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#ChickenJoe trends on Twitter after Biden avoids debate with Putin following ‘killer’ accusation — RT USA News

#ChickenJoe trends on Twitter after Biden avoids debate with Putin following ‘killer’ accusation

© Reuters / Carlos Barria

US President Joe Biden has landed in the deep fryer after bragging he called out Vladimir Putin for having “no soul” – a claim that led many to cry foul when the politician refused to talk to his Russian counterpart on the phone.

Despite Biden’s apparent comfort in trash-talking the Russian president with ABC host George Stephanopoulos in the comfort of the network’s studios on Thursday, the American leader became suddenly elusive when Putin offered him a chance to air his grievances in a live debate.

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Biden thinks he’s a tough-talking cowboy in a Western, so he should solve his differences with Putin by drawing guns at high noon

Indeed, Biden’s about-face was so quick – and so uncharacteristic for a man who was supposedly willing to call out the leader of one of the US’ chief geostrategic rivals as a soulless “killer” – that many of Biden’s detractors suggested the man had gotten cold feet, afraid of what Putin might do to him.

Biden was “scared” of Putin, critics jeered, dubbing the Democrat #ChickenJoe.

Critics of the president were quick to lob other insults at the Capon-in-Chief, skewering everything from his handling of the border crisis…

… to the kind of empty tough-guy talk that got him into the #ChickenJoe situation to begin with.

One widely followed pro-Trump user repeatedly urged his followers to flog the hashtag, at one point raising it to the number two trend in the US.

Biden fans did their best to flip the hashtag into a favorable trend for the president, even when it meant trotting out memes about the now-debunked “Russian bounties claim, wheeling out paid shills for the Democratic Party, or generic Russia-blaming.

A few Democrats attempted to take the high road, however, urging their enemies to embrace their president, “right or wrong,” out of a sense of patriotism.

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‘Just like pirates’: Syrian minister says US controls most crude reserves in northeast, loots oil to strangle country’s economy — RT World News

‘Just like pirates’: Syrian minister says US controls most crude reserves in northeast, loots oil to strangle country’s economy

FILE PHOTO: American soldiers stand near military trucks, at al-Omar oil field in Deir ez-Zor, Syria, March 23, 2019.
 ©  Reuters / Rodi Said

Syria’s petroleum minister has condemned US forces for acting “like pirates” as Washington continues to plunder most of the oil wealth from the country’s resource-rich northeast, where the Pentagon backs Kurdish militia groups.

“Americans and their allies are targeting the Syrian oil wealth and its tankers just like pirates,” Petroleum and Mineral Resources Minister Bassam Tomeh told state TV this week, adding that the move is designed to cripple Syria’s economy, which depends on oil revenues. 

What has happened all through Syria war has not happened in any country, in terms of preventing us from tapping our wealth resources and at the same time stopping basic commodities from reaching our country.

Tomeh said that the total damage inflicted on the Syrian petroleum sector due to the US occupation exceeds $92 billion, noting that Washington currently controls 90 percent of the crude oil resources in the northeast region.

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Syria & Russia accuse US of funneling supplies on pretext of ‘humanitarian aid’ to militants in war-ravaged Middle Eastern nation

In an interview last month with the Lebanese newspaper al-Akhbar, the governor of the northeastern Hasakah province, Ghassan Khalil, said that US-backed Kurdish militants were stealing 140,000 barrels of crude oil every day from fields in the area. He claimed the fighters then used tankers to smuggle the petrol across the border into Iraq.

Since at least 2015, the Pentagon has offered direct support to the Syrian Democratic Forces, a Kurdish-dominated faction that controls significant territory in the northeast. The US itself maintains a force of around 900 troops in the country, most embedded alongside the SDF.

While US officials maintain the military presence in Syria – illegal under international law – is meant to prevent the resurgence of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), former president Donald Trump often spoke candidly about desires to grab the country’s oil wealth. 

“We’re keeping the oil – remember that,” the then-president said in October 2019. “I’ve always said that: ‘Keep the oil.’ We want to keep the oil. Forty-five million dollars a month? Keep the oil.”

Though Trump largely abandoned president Barack Obama’s push to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad – which saw the US pour hundreds of millions of dollars into jihadist-linked militant groups – he repeatedly defended the occupation of oil fields while expanding that policy.

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Trump’s Syria ‘oil gambit’ is a crime, and what may be worse – a mistake

Last year, the Trump administration facilitated a deal between the SDF and an American oil firm named Delta Crescent Energy, according to Politico and other outlets. The company is headed up by a former US ambassador to Denmark, James Cain, as well as a retired officer in the Army’s elite Delta Force and a former UK oil executive. Protesting the continued looting of the oil fields, Damascus slammed the agreement “in the strongest terms,” calling the contract “null and void.”

While the Joe Biden administration has signaled that it would no longer prioritize the occupation of Syrian oil resources, just last month local Arabic-language media reported US forces were constructing a new airport alongside the al-Omar oil field, where Washington maintains a military installation. Around the same time, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby clarified that the DoD is barred from cooperating with energy companies on the ground “except where appropriate under certain existing authorizations,”suggesting Biden may continue the practice on a limited basis. A spokesman for the US-led coalition, Colonel Wayne Marotto, reiterated that stance more recently, though did not mention the loophole cited by Kirby.

Syrian officials, including President Assad himself, have condemned Washington’s oil theft on a number of occasions, even vowing legal action. Soon after Biden’s inauguration, Syria’s UN envoy, Bashar al-Jaafari, pleaded with the new president to withdraw US forces and cease occupying the oil fields.

“The new US administration must stop acts of aggression and occupation, plundering the wealth of my country, withdraw its occupying forces from it, and stop supporting separatist militias, illegal entities, and attempts to threaten Syria’s sovereignty,” Jaafari said.

Biden has so far shown little interest in pulling out of Syria, launching a series of airstrikes on militia groups based in the country last month, though US officials have nonetheless said they are “reviewing” the troop presence there.

The decade-long war has taken a massive toll on Syria’s petrol sector, underscoring the cost of the continued American occupation. According to a report by British Petroleum, overall oil production dropped by more than 90 percent between 2011 and 2019, or from 353,000 barrels per day to just 24,000.

 Also on rt.com

Why Biden installing Obama-era hawks in senior roles and preparing to fire up the War Machine again is very bad news for Syrians

— Read on www.rt.com/news/518665-syria-minister-us-oil-pirates/

Gov. DeSantis: Proof of vaccination not required to live your lives as free people in Florida – Conservative Review

As vaccine distribution reaches the 100 million mark in the United States and Americans yearn to return to their normal lives, some state governments and private industries are considering adopting a “vaccine passport” program. 

But not Florida. 

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) said Thursday that under no circumstances would Florida impose a state mandate requiring people to show documented proof of their vaccination before traveling or attending large public gatherings like concerts or sporting events, at least not while he is governor. 

“I just want to make very clear in Florida, we are not doing any vaccine passports. All those experts said that it was a bad idea. I think it’s a bad idea, and so that will not happen. And so folks should get vaccinated, if they want to, we’ll obviously provide that, but under no circumstances will the state be asking you to show proof of vaccination, and I don’t think private companies should be doing that either,” DeSantis said Thursday.

The governor believes it’s all Floridians’ individual responsibility to decide whether they get the vaccine and what kind of places they go or activities they do. 

“To start going down the road of vaccine passports, I mean, you have some of these states saying to go to a sporting event, you have to show either a negative test or a vaccine proof. I think you just got to make decisions. If you want to go to an event, go to an event. If you don’t, don’t. But to be requiring people to provide all this proof, that’s not how you get society back to normal, so we’re rejecting any vaccine passports here in the state of Florida,” DeSantis said.

The idea of showing proof of vaccination before being permitted to travel places is gaining traction worldwide. On Feb. 21, Israel introduced the “green pass,” an app Israelis can download to display proof that someone has recovered from COVID-19. Advertising for the green pass promoted the idea that anyone with the pass could return to life as normal, going where they please without social distancing or masks.

Currently, the Biden administration requires international travelers who want to fly to the United States to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 testbefore they can travel. The international airline industry is considering taking the next step by requiring travelers to present a digital certificate showing proof of vaccination. 

In the European Union, a proposal to create a Digital Green Certificate to facilitate travel across its 27 member countries will be discussed at the next summit of EU leaders. The certificate would “serve as proof that a person has either been vaccinated against COVID-19, received a negative test result or recovered from COVID-19,” according to NPR. 

Several health experts have criticized the idea, warning that free Americans who decline to receive a vaccine could be relegated to second-class status. 

“The vaccine hesitancy data show that the people who are hesitant to take vaccines actually tend to be the working class people, poor, poor people, minority populations. We’re going to then turn around and say, ‘You have to have a vaccine passport to participate in American life,’ it’s going to be a new vaccine Jim Crow. It’s a huge, huge mistake that will undermine trust in public health, and I think it’s just morally, it’s just morally wrong,” Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford University said, speaking at a roundtable discussion with DeSantis and other health experts Thursday. 

The federal government has explored the idea of some kind of vaccination passport. President Biden signed an executive order in January directing government agencies to “assess the feasibility” of linking coronavirus vaccine certificates with other vaccination records and providing digital copies for international travelers to use. 

The White House has since rejected the idea of a federal mandate for domestic vaccination passports, which would require a database of who has been vaccinated and who has not. 

“It’s not the role of the government to hold that data and to do that,” White House senior adviser for COVID-19 response Andy Slavitt said during a briefing Monday. 

He added that whatever system Americans eventually adopt to demonstrate they’ve been vaccinated “should be private. The data should be secure. Access to it should be free. It should be available both digitally and in paper and in multiple languages. And it should be open source.” 

— Read on www.conservativereview.com/gov-desantis-proof-of-vaccination-not-required-to-live-your-lives-as-free-people-in-florida-2651144253.html

A Study Shows VERY FEW Capitol Hill Rioters Were QAnon Red-Staters With Ties to ‘Right-Wing’ Groups — Christian Research Network

“The fact that the rioters were not red-meat, right-wing fanatics threw researchers for a loop. It also forced some reflection by researchers about the people who believe there was election fraud, according to the study.”

(Victoria Taft – PJ Media)  A survey by the University of Chicago finds that most Capitol Hill rioters had no ties to any fringe right-wing groups and were merely engaged people outraged by what they believed was a rigged election.

While colorful weirdos with names such as QAnon Shaman and Baked Alaska stole the headlines, people who were arrested by federal officials during and after the riot were a “broader core of people” with a healthy skepticism about the veracity of the November 2020 election, according to the study.

There was plenty of reason for the skepticism, considering the collusion between Big Tech, unions, lawfare, and Democrats’ combined efforts to sway the election. Those efforts were at the very least unethical.   View article →

A Study Shows VERY FEW Capitol Hill Rioters Were QAnon Red-Staters With Ties to ‘Right-Wing’ Groups — Christian Research Network

News Roundup & Comment — VCY America

Date:  March 19, 2021  
Host: Jim Schneider   
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Below is a selection of headlines covered by Jim during the first half hour of the broadcast.  Listeners also weighed in with their views.

–A Milwaukee (Wisconsin) County children’s court judge who is former president and CEO of the Cream City Foundation, which runs the city’s drag queen story hour program, has been arrested on 7 counts of child pornography.

–Senate committee ponders the far-left Equality Act.

–A Canadian father is facing prison for not cooperating with his teenage daughter’s transition to male by the school and gender clinic.

–The U.S. government under Joe Biden supports comprehensive sexuality education in U.N. policy once again.

–A Catholic university in Ohio is offering students an opportunity this Lent to create a pro-LGBT ‘Stations of the Cross’ and then pray them along with other students who support the normalization of homosexuality.

–In the most recent season of Paradise PD, an animated series on Netflix, there’s an episode with a deeply disturbing scene depicting a cartoon of Jesus pulling himself off the cross after supernaturally replacing the nails with driven into his wrists with 2 loaded pistols.

–Marvel Comics unveiled its first gay Captain America character this week.

–The U.S. Senate confirmed radical pro-abortion nominee Xavier Becerra as the Secretary of Health and Human Services. 

–The Human Rights Campaign reminds us that the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pension, voted 13-9 to advance Dr. Rachael Levine’s nomination as Assistant Secretary at the Department of Health and Human Services.  Dr. Levine would be the first openly transgender Senate confirmed federal official in U.S. history.

