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February 20 Evening Quotes of The Day

Believing Is Accepting Christ as Lord and Savior
John 11:27; Acts 15:11; 16:31; Colossians 2:6

Believing is nothing else but the accepting of Christ for your Lord and Savior, as he is offered to you in the gospel. And this accepting is principally, if not only, the act of your will, so that if you are sincerely and cordially willing to have Christ upon his own terms, upon gospel terms—that is, to save you and rule you, to redeem you and to reign over you—then you are a believer. Your sincere willingness to believe is your faith, and this gift brings you within the compass of the promise of eternal happiness and blessedness.


Ritzema, E., & Vince, E. (Eds.). (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Puritans. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

The Son of God Took Human Flesh
John 1:14; Hebrews 4:15

It is without doubt that the Son of God took true and human flesh, and in the same is consubstantial or of the selfsame substance with us in all points, sin excepted.


Ritzema, E. (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Reformation. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

February 20 Evening Verse of the Day

7:12 holy and righteous and good. The law reflects God’s character (“holy”); it is the objective norm for humanity’s covenantal response to God (“righteous”); and it is beneficial for each one of us personally, since we have been created in the image of God (“good”).[1]

7:12 law is holy Paul praises the law as a good and holy gift from God, since it requires what is right from humanity. He rejects any argument that blames the law as the cause of human sin.[2]

7:12 In light of vv. 7–11, Paul affirms the holiness of the law and the goodness of God’s commands.[3]

7:12 The fact that the law reveals, arouses, and condemns sin, bringing death to the sinner, does not mean that the law is evil (cf. v. 7). Rather the law is a perfect reflection of God’s holy character (cf. vv. 14, 16, 22; Ps 19:7–11) and the standard for believers to please Him.[4]

7:12 — Therefore the law is holy, and the commandment holy and just and good.

The Word of God reveals to us the character of God—His holiness, righteousness, justice, goodness, kindness, and more. As a reflection of Him, the Word both celebrates His perfect nature and reveals to us our own fallen nature.[5]

7:12 The conclusion is that the law as a whole and the individual commandments are holy. Our problem with sin is not the fault of the holy law of God, only of how our sinful nature (vv. 8, 11, 13) responds to the law.[6]

7:12 The law itself is holy, and each commandment is holy and just and good. In our thinking we must constantly remember that there is nothing wrong with the law. It was given by God and therefore is perfect as an expression of His will for His people. The weakness of the law lay in the “raw materials” it had to work with: it was given to people who were already sinners. They needed the law to give them the knowledge of sin, but beyond that they needed a Savior to deliver them from the penalty and power of sin.[7]

7:12. The fourth value is that the law reveals the nature of the Lawgiver. The troublemaker in the death scenario is not the law, but the sin nature, on which Paul is about to pull back the curtain in the second half of the chapter. But here he brings to a conclusion his essential answer to the objector who had asked, “Is the law sin?” (v. 7). Because the law comes from a holy, righteous, and good God, the law itself must reveal those same characteristics, which it does. Is there an unholy commandment to be found among God’s laws? No, because God is holy (Lev. 19:2). Is there an unrighteous commandment to be found among God’s laws? No, because God is righteous (Dan. 9:14). Is there an evil commandment to be found among God’s laws? No, because God is good (Mark 10:18).[8]

7:12 This is Paul’s affirmation of the goodness of the Law. It is not the problem. However Paul’s parallel structure, using “sin” in chapter 6 and “law” in chapter 7, must have upset the legalistic Jewish believers (the weak of 14:1–15:13) in the Roman church.[9]

Ver. 12. Wherefore the law is holy, and the commandment holy, and just, and good.

The law:

  1. Its nature. It is—1. Universal in its extent. It is binding at all times, in all places, and upon all. 2. Perpetual in its obligation: it can allow of no change. Other laws, the ceremonial laws, e.g., may be abrogated or altered, but the moral law, being founded upon the Divine nature, knows no change. “Heaven and earth shall pass away,” &c. 3. Perfect in its character. Being the expression and emanation of the perfect nature and will of God, “the law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul.” 4. Spiritual (ver. 14). It comes from God who is Spirit; and it demands of man spiritual obedience. 5. “Holy”; free from all spot and blemish. 6. “Just,” founded upon the eternal principles of right. 7. “Good,” benevolent in its design, tending to promote happiness, and promising life to those that observe it.
  2. Its excellence and importance. This is implied in its nature; but it will further appear if we consider—1. It was originally implanted in the constitution of man’s nature. A written law was not necessary, for the love of God, the essential principle of this law, was bound up in the constitution of Adam (Gen. 1:27; Rom. 2:15). And it is the purpose of God to replace the law in the position which it originally occupied; to rewrite it upon man’s heart. 2. In the giving of this law at Sinai we see another illustration of its excellence. (1) The law contained in the ten commandments was given directly by word of mouth from God. All the other commandments were given through Moses. (2) It was written twice by the finger of God upon both sides of the tables, perhaps covered the whole of them to show that there was to be no addition or alteration. (3) It was written not upon parchment, but upon stone, to show its perpetual obligation. 3. Our Lord (1) Ever recognised it, vindicated its authority, expounded its import, and enforced it by His own sanction and teaching. (2) Not only taught the law, but practised it, rendering it a perfect and sinless obedience. (3) Honoured it by undergoing the penalty which it threatens against all that break its enactments.

III. Its use. 1. To mankind at large—(1) It exhibits, magnifies, and explains the character of God. (2) It teaches men the principles of right and wrong, and how they are bound to act with reference to God, their neighbour, and themselves. The gospel has in no sense superseded or abrogated the law. It comes in as a supplemental system, saving man from the penalty which the law threatens, and placing man in a position whereby he may render obedience to that law. 2. But whilst saying this a considerable difficulty suggests itself as to the relation of the believer to the law. We find a class of passages which appear to teach its eternal obligation upon all men (Matt. 5; Rom. 3:31; 13:10; James 1:25; 2:8). But we find other passages which appear to teach that the Christian is not under the law (1 Tim. 1:9; Rom. 6:14; 7:6). How are we to understand this? The true believer is not under the law—(1) As a ground of condemnation or as a ground of justification. Inasmuch as Christ has perfectly obeyed the law, and atoned for the law’s breach, that work is imputed and made over to him that believes, so that he is delivered from the condemnation of the law (Rom. 8). So far therefore as his judicial standing before God is concerned, he and the law are altogether separated. (2) In regard to sanctification. When a man believes truly in Christ, he has not only imputed to him the merits of Christ, but he has imparted to him the power of Christ’s new life. He is born again of the Spirit. And where that Holy Spirit is, every desire which He inspires, every principle which He suggests, is holy. The man is no longer under the law as a handwriting against him, for he has its principle implanted in his heart, and he can say, “Oh, how I love Thy law; it is my meditation all the day.” 3. Of what use then is the law to a believer? I answer that if the work of grace were perfected within us, that if we acted in perfect harmony with the instincts and quickenings of the Spirit of God, it would be of no use. But inasmuch as the work of grace is not perfected within us, inasmuch as there is a tendency oftentimes towards evil, the law of God is necessary for him who is not under the law, but under grace. (1) In keeping us under grace. The law not only leads him as to a schoolmaster first of all to Christ, but keeps him trusting in the Saviour. (2) In restraining the believer from sin. There are those who think there is but one motive which ought to influence a Christian’s heart—love, and no doubt perfect love would be enough. But we are not perfect, and therefore, though we are delivered from the fear of bondage and the fear of terror, yet the fear of reverence ought ever to influence the Christian. 4. As regards the unconverted, the law is of great importance. (1) As a restraining principle to keep them back from open and notorious sin. (2) As a convincing principle (ver. 9). (3) As a principle of conversion. “The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul.” Use it honestly, prayerfully, perseveringly, and you will find you can have no rest, until it has shut you up into the faith, until it has been the means of driving you to that refuge which is open for the sinner in Christ. (E. Bayley, B.D.)

