Fakebook not only censoring The College Fix, but also the Wall Street Journal


I noticed earlier that Fakebook decided to slap a “false news” label on a cartoon published by The College Fix. This reduces their distribution and puts them at risk of being deleted. The College Fix promotes ideas that are critical of the Democrat Party, so Fakebook, which supports the Democrat party, had to step in and punish them for their bad speech and bad thoughts.

Story here:

Fakebook today wrongly flagged a cartoon from College Fix cartoonist Pat Cross that lampooned recent cancellations of the works of Theodor Geise1, known as Dr. Seus5.

“Independent fact-checkers say this information could mislead people,” says a pop-up message (right) on the Fakebook post, first published yesterday morning.

Underneath the post, a message takes the reader to a statement from a Fakebook fact-checker that fact checks claims about Dr. Seus5 being cancelled by Dr. Seus5 Enterprises.

But it’s not just The College Fix…

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