–Associate Attorney General nominee, Vanita Gupta, who has called for the    decriminalization of all drugs in the past, reportedly owns tens of millions of dollars of stock in a company that’s been accused of fueling the heroine production of Mexican drug cartels.

–Senate liberals and their allies in the progressive movement are planning an assault on the filibuster rule. 

–The Democrat controlled U.S. House narrowly passed legislation Wednesday to erase the decades old deadline for the pro-abortion Equal Rights Amendment.

–The Pope calls for a new world order after the pandemic.

–Sweden has become the latest nation to have suspended use of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine due to concerns about blood clots.

–Virologist and vaccine expert Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD, who was formerly employed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is warning people about the threat to public health due to the use of COVID vaccines.

News Roundup & Comment — VCY America

Dr. Clay Jones, “Why do people who profess to follow Jesus as the Messiah do terrible things?” — THINKAPOLOGETICS.COM

In this clip, we interview Dr. Clay Jones. Dr. Jones holds a doctor of ministry degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and is visiting scholar at Talbot Seminary. Dr. Jones is author of Why Does God Allow Evil?: Compelling Answers’ to Life’s Questions and Immortal: How the Fear of Death Drives Us and What We Need to Do About It. Our topic is on the issue of how and why professing followers of Jesus can do some pretty horrible things. We hear about the Crusades, those who claimed to be “Nazi Christians,” Antisemitism, and a host of other issues. Are these people only “professors ” of the faith, and not “possessors” of the faith? What does it mean to believe and actually follow Jesus?

Dr. Clay Jones, “Why do people who profess to follow Jesus as the Messiah do terrible things?” — THINKAPOLOGETICS.COM

March 19 Evening Quotes of The Day

Abundance from Giving to the Poor
Deuteronomy 15:7–10; Proverbs 22:9; 31:20; Matthew 19:21; Luke 19:8; Ephesians 4:28

He that bestows his goods upon the poor,
Shall have as much again, and ten times more.


Ritzema, E., & Vince, E. (Eds.). (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Puritans. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Free to Pray Because of God’s Indulgence
Romans 8:26–27

Even our stammering is tolerated by God, and pardon is granted to our ignorance as often as anything rashly escapes us. Indeed, without this indulgence, we should have no freedom to pray.


Ritzema, E. (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Reformation. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

March 19 Evening Verse of The Day

19:26 For the wealthy to shift their primary allegiance to God is humanly impossible, but with God all things are possible, as evidenced by the conversions of rich men like Joseph of Arimathea (27:57) and Zacchaeus (Luke 19:9–10).[1]

19:26 The Lord replied, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Humanly speaking, it is impossible for anyone to be saved; only God can save a soul. But it is more difficult for a wealthy man to surrender his will to Christ than for a poor man, as evidenced by the fact that few rich men are converted. They find it almost impossible to replace trust in visible means of support for faith in an unseen Savior. Only God can effect such a change.

Commentators and preachers invariably inject here that it is perfectly all right for Christians to be rich. It is strange that they use a passage in which the Lord denounces wealth as a hindrance to man’s eternal welfare, to justify the accumulation of earthly treasures! And it is difficult to see how a Christian can cling to riches in view of the appalling need everywhere, the imminence of Christ’s Return, and the Lord’s clear prohibition against laying up treasures on earth. Hoarded wealth condemns us as not loving our neighbors as ourselves.[2]

26. Fastening his eyes on them Jesus said, With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. In this dramatic moment the eyes of Jesus, as he fixed them on his disciples, must have been filled with deep earnestness and tender love. When he now tells them, “With men this is impossible,” he means exactly that. At every point, beginning, middle, end, man is completely dependent on God for salvation. Of himself man can do nothing. If he is to be saved at all he must be born again or “from above” (John 3:3, 5). Even when by faith—God-given faith! (Eph. 2:8)—he reaches out to God, yet in order to do this he must be enabled and supported every day, hour, minute, and second by God’s omnipotent grace. For the religion of the rich young ruler (see verses 16, 20), which was the religion current among the Jews of that day and age, there is no room here. Not only Pelagianism but even Arminianism stands condemned.

Glory be to God, however: there is a way out. What is impossible with men is possible with God, with whom all things are possible. It is he who, through Christ, is able to save to the uttermost (Heb. 7:25). His grace extends even to the determined and relentless persecutor Saul of Tarsus (Acts 9:1; 26:9–11; 1 Cor. 15:8–10; Gal. 1:15, 16; 1 Tim. 1:15). Just how, through the Mediator, this salvation is brought about, Jesus has already begun to reveal (Matt. 16:21; 17:22, 23). He will continue to do so with increasing clarity (see 20:17–19; especially 20:28; 26:26–29).[3]

26. With men this is impossible. Christ does not entirely free the minds of his disciples from all anxiety; for it is proper that they should perceive how difficult it is to ascend to heaven; first, that they may direct all their efforts to this object; and next, that, distrusting themselves, they may implore strength from heaven. We see how great is our indolence and carelessness; and what the consequence would be if believers thought that they had to walk at ease, for pastime, along a smooth and cheerful plain. Such is the reason why Christ does not extenuate the danger—though he perceives the terror which it excited in his disciples—but rather increases it; for though formerly he said only that it was difficult, he now affirms it to be impossible. Hence it is evident, that those teachers are guilty of gross impropriety, who are so much afraid to speak harshly, that they give indulgence to the slothfulness of the flesh. They ought to follow, on the contrary, the rule of Christ, who so regulates his style that, after men have been bowed down within themselves, he teaches them to rely on the grace of God alone, and, at the same time, excites them to prayer. In this manner, the weakness of men is seasonably relieved, not by ascribing anything to them, but by arousing their minds to expect the grace of God. By this reply of Christ is also refuted that widely embraced principle—which the Papists have borrowed from Jerome—“Whoever shall say that it is impossible to keep the law, let him be accursed.” For Christ plainly declares, that it is not possible for men to keep the way of salvation, except so far as the grace of God assists them.[4]

19:26 with God all things are possible. This final saying highlights the basis of salvation as God’s work in redemption. In relation to the status issues that have been raised by Jesus’ teaching that a rich person does not have greater access to and blessing from God than the poor, Matthew highlights that God’s power and grace to save are the great equalizer (and means of status reversal; see 20:1–15).[5]

[1] Crossway Bibles. (2008). The ESV Study Bible (p. 1862). Wheaton, IL: Crossway Bibles.

[2] MacDonald, W. (1995). Believer’s Bible Commentary: Old and New Testaments. (A. Farstad, Ed.) (p. 1277). Nashville: Thomas Nelson.

[3] Hendriksen, W., & Kistemaker, S. J. (1953–2001). Exposition of the Gospel According to Matthew (Vol. 9, pp. 728–729). Grand Rapids: Baker Book House.

[4] Calvin, J., & Pringle, W. (2010). Commentary on a Harmony of the Evangelists Matthew, Mark, and Luke (Vol. 2, pp. 402–403). Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software.

[5] Brown, J. K. (2015). Matthew. (M. L. Strauss & J. H. Walton, Eds.) (p. 223). Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books.

How Can We Interrogate the Reliability of the Gospels as Eyewitness Accounts? (Video) — Cold Case Christianity

If we had an opportunity to truly test the authors of the Gospels, what approach should we take? Is it possible to “fact-check” the authors? If so, how would we do this? Pastor Tom Goodman from HillCrest Church interviews J. Warner about the applicability of cold-case methodologies to the case for Christianity.

To see more training videos with J. Warner Wallace, visit the YouTube playlist.

For more information about the reliability of the New Testament gospels and the case for Christianity, please read Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels. This book teaches readers ten principles of cold-case investigations and applies these strategies to investigate the claims of the gospel authors. The book is accompanied by an eight-session Cold-Case Christianity DVD Set (and Participant’s Guide) to help individuals or small groups examine the evidence and make the case.

How Can We Interrogate the Reliability of the Gospels as Eyewitness Accounts? (Video) — Cold Case Christianity

Defusing Demonic Dirty Bombs — The Messed Up Church

These ideas, catch phrases and concepts have infiltrated the church and have laid a false foundation. They’re a “set-up.” Because many Christians believe these ideas, false teachings are slipping into the church all over the place.

The following comments are what “discernment Christians” hear over and over again. Yes, there might be some truth in some of these ideas, but taken as a whole, they have replaced authentic, Bible-based Christianity and are allowing “another gospel” to takes its place.

Copy of 67ac5-img.png (Copy)

1. “You’re just being negative and critical! Don’t you have anything good to say? I can’t believe you’re criticizing (insert famous/popular Christian leader)! At least they’re trying to help-at least they’re doing something! Why can’t you be more positive? I only listen to positive Christians-not haters!”

Christianity is a specific set of beliefs that is based on one holy book: The Bible. “Sola Scriptura” is the Latin phrase meaning “Scripture Alone.” This principle was first established in the first three centuries of the church, and then further established during the Protestant Reformation in contrast to the Roman Catholic Church, which claimed that church authority was equal to scripture.

Because we believe the Bible is God’s Word, we must also believe that some ideas are incompatible with the Bible and must be rejected as false. While it’s true that Christians should not be primarily negative and critical people, we should be willing to say negative and critical things about false teachings, because bad doctrine is very harmful: it leads people away from God. The painful reality is that false teachers are great manipulators and they know exactly what to say in order to keep your trust (and keep their money pouring in), so sometimes it’s necessary to say negative and critical things to confront them and their teachings.  The Old Testament prophets, Jesus and all the Apostles did this.

A lot.

We should not be primarily thinking “positive versus negative,” instead, we should be thinking: “true versus false.” The Bible is not always a “positive” book because it contains the truth that we need to hear. We humans are like disobedient children who need correction from our Heavenly Father, who loves us enough to tell us the truth.

In Matthew 23:27 Jesus says “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within are full of dead people’s bones and all uncleanness.” (Gee whiz, Jesus, that’s not very nice; at least the Pharisees were trying to do something…)

2. “But he’s really famous (he has written popular books, has a huge church, has a TV show, etc.), he must know what he’s talking about!” “That many people can’t be wrong!”

This exposes the common belief that “the group is always right” (my group!); which is like saying “consensus equals truth.” Christians say that they believe the Bible, but too often what they really believe is whatever their “guy” (local pastor, TV preacher, famous author/speaker, etc.) says about the Bible. On top of that, if a local pastor is actually doing a good job of faithfully preaching God’s Word, he’s often being over-ridden by the surrounding culture.

We have millions of Christians watching 10, 20, or even 30 hours of television per week, yet they “don’t have time” to read and study the Bible. But when the latest guru comes along with a new method of “hearing from God” they drop everything to “learn the secret;” yet, they’ve neglected God’s Word-the actual words from God. The situation should be seen as utterly absurd, but because almost everyone behaves and believes this way, it’s been normalized. As a result, false teachers have free reign and a limitless customer base to promote their weird ideas and enrich themselves.

In Mark 7:7 Jesus says to the Pharisees (quoting Isaiah): “in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.” In Matthew 7:13-14 He says: “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.”  Jesus is warning us not to follow the teachings of men (even if it’s a NY Times Best-seller!), and not to “go with the group.”  Psalm 118:8 “It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in man.”

3. “Judge not, lest you be judged.” (Similar to: “Who are we to judge?”)

Whenever a false teacher/prophet is exposed (because of unbiblical teachings, blatant sin, corruption/greed, prophecies that don’t come true, etc.) they can often maintain the unquestioning support of their followers by using this verse (Matthew 7:1) taken out of context, of course. But we are to judge or examine and scrutinize the teachings we hear. This verse is not saying: “don’t ever judge anyone ever!” In reading the whole passage, it’s easy to see that this verse is warning against unjust and hypocritical judgment in our personal dealings with others.

It’s not about evaluating the teachings that are being taught by a teacher.

Christians have been systematically programmed to ignore all scripture about the accountability of leaders… because their leaders said so. Ironically, the false teacher ends up judging his theological critic who is (supposedly) guilty of being judgmental.