The law holy and just and good:—Observe—

  1. The doctrine laid down in my text. 1. The law has different meanings. At one time it stands for the whole religion of Moses; as when the Jews are said to “make their boast of the law.” In another place it means the ceremonies which formed a prominent part of that religion; in which sense “the law had a shadow of good things to come.” But, very frequently the ten commandments are meant, as here. (1) By quoting the tenth commandment in ver. 7, Paul shows that the whole argument relates to the moral law. (2) This allusion also explains the repetition in the text. The whole law, but particularly that commandment to which I have alluded, is “holy, just, and good.” (3) The selection of this particular command shows that Paul viewed it as a spiritual law; extending, not to actions only, but to desires. He never knew what the law was till this tenth commandment came with power to his conscience; e.g., the sixth, he thought, forbad only actual murder; the seventh, actual adultery; the eighth, actual stealing. But when at length it was said, “Thou shalt not covet,” he then perceived that even the desire of things forbidden was sinful. 2. What, then, is the doctrine laid down by St. Paul concerning this heart-searching law? (1) It is holy. (a) The things which it forbids are evil; the dispositions which it requires are excellent. (b) By what standard shall we estimate holiness and unholiness? There is none other but the will and character of God. Those actions and dispositions which are agreeable to His nature, and which resemble His inimitable perfections, are holy; those of a contrary kind are unholy. God’s law is the very copy of His own Holy character; were it perfectly obeyed man would be holy, as God is holy. (2) It is just. (a) God could require nothing short of this. Anything less than entire purity of heart is not only different from God’s nature, but directly opposed to it. We may, without offence, be less wise or powerful; but it is impossible to admit the thought of His consenting that we shall be less holy. God made man “in His own image, and after His own likeness”; “God made man upright.” Was it unreasonable to require that man should preserve this holy likeness? (b) But you may object that we have now lost our original likeness to God; and that it is therefore no longer just to demand from us perfect obedience. But God’s rights cannot be diminished by any change in our condition. A bankrupt has lost the power of paying his debts; yet it is still just in the creditor to demand them, especially when, as is the case with men, the bankruptcy is the result of wickedness. (3) It is good. The whole of it tends to our welfare. If we had never broken it, there would have been no such thing as sorrow; and, if men would govern their hearts and lives by it, the world’s miseries would soon have an end. For what is the sum and substance of its requirements? Love to God above all, love to our neighbour as to ourselves. Now we know that love is happiness. The joys of heaven will consist of perfect love to God, and the mutual love of each other.
  2. Its practical uses. Learn—1. A lesson of the deepest self-abasement. The law, when first given to man, only made known to him his duty; but ever since the fall it has taught “the knowledge of sin.” The law is holy; but what are we? Moreover, the doctrine shuts out all excuse. We cannot complain of the law, for it is just and good. Yet have we all our lives acted contrary to it. 2. A lesson of despair. Whatever it may have been to man in a state of innocence, it is now the ministration of condemnation. It pronounces a curse on every transgressor; it worketh wrath; it has shut us up like prisoners, under a charge of sin so fully proved that it cannot be evaded. From all this let us learn that by the deeds of the law no flesh can be saved. Perfect obedience is necessary if we are to be justified by it. Can you, then, stand up and claim a full acquittal? If once you have sinned your soul is lost. Learn this and you will then be prepared to hear of a Saviour, who hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us, and despair will prove the parent of hope and joy. 3. How you ought to walk and please God. The law is what it ever was, holy, and just, and good. And therefore, though it cannot justify us as a covenant, it must still instruct us as a guide. (J. Jowett, M.A.)

The law holy and just and good:

  1. Holy. 1. In principle. 2. In requirement. 3. In operation. 4. In tendency. As a whole and in each commandment it bears the character and expresses the mind and will of Him who is infinitely holy, and requires only what is holy and pure (Micah 6:8).
  2. Just. It demands what is just and right and nothing more, and requires only what man was made capable of rendering. It tends to promote justice and righteousness everywhere; and secures to each his due—God, our neighbour, ourselves.

III. Good—useful, beneficial, tending to the happiness of man. The commandment broken was Paradise lost; the commandment observed will be Paradise restored. (T. Robinson, D.D.)

The law holy and just and good:—Some think these high characters are given to the law as being holy, in teaching us our duty towards God; just in prescribing our duty towards our neighbour, and good in regard to ourselves. Others thus, the law is holy respecting the matter of it, because it prescribeth holy things; just in propounding rewards and punishments, and good in respect to the end, leading to holiness and happiness. But I think we ought to carry the point much further: all these titles are given to the law, both in relation to the Author, the matter, and the end of the law. The Author of the law is holy, just and good; so is the doctrine or matter contained in the law; and so is the end proposed by the law. (J. Stafford.) The excellence of the law:—Holy in its origin, just in its requirements, good in its purpose. (Archdn. Farrar.)

The holy law:—Holy in its nature, just in its form, good in its end. (T. Robinson, D.D.)

Perfection of the law:—God’s justice is seen in the law given to man as the universal law of his existence. To give law to rational creatures is the prerogative of their Creator, and His law is, by an inevitable consequence, holy, just and good; it neither prohibits nor enjoins anything that is not in the most perfect accordance with the infinite perfections of God and the true and best interests of man. “It represents Him as the Righteous Governor of the universe, whose laws are in perfect consistency with the principles of equity, and whose character is in accordance with His laws. Referring to these principles of morality which are engraven on the heart of man, it declares that they were engraven by the finger of God, and that conscience is His vicegerent, speaking to us in His name, and making known to us the principles of His moral administration. And it unfolds a more copious code of morality, in which the same principles are revealed, for our better information and surer guidance—principles which, being engraven in the book of nature, and revealed in the written Word, are infallibly certain, and ought to be regarded as a true manifestation of the righteous character of Him who is the Author alike of nature and of revelation.” (J. Buchanan.)

The law and the gospel:

  1. Their difference. 1. In time and mode of original relation. The law is coeval with creation; the gospel was made known after the fall. The law is discoverable by the light of nature, the gospel is a hidden mystery. 2. The law addresses man as a creature, the gospel as a sinner. 3. Command, the characteristic of the law; promise of the gospel is the promise of life in Christ. Contrast between the covenant of Sinai and the covenant of grace. 4. The law condemns, the gospel justifies. Law only acquits or condemns, mercy is revealed in the gospel. 5. The law requires, the gospel enables. No enabling power in a command; motive and power supplied by the gospel.
  2. Their harmony. 1. There is no real antagonism. (1) The law prepares the way for the gospel. (2) The gospel fulfils, and so establishes the law. There are two ways of dealing with law, repeal and relaxation. Neither mode supposable in Divine government. How can man be saved and yet the law upheld? Perfect obedience the one condition of life. Christ undertakes for man. Fulfilment in man’s own person. Faith lays hold of precepts as well as promises. The law is a rule of life, written on the heart. The gospel secures its fulfilment for man and in man. (a) Assigns its just place and value to the Law in the Christian scheme. (b) Assigns its just place and value to the gospel. Conclusion; 1. How sure a foundation laid for the believer’s hope. 2. How sure a provision made for the believer’s holiness. (E. Bayley, B.D.)[10]

12. The law … the commandment … The law is the law in its entirety; the commandment is each of the precepts which it comprises (613, according to the traditional reckoning). The law is holy, because God, whose character it reflects and whose will it declares, is himself holy (cf. Lev. 11:45; 19:2).[11]

12. So then the law is indeed holy, &c. Some think that the words law and commandment is a repetition of the same thing; with whom I agree; and I consider that there is a peculiar force in the words, when he says, that the law itself and whatever is commanded in the law, is holy, and therefore to be regarded with the highest reverence,—that it is just, and cannot therefore be charged with anything wrong,—that it is good, and hence pure and free from everything that can do harm. He thus defends the law against every charge of blame, that no one should ascribe to it what is contrary to goodness, justice, and holiness.[12]

