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Reporter To WH: Why Are Illegal Immigrants Given Hotel Rooms When National Guard Troops Were Put In A Parking Garage? | Video | RealClearPolitics

White House press secretary fielded a question about how detained illegal immigrants were being treated to hotel rooms near the border while last month following the Capitol riots, National Guard troops defending Washington D.C. were left in cold parking garages.

QUESTION: So, also your opening up new facilities. One of the options is being reported over the weekend is spending $86 million on hotel–hotel rooms for some migrants and feeding them. How do you square that with the National Guard troops who were sleeping in parking garages and, you know, something got sick from having contaminated food? That’s a disparity a lot of people are pointing out, that our National Guard was treated one way and then illegal immigrants are going to be put in hotel rooms.

PSAKI: Well, first, let me say that at the time when we became aware of the conditions National Guard troops were in–in parking garages, as you noted, the president called the head of the National Guard that day and offered his assistance, offered to play any role that he could play, boosting morale, asking for more aid, making sure they had the right–were treated in the way that they deserved for the incredible role they played. So, I know that was some time ago, but that was the reaction he took the time.
— Read on www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2021/03/22/reporter_to_wh_why_are_illegal_immigrants_being_put_in_hotel_rooms_when_national_guard_troops_had_to_sleep_in_capitol_parking_garage.html

Illegal Immigrants to Receive $4.38 Billion in Stimulus Checks: Report

As Americans start to receive the latest round of stimulus checks, a new analysis reveals that about $4.38 billion will also go to illegal immigrants. The Center for Immigration Studies estimates that 2.65 million illegal immigrants have Social Security numbers that allow them to receive stimulus checks. This group of illegal immigrants can be described as “aliens temporarily present without status,” according to Steven Camarota, director of research for the Center for Immigration Studies. “These individuals are in the country illegally and could be required to leave. Yet, under the current system, they are still given work authorization and Social Security numbers,” he said. They include Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and Temporary Protected Status recipients. In addition, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services issued 882,000 work authorizations and Social Security numbers to other illegal immigrants in fiscal year 2020, the analysis states. These include asylum applicants, as well as those … 

— Read on www.theepochtimes.com/illegal-immigrants-to-receive-4-38-billion-in-stimulus-checks-report_3744122.html

‘Biden-Harris Administration’ directive elevates VP in official communications – Washington Times

It’s officially not the Biden administration, but the Biden-Harris administration.

According to a report at Outspoken, “a top White House communications team member” has sent an email directing that official usage at all federal agencies include Vice President Kamala D. Harris.

“Please be sure to reference the current administration as the ‘Biden-Harris Administration’ in official public communications,” the directive reads.

Hunter Biden had business ties with Xi Jinping himself, bombshell email reveals — Christian Research Network

“Now, one other thing that we found very difficult when we were looking at this was, how was Hunter communicating with his handlers in Beijing? How was he making that connection?” 

(Raymond Wolf – LifeSiteNews) — Stunning revelations about Hunter Biden and his family’s notorious business dealings came to light in this week’s episode of the John-Henry Westen Show during an interview with Jack Maxey, former co-host of Steve Bannon’s War Room and one of the first people to go through the contents of Biden’s alleged laptop last October.

Maxey revealed that Hunter Biden may have had business ties to China’s Xi Jinping, based on emails from the laptop. Correspondence also links the Bidens to possible Chinese espionage and illegal Beijing-backed business arrangements. As the Biden family’s China dealings went south, Hunter may have gone so far as to try to purposefully incriminate his own his father, now the President of the United States, Maxey said.

The contents of the notorious “laptop from hell,” first discovered in 2019 at a computer shop near the Bidens’ home in Delaware, have been corroborated by former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinksi. At least one key email was validated by cybersecurity experts, and law enforcement officials also have signaled that the laptop is authentic.   View article →


Articles on the Hunter Biden saga

Hunter Biden had business ties with Xi Jinping himself, bombshell email reveals — Christian Research Network

Top Vaccine Expert Calls For Moratorium On COVID Vaccines — Christian Research Network

(Technocracy) Geert Vanden Bossche, DMV, Ph.D., is a vaccine expert and independent virologist from Belgium. He is one of the most passionate vaccine advocates in the world, having taught and worked extensively in virology his entire life in both the vaccine development industry and the non-profit sector, including with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and GAVI, where he focused specifically on vaccine programs and product development partnerships for immune interventions in global health. Bossche currently has a fundamental warning regarding lockdown methodology and, more importantly, the mass COVID-19 vaccine rollout…..

He is deeply concerned about the interaction between our natural immune system and COVID-19, as well as the manner in which a pandemic develops and how its natural course can be profoundly disturbed by human intervention. His stated goal is to prevent the emergence of new highly infectious COVID-19 variants and ultimately eradicate the variants that currently exist.   View article →

Top Vaccine Expert Calls For Moratorium On COVID Vaccines — Christian Research Network

‘President’ Joe Biden Bans Media Access To The Disgusting, Teeming Slum In Texas Where Illegal Immigrants Are Caged In Squalor And Filth — Now The End Begins

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday the disturbing images of a crowded migrant ‘overflow’ tent in Texas showed what the Biden administration has said all along – the border facilities are no place for children.

The scope and depth of what’s happening right now on our southern border is go immense that it nearly defies description. Thousand of illegal immigrants and children, packed into squalid cages and holding areas, looking for all the world like a concentration camp is sending shockwaves across Washington today.

Compared to the Biden administration, Donald Trump is a indeed a ‘stable genius’with how he and his team handled the border. Under Trump, crossings by illegals plummeted, under Biden they are coming over in numbers so large that a state of emergency may soon be declared to deal with it all. How bad is it? Bad enough where the Biden people have banned the media from visiting or viewing the facilities. That’s how bad it is.

Pictures Monday show inside the U.S. Customs and Border Protection temporary overflow facility in Donna, Texas

FROM DAILY MAIL UK: ‘These photos show what we’ve long been saying, which is that these border patrol facilities are not places made for children,’ she said in her press briefing on Monday. Refusing to call the situation at the US southern border a crisis, Psaki added: ‘They are not places that we want children to be staying for an extended period of time. Our alternative is to send children back on this treacherous journey that is not, in our view, the right choice to make.’

She added: ‘Children, presenting at our border, who are fleeing violence, who are fleeing prosecution, who are fleeing terrible situations is not a crisis. We feel that it is our responsibility to humanely approach this circumstance, and make sure they are treated and put in conditions that are safe.’


Congressman Henry Cuellar had released images from inside the U.S. Customs and Border Protection temporary overflow facility in Donna over the weekend. He said 400 unaccompanied male minors are being held in ‘terrible conditions’ in a space meant to hold a maximum of 260 people. Democrat Cuellar said he did not take the images but said that they offer an insight into the ‘terrible conditions for the children’ at the border, where he has recently toured a different shelter for children.

Psaki also said Monday that she didn’t know when media would be given access to the border facilities despite repeated requests by reporters to be allowed to visit.


The Biden administration has so far banned media access to the facilities amid a growing humanitarian and political crisis at the US southern border. Lawyers and lawmakers have been given tours.

‘We are working to finalize details and I hope to have an update in the coming days,’ Psaki said after admitting ‘putting in place more effective and efficient processing at the border…is going to take some time’.

Confirming that the children at the facilities had been tested for COVID Psaki said those who needed to be quarantined were separated out from the rest of the population. She didn’t have a timeline on when President Biden might go the border after the president said on Sunday he would make a trip at some point.

A total of 823 unaccompanied children were held at US-Mexico border facilities for more than 10 days – more than a fourfold increase over the last week, according to an internal Department of Homeland Security document leaked to Axios Sunday.

Children are not supposed to be held in border patrol custody for more than three days. As of Saturday 2,226 children had been held in custody for more than five days and 823 for more than 10 days. The number of unaccompanied migrant kids in US custody surpassed 15,000 as of Saturday as the Biden administration announced that they ‘would not expel young, vulnerable children.’ This is a reverse of Trump administration policy, which was to generally expel all people who tried to illegally cross the border, regardless of age.

Neha Desai, a lawyer for the National Center for Youth Law (NCYL), told CBS about the harrowing conditions that she and her NCYL colleague Leecia Welch witnessed when they visited a tent holding facility for unaccompanied minors in Donna, Texas, last week.

She said the tent was so overcrowded that migrant children had to take turns sleeping on the floor and could only shower one time a week. The children also reported being unable to call family members, Desai said.  READ MORE

‘President’ Joe Biden Bans Media Access To The Disgusting, Teeming Slum In Texas Where Illegal Immigrants Are Caged In Squalor And Filth — Now The End Begins

Study: Biden Administration Has Successfully Reduced Media Coverage Of Border Crisis By 867% — The Babylon Bee

U.S.—A new study has found that Biden has successfully handled the border crisis by reducing the amount of media coverage of the border crisis by 867%. 

“Biden has expertly handled this crisis, reducing the number of media reports of the problem significantly,” said Jen Psaki in a press conference today. “Under the previous administration, there were thousands of news stories a day on the poor conditions of the migrants at the border. Under Biden, that number is way, way lower.”

Estimates suggest that whereas there was a steady stream of reports about bad conditions, inept government action, and inhumane handling of migrants who had crossed the border, Biden has “built a wall” around the information coming from the border, so that the influx of news stories has all but stopped.

“As Biden continues to expertly handle the crisis of media coverage, we expect the number of news stories to be reduced down to Obama administration levels in no time,” Psaki said proudly.

“But what about the kids in cage–” one Newsmax reporter began, only for Psaki to pull a handle and send him plummeting through a trap door.

Study: Biden Administration Has Successfully Reduced Media Coverage Of Border Crisis By 867% — The Babylon Bee

Spiritual Dangers of New Age Meditation and Yoga — Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D.

Harper’s ran an in-depth article on the fate of a young woman who did intensive Easterm meditation at a retreat and contacted mental illness as a result. It ended tragically. The piece reviews significant scientific literature on the deleterious effects of meditation.

I warned of the psychological, physical, and spiritual dangers of yoga and meditation in my book, Confronting the New Age (InterVarsity Press, 1988). Back then, a New Age organization was set up to help people who experienced mental problems through New Age involvement, The Spiritual Emergency Network. I also quote yoga teachers who warn of the psychological and physical dangers of yoga when (in their mind) done wrongly. I have excerpted part of that book below from the Kindle version. (Sadly, the footnote references do not appear, but they will if you purchase the book from Amazon, which is only $2.99.)

We were made for worship, relationships, and work. We were not made to sit for hours on end focusing on our breath, having little external stimuli, and blanking out our God-given minds. Our minds are to be renewed through the Holy Spirit and according to the Word of God (Romans 12:1-2; 2 Timothy 3:15-17; Hebrews 4:12; Psalm 119), not annulled or deconstructed into oblivion.

The article mentions that Buddhist writers of old warned of “demonic” dangers of meditation. Remember that “Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light and his ministers as ministers of righteousness” (2 Corinthians 11:14; see also 2 Peter 5:8; 1 John 4:1-6). 