In Paul’s letter to Titus (chapter 1) he rebukes false teachers saying:“For there are many rebellious people, mere talkers and deceivers, especially those of the circumcision group. They must be silenced, because they are ruining whole households by teaching things they ought not to teach-and that for the sake of dishonest gain. Rebuke them sharply, so that they will be sound in the faith and will pay no attention to Jewish myths or to the commands of those who reject the truth. They claim to know God, but by their actions they deny Him. They are detestable, disobedient and unfit for doing anything good.” (Wow Apostle Paul, judge much??)

A helpful article: “Discerning Judgement”

Another helpful article: “Jesus Said You Shouldn’t Judge”

And here’s a longer article on this topic: Does the Bible Tell Christians to Judge Not?

4. “Don’t have a religious spirit!” “That guy has a religious spirit; he’s always quoting Bible verses and talking about theology and doctrine-what a Pharisee!”

This is a pretty vague concept that really helps empower “super-spiritual” false teachers. Want to refute someone who is promoting sound, Biblical doctrine? Just accuse them of having a religious spirit. It’s much easier than searching the scriptures and seeking the truth. After all, “God doesn’t care about our doctrine, He cares about our heart.” That sounds really good, but it’s just another catchphrase, too.

Doctrine is important! Doctrine is just another word for “instruction” or “teaching,” and it tells us who God really is, and who we really are. The Pharisees were guilty of unbelief and elevating man-made laws over God’s Word, they were not guilty of being too focused on the Bible. The idea that “focusing on the Bible too much” will somehow cause us to “miss” God or the Holy Spirit is just crazy. This line of thinking is very similar to…

5. “An experience is better than any doctrine!” “I don’t care about theology-I just love Jesus!” “It’s one thing to know the Bible; it’s another thing to know the author!” “Jesus is my theology!”

While it’s true that some people have very real and emotional experiences with God, this should not be where we establish our belief system-God’s Word does that. God has graciously given us the safe parameters within which we can understand Him: in His Word. A foundation of experiences will always require greater and more frequent experiences, which will usually escalate into some kind of emotional train wreck. Just ask anyone who has left a Charismatic/Pentecostal church in a state of confusion, never to return.

Saying “I don’t care about theology-I just love Jesus” is a theological statement. It’s just a very weak one. It’s a foundation of sand. We don’t see anything in the Bible about “just loving Jesus” (as if our emotional feelings about Him were the key), but we do see many exhortations to have good, sound doctrine and teaching. Theology is a word that simply means “the study of God.” All Christians are theologians, whether they admit it or not. A solid theological understanding of God’s amazing grace is much better than any emotional experience anyway because it never changes.

By the way, theology is much, much more than a Calvinist and an Arminian arguing back and forth while confusing and/or aggravating everyone else. Good theology helps us to gain a correct and deeper understanding of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

After His resurrection, Jesus met two of His followers on the road to Emmaus and didn’t reveal himself; He first asked them a series of questions to see what they knew and believed about Him. When they said that they basically didn’t know what was going on (even though the empty tomb had been discovered and angels had said He has risen)…          

“Jesus said to them, ‘How foolish you are, and how slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken! Did not the Christ have to suffer these things and then enter His glory?” And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, He explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning Himself.” Luke 24:25-26.

Question: If knowing God experientially is more important than knowing the Bible, why would Jesus do this? (Jesus wasted all that time explaining the scriptures to them? He should have been developing a deep and personal relationship with them! He must’ve had a religious spirit!) 

Here’s another helpful article: The Gigantic Problem Beneath the Really Big Problem

Copy of 63a22-static1-squarespace.jpg (Copy)

6. “God offends the mind to reveal the heart.” (Similar to: “it’s all about your heart-not your head” or something like that)

Sometimes, this anti-intellectual sentence is used in a sermon as if it were scripture. It’s not scripture. It’s just another catchphrase. And it can be very manipulative and confusing. If anybody tries to be discerning (which involves using the mind) they can be dismissed with this catchphrase. God did not give us a mind and then expect us to stop using it.  Ironically, when a false teacher says things like this, he is using a type of thinking to convince others to think a certain way. Jesus said in Matthew 22:37 “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and MIND.”  There is no false dichotomy between our heart and mind in scripture-if anything, our heart is not to be trusted, but God’s Word is.

7. “Don’t touch God’s anointed!” “You better be careful if you speak against prophet/bishop/pastor so and so!”

When false teachers can’t defend their beliefs in the clear teachings of the Bible, they use this (partial) verse as a rebuke. It’s taken completely out of context from the Old Testament and it refers to physically harming the Israelite king or prophet. This has nothing to do with questioning bad leadership or false teachings. It’s interesting to note that cult leaders often use some type of threat to maintain their authority-this is the lowest form of leadership. 

In stark contrast, the Jewish believers from Berea in Acts 17:11, “were more noble than those in Thessalonica; they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so.” If it was good and noble for these Bereans to question the Apostle Paul (who wrote much of the New Testament!) and compare his teachings to scripture (which would’ve been the Old Testament), we can do the same thing with any teacher/pastor.  Any pastor/teacher who demands special treatment as God’s chosen and untouchable authority is clearly not! (For more detail on this topic, here’s a helpful article: Touch Not My Anointed, and here’s another article.)

8. “We only teach the Bible!”

Believe it or not, this is probably the easiest way to teach false doctrine. Most Christians will shut off any discernment once they hear a pastor/teacher say something like this. If he’s “just teaching the Bible” who are we to disagree, right? Once a pastor/teacher has gained your trust by saying this, he can easily stick a Bible verse wherever he wants-whether it actually fits or not. He could probably just make up Bible verses half of the time since no one is checking anyway. If a teacher/pastor actually says, “we should never proof-text!” he might actually be making it easier to keep proof-texting; the key is to keep people comfortable and trusting.

By the way, proof-texting means using a Bible verse (or verses) taken completely out of context to make a point that it was never supposed to make. Basically, when a pastor/teacher wants to make his idea really convincing he can just dig up some Bible verse to validate his point (with all those crazy stories from the Old Testament you can prove any point!). Unfortunately, this happens a lot; and it really confuses people because it looks like the Bible teaches a thousand different and conflicting things from just one passage. This is not God’s fault-it’s the lazy, loose, and wrong interpreting being done by the pastor. James 3: 1 says: “Let not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgment.”

Here’s another helpful article: Frequently Abused and Misused Bible Verses

Copy of 0a0ed-static1-squarespace-1-1.jpg (Copy)

9. “You’re putting God in a box! As soon as you think you’ve got God all figured out He’ll do something unexpected!”

This is a weird way to spiritualize false teaching, and cover it up under a cloud of supposed “mystery.” The truth is, God has made it very clear in His Word that we are to hold fast to correct doctrine. Period. While it’s true that no one can claim to have God “all figured out,” it’s not like God is always changing His ways to keep us guessing like some strange leprechaun in the sky who enjoys confusing us. God has given us His Son and His Word because He wants to be known! In John 17: 3 Jesus said: “Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.”

10. “Christianity has to adapt and change with the times or else it will die.” “Those discernment people are so old-fashioned and outdated-they’re the problem!”

This idea is just plain false; it’s a pragmatic “let’s fix it ourselves because God needs our help” way of thinking. Think about it; are your religious beliefs so shallow and frail that they can’t stand up against whatever new trend is affecting society? God’s truth is above us, distinct from us and unchanging; otherwise, it’s just something we’re making up as we go. Historically, the Christian church was stronger when it went against the culture of the day. The early church began and flourished under the (sometimes very) hostile Roman Empire. But it was weakened and diluted when it became enmeshed with political and social power.      

The constant striving to make church “relevant” is usually counter-productive, and the unbelieving world often views our attempts at “marketing God” as pandering and mere salesmanship. Here’s a snarky article from the Museum of Idolatry on this topic: Visual Proof That Modern Churches Are (Much) Better.

Copy of 3cc10-static1-squarespace-8-8.gif (Copy)

Romans 12:2 “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is-His good, pleasing and perfect will.”

Galatians 1:10 “Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ.”

11. “We’re getting lots of resistance-we must be doing something right! Satan wants to stop us, that’s why people are being so critical!”

This line of thinking is, at best, a 50/50 proposition; maybe it’s true, but it’s just as possible that you’re getting resistance because your teachings are wrong and some people are trying to correct you.

12. “Well, he just heard/read some negative stuff on the Internet; they can say anything on the internet!”

Like the previous point, this is, at best, a 50/50 proposition. It could just as easily be said, “he just read that stuff in a best-selling book; they can say anything in a book!” Do so few people realize that there are no rules for what can be published in a book? The truth is, there’s a lot of information that is only available online; that’s the nature of the world we live in. This idea is very similar to #2, because what people are really saying is: “it might be proven by lots of information online (blogs, podcasts featuring interviews with experts and actual witnesses, doctrinal papers, personal testimony, etc.), but it’s not the consensus view (it isn’t supported by giant book publishers, Christian media companies, mega-churches, etc.) so I refuse to believe it.” We should be testing everything against the Word of God-no matter what anybody says!

It’s important to understand that some giant “Christian” media companies are owned by even larger non-Christian media companies. For example, billionaire Rupert Murdoch owns the global media conglomerate News Corporation (Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, Twentieth Century Fox Films, etc., etc.), which owns HarperCollins, one of the largest book publishers in the world. HarperCollins owns both Zondervan and Thomas Nelson which are the two biggest Christian (or “inspirational”) book publishers in the world. These companies are all about making money. It’s crazy to assume that somebody, somewhere is carefully checking the content of every single book they sell. This doesn’t mean that Zondervan and Thomas Nelson don’t have any good books, by the way; it just means there’s no guarantee.

Whether they’re on the Internet or in a book, all ideas and teachings should be diligently compared to the Word of God.

13. “Don’t listen to that discernment guy-he’s a dream stealer! You’ve got a Dream that God has planted in your heart! God has a special Destiny planned for your life-a Divine Assignment! God wants you to find your purpose, but the devil wants to steal your dream!!”

This is the “Dream Destiny Thingy” theology, and it’s an underlying assumption in a lot of evangelical teaching, but it’s most prevalent within charismatic teaching. The amazing thing is, it’s not in the Bible.


Neither Jesus nor the Apostles ever told us to “follow the dreams in our heart.” Yet, in a million sermons you’ll hear pastors claim that “God has planted a dream inside you” or “you’ve gotta have a vision;” but it’s just an assumption that is never proven from God’s Word (and the few Bible verses that might be mentioned are ripped from their context). This is ear-tickling at its worst.

If you’re under a pastor who teaches this way, you’re either in the earlier stages of false hope where “something really big is right around the corner” (which takes your attention away from Jesus and His finished work on the cross), or you’re dealing with confusion and/or resentment because you haven’t had your dreams come true-in fact, you’ve probably had major disappointments as you’ve waited for God to “come through with His promises” (and you’re attention is not on Jesus and His finished work on the cross).  With this Dream Destiny Thingy as a starting point, all sermons become focused on us, and how we’re supposed to follow the mystical trail of breadcrumbs that God leaves for us, as we ride our unicorns across the rainbows of our imagination…

Here’s one of the very few passages in the whole Bible that could pertain to this issue: Jude 1:8 “In the very same way, these dreamers pollute their own bodies, reject authority and slander celestial beings.” Hmmm… so that’s how the Bible describes a dreamer in the church.

14. “Look at all the fruit on his tree-he must be blessed by God!” “With all those new people going to that church, you just know it’s being blessed by God!”

Fruit on the tree does not mean “many people coming to church.” Here’s the only thing that can be said for sure about a church with thousands of people attending: the pastor is being paid a large salary. Seriously, that’s about all we can know for sure. Oh, and they probably have a good worship team (soft rock band). When Jesus told us to look at the fruit of a teacher, He was telling us to compare the teaching and life of the teacher to Jesus-it should “look” the same. Any pastor teaching things that are contrary to Jesus is a false teacher-no matter how many followers he has. This is often related to the next one…

15. “But he does everything in the name of Jesus-he must be okay!”

Think about it: if Satan wanted to operate in the church (and he does!), would he do it in his own name? Would he show up in church in his bright red jumpsuit and give himself away? Does any deception announce itself ahead of time? Deception is about pretending to be something else. The apostle Paul exposed the false “Super-Apostles” in the Corinthian church and said:

“For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, masquerading as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness.” 2 Corinthians 11:13-15

Jesus said in Matthew 7:22 “Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy IN YOUR NAME, and IN YOUR NAME cast out demons, and IN YOUR NAME perform many miracles?’ And I will declare to them; I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness.”

