Weekend Snapshot · Mar. 6, 2021

HR 1 Makes Election Fraud & Chaos Permanent

The Democrat legislation aims to secure their power by any and all means necessary.

Clearing the Path for Harris to Bump Biden

Seriously, we want to know, when will Joe go?

Oh, the Classics They’ll Cancel!

Biden’s omission of Dr. Seuss from “Read Across America Day” speaks volumes about the malign influence of the Woke Left.

It’s Time to Cancel the Cancel Culture

From Dr. Seuss to HBO’s Bill Maher, here’s the bottom line on leftist intolerance.

The Cuomo Scandal Grows

New York’s smug, predatory, and decidedly unfunny governor is finally on borrowed time.

The Strange Silence of Me-Too Kamala

Why has the normally loquacious vice president been so silent about Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment scandal?

The Borderless Nation

Joe Biden has flung the doors open wide and it will have serious consequences.

Would the Real Fascists Please Stand Up?

One of the Left’s favorite pejoratives for the Right is completely backwards.

House Thespians Cancel Session

Democrats found a way to add “evidence” for blaming supporters of Donald Trump.

What Should the Minimum Wage Be?

$15 is over twice the current minimum wage and more than three times where it should be.

Texas Ends 100% of Its COVID Restrictions

Gov. Abbott announces mask mandates and limits on businesses will end next week.

The Economy Doesn’t Need ‘COVID Relief’

Jobs and GDP are growing, so why are Dems forcing through $1.9 trillion in largely unrelated spending?

Orchestrated Economic Disaster?

Democrats aim to cripple the economy and gain power from doing so.

The Stunning Success of Operation Warp Speed

Joe Biden claims credit, but Donald Trump set the nation on a course to end this pandemic.

The Return of Earmarks

Pork-barrel spending never really went away, but Democrats are brashly bringing back more.

Democrats Vote to Defund the Police

The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act isn’t about Floyd and it isn’t about justice.

A Divided Right Gives Dems Power

It’s time for conservatives to stop squabbling and unify in order to defend Liberty.

Joe Biden Is a Bad Catholic

Our 46th president may clutch his rosary and attend mass every Sunday, but that doesn’t make him a Catholic.

Joe Biden Isn’t Well

The president hasn’t had a press conference since he’s been in office, and the reason is painfully obvious.


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“There is not a single person who lived 80 years ago who did not have views that our culture would find objectionable today. Not one. Either we cancel everyone who committed the crime of being born in the 20th century or earlier, or we stop this madness and get some perspective.” —Matt Walsh

“The Patriot Post” (https://patriotpost.us)

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