Please read the Harper’s article with what I wrote in mind–in mind! Don’t waste your mind or direct your consciousness to nothing or Nirvana. “The mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

Spiritual Dangers (from Douglas Groothuis, Confronting the New Age)

Those who trust in Christ are given access to spiritual discernment and power in spiritual combat. Yet those outside of Christ are fair prey of the enemy. In communicating to New Agers it is sometimes wise to warn them that psychic sojourns may lead them into raging spiritual storms. 

As New Age seekers dive into their spiritual experiences, they leave themselves vulnerable to both fraud and spiritual deception Some seekers are primed for deception because they are desperate, hurting people looking for an answer—any answer. If Christians encounter such souls, a word of warning is a good tonic. Even if we can’t lead them to Christ just then, we can warn them of occult dangers and offer the safety of knowing Christ as victor over sin and Satan. 

It should be made clear that the Bible prohibits all occult activities for at least two reasons. First, God alone is worthy of worship, and he is rightfully jealous of our affections and obedience. Since he is supremely good, this jealousy translates into a desire both to glorify himself and to have his creatures live as they ought to live. Second, God also knows the reality of fallen spiritual beings who entice humanity to follow their destructive ways. For these reasons he vetoes any suggestion of occult involvement. Although many biblical passages condemn the occult, this passage from Deuteronomy, originally given to God’s people who were to possess the Promised Land, is the most exhaustive: 

When you enter the land the LORD your God is giving you, do not learn to imitate the detestable ways of the nations there. Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the LORD, and because of these detestable practices the LORD your God will drive out those nations before you. You must be blameless before the Lord your God. (Deut 18:9–13; see also Lev 19:31; 20:6) 

Isaiah echoes this and points us in the right direction: “When men tell you to consult mediums and spiritists, who whisper and mutter, should not a people inquire of their God? Why consult the dead on behalf of the living? To the law and the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, they have no light of dawn” (Is 8:19–20; see also 47:8–15). 

Although there are scores of other biblical warnings, consider the stark finality of Jesus Christ’s words concerning those who will not enter the eternal city: “Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood” (Rev 22:15). If the biblical warnings are not heeded, cautions can be given from New Age literature itself. For instance, if a friend wants to take a yoga class at the local YMCA to help calm her nerves, we might quote the following, written by an advocate of yoga: “Yoga is not a trifling jest if we consider that any misunderstanding in the practice of yoga can mean death or insanity.”26 Practitioners of yoga often warn of the power of the kundalini energy, represented as a serpent coiled at the base of the spine. The purpose of many forms of yoga is to “awaken the kundalini” and release its energy upward through the seven chakras (energy centers) of the body. But the yogis themselves caution that this is no child’s play. One might get burned (literally!) by the serpent’s hot breath—or go insane.27 

In an issue of ReVision, a scholarly New Age journal, consciousness researchers Christina and Stanislav Grof speak of “transpersonal crises” that are often linked to “various meditative practices which are specifically designed to activate spiritual energies.” These include “the practice of yoga, Zen, various movement meditations, pranayama, Kundalini maneuvers, Tibetan Buddhist psychoenergetic exercises, Christian prayer and other forms of deep and systematic spiritual involvement and self-exploration.”28 (Given the substance of their article, it is clear their concept of “Christian prayer” is not a biblical spirituality, but pantheistic introspection falsely labeled Christian.) 

The Grofs believe these “emergencies” are merely difficult stages often required for greater growth, which they interpret as New Age enlightenment Yet their descriptions of the “crises” are bone chilling, especially when describing the “awakening of the Serpent Power (Kundalini)” which they say “can be accompanied by dramatic physical and psychological manifestations called kriyas,” which include “powerful sensations of heat and energy streaming up the spine, associated with tremors, spasms, violent shaking, and complex twisting movements.” They also mention “involuntary laughing or crying, chanting of mantras or songs, talking in tongues, emitting of vocal noises and animal sounds, and assuming spontaneous yoga gestures (mudras) and postures (asanas).” Other physical manifestations include “nausea, diarrhea or constipation, anal or uterine contractions, clenching of the jaws, rise and drop of temperature, and bulimia or loss of appetite. The entire body can be rigid or limp, and feel unusually large or small.”29 

Although the Grofs also list supposedly positive benefits of kundalini such as “ecstasy, orgiastic raptures, and states of indescribable peace and tranquility,”30 one must risk a total breakdown (or worse) for that prize. Yet all the subjective enjoyment in the world cannot yield the forgiveness of sins or the peace of mind offered by Jesus Christ, who requires no such psychological and physical violence from his followers. 

The Grofs found these “transpersonal emergencies” prevalent enough among New Agers that in 1980 they founded “the Spiritual Emergency Network” to help enlighten the “psychotherapeutic community” to the reality of the issue and to offer assistance through education and referrals to those undergoing various crises. The headquarters for the Spiritual Emergency Network is on the campus of the California Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in the San Francisco area and has 42 regional centers worldwide.31 

Yoga may also open up a person to spiritual contacts and all manner of occult activity. Transcendental Meditation—while claiming to be a neutral, psychological technique—uses yogic methods to alter consciousness. Maharishi, its founder, has said that the purpose of chanting the mantra in Transcendental Meditation is “to produce an effect in some other world, to draw the attention of those higher beings or gods living there. The entire knowledge of the mantra . . . is devoted to man’s connection, to man’s communication with the higher beings in a different strata (sic) of creation.”32 

If a person says he is interested in yoga simply as a physical discipline, he should be told that it was not invented by the mystic masters of old simply to cultivate better physiques. Yoga teachers such as R L. Hittleman admit that any health benefits are secondary He also admits to having used the health angle to hook Westerners on the Hindu world view.33 

An article in Yoga Journal on parapsychology even warns psychic sojourners that the use of divination (through Ouija boards, automatic writing and other methods) “in a frivolous or disrespectful manner” makes one “liable to attract ‘lower’ discarnate communicators, including ghosts or poltergeists, and one runs the risks of becoming obsessed or possessed.”34 Christians need not use quotation marks for the word lower, because they believe in an active “Lowerarchy.”35 of demonic mischief-makers capable of possessing, obsessing and oppressing those outside the protection of the risen Christ. Although the article in Yoga Journal issues a small warning, it falls tragically short of Christian discernment It tantalizes readers by saying that “two of the most famous ‘channeled’ teachings of recent years—the Seth books and the ‘messages from Michael’—got their start on the Ouija board.”36 

Christians may challenge New Age aspirants by concretely relating dangers of various New Age practices. Many of these—channeling, psychic healing, mind-altering meditations and so on—are nothing but modernized occultism, and occultism exacts too high a price in the end. The late Kurt Koch, Christian theologian and occult counselor for over forty-five years, has given hundreds of examples of occult bondage in his many writings. His seasoned analysis was that “no one makes use of occult powers without harm.”37 We are not suggesting that all people involved in some occult/New Age practice will suffer similar symptoms, but that these practices are outside the will of God and thus generally dangerous. 

Confronting the New Age: How to Resist a Growing Religious Movement (pp. 76-80). InterVarsity Press, 1988. Kindle Edition.

Spiritual Dangers of New Age Meditation and Yoga — Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D.

The Equality Act is Thinly Veiled Inequality — VCY America

Date:  March 22, 2021  
Host: Jim Schneider   
​Guest: Dr. Erwin Lutzer 
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The so-called Equality Act is a top priority item in the Biden Administration.  In the House it is H.R.5 and passed February 25th on a vote of 224-206.  All 221 Democrats voted in favor of the legislation, none voted against it.  As to Republicans, 206 voted in opposition. 3 voted in favor; that’s Congressmen Fitzpatrick, Katko & Reed. So HR 5 has been sent to the Senate. 

Incidentally the Senate on February 23rd introduced their own bill by the same name, ‘Equality Act’ (S.393).  So whether the Senate takes up H.R. 5 from the House or S393, the devastating consequences remain the same.  

Indeed, the church and Christianity are in the cross-hairs of this legislation.  In addition to the church being impacted, this legislation will also impact every business across the nation.  Girls sports as we know them will be obliterated. Privacy will be breached.  Also, shelters for battered women, whose residents have been abused by men, will now be required to house men who identify as women.  The consequences don’t end there, but will have only just begun.

Joining Jim to discuss this issue was Dr. Erwin Lutzer.  Dr. Lutzer is the Pastor Emeritus of The Moody Church where he served as the senior pastor for 36 years.  He’s the speaker on radio programs such as Running to Win and Songs in the Night.  He’s the author of numerous books including the recently released, We Will Not be Silenced.

Some Christians will look at a verse such as Galatians 3:28, which communicates that we are all one in Christ Jesus, and proclaim that the verse promotes equality.  So as Jim asked, ‘How could you possibly be opposed to equality Dr. Lutzer?’

Dr. Lutzer responded by noting that there probably isn’t a word in our culture that’s as misused as the word ‘equality’.  While all are created equal in terms of value, not all actions are equal.  So you can’t take the word ‘equality’ like an elastic band and stretch it to make it whatever you want it to be.

In the end, Dr. Lutzer sees the so-called ‘Equality Act’ as the greatest threat to the Christian faith and America and a recipe toward greater inequality. 

Will this legislation impact the Religious Freedom Restoration Act?  Is there a tie-in to Marxism?  The answer on both counts is ‘yes’.  Find out how and why when you review this important edition of Crosstalk.  

More Information
The book, We Will Not Be Silenced, has 280 dynamic pages.  It’s a must read if you really want to know where we are in society today and how we got here.  It is truly a wake-up call.  The book was released last Fall and is available from the VCY Bookstore at 23% off the regular price. Go to vcy.com or call 1-888-722-4829.

The Equality Act is Thinly Veiled Inequality — VCY America

Ted Cruz Dons All-White Suit To Cry Outside Biden’s Detention Centers — The Babylon Bee

DONNA, TX—After disturbing pictures were released of conditions inside migrant detention facilities on the border, Senator Ted Cruz donned a bright white suit and visited the border with a camera crew to weep bitterly outside the chain-link fence.

“I’m here to see what’s really going on down here,” said Cruz, tears streaming down his face. “It’s even worse than I thought. These are literal concentration camps. The President is literally Hitler. I can’t believe this is happening in America.”

Cruz then doubled over, overcome with grief as camera flashes went off. 

“WHHHYYYYYYYY? Oh, the humanity!” he cried, screaming toward the sky. 

The Texas senator then shared the photos on social media so the world could share in his righteous indignation. Unfortunately, Twitter and facebook suspended his account for taking unauthorized photos of a federal facility.

Ted Cruz Dons All-White Suit To Cry Outside Biden’s Detention Centers — The Babylon Bee

March 22 Evening Quotes of The Day

Filthy Estate, God’s Promises, and Christ’s Heart
Psalm 136:23; Philippians 4:8

If you would more fully express yourself before the Lord, study first your filthy estate; secondly, God’s promises; thirdly, the heart of Christ.