7:12 the law is holy. Verse 12 is a concluding statement qualifying verses 1–11 and is reminiscent of verse 7. Here in verse 12, Paul reiterates that the law is not the culprit in bringing about disobedience to God; sin is the perpetrator of disobedience. Rather, the law (the entire law of God to Moses) or commandment (a summary command of that law) is holy, righteous, and good. The law originated from God’s holy character and prescribes just conduct, and it is good because it is applicable to all humanity, proceeding as it does from the ultimate good—God himself.[13]

12 Having shown that the law is the innocent cat’s-paw of sin, Paul can now return and complete the point with which he began the paragraph. “Is the law sin? Of course not! [v. 7a].… The law is holy, and the commandment is holy and just and good.” Paul introduces this verse as the inference to be drawn from the true role of the law in the history that he has sketched in vv. 7b–11. Paul brings together as essentially parallel terms “law” and “commandment”; both refer to the Mosaic law, the former as a body, the latter in terms of the specific commandment that Paul has cited in v. 7 as representative of the whole. In calling the law “holy,” Paul is not describing its demand for holiness777 but its origin—it was given by the one who is in his nature “holy.” Again, the description “just” may allude to the function of the law, in that it prescribes “just” conduct, or perhaps to the nature of the law, as demanding no more than what is “right.” But the context encourages us to view “just” in accordance with the legal connotation this word group often has in Paul: the law, being holy, “cannot be charged with anything wrong.” “Good,” finally, also denotes the nature of the law, attributing to it that “goodness” which is characteristic, ultimately, of God alone (see Mark 10:18).

Although it is the experience of Israel with the Mosaic law that Paul describes in vv. 7–12, their experience, as we have seen, is symptomatic of that of all people who, in various ways, are confronted with God’s law in its various forms. Thus the failure and death of Israel should serve to remind all of us that salvation can never be earned by doing the law, but only by casting ourselves on the grace and mercy of God in Christ. Augustine says, “God commands what we cannot do that we may know what we ought to seek from him.” And Calvin: “In the precepts of the law, God is but the rewarder of perfect righteousness, which all of us lack, and conversely, the severe judge of evil deeds. But in Christ his face shines, full of grace and gentleness, even upon us poor and unworthy sinners.”780 The experience of Israel with the law should also remind Christians never to return to the law—whether the Mosaic or any other list of rules—as a source of spiritual vigor and growth.[14]

12 “So that the law is holy.” “So that” intimates a conclusion drawn from what precedes. We might have expected, “Nevertheless the law is holy”, in view of the function performed by the law as providing the occasion for sin. But, instead, we have a deduction drawn from verses 7–11 to the effect that the law is holy. What is it that warrants this inference? It is surely the fact that the law intrinsically and originally was unto life and therefore directed to the promotion of what is holy, just, and good. It becomes the occasion of sin only because of the contradiction which inheres in sin both as principle and as principle incited to action. The law is not sinful (vs. 7).

“The law is holy, and the commandment holy, and righteous, and good.” The law itself and in its concrete stipulations is holy. The “commandment”, no doubt, reflects specifically on that mentioned in verse 7, “thou shalt not covet”. But the proposition that it is holy, just, and good applies to every commandment. As holy, just, and good it reflects the character of God and is the transcript of his perfection. It bears the imprint of its author. This, as we shall see, is stated expressly in different terms in verse 14. As “holy” the commandment reflects the transcendence and purity of God and demands of us the correspondent consecration and purity; as “righteous” it reflects the equity of God and exacts of us in its demand and sanction nothing but that which is equitable; as “good” it promotes man’s highest well-being and thus expresses the goodness of God.[15]

12 It is time for the apostle to give a decisive answer to the question he had raised in v. 7: “Is the law sin?” So very far from being identifiable with sin, “the law is holy” (hagios, GK 41), as are the individual commandments it contains. It is possible to understand “the commandment” (hē entolē, GK 1953) as a reference to every single precept of the law, but the singular form leads one to think that Paul is casting a backward glance at the tenth commandment. But what Paul says of that commandment refers equally to the law as a whole. The commandment is “holy” because it comes from a holy God and searches out sin. It is “righteous” (dikaia, GK 1465) in view of the just requirements it lays on humans, and also because it forbids and condemns sin. It is “good” (agathē, GK 19), or beneficent, because its aim is life (v. 10). The misuse of the law at the hands of sin has not altered its own intrinsic character. Its goodness is twice reaffirmed in v. 13. Stuhlmacher, 108, writes, “In contrast to what his opponents maintain, the law is, for Paul, in no way a sinful power, but rather the arrangement and gift of God.”[16]

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40 Days to the Cross: Week of Ash Wednesday – Saturday

Confession: Psalm 51:13–19

Then I will teach transgressors your ways,

and sinners will turn back to you.

Deliver me from the guilt of bloodshed,

O God, the God of my salvation;

then my tongue will sing aloud of your righteousness.

O Lord, open my lips, and my mouth will proclaim your praise.

The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit;

A broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.

Do good in your favor toward Zion.

Build the walls of Jerusalem.

Then you will delight in righteous sacrifices,

burnt offering and whole burnt offering.

Then bulls will be offered on your altar.

Reading: Mark 9:14–29

And when they came to the disciples, they saw a large crowd around them and scribes arguing with them. And immediately the whole crowd, when they saw him, were amazed, and ran up to him and greeted him. And he asked them, “What are you arguing about with them?” And one individual from the crowd answered him, “Teacher, I brought to you my son who has a spirit that makes him mute. And whenever it seizes him, it throws him down and he foams at the mouth and grinds his teeth and becomes paralyzed. And I told your disciples that they should expel it, and they were not able to do so.”

And he answered them and said, “O unbelieving generation! How long will I be with you? How long must I put up with you? Bring him to me!” And they brought him to him. And when he saw him, the spirit immediately convulsed him, and falling on the ground, he began to roll around, foaming at the mouth. And he asked his father how long it was since this had been happening to him. And he said, “From childhood. And often it has thrown him both into fire and into water, in order that it could destroy him. But if you are able to do anything, have compassion on us and help us!” But Jesus said to him, “If you are able! All things are possible for the one who believes!” Immediately the father of the child cried out and said, “I believe! Help my unbelief!”

Now when Jesus saw that a crowd was running together, he rebuked the unclean spirit, saying to it, “Mute and deaf spirit, I command you, come out of him, and enter into him no more!” And it came out, screaming and convulsing him greatly, and he became as if he were dead, so that most of them said, “He has died!” But Jesus took hold of his hand and raised him up, and he stood up. And after he had entered into the house, his disciples asked him privately, “Why were we not able to expel it?” And he said to them, “This kind can come out by nothing except by prayer.”


The praying sinner receives mercy because his prayer is grounded on the promise of pardon made by Him whose right it is to pardon guilty sinners. The penitent seeker after God obtains mercy because there is a definite promise of mercy to all who seek the Lord in repentance and faith. Prayer always brings forgiveness to the seeking soul. The abundant pardon is dependent upon the promise made real by the promise of God to the sinner.

While salvation is promised to him who believes, the believing sinner is always a praying sinner.… “Behold he prays” is not only the unfailing sign of sincerity and the evidence that the sinner is proceeding in the right way to find God, but it is the prophecy of abundant pardon. Get the sinner to praying according to the divine promise, and he then is near the kingdom of God. The very best sign of the returning prodigal is that he confesses his sins and begins to ask for the lowliest place in his father’s house.

It is the divine promise of mercy, of forgiveness and of adoption which gives the poor sinner hope. This encourages him to pray. This moves him in distress to cry out, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy upon me” (Luke 18:38).