It should be assumed that a false teacher would always use the name of Jesus!

16. “It can’t be true, because I would have known about it already!” (or “somebody would have said something by now!”)

Copy of 38d8a-static1-squarespace-2-2.png (Copy)

This is a common knee-jerk reaction when people first hear about false doctrine in their midst. This is really saying “I already know everything that needs to be known; if I get new and different information that doesn’t correspond to my currently held beliefs, then it must be wrong. I refuse to look into anything that might threaten my views.” This is sometimes called “confirmation bias.” Here’s a more detailed article on this topic: Confirmation Bias: Why You are Protecting Your False Beliefs.

When someone says “somebody would have said something by now…” we should remember that somebody already did say something: In Matthew 7:15 Jesus said, “Watch out for wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

Jesus did NOT say: “Don’t watch out for wolves in sheep’s clothing, because somebody is already doing that for you; besides, you don’t want to be too critical… just go with the flow.” 

17. “That discernment guy is just promoting fear, and fear comes from the devil!” “He’s got a lot of anger-you can tell he’s not of God!”

By saying things like this, a false teacher can appear to invalidate whatever a discerning Christian has to say. Of course it’s true that we aren’t supposed to live in fear and/or anger; buy when a discerning Christian tries to warn the church about a dangerous deception, it’s only normal to express some outrage. The important question is whether or not his concerns are warranted. If a sheep discovers that his shepherd is actually a wolf, a (temporary) sense of fear and/or anger is an appropriate response in order for him to leave and warn others.

In actuality, it is the cult member that goes through life like a zombie, constantly thinking “positive thoughts” and refusing to wake up to the deception that surrounds him. Warning a fellow Christian about false teaching is not promoting fear-but, ironically, a false teacher has no problem scaring his followers into compliance and threatening them if they dare question his authority.

The Apostle Paul said this to the Ephesian Elders in Acts 20:29 “I know that after my departure fierce wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock; and from among your own selves will arise men speaking twisted things, to draw away the disciples after them. Therefore be alert, remembering that for three years I did not cease night or day to admonish everyone with tears.” (Hey Apostle Paul, why don’t you lighten up and stop frightening everyone with your angry warnings!!)

18. “We need a fresh move of the Holy Spirit!” “These discernment people are afraid of the new things that God wants to do-they’re hindering the move of the Holy Spirit!”

This sounds so spiritual, but what does it actually mean? How do we know if the “move” is “fresh” enough? What if the “move” is past the expiration date? How does anyone know for sure that a “move” is really even caused by the Holy Spirit and isn’t just emotional hype, or worse? These questions get completely ignored by many Charismatic/Pentecostal churches, because the assumption is: “we must have a revival!” And it depends on us mustering up something; and one hundred different “experts” have one hundred different opinions on how to make it happen.

This kind of teaching is exhausting, confusing and it takes our attention away from the finished work of Jesus. After all, isn’t it enough that Jesus came to earth, died on the cross to forgive all of our sins and then rose from the dead? Do we really need something better than that? Something “fresher??”

Lastly, where in the teachings of the New Testament (the teachings for the Church) were Christians ever instructed to ask for, and expect, a “fresh move of the Holy Spirit” or an “End Times Revival?” We weren’t.

You can relax now!

The Apostle Paul says this in Titus 3:4-7 “But when the goodness and loving kindness of God our Savior appeared, he saved us, not because of works done by us in righteousness, but according to his own mercy, by the washing and regeneration and renewal of the Holy Spirit, whom he poured out on us richly through Jesus Christ our Savior, so that being justified by his grace we might become heirs according to the hope of eternal life.”

19. “Since God is truth, all truth is God’s truth, so we can seek His truth anywhere and everywhere-not just from the Bible. These discernment Christians are too narrowly focused on the Bible-they’re missing the bigger picture of who God is, and all He’s doing!”

This idea sounds open-minded and “modern” (and nobody wants to appear old-fashioned) but it quickly falls apart in the real world. Why would God specifically reveal Himself in the written Word and in His Son, Jesus Christ, but then “sort of” appear in a million other forms (that can be viewed in a million different ways)? This is just accommodation and surrender to the unbelieving world.

Jesus said in John 14:6 “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (Being kind of exclusionary, aren’t you Jesus??)

If we’re talking about computers, recipes, and lawn maintenance… ordinary, regular “stuff,” then, of course, we can learn from our unbelieving neighbors. But in spiritual matters, the potential for deception should always keep us very close to God’s Word.

20. “I know that some of their teachings are wrong, but they (pastor/teacher/author) have some good things to say; we shouldn’t just throw the baby out with the bathwater!” “Chew on the meat and spit out the bones.”

Can you imagine a pastor/teacher that doesn’t have any good things to say-ever? Of course not! They wouldn’t last ten minutes. Having some good things to say does not qualify anyone for ministry. So, this problem is twofold: first, there are unqualified “ministers” who really think they’re doing God’s work (but they’re not), and second, there are millions of people putting themselves under their authority (and they shouldn’t be). We should be very strict and discerning in who we accept (“ordain”) as our pastor/teacher, just as the Bible instructs us to. This is for our own good!

James 3: 1 “Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.” 

Lastly, this “chew on the meat, spit out the bones” idea is something that’s often said about people getting new “words from God,” and it’s so ridiculous that it almost doesn’t need to be refuted. If you know there are going to be some “bones” in a person’s teaching that you’ll have to “spit out” afterwards, how can that be a “word from God?” And why in the world are you listening to them to begin with?? Here’s some better advice:

  • Don’t listen to anyone whose teaching requires “spitting out” afterwards.
  • Don’t listen to anyone that gets “downloads” (new revelations) directly from God.
  • Don’t listen to anyone who gives lip service to the Bible but rarely actually reads it.
  • Don’t listen to anyone whose ideas require “The Message Bible” or “The Passion Translation” for validation.
  • Don’t listen to anyone who is constantly selling stuff and getting rich from his or her “ministry.”
  • Don’t listen to anyone who twists God’s Word or approves of those who do.
  • Don’t listen to anyone who values the world’s approval more than service to God.
  • Don’t listen to anyone who talks more about themselves than the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Don’t listen to anyone who “casts a vision” that you’re required to follow.
  • Don’t listen to anyone who claims to have the ability to “speak things into existence.”
  • Don’t listen to anyone who claims to have discovered a “secret” from God.
  • Don’t listen to anyone who preaches a whole sermon based on half of a (KJV) verse.
  • Don’t listen to anyone who preaches a sermon based on his or her new book and not the Word of God.
  • Don’t listen to anyone who questions the Bible while pretending to value it.
  • Don’t listen to anyone who values adoration from the audience above service to God.
  • Don’t listen to anyone who refers to their own illegal activities as mere “mistakes.”
  • Don’t listen to anyone who preaches all Law and no Gospel.
  • Finally, don’t listen to anyone who thinks you shouldn’t be considering any of these ideas.

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March 19 Afternoon Quotes of The Day

“I Am Not Myself”
Genesis 3:6; 1 Corinthians 15:22; 2 Corinthians 11:3

To the question, “What are you?” I could only answer, “God knows.” To the question, “What is meant by the Fall?” I could answer with complete sincerity, “That whatever I am, I am not myself.”


Ritzema, E. (Ed.). (2012). 300 Quotations for Preachers. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

“The Love of Vanity Is the Contempt of Truth”
Genesis 19:11; Psalm 4:2; Daniel 5:23

What is more vain than to love vanity, and what is more repugnant to justice than to despise the truth? What is more just than that the power to recognize the truth should be withdrawn from those who have despised it, and that those who did not glorify the truth when they recognized it should lose the power of boasting of the knowledge? Thus the love of vanity is the contempt of truth, and the contempt of truth the cause of our blindness.


Ritzema, E., & Brant, R. (Eds.). (2013). 300 quotations for preachers from the Medieval church. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

19 Mar 2021 News Briefing


Bacteria Strains Recovered From ISS Are New to Science, Study Says
A new joint study between researchers in the United States and India involving bacteria recovered from within the International Space Station (ISS) has identified three strains previously unrecognized by science.

Alongside Rivlin, France’s Macron says Iran must stop violating nuclear deal
Standing alongside President Reuven Rivlin, French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday urged Iran to stop aggravating the already grave crisis over its nuclear program by multiplying violations of the 2015 deal with world powers. “Iran must stop worsening the nuclear situation that is already serious by accumulating violations of the Vienna accord,” Macron said during a joint press conference at the Elysee Palace with Rivlin, currently on a European tour to discuss the Iranian threat.

Massive New Chinese Military Heliport Taking Shape Right Across From Taiwan
Satellite imagery shows significant progress on the construction of what is, by every indication, a massive new military heliport in China very close to the Taiwan Strait. Continued work on the facility, which is around a half a mile from the water’s edge, only some 150 miles from Taiwan proper, and even closer to various islands that Taiwanese authorities control, comes amid a surge in charged rhetoric between officials in Beijing and their counterparts in both Taipei and Washington.

COVID-19 vaccination passports
As countries grow eager to reignite their economies and people increasingly yearn for mobility and normalcy in life, pressure is mounting for some form of COVID-19 health status certificate that would support these desires. There has already been an explosion of COVID-19 passport initiatives for domestic use and international travel. But scientific, legal, and ethical concerns abound with such documentation. Given the high stakes, what is the path forward?

US defense company claims it can track nearly any vehicle in real-time globally
A defense contractor says it has worldwide motor vehicle location data and wants to use it to assist U.S. federal agencies in their spying and military operations, according to documents revealed this week. The Ulysses Group, which conducts operational and intelligence support, geolocation collection and analysis, threat and vulnerability assessments and more, claims to have access to “over 15 billion vehicle locations” globally each month, with data able to be viewed “historically” or in real-time.

Israel unveils new Dead Sea Scrolls found in desert trove of treasures
Israel on Tuesday announced the discovery of dozens of new Dead Sea Scroll fragments bearing a biblical text found in a cave in the Judean Desert and believed hidden during a Jewish revolt against Rome nearly 1,900 years ago. The scrolls, which are written in Greek save for the name of God that appears in ancient Hebrew, includes portions from the Book of the Minor Prophets, including the books of Zechariah and Nahum.

Putin challenges Biden to live debate
Russian President Putin challenged Joe Biden to an online debate a day after agreeing with an ABC News anchor that Putin was “a killer.” “I would like to suggest to President Biden that we continue our discussion, but on the condition that we actually do it live, without any delays, directly in an open, live discussion,” Putin was quoted as telling Russia 24 TV. Putin warned he “wouldn’t put this off for too long” and suggested Monday as a possible date.

PA scrambles to hire Terrorists as Public servants Avoiding Prosecution under ‘Pay-for-Slay’ Law
the PA leadership is working closely with the US administration, the EU, and Israeli authorities to ensure that the PA will be able to pay the monthly salaries it pays to terrorist prisoners and released terrorists, via the banks in April. Abu Bakr added that dozens of employees in the commission are working – “even on vacation days” – to guarantee a solution is found to give the terrorists their rewards.

Jerusalem: Massive ‘Idol’ with Serpent deity on Public display near Temple Mount causes Controversy
Is idol worship being subtly promoted in the middle of Jerusalem? Some Israelis believe so. That’s because in the heart of an upscale outdoor shopping mall adjacent to the Old City is a sculpture on proud display featuring a rather disturbing combination of images.

Skin cells used to produce first complete model of early human embryo
Using skin cells as the starting point, the researchers have produced the first complete model of an early human embryo, which they say opens up new possibilities for research into IVF treatments and the many factors that can impact the important early stages of human life.

Rep introduces bill that would imprison governor for unilaterally declaring emergencies
Rep. Erik Mortensen, R-Shakopee, (MN) introduced a bill that would take away the governor’s power to unilaterally declare a peacetime emergency or to issue executive orders that are treated as law. Mortensen said, “By unilaterally declaring emergency powers, Walz completely eradicated our republican form of government and started becoming the supreme lawmaker of the land.” This bill would take away that ability. Next, Mortensen’s legislation implements jail time for a governor who violates these rules. For overstepping his powers, the governor would be subject to a $1,000 fine or 90 days in jail.