Ritzema, E., & Vince, E. (Eds.). (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Puritans. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

God Begins to Love Us When We Are United with Christ
John 15:9; 16:27; 17:26; Ephesians 2:4–5; Colossians 1:21–22

Apart from Christ, we are hated by God, and he only begins to love us when we are united to the body of his beloved Son. It is an invaluable privilege of faith, that we know that Christ was loved by the Father on our account, that we might be made partakers of the same love, and might enjoy it forever.


Ritzema, E. (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Reformation. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

March 22 Evening Verse of The Day

11:11 Sarah The wife of Abraham; one of several women in Genesis who were barren (Gen 11:30; 25:21; 29:31).

one who had promised In spite the natural odds against him, Abraham believed that God was faithful and obeyed Him (Gen 15:6; 17:22–27).[1]

11:11 By faith Sarah was miraculously empowered to conceive when she was about ninety years old. The record clearly states that she was past the time of life when she could bear a child. But she knew that God had promised her a baby, and she knew He could not go back on His word. She had shatterproof faith that He would do what He had promised.[2]

11:11 “Sarah” Some ancient Greek manuscripts (P46, D) add “barren.” It is significant that none of the patriarch’s wives (except Leah) could conceive without the help of God. Also, none of the first born children were the heirs of promise. God acted to show that He was in charge!

Sarah, like Abraham, was a mixture of fear and faith. She gave Abraham her servant; she also laughed at God’s promise (cf. Gen. 18:12).[3]

11. It is perhaps surprising to find Sarah spoken of as an example of faith, for according to Genesis she was more conspicuous as an example of doubt. But since the birth of the theocratic community is in mind, Sarah’s part was as important as Abraham’s. In view of her advancing years she needed some power (dynamis) beyond herself if she was to conceive and bring forth a child. An alternative text attributes to Abraham the receiving of power to conceive, which is more natural than attributing it to Sarah. The change in the text, however, looks like an attempt to avoid an apparent difficulty. In spite of the fact that Sarah laughed when first hearing that she was to have a child, her mockery must have turned to faith long before Isaac was born. It needed a woman of faith to be wife of a believer as outstanding as Abraham. She too had to come to the same conviction as her husband that the God who had promised would honour his word (she considered him faithful who had promised). In all spiritual encounters it is easier to doubt than to believe, and Sarah must be commended for her willingness to change her approach and to make way for the development of her faith. The conviction that God is faithful is one of the cardinal aspects of biblical doctrine. It is as strong in the Old Testament as it is in the New Testament. It is the foundation stone of the faith of God’s people.[4]

11. Through faith also, Sarah herself, &c. That women may know that this truth belongs to them as well as to men, he adduces the example of Sarah; which he mentions in preference to that of others, because she was the mother of all the faithful.

But it may seem strange that her faith is commended, who was openly charged with unbelief; for she laughed at the word of the angel as though it were a fable; and it was not the laugh of wonder and admiration, for otherwise she would not have been so severely reproved by the angel. It must indeed be confessed, that her faith was blended with unbelief; but as she cast aside her unbelief when reproved, her faith is acknowledged by God and commended. What then she rejected at first as being incredible, she afterwards as soon as she heard that it came from God, obediently received.

And hence we deduce a useful doctrine,—that when our faith in some things wavers or halts, it ceases not to be approved of God, provided we indulge not the spirit of unbelief. The meaning then is, that the miracle which God performed when Isaac was born, was the fruit of the faith of Abraham, and of his wife, by which they laid hold on the power of God.

Because she judged him faithful, &c. These reasons, by which the power and character of faith are set forth, ought to be carefully noticed. Were any one only to hear that Sarah brought forth a child through faith, all that is meant would not be conveyed to him, but the explanation which the Apostle adds removes every obscurity; for he declares that Sarah’s faith was this,—that she counted God to be true to his word, that is, to what he had promised.

There are two clauses to this declaration; for we hence learn first, that there is no faith without God’s word, for of his faithfulness we cannot be convinced, until he has spoken. And this of itself is abundantly sufficient to confute the fiction of the sophists respecting implicit faith; for we must ever hold that there is a mutual relation between God’s word and our faith. But as faith is founded chiefly, according to what has been already said, on the benevolence or kindness of God, it is not every word, though coming from his mouth, that is sufficient; but a promise is necessary as an evidence of his favour. Hence Sarah is said to have counted God faithful who had promised. True faith then is that which hears God speaking and rests on his promise.[5]

11 According to the transmitted text, as commonly translated, we now have a statement about the faith of Sarah. There are difficulties in the way of the traditional interpretation, some of them less weighty and some of them more so.

(i) Sarah, it is said, is not a good example of faith. According to Gen. 18:12 she laughed when she overheard the divine promise that she would give birth to a son, and the comment of God on her laughter (Gen. 18:13f.) makes it plain that it was the laughter of incredulity. Chrysostom indeed, in dealing with this difficulty, suggests that her subsequent denial of her laughter was “by faith”; but of course it was nothing of the kind: “Sarah denied, saying, I laughed not; for she was afraid” (Gen. 18:15). Yet according to promise she gave birth to Isaac nevertheless. No doubt when Isaac was born she laughed in a manner that betokened no incredulity but exulting wonder: “God has made laughter for me; every one who hears will laugh over me” (Gen. 21:6). But our author speaks of an act of faith that preceded her conception of Isaac. Still, this is not an insuperable objection. Our author elsewhere in this chapter can see faith where most people would not, and there may be something in R. V. G. Tasker’s comment:96 “It is surely just the paradoxical character of the illustration which is a sign of its genuineness; and kai autē [‘even herself’] so far from making a poor connexion, as Zuntz asserts, may well give us the insight we need into the author’s thought about Gen. xviii. Even Sarah’s acceptance of a promise which at first she seemed to hear with indifference is to the mind of the auctor ad Hebraeos a venture into the unseen world which faith makes real.”

(ii) In v. 12 it is still Abraham’s faith that is the subject, so that v. 11, if it refers to Sarah, is a digression. Even so, it would not be an irrelevant digression; Sarah was very much involved in the fulfilment of the promise that Abraham would have a son.

(iii) The Genesis narrative lays stress on the quality of Abraham’s faith in accepting God’s promise that he would have descendants when he was still childless. It is in this particular context that Abraham “believed Yahweh; and he reckoned it to him as righteousness” (Gen. 15:6). Paul, following the Genesis narrative, emphasizes that “no distrust made him waver concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong in his faith as he gave glory to God, fully convinced that God was able to do what he had promised” (Rom. 4:20f.). But on the usual reading of our present passage the author of Hebrews has nothing to say about this signal demonstration of Abraham’s faith. If the language of v. 11 were unambiguous, we should simply have to accept this situation; but in fact the language of v. 11 points in another direction.

(iv) The one firm argument against taking v. 11 as a statement of Sarah’s faith lies in the fact that the phrase traditionally rendered “to conceive seed” just does not mean that; it refers to the father’s part in the generative process, not the mother’s. A literal translation would be, “for the deposition of seed”; it does not denote the receiving or conception of seed. This is a straightforward matter of the natural sense of a Greek word, and had it not been for the apparent presence of “Sarah” as subject of the sentence no one would ever have thought of finding a reference to conception here.100 Tasker describes this objection to the traditional interpretation as a “notorious difficulty”; but adds: “do we know enough about Greek usage at the time to say definitely that an active noun of this kind could not also carry a passive sense?” All that we know of the usage of this Greek noun at the time renders it in the highest degree improbable that it would be employed in the sense of “conception,” especially by one so sensitive to Greek usage as our author is. But Tasker is certainly right in saying that the solution proposed by Zuntz and others “seems a too drastic cutting of the knot.” They suggest that the words “Sarah herself” should be rejected as a very early addition to the text; the verse would then be rendered: “By faith he [Abraham] also received power to beget a child even after the natural season of life …” But it is not necessary to cut out “Sarah herself” from the text. If the adjective “barren” belongs to the original text, “Sarah herself being barren” is best taken as a circumstantial clause103 and “Abraham” remains the subject of “received power.” If “barren” is regarded as a later addition to the text, then “Sarah herself” may be construed in the dative case instead of the nominative, and the verse then runs: “By faith he [Abraham] also, together with Sarah, received power to beget a child even after the natural season of life, because he reckoned the one who gave the promise to be trustworthy.” In either case, v. 12 then follows on naturally.[6]

11 These comments will follow TNIV, which has, rightly in my view, placed in the text what in the NIV was given as a footnote (see note below for the textual issue). As we noted above, the inclusion of Sarah within the account of Abraham’s faith is a surprise, especially when she is not only listed as an example of “faith” but is said to have “considered him faithful who had made the promise.” In Genesis 18:10–15, Sarah hears the promise she will have a son and laughs, not with pleasure, but out of cynicism, and is rebuked for her unbelief. When eventually her son is born, the laughter of unbelief gives way to the laughter of joy, from which Isaac gets his name (Ge 21:6–7), but there has been no indication in the narrative that the change was the result of faith rather than of the undeniable evidence of pregnancy. It is not surprising, therefore, that the verse was found difficult and that variants arose which attributed the faith to Abraham rather than to Sarah. But our author has apparently judged Sarah by her whole experience rather than by the specific incident recorded in Genesis 18:10–15. For a hitherto barren woman of ninety (Ge 17:17) to bear a child was a remarkable instance of God’s overruling of circumstances, and the woman at the heart of the story, even if initially unable to believe it, must have been a woman who took God seriously, though at first she had to lean on Abraham’s faith rather than her own. Thus, despite her initial unbelief, “even Sarah” (the phrase reveals the author’s own awareness of the boldness of his claim) finds herself, along with Moses’ mother (v. 23) and Rahab the prostitute (v. 31), representing the women of the OT in our author’s gallery, just as in 1 Peter 3:5–6 she stands as a representative godly wife for Christian wives to imitate.[7]

[1] Barry, J. D., Mangum, D., Brown, D. R., Heiser, M. S., Custis, M., Ritzema, E., … Bomar, D. (2012, 2016). Faithlife Study Bible (Heb 11:11). Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

[2] MacDonald, W. (1995). Believer’s Bible Commentary: Old and New Testaments. (A. Farstad, Ed.) (p. 2197). Nashville: Thomas Nelson.

[3] Utley, R. J. (1999). The Superiority of the New Covenant: Hebrews (Vol. Volume 10, p. 117). Marshall, Texas: Bible Lessons International.

[4] Guthrie, D. (1983). Hebrews: An Introduction and Commentary (Vol. 15, pp. 234–235). Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press.

[5] Calvin, J., & Owen, J. (2010). Commentary on the Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Hebrews (pp. 280–282). Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software.

[6] Bruce, F. F. (1990). The Epistle to the Hebrews (Rev. ed., pp. 294–296). Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.

[7] France, R. T. (2006). Hebrews. In T. Longman III & D. E. Garland (Eds.), The Expositor’s Bible Commentary: Hebrews–Revelation (Revised Edition) (Vol. 13, p. 152). Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan.

March 22 Afternoon Quotes of The Day

No Statements about the Faith without the Scriptures
Acts 17:10–11

Concerning the divine and holy mysteries of the Faith, not even a casual statement must be delivered without the Holy Scriptures; nor must we be drawn aside by mere plausibility and artifices of speech. Even to me, who tells you these things, give not absolute credence, unless you receive the proof of the things which I announce from the Divine Scriptures.