—E. M. Bounds

The Possibilities of Prayer


Like the father of the child in Mark 9:14–29 and the prodigal son—needy and at the end of themselves—may you, too, cry out, “I believe! Help my unbelief!” Confess your sin today, seek God, and know that you find mercy because He is merciful.[1]

[1] Van Noord, R., & Strong, J. (Eds.). (2014). 40 Days to the Cross: Reflections from Great Thinkers. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

February 20 Afternoon Quotes of The Day

The Beginning of John Bunyan’s Conversion
Numbers 23:9; Matthew 18:3

Upon a day, the good providence of God did cast me to Bedford, to work on my calling; and in one of the streets of that town, I came where there were three or four poor women sitting at a door in the sun, and talking about the things of God; and being now willing to hear them discourse, I drew near to hear what they said, for I was now a brisk talker also myself in the matters of religion. But now I may say, I heard, but I did not understand; for they were far above, out of my reach; for their talk was about a new birth, the work of God on their hearts, also how they were convinced of their miserable state by nature; they talked how God had visited their souls with his love in the Lord Jesus, and with what words and promises they had been refreshed, comforted, and supported against the temptations of the devil.

And I thought they spoke as if joy did make them speak; they spoke with such pleasantness of Scripture language, and with such appearance of grace in all they said, that they were to me, as if they had found a new world, as if they were people that dwelt alone, and were not to be reckoned among their neighbours.

At this I felt my own heart began to shake, as mistrusting my condition to be nought; for I saw that in all my thoughts about religion and salvation, the new birth did never enter into my mind, neither did I know the comfort of the Word and promise, nor the deceitfulness and treachery of my own wicked heart. As for secret thoughts, I took no notice of them; neither did I understand what Satan’s temptations were, nor how they were to be withstood and resisted.

Thus, therefore, when I had heard and considered what they said, I left them, and went about my employment again, but their talk and discourse went with me; also my heart would tarry with them, for I was greatly affected with their words, both because by them I was convinced that I wanted the true tokens of a truly godly man, and also because by them I was convinced of the happy and blessed condition of him that was such a one.


Ritzema, E. (Ed.). (2012). 300 Quotations for Preachers. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Aspiring to Greater Perfection
Matthew 5:48; 19:21; Philippians 3:15

No one is perfect who does not desire to be more perfect, and a man shows himself more perfect inasmuch as he aspires to greater perfection.


Ritzema, E., & Brant, R. (Eds.). (2013). 300 quotations for preachers from the Medieval church. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

20 Feb 2021 News Briefing

Israel’s first university-made nanosatellite to launch into space
Israel’s first nanosatellite to be completely designed, developed, assembled and tested by an Israeli university will launch into space on Saturday night, Tel Aviv University shared. TAU-SAT1 is scheduled to launch at 7:36 p.m. Israel time from the NASA launch facility in Virginia. A special panel discussion on the launch will take place directly before at 6:45 p.m. Israel time.

IAEA found uranium traces at two sites Iran barred it from, sources say
The U.N. nuclear watchdog found uranium particles at two Iranian sites it inspected after months of stonewalling, diplomats say, and it is preparing to rebuke Tehran for failing to explain, possibly complicating U.S. efforts to revive nuclear diplomacy. The find and Iran’s response risk hurting efforts by the new U.S. administration to restore Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal…

Sudan slams Ethiopia over ‘insulting’ border crisis statement
Sudan’s Foreign Ministry slammed a statement issued by the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry accusing Khartoum of serving the “interests of a third party” in the border crisis… The Sudanese Foreign Ministry described the Ethiopian statement as a “betrayal to the history of Ethiopia’s relations with Sudan and a denial to the mutual relations between the people of the two countries,” the report said.

Swarm of nearly 20 earthquakes rattles Mount Rainier in Washington, geologists say
A swarm of nearly 20 earthquakes measuring up to 2.5 magnitude rattled Mount Rainier in Washington on Wednesday afternoon, the U.S. Geological Survey reports. A five-hour series of earthquakes began at 3:13 p.m. at Mount Rainier, the USGS reported. Another singular quake struck Thursday morning.

Drop in coolant levels at Fukushima nuclear plant follows earthquake
Following last week’s earthquake in Fukushima, the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant has registered a drop in cooling water levels, which might indicate additional damage to the reactors has occurred. The February 13 quake struck offshore in Fukushima Prefecture, with a registered 7.3 magnitude earthquake occurring at a depth of 60 km, the Japan Meteorological Agency reported.

Islamic State captures new ground in eastern Syria
The Islamic State has seized new ground in the eastern region of Syria after launching a powerful attack against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) troops along the Deir ez-Zor-Homs axis, Al-Masdar News reports. According to reports from this front, the Islamic State began their assault by storming a Syrian Army garrison in the Al-Shoula area that is located between Deir ez-Zor city and the desert town of Al-Sukhnah.

Internal Whistleblower: Coca-Cola Is Forcing Their Employees To Attend “Anti-Racism” Lectures Telling Them To “Try To Be Less White” (Photos & Video)
In Biden’s America, almost every American value is dying. The political correctness mobs, the seminars, the pseudo-intellectual race theories—they’re all trickling through and it will take brave whistleblowers to expose this nonsense. An internal whistleblower leaked images of Coca-Cola’s online training modules instructing employees to “try to be less white.”

Biden Wants to Restore NATO. Macron Is Looking to Move On.
France’s President Emmanuel Macron is looking forward — to an entirely new transatlantic “security architecture” for the 21st century. Macron’s vision is an all-European defensive collective that is armed up and can act independently and ahead of “brain dead” NATO. Biden knows this, …

Let’s Review 50 Years Of Dire Climate Forecasts And What Actually Happened
Here are 21 headlines from various news sources regarding dire climate predictions over the last 50 years. Many of the predictions are outrageously funny.

Biden signals he cares more about returning to a flawed deal than taking a stand against Iranian terror
The former defense secretary Robert Gates famously wrote that Joe Biden “has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” If the early days of his presidency are any indication, Biden is determined to prove him right.

Netanyahu Extends Condolences to Rush Limbaugh’s Family
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu extended his condolences to the family of Rush Limbaugh on Thursday. Netanyahu described Limbaugh, the iconic politically conservative radio host, as a great and unwavering friend of Israel.

Biden Snubs Bibi, Rescinds Iran Sanctions, Ready to Reopen Nuclear Talks
Joe Biden in his phone conversation with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday mentioned Iran, he said nothing to the Israeli leader about his plan to bring back the nuclear deal as is. This should serve as a major red alert to Netanyahu, who is best remembered by Biden et al as the PM who defied President Obama by advocating in an open speech to both houses of Congress against the nuclear deal.

California bill proposes lawful use and sharing of psychedelic drugs
A broad drug reform bill has been introduced to the California state legislature proposing to decriminalize the possession and personal use of a number of psychedelic drugs, including LSD, psilocybin and MDMA. The bill proposes to expunge all criminal convictions relating to these substances and allows “social sharing” of the drugs, but not commercial sales.

Scientists establish freaky two-way communications with lucid dreamers
This is a big deal for scientists trying to work out what the heck is going on as we sleep, because typically they’ve had to rely on the fragmented, fading scraps of memory people have once they’ve woken up. “Our experimental goal is akin to finding a way to talk with an astronaut who is on another world,” reads the introduction of a combined study between four separate groups in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA. “I was fighting against goblins. I remember being surprised that I was able to do many things at the same time as the task.”

Tropical Cyclone “Guambe” intensifying over the Mozambique Channel
Tropical Cyclone “Guambe” formed in the Mozambique Channel on February 17, 2021, as the 8th named storm of the 2021/21 Southwest Indian Ocean cyclone season. Although Guambe is expected to stay about 100 km (62 miles) off the coast of Mozambique, significant impacts are expected in southern Mozambique on Friday and Saturday, February 19 and 20, 2021, between Inhambane and Xai-Xai. Heavy rains that can reach and locally exceed 150 mm (5.9 inches) in 24 hours are possible in these areas.