Palestinian Authority attempting to conceal terrorist stipends – report
The Palestinian Authority is attempting to conceal its “pay-for-slay” stipends to terrorists by creating thousands of new civil and security service positions, according to a report by the NGO Palestinian Media Watch. Palestinians released from Israeli prisons will be provided with special jobs within the Palestinian Authority (PA).

UNHRC strengthens call for arms embargo against Israel
The UN Human Rights Council is expected to vote on Monday on a resolution that strengthens the call for an arms embargo against Israel over fears of human rights violations. This is the fourth consecutive year that the UNHRC has dealt with the issue…as the International Criminal Court considers bringing war crimes lawsuits against Israelis for actions in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem, and military conduct in Gaza.

Biden administration crafting plan to reset US-Palestinian ties
The Biden administration is crafting a plan aimed at resetting US ties with the Palestinians, which all but collapsed under former President Donald Trump…Two people familiar with the State Department document…said it was still in an early “working stage” but could eventually form the basis for rolling back parts of Trump’s approach that Palestinians denounced as heavily biased in favour of Israel.

Joe Biden Has Begun Calling Kamala Harris ‘President’ And Doesn’t Correct Himself As 25TH Amendment Clock Continues To Count Down
Joe Biden called Kamala Harris ‘president’ today, and the scariest part he seemed completely unaware of what he had just said. He never corrected his statement as he struggled to read from the teleprompter. With each passing week, Biden appears to be aging months at a time. At this rate, the Democrats will need to play their 25th Amendment card by June or July, if he lasts that long. Even his plastic surgery appears to be failing as he literally is falling apart in front of our eyes. This is the ‘deal with the Devil’ that Biden made to be president.

Damaging tornado outbreak hits South U.S., severe weather shifting into the Southeast
A severe weather outbreak lashed the South U.S. on Wednesday, March 17, 2021, unleashing tornadoes that led to serious damage to homes and businesses, particularly in Alabama and Mississippi. NOAA Storm Prediction Center (SPC) received a total of 25 tornado reports– 17 in Alabama, 3 in Mississippi, 2 in Montana, and 1 each in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Missouri. The outbreak is forecast to shift into the Southeast on Thursday, March 18, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

Very strong and shallow M6.0 earthquake hits near the coast of Bejaia, Algeria
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.0 hit near the coast of Algeria at 00:04 UTC (01:04 LT) on March 18, 2021. The agency is reporting a depth of 8 km (5 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.0 at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles).

BABYLON: Pope Francis Calls For A Post-COVID ‘New World Order’ Based Upon Social Justice, Eradicating Inequalities, Climate Change And Chrislam
Just in case you thought that the COVID-19 virus has anything to do with the COVID-19 virus, Pope Francis wants you to know that it does not. But what it has to do with is resetting the entire planet and bringing in the New World Order we find in Revelation 13, 17 and 18.

Obama Calls For Greater Gun Control After Atlanta Shooting Before All The Facts Are Even Known
After a deadly shooting in Atlanta, Georgia this week, former president Obama waited less than 24 hours to issue calls for greater gun control measures. All of the facts of the case are not even known yet, but Obama just couldn’t wait to go charging in with the left’s agenda.

Australian Police Suggest App To Confirm Sexual Consent
A top Australian police commissioner is suggesting people use a phone app to prove sexual consent amid a rise in sex crimes.

Milwaukee Judge and President of Drag Queen Story Hour Group Arrested, Charged With Child Pornography
A Milwaukee judge who serves as the President of an LGBTQ+ foundation in Wisconsin was arrested and charged with seven counts of possessing child pornography on Tuesday. Brett Blomme, an elected judge for Branch 5 of the Milwaukee County Circuit Court, is also the President and CEO of the Cream City Foundation.

Apostate Laodicean Franklin Graham Says Jesus Would ‘Take The COVID Vaccine’ And Urges Pastors To Compel Their People To Take It As Well, What??
If you don’t find a problem with this article exposing the heresy that Franklin Graham is currently spouting, then you are a Laodicean yourself. Franklin Graham told ABC News that Jesus Christ would take a COVID vaccine if He were walking among us physically today as He did with His apostles in the first century. That is one of the most stupid, ridiculous and unbelievably heretical statements any pastor could ever make. Jesus inject Himself with an mRNA, gene editing concoction? Only Satan would tell a lie like that. Hmm.🤔

Israel Passes Law To Mandate ‘Freedom’ Tracking Bracelets 
Israeli lawmakers have passed legislation that could see the government make it mandatory for all citizens entering the country to wear a tracking device.

Visitors to California Theme Parks Told to Remain Silent on Roller Coasters to Stop COVID-19
Theme parks in California are set to re-open next month but visitors are being warned that they’re not allowed to sing, shout, scream or engage in heavy breathing while on rides. Yes, really.

California bill could ban conservative Christians from serving as police
A Bay Area assemblyman wants to ban from service police officers and police officer candidates who are members of hate groups or have used hate speech in the past, even in “a private discussion forum” online.

Bill Gates gets $7.5B donation from American taxpayers during pandemic
Buried deep in the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package signed by President Joe Biden on Thursday, March 11, is a provision to provide a $3.5 billion giveaway to Bill Gates’ Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

VACCINE PRISON CAMP: LA schools to track students using Microsoft’s “Daily Pass” tracking app 
Los Angeles schools are set to require every child to use a COVID-tracking app to be scanned daily before they enter classrooms when schools reopen next month.

Who’s the President of the USA? It ain’t Biden
Who’s the President of the USA? It sure isn’t Biden / Beijing Joe. Where is Joe Biden and the lying news media during the border crisis?..Where is Joe Biden when he’s not filming in the Oval Office at Amazon studios? IF Biden is the President, why isn’t he filming at the Whitehouse? Why isn’t Biden allowed in the capitol building? Why isn’t Biden on Airforce One? Why are military not around most of the time for Biden?

Source: 19 Mar 2021 – Rapture Ready

Headlines – 3/19/2021

Biden administration crafting plan to reset U.S. ties with Palestinians: sources

Exiled Abbas rival Mohammad Dahlan hints he could run for PA president

Hundreds protest in Tel Aviv over violent crime in Arab communities

In turnabout, Netanyahu courts Arab voters he once called a threat

Emiratis accuse Netanyahu of exploiting normalization deal for election gain

UAE said to shelve plans for Israel-US summit amid anger at PM’s electioneering

Israel’s election: Netanyahu seeks a majority to block his corruption trial

Poll: Likud surges to 31 seats

Shaked: ‘Netanyahu will form government with the Left’

Bennett rebuffs Likud minister’s call to pledge loyalty to Netanyahu

Israeli elections: Drones to monitor voting lines from the air

Israel to Pre-Purchase $210 Million in Tickets to Save El Al

IDF is undergoing a digital transformation that will link air, sea and ground units

Royal Air Force Chief Discusses F-35 Build-Up, Impact of Drones During Israel Visit

Rivlin urges France to oppose ICC’s ‘legally, morally bankrupt’ war crimes probe

Israel said concerned US-Russia tensions could impact operations in Syria

Alongside Rivlin, France’s Macron says Iran must stop violating nuclear deal

White House Envoy: Iranian Attacks on US Assets ‘Not Really Helping’ Prospects of Return to Nuclear Deal

Senator Warns Biden Admin Against Skirting Congress on New Iran Deal

Congress demands to see if Iran is paying Americans to help influence Biden policy

Biden administration considering 6-month extension for US troops in Afghanistan

As Myanmar protesters torch Chinese factories, workers are caught in spiraling crisis

Military tightens grip in Myanmar as more international sanctions loom

Fears of ‘digital dictatorship’ as Myanmar deploys AI

Myanmar Regime Seizes Bank Accounts of Soros’ Open Society Foundation

Pompeo: China does not deserve to host 2022 Winter Olympics due to ‘eerie similarities’ with Nazi Germany

First U.S.-China meeting under Biden gets off to a rocky start

US and China trade barbs after Blinken warns of need to respect global order or face a ‘more violent world’

Biden defense secretary warns US forces ready to ‘fight tonight’ after North Korea warning

Russia warns of escalation after Biden calls Putin a killer

Putin responds to Biden calling him a killer: ‘Takes one to know one’

Russian president calls on Joe Biden to hold online debate, after Biden called Putin ‘a killer’

Sean Hannity: Putin openly mocking Biden with ‘humiliating’ ‘debate’ challenge

Biden calls his second-in-command ‘President Harris’

McConnell Lashes Out at Pelosi’s Hypocrisy: Trying to ‘Overturn a State-Certified Election’

Months After Trump Complaints, Some Courts Are Finding Irregularities in 2020 Elections

Could Trump Be The 1st U.S. President Charged With A Criminal Offense?

No sin is ever forgiven in the brave new woke world

Jesuits to raise $100 million for descendants of slaves owned by members in 1800s

Horowitz: New Hampshire Republican Gov. Sununu threatens to veto bill barring divisive anti-white curriculum in schools

Gov. DeSantis bans ‘wacko’ critical race theory, insists ‘teaching children to hate their country and to hate each other’ isn’t going to happen on his watch

Atlanta Mayor: Hate Crime Charges May Be Appropriate in Massage Parlor Shootings

Biden orders flags lowered to honor victims of Atlanta shooting

White House ‘committed’ to transparency along the southern border while refusing media access

Psaki says ‘crisis on the border’ after Biden officials rejected term

Texas sheriff in charge of US-Mexico border says it’s ‘basically open,’ blames Biden

Mexico plans massive immigration crackdown as Biden administration quietly demands Mexico curb overflow of immigrants: reports

Poverty, violence and fresh hope under Biden drive a surge in migration

Biden administration has 14,000 migrant children without parents in its custody

House passes legislation to legalize millions of undocumented immigrants

Former OMB head says Biden admin would violate law by not spending appropriated funds on border wall

Facebook reveals plan to let you control augmented reality with your thoughts

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Nagqu, China

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Gizo, Solomon Islands

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Gizo, Solomon Islands

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Gizo, Solomon Islands

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Atlasovo, Russia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Gizo, Solomon Islands

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Tual, Indonesia

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Pacaya volcano in Guatemala erupts to 12,000ft

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 11,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 10,000ft

Tornadoes, storms tear across Southern states, affecting more than 60 million people

Dozens of tornadoes reported in the South

Almost half the US is in drought and there’s little sign of letting up, NOAA says

Wildfires Wiped Out West Coast’s Air Quality Improvements From the Pandemic Shutdown

Pope Francis Warns of Second ‘Great Flood’ from Global Warming

On The Verge Of A Global Crisis: One Bank Warns Of A “Biblical” Surge In Food Prices

21 states sue Biden for revoking Keystone XL pipeline permit

US and Canada setting up for showdown with ‘murder hornets’ as 2021 nesting season starts

Biden slammed for firing EEOC lawyer who worked to combat religious discrimination in workplace

House kills GOP bid to kick Swalwell off intel committee over past ties to suspected Chinese spy

Dem senator rekindles Kavanaugh sex misconduct accusations: ‘Fake’ FBI probe protected him

Australia proposes app to document sexual consent, but experts say it misinterprets the circumstances of sexual abuse

Police Told Mother of Rape Gang Victim, 12, That She Was ‘Prostituting Herself’

Amazon, Netflix, Twitter: ‘Dirty Dozen List’ names 12 businesses profiting off sexual exploitation during pandemic

Russia Gives Twitter 30 Days to Remove Child Porn or Face Ban

‘I was shocked’: Alleged abuser wanted to have sex in St. Peter’s Basilica bathroom, ex-altar boy claims

Vatican cardinal defends ban on priests from blessing same-sex unions, despite backlash

Democrat introduces bill banning transgender reassignment procedures on minors – and his colleagues are fuming

Kansas Senate passes bill banning transgender athletes in girl’s, women’s school sports

Cornell Students Focus on Abolishing the Police Through ‘Queer Framework’

Milwaukee Judge and President of Drag Queen Story Hour Group Arrested, Charged With Child Pornography

Equality Act Danger: Cross-Sex Hormones Could Create Transgender ‘Menopausal Teens’

Canadian father jailed after publicly objecting to minor daughter taking testosterone

Scientists Create Living Entities In The Lab That Closely Resemble Human Embryos

Court Orders Health Department To Release Financial Records On ‘Fresh And Never Frozen’ Organs From Aborted Fetuses

Spain approves euthanasia law

Covid-19 drove hundreds of Africans out of Guangzhou. A generation of mixed-race children is their legacy