Ritzema, E. (Ed.). (2012). 300 Quotations for Preachers. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

The Sweetness of Jesus’ Name
Acts 2:38; 3:6; 8:12; Philippians 2:10

If you write, your composition has no charms for me, unless I read there the name of Jesus. If you dispute or converse, I find no pleasure in your words, unless I hear there the name of Jesus. Jesus is honey in the mouth, melody in the ear, jubilation in the heart.


Ritzema, E., & Brant, R. (Eds.). (2013). 300 quotations for preachers from the Medieval church. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Cartoons and Memes · Mar. 22, 2021

It’s Trump’s Fault

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Chair Force Once

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Psaki Explains

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Decoding Biden

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Gun Safe

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Biden Blindness

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‘Trust and faith’

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Trump Versus Biden

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Kamala’s Nervous

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No Amnesty

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Entertainment Choices

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‘White House’

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Is There a Tax?

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Oprah and Harvey

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Only a Fool…

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“The Patriot Post” (https://patriotpost.us)

22 Mar 2021 News Briefing


What if schizophrenics really are possessed by demons, after all?
Is there anything wrong with seriously entertaining this possibility? Not according to the author of a research article published this month in Journal of Religion and Health. In ‘Schizophrenia or possession?’,1 M. Kemal Irmak notes that schizophrenia is a devastating chronic mental condition often characterised by auditory hallucinations. Since it is difficult to make sense of these hallucinations, Irmak invites us ‘to consider the possibility of a demonic world’ (p. 775). Demons, he tells us, are ‘intelligent and unseen creatures that occupy a parallel world to that of mankind’ (p. 775). They have an ‘ability to possess and take over the minds and bodies of humans’

The Great Purge of Civil Liberties Has Begun
Next week, the inevitable will happen: the EU will adopt the vaccination passport. Basically, the world will enter the second phase of the Covid dictatorship: the great purge. This is why they tried to find a name that was as neutral as possible; the Digital Green Certificate is presented to us as aiming to “facilitate freedom of movement”.

Judge takes action on gun law banning semi-automatics
The city banned the possession, sale or transfer of semi-automatic sporting rifles, as well as magazines that could hold more than 10 rounds. But Hartman said the court “has determined that only Colorado state (or federal) law can prohibit the possession, sale, and transfer of assault weapons and large capacity magazines.” The judge noted the state “has passed laws that are effectively a scheme preempting local governments from enacting municipal firearms and magazine possession ordinances.”

Forecast for spring: Nasty drought worsens for much of U.S.
With nearly two-thirds of the United States abnormally dry or worse, the government’s spring forecast offers little hope for relief, especially in the West where a devastating megadrought has taken root and worsened. Weather service and agriculture officials warned of possible water use cutbacks in California and the Southwest, increased wildfires, low levels in key reservoirs such as Lake Mead and Lake Powell and damage to wheat crops.

Iran caught discussing plan to attack US military base using boat as a bomb
Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps recently discussed the possibility of attacking an American military base using a boat carrying explosive charges, according to a report in the Associated Press. The base in question, the Fort McNair Army base, is located in Washington DC and a mere 10 minutes from the White House.

Donald Trump to launch new social media platform, senior adviser says
After being kicked off of most social media outlets, former US president Donald Trump is set to return with a brand-new social media platform set to be launched within two or three months, an adviser told Fox News.

Scientists Propose Surrounding the Sun With Supercomputer to Resurrect the Dead
Transhumanists: “Death is not Irreversible” Russian transhumanists and life extensionists Alexey Turchin and Maxim Chernyakov published a paper titled Classification of Approaches to Technological Resurrection for the Foundation Science for Life Extension in Moscow. In the paper, they outlined what they called an “Immortality Roadmap.”

After outlawing Circumcision: Iceland rocked by Massive Volcano
In 2018, the first rabbi arrived to serve the approximately 250 Jews living in Iceland, mostly residing in the capital city of Reykjavik. But the Jewish community was still faced with trouble in their adopted home. In the same year, a bill banning circumcision was put forth in Iceland’s parliament thereby making Iceland the first European country to ban male circumcision for non-medical reasons. The bill gathered the support of all political parties in Iceland but was called an attack on religious freedom by Jewish and Islamic groups. The bill is still being processed.

For first time in Israel: Two Public Priestly Blessings on Passover
One of the most impressive gatherings of the year is the Birkat Kohanim, the twice-annual priestly blessing held on the second intermediate days of Passover and Sukkoth when some 40,000 Jews come to the Kotel (Western Wall) in Jerusalem to be blessed by hundreds of Kohanim (the descendants of Aaron the priest).

Tsunami warning after 7.0 quake hit off the coast of eastern Japan
A 7.0 earthquake hit off the coast of the Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, last night, 20 March 2021, at 6:09 pm local time. The quake occurred 16 km northeast of the city of Ishinomaki and hit at a depth of 54 km. Ishinomaki was one of the most affected cities during the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. A tsunami warning was issued following the 7.0 quake. NHK reported waves of up to 1 meter that hit land shortly after the quake. Due to this warning, the town of Watari in the Miyagi Prefecture issued evacuation orders for about 7,000 of their residents.

IAI extends air defense capabilities for longer range, ballistic threats
In the shadow of the IDF warnings of possible attack coming from Iran and its proxies in the region, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) completed on Monday a series of successful live firing trials with the Barak Air Defense System. The company said that the trials tested the system’s capabilities in a range of scenarios and threats…

Iran is increasingly obsessed with defeating Saudi forces in Yemen
Iran is investing heavily in the war in Yemen, through technical know-how and provision of weapons over the last six years, as well as political capital. Where once the Houthi rebels were portrayed as an indigenous rebel force that sprang from the mountains of Yemen, Iran is now taking ownership of the war.

Infiltrations reported along Gaza, Lebanon borders
Infiltrations were reported along Israel’s borders with the Gaza Strip and with Lebanon on Sunday, with suspects arrested in both locations. On Sunday evening, the IDF arrested three suspects who infiltrated from Lebanon into Israel near Kiryat Shmona. The suspects, who later turned out to be Sudanese migrants seeking work, were returned to Lebanon later on Sunday, Israeli media reported.

Turkey and Russia increase strikes in Syria
Turkey and Russia, as well as Russian-backed Syrian regime forces, appear to have increased attacks in Syria in recent days. Turkey is hammering Kurdish positions near Ain Issa with the first airstrikes in months, according to reports. Russia or the Syrian regime it supports is hammering Syrians in areas Turkey occupies in northern Syria.

Biden’s tax hike on ‘big business’ will actually slap workers in the face
President Biden was elected on a promise that he would not raise taxes on people earning less than $400,000. The administration’s recently announced tax hike on “big business” will break this promise in practice, if not under the letter of the law. Remember, there’s a difference between who owes a tax and who actually bears the costs in reality.

Australia floods: Thousands evacuated as downpours worsen
Some 18,000 people have been evacuated from severe floods across New South Wales (NSW) in Australia, with more heavy rainfall predicted. The state’s entire coast is now under a severe weather warning. Days of torrential downpours have caused rivers and dams to overflow around Sydney – the state capital – and in south-east Queensland.

Philippines says 220 Chinese boats have encroached in South China Sea
The Philippines urged China on Sunday to recall more than 200 Chinese boats it said had been spotted at a reef in the South China Sea, saying the presence of the vessels violated its maritime rights as it claims ownership of the area. Authorities said the Philippines coast guard had reported that about 220 vessels, believed to be manned by Chinese maritime militia personnel, were seen moored at the Whitsun Reef…on March 7.

Russia’s top diplomat starts China visit with call to reduce U.S. dollar use
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov began a visit to China on Monday with a call for Moscow and Beijing to reduce their dependence on the U.S. dollar and Western payment systems to push back against what he called the West’s ideological agenda. Lavrov…is expected to hold talks with his Chinese counterpart at a time when both countries’ ties with the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden are badly strained.

Government Officials Know the Final Fate of Busloads of Immigrant Children That Go Missing
…For 7 years, I have received highly reliable information from a DEA officer. In the last Central American immigration invasion, Obama was busy trying to “rescue” immigrant children by loading them on buses and sending them to communities that would have nothing to do with them as they were rejected. Whatever happened to these children?

Biden’s US Border Crisis: Pedophilia and Child Sex Trafficking
…”There is a dark side. A very ugly dark side that would fit the agenda. These ‘children’ are a necessary component of pedophilia sex trafficking. And the trafficking, while likely being induced before these children reach America, it is big business once they enter US soil and are confined, unregistered, unseen, unverified, and unaccounted for. At last ‘media count’ there are 13,000 undocumented children at the opaquely viewed border centers. Of course, this number is likely as accurate as the CoVid counts and could be significantly, artfully, created.

Diversity Or The Bigotry Of Low Expectations
Errors accumulate with no one to challenge them. The ESG/EDI concepts pursued in the West are essentially copying the South African model of social change, which is anti-meritocratic and will destroy institutions and civilization…

Israeli Jews Petition International Criminal Court, Say Israel’s Mandatory COVID Vaccines Violate Nuremberg Code
Israel became one of the first nations in the world to mandate COVID-19 vaccines, and to introduce a COVID passport system that would only allow individuals to participate in society – including commerce – after they received the vaccine and were approved to join the system.

VIRGINIA: Restaurateur Who Ignored Mask Mandate Beats Government in Court, Will Keep Doors OPEN
A Fredericksburg, Virginia restaurant owner who scrapped a state mask mandate has defeated the Northam Administration in court, successfully defending both his business and the freedom of choice after refusing to back down amidst health department efforts to shutter his business.

The Bible Does Not Record Jesus Christ ‘Falling’ While Carrying The Cross At Any Point Going To Calvary, That Idea Is Roman Catholic Nonsense
The Roman Catholic Church teaches many things “contrary to the name of Jesus of Nazareth.” One of their most-popular false teachings is something called ‘The Stations of the Cross’, a recurring ritualistic practice I was compelled to observe many times in my 29 years as a Roman Catholic. The ‘stations of the cross’ are only too eager to show you how Jesus Christ was too weak to carry His own cross, and fell down, repeatedly, in the process. To the majority of Catholics around Easter time, this ritual brings tears to their eyes. The only problem is, it’s not biblical.

US Opening New Facility to Hold up to 2,000 Unaccompanied Minors
“The number of unaccompanied children arriving at our southern border is at a level we have never seen before,’ said Sen. Shelly Moore Capito. The US is set to open another facility to deal with the surge in #IllegalImmigration, the Biden administration announced.

Murders, Shootings Skyrocketed in Portland Following George Floyd’s Death
Shootings and murders significantly increased in #Portland starting in May 2020 and have continued plaguing the city. #Shootings rose 173% after the riots while murders spiked 255% in the months following the unrest, according to Portland police data.