Communist China Is Far And Away The World’s Worst Polluter Yet Not A Single Democrat On The Left Will Call Them Out, Why Is That?
Liberal Democrats love to trash America over climate change, and yet, America is not even close to being the worst of the world’s polluters, that dubious honor belongs to Communist China. In fact, China is so bad that countries like Canada make a fortune selling them bottled air from Alberta.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Killed 10,000 New Yorkers By Executive Order, Then Lied About It And Tried To Hide It, Why Isn’t This The Scandal Of The Decade?
Right after night, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, New York governor Andrew Cuomo went on television with press conferences, and in ‘comedy sketch’s’ with his brother Christ ‘Fredo’ Cuomo, designed to show what a great leader the elder Cuomo was.

CDC orders masks be worn on all commercial fishing vessels, Coast Guard must enforce the new rule
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued new directives requiring the wearing of coronavirus masks on commercial fishing boats, sparking backlash about the federal government targeting an industry in which most of the work is done outdoors and far away from the general public.

EXCLUSIVE: Biden’s Insane Executive Order on Climate Change Gave China Access to the US Grid – Suddenly There’s an Energy Crisis In Texas – Any Relationship?
On Joe Biden’s first day in office, he signed an Executive Order (EO) that led to Texans literally freezing to death this past week.  Biden claimed his actions were to protect the climate but they helped China and made America less secure.

Pope Francis Says COVID Vaccine Is ‘Not An Option’ As Vatican Says They Will Fire All Employees Who Refuse To Submit To The DNA-Altering Jab
Remember all the people who called us crazed, conspiracy nuts because we’ve been saying for nearly a year that the COVID-19 vaccine would be made mandatory? Funny thing, those same people are now lining up to take the jab, begging for it actually, and saying it must be made mandatory to ‘protect humanity’.

CDC data show overdose deaths in U.S. hit record high amid COVID-19 pandemic
rug overdoses in the U.S. reportedly hit a record-high number in 2020, a likely indicator of the stressors of the COVID-19 pandemic, months-long lockdowns and economic woes experienced by much of the country this year.

Johns Hopkins Professor: ‘COVID Will Be Mostly Gone By April’
Vaccination rates and immunity from prior infection will allow Americans to return to normal life by April, a Johns Hopkins medical school professor argues.

Report: NIH Confirms Wuhan Lab Authorized to Receive Taxpayer Funding Through 2024
The National Institute of Health confirmed that the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) is eligible for taxpayer funding for animal research through 2024.

U.S. rescinds Trump White House claim that all U.N. sanctions had been reimposed on Iran
The United States on Thursday told the United Nations Security Council it was rescinding a Trump administration assertion that all U.N. sanctions had been reimposed on Iran in September.

France Investigating Universities Over ‘Radical’ Ideas ‘Imported From The United States’
France intends to investigate universities to root out “Islamo-leftist” teaching and ideas that are fracturing French society as the government seeks to cut down on what officials say is American influence on French universities.

EXCLUSIVE: Biden’s Insane Executive Order on Climate Change Gave China Access to the US Grid – Suddenly There’s an Energy Crisis In Texas – Any Relationship?
On Joe Biden’s first day in office, he signed an Executive Order (EO) that led to Texans literally freezing to death this past week.  Biden claimed his actions were to protect the climate but they helped China and made America less secure.

PATEL: How The COVID-19 Censors Killed The Truth
Estimates are all over the place, but it’s now beyond dispute that Soviet policies in the 1930s led to the deaths of somewhere between 7 and 12 million Ukrainians (about the equivalent to killing every person in Michigan today). It’s one of the greatest horrors in world history. The world knew little about the Ukrainian famine at the time.

Over 4,000 people and counting shot in democratic-led Chicago
Chicago, Il. has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation and yet, it is one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. To date, over 4,000 people have been shot in the democratic-led city in 2020, and there are still a few days to go.

Chicago spends billions of dollars on teachers who won’t teach in-person, watchdog finds 
A recent essay in City Journal, a publication of the conservative Manhattan Institute, finds that the Chicago Public School system spent $2.3 billion last year just on teacher salaries.

20 Feb 2021 – Rapture Ready

Headlines – 2/20/2021

Equatorial Guinea announces embassy move to Jerusalem

Gantz: If I lose my Knesset seat, Netanyahu will turn Israel into a monarchy

IDF asks Wikipedia to edit ‘Hezbollah’ entry to reflect terror designation

Russia brokers unusual prisoner exchange between Israel and Syria

Israel agreed to more than just a prisoner exchange to get woman back from Syria

Syria Wants End to Israel’s ‘Terrorizing’ Strikes and Russia, Iran, Turkey Agree

US and Israel announce work on new Arrow 4 air defense system amid Iran tensions

Israel: US paving path to Iranian nuclear bomb with push to rejoin JCPOA

Netanyahu: US return to ‘old deal’ will pave Iran’s path to nuclear arsenal

In major speech, Biden indicates US ready to reengage with Iran on nuke deal

Biden: Iranian Nuclear Threat ‘Requires Careful Diplomacy’

Iran nuclear deal: US agrees to join talks brokered by EU

Iran reacts coolly to U.S. talk offer, demands lifting of sanctions

Experts say Iran could take advantage of Biden’s eagerness to return to nuclear deal

Pompeo slams White House over desire to restart Iran nuclear talks

UN nuclear watchdog finds troubling uranium traces at Iranian sites

US seeks ‘fallback’ Saudi bases in case of Iranian escalation

Biden officials ‘recalibrating’ ties with Saudis, opening ‘path to diplomacy’ for Iran

Aerial Attacks on Saudi Arabia Expose Vulnerability of U.S. Ally

Nicaragua leaders face backlash after forming space agency amid human rights crisis

Muslim Migrants Firebomb Historic Swedish Church – And astonished Christians ask “why?”

China: Clergy Must Embrace Chinese Communist Party

Traumatized women recount alleged gang rape and ‘sadistic’ torture in China’s concentration camps

China Reveals Four of Its Soldiers Died in Border Clash With India

France sends warships to South China Sea ahead of exercise with US and Japan

Chinese fighters buzz Taiwan’s air zone as it appoints new defence minister

U.S. ‘saddened’ by death of Myanmar protester, condemns violence against anti-coup demonstrators

Biden to Ditch ‘America First’ in Appeal for Partnership

Biden’s message to world: ‘America is back’ – but ‘democratic progress is under assault’ in United States. It’s in stark contrast to Trump’s nationalist “America First” approach.

Capitol-Riot Plot Case Widens With More Oath Keepers Charged

Thune decries ‘cancel culture’ against Republicans who voted to convict Trump amid uncertain Senate GOP future

Commentary: Americans’ Lust To ‘Cancel’ One Another Should Spark Soul Searching

Parler, A Social Media Platform That Stands For Free Speech, Temporarily Blocked Its Founder

YouTube removes Ohio committee video, citing misinformation

Inside Wikipedia’s leftist bias: socialism pages whitewashed, communist atrocities buried

Biden Silent Over Big Tech Suspensions Because He ‘Benefits From the Censorship,’ Banned Journalist Says

Former Owner of Repair Store Where Hunter Biden Dropped Off Computer Sues Twitter for Defamation

54% of Voters Say Biden Is a ‘Puppet’ of the Left

Federal judge whose son was killed in attack says gunman targeted Sonia Sotomayor

Chicago considers removing 41 statues – including 4 presidents – as part of ‘racial healing and historical reckoning project’

Nearly 180 Democrats support forming $12 million, 13-member slavery reparations commission

Poll: Solid majority of voters oppose ending national anthem during sporting events

Bitcoin Hits $1 Trillion Value as Crypto Jump Tops Other Assets

Toppy stock markets spark more “bubble” chatter

‘The decisive decade’: Biden climate envoy John Kerry sounds alarm as US rejoins Paris climate accord

Apophis asteroid will be visible from Earth this weekend

Water Leaks Indicate New Damage at Fukushima Nuclear Plant

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Port-Vila, Vanuatu

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Adak, Alaska

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Port-Vila, Vanuatu

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits southeast of the Loyalty Islands