Workers file 770,000 new jobless claims as COVID-19 layoffs stubbornly increase

Children are lonely, parents are stressed: CDC study finds remote learning taking a devastating toll

More “Covid Suicides” than Covid Deaths in Kids

Norwegian experts say deadly blood clots were caused by the AstraZeneca covid vaccine

Germany, France among nations to resume use of AstraZeneca vaccine after regulators back shot

EU regulator declares AstraZeneca vaccine safe, but experts fear damage has been done

EU regulator says AstraZeneca vaccine safe but can’t rule out link to blood clots

The ex-Pfizer scientist who became an anti-vax hero

Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine Could Become Most Lucrative Drug in the World

Some GOP Lawmakers Hesitant on Receiving Coronavirus Vaccine: ‘Natural Immunity Exists and Works’

CRISPR Scientist’s Biography Explores Ethics Of Rewriting The Code Of Life

Report: WHO Granted China Authority To Veto Scientists On Wuhan Mission

Entering China is now easier for people who have a vaccine – but only if it’s made in China

Vaccine Passports are Cronyism

Gov. Ron DeSantis Says State Won’t Be ‘Doing Any Vaccine Passports’

Horowitz: Vaccine deliveries for COVID-19 being used to legitimize segregation

Video: ‘All-out brawl’ at Florida airport after passengers kicked off plane for violating mask policy

Surveillance video shows man stab Jack in the Box manager after being told to wear a mask

Rand Paul, Fauci spar over whether wearing masks after COVID vaccine is ‘just theater’

Officials like Fauci have undermined trust in government institutions

Inventor of COVID test calls Fauci a liar, says it ‘doesn’t tell you that you’re sick’

Ingraham: Fauci’s ‘newfound celebrity’ has him ‘ego tripping’

New York nursing home whistleblower: Cuomo’s order was ‘ridiculous,’ warned officials ‘we can’t be doing this’

Releasing COVID-Untested Migrant Teens into Texas Was a ‘Mistake,’ Says DHS Secretary

CNN’s Cuomo: Saying ‘U.K. Variant’ Is ‘Very Different’ from Saying ‘China Viru’ – ‘I’m Not Blaming the U.K.’

Paris goes into lockdown as COVID-19 variant rampages

Source: Tracking the Birth Pangs – News and Links (trackingbibleprophecy.org)

Apostasy Watch Friday 3-19-21

Oscar Amaechina – When ‘Christian’ spiritual warfare looks and sounds like witchcraft

Jennifer Lyell wanted to stop her abuser by telling her story. Instead, her life fell apart

Will California Mandate Pagan Worship in Schools?

Breaking! Pastor James Coates Release Delayed…and not Guaranteed

Because Her Husband is in Prison, Pastor’s Wife Able to Proclaim Jesus to Millions on Live TV

Televangelist Todd Coontz Finally Goes to Jail for Tax Evasion

Wheaton College scrubs ‘savage’ from plaque honoring murdered missionaries

Source: Apostasy Watch Daily News and Commentary

Mid-Day Snapshot · Mar. 19, 2021

Mid-Day Digest


“Nothing so strongly impels a man to regard the interest of his constituents, as the certainty of returning to the general mass of the people, from whence he was taken, where he must participate in their burdens.” —George Mason (1788)

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Memo to Trump: Call Joe Manchin

Mark Alexander

Apparently, President Post Turtle, his heir-apparent puppeteer Kamala Harris, and their cadre of Democrat Party leftists now think it would be a good idea to “end the filibuster”!

You may recall, as political analyst Rich Lowry reminds us, “Back in 2017, more than 30 Senate Democrats, including Kamala Harris, signed a letter urging the tactic be preserved.” But I can assure you that Harris, as the Senate’s 50/50 tiebreaker, would punch that “yes” button in a microsecond!

The number two Demo in the Senate, Dick Durbin, now protests: “The filibuster is still making a mockery of American democracy. … It’s not the guarantor of democracy. It has become the death grip of democracy.” First, we are not a “democracy.” Second, the Durbin Demos make a mockery of our Republic when they abjectly violate their solemn oaths to “to support and defend” our Constitution.

Now, ostensibly, the only person standing in the gauntlet between Harris and ending the filibuster is Demo Joe Manchin of West Virginia, with Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema in his shadow.

A few days after the November election, but long before the upset Republican loss of both Senate seats in Georgia, Manchin promised, “I will not be the 50th Democrat voting to end that filibuster or to basically stack the court, and in all the other things you’re hearing about.” Asked about DC statehood, Manchin said, “I don’t know enough about that yet. I want to see the pros and cons. So, I’m waiting to see all the facts. I’m open up to see everything.”

So, will he now stand in the gauntlet? When it came to Manchin’s promise that he would only support a “bipartisan” pandemic “relief” bill — which the larded $1.9 billion blue-state bailout was not — Manchin folded.

In addition to DC statehood, Manchin may well fold on other Harris/Biden/Schumer/Pelosi measures, like their HR 1 bulk-mail balloting legislation to establish a perpetual Democrat majority in the future. That legislation is now before the Senate.

I can assure you that when the filibuster comes up, Chuck Schumer and Durbin will make Manchin and Sinema, in the inimitable words of Don Vito Corleone, “an offer [they] can’t refuse.”

If the filibuster falls, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says that all Republicans would withdraw from the Senate, preventing a physical quorum for controversial votes, which require the presence of at least 51 senators. And Harris doesn’t count, as she is not a senator. Such action would essentially shut down the Senate. As The Wall Street Journal editorial board observed, “A quorum without unanimous consent is 51 Senators, and there are only 50 Democrats. If Republicans kept their nerve in opposition, Democrats couldn’t confirm nominees or vote on legislation. The Nancy Pelosi-Joe Biden agenda couldn’t move any more than if there were a filibuster.”

But there is a path to protect the filibuster, and in fact the entire nation, from the frontal leftist assault now underway.

In 2018, Manchin was reelected by a narrow three-point margin, winning a plurality of the vote by 49.57% because of a Libertarian spoiler who received 4.17%. Notably that year, no other West Virginia Demo congressional candidate came within 10 points of winning, and Democrats running for state seats were defeated by even larger margins.

Given that backdrop, recall that Donald Trump won the presidential contest in West Virginia by a whopping 39 points. Yes, 39 points. And Republican Senator Shelly Moore Capito beat down leftist Democrat Paula Jean Swearengin by 43 points.

If former President Trump wants to take a HUGE step to ensure the future of American Liberty today, he should fly Joe Manchin down to Mar-a-Lago and have a discussion about launching a recall vote in West Virginia.

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Dems Roll Out the Immigration Welcome Mat

Nate Jackson

Millions of American citizens remain unemployed after a yearlong “15 days to flatten the curve” destroyed their jobs. There’s a crisis at the border as hundreds of thousands of illegals — including roughly 14,000 unaccompanied minors currently in custody — pour across at the behest of Joe Biden’s administration. So, what better time for the House to pass amnesty for millions of illegals?

House Democrats (and nine Republicans) figuratively put up a giant neon welcome sign at the border when they passed the American Dream and Promise Act, granting 2.5 million people a pathway to citizenship and making another two million eligible for lawful permanent residence. These are the so-called “Dreamers” that Barack Obama worked to legalize under his DACA order. Meanwhile, 30 Republicans joined Democrats in passing the Farm Modernization Workforce Act, which would establish a pathway to legalization for another one million illegals doing agricultural work.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi crowed, “We say to the world we are making a very big difference in how we value the diversity of America.” How about valuing the jobs and wages of American workers?

The merits of these two bills are almost entirely beside the point. Biden has been president for less than two months and he’s already thoroughly torpedoed Donald Trump’s work to get the border under control. Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, may want to refer to the “challenges” rather than the “crisis” at the border, but make no mistake: Crisis is the word to describe it. And it’s a man-made crisis.

This is not the time to be considering what to do about pathways to citizenship. “When you have a crisis at the border,” said GOP Whip Steve Scalie, “the last thing you should do is make it worse.”

But that’s exactly what congressional Democrats and the Biden administration are doing. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has previously told migrants not to come “right now.” On Thursday, he continued the contradictory messaging to those sending minors across the border. “We say ‘do not come’ because it is dangerous,” he said. But then he added, “Some loving parents might send their child to traverse Mexico alone, to reach the southern border, our southern border. I hope they don’t undertake that perilous journey, but if they do, we will not expel that young child. We will care for that young child and unite that child with a responsible parent. That is who we are as a nation, and we can do it.”

Si, estamos abiertos. (Yes, we’re open.)

Did we mention that Mayorkas admitted to releasing illegals into the U.S. without COVID tests?

South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, for one, has had enough. Team Biden “has lost control of the border” and Mayorkas “doesn’t have either the will or capability to fix the problem.” In fact, Graham said, “It is time for DHS Secretary Mayorkas to change course or change jobs.”

The trouble is, Mayorkas is doing exactly the jobs Democrats want him to do.

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Will Biden Hold the Line in U.S.-China Summit?

Thomas Gallatin

The United States’s number one geopolitical foe is not Russia, as many on the Left would now have Americans believe. Rather, it’s China, or more specifically the Chinese Communist Party. The party in control of the world’s second-largest economy is chomping at the bit to become number one, and it has been and continues to engage in a massive propaganda campaign intended to convince Western political leaders that Beijing is only interested in fair play. In reality, of course, fairness is the opposite of what the ChiComs are seeking — they’re after global dominance.

Yesterday began the first China-U.S. high-level summit under the Biden administration, and clearly Xi Jinping is seeking to get Joe Biden to back off from the aggressive stance Donald Trump initiated against China over its long-running trade abuse. The Wall Street Journal reports, “The measures China wants reversed include limits on American sales to Chinese firms such as its telecommunications company Huawei Technologies Co. and chip maker Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp.; visa restrictions on Communist Party members, Chinese students and state-media journalists; and closure of the Chinese Consulate in Houston.”

In short, China wants to get back to a pre-Trump relationship with the U.S. While the Biden administration is eager to continue its Trump-reversal campaign, there’s a particular lack of backbone when it comes to China. It’s difficult to ignore Beijing’s current human rights abuses — the concentration camps filled with minority Uyghurs and the crackdown on Hong Kong. But if the ChiComs can count on anyone, it’s Biden.

However, of all the items on the summit agenda, the biggest glaring omission is COVID-19, a.k.a. the ChiCom virus. Democrats, including Biden, have repeatedly derided Trump for calling out China for unleashing the global pandemic, ridiculously asserting that Trump was stoking anti-Asian racism. In fact, the Biden administration has decided to go all-in on this racism narrative, in part with the Atlanta murders, as a way to deflect criticism when Biden softens on China.

Interestingly, Biden’s recent comments essentially calling Russian President Vladimir Putin a “killer” may also be intended as a deflection tactic. Blaming the Russians is an effective dog whistle for the mainstream media, for one thing. Furthermore, it may serve to distract from a newly released U.S. Intelligence Community Assessment which found that China sought to influence the 2020 election in Biden’s favor. The report assessed “that China did take some steps to undermine former President Trump’s election chances, primarily through social media and official public statements and media.” That sounds … kind of like how Russia allegedly sought to influence the 2016 election.

Biden wants to appear tough on both China and Russia, but actions matter most. And on that front, we’re betting Biden will capitulate far too much to Beijing.

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Rand Paul Probes Tony Fauci

Douglas Andrews

Anyone else get the sense that Rand Paul is just plain sick of Anthony Fauci? We ask because it’s hard to watch their back-and-forth yesterday during a Senate hearing on COVID-19 and come to any other conclusion.

It’s possible, of course, that the junior senator from Kentucky was simply having a bad day. After all, he is a medical doctor, and The World’s Greatest Deliberative Body did just approve, by an infuriatingly tight 50-49 margin, the worst nominee ever for secretary of Health and Human Services. That nominee, now a Cabinet member, is California’s Xavier Becerra, the abortion absolutist with zero medical experience and, as Mitch McConnell, the senior senator from Kentucky put it, “a demonstrated history of hostility toward basic values like the freedom of conscience.”