US organization with ties to Wuhan lab failed to disclose taxpayer funding 
An American non-profit organization closely tied to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) is being sued for its alleged failure to disclose that taxpayer funds supported its work. In its lawsuit, filed March 15, the White Coat Waste Project (WCWP) alleges that the EcoHealth Alliance (EHA)’s omission of taxpayer funding in its declarations violated a federal law known as the Stevens Amendment.

NY Times, Joke of a Newspaper: Babylon Bee ‘Trafficked in Misinformation’ Disguised as Satire
The headline at the New York Times, was promising: “For Political Cartoonists, the Irony Was That Facebook Didn’t Recognize Irony — As Facebook has become more active at moderating political speech, it has had trouble dealing with satire.” It appeared on the front of Saturday’s Business Day section as “Facebook Just Does Not Get Satire.”

China: What To Do About It?
Well, China really wants to rule planet Earth. It also wants to possess and rule the near portions of the solar system. No, I am not exaggerating. No nation in history has been this ambitious…

Church of England may impose black, minority ethnic quota for clergy
The Church of England may institute a quota on black and minority ethnic clergy within its ranks as well as institute anti-racism training, according to a leaked report.

Donald Trump is creating his own social media network that will go live in a few months
Former President Donald Trump is coming back to social media — but this time with his own network, a Trump spokesperson told Fox News on Sunday.

Source: 22 Mar 2021 – Rapture Ready

Headlines – 3/22/2021

Israel’s election is heading toward a deadlock, final polls predict

Netanyahu Vaccine Obsession Hasn’t Swung Election to Him

Green organizations call on John Kerry to stop trans-Israel Gulf oil deal

Eco-terrorism or Self-sabotage: The Mystery of Israel’s Worst-ever Oil Spill

Israel takes Palestinian minister’s VIP pass over ICC meeting, Palestinians say

Jordan publicizes defense deal that allows US forces free entry into kingdom

Iran’s Khamenei insists on US sanctions relief before return to nuclear deal

Iran threatens Washington army base, top US general – intelligence officials

In Kabul, Pentagon chief speaks of ‘responsible end’ to war

Doctors protest in Myanmar as crackdown claims more lives

Ex-Mexican cartel leader’s body found wrapped in plastic on park bench

US attempting to house over 15,000 unaccompanied immigrant children

Trump slams Biden over border ‘crisis’, accused him of causing ‘death and human tragedy’

Trump Says Biden Border Agenda Has Turned ‘A National Triumph Into a National Disaster’

Migrant admits he came to US because of Biden, ‘definitely’ would not have if Trump were president

Biden response to border crisis ‘isn’t incompetence’, but ‘is by design’, Tom Homan tells Mark Levin

Corporate Donors Dominate Push to Give Amnesty to 4.4M Illegal Aliens

Obama-era officials return to White House worth millions

Evidence in Capitol attack investigation trending toward sedition charges, departing chief says

Fencing around Capitol comes down more than 2 months after insurrection

New emails heighten mystery around presidential vote count in Georgia’s largest county

24 More Charged in North Carolina Voter-Fraud Probe including Nearly 20 Illegal Aliens Who Voted in National Election

Michigan county avoids using Dominion Voting System machines in upcoming primary, will count ballots by hand

No evidence yet of federal hate crime in Atlanta-area spa killings, officials say

‘We all know hate when we see it’: Warnock rejects FBI chief’s view of Atlanta shootings

New Colorado Senate Bill Establishes Government Ministry Of Truth To Regulate Online Speech

Biden White House’s Ties to Big Tech Are Detailed in New Disclosures

Trump is returning to social media in a few months with his own platform, spokesman says

WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram suffer major global outage; here’s what caused it

Global shortage in computer chips ‘reaches crisis point’

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Pacaya volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Kerinci volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Sinabung volcano in Indonesi erupts to 10,000ft

Heavy rains pummel Australia’s east, bringing worst floods in 50 years

Arkansas Governor Says State’s Near-Total Abortion Ban Designed to Challenge Roe v. Wade

Amidst Boy Scout bankruptcy, full extent of sex abuse scandal comes to light

Rep. Tom Reed won’t seek re-election after sex harass claims

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem won’t sign transgender sports bill, cites ‘vague and overly broad language’

A transgender Islamic school in Pakistan breaks barriers

Vatican sources suspect Pope Francis was distancing himself from CDF statement on same-sex unions in address

Pope urges fight against organised crime as mafia milks the pandemic

Qantas CEO: ‘Governments are going to insist’ on vaccines for international travelers

Pakistani PM Imran Khan tests positive for COVID-19 after getting vaccine

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson calls COVID-19 vaccine skepticism among Trump supporters ‘a natural resistance to government’

Israeli company claims oral COVID-19 vaccine on its way

Vets warn of new Covid variant’s possible link to heart problems in pets

Former FDA Chief Says Social Distancing Mandate ‘Wasn’t Based on Clear Science’

Miami Beach spring breakers hit with extended curfew after SWAT team forced to break up rowdy crowd

‘We Will Continue to Rage’: SWAT Breaks Up Massive Crowds Defying Curfew in Miami Beach

Black leaders react to South Beach spring break curfew, crackdown: ‘unnecessary force’

Rite Aid apologizes after undocumented immigrants denied COVID-19 vaccine

One Of The Lockdowns’ Greatest Casualties Could Be Science

There is a Shortage of Everything & Soaring Prices: What Happens Next?

Source: Tracking the Birth Pangs – News and Links (trackingbibleprophecy.org)

Apostasy Watch Monday 3-22-21

Thomas Hill – Why False Prophets Fail (…because they do)

The Persecution of the Southern Baptist Convention

Preachers and their $5,000 sneakers: Instagram account shows preachers bling

Church of Atlanta Shooting Suspect Distances Itself, Urges ‘No Blame’ on Victims

Accused Atlanta gunman was a patient at evangelical treatment center within a mile of first targeted spa

Hillsong Pastrix Replaces Jesus with Wonder Woman + Easily Spotted Scripture Twist

Christian College Hosts Event Blaming Evil ‘White Evangelicals’ For Electing The ‘Least-Christian President In American History’  – (Trump)

New York’s Repeal Of Religious Exemption From Vaccination Requirement Is Upheld

Democrats Come Unhinged When Pastor Prays to Save Babies From Abortion

Church of England may impose black, minority ethnic quota for clergy

Source: Daily News and Commentary (apostasywatch.com)


Mid-Day Snapshot · Mar. 22, 2021

Mid-Day Digest


“Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.” —George Washington (1796)

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Biden Uses Flags as Political Rags

Ordering flags to half-staff to perpetuate a false political narrative is disgraceful.

Mark Alexander

You may have noticed that flags at federal, state, and local government buildings were ordered to half-staff by Joe Biden.

Was it because eight were killed in a human trafficker’s vehicle last week as a direct result of Biden and Kamala Harris inviting a mass influx of illegal immigrants across our border?

No. Yet that blood is on Biden’s hands because, as policy analyst Stephen Miller notes, Biden’s immigration policies are “morally monstrous” and “indefensible.”

Was it because, two weeks earlier, 13 illegal immigrants they enticed to come were killed in another trafficker’s vehicle while making a run across our southern border?

No, though again, that blood is on Biden’s hands.

So why were flags lowered? On Thursday, President Post Turtle issued the order to perpetuate the latest chapter of the Left’s race-bait political agenda — this time based on the false narrative that the murder of eight people in Atlanta by a sociopathic assailant was racially motivated. Six of the women at three “spas” were of Asian heritage. Thus, it must have been a “hate crime.”

However, Atlanta police issued a statement indicating the assailant was mentally ill, had visited the locations for sex, had recently been treated for sex addiction, and targeted the locations because, in his deranged mind, that would alleviate his temptation. According to Captain Jay Baker with the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, where the suspect is being held, “It’s a temptation for him that he wanted to eliminate. He said it was not racially motivated.” Sheriff Frank Reynolds added, “We believe he frequented these places in the past.”

While the assailant claimed “sexual addiction,” the primary reason for his violence was most likely socio-pathology, and his compulsive preoccupation with sex was the trigger. As noted by historian Victor Davis Hanson, “His past proven sex addition and mental instability, along with his lethal shooting of non-Asians, suggest he was a pathological, mentally impaired murderer, not a race hater.”

Regarding his targets, a senior law enforcement official observed that if the assailant’s motivation was racial and linked to the ChiCom Virus pandemic, he would more likely have targeted some of the hundreds of Chinese restaurants in the region rather than driving 26 miles to commit the assaults. (There are three times the number of Chinese restaurants as there are McDonald’s franchises.)

Nevertheless, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms declared, “Whatever the motivation was for this guy, we know that the majority of the victims were Asian.”

Of course, the women at these businesses were of Asian descent because sex traffickers frequently victimize Asian women for illicit services at “massage parlors.” According to The Washington Post: “The Atlanta-area massage businesses where eight people were shot and killed Tuesday have long been identified online and by police as places where sex work and possible sexual exploitation regularly occurred — and where Asian women could be found. Customers who posted about the illicit offerings at Gold Spa, Aromatherapy Spa and Young’s Asian Massage made the businesses targets for people who showed up expecting to be able to purchase sex acts.”

Apparently, though, the fact that six of the victims were of Korean origin was enough for Biden and Harris to spin the attack as a “racist hate crime,” an assertion that is being echoed by their Leftmedia propagandists.

Of course, the most disproportionate attacks against other races are committed by black assailants. And black-on-black assault is the most prevalent violent crime in the nation.

But that does not fit the Demos’ race-hate narrative, and when it comes to those fake narratives, they never let facts trump political agendas.

On Friday, after again referring to “President Harris” in a speech prepping her ascension to the throne, Biden stumbled his way up the steps to Air Force One for a trip to Atlanta. Once there, he met with Asian American leaders in order to ramp up the racial exploitation of the victims.

Biden told them, “Hate can have no safe harbor in America.” Insisting Congress needed to pass the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act, he declared, “Too many Asian-Americans have been walking up and down the streets and worrying. They’ve been attacked, blamed, scapegoated, and harassed. They’ve been verbally assaulted, physically assaulted, killed. It’s been a year of living in fear for their lives.”

For her part, Harris said, “Racism is real in America, and it has always been. Xenophobia is real in America, and always has been. Sexism, too. The president and I will not be silent. We will not stand by. We will always speak out against violence, hate crimes, and discrimination wherever and whenever it occurs. … Knowing the increasing level of hate crimes against our Asian American brothers and sisters, we also want to speak out in solidarity with them and acknowledge that none of us should ever be silent in the face of any form of hate.” Notably, pretending to be more cautious than Biden, Harris added: “I’m making no connection at this moment to the motivation of the killer. I’m waiting for an answer from, as the investigation proceeds, from the FBI and from the Justice Department. I’ll have more to say when the investigation is completed.”

It is disgraceful that Biden and Harris would use the Atlanta murders as cheap political fodder, but that is standard Demo MO. However, for Biden, as commander-in-chief, to then desecrate our flag by ordering flags to half-staff across the nation to perpetuate his political agenda is inexcusable. These are the same flags that drape the coffins of American service personnel killed in action. (The Patriot Post‘s editorial office flies the highest flag in our city, and it remained at full staff all weekend.)

