirus lockdowns ended, the economy has added back over 12 million jobs, more than half the jobs lost.
  • Jobs have been recovered 23 times faster than the previous administration’s recovery.
  • Unemployment fell to 6.7 percent in December, from a pandemic peak of 14.7 percent in April – beating expectations of well over 10 percent unemployment through the end of 2020.
  • Under the previous administration, it took 49 months for the unemployment rate to fall from 10 percent to under 7 percent compared to just 3 months for the Trump Administration.
  • Since April, the Hispanic unemployment rate has fallen by 9.6 percent, Asian-American unemployment by 8.6 percent, and Black American unemployment by 6.8 percent.
  • 80 percent of small businesses are now open, up from just 53 percent in April.
  • Small business confidence hit a new high.
  • Homebuilder confidence reached an all-time high, and home sales hit their highest reading since December 2006.
  • Manufacturing optimism nearly doubled.
  • Household net worth rose $7.4 trillion in Q2 2020 to $112 trillion, an all-time high.
  • Home prices hit an all-time record high.
  • The United States rejected crippling lockdowns that crush the economy and inflict countless public health harms and instead safely reopened its economy.
  • Business confidence is higher in America than in any other G7 or European Union country.
  • Stabilized America’s financial markets with the establishment of a number of Treasury Department supported facilities at the Federal Reserve.

Tax Relief for the Middle Class

Passed $3.2 trillion in historic tax relief and reformed the tax code.

  • Signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – the largest tax reform package in history.
  • More than 6 million American workers received wage increases, bonuses, and increased benefits thanks to the tax cuts.
  • A typical family of four earning $75,000 received an income tax cut of more than $2,000 – slashing their tax bill in half.
  • Doubled the standard deduction – making the first $24,000 earned by a married couple completely tax-free.
  • Doubled the child tax credit.
  • Virtually eliminated the unfair Estate Tax, or Death Tax.
  • Cut the business tax rate from 35 percent – the highest in the developed world – all the way down to 21 percent.
  • Small businesses can now deduct 20 percent of their business income.
  • Businesses can now deduct 100 percent of the cost of their capital investments in the year the investment is made.
  • Since the passage of tax cuts, the share of total wealth held by the bottom half of households has increased, while the share held by the top 1 percent has decreased.
  • Over 400 companies have announced bonuses, wage increases, new hires, or new investments in the United States.
  • Over $1.5 trillion was repatriated into the United States from overseas.
  • Lower investment cost and higher capital returns led to faster growth in the middle class, real wages, and international competitiveness.

Jobs and investments are pouring into Opportunity Zones.

  • Created nearly 9,000 Opportunity Zones where capital gains on long-term investments are taxed at zero.
  • Opportunity Zone designations have increased property values within them by 1.1 percent, creating an estimated $11 billion in wealth for the nearly half of Opportunity Zone residents who own their own home.
  • Opportunity Zones have attracted $75 billion in funds and driven $52 billion of new investment in economically distressed communities, creating at least 500,000 new jobs.
  • Approximately 1 million Americans will be lifted from poverty as a result of these new investments.
  • Private equity investments into businesses in Opportunity Zones were nearly 30 percent higher than investments into businesses in similar areas that were not designated Opportunity Zones.

Massive Deregulation

Ended the regulatory assault on American Businesses and Workers.

  • Instead of 2-for-1, we eliminated 8 old regulations for every 1 new regulation adopted.
  • Provided the average American household an extra $3,100 every year.
  • Reduced the direct cost of regulatory compliance by $50 billion, and will reduce costs by an additional $50 billion in FY 2020 alone.
  • Removed nearly 25,000 pages from the Federal Register – more than any other president. The previous administration added over 16,000 pages.
  • Established the Governors’ Initiative on Regulatory Innovation to reduce outdated regulations at the state, local, and tribal levels.
  • Signed an executive order to make it easier for businesses to offer retirement plans.
  • Signed two executive orders to increase transparency in Federal agencies and protect Americans and their small businesses from administrative abuse.
  • Modernized the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) for the first time in over 40 years.
  • Reduced approval times for major infrastructure projects from 10 or more years down to 2 years or less.
  • Helped community banks by signing legislation that rolled back costly provisions of Dodd-Frank.
  • Established the White House Council on Eliminating Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing to bring down housing costs.
  • Removed regulations that threatened the development of a strong and stable internet.
  • Eased and simplified restrictions on rocket launches, helping to spur commercial investment in space projects.
  • Published a whole-of-government strategy focused on ensuring American leadership in automated vehicle technology.
  • Streamlined energy efficiency regulations for American families and businesses, including preserving affordable lightbulbs, enhancing the utility of showerheads, and enabling greater time savings with dishwashers.
  • Removed unnecessary regulations that restrict the seafood industry and impede job creation.
  • Modernized the Department of Agriculture’s biotechnology regulations to put America in the lead to develop new technologies.
  • Took action to suspend regulations that would have slowed our response to COVID-19, including lifting restrictions on manufacturers to more quickly produce ventilators.

Successfully rolled back burdensome regulatory overreach.

  • Rescinded the previous administration’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule, which would have abolished zoning for single-family housing to build low-income, federally subsidized apartments.
  • Issued a final rule on the Fair Housing Act’s disparate impact standard.
  • Eliminated the Waters of the United States Rule and replaced it with the Navigable Waters Protection Rule, providing relief and certainty for farmers and property owners.
  • Repealed the previous administration’s costly fuel economy regulations by finalizing the Safer Affordable Fuel Efficient (SAFE) Vehicles rule, which will make cars more affordable, and lower the price of new vehicles by an estimated $2,200.

Americans now have more money in their pockets.

  • Deregulation had an especially beneficial impact on low-income Americans who pay a much higher share of their incomes for overregulation.
  • Cut red tape in the healthcare industry, providing Americans with more affordable healthcare and saving Americans nearly 10 percent on prescription drugs.
  • Deregulatory efforts yielded savings to the medical community an estimated $6.6 billion – with a reduction of 42 million hours of regulatory compliance work through 2021.
  • Removed government barriers to personal freedom and consumer choice in healthcare.
  • Once fully in effect, 20 major deregulatory actions undertaken by the Trump Administration are expected to save American consumers and businesses over $220 billion per year.
  • Signed 16 pieces of deregulatory legislation that will result in a $40 billion increase in annual real incomes.

Fair and Reciprocal Trade

Secured historic trade deals to defend American workers.

  • Immediately withdrew from the job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).
  • Ended the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and replaced it with the brand new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).
  • The USMCA contains powerful new protections for American manufacturers, auto-makers, farmers, dairy producers, and workers.
  • The USMCA is expected to generate over $68 billion in economic activity and potentially create over 550,000 new jobs over ten years.
  • Signed an executive order making it government policy to Buy American and Hire American, and took action to stop the outsourcing of jobs overseas.
  • Negotiated with Japan to slash tariffs and open its market to $7 billion in American agricultural products and ended its ban on potatoes and lamb.
  • Over 90 percent of American agricultural exports to Japan now receive preferential treatment, and most are duty-free.
  • Negotiated another deal with Japan to boost $40 billion worth of digital trade.
  • Renegotiated the United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement, doubling the cap on imports of American vehicles and extending the American light truck tariff.
  • Reached a written, fully-enforceable Phase One trade agreement with China on confronting pirated and counterfeit goods, and the protection of American ideas, trade secrets, patents, and trademarks.
  • China agreed to purchase an additional $200 billion worth of United States exports and opened market access for over 4,000 American facilities to exports while all tariffs remained in effect.
  • Achieved a mutual agreement with the European Union (EU) that addresses unfair trade practices and increases duty-free exports by 180 percent to $420 million.
  • Secured a pledge from the EU to eliminate tariffs on American lobster – the first United States-European Union negotiated tariff reduction in over 20 years.
  • Scored a historic victory by overhauling the Universal Postal Union, whose outdated policies were undermining American workers and interests.
  • Engaged extensively with trade partners like the EU and Japan to advance reforms to the World Trade Organization (WTO).
  • Issued a first-ever comprehensive report on the WTO Appellate Body’s failures to comply with WTO rules and interpret WTO agreements as written.
  • Blocked nominees to the WTO’s Appellate Body until WTO Members recognize and address longstanding issues with Appellate Body activism.
  • Submitted 5 papers to the WTO Committee on Agriculture to improve Members’ understanding of how trade policies are implemented, highlight areas for improved transparency, and encourage members to maintain up-to-date notifications on market access and domestic support.