In light of this abject senatorial failure, then, it’s understandable why Paul might be feeling less than charitable toward an 80-year-old career swamp creature like Fauci. “You’ve had the vaccine and you’re wearing two masks. Isn’t that theater?” Paul demanded to know. “Given that no scientific studies have shown significant numbers of reinfections of patients previously infected or previously vaccinated, what specific studies do you cite to argue the public should be wearing masks well into 2022?”

“You’ve been vaccinated and you parade around in two masks for show,” Paul says to Fauci. “You can’t get it again. There’s virtually 0% chance you’re gonna get it, and yet you’re telling people that have had the vaccine, that have immunity — you’re defying everything we know about immunity by telling people to wear masks that have been vaccinated. … You want to get rid of vaccine hesitancy? … You want people to get the vaccine? Give them a reward instead of telling them that the nanny state is going to be there for three more years and you gotta wear a mask forever. People don’t want to hear it; there’s no science behind it.”

It’s a powerful takedown, and it neatly delineates the competing camps in the COVID-19 war: one camp that understands the power of fear as a means of controlling the masses, and one camp that understands the concept of herd immunity and the need for the American people to ditch the masks and get back to living their lives again.

Paul’s takedown, though, also adds to a growing body of evidence that Fauci simply isn’t to be trusted. As Glenn Reynolds notes, “Just over a year ago, in early March 2020, Dr. Anthony Fauci was telling us it was safe to go on a cruise, and experts said that masks wouldn’t be of any use for most people. … Fauci also told us last April that it would be at least a year to 18 months before we saw a vaccine. … When asked about herd immunity, Fauci moved the goalposts. … Why? As Fauci admitted, he was manipulating us: ‘When polls said only about half of all Americans would take a vaccine, I was saying herd immunity would take 70 to 75%. … Then, when newer surveys said 60% or more would take it, I thought, “I can nudge this up a bit,” so I went to 80, 85.’“

And he wonders why Rand Paul and the rest of us are no longer genuflecting.

“Likewise,” Reynolds continues, “lockdowns were widely prescribed, and continue to be, even though the World Health Organization admits they don’t work. (A recent paper in Nature came to the same conclusion.) Where’s the science?”

Indeed. Where’s the science, Dr. Fauci?

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How Big Business Got ‘Woke’

Brian Mark Weber

These days, we’re bombarded by political messages wherever we go.

Here’s a scenario that’s becoming commonplace: When you pick up morning coffee, the baristas are wearing Black Lives Matter T-shirts. You arrive at the office to find the boss has brought in a special “antiracism” speaker during lunch. And on the drive home your favorite radio station plays a message announcing the station’s commitment to environmental and racial justice.

There’s one question everyone seems to be asking: How did this happen? Well, serious political movements take time, effort, and persistence, and American businesses took decades to become “woke” thanks to the tireless work of leftist activists.

Stephen Soukup, author of the new book The Dictatorship of Woke Capital: How Political Correctness Captured Big Businessargues, “These corporations are part of a movement that has been going on in the West and in this country in particular for the last roughly 100 years to move the culture very consistently and very aggressively to the left in order to more or less make ready the path for the revolution.”

Unfortunately, corporate heads sometimes don’t realize the revolution will force every decision they make to go through the approval of the woke mafia. Companies will be handcuffed by ideology, and they’ll lose customers.

Soukup describes what can be called ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance), which “seeks to change companies, to change their boards of directors, to change their management, to change their bylaws in order to force them to comply with certain political beliefs.” Unfortunately, he says, “ESG has become a very pernicious and driving force in American business.”

Tellingly, those seeking to blackmail American companies into political submission have no issues when China clamps down on political dissidents or ignores criticism of its rampant violation of human rights. Apple doesn’t blink an eye when China asks it to shut off apps to keep citizens from organizing a protest in Beijing. And Disney doesn’t blanch when thanking the very ChiComs who are committing genocide.

In fact, too many businesses in America embrace the Chinese Model here at home. In recent years, some companies have threatened to take their business out of states that pass laws unacceptable to their new ideology-driven corporate culture. (Georgia, Hollywood, and abortion come to mind.) In China, corporations must adhere to an approved political ideology.

But capitalism isn’t supposed to work this way in America.

The relationship between business and consumers should rest on an exchange of supply and demand that’s free from politics. Customers have always been free to shop or invest elsewhere if they believe a particular company doesn’t represent their values.

But the current shakedown of American companies is only the beginning. Self-proclaimed “equity” scholars Erin Dowell and Marlette Jackson wrote in Harvard Business Review last year that companies need to take the next step by changing the culture and structure of entire organizations. Simply “‘woke-washing’ your company,” they insist, “won’t cut it.” They lay out a strategy for implementing wokeness that includes transparency, justification, compliance, and enforcement. And it must run top to bottom: “Fostering organizational justice will require a deep institutional commitment at the industrial, executive, and individual level.”

In other words, they want power.

Think about it. In less than 10 years, even Chick-fil-A transformed from a company supporting traditional marriage and the Salvation Army into one that donates to leftist causes while declining to donate to Christian charities. Companies of all sizes now feel pressured to stamp their culture-warrior-approved political values on restaurant menus, storefront windows, and websites. They hand over millions of dollars to the SJW mafia, but it’s never enough.

Unlike these fringe groups effectively holding guns to the heads of America’s companies, the unwoke masses just keep to themselves and hope it’ll all go away. “I don’t expect or want corporate America to embrace conservative causes,” Dave Seminara writes at The Wall Street Journal. “The March for Life shouldn’t be brought to you by New Balance. Unlike liberals, most conservatives don’t try to bully and boycott companies that cross us.”

But maybe that’s the problem.

Maybe it’s time we start fighting back. Perhaps that’s the only way to win a culture war being waged to politicize our society and turn Main Street businesses into purveyors of the Left’s radical, dangerous agenda.

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After-Effects of Washington Post Fake News

Michael Swartz

It happens too often to be a simple mistake. Major media outlets lead with a screaming headline implicating a popular figure in wrongdoing, which turns into days of media amplification — until the story begins to fall apart. But by that point the collective has moved on to the next thing, and if the bogus story doesn’t fall into the memory hole entirely when the correction finally comes, it’s buried on the proverbial page 25.

We told you on Tuesday about The Washington Post sheepishly “correcting” its bombshell of President Donald Trump trying to cajole officials in the state of Georgia to “find the fraud” in the 2020 election, but the story of this correction continues to gather steam as an indictment of the mainstream media regarding its laziness in actual fact-checking and over-reliance on “anonymous sources.” (At least, as Steven Hayward at Power Line teases, the Post doesn’t have to return a Pulitzer Prize for this one.) In this case, we’ve also learned that the anonymous source quoted originally was Georgia Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs, who had an “existing relationship” with one of the Post reporters with a byline on the story.

But the sad reality is that finding examples of these “mistakes” has become like shooting fish in a barrel. As for this case, veteran journalist Mark Hemingway described the fallout:

In sum: The Washington Post anonymously printed fabricated quotes they knew were from a second-hand source in the office of a political enemy, couldn’t confirm the quotes with additional sourcing, still attributed them to the sitting president of the United States, used those quotes as a basis to speculate the president committed a crime, and the Democratic party would later repeatedly cite the bogus article when attempting to impeach Trump for “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

While the Post now admits it got things wrong, what about every other outlet that ran with the story, claiming that they each had independently confirmed it? That incestuous relationship between media outlets was enough to get longtime political observer Glenn Greenwald to ask, “How Do Big Media Outlets So Often ‘Independently Confirm’ Each Other’s Falsehoods?” His own answer was unsettling:

All of this highlights the real crisis in journalism, the reason public faith and trust in media institutions is in free fall. With liberal media outlets deliberately embracing a profit model of speaking overwhelmingly to partisan Democrats who use them as their primary source of news, there is zero cost to publishing false claims about people and groups hated by that liberal audience. That audience does not care if these media outlets publish false stories as long as it is done for the Greater Good of harming their political enemies, and this ethos has contaminated newsrooms as well. Given human fallibility, reporting errors are normal and inevitable, but when they are all geared toward advancing one political agenda or faction and undermining the other, they cease to be errors and become a deliberate strategy or, at best, systemic recklessness.

We believe it’s the Leftmedia’s deliberate strategy.

It’s interesting, too, that our most recent previous president was rather restrained in his statement regarding the Post’s correction, although that wasn’t true of everyone. Yet there’s one particularly important truth the president reiterated in his statement: “You will notice that establishment media errors, omissions, mistakes, and outright lies always slant one way — against me and against Republicans. Meanwhile, stories that hurt Democrats or undermine their narratives are buried, ignored, or delayed until they can do the least harm — for example, after an election is over. … This latest media travesty underscores that legacy media outlets should be regarded as political entities — not journalistic enterprises. In any event, I thank the Washington Post for the correction.”

In our humble shop, we don’t depend on anonymous sources to do our daily news analysis, and we will cheerfully admit our bias is toward a conservative, constitutional mindset. And we know from our collective knowledge of history that American yellow journalism is as old as our nation itself, with competing newspapers and publishers printing their version of events up to and including libelous accusations on the character of those the publisher didn’t like. It was up to readers to be discerning on how much trust they put in the information provided, and the same holds true today.

Thomas Jefferson once wrote, “Newspapers … serve as chimneys to carry off noxious vapors and smoke.” Perhaps someone at the mainstream media outlets should open their damper because it’s beginning to stink in there.

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Will Our Military Succumb to Woke Supremacy?

Douglas Andrews

Earlier this week, Ben Shapiro rightly noted that the Biden administration had declared its first war — a war on Fox News’s Tucker Carlson.

For his part, Carlson might respond by invoking Marine Corps legend Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller, who, having learned during the Korean War that his 1st Marine Division had been surrounded by 11 ChiCom divisions, said, “Those poor bastards. They’ve got us just where we want them. We can shoot in every direction now.”

Indeed, it’s a target-rich environment for Carlson. He drew fire recently from our military’s woke supremacists when he pondered whether maternity flight suits actually increase our readiness and war-fighting lethality, but he could just as easily have questioned the commander-in-chief’s obsession with making the military a safe haven for “transgender” individuals. Or of his embrace of anti-American ideas such as antiracism and Critical Race Theory.

Joe Biden had hardly finished hanging the drapes when he rescinded Donald Trump’s ban on “transgender” warriors. As if that message weren’t loud and clear enough, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin took a few moments away from rooting out the 19 white supremacists within the ranks to announce, “Prospective recruits may serve in their self-identified gender when they have met the appropriate standards for accession into the military services. This revised policy will also ensure all medically necessary transition related care authorized by law is available to all Service members and will re-examine all cases of transgender Service members that may be in some form of adverse administrative proceedings.”

Translation: If you’re a biological man who wants be a woman, Uncle Sam not only wants you, he’ll even pay for your sex-change surgery.

As for the military’s newfound fixation on race, “The United States Navy’s most recent suggested reading list includes books that explicitly endorse critical race theory and intersectionality,” reports The Daily Wire. “Among these books is How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi [whose] conclusions about racial equity often raise eyebrows. For instance, he implied last year that Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett is a white colonizer for adopting two black children from Haiti.”

Indiana Republican Representative Jim Banks, a Naval Reserve officer since 2012, wrote to Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Michael Gilday to take issue. He asked Gilday for a written response as to how the Kendi book “cultivates a culture of warfighting excellence” or else to remove it from his recommended reading list.

There was a time not too long ago when the American military feared no foe. Among our enlisted ranks and our junior officers, that’s still the case. Ask a Marine 0311, for example, whether he fears jihadists or Taliban fighters. But what is it about the Rainbow Mafia, the feminists, the Critical Race theorists, and the radical atheists that has our tone-setters, our senior leadership, practically crouching in the corner and sucking their thumbs?

Has the wokeness virus now infected our military just is it has our universities and our corporations?

As historian Victor Davis Hanson rightly notes, “There grows a new class rift between the rank-and-file military and the Pentagon’s top current and retired brass. Increasingly, some brass … master the contours of the military-industrial complex and profit from them upon retirement. Many acquiesce to now-orthodox progressive ideology, which is omnipresent among federal bureaucracies and much of Congress. Whereas all administrations used to prioritize traditional military preparedness, leftist administrations now see the military as a tool for accelerating their progressive domestic changes.”

Hanson continues, “Many of our top brass are far more politicized than in the past, and can grow more ideologically distant from lower-ranking officers and enlisted personnel. The extraordinary, thin-skinned Pentagon effort to [attack Tucker Carlson] is an illustration of this larger — and increasingly dangerous — pathology.”