Finally, and predictably, the nation’s leading provocateur of hate, the Southern Poverty Law Center, was quick to get on board with a fundraising email about “the hateful violence” in Atlanta, which featured a big red DONATE button. Also predictably, adolescents of all ages are out protesting violence against Asians, dutifully following the political meme known as the Biden/Harris regime.

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A Diplomatic Debacle in Anchorage

Having long since been compromised by the ChiComs, Biden and Company were no match for our nation’s fiercest geopolitical foes.

Douglas Andrews

No wonder the ChiComs were rooting for Joe Biden on November 3. They’d long since taken his measure, and they knew he’d be an easy mark. Don’t say we weren’t warned.

A month before the election, we noted that the Biden family had already enriched itself from its business dealings with China during Joe’s eight years as Barack Obama’s vice president. Furthermore, as China expert Ben Weingarten noted, “The Obama-Biden administration was remarkably soft on China over its most grievous provocations, whether in terms of the catastrophic Office of Personnel Management hack, the militarization of the South China Sea, or its flouting of U.S. capital market regulations with impunity, gaining the imprimatur of the administration after lobbying Biden to ink a memorandum of understanding effectively normalizing its cheating.”

Against this backdrop, then, we had remarkably low expectations going into the weekend — and Team Biden didn’t disappoint. As the Wall Street Journal editorial board writes, “That was some tongue lashing a senior Chinese official delivered last week in Anchorage to top Biden Administration officials in their first meeting. This is the new reality in U.S.-China relations, as adversaries look to see if they can exploit President Biden as they did Barack Obama.”

If just one thing has become painfully clear to even the most casual of China observers over the years, it’s that the ChiComs don’t play by the rules. Instead, they flout them — whether militarily, economically, or geopolitically. Secretary of State Antony Blinken learned this the hard way when he offered an agreed-upon two minutes of opening remarks, which his counterpart, Yang Jiechi, China’s director of the Central Commission for Foreign Affairs, promptly repaid with a 20-minute anti-American diatribe.

Blinken noted our “deep concerns with actions by China, including in Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan, cyber attacks on the United States, and economic coercion toward our allies,” actions that threaten the “rules-based order that maintains global stability.”

Yang, clearly emboldened by not having Donald Trump’s far more formidable secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, sitting across from him, then went on a 20-minute tear about the superiority of “Chinese-style democracy” and America’s sins. He even went woke with the Left’s own language, referencing Black Lives Matter and scolding, “We believe that it is important for the United States to change its own image and to stop advancing its own democracy in the rest of the world. Many people within the United States actually have little confidence in the democracy of the United States.”

Yang saved his best mockery for last, though: “Let me say here that in front of the Chinese side, the United States does not have the qualification to say that it wants to speak to China from a position of strength.”

Predictably, the Biden administration’s Praetorian Guard leaped into action, with The Washington Post commending the administration for its “dust-up diplomacy.”

These, of course, are the same scribes who would’ve been appalled had Donald Trump tried the same approach. As Power Line’s Paul Mirengoff noted, “Trump was willing to take action against China that entailed risks to the U.S. economy, even with an election on the horizon. I’m pretty sure Biden will never do that. He’s all talk and has been for 50 years. The most we can hope for is that his team won’t be out-talked as badly in the future as it was in Anchorage.”

It turns out that stumbling up the stairs of Air Force One was the least of Biden’s failures this weekend.

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The Ever-Worsening Biden Border Crisis

DHS is now spending millions to house illegal migrants in hotels, while also flying others up to northern border states.

Thomas Gallatin

As the number of migrants illegally flowing across the U.S. southern border accelerates, the Biden administration is running out of facilities to house these illegals and has decided to charter flights to fly them up to states on the northern border. Read that again. Slowly.

“Border officials requested the air support from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement,” The Washington Post reports, “because 1,000 members of families and unaccompanied minors crossed the Rio Grande on Friday morning, and border agents have another 1,000 migrants they have been unable to process since [Thursday] night, the communications show.” As of Saturday, the Border Patrol had more than 5,000 unaccompanied minors in custody.

Speaking of detained migrant families, it was recently revealed that the Biden administration has quietly ended long-term detentions. The Washington Times reports, “Now, with long-term detention over, families are either held for a few days for processing or released outright at the border without any ICE detention. In either case, they are generally free to make their way deeper into the country with deportation hearings years down the line.” This is an example of Joe Biden creating yet another pull factor for migrants, underscoring that this current border crisis is of his own doing, not Donald Trump’s, as the administration is falsely seeking to spin it.

The Biden administration is scrambling to contain the “humanitarian crisis” that has turned into what Texas Governor Greg Abbott described as “a complete disaster.” DHS now plans on spending $86 million in taxpayer funds to put up thousands of illegal migrants in hotels for upwards of six months. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas defended the decision, explaining that the U.S. is “on pace to encounter more individuals on the southwest border than we have in the last 20 years.”

Again, this crisis is entirely thanks to Biden reversing Trump’s effective border enforcement policies. On Sunday, Trump blasted Biden for turning “a national triumph into a national disaster.” Trump also leveled blame at Mayorkas, stating, “The pathetic, clueless performance of Secretary Mayorkas on the Sunday Shows today was a national disgrace. His self-satisfied presentation — in the middle of the massive crisis he helped engineer — is yet more proof he is incapable of leading DHS. Even someone of Mayorkas’ limited abilities should understand that if you provide Catch-and-Release to the world’s illegal aliens then the whole world will come.”

Even Mexican authorities are siding with Trump. No less than The New York Times reports, “Some Mexican officials argue that [Trump’s] harsh policies may have at times helped lessen their load by deterring migrants from attempting to make the journey north.”

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is spinning its failed border policies as advancing a moral humanitarian effort versus that of the “immoral” policies of the Trump administrations. And yet, such claims belie reality, as the humanitarian crisis has only escalated under Biden’s mismanagement. As Trump’s former special advisor Stephen Miller observed, “What humanitarian principle is served by rewarding and encouraging the brutal monstrous trafficking of minors? What value or humanitarian principle is served by making it easier for criminal organizations to savagely assault innocent men, women, and children, for-profit, because that is what is happening right now.”

Furthermore, the Biden administration is seeking to hide its “humanitarian” border efforts from the nation as officials refuse to grant media access to Customs and Border Protection. Veteran photojournalist John Moore explained, “I respectfully ask US Customs and Border Protection to stop blocking media access to their border operations. I have photographed CBP under Bush, Obama and Trump but now — zero access is granted to media.” Thus, he added, “These long-lens images [were] taken from the Mexican side.”

This disaster is only growing, and no matter how Biden and the Democrats try to spin this as Trump’s fault, the reality on the ground defies such a blatantly false characterization. Even Democrat Representative Sheila Jackson Lee recognizes it, recently admitting, “The plan does not look like it’s working.” But like a good Democrat, she offered the caveat “at this time” and blindly doubled down: “But you have to get it implemented.”

Trump had largely ended much of the problem by closing down many of the pull factors that enticed migrants to make the journey in the first place. Simply put, Trump turned off the tap; Biden has turned it back on, full blast, and now he’s attempting to blame Trump for the mess. Biden, who is heeding the demands of his radical leftist handlers, owns this disaster.

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The CDC’s ‘Separate but Equal’ Agenda

A new twist on an old and discredited practice is now effectively national policy.

Nate Jackson

If the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) had begun last year with social-distancing guidelines of three feet instead of six, schools might not have closed, which harmed children in incalculable ways. It wasn’t just kids, either. The effect was, as Mark Alexander wrote last week, “wrecking the U.S. economy and millions of American lives.”

Nevertheless, the CDC officially announced Friday its new guidance of just three feet between students. Still, adults must remain six feet apart and masks should remain mandatory. Of the six-foot diktat, Dr. Scott Gottlieb wants to know, “Where’s the science?” He answers his own question: “Nobody knows for sure.” That’s reassuring.

In any case, the CDC’s shift, as dramatic as it actually is in practice, is almost beside the point. The real point is that the CDC is focused on social distance and social “equity.”

It wants people to remain, er, separate but equal.

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky pledged Friday to prioritize “equity” in “everything we do” at the federal government health agency. “I can promise you as long as this team of people are here, as long as I am here, we will bake into the cake of everything we do our commitment to equity, to science, and to bring back the health to the American people and to keep it there.”

Walensky’s vow came on the occasion of a visit to the CDC’s Atlanta headquarters by President Joe Biden and President-in-Waiting Kamala Harris. The two were there to exploit last week’s terrible murder spree in Atlanta, falsely blaming racism for political gain. And the director of the CDC promised to extend this grotesque divisiveness to healthcare.

“Equity” is perhaps the definitive guiding radical leftist principle for the Biden administration. But as our Douglas Andrews wrote in January, “Equality and equity aren’t the same things. Not even close. The root of the former word is one of the self-evident truths embedded in our Declaration of Independence. It refers to the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities. The latter word, however, refers to systems and institutions that are ‘fair’ and ‘just.’” The biggest problem is who decides.

When you presuppose that every person (of pallor) and every institution in America is racist, as Team Biden does, the “solution” is to tip the scales against “oppressive” whites. Thus, every policy decision — including edicts from the CDC — is made by a career bureaucrat obsessed with counting by race.

That already happened with the CDC’s early vaccination plans, and the Biden administration has worked to double down on that racist approach. It’s never enough, though. A CDC report last week purported to find that “equity in access to COVID-19 vaccination has not been achieved nationwide.”

The CDC aims to fix this by hiring a vaccine equity czar. That man is Demetre Daskalakis, whom The Washington Post immediately describes as “a top HIV/AIDS doctor and gay activist.” He loses points for being white, but maybe you can’t always check off all the intersectionality boxes.

We just have two questions: Was this racism Donald Trump’s fault for delivering vaccines in record time but doing it in a racist way? Or was it Joe Biden’s fault for having built a vaccine plan from scratch, as he falsely claims? Biden can’t have it both ways.

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Medicare Insolvency Is Only a Matter of Time

More government and more bureaucracy will not solve the nation’s healthcare problems.

Robin Smith

As the silver tsunami of retiring American seniors is arriving, we’re reading news that Medicare, the government-run health insurance program currently covering 62 million people over 65, is awash in red ink. To say nothing of constitutional questions, the rising costs of care, the increasing demand for this care, and the diminishing ratio of workers to beneficiaries in the system are just a few of the warnings that a storm is coming for this government program.

The 255-page Medicare Trust Fund Annual Report was published on April 22, 2020. This report makes it clear that Medicare funds covering hospital care will be insolvent in just five years, and the insurance that covers doctor’s visits and medicines will have increases in taxes and premiums to cover the projected 8.2% rise in cost for Part B and 7.3% for Part D.

