COVID-19: 365 days of Hell – YouTube

News.Views.Hughes presents a retrospective special report on the year that COVID-19 changed our way of life in the US and across the world. After initial reports of a novel coronavirus in February 2020, who could have predicted the tremendous changes it would bring to public life in every part of the world? RT America’s Natasha Sweatte reports the details of COVID-19’s arrival in California and subsequent spread across the US.

Then RT’s Charlotte Dubenskij examines ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns in Europe. Then investigative journalist Ben Swann joins to discuss issues in reporting the details of the coronavirus and the US response says about Americans’ struggle to balance public health with personal liberty. Plus, infectious disease expert Dr. Bob Arnot discusses the easing of restrictions in the US and whether an impatient public eager for an end to restrictions is putting itself in danger.

Finally, former Georgia state Rep. Dee Dawkins-Haigler and Ned Ryun of American Majority join Scottie Nell Hughes to debate whether fears of COVID-19 have been cynically manipulated for political purposes.

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