Took strong actions to confront unfair trade practices and put America First.

  • Imposed tariffs on hundreds of billions worth of Chinese goods to protect American jobs and stop China’s abuses under Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962 and Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974.
  • Directed an all-of-government effort to halt and punish efforts by the Communist Party of China to steal and profit from American innovations and intellectual property.
  • Imposed tariffs on foreign aluminum and foreign steel to protect our vital industries and support our national security.
  • Approved tariffs on $1.8 billion in imports of washing machines and $8.5 billion in imports of solar panels.
  • Blocked illegal timber imports from Peru.
  • Took action against France for its digital services tax that unfairly targets American technology companies.
  • Launched investigations into digital services taxes that have been proposed or adopted by 10 other countries.

Historic support for American farmers.

  • Successfully negotiated more than 50 agreements with countries around the world to increase foreign market access and boost exports of American agriculture products, supporting more than 1 million American jobs.
  • Authorized $28 billion in aid for farmers who have been subjected to unfair trade practices – fully funded by the tariffs paid by China.
  • China lifted its ban on poultry, opened its market to beef, and agreed to purchase at least $80 billion of American agricultural products in the next two years.
  • The European Union agreed to increase beef imports by 180 percent and opened up its market to more imports of soybeans.
  • South Korea lifted its ban on American poultry and eggs, and agreed to provide market access for record exports of American rice.
  • Argentina lifted its ban on American pork.
  • Brazil agreed to increase wheat imports by $180 million a year and raised its quotas for purchases of United States ethanol.
  • Guatemala and Tunisia opened up their markets to American eggs.
  • Won tariff exemptions in Ecuador for wheat and soybeans.
  • Suspended $817 million in trade preferences for Thailand under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program due to its failure to adequately provide reasonable market access for American pork products.
  • The amount of food stamps redeemed at farmers markets increased from $1.4 million in May 2020 to $1.75 million in September 2020 – a 50 percent increase over last year.
  • Rapidly deployed the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, which provided $30 billion in support to farmers and ranchers facing decreased prices and market disruption when COVID-19 impacted the food supply chain.
  • Authorized more than $6 billion for the Farmers to Families Food Box program, which delivered over 128 million boxes of locally sourced, produce, meat, and dairy products to charity and faith-based organizations nationwide.
  • Delegated authorities via the Defense Production Act to protect breaks in the American food supply chain as a result of COVID-19.

American Energy Independence

Unleashed America’s oil and natural gas potential.

  • For the first time in nearly 70 years, the United States has become a net energy exporter.
  • The United States is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world.
  • Natural gas production reached a record-high of 34.9 quads in 2019, following record high production in 2018 and in 2017.
  • The United States has been a net natural gas exporter for three consecutive years and has an export capacity of nearly 10 billion cubic feet per day.
  • Withdrew from the unfair, one-sided Paris Climate Agreement.
  • Canceled the previous administration’s Clean Power Plan, and replaced it with the new Affordable Clean Energy rule.
  • Approved the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines.
  • Opened up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) in Alaska to oil and gas leasing.
  • Repealed the last administration’s Federal Coal Leasing Moratorium, which prohibited coal leasing on Federal lands.
  • Reformed permitting rules to eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy and speed approval for mines.
  • Fixed the New Source Review permitting program, which punished companies for upgrading or repairing coal power plants.
  • Fixed the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) steam electric and coal ash rules.
  • The average American family saved $2,500 a year in lower electric bills and lower prices at the gas pump.
  • Signed legislation repealing the harmful Stream Protection Rule.
  • Reduced the time to approve drilling permits on public lands by half, increasing permit applications to drill on public lands by 300 percent.
  • Expedited approval of the NuStar’s New Burgos pipeline to export American gasoline to Mexico.
  • Streamlined Liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal permitting and allowed long-term LNG export authorizations to be extended through 2050.
  • The United States is now among the top three LNG exporters in the world.
  • Increased LNG exports five-fold since January 2017, reaching an all-time high in January 2020.
  • LNG exports are expected to reduce the American trade deficit by over $10 billion.
  • Granted more than 20 new long-term approvals for LNG exports to non-free trade agreement countries.
  • The development of natural gas and LNG infrastructure in the United States is providing tens of thousands of jobs, and has led to the investment of tens of billions of dollars in infrastructure.
  • There are now 6 LNG export facilities operating in the United States, with 2 additional export projects under construction.
  • The amount of nuclear energy production in 2019 was the highest on record, through a combination of increased capacity from power plant upgrades and shorter refueling and maintenance cycles.
  • Prevented Russian energy coercion across Europe through various lines of effort, including the Partnership for Transatlantic Energy Cooperation, civil nuclear deals with Romania and Poland, and opposition to Nord Stream 2 pipeline.
  • Issued the Presidential Permit for the A2A railroad between Canada and Alaska, providing energy resources to emerging markets.

Increased access to our country’s abundant natural resources in order to achieve energy independence.

  • Renewable energy production and consumption both reached record highs in 2019.
  • Enacted policies that helped double the amount of electricity generated by solar and helped increase the amount of wind generation by 32 percent from 2016 through 2019.
  • Accelerated construction of energy infrastructure to ensure American energy producers can deliver their products to the market.
  • Cut red tape holding back the construction of new energy infrastructure.
  • Authorized ethanol producers to sell E15 year-round and allowed higher-ethanol gasoline to be distributed from existing pumps at filling stations.
  • Ensured greater transparency and certainty in the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program.
  • Negotiated leasing capacity in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to Australia, providing American taxpayers a return on this infrastructure investment.
  • Signed an executive order directing Federal agencies to work together to diminish the capability of foreign adversaries to target our critical electric infrastructure.
  • Reformed Section 401 of the Clean Water Act regulation to allow for the curation of interstate infrastructure.
  • Resolved the OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) oil crisis during COVID-19 by getting OPEC, Russia, and others to cut nearly 10 million barrels of production a day, stabilizing world oil prices.
  • Directed the Department of Energy to use the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to mitigate market volatility caused by COVID-19.

Investing in America’s Workers and Families

Affordable and high-quality Child Care for American workers and their families.

  • Doubled the Child Tax Credit from $1,000 to $2,000 per child and expanded the eligibility for receiving the credit.
  • Nearly 40 million families benefitted from the child tax credit (CTC), receiving an average benefit of $2,200 – totaling credits of approximately $88 billion.
  • Signed the largest-ever increase in Child Care and Development Block Grants – expanding access to quality, affordable child care for more than 800,000 low-income families.
  • Secured an additional $3.5 billion in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act to help families and first responders with child care needs.
  • Created the first-ever paid family leave tax credit for employees earning $72,000 or less.
  • Signed into law 12-weeks of paid parental leave for Federal workers.
  • Signed into law a provision that enables new parents to withdraw up to $5,000 from their retirement accounts without penalty when they give birth to or adopt a child.

Advanced apprenticeship career pathways to good-paying jobs.

  • Expanded apprenticeships to more than 850,000 and established the new Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship programs in new and emerging fields.
  • Established the National Council for the American Worker and the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board.
  • Over 460 companies have signed the Pledge to America’s Workers, committing to provide more than 16 million job and training opportunities.
  • Signed an executive order that directs the Federal government to replace outdated degree-based hiring with skills-based hiring.

Advanced women’s economic empowerment.

  • Included women’s empowerment for the first time in the President’s 2017 National Security Strategy.
  • Signed into law key pieces of legislation, including the Women, Peace, and Security Act and the Women Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment Act.
  • Launched the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity (W-GDP) Initiative – the first-ever whole-of-government approach to women’s economic empowerment that has reached 24 million women worldwide.
  • Established an innovative new W-GDP Fund at USAID.
  • Launched the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi) with 13 other nations.
  • Announced a $50 million donation on behalf of the United States to We-Fi providing more capital to women-owned businesses around the world.
  • Released the first-ever Strategy on Women, Peace, and Security, which focused on increasing women’s participation to prevent and resolve conflicts.
  • Launched the W-GDP 2x Global Women’s Initiative with the Development Finance Corporation, which has mobilized more than $3 billion in private sector investments over three years.

Ensured American leadership in technology and innovation.