Dr. David Shulkin served as undersecretary for health at the Department of Veterans Affairs under President Barack Obama and as VA secretary for a year under President Donald Trump. In July 2020, following his own policy and actuarial analysis, Dr. Shulkin wrote that, due to COVID’s dramatic impact to payroll taxes, expenditures could exceed available revenue in Medicare as early as 2022 or 2023. Medicare has been in financial trouble for years because only about 40% of Medicare expenses are covered from tax revenue from the federal budget’s general fund. In the 2020 Trust Fund Report, it was documented that expenditures for Medicare Part A alone exceeded funding available from 2008 until 2016, when reimbursement changes kicked in from ObamaCare. Yet for almost two decades, policy papers and warnings about this have been ignored. Without reforms, the government will have to either raise taxes and premiums to cover the rising costs or reduce the covered care, or perhaps both.

Heritage Foundation senior fellow Robert Moffit, PhD, recently wrote, “Insolvency means that Medicare wouldn’t be able to fully reimburse hospitals, nursing homes, and home health agencies for promised benefits. In 2026, Medicare payments would be immediately cut by 10%, and the payment cuts would continue each year thereafter.”

And Sally Pipes, CEO and senior fellow at the Pacific Research Institute, wrote on Feb. 24, 2021, “Medicare is going bankrupt.” Her serious warning highlighted the procrastination: “The program’s hospital insurance trust fund ran a nearly $6 billion deficit in 2019. Pre-pandemic, it was on track to become insolvent — meaning there wouldn’t be any money in the fund — by 2026.”

That’s right — the year before COVID, Medicare ran a $6 billion deficit just based on hospital care for the elderly.

Going forward, Moffit, Pipes, and others predict tax increases and cuts in care. That’s called rationing when it’s severe.

In 1960 in the U.S., per-person spending on healthcare annually was a mere $146, but in 2018 that cost per person had skyrocketed to $11,172. With the expansion of contracted healthcare coverage, prices are most often hidden and only known after care is delivered. If you can’t see prices in advance, you can’t shop to minimize your out-of-pocket costs, not to mention the lack of competition. Large insurance plans and big systems complain that if they publish prices, there will be price fixing, but in every single other area of commerce — food, gasoline, cellphones, clothing, cars, etc. — prices are published in advance, and consumers select their good or service based on price, budget, and value. Competition works.

In healthcare we have a third-party payment system promising to provide big discounts, but that’s helping to hide prices by adding layers of administrative costs and protecting a system where costs will not come down unless there are government mandates and regulation. The healthcare plan determines the care you receive, and payment is based on hidden contract prices. The result is paying higher premiums and greater out-of-pocket costs.

Why is healthcare insurance so different from any other type of insurance? By definition, insurance is a contract by which an entity receives financial protection or reimbursement from loss and protection from risk. In practice, however, health insurance companies dictate drugs, place of care, and procedures. Alarmingly, insurance plans including Medicare determine patient care.

Besides being able to see prices in advance and having robust health savings accounts, innovative solutions outside of insurance can be used, such as direct medical contracting for a menu of services and association health plans that empower businesses and nonprofits to join together to buy insurance coverage for members.

More government and more bureaucracy are not the answers to rising healthcare costs and access issues, and that’s true even of a massive government program like Medicare.

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Surveillance State Schoolrooms

Los Angeles schools have a plan for detailed tracking of all students and teachers.

Arnold Ahlert

Just when one might think a union-controlled school system couldn’t get more arrogant and demanding — after keeping the overwhelming majority of students out of schools for over a year — the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) proves one wrong. As a condition of reopening its schools on April 9, each student will be required to have a COVID tracking app called Daily Pass, which will be scanned each day before students can enter the classroom.

This in a state that doesn’t require ID for voting.

“Sort of like the golden ticket in ‘Willy Wonka,’ everyone with this pass can easily get into a school building,” LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner stated during his weekly update on February 22.

Willy Wonka? Try George Orwell, as the level of intrusiveness is breathtaking. The app, developed with support from Microsoft, generates a unique quick response (QR) code for each student and staff member. When an individual arrives on campus, his or her QR code is scanned by a district school-site leader, who takes the individual’s temperature. Provided the individual tests negative for coronavirus, shows no symptoms, and has a temperature under 100 degrees, he or she is authorized to enter a specific LAUSD location — for that day only.

And since a section on the Daily Pass portal also pressures students and staffers to get vaccinated, it will be used to register and schedule appointments, track the stock of vaccines, perform check-in and data capture at the time of those appointments, identify and sort high-risk individuals, and offer waitlists to low-risk individuals along with dashboards to view data. Anonymous data from the app will also be shared by several Los Angeles Unified research and healthcare collaborators, including Anthem Blue Cross, Cedars Sinai, Healthnet, Stanford University, University of California, Los Angeles, and Johns Hopkins University, ostensibly as an effort to create the safest school environment possible.

“The Daily Pass sets the highest standard possible for school safety,” Beutner boasts. “MERV-13 upgraded air filters in every school, COVID testing for all students and staff at least every week and now the Daily Pass — Los Angeles Unified is proud to lead the nation in creating the safest possible school environment.”

Yet despite it all, students will still be required to wear masks, socially distance, undergo regular temperature checks, and endure additional screening and surveillance — because the Daily Pass will not catch people who are asymptomatic carriers of the virus. Nonetheless, these and other requirements developed by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) were released by the district in a document titled “COVID-19 and Reopening In-Person Instruction Framework & Public Health Guidance for K-12 Schools in California, 2020-2021 School Year.”

There is also a cartoon video promoting the app. It opens with a child character, Racquel Ramirez, who is fearful about returning to school. “Mom, I’m scared about going back to school,” she says. “I don’t wanna get sick and I don’t wanna get you and Dad sick.” The Daily Pass is then introduced as the solution for “safely going back to school,” and Racquel is shown happily scanning her QR code entrance ticket to enter.. At the end, viewers see Racquel completing her first day back at school and reuniting with her father. “Dad, I have to admit, I was scared at first but then I felt so safe,” she says. “It was so good to be back. Thanks for keeping me safe. I love you so much.”

Mary Holland, president of Children’s Health Defense, believes parents should be concerned. “If data is the new gold, then LAUSD’s new Daily Pass is providing a lot of gold to Microsoft and other institutions,” she said, adding that LAUSD is “compromising the students’ privacy and freedom of movement,” as well as segregating children based on unreliable testing. She warns, “Parents should be asking a million questions and demanding answers.”

They should, but they probably won’t. Whether it is fear of challenging authority, relief at no longer having to keep their children at home, or simply a willingness to travel the path of least resistance, it is far more likely parents will simply abide what amounts to grooming their own children for a totalitarian level of surveillance that government and its Big Tech collaborators are increasingly willing to impose.

“We are moving into a total surveillance state and an entire generation of young people are acquiescing to the police state,” asserts constitutional law attorney John Whitehead. “Privacy as we know it will be deleted and no one will be overlooked.”

He also believes parents should stand against this and demand separate accommodations for those who don’t want their children under constant surveillance. “The government can accomplish many things with a ‘compelling state interest and a pandemic is just that,” Whitehead explained. “But the school needs to provide an alternative for parents who do not want their children to participate in these measures — whether it’s a virtual learning option or a separate building.”

The bigger picture here is hard to miss. The European Union and United Kingdom plan to issue digital “green passes” to serve as vaccination certificates. Tech giants are, of course, seizing the opportunity to help.

If those become widespread, will Americans who are required to show up for work in person eventually be subjected to the same requirements? How about those wishing to go to sporting or entertainment events?

How about those simply shopping for food?

Does anyone still remember the progressive furor surrounding Arizona’s efforts to pass a law allowing local police to ask for the immigration status of anyone suspected of being in the country illegally? The law was characterized as a “show me your papers” debacle that would ultimately lead to systematic racial profiling.

Nine years later, many of those same progressives are apparently OK with far more intrusive systemic data-mining of Americans, which in this particular case consists of all students 13 years of age and older and all LAUSD employees.

Unless something dramatic occurs, it’s becoming clear that the Baby Boomers will be the last American generation to experience genuine privacy. And while the Age of the Internet is laudable in many respects, the as-yet-unfathomable extrapolations arising from younger generations inured to the tragedy of losing it have yet to be fully realized. Already we are seeing rampant narcissism, historically unprecedented levels of fragility, and de facto addiction to electronic devices. For younger Americans, cyberspace is rapidly becoming more important than life in the real world, even as they leave a trail of social media digital breadcrumbs that enables a burgeoning Cancel Culture.

One capable of ruining the life of anyone who posted an “intemperate” comment, even if that comment is decades old.

For all intents and purposes, LAUSD students and employees are lab rats, with all the attendant scrutiny and data compilation fully intended, all based on keeping people safe from a virus. And when that virus is effectively eradicated?

As George Orwell put it in 1984, “We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it.”

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Biden Bucks Go for Guns

Firearm sales have spiked following COVID stimulus payments.

Thomas Gallatin

One of the hottest items Americans purchased with previous coronavirus “relief” checks has been firearms, and there’s nothing to indicate that trend won’t continue.

When the first round of $1,200 COVID stimulus checks was released last year, firearm sales across the country spiked, with background checks surging 25% from the prior year. Sales jumped again in December with the second round of relief, with background checks coming in 34% higher than the last year.

Now many are predicting yet another rush in firearms sales following the most recent $1,400 stimulus. “Stimulus check equals gun money,” stated one Florida gun store owner. “I do anticipate that when people get a stimulus check they will spend it on firearms, accessories, high-capacity magazines, and ammo, if they can get it.”

Given the current social and political environment, it’s easy to understand why so many Americans are arming up. Activist organizations like Black Lives Matter and antifa continue to engage in looting, rioting, and violence, all while touting their message of defunding police. That combination of growing lawlessness has provided enough justification for many Americans to actively embrace their Second Amendment rights.

On the political side, with Joe Biden and Democrats in Washington pushing gun control, many Americans see the writing on the wall. They have decided to ensure they have access to firearms before the Democrats pass legislation banning them. Last year, the FBI did 39.6 million background checks, of which eight million were for first-time gun buyers.

Finally, it’s a bit of poetic justice for the Democrats’ massive $1.9 trillion “stimulus” that at least some of it is being used by Americans to defend themselves in the spirit of our nation’s Founding Fathers.

Joe Biden is making a run on winning the latest award for “Gun Salesman of the Year.”

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Whatever Happened to Scranton Joe?

It’s becoming harder and harder to not notice our 46th president’s radical leftward lurch.

Douglas Andrews

When Barack America tabbed Joe Biden to be his vice presidential running mate in 2008, he did so for the textbook reason: to balance the ticket. More specifically, he did so to offset his perceived radicalism and his lack of experience with a seasoned centrist politician — someone who could appeal to the swing voters who might not be comfortable with a candidate who had no executive experience and whose DC career consisted of less than a single term in the Senate.

But that 66-year-old Joe Biden isn’t anything like the 78-year-old version running our nation today.

“How to explain Joe Biden’s ideological transformation over the years?” asks veteran political observer Michael Barone. “Perhaps it’s the same as the explanation of why the chameleon’s complexion changes when he moves from desert to forest: adaptation to local terrain.”