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the central Mid-Atlantic Ridge

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Hachinohe, Japan

Oklahoma reports 4.2 magnitude earthquake near Kansas border

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Raung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 11,000ft

Pacaya volcano in Guatemala erupts to 10,000ft

Winter Freeze Sparks Claims Glut With $18 Billion in Losses Seen

Texans expected to file colossal amount of insurance claims following winter storm

Texas oil refiners will take weeks to recover, boosting U.S. gasoline prices

Nearly half of all Texans without water even as ‘fragile’ power grid returns to life

Texas Is Facing a Food Supply Nightmare in Wake of Blackouts

Texas Border Mayor Asks Biden to Halt Releasing Illegal Immigrants Into City Amid Power Crisis

Extreme Winter Weather Creates Backlog Of 6 Million Vaccine Doses

Pandemic Will Not End Until World Is Vaccinated, Merkel Says

Covid vaccines: G7 increase support for Covax scheme

White House working with social media giants to silence anti-vaxxers

Vaccinated Travelers May Soon Be Able to Visit Hawaii With a Digital Vaccine Passport

Florida officials catch young women dressed as ‘grannies’ trying to get COVID-19 vaccine

Man dies nine days after receiving Covishield vaccine in Karnataka – He first developed symptoms a day after receiving Covid-19 vaccine

‘Ludicrous’: Cheap, quick COVID-19 tests have been slow to gain FDA approval, a continuing point of frustration

Johns Hopkins Doctor Predicts Covid ‘Will Be Mostly Gone By April’

We’ll Have Herd Immunity by April. Covid cases have dropped 77% in six weeks. Experts should level with the public about the good news.

AOC calls for ‘full investigation’ into Cuomo nursing home scandal

Brothers who lost father in New York nursing home demand Cuomo ‘admit a mistake’: ‘Stop playing politics’

Rattled Andrew Cuomo rants about nursing home scandal ‘lies,’ won’t take responsibility

CNN’s Chris Cuomo mocked after tweeting about resignation of Texas mayor: ‘Tell it to your brother’

Former CBS producer says Epstein’s gal pal indicated sex tapes of Bill Clinton exist but she wouldn’t help find them in order to protect Hillary’s 2016 run

Smartphone generation ‘raised on hardcore porn,’ church must address coming ‘tsunami’: expert warns

Utah GOP Gov. Cox raises concerns about bill banning transgender youths from school sports

Cadbury under fire for same-sex kiss in new Creme Egg commercial

Federal judge temporarily blocks South Carolina ‘heartbeat’ abortion ban

Biden Needs to ‘Stop Defining Himself as a Devout Catholic – needs to acknowledge that his support for abortion contradicts his Catholic faith,’ Archbishop Says

Thousands killed by euthanasia and assisted suicide across Belgium and Netherlands

First clone of US endangered species announced

Source: Tracking the Birth Pangs – News and Links (trackingbibleprophecy.org)

Weekend Snapshot · Feb. 20, 2021

A Fond Farewell to Rush Limbaugh

The Golden EIB Mic has gone silent, and the likes of its master won’t pass this way again.

Leftmedia Smears Rush After His Passing

Those who never listened to Limbaugh falsely characterize him as divisive, racist, sexist, and bigoted.

What Happened in Texas?

While wind energy failures led the way in power failures, natural gas and coal also came up short.

Still Just 11 Million Immigrants?

As the old saw goes, there are lies, damned lies, and statistics.

Biden’s Radical Leftism Weakens U.S. Military

Readiness to counter threats is not served by worrying about “intersectionality.”

Let the Leftmedia Lovefest Begin!

In an all-too-predictable display of bias, the media has shelved the viciousness and embraced the puff pieces.

Fact-Checking the Leftmedia ‘Fact-Checkers’

USA Today has yet to explain why its article on our meme contains factual errors.

The Life and Death of Officer Brian Sicknick

What we don’t know about his death far outweighs what we do know.

Pelosi’s ‘9/11-Type’ Commission Is Political Theater

Fresh off Trump’s acquittal, Democrats make clear they’re not done exploiting the Capitol riot.

Trump Acquitted a Second Time in Dems’ Sham Impeachment

Predictably, the Senate failed to convict Trump of the dubious “incitement of insurrection” charge.

Biden and Harris Call for ‘Battle’

Biden or Harris could be impeached if Republicans used the Democrat double standard for Trump.

How Equality Lost to ‘Equity’

Redefining words is one of the ways leftists exercise control over the citizenry.

Saving Civics From Racism

A reasoned (and reasonable) approach to civics is what our kids desperately need.

The McConnell v. Trump Dustup

The ultimate “Trump Test” will be the 2022 midterm election.

Second Amendment in the Crosshairs

Gun-grabbing leftists are newly emboldened, and Joe Biden appears eager to appease them.

Andrew Cuomo Is Taking on Water

New York’s governor is finally being exposed for the nasty, buck-passing, and deceitful boss that he is.

Et Tu, Ravi?

The late Ravi Zacharias is accused of sexual misconduct.


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“It’s not only that the fact-checkers are objectionable but also that the idea of fact-checking is un-journalistic. There is something more insidious about fact-checks than the average hackery. … Fact-checkers circumvent debate by making pronouncements about highly disputable contentions.” —David Harsanyi

“The Patriot Post” (https://patriotpost.us)

Top Weekly Stories from ChristianNews.net for 02/20/2021

False ‘Progressive’ Church in Nashville Says Bible Isn’t ‘the Word of God … Inerrant or Infallible’   Feb 19, 2021 11:05 am

A so-called progressive ‘church’ in Nashville is drawing opposition after posting a message on social media stating that the Bible isn’t “the Word of God … inerrant or infallible.” The organization, calling itself “GracePointe Church,” led by false teacher Josh Scott posted the disturbing message on Facebook on Sunday, February 7. The post related to a message…

Continue reading the story 

Canadian Pastor Jailed for Breaching COVID Regulations, Refusing to Tell Court He Would Stop Services   Feb 18, 2021 10:42 am

(Western Standard) – An Edmonton-area pastor who repeatedly broke COVID-19 restrictions to hold services has been thrown in jail. A judge threw James Coates, of Spruce Grove, in the slammer after he twice refused to tell the court he would stop his services. “On Sunday, Feb. 14, the RCMP, with AHS, attended the GraceLife Church to assess compliance in…

Continue reading the story 

Two Pakistani Christians Studying Bible in Park Charged with Blasphemy   Feb 18, 2021 08:39 am

LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – Police in Lahore, Pakistan have charged two Christians with blasphemy after Muslims objected to their Bible study in a park last weekend, the attorney for one of the accused said. Haroon Ayub Masih, 26, and friend Salamat Mansha Masih, about the same age, were studying the Bible in Lahore’s Model Town Park on Saturday…

Continue reading the story 

Bill Gates Warns Of The Sacrifices We’ll Have To Make In Stirring Speech Given From His 650 Million Dollar Super Yacht — The Babylon Bee

PORTLAND, OR—Bill Gates, one of the wealthiest men alive, is passionate about fighting climate change. In a recent interview, he warned everyone of the sacrifices we will have to make to avoid a climate disaster. This statement was broadcasted live from his 367 foot long, 650 million dollar superyacht, the Aqua. 

“It won’t be easy. There are a great many obstacles we must overcome if we are to survive climate change,” said Bill Gates. “But this may mean giving up some of the luxuries we love the most. We will all have to substantially reduce our travel, fuel expenditures, and switch entirely to synthetic meats. Only then do we stand a chance.”

Mr. Gates stressed how we will all have to put all of our resources together if we really want to make a difference. “I wanted a 500ft, 1 billion-dollar mega yacht, but I settled for this clunker just to show how committed I am to the cause,” said Mr. Gates as he left his onboard 5-star spa. “If we go just 15 years without cars, burning fossil fuels, and we all eat bugs we can reverse the damage to our planet.” 