  • First administration to name artificial intelligence, quantum information science, and 5G communications as national research and development priorities.
  • Launched the American Broadband Initiative to promote the rapid deployment of broadband internet across rural America.
  • Made 100 megahertz of crucial mid-band spectrum available for commercial operations, a key factor to driving widespread 5G access across rural America.
  • Launched the American AI Initiative to ensure American leadership in artificial intelligence (AI), and established the National AI Initiative Office at the White House.
  • Established the first-ever principles for Federal agency adoption of AI to improve services for the American people.
  • Signed the National Quantum Initiative Act establishing the National Quantum Coordination Office at the White House to drive breakthroughs in quantum information science.
  • Signed the Secure 5G and Beyond Act to ensure America leads the world in 5G.
  • Launched a groundbreaking program to test safe and innovative commercial drone operations nationwide.
  • Issued new rulemaking to accelerate the return of American civil supersonic aviation.
  • Committed to doubling investments in AI and quantum information science (QIS) research and development.
  • Announced the establishment of $1 billion AI and quantum research institutes across America.
  • Established the largest dual-use 5G test sites in the world to advance 5G commercial and military innovation.
  • Signed landmark Prague Principles with America’s allies to advance the deployment of secure 5G telecommunications networks.
  • Signed first-ever bilateral AI cooperation agreement with the United Kingdom.
  • Built collation among allies to ban Chinese Telecom Company Huawei from their 5G infrastructure.

Preserved American jobs for American workers and rejected the importation of cheap foreign labor.

  • Pressured the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to reverse their decision to lay off over 200 American workers and replace them with cheaper foreign workers.
  • Removed the TVA Chairman of the Board and a TVA Board Member.

Life-Saving Response to the China Virus

Restricted travel to the United States from infected regions of the world.

  • Suspended all travel from China, saving thousands of lives.
  • Required all American citizens returning home from designated outbreak countries to return through designated airports with enhanced screening measures, and to undergo a self-quarantine.
  • Announced further travel restrictions on Iran, the Schengen Area of Europe, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Brazil.
  • Issued travel advisory warnings recommending that American citizens avoid all international travel.
  • Reached bilateral agreements with Mexico and Canada to suspend non-essential travel and expeditiously return illegal aliens.
  • Repatriated over 100,000 American citizens stranded abroad on more than 1,140 flights from 136 countries and territories.
  • Safely transported, evacuated, treated, and returned home trapped passengers on cruise ships.
  • Took action to authorize visa sanctions on foreign governments who impede our efforts to protect American citizens by refusing or unreasonably delaying the return of their own citizens, subjects, or residents from the United States.

Acted early to combat the China Virus in the United States.

  • Established the White House Coronavirus Task Force, with leading experts on infectious diseases, to manage the Administration’s efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and to keep workplaces safe.
  • Pledged in the State of the Union address to “take all necessary steps to safeguard our citizens from the Virus,” while the Democrats’ response made not a single mention of COVID-19 or even the threat of China.
  • Declared COVID-19 a National Emergency under the Stafford Act.
  • Established the 24/7 FEMA National Response Coordination Center.
  • Released guidance recommending containment measures critical to slowing the spread of the Virus, decompressing peak burden on hospitals and infrastructure, and diminishing health impacts.
  • Implemented strong community mitigation strategies to sharply reduce the number of lives lost in the United States down from experts’ projection of up to 2.2 million deaths in the United States without mitigation.
  • Halted American funding to the World Health Organization to counter its egregious bias towards China that jeopardized the safety of Americans.
  • Announced plans for withdrawal from the World Health Organization and redirected contribution funds to help meet global public health needs.
  • Called on the United Nations to hold China accountable for their handling of the virus, including refusing to be transparent and failing to contain the virus before it spread.

Re-purposed domestic manufacturing facilities to ensure frontline workers had critical supplies.

  • Distributed billions of pieces of Personal Protective Equipment, including gloves, masks, gowns, and face shields.
  • Invoked the Defense Production Act over 100 times to accelerate the development and manufacturing of essential material in the USA.
  • Made historic investments of more than $3 billion into the industrial base.
  • Contracted with companies such as Ford, General Motors, Philips, and General Electric to produce ventilators.
  • Contracted with Honeywell, 3M, O&M Halyard, Moldex, and Lydall to increase our Nation’s production of N-95 masks.
  • The Army Corps of Engineers built 11,000 beds, distributed 10,000 ventilators, and surged personnel to hospitals.
  • Converted the Javits Center in New York into a 3,000-bed hospital, and opened medical facilities in Seattle and New Orleans.
  • Dispatched the USNS Comfort to New York City, and the USNS Mercy to Los Angeles.
  • Deployed thousands of FEMA employees, National Guard members, and military forces to help in the response.
  • Provided support to states facing new emergences of the virus, including surging testing sites, deploying medical personnel, and advising on mitigation strategies.
  • Announced Federal support to governors for use of the National Guard with 100 percent cost-share.
  • Established the Supply Chain Task Force as a “control tower” to strategically allocate high-demand medical supplies and PPE to areas of greatest need.
  • Requested critical data elements from states about the status of hospital capacity, ventilators, and PPE.
  • Executed nearly 250 flights through Project Air Bridge to transport hundreds of millions of surgical masks, N95 respirators, gloves, and gowns from around the world to hospitals and facilities throughout the United States.
  • Signed an executive order invoking the Defense Production Act to ensure that Americans have a reliable supply of products like beef, pork, and poultry.
  • Stabilized the food supply chain restoring the Nation’s protein processing capacity through a collaborative approach with Federal, state, and local officials and industry partners.
  • The continued movement of food and other critical items of daily life distributed to stores and to American homes went unaffected.

Replenished the depleted Strategic National Stockpile.

  • Increased the number of ventilators nearly ten-fold to more than 153,000.
  • Despite the grim projections from the media and governors, no American who has needed a ventilator has been denied a ventilator.
  • Increased the number of N95 masks fourteen-fold to more than 176 million.
  • Issued an executive order ensuring critical medical supplies are produced in the United States.

Created the largest, most advanced, and most innovative testing system in the world.

  • Built the world’s leading testing system from scratch, conducting over 200 million tests – more than all of the European Union combined.
  • Engaged more than 400 test developers to increase testing capacity from less than 100 tests per day to more than 2 million tests per day.
  • Slashed red tape and approved Emergency Use Authorizations for more than 300 different tests, including 235 molecular tests, 63 antibody tests, and 11 antigen tests.
  • Delivered state-of-the-art testing devices and millions of tests to every certified nursing home in the country.
  • Announced more flexibility to Medicare Advantage and Part D plans to waive cost-sharing for tests.
  • Over 2,000 retail pharmacy stores, including CVS, Walmart, and Walgreens, are providing testing using new regulatory and reimbursement options.
  • Deployed tens of millions of tests to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), tribes, disaster relief operations, Home Health/Hospice organizations, and the Veterans Health Administration.
  • Began shipping 150 million BinaxNOW rapid tests to states, long-term care facilities, the IHS, HBCUs, and other key partners.

Pioneered groundbreaking treatments and therapies that reduced the mortality rate by 85 percent, saving over 2 million lives.

  • The United States has among the lowest case fatality rates in the entire world.
  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) launched the Coronavirus Treatment Acceleration Program to expedite the regulatory review process for therapeutics in clinical trials, accelerate the development and publication of industry guidance on developing treatments, and utilize regulatory flexibility to help facilitate the scaling-up of manufacturing capacity.
  • More than 370 therapies are in clinical trials and another 560 are in the planning stages.
  • Announced $450 million in available funds to support the manufacturing of Regeneron’s antibody cocktail.
  • Shipped tens of thousands of doses of the Regeneron drug.
  • Authorized an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for convalescent plasma.
  • Treated around 100,000 patients with convalescent plasma, which may reduce mortality by 50 percent.
  • Provided $48 million to fund the Mayo Clinic study that tested the efficacy of convalescent plasma for patients with COVID-19.
  • Made an agreement to support the large-scale manufacturing of AstraZeneca’s cocktail of two monoclonal antibodies.
  • Approved Remdesivir as the first COVID-19 treatment, which could reduce hospitalization time by nearly a third.
  • Secured more than 90 percent of the world’s supply of Remdesivir, enough to treat over 850,000 high-risk patients.
  • Granted an EUA to Eli Lilly for its anti-body treatments.
  • Finalized an agreement with Eli Lilly to purchase the first doses of the company’s investigational antibody therapeutic.
  • Provided up to $270 million to the American Red Cross and America’s Blood Centers to support the collection of up to 360,000 units of plasma.
  • Launched a nationwide campaign to ask patients who have recovered from COVID-19 to donate plasma.
  • Announced Phase 3 clinical trials for varying types of blood thinners to treat adults diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Issued an EUA for the monoclonal antibody therapy bamlanivimab.
  • FDA issued an EUA for casirivimab and imdevimab to be administered together.
  • Launched the COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium with private sector and academic leaders unleashing America’s supercomputers to accelerate coronavirus research.