Dennis Prager is fond of saying that leftism destroys everything it touches — art, literature, religion, free speech, education, sports, journalism, the Boy Scouts, even late-night TV. And if we don’t course-correct and remember the historical role of the world’s most vaunted fighting force, we’ll soon be able to add the U.S. military to that sorry list.

And our nation will be far worse off for it.

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CNN Ratings Tumble in Trump Vacuum

Thomas Gallatin

Back in December, our Douglas Andrews predicted that “the mainstream media can’t live without Trump,” and if recent cable news ratings are any indication, it appears that Andrews was correct. Since Joe Biden took office, the lack of having Donald Trump to incessantly rail against has hurt CNN the most. Its ratings have dropped by a whopping 47% among the key viewer demographic of 25- to 54-year-olds.

Rival Fox News reports, “CNN’s viewership during the primetime hours of 8-11 p.m. ET dropped 36% since Biden took office after it spiked following Election Day. CNN’s primetime viewership decline was even sharper among the key demographic of adults age 25-to-54, plummeting 47% during the same period.”

Among the programs hardest hit is “CNN Tonight With Don Lemon,” which has experienced a 32.5% drop in viewership since the end of November. CNN hosts Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo have lost a respective 32.2% and 28.5% of their audience over the same time frame.

Meanwhile, both Fox News and MSNBC have also experienced a drop in ratings, though Fox has endured the smallest decline and neither has seen the sizable ratings collapse of CNN.

As Andrews contended, “If Donald Trump isn’t making news, the Trump-hating media isn’t making payroll.” And if the Leftmedia purveyors of hate fail to meet payroll, then this classifies as good news.

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In Brief: How Trump Got the Border Right

President Joe Biden immediately set out to erase and undo the myriad accomplishments of President Donald Trump. One of the more consequential of those reversals has come on the immigration front. National Review editor Rich Lowry explains how Trump’s approach was so effective:

Counter to the image of the administration taking a blunderbuss approach to everything related to immigration, the push at the border was a thoughtful, creative, and well-coordinated effort across government agencies and between sovereign countries.

Lowry credits Trump’s leadership and out-of-the-box thinking, as well as “department and agency heads such as Kevin McAleenan and Chad Wolf at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Mark Morgan at Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Ken Cuccinelli at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and Mike Pompeo at State.” And he argues that “The Law Wasn’t the Problem.”

The key insight of the administration’s immigration hawks … was that the statutory authority already existed to establish order at the border. It was just that the laws providing crucial enforcement tools had never been used, or become encrusted over time with regulatory practices and judicial decisions that made the system balky and ultimately unworkable. …

The administration’s hawks undertook a constant interrogation of the standard operating procedure: Why are we doing it this way? Is there a law? If not, why can’t we change? And if there are practical obstacles, what are ways to solve them?

What they usually found is that at the bottom of some suboptimal practice was a regulation, or agency guidance, or court edict, or unwritten rule, but very rarely a law.

Perhaps the key policy, Lowry argues, was treating asylum claims with the skepticism merited by the law.

The administration updated the documents and training materials the asylum officers used in order to make the credible-fear standard more rational and more in keeping with a reasonable interpretation of the law.

It trained border agents, who didn’t share the overly accommodating institutional culture of the asylum officers, to conduct credible-fear interviews. …

For years, the positive-determination rate for credible-fear claims was over 70 percent, or as high as 90 percent, depending on how you count. This was a figure completely out of whack with the low rate of ultimate acceptance for asylum claims (many times, a migrant who passed the credible-fear test wouldn’t even actually apply for asylum). After the Trump changes, the rate fell below 30 percent.

This made a big difference. If a migrant got a negative determination, he would likely be removed within a matter of days, freeing up detention space for someone else to be held rather than released. And the more migrants were getting sent back home quickly, the less likely other potential migrants were to try to make the journey.

There’s a lot more that worked, including working with Mexico and Central American nations to stem the flow from the source and push asylum seekers to find other accommodations. But Biden is working to undo all of it, and it’s largely a cynical play for votes.

Read the rest here.

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Jordan Candler

Government & Politics

  • Foolish DHS chief faces call to resign over border situation (Washington Times)
  • AOC staged photo-ops outside migrant facilities under Trump, but not anymore (Fox News)

National Security

  • FBI releases videos showing “most egregious” attacks on Capitol Police officers (Daily Wire)

Annals of the “Social Justice” Caliphate

  • Indiana AG warns Amazon about banning Ryan T. Anderson book on “transgenderism” (PJ Media)
  • Wheaton College to reword plaque honoring missionary martyrs James Elliot and Ed McCully because the word “savage” is used (Disrn)
  • Exactly what the world needs right now: Marvel unveils first LGBT Captain America (Disrn)

We’re Shocked — Shocked!

  • Child court judge, ex-head of LGBT group that promoted Drag Queen Story Hour, arrested on child porn charges (Daily Wire)
  • World Health Organization reportedly granted its puppeteer, China, authority to veto scientists on Wuhan mission (Daily Caller)

Dumb and Dumber

  • California trade group asks theme parks to mitigate screaming on rides to curb COVID spread (Disrn)
  • What could possible go wrong? Facebook planning to create version of Instagram for children under 13 (The Hill)

Belly Laugh of the Week

  • Communist China, which runs concentration camps and commits genocide, “furious and sad” about violence against Asian Americans in U.S. (The Hill)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: Recover the moral imperative of law and order (City Journal)
  • Policy: The destructive power of Keynesian spending plans (Mises Institute)
  • Humor: Nine disasters from history that were actually motivated by white supremacy, like the sinking of the Titanic (Babylon Bee)

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Woke Media Silence — Black teens burn disabled white man to death.

Satire: California and Portland Are Doing Great! — Gavin Newsom is being recalled, antifa is lighting fires peacefully in Portland, and things have never been better.

Satire: Tucker Carlson vs. The Military — Carlson thinks the purpose of our military is something other than promoting diversity. What a weirdo!




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Insight: “Liberty is meaningless where the right to utter one’s thoughts and opinions has ceased to exist. That, of all rights, is the dread of tyrants. It is the right which they first of all strike down.” —Frederick Douglass (1818-1895)

Inquisitive minds want to know: “Administration officials keep sending mixed messages, repeating phrases from the White House podium like ‘now is not the time to come.’ So there will be an appropriate time sometime later for people to enter our country illegally?” —Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell

Observations: “Pretty pathetic actual government tyrant Xavier Becerra got through yet Neera Tanden, who sent mean tweets but didn’t sue nuns, didn’t.” —Katie Pavlich

Topsy-turvy: “We require no evidence to declare that the Atlanta shootings are attributable to ‘white supremacy.’ But if you overtly block Asian-Americans from high schools and colleges on the basis of race, and declare ‘whiteness’ an ‘infection,’ you are anti-racist.” —Ben Shapiro

Race bait I: “The former President used racist phrases like Kung Flu that inflamed discrimination against the Asian American community. Officials that continue to use ethnic identifiers in describing the virus are part of the problem.” —Congressman Ted Lieu

Race bait II: “[Republicans] can talk about issues with any other country that you want — but you don’t have to do it by putting a bullseye on the back of Asian Americans across this country, on our grandparents, on our kids.” —Congresswoman Grace Meng

Race bait III: “It’s important to recognize that this surge did not spontaneously rise only out of fears regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Some of this blame lies squarely on political leaders who have demonized China.” —Congressman Jerry Nadler

Race bait IV: “Anti-Asian hate did not begin with the COVID-19 pandemic, and it will not end when the pandemic is over. All the pandemic did was exacerbate latent anti-Asian prejudices that have a long and ugly history in America.” —Congressman Steve Cohen

Racism: “Whiteness is a public health crisis. It shortens life expectancies, it pollutes air, it constricts equilibrium, it devastates forests, it melts ice caps, it sparks (and funds) wars, it flattens dialects, it infests consciousnesses, and it kills people — white people and people who are not white, my mom included. There will be people who die, in 2050, because of white supremacy-induced decisions from 1850. … White supremacy is a virus that, like other viruses, will not die until there are no bodies left for it to infect. Which means the only way to stop it is to locate it, isolate it, extract it, and kill it. I guess a vaccine could work, too. But we’ve had 400 years to develop one, so I won’t hold my breath.” —NY Times contributing opinion writer Damon Young

Non sequitur: “We also have to start being realistic about God and the Bible, and if you are a person of faith in this country … then we have to … present the true identity of Jesus, and that is as a black or a brown person rather than someone who looks like a white hippie from Sweden or Norway, and I think we should start with a true depiction of what Jesus looked like, and put that in your home. Either a black Jesus or a brown Jesus, because we know Jesus looked more like a Muslim or someone who was dark rather than someone who was blond, a blond-looking carpenter.” —CNN’s Don Lemon

Gaslighting: “The filibuster … was designed to give the South the ability to veto any effective civil rights legislation or anti-lynching legislation. The filibuster has deep roots in racism, and it should not be permitted to serve that function, or to create a veto for the minority. In a democracy, it’s majority rules.” —Senator Elizabeth Warren

Famous last words: “Anybody making more than $400,000 will see a small to a significant tax increase. If you make less than $400,000, you won’t see one single penny in additional federal tax.” —Joe Biden

And last… “The federal government does not lack revenue; it lacks self-control when it comes to spending.” —Cal Thomas

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‘Let’s stop the coverup & get the truth out there’ | Hunter Biden biopic author to RT

Chris Sweeney interviews Irish director Phelim McAleer who is crowdfunding a documentary about Hunter Biden called ‘My Son Hunter’. The movie is slated to be released online later this year after being overwhelmed by a flood of financial support to reveal the truth about Joe Biden’s problem child.

As tensions escalate over ‘killer-gate’, Moscow snubs Biden at UN, only sends junior diplomat to virtual summit with US president | RT – Daily news

As tensions escalate over ‘killer-gate’, Moscow snubs Biden at UN, only sends junior diplomat to virtual summit with US president

Russia was the only nation that refused to send its top UN representative to talks with US President Joe Biden on Thursday, electing instead to dispatch a junior envoy, as a diplomatic row between Moscow and Washington worsens.

President Biden had invited permanent representatives from the United Nations Security Council, on which Moscow has continuous representation, to discuss his country’s “commitment to values-based global leadership.” In addition, the president called for action on crises in regions across the world, including Myanmar, Ethiopia, Syria, and Yemen.

However, Dmitry Polyanskiy, second-in-command to Russia’s permanent representative, Vassily Nebenzia, confirmed on Friday that neither had attended the meeting. Instead, he revealed, Anna Evstigneeva, one of three more junior deputies, had joined the talks with Biden in their place. She reportedly made no remarks.

Also on rt.com

Biden says ‘killer’ Putin will ‘pay a price’ for alleged US election meddling, as Russia insists claims just pretext for sanctions

RIA Novosti reports that Russia’s diplomatic mission was the only one that did not send its top figure to greet the American president.

Read more

Putin replies to Biden’s insinuation that he’s a ‘killer’: Says US President is talking about himself but ‘I wish him good health’

The decision comes amid a week in which Biden and his Russian counterpart, President Vladimir Putin, have traded barbs in the press. In an explosive interview with ABC earlier this week, Biden was asked whether he thought Putin was a killer. “Mmm hmm, I do,” Biden replied.

On Thursday, the Russian leader responded, arguing that judging other countries is often “like looking in a mirror.”

“When I was a kid, when we were arguing with each other in the playground, we used to say, ‘Whatever you say [about others] is what you are yourself,’” Putin said.

The US is expected to unveil new sanctions on Russia as early as next week in response to claims that Moscow attempted to influence the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. A joint report by US intelligence agencies argued that a network of Russian proxies had worked with the aim of “denigrating President Biden’s candidacy and the Democratic Party, supporting former President Trump, undermining public confidence in the electoral process, and exacerbating sociopolitical divisions in the US.”

On Wednesday, Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, denied the claims, insisting that “Russia has nothing to do with any campaigns against any of the candidates. In this regard, we consider this report to be incorrect.” Instead, he argued, the allegations were being used as an excuse to introduce new sanctions.

Source: As tensions escalate over ‘killer-gate’, Moscow snubs Biden at UN, only sends junior diplomat to virtual summit with US president