Bill Gates was excited to announce the first of its kind hydrogen-powered engine onboard the Aqua. “There’s truly nothing like it. But I just don’t get why everyone else on the planet can’t switch to a state-of-the-art, prototype fuel source like me!”

Mr. Gates wanted to say more, but he was informed his prime rib had just come off the charcoal grill. When we met up with him on the 7th floor he was already eating something suspiciously not synthetic looking. “You’ll get used to the taste!” he said. “I know for me I almost think it’s the real thing!”

Once again, our interview with Bill Gates was cut short as we heard a helicopter landing on one of the yacht’s upper decks. “Oh! That must be John Kerry!” said Mr. Gates. “He’s here to talk about making the burning of fossil fuels punishable by death!”

Bill Gates Warns Of The Sacrifices We’ll Have To Make In Stirring Speech Given From His 650 Million Dollar Super Yacht — The Babylon Bee

Epidemic of Harm from Mass-Jabbing for Covid | Stephen Lendman

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

US-led Western political and public health officials are conducting the largest scale mass deception campaign in modern memory.

Supported by establishment media press agents, millions of unwitting people in the US, West and elsewhere are being jabbed with toxins that risk serious harm to health including death.

CDC reported numbers of adverse events and deaths are greatly understated.

What’s reported is horrifying enough, a tiny fraction of enormous harm from covid mass-jabbing.

What’s happening in real time that’s likely to continue longterm resembles a science fiction horror film that’s all too real.

According to CDC data through February 12, mass-jabbing for seasonal flu-renamed covid in the US with experimental mRNA gene altering technology caused 15,923 adverse events, including 929 deaths.

The above numbers are the tip of the iceberg.

As explained earlier, they’re from the hugely inaccurate US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) — designed to produce fake data.

An HHS study reported that actual adverse events from vaccines are over 100x greater than official numbers.

So calculating the true toll from mass-jabbing for covid since mid-December requires multiplying CDC numbers by at least 100.

Widespread harm from what’s going on since mid-December is unprecedented — hundreds of thousands of Americans adversely affected.

Instead of sounding the alarm and calling for a halt to a spreading epidemic of injuries and deaths, establishment media support the carnage by suppressing truth and full disclosure.

In its latest edition — in cahoots with the diabolical state-sponsored campaign against human health — the lying machine NYT said the following:

On a visit by Biden to a Pfizer facility for producing mRNA technology that’s not a vaccine and doesn’t protect against covid, he “said the nation could be ‘approaching normalcy’ by the end of the year, but said new virus variants could slow progres (sic),” adding:

“I can tell you we are doing everything possible to (achieve this result) sooner rather than later (sic).”

He and the Times lied. Reality is worlds apart from the above mass deception.

As greater numbers of Americans are jabbed with hazardous toxins that risk serious harm, the greater the devastating toll that may affect millions if what’s going on continues unchecked.

Big Media in cahoots with Big Government and Big Pharma are part of a scandalous mass deception campaign to jab toxins into the bodies of as many millions of Americans and others as possible.

Through February 14, over 52 million Americans jabbed with one or two doses of Pfizer or Moderna toxins had their DNA irreversibly altered that sooner or later may cause any number or combination of serious diseases or death.

On Friday, a CDC statement falsely said the following:

“Monitoring, conducted as part of the US vaccination program, indicates reassuring safety profiles for COVID-19 vaccines (sic).” 

“Local and systemic reactions were common; rare reports of anaphylaxis were received (sic).”

“No unusual or unexpected reporting patterns were detected (sic).”

“What are the implications for public health practice?”

“Health care providers and vaccine recipients can be reassured about the safety of Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines (sic).” 

“Counseling vaccine recipients to expect transient local and systemic reactions might ease concerns and encourage completion of the 2-dose vaccination series.”

Reality is polar opposite the above deception. The CDC is part of the mass-infection campaign.

Like establishment media, it’s providing press agent services for Pharma.

Instead of warning about the hazards of experimental technology, it’s promoting its widespread use with a litany of bald-faced Big Lies about safety and effectiveness that don’t exist — just the opposite.

Don’t be a mass-jabbing statistic. 

Preserving and protecting health depends on refusing to be jabbed with what doesn’t protect and risks serious harm.

VISIT MY WEBSITE: stephenlendman.org (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

Source: Epidemic of Harm from Mass-Jabbing for Covid

Terrifying Americans to Get Jabbed for Covid | Stephen Lendman

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

According to Mark Twain — citing UK Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli:

“There are…lies, damned lies and statistics.”

The above applies to government data that time and again are unreliable.

Examples abound. One of many notable for me is the official US Labor Department unemployment rate at 6.3% for January 2021.

Based on how the monthly figure was accurately calculated pre-1990, the true figure is 25.7%.

Over one-fourth of working age Americans are jobless because of dire Main Street economic conditions.

According to economist John Williams, “the BLS still cannot count the unemployed, and its bookkeeping is getting worse.”

US inflation (CPI) is 9.1%, not the phony official BLS 1.4% year-over-year.

IF Stone long ago said all politicians lie and nothing they say should be believed.

The same is true for bureaucrats, notably ones responsible for putting out rubbish like the above data and volumes more like it.

What’s going on is state-sponsored mass deception that goes far beyond economic data alone.

A previous article stressed that the  most sustained mass deception campaign in modern memory has been ongoing since early last year.

We’re being systematically lied about seasonal flu-renamed covid.

A media proliferated mass deception campaign continues relentlessly.

It’s all about terrifying and traumatizing ordinary Americans and others abroad to be inoculated with hazardous to health mRNA technology (masquerading as vaccines) that doesn’t protect and risks serious harm and possible death when taken as directed.

In their latest editions, the NYT, WaPo, and other Big Media reported highly suspect US Census Bureau data that claims life expectancy in America fell from 78.8 to 77.8 years in the first six months of 2020.

According to NYT fake news, the decline was “driven largely by “Covid-19,” adding:

It’s “not likely to last” as long as most Americans are mass-jabbed for covid.

There you have it. Suspect government data appears all about scaring Americans to be jabbed with what no one should trust who values protection and preservation of health and well-being.

Ignored by the Times, WaPo, and other Big Media is research published Johns-Hopkins’ assistant director of its applied economics program Genevieve Briand last December.

She learned that annual deaths of Americans pre-and-post covid’s arrival were similar numbers.

In 2020, deaths in all US age groups were much like data for earlier years, Briand saying:

“(N)ot only has COVID-19 had no effect on the percentage of deaths of older people, but it also has not increased the total number of deaths.”

Large numbers of deaths from various causes have been erroneously attributed to covid — to artificially inflate its death count.

What’s been going on since last year is part of state-sponsored — mass media promoted — fear-mongering to scare the public into compliance with draconian policies that include inoculation with toxins that risk serious harm to health.

The pattern of deaths in the US from all causes is similar every year with “season ups and downs,” Briand explained.

Her analysis concluded, saying the following:

“All of this points to no evidence that (covid) created any excess deaths.”

“Total (2020) death numbers are not above normal death numbers. We found no evidence to the contrary.”

Media promoted claims otherwise as in today’s editions are part of an ongoing fear-mongering mass deception campaign.

In a Wednesday article, I stressed that if ever rejection of the (media pushed) falsified official narrative and mass resistance against war on public health and well-being was needed it’s now.

Times and other Big Media fear-mongering propaganda is manipulating ordinary people to believe that what can seriously harm health is beneficial.

No threatening public health pandemic exists — just seasonal flu outbreaks that occur largely in similar numbers annually.

During the 2019-20 seasonal flu/influenza season, about 38 million Americans contracted the illness, 18 million seeking medical help.

Around 400,000 Americans were hospitalized, about 22,000 deaths reported.

Similar numbers occur annually.

Last year through early 2021, data were artificially inflated, including by worthless PCR tests that nearly always are wrong.

Seasonal flu became covid. Reported numbers included pneumonia cases.