Brought the full power of American medicine and government to produce a safe and effective vaccine in record time.

  • Launched Operation Warp Speed to initiate an unprecedented drive to develop and make available an effective vaccine by January 2021.
  • Pfizer and Moderna developed two vaccines in just nine months, five times faster than the fastest prior vaccine development in American history.
  • Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines are approximately 95 effective – far exceeding all expectations.
  • AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson also both have promising candidates in the final stage of clinical trials.
  • The vaccines will be administered within 24 hours of FDA-approval.
  • Made millions of vaccine doses available before the end of 2020, with hundreds of millions more to quickly follow.
  • FedEx and UPS will ship doses from warehouses directly to local pharmacies, hospitals, and healthcare providers.
  • Finalized a partnership with CVS and Walgreens to deliver vaccines directly to residents of nursing homes and long-term care facilities as soon as a state requests it, at no cost to America’s seniors.
  • Signed an executive order to ensure that the United States government prioritizes getting the vaccine to American citizens before sending it to other nations.
  • Provided approximately $13 billion to accelerate vaccine development and to manufacture all of the top candidates in advance.
  • Provided critical investments of $4.1 billion to Moderna to support the development, manufacturing, and distribution of their vaccines.
  • Moderna announced its vaccine is 95 percent effective and is pending FDA approval.
  • Provided Pfizer up to $1.95 billion to support the mass-manufacturing and nationwide distribution of their vaccine candidate.
  • Pfizer announced its vaccine is 95 percent effective and is pending FDA approval.
  • Provided approximately $1 billion to support the manufacturing and distribution of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine candidate.
  • Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine candidate reached the final stage of clinical trials.
  • Made up to $1.2 billion available to support AstraZeneca’s vaccine candidate.
  • AstraZeneca’s vaccine candidate reached the final stage of clinical trials.
  • Made an agreement to support the large-scale manufacturing of Novavax’s vaccine candidate with 100 million doses expected.
  • Partnered with Sanofi and GSK to support large-scale manufacturing of a COVID-19 investigational vaccine.
  • Awarded $200 million in funding to support vaccine preparedness and plans for the immediate distribution and administration of vaccines.
  • Provided $31 million to Cytvia for vaccine-related consumable products.
  • Under the PREP Act, issued guidance authorizing qualified pharmacy technicians to administer vaccines.
  • Announced that McKesson Corporation will produce store, and distribute vaccine ancillary supply kits on behalf of the Strategic National Stockpile to help healthcare workers who will administer vaccines.
  • Announced partnership with large-chain, independent, and regional pharmacies to deliver vaccines.

Prioritized resources for the most vulnerable Americans, including nursing home residents.

  • Quickly established guidelines for nursing homes and expanded telehealth opportunities to protect vulnerable seniors.
  • Increased surveillance, oversight, and transparency of all 15,417 Medicare and Medicaid nursing homes by requiring them to report cases of COVID-19 to all residents, their families, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • Required that all nursing homes test staff regularly.
  • Launched an unprecedented national nursing home training curriculum to equip nursing home staff with the knowledge they need to stop the spread of COVID-19.
  • Delivered $81 million for increased inspections and funded 35,000 members of the Nation Guard to deliver critical supplies to every Medicare-certified nursing homes.
  • Deployed Federal Task Force Strike Teams to provide onsite technical assistance and education to nursing homes experiencing outbreaks.
  • Distributed tens of billions of dollars in Provider Relief Funds to protect nursing homes, long-term care facilities, safety-net hospitals, rural hospitals, and communities hardest hit by the virus.
  • Released 1.5 million N95 respirators from the Strategic National Stockpile for distribution to over 3,000 nursing home facilities.
  • Directed the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council to refocus on underserved communities impacted by the coronavirus.
  • Required that testing results reported include data on race, gender, ethnicity, and ZIP code, to ensure that resources were directed to communities disproportionately harmed by the virus.
  • Ensured testing was offered at 95 percent of Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), which serve over 29 million patients in 12,000 communities across the Nation.
  • Invested an unprecedented $8 billion in tribal communities.
  • Maintained safe access for Veterans to VA healthcare throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic and supported non-VA hospital systems and private and state-run nursing homes with VA clinical teams.
  • Signed legislation ensuring no reduction of VA education benefits under the GI Bill for online distance learning.

Supported Americans as they safely return to school and work.

  • Issued the Guidelines for Opening Up America Again, a detailed blueprint to help governors as they began reopening the country. Focused on protecting the most vulnerable and mitigating the risk of any resurgence, while restarting the economy and allowing Americans to safely return to their jobs.
  • Helped Americans return to work by providing extensive guidance on workplace-safety measures to protect against COVID-19, and investigating over 10,000 coronavirus-related complaints and referrals.
  • Provided over $31 billion to support elementary and secondary schools.
  • Distributed 125 million face masks to school districts.
  • Provided comprehensive guidelines to schools on how to protect and identify high-risk individuals, prevent the spread of COVID-19, and conduct safe in-person teaching.
  • Brought back the safe return of college athletics, including Big Ten and Pac-12 football.

Rescued the American economy with nearly $3.4 trillion in relief, the largest financial aid package in history.

  • Secured an initial $8.3 billion Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Act, supporting the development of treatments and vaccines, and to procure critical medical supplies and equipment.
  • Signed the $100 billion Families First Coronavirus Relief Act, guaranteeing free coronavirus testing, emergency paid sick leave and family leave, Medicaid funding, and food assistance.
  • Signed the $2.3 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, providing unprecedented and immediate relief to American families, workers, and businesses.
  • Signed additional legislation providing nearly $900 billion in support for coronavirus emergency response and relief, including critically needed funds to continue the Paycheck Protection Program.
  • Signed the Paycheck Protection Program and Healthcare Enhancement Act, adding an additional $310 billion to replenish the program.
  • Delivered approximately 160 million relief payments to hardworking Americans.
  • Through the Paycheck Protection Program, approved over $525 billion in forgivable loans to more than 5.2 million small businesses, supporting more than 51 million American jobs.
  • The Treasury Department approved the establishment of the Money Market Mutual Fund Liquidity Facility to provide liquidity to the financial system.
  • The Treasury Department, working with the Federal Reserve, was able to leverage approximately $4 trillion in emergency lending facilities.
  • Signed an executive order extending expanded unemployment benefits.
  • Signed an executive order to temporarily suspend student loan payments, evictions, and collection of payroll taxes.
  • Small Business Administration expanded access to emergency economic assistance for small businesses, faith-based, and religious entities.
  • Protected jobs for American workers impacted by COVID-19 by temporarily suspending several job-related nonimmigrant visas, including H-1B’s, H-2B’s without a nexus to the food-supply chain, certain H-4’s, as well as L’s and certain J’s.

Great Healthcare for Americans

Empowered American patients by greatly expanding healthcare choice, transparency, and affordability.

  • Eliminated the Obamacare individual mandate – a financial relief to low and middle-income households that made up nearly 80 percent of the families who paid the penalty for not wanting to purchase health insurance.
  • Increased choice for consumers by promoting competition in the individual health insurance market leading to lower premiums for three years in a row.
  • Under the Trump Administration, more than 90 percent of the counties have multiple options on the individual insurance market to choose from.
  • Offered Association Health Plans, which allow employers to pool together and offer more affordable, quality health coverage to their employees at up to 30 percent lower cost.
  • Increased availability of short-term, limited-duration health plans, which can cost up to 60 percent less than traditional plans, giving Americans more flexibility to choose plans that suit their needs.
  • Expanded Health Reimbursement Arrangements, allowing millions of Americans to be able to shop for a plan of their choice on the individual market, and then have their employer cover the cost.
  • Added 2,100 new Medicare Advantage plan options since 2017, a 76 percent increase.
  • Lowered Medicare Advantage premiums by 34 percent nationwide to the lowest level in 14 years. Medicare health plan premium savings for beneficiaries have totaled $nearly 1.5 billion since 2017.
  • Improved access to tax-free health savings accounts for individuals with chronic conditions.
  • Eliminated costly Obamacare taxes, including the health insurance tax, the medical device tax, and the “Cadillac tax.”
  • Worked with states to create more flexibility and relief from oppressive Obamacare regulations, including reinsurance waivers to help lower premiums.
  • Released legislative principles to end surprise medical billing.
  • Finalized requirements for unprecedented price transparency from hospitals and insurance companies so patients know what the cost is before they receive care.
  • Took action to require that hospitals make the prices they negotiate with insurers publicly available and easily accessible online.
  • Improved patients access to their health data by penalizing hospitals and causing clinicians to lose their incentive payments if they do not comply.
  • Expanded access to telehealth, especially in rural and underserved communities.
  • Increased Medicare payments to rural hospitals to stem a decade of rising closures and deliver enhanced access to care in rural areas.

