Tucker Carlson: The Liberal Media Is Spreading Disinformation (VIDEO) | American Lookout

If you watch liberal media outlets like CNN these days, you will hear a lot of talk about disinformation and conspiracy theories.

In typical fashion, this is projection.

As Tucker Carlson recently pointed out on his show, much of the disinformation out there right now is being pushed by left wing media.

Here’s a partial transcript, via FOX News:

Mainstream media disinformation more powerful and destructive than QAnon

We at “Tucker Carlson Tonight” have watched with growing amusement as our media gatekeepers thrash about in a frenzy of foaming hysteria at the possibility that someone, somewhere might dare to present facts or form opinions without their express written permission. Freelance thinking is what they hate most, because it’s a threat to their monopoly. They can’t say that out loud, so instead they call it “disinformation.”

“Disinformation is the real threat,” says the guy who thinks his union has the contract on bringing you the news. It’s ridiculous.

However, before you judge these people, take a moment and feel some compassion. Imagine if you had spent 30 years making a good living as a car mechanic, and all of a sudden GM invents an engine that anyone can fix at home with a screwdriver. You’d be upset. That’s how CNN feels about the internet. It’s exposing their scam, so naturally, they’re a little irrational about it.

The thing about disinformation, they’re telling us, is not that it’s simply harmful to you personally. It’s not like eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s or sneaking a smoke while the kids are at school. Dsinformation isn’t a sin, it’s a crime. Disinformation is an offense against this country, an attack on America and, more critically, on something called our “norms.”

If we’re being completely honest, there is a kernel of truth in what they’re yelling about. There is disinformation out there and it does hurt people, imparing their ability to make wise decisions. You can’t know what to do next if you don’t know what’s really going on. A lot of people in this country are in that position right now. We saw evidence of it just this week.

Watch the whole thing below:

As usual, Tucker is spot on.

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