Media pushed fear-mongering mass deception continues with no end of it in prospect any time soon.

Ignore it and boycott toxic inoculations to stay safe.

A Final Comment

According to pathologist Sin Hang Lee, the FDA “misled the public” about Pfizer’s mRNA technology used for mass-jabbing of unwitting human guinea pigs.

Deception also applies to Moderna’s similar mRNA technology.

Both drugs are not vaccines. They’re unapproved, high-risk, experimental, hazardous technologies to reject if wish to protect and preserve health.

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Source: Terrifying Americans to Get Jabbed for Covid

Biden Deploying More US Troops to Middle East | Stephen Lendman

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Throughout his time in Washington from the early 1970s, Biden supported all US wars of aggression against invented enemies.

Will he escalate inherited conflicts in multiple countries, perhaps launch one or more new ones?

Like his predecessors, peace and stability are off the table.

A permanent state of forever war is highly likely to continue on his watch.

It’s been hard-wired US policy throughout most of the post-WW II period.

When Biden took office, Syria’s UN envoy Bashar al Jaafari called on his regime to end a near-decade of US war in his country, saying the following:

“The American occupation forces continue to plunder Syria’s wealth of oil, gas and agricultural crops, burning and destroying what it cannot steal,” adding:

“The new (US regime) must stop acts of aggression and occupation, plundering the wealth of my country, (and) withdraw its occupying forces.”

It must “stop supporting (jihadists), illegal entities, and attempts to threaten Syria’s sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity.”

Obama/Biden launched aggression against Syria in early 2011, a failed attempt to transform the country into a pro-Western vassal state and isolate Iran.

Biden/Harris have no intention of ending US forever war on Syria and its people — despite failure to achieve the aims of its predecessors.

The US is building one or more new bases in the country, suggesting no end to permanent occupation and war.

More Pentagon troops are being deployed to Syria and Iraq — on the phony pretext of combatting an ISIS resurgence the US supports, a statement by Pentagon spokeswoman Jessica McNulty saying the following:

“The US is participating in the force generation process for NATO Mission Iraq and will contribute its fair share to this important expanded mission (sic),” adding:

“The US and its partners in the global coalition to defeat ISIS (sic) remain committed to ensuring the enduring defeat of ISIS (sic), and the department looks forward to continued consultations with Iraq, NATO, and the global coalition going forward (sic).”

According to US installed NATO secretary general Stoltenberg, thousands more alliance troops are being sent to Iraq — on the phony pretext of combatting ISIS.

Defying reality, he added that US-controlled NATO occupation of Iraq will “expand (to) fight terrorism” the alliance supports.

He falsely claimed that the expanded mission comes “at the request of the Iraqi government (sic).”

“It is carried out with full respect for Iraq’s sovereignty and territorial integrity (sic).”

The vast majority of Iraqis and members of parliament want their country back. They want unacceptable US occupation ended.

US hardliners intend permanent occupation of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, and other countries, along with a permanent state of war on these nations and their long-suffering people.

Trump wanted US troops withdrawn from the region but failed to achieve this objective.

Biden wants more Pentagon occupying forces sent to Middle East countries, more likely to Afghanistan.

US war secretary Austin “welcomed” greater numbers of US and NATO forces in the Middle East and elsewhere, saying:

“From Afghanistan and the Middle East, across Europe, Africa and our own hemisphere, to the wide expanse of the Western Pacific, the United States stands shoulder-to-shoulder with allies old and new, partners big and small (sic),” adding:

“Each of them brings to the mission unique skills, knowledge and capabilities.”

“And each of them represents a relationship worth tending, preserving and respecting. We will do so.”

Before Trump left office, acting war secretary Miller said the following:

“The drawdown of US force levels in Iraq is reflective of the increased capabilities of the Iraqi security forces.”

“Our ability to reduce force levels is evidence of real progress.”

Biden reversed dubious “progress” in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere.

A state of greater US war in multiple countries exists than when he took war.

Is much more of the same coming, perhaps facilitated by one or more US false flags?

According to a White House statement,” the Biden regime claims the “right (to strike its enemies) at a time and place of (its) choosing.”

Is escalated US aggression in Syria and Iraq coming?

Will Iran be falsely blamed for things it had nothing to do with as before?

Resurgence of US supported ISIS appears part of a Biden regime plan for greater belligerence instead of turning a page for peace and stability in the Middle East and Central Asia.

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Source: Biden Deploying More US Troops to Middle East

PR Consultant Says Anything That Offends Left Is ‘A Problem’ in Hollywood

A public relations consultant who works with celebrities revealed recently that “anything” that could offend the left is “a problem” for celebrities in Hollywood.

Source: PR Consultant Says Anything That Offends Left Is ‘A Problem’ in Hollywood

Ghislaine Maxwell Accused Of Doing The Unthinkable to Protect Hillary’s 2016 Run | WayneDupree.com

A former CBS producer has accused the British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell of refusing to help find videotapes Jeffrey Epstein made of Bill Clinton because it would hurt Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the 2016 presidential election.

In his new book “Ticking Clock: Behind The Scenes At 60 Minutes,” former CBS producer Ira Rosen wrote about a conversation he had with Maxwell back in 2016 in which he asked for footage of Donald Trump that Epstein may have shot.

“If you get the tapes on Trump you have to do [Bill] Clinton,” Maxwell responded, according to Daily Mail.

After admitting that he was only acting on a “hunch” that the tapes even existed, Rosen said that he told Maxwell, “I want the tapes. I know he [Epstein] was videotaping everyone and I want the tapes of Trump with the girls.

“I don’t know where they are,” he claimed that Maxwell replied.

Rosen then said that he begged Maxwell to “ask Epstein” because the “fate of the country is at stake. … Trump could be elected president and how would you feel if those tapes emerged after he was in office?”

“She gave me a stern look and pointed a finger in my face,” Rosen alleged. “She said: ‘I am the daughter of a press baron. I know the way you people think. If you do one side, you must do the other. If you get the tapes on Trump you have to do Clinton.’”

Rosen claimed that Maxwell alleged that Epstein never told her where he kept the alleged tapes.

Bill Clinton has long claimed that he was never a guest at Epstein’s Caribbean estate, but court documents have said that Clinton and “two young girls” were guests of Epstein’s in the early 2000s. Back in August, disturbing images leaked of Clinton receiving a neck massage from alleged Epstein victim Chauntae Davies.


Epstein allegedly committed suicide in prison in 2019 while awaiting trial on various sex charges. Maxwell was arrested last summer for allegedly grooming young girls for sex with Epstein, and sometimes participating in the abuse herself. She remains in prison at this time awaiting her trial, which is scheduled to begin in July.

This piece was written by James Samson on February 20, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

Source: Ghislaine Maxwell Accused Of Doing The Unthinkable to Protect Hillary’s 2016 Run

Ken Cuccinelli: Biden’s Radical Immigration Agenda Is “Ripping Apart” Our System of Laws | Fox News

Heritage Visiting Fellow Ken Cuccinelli joined Fox News, Friday, February 19, to talk about the latest on illegal immigration, the Biden administration’s radical new immigration agenda, and why we cannot afford amnesty.

Most Of Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Bill Has Nothing To Do With Public Health

Only a small percent of President Joe Biden’s proposed $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package would actually go to pandemic-related efforts. Reason’s Peter Suderman reported this week that just 1% of the package would be spent on vaccines, with only 5% going toward “pandemic-related public health needs.” A full 15%, about $300 billion, is earmarked for […]

Source: Most Of Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Bill Has Nothing To Do With Public Health

Johns Hopkins expert says COVID-19 pandemic could end by April

A Johns Hopkins professor and surgeon says that the coronavirus could be “mostly gone” by April. Marty Makary, who teaches at the university’s School of Medicine and Bloomberg School of Public Health, said in an opinion piece published in the Wall Street Journal on Friday that daily infections have declined by 77 percent since January….

Source: Johns Hopkins expert says COVID-19 pandemic could end by April