Issued unprecedented reforms that dramatically lowered the price of prescription drugs.

  • Lowered drug prices for the first time in 51 years.
  • Launched an initiative to stop global freeloading in the drug market.
  • Finalized a rule to allow the importation of prescription drugs from Canada.
  • Finalized the Most Favored Nation Rule to ensure that pharmaceutical companies offer the same discounts to the United States as they do to other nations, resulting in an estimated $85 billion in savings over seven years and $30 billion in out-of-pocket costs alone.
  • Proposed a rule requiring federally funded health centers to pass drug company discounts on insulin and Epi-Pens directly to patients.
  • Ended the gag clauses that prevented pharmacists from informing patients about the best prices for the medications they need.
  • Ended the costly kickbacks to middlemen and ensured that patients directly benefit from available discounts at the pharmacy counter, saving Americans up to 30 percent on brand name pharmaceuticals.
  • Enhanced Part D plans to provide many seniors with Medicare access to a broad set of insulins at a maximum $35 copay for a month’s supply of each type of insulin.
  • Reduced Medicare Part D prescription drug premiums, saving beneficiaries nearly $2 billion in premium costs since 2017.
  • Ended the Unapproved Drugs Initiative, which provided market exclusivity to generic drugs.

Promoted research and innovation in healthcare to ensure that American patients have access to the best treatment in the world.

  • Signed first-ever executive order to affirm that it is the official policy of the United States Government to protect patients with pre-existing conditions.
  • Passed Right To Try to give terminally ill patients access to lifesaving cures.
  • Signed an executive order to fight kidney disease with more transplants and better treatment.
  • Signed into law a $1 billion increase in funding for critical Alzheimer’s research.
  • Accelerated medical breakthroughs in genetic treatments for Sickle Cell disease.
  • Finalized the interoperability rules that will give American patients access to their electronic health records on their phones.
  • Initiated an effort to provide $500 million over the next decade to improve pediatric cancer research.
  • Launched a campaign to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic in America in the next decade.
  • Started a program to provide the HIV prevention drug PrEP to uninsured patients for free.
  • Signed an executive order and awarded new development contracts to modernize the influenza vaccine.

Protected our Nation’s seniors by safeguarding and strengthening Medicare.

  • Updated the way Medicare pays for innovative medical products to ensure beneficiaries have access to the latest innovation and treatment.
  • Reduced improper payments for Medicare an estimated $15 billion since 2016 protecting taxpayer dollars and leading to less fraud, waste, and abuse.
  • Took rapid action to combat antimicrobial resistance and secure access to life-saving new antibiotic drugs for American seniors, by removing several financial disincentives and setting policies to reduce inappropriate use.
  • Launched new online tools, including eMedicare, Blue Button 2.0, and Care Compare, to help seniors see what is covered, compare costs, streamline data, and compare tools available on Medicare.gov.
  • Provided new Medicare Advantage supplemental benefits, including modifications to help keep seniors safe in their homes, respite care for caregivers, non-opioid pain management alternatives like therapeutic massages, transportation, and more in-home support services and assistance.
  • Protected Medicare beneficiaries by removing Social Security numbers from all Medicare cards, a project completed ahead of schedule.
  • Unleashed unprecedented transparency in Medicare and Medicaid data to spur research and innovation.

Remaking the Federal Judiciary

Appointed a historic number of Federal judges who will interpret the Constitution as written.

  • Nominated and confirmed over 230 Federal judges.
  • Confirmed 54 judges to the United States Courts of Appeals, making up nearly a third of the entire appellate bench.
  • Filled all Court of Appeals vacancies for the first time in four decades.
  • Flipped the Second, Third, and Eleventh Circuits from Democrat-appointed majorities to Republican-appointed majorities. And dramatically reshaped the long-liberal Ninth Circuit.

Appointed three Supreme Court justices, expanding its conservative-appointed majority to 6-3.

  • Appointed Justice Neil Gorsuch to replace Justice Antonin Scalia.
  • Appointed Justice Brett Kavanaugh to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy.
  • Appointed Justice Amy Coney Barrett to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Achieving a Secure Border

Secured the Southern Border of the United States.

  • Built over 400 miles of the world’s most robust and advanced border wall.
  • Illegal crossings have plummeted over 87 percent where the wall has been constructed.
  • Deployed nearly 5,000 troops to the Southern border. In addition, Mexico deployed tens of thousands of their own soldiers and national guardsmen to secure their side of the US-Mexico border.
  • Ended the dangerous practice of Catch-and-Release, which means that instead of aliens getting released into the United States pending future hearings never to be seen again, they are detained pending removal, and then ultimately returned to their home countries.
  • Entered into three historic asylum cooperation agreements with Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala to stop asylum fraud and resettle illegal migrants in third-party nations pending their asylum applications.
  • Entered into a historic partnership with Mexico, referred to as the “Migrant Protection Protocols,” to safely return asylum-seekers to Mexico while awaiting hearings in the United States.

Fully enforced the immigration laws of the United States.

  • Signed an executive order to strip discretionary Federal grant funding from deadly sanctuary cities.
  • Fully enforced and implemented statutorily authorized “expedited removal” of illegal aliens.
  • The Department of Justice prosecuted a record-breaking number of immigration-related crimes.
  • Used Section 243(d) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) to reduce the number of aliens coming from countries whose governments refuse to accept their nationals who were ordered removed from the United States.

Ended asylum fraud, shut down human smuggling traffickers, and solved the humanitarian crisis across the Western Hemisphere.

  • Suspended, via regulation, asylum for aliens who had skipped previous countries where they were eligible for asylum but opted to “forum shop” and continue to the United States.
  • Safeguarded migrant families, and protected migrant safety, by promulgating new regulations under the Flores Settlement Agreement.
  • Proposed regulations to end the practice of giving free work permits to illegal aliens lodging meritless asylum claims.
  • Issued “internal relocation” guidance.
  • Cross-trained United States Border Patrol agents to conduct credible fear screenings alongside USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) adjudication personnel to reduce massive backlogs.
  • Streamlined and expedited the asylum hearing process through both the Prompt Asylum Claim Review (PACR) and the Humanitarian Asylum Review Process (HARP).
  • Launched the Family Fraud Initiative to identify hundreds of individuals who were fraudulently presenting themselves as family units at the border, oftentimes with trafficking children, in order to ensure child welfare.
  • Improved screening in countries with high overstay rates and reduced visa overstay rates in many of these countries.
  • Removed bureaucratic constraints on United States consular officers that reduced their ability to appropriately vet visa applicants.
  • Worked with Mexico and other regional partners to dismantle the human smuggling networks in our hemisphere that profit from human misery and fuel the border crisis by exploiting vulnerable populations.

Secured our Nation’s immigration system against criminals and terrorists.

  • Instituted national security travel bans to keep out terrorists, jihadists, and violent extremists, and implemented a uniform security and information-sharing baseline all nations must meet in order for their nationals to be able to travel to, and emigrate to, the United States.
  • Suspended refugee resettlement from the world’s most dangerous and terror-afflicted regions.
  • Rebalanced refugee assistance to focus on overseas resettlement and burden-sharing.
  • 85 percent reduction in refugee resettlement.
  • Overhauled badly-broken refugee security screening process.
  • Required the Department of State to consult with states and localities as part of the Federal government’s refugee resettlement process.
  • Issued strict sanctions on countries that have failed to take back their own nationals.
  • Established the National Vetting Center, which is the most advanced and comprehensive visa screening system anywhere in the world.

Protected American workers and taxpayers.

  • Issued a comprehensive “public charge” regulation to ensure newcomers to the United States are financially self-sufficient and not reliant on welfare.
  • Created an enforcement mechanism for sponsor repayment and deeming, to ensure that people who are presenting themselves as sponsors are actually responsible for sponsor obligations.
  • Issued regulations to combat the horrendous practice of “birth tourism.”
  • Issued a rule with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to make illegal aliens ineligible for public housing.
  • Issued directives requiring Federal agencies to hire United States workers first and prioritizing the hiring of United States workers wherever possible.
  • Suspended the entry of low-wage workers that threaten American jobs.
  • Finalized new H-1B regulations to permanently end the displacement of United States workers and modify the administrative tools that are required for H-1B visa issuance.
  • Defended United States sovereignty by withdrawing from the United Nations’ Global Compact on Migration.
  • Suspended Employment Authorization Documents for aliens who arrive illegally between ports of entry and are ordered removed from the United States.
  • Restored integrity to the use of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) by strictly adhering to the statutory conditions required for TPS.

Restoring American Leadership Abroad

Restored America’s leadership in the world and successfully negotiated to ensure our allies pay their fair share for our military protection.

  • Secured a $400 billion increase in defense spending from NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) allies by 2024, and the number of members meeting their minimum obligations more than doubled.
  • Credited by Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg for strengthening NATO.
  • Worked to reform and streamline the United Nations (UN) and reduced spending by $1.3 billion.
  • Allies, including Japan and the Republic of Korea, committed to increase burden-sharing.
  • Protected our Second Amendment rights by announcing the United States will never ratify the UN Arms Trade Treaty.
  • Returned 56 hostages and detainees from more than 24 countries.
  • Worked to advance a free and open Indo-Pacific region, promoting new investments and expanding American partnerships.

Advanced peace through strength.

  • Withdrew from the horrible, one-sided Iran Nuclear Deal and imposed crippling sanctions on the Iranian Regime.
  • Conducted vigorous enforcement on all sanctions to bring Iran’s oil exports to zero and deny the regime its principal source of revenue.
  • First president to meet with a leader of North Korea and the first sitting president to cross the demilitarized zone into North Korea.
  • Maintained a maximum pressure campaign and enforced tough sanctions on North Korea while negotiating de-nuclearization, the release of American hostages, and the return of the remains of American heroes.
  • Brokered economic normalization between Serbia and Kosovo, bolstering peace in the Balkans.
  • Signed the Honk Kong Autonomy Act and ended the United States’ preferential treatment with Hong Kong to hold China accountable for its infringement on the autonomy of Hong Kong.
  • Led allied efforts to defeat the Chinese Communist Party’s efforts to control the international telecommunications system.

Renewed our cherished friendship and alliance with Israel and took historic action to promote peace in the Middle East.

  • Recognized Jerusalem as the true capital of Israel and quickly moved the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.
  • Acknowledged Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights and declared that Israeli settlements in the West Bank are not inconsistent with international law.
  • Removed the United States from the United Nations Human Rights Council due to the group’s blatant anti-Israel bias.
  • Brokered historic peace agreements between Israel and Arab-Muslim countries, including the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Bahrain, and Sudan.
  • Brokered a deal for Kosovo to normalize ties and establish diplomatic relations with Israel.
  • Announced that Serbia would move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.
  • First American president to address an assembly of leaders from more than 50 Muslim nations, and reach an agreement to fight terrorism in all its forms.
  • Established the Etidal Center to combat terrorism in the Middle East in conjunction with the Saudi Arabian Government.
  • Announced the Vision for Peace Political Plan – a two-state solution that resolves the risks of Palestinian statehood to Israel’s security, and the first time Israel has agreed to a map and a Palestinian state.
  • Released an economic plan to empower the Palestinian people and enhance Palestinian governance through historic private investment.

Stood up against Communism and Socialism in the Western Hemisphere.

  • Reversed the previous Administration’s disastrous Cuba policy, canceling the sellout deal with the Communist Castro dictatorship.
  • Pledged not to lift sanctions until all political prisoners are freed; freedoms of assembly and expression are respected; all political parties are legalized; and free elections are scheduled.
  • Enacted a new policy aimed at preventing American dollars from funding the Cuban regime, including stricter travel restrictions and restrictions on the importation of Cuban alcohol and tobacco.
  • Implemented a cap on remittances to Cuba.
  • Enabled Americans to file lawsuits against persons and entities that traffic in property confiscated by the Cuban regime.
  • First world leader to recognize Juan Guaido as the Interim President of Venezuela and led a diplomatic coalition against the Socialist Dictator of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro.
  • Blocked all property of the Venezuelan Government in the jurisdiction of the United States.
  • Cut off the financial resources of the Maduro regime and sanctioned key sectors of the Venezuelan economy exploited by the regime.
  • Brought criminal charges against Nicolas Maduro for his narco-terrorism.
  • Imposed stiff sanctions on the Ortega regime in Nicaragua.
  • Joined together with Mexico and Canada in a successful bid to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup, with 60 matches to be held in the United States.
  • Won bid to host the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California.

Colossal Rebuilding of the Military

Rebuilt the military and created the Sixth Branch, the United States Space Force.

  • Completely rebuilt the United States military with over $2.2 trillion in defense spending, including $738 billion for 2020.
  • Secured three pay raises for our service members and their families, including the largest raise in a decade.
  • Established the Space Force, the first new branch of the United States Armed Forces since 1947.
  • Modernized and recapitalized our nuclear forces and missile defenses to ensure they continue to serve as a strong deterrent.
  • Upgraded our cyber defenses by elevating the Cyber Command into a major warfighting command and by reducing burdensome procedural restrictions on cyber operations.
  • Vetoed the FY21 National Defense Authorization Act, which failed to protect our national security, disrespected the history of our veterans and military, and contradicted our efforts to put America first.

Defeated terrorists, held leaders accountable for malign actions, and bolstered peace around the world.

  • Defeated 100 percent of ISIS’ territorial caliphate in Iraq and Syria.
  • Freed nearly 8 million civilians from ISIS’ bloodthirsty control, and liberated Mosul, Raqqa, and the final ISIS foothold of Baghuz.
  • Killed the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and eliminated the world’s top terrorist, Qasem Soleimani.
  • Created the Terrorist Financing Targeting Center (TFTC) in partnership between the United States and its Gulf partners to combat extremist ideology and threats, and target terrorist financial networks, including over 60 terrorist individuals and entities spanning the globe.
  • Twice took decisive military action against the Assad regime in Syria for the barbaric use of chemical weapons against innocent civilians, including a successful 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles strike.
  • Authorized sanctions against bad actors tied to Syria’s chemical weapons program.
  • Negotiated an extended ceasefire with Turkey in northeast Syria.

Addressed gaps in American’s defense-industrial base, providing much-needed updates to improve the safety of our country.

  • Protected America’s defense-industrial base, directing the first whole-of-government assessment of our manufacturing and defense supply chains since the 1950s.
  • Took decisive steps to secure our information and communications technology and services supply chain, including unsafe mobile applications.
  • Completed several multi-year nuclear material removal campaigns, securing over 1,000 kilograms of highly enriched uranium and significantly reducing global nuclear threats.
  • Signed an executive order directing Federal agencies to work together to diminish the capability of foreign adversaries to target our critical electric infrastructure.
  • Established a whole-of-government strategy addressing the threat posed by China’s malign efforts targeting the United States taxpayer-funded research and development ecosystem.
  • Advanced missile defense capabilities and regional alliances.
  • Bolstered the ability of our allies and partners to defend themselves through the sale of aid and military equipment.
  • Signed the largest arms deal ever, worth nearly $110 billion, with Saudi Arabia.

Serving and Protecting Our Veterans

Reformed the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to improve care, choice, and employee accountability.

  • Signed and implemented the VA Mission Act, which made permanent Veterans CHOICE, revolutionized the VA community care system, and delivered quality care closer to home for Veterans.
  • The number of Veterans who say they trust VA services has increased 19 percent to a record 91 percent, an all-time high.
  • Offered same-day emergency mental health care at every VA medical facility, and secured $9.5 billion for mental health services in 2020.
  • Signed the VA Choice and Quality Employment Act of 2017, which ensured that veterans could continue to see the doctor of their choice and wouldn’t have to wait for care.
  • During the Trump Administration, millions of veterans have been able to choose a private doctor in their communities.
  • Expanded Veterans’ ability to access telehealth services, including through the “Anywhere to Anywhere” VA healthcare initiative leading to a 1000 percent increase in usage during COVID-19.
  • Signed the Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act and removed thousands of VA workers who failed to give our Vets the care they have so richly deserve.
  • Signed the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act of 2017 and improved the efficiency of the VA, setting record numbers of appeals decisions.
  • Modernized medical records to begin a seamless transition from the Department of Defense to the VA.
  • Launched a new tool that provides Veterans with online access to average wait times and quality-of-care data.
  • The promised White House VA Hotline has fielded hundreds of thousands of calls.
  • Formed the PREVENTS Task Force to fight the tragedy of Veteran suicide.

Decreased veteran homelessness, and education benefits, and achieved record-low veteran unemployment.

  • Signed and implemented the Forever GI Bill, allowing Veterans to use their benefits to get an education at any point in their lives.
  • Eliminated every penny of Federal student loan debt owed by American veterans who are completely and permanently disabled.
  • Compared to 2009, 49 percent fewer veterans experienced homelessness nationwide during 2019.
  • Signed and implemented the HAVEN Act to ensure that Veterans who’ve declared bankruptcy don’t lose their disability payments.
  • Helped hundreds of thousands of military service members make the transition from the military to the civilian workforce, and developed programs to support the employment of military spouses.
  • Placed nearly 40,000 homeless veterans into employment through the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program.
  • Placed over 600,000 veterans into employment through American Job Center services.
  • Enrolled over 500,000 transitioning service members in over 20,000 Department of Labor employment workshops.
  • Signed an executive order to help Veterans transition seamlessly into the United States Merchant Marine.

Making Communities Safer

Signed into law landmark criminal justice reform.

  • Signed the bipartisan First Step Act into law, the first landmark criminal justice reform legislation ever passed to reduce recidivism and help former inmates successfully rejoin society.
  • Promoted second chance hiring to give former inmates the opportunity to live crime-free lives and find meaningful employment.
  • Launched a new “Ready to Work” initiative to help connect employers directly with former prisoners.
  • Awarded $2.2 million to states to expand the use of fidelity bonds, which underwrite companies that hire former prisoners.
  • Reversed decades-old ban on Second Chance Pell programs to provide postsecondary education to individuals who are incarcerated expand their skills and better succeed in the workforce upon re-entry.
  • Awarded over $333 million in Department of Labor grants to nonprofits and local and state governments for reentry projects focused on career development services for justice-involved youth and adults who were formerly incarcerated.

Unprecedented support for law-enforcement.

  • In 2019, violent crime fell for the third consecutive year.
  • Since 2016, the violent crime rate has declined over 5 percent and the murder rate has decreased by over 7 percent.
  • Launched Operation Legend to combat a surge of violent crime in cities, resulting in more than 5,500 arrests.
  • Deployed the National Guard and Federal law enforcement to Kenosha to stop violence and restore public safety.
  • Provided $1 million to Kenosha law enforcement, nearly $4 million to support small businesses in Kenosha, and provided over $41 million to support law enforcement to the state of Wisconsin.
  • Deployed Federal agents to save the courthouse in Portland from rioters.
  • Signed an executive order outlining ten-year prison sentences for destroying Federal property and monuments.
  • Directed the Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate and prosecute Federal offenses related to ongoing violence.
  • DOJ provided nearly $400 million for new law enforcement hiring.
  • Endorsed by the 355,000 members of the Fraternal Order of Police.
  • Revitalized Project Safe Neighborhoods, which brings together Federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement officials to develop solutions to violent crime.
  • Improved first-responder communications by deploying the FirstNet National Public Safety Broadband Network, which serves more than 12,000 public safety agencies across the Nation.
  • Established a new commission to evaluate best practices for recruiting, training, and supporting law enforcement officers.
  • Signed the Safe Policing for Safe Communities executive order to incentive local police department reforms in line with law and order.
  • Made hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of surplus military equipment available to local law enforcement.
  • Signed an executive order to help prevent violence against law enforcement officers.
  • Secured permanent funding for the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund for first responders.

Implemented strong measures to stem hate crimes, gun violence, and human trafficking.

  • Signed an executive order making clear that Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 applies to discrimination rooted in anti-Semitism.
  • Launched a centralized website to educate the public about hate crimes and encourage reporting.
  • Signed the Fix NICS Act to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals.
  • Signed the STOP School Violence Act and created a Commission on School Safety to examine ways to make our schools safer.
  • Launched the Foster Youth to Independence initiative to prevent and end homelessness among young adults under the age of 25 who are in, or have recently left, the foster care system.
  • Signed the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, which tightened criteria for whether countries are meeting standards for eliminating trafficking.
  • Established a task force to help combat the tragedy of missing or murdered Native American women and girls.
  • Prioritized fighting for the voiceless and ending the scourge of human trafficking across the Nation, through a whole of government back by legislation, executive action, and engagement with key industries.
  • Created the first-ever White House position focused solely on combating human trafficking.

Cherishing Life and Religious Liberty

Steadfastly supported the sanctity of every human life and worked tirelessly to prevent government funding of abortion.

  • Reinstated and expanded the Mexico City Policy, ensuring that taxpayer money is not used to fund abortion globally.
  • Issued a rule preventing Title X taxpayer funding from subsiding the abortion industry.
  • Supported legislation to end late-term abortions.
  • Cut all funding to the United Nations population fund due to the fund’s support for coercive abortion and forced sterilization.
  • Signed legislation overturning the previous administration’s regulation that prohibited states from defunding abortion facilities as part of their family planning programs.
  • Fully enforced the requirement that taxpayer dollars do not support abortion coverage in Obamacare exchange plans.
  • Stopped the Federal funding of fetal tissue research.
  • Worked to protect healthcare entities and individuals’ conscience rights – ensuring that no medical professional is forced to participate in an abortion in violation of their beliefs.
  • Issued an executive order reinforcing requirement that all hospitals in the United States provide medical treatment or an emergency transfer for infants who are in need of emergency medical care—regardless of prematurity or disability.
  • Led a coalition of countries to sign the Geneva Consensus Declaration, declaring that there is no international right to abortion and committing to protecting women’s health.
  • First president in history to attend the March for Life.

Stood up for religious liberty in the United States and around the world.

  • Protected the conscience rights of doctors, nurses, teachers, and groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor.
  • First president to convene a meeting at the United Nations to end religious persecution.
  • Established the White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative.
  • Stopped the Johnson Amendment from interfering with pastors’ right to speak their minds.
  • Reversed the previous administration’s policy that prevented the government from providing disaster relief to religious organizations.
  • Protected faith-based adoption and foster care providers, ensuring they can continue to serve their communities while following the teachings of their faith.
  • Reduced burdensome barriers to ensure Native Americans are free to keep spiritually and culturally significant eagle feathers found on their tribal lands.
  • Took action to ensure Federal employees can take paid time off work to observe religious holy days.
  • Signed legislation to assist religious and ethnic groups targeted by ISIS for mass murder and genocide in Syria and Iraq.
  • Directed American assistance toward persecuted communities, including through faith-based programs.
  • Launched the International Religious Freedom Alliance – the first-ever alliance devoted to confronting religious persecution around the world.
  • Appointed a Special Envoy to monitor and combat anti-Semitism.
  • Imposed restrictions on certain Chinese officials, internal security units, and companies for their complicity in the persecution of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang.
  • Issued an executive order to protect and promote religious freedom around the world.

Safeguarding the Environment

Took strong action to protect the environment and ensure clean air and clean water.

  • Took action to protect vulnerable Americans from being exposed to lead and copper in drinking water and finalized a rule protecting children from lead-based paint hazards.
  • Invested over $38 billion in clean water infrastructure.
  • In 2019, America achieved the largest decline in carbon emissions of any country on earth. Since withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord, the United States has reduced carbon emissions more than any nation.
  • American levels of particulate matter – one of the main measures of air pollution – are approximately five times lower than the global average.
  • Between 2017 and 2019, the air became 7 percent cleaner – indicated by a steep drop in the combined emissions of criteria pollutants.
  • Led the world in greenhouse gas emissions reductions, having cut energy-related CO2 emissions by 12 percent from 2005 to 2018 while the rest of the world increased emissions by 24 percent.
  • In FY 2019 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cleaned up more major pollution sites than any year in nearly two decades.
  • The EPA delivered $300 million in Brownfields grants directly to communities most in need including investment in 118 Opportunity Zones.
  • Placed a moratorium on offshore drilling off the coasts of Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida.
  • Restored public access to Federal land at Bears Ears National Monument and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.
  • Recovered more endangered or threatened species than any other administration in its first term.

Secured agreements and signed legislation to protect the environment and preserve our Nation’s abundant national resources.

  • The USMCA guarantees the strongest environmental protections of any trade agreement in history.
  • Signed the Save Our Seas Act to protect our environment from foreign nations that litter our oceans with debris and developed the first-ever Federal strategic plan to address marine litter.
  • Signed the Great American Outdoors Act, securing the single largest investment in America’s National Parks and public lands in history.
  • Signed the largest public lands legislation in a decade, designating 1.3 million new acres of wilderness.
  • Signed a historic executive order promoting much more active forest management to prevent catastrophic wildfires.
  • Opened and expanded access to over 4 million acres of public lands for hunting and fishing.
  • Joined the One Trillion Trees Initiative to plant, conserve, and restore trees in America and around the world.
  • Delivered infrastructure upgrades and investments for numerous projects, including over half a billion dollars to fix the Herbert Hoover Dike and expanding funding for Everglades restoration by 55 percent.

Expanding Educational Opportunity

Fought tirelessly to give every American access to the best possible education.

  • The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act expanded School Choice, allowing parents to use up to $10,000 from a 529 education savings account to cover K-12 tuition costs at the public, private, or religious school of their choice.
  • Launched a new pro-American lesson plan for students called the 1776 Commission to promote patriotic education.
  • Prohibited the teaching of Critical Race Theory in the Federal government.
  • Established the National Garden of American Heroes, a vast outdoor park that will feature the statues of the greatest Americans to ever live.
  • Called on Congress to pass the Education Freedom Scholarships and Opportunity Act to expand education options for 1 million students of all economic backgrounds.
  • Signed legislation reauthorizing the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program.
  • Issued updated guidance making clear that the First Amendment right to Free Exercise of Religion does not end at the door to a public school.

Took action to promote technical education.

  • Signed into law the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act, which provides over 13 million students with high-quality vocational education and extends more than $1.3 billion each year to states for critical workforce development programs.
  • Signed the INSPIRE Act which encouraged NASA to have more women and girls participate in STEM and seek careers in aerospace.
  • Allocated no less than $200 million each year in grants to prioritize women and minorities in STEM and computer science education.

Drastically reformed and modernized our educational system to restore local control and promote fairness.

  • Restored state and local control of education by faithfully implementing the Every Student Succeeds Act.
  • Signed an executive order that ensures public universities protect First Amendment rights or they will risk losing funding, addresses student debt by requiring colleges to share a portion of the financial risk, and increases transparency by requiring universities to disclose information about the value of potential educational programs.
  • Issued a rule strengthening Title IX protections for survivors of sexual misconduct in schools, and that – for the first time in history – codifies that sexual harassment is prohibited under Title IX.
  • Negotiated historic bipartisan agreement on new higher education rules to increase innovation and lower costs by reforming accreditation, state authorization, distance education, competency-based education, credit hour, religious liberty, and TEACH Grants.

Prioritized support for Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

  • Moved the Federal Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Initiative back to the White House.
  • Signed into law the FUTURE Act, making permanent $255 million in annual funding for HBCUs and increasing funding for the Federal Pell Grant program.
  • Signed legislation that included more than $100 million for scholarships, research, and centers of excellence at HBCU land-grant institutions.
  • Fully forgave $322 million in disaster loans to four HBCUs in 2018, so they could fully focus on educating their students.
  • Enabled faith-based HBCUs to enjoy equal access to Federal support.

Combatting the Opioid Crisis

Brought unprecedented attention and support to combat the opioid crisis.

  • Declared the opioid crisis a nationwide public health emergency.
  • Secured a record $6 billion in new funding to combat the opioid epidemic.
  • Signed the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act, the largest-ever legislative effort to address a drug crisis in our Nation’s history.
  • Launched the Initiative to Stop Opioid Abuse and Reduce Drug Supply and Demand in order to confront the many causes fueling the drug crisis.
  • The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) awarded a record $9 billion in grants to expand access to prevention, treatment, and recovery services to States and local communities.
  • Passed the CRIB Act, allowing Medicaid to help mothers and their babies who are born physically dependent on opioids by covering their care in residential pediatric recovery facilities.
  • Distributed $1 billion in grants for addiction prevention and treatment.
  • Announced a Safer Prescriber Plan that seeks to decrease the amount of opioids prescriptions filled in America by one third within three years.
  • Reduced the total amount of opioids prescriptions filled in America.
  • Expanded access to medication-assisted treatment and life-saving Naloxone.
  • Launched FindTreatment.gov, a tool to find help for substance abuse.
  • Drug overdose deaths fell nationwide in 2018 for the first time in nearly three decades.
  • Launched the Drug-Impaired Driving Initiative to work with local law enforcement and the driving public at large to increase awareness.
  • Launched a nationwide public ad campaign on youth opioid abuse that reached 58 percent of young adults in America.
  • Since 2016, there has been a nearly 40 percent increase in the number of Americans receiving medication-assisted treatment.
  • Approved 29 state Medicaid demonstrations to improve access to opioid use disorder treatment, including new flexibility to cover inpatient and residential treatment.
  • Approved nearly $200 million in grants to address the opioid crisis in severely affected communities and to reintegrate workers in recovery back into the workforce.

Took action to seize illegal drugs and punish those preying on innocent Americans.

  • In FY 2019, ICE HSI seized 12,466 pounds of opioids including 3,688 pounds of fentanyl, an increase of 35 percent from FY 2018.
  • Seized tens of thousands of kilograms of heroin and thousands of kilograms of fentanyl since 2017.
  • The Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecuted more fentanyl traffickers than ever before, dismantled 3,000 drug trafficking organizations, and seized enough fentanyl to kill 105,000 Americans.
  • DOJ charged more than 65 defendants collectively responsible for distributing over 45 million opioid pills.
  • Brought kingpin designations against traffickers operating in China, India, Mexico, and more who have played a role in the epidemic in America.
  • Indicted major Chinese drug traffickers for distributing fentanyl in the U.S for the first time ever, and convinced China to enact strict regulations to control the production and sale of fentanyl.

Congratulations you just finished the entire impressive list.

Source: President Donald J. Trump: Still the Greatest President of the Modern Era!

Election Manipulation Confirmed! Finally! Here’s the Truth! | News With Views by Rev. Austin Miles

by Rev. Austin Miles

We knew that Donald Trump was given 77 million votes. That could not be hidden. Yet the Communist Democrats strained to convince us that this count wasn’t true. We heard stories of stacks of hundreds of ballots voting for Trump being tossed into rivers, and buried. We had proof of dead people voting. The grave yards were never livelier.

There were too many eye witness accounts in too many locations to fluff this off. Seventy Seven Million ballots voting for Trump simply tossed aside so that socialist Joe Biden could take control of America for the Communist Party. That has been the goal of the reds for over 60 years.

This “election” was totally tampered with in order to put America under socialist communist control. The lying news media did everything possible to unseat Donald Trump, even though he did everything he said he would do as president. No president was able to accomplish that during their tenure. Trump did.

When complaints about the election irregularities began to arise, the lying news media used words like “unsubstantiated claims,” and “faulty reports” in order to hide what had really taken place.

And the first thing Biden did as he slid into the Oval Office was to stop a company, in the middle of their project, costing 11,000 American jobs. That was right out of the gate. He has continued to sabotage our independence so as to be totally dependent on the Communist Government to meet their needs, or the needs the government determines one has.

This was a Communist coup d’etat that had been in the works for decades. Now to answer the typical reactions to election fraud, which itwas, you will hear from eye witnesses to the various election frauds that took place. It was not an individual, but a group effort. You must take the time to listen to this and you will be astonished at what has taken place right under your eyes. As the Chinese Philosopher Sun Tzu stated, we must learn everything about our enemy.

In this case, experts reveal the cyber attack on our country. We must and CAN turn this around so that this can never again happen in our country again. Mike Lindell, the pillow man is a fierce patriot and gathered information that absolutely cannot be denied.

So here is everything you wanted to know about this last election but were afraid to ask. Click on this link for all our sakes: And fellow countrymen, here is ABOLUTE TRUTH about what really happened in the 2020 election.

Source: Election Manipulation Confirmed! Finally! Here’s the Truth!

Trump Impeachment Lawyer: ‘Bloodthirsty’ Media Is ‘Trying to Divide This Country’

One of former President Donald Trump’s impeachment lawyers accused media companies of trying to push a narrative instead of reporting on facts, saying news outlets are “trying to divide this country.” “What this country wants and this country needs is this country to come together,” Michael T. van der Veen said, adding that the reason why there is so much divisiveness is “because of the media.” “Because the media wants to tell their narrative rather than just telling it like it is,” he said, adding that corporate media outlets have “to start telling the right story in this country” and that “media is trying to divide this country” to make a profit. “You are bloodthirsty for ratings.

Source: Trump Impeachment Lawyer: ‘Bloodthirsty’ Media Is ‘Trying to Divide This Country’