Or perhaps he simply doesn’t know any better. As Texas GOP Congressman Ronny Jackson, who served from 2013-18 as physician to both Barack Obama and Donald Trump, said, “Speaking as someone who was in the White House, saw him frequently around the West Wing and other places like that, I know he’s always been prone to gaffes, but these aren’t gaffes anymore. He can’t form sentences. Sometimes, he can’t complete a thought. … I won’t make any particular diagnosis about dementia … but what I will say is that something is not right.”

Diminished cognitive abilities aside, many folks tend to become more conservative with age. Not Biden. These days, he’s embracing policies that would’ve made him wince just a decade ago. And the before-and-after comparison is jarring.

As Barone continues, “The senator who opposed government financing of abortions for 30-some years now supports it — and up through the ninth month of pregnancy. The Senate Judiciary Committee chairman who sponsored and bragged about the tough provisions of the 1994 crime bill now decries systemic racism and echoes almost the entire Black Lives Matter mantra. The politician who supported the welfare reform bill that House Speaker Newt Gingrich [pushed and Bill Clinton signed] in 1996 has now concocted ‘COVID relief’ legislation that includes multi-thousand-dollar payments to single mothers with no work requirements.”

Biden’s right-to-left transformations on violent crime and on illegal immigration are equally outrageous.

And it’s not just those on the Right who’ve noticed Biden’s leftward lurch. As pollster and former Bill Clinton adviser Doug Schoen notes, “President Biden, along with leading Democrats on Capitol Hill, started the year with the choice between two paths to govern. The first route … is characterized with bipartisanship. … It is clear that Biden and Democrats have chosen the second route, which involves embracing liberal policies and using their power to push through a progressive agenda without any support from Republicans. While it may lead to legislative wins, it will do away with the promise of Biden to reach across the aisle and adds the risk of potential losses in 2022.”

Schoen is right about the bad tidings for Democrats in 2022. The first midterm of a new presidency is historically bad for the incumbent’s party.

As for Joe Biden, he has indeed changed his colors, and radically so. It makes one wonder whether he even knew what he was saying when, during his inaugural speech, he said, “I will work as hard for those who didn’t vote for me as those who did.”

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Why the ‘Stimmy’ Could Stunt Economic Prosperity

Biden Bucks aren’t going to save jobs or inspire people. Quite the opposite.

Patrick Hampton

By now, millions of Americans have received the third payout of the economic stimulus, affectionately known as the “stimmy” among black Twitter users. In fact, black people traditionally give nicknames when a person is invited as an honorary family member. The fact that the stimulus check is viewed in this light is telling.

Already the $1,400 payouts — intended to lift people out of economic distress caused by the China virus shutdowns — are potentially causing more harm than good.

Recently, an Indianapolis man was arrested for killing four family members (three adults and one child) after a fight over half of the check and incoming tax returns. He then came clean about the murders, stating that an argument broke out about the money.

As sad as this situation sounds, this isn’t the only issue stemming from the beloved stimmy checks. Despite the nation reopening, service-based companies — restaurants, retail shops, etc. — are having issues retaining staff. Photos and videos are surfacing on social media of people “calling out” of work to cash in their payments. Signs in front of fast-food restaurants and shops indicate early closures due to this interesting phenomenon. Even nurses and nursing assistants — yes, the “heroes” as they are heralded by the mainstream media — have called out in the middle of a pandemic. What’s up is down and what’s down is up. And money is the root of the evil.

As much as the Left wants you to believe that these checks are supposed to level the playing field, it’s actually creating a state of dependency. With people dropping their jobs like a hot potato, we can expect the cost of goods and services to increase as employers navigate the unexpected expense of having to hire new staff. Compound this with a $15-an-hour federal minimum wage and something interesting happens: The very people who quit their jobs due to this temporary “increase” will find themselves deeper in the financial hole once the money is spent. Again, we can expect our favorite stores to charge more for their services because someone has to pay for it. Then the impoverished and fiscally irresponsible among us will stick their hands out for more. The ladder to financial freedom will have been removed from the pit.

This is why conservatives are against unnecessary payouts. Yes, there was a time when businesses and the unemployed needed to stay afloat. This time isn’t it. And if we let them, the Biden administration and Democrats will continue to kill our economy using our own cash to force a socialist state. Sadly, the unknowing and ill-informed are happy to take $1,400 to the bank at the cost of the prosperity that President Donald Trump built.

What we are witnessing is the worst payday ever. There’s a saying in the office environment for when checks arrive — the eagle has landed. But if Congress doesn’t put a stop to the stimulus remedy and help us reopen our economy fully, we may as well say the eagle has crashed and died.

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Jordan Candler

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  • “An all-hands moment”: GOP rallies behind noble effort to quash tyrannical HR 1 (AP)

“From statehouses to Washington, the fight over who can vote and how … has galvanized a Republican Party in search of [a] unifying mission in the post-Trump era. … Anti-abortion rights [read: pro-life] group, the Susan B. Anthony List, has partnered with another conservative Christian group to fund a new organization, the Election Transparency Initiative. FreedomWorks, a group formed to push for smaller government, has initiated a $10 million calling for tighter voting laws in the states. … Meanwhile, Heritage Action has announced a new effort also focused on changes in state voting laws. It included a $700,000 ad campaign to back GOP-written bills in Georgia, the group’s first foray into advocating for state policy. So far, the states have been the center of the debate. More than 250 bills have have been introduced in 43 states that would change how Americans vote.”

  • Democrats’ House immigration bills will hit snag in the Senate (Examiner)

“House Democrats easily passed two measures on Thursday that would provide a pathway to citizenship for up to 4 million people now living here illegally. Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said Democrats plan to go even further in the coming months, with a broader amnesty bill proposed by Biden that would offer a means to obtain citizenship for all of the nation’s approximately 11 million illegal immigrants. … [Senate Majority Whip Richard] Durbin said he’s unsure if he can find bipartisan support to pass either of the two bills, never mind the much larger comprehensive package that would legalize 11 million people. Democrats control 50 votes and would need at least 10 GOP lawmakers to advance legislation due to the filibuster.”

Editor’s Note: In other words, the filibuster is once again an obstruction to the Democrat agenda, and will continue to be. Which is why Democrats, who once championed it, are now resorting to calling it “racist” and “undemocratic.”

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Insight: “Restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions. It is the one un-American act that could most easily defeat us.” —Justice William O. Douglas (1898-1980)

Re: The Left: “The Equality Act would send a clear moral message throughout the culture, with both national and international consequences. The forces pushing for the passage of the Equality Act clearly intend these consequences. A moral message will be telegraphed throughout society, normalizing virtually everything comprehended within the ever-expanding categories of LGBTQ. Yet the Equality Act is not merely a message. It is a draconian threat of legal, political, financial, and cultural coercion, and the coercive powers of the new moral order will be directed — as the Equality Act makes clear — against any resistance. Make no mistake about it: That coercion will be brought against religious schools, ministries, non-profits, and all religious institutions.” —Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Albert Mohler

Political futures: “If we don’t take steps to shore up [Georgia’s] ability to grow the conservative tent in the same way that [Stacey Abrams’s] Fair Fight has grown the liberal tent, it won’t matter who runs for office. The numbers will go against us.” —former Senator Kelly Loeffler

For the record I: “What Biden said about [Vladimir] Putin … was incredibly dumb, even for a president. He obviously didn’t have a note card with the diplomatically correct answer printed on it in caps for him to read. So, thinking on his feet, the president did some quick knee-jerk Democrat virtue-signaling: Because President Trump never called Putin a killer, Biden figured he had to. What good did it do for the country for Biden to say Putin was a killer — even if he is one? No good at all. Ronald Reagan got grief for calling the Soviet Union an ‘Evil Empire,’ which it was. But my father didn’t call Mikhail Gorbachev a killer — and FDR and Truman didn’t call Stalin a mass murderer — because once you do that, there’s no way you can sit down with the guy at a summit conference.” —Michael Reagan

For the record II: “Vladimir Putin challenging [Biden] to have an open and live discussion with him in front of the world because he knows that senile Biden cannot do that is objectively hilarious. Knowing that world leaders are openly mocking the sham of our election results is objectively sad.” —Candace Owens

Touché: “Chinese officials and Putin himself basically doing donuts on the White House front lawn and calling out Biden as a decrepit clown is a fitting start for this administration’s foreign policy.” —Buck Sexton

Upright: “Strength deters bad guys. Weakness begets war.” —Mike Pompeo

Observations: “Many on our side seem to be falling into the trap of thinking that Biden stupidly made an error when he repealed Trump [border] policies and is compounding it by using the wrong rhetoric. My friends, this was not an error. Biden and the progressives know exactly what they are doing. … The only unintended consequence is that the illegal immigration is happening too fast and is too obvious. The bottom line is that Democrats are putting the demands of non-citizens and their political self-interest ahead of the American people. They are bringing in massive numbers of people who will compete for American jobs and burden taxpayers, all with the goal of securing political power.” —Gary Bauer

Indeed: “It’s no wonder that Joe Biden has gone longer than any president in history without talking to the press. He might actually have to answer for his America-Last policy.” —Tony Perkins

Non compos mentis: “I urge — I urge all local docs and — and ministers and priests and every — to talk about why — why it’s important to get it — to get that vaccine, and even after that, until everyone is in fact vaccinated, to wear this mask.” —Joe “Mask Up for the First 100 Days” Biden

D’oh! “When President Harris and I took a virtual tour of a vaccination center in Arizona, not long ago, one of the nurses on that tour injecting people, giving vaccinations, said that each shot was like administering a dose of hope [emphasis added].” —Joe Biden

And last… “Speaker Pelosi just reappointed [Eric] Swalwell to the Intelligence Committee and, get this, also put him on the Homeland Security Committee. Swalwell couldn’t get clearance to be a mall security guard yet he is on the two most important national security panels in Congress? Only in Washington.” —Congressman Vern Buchanan

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Your Guidebook to Combating the Climate-Crazed Left | The Daily Signal

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., talks about the far left’s Green New Deal during a 2019 rally at Howard University in Washington. (Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Marc Morano’s new book “Green Fraud” exposes the far-reaching implications of the left’s Green New Deal for all Americans.

You’ve no doubt heard of the Green New Deal, the far left’s favorite piece of legislation. But do you know where it originated? How it became the centerpiece of the left’s agenda? Or that many of its provisions have nothing to do with climate change?

Marc Morano, publisher of ClimateDepot.com, has a new book out Tuesday that answers these questions and more.

Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal Is Even Worse Than You Think” provides Americans with the information they need to refute climate alarmism, think critically about climate change, and counter the indoctrination of young people.

Morano joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to issue a warning about the Green New Deal’s far-reaching implications and what freedom-loving Americans can do about it.

Also on today’s show, we read your letters to the editor and share a “good news story” about the history of Passover and how we all can celebrate.

Listen to the podcast below or read the lightly edited transcript. 

Rob Bluey: We are joined on “The Daily Signal Podcast” today by Marc Morano, author of the new book “Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal Is Even Worse Than You Think.” Marc, thank you for writing this book and it’s great to have you back on the show.

Marc Morano: Thank you, Rob. Good to talk to you again. I’m looking forward to this. We, of course, used to work together back at the old Media Research Center’s Cybercast News Service. It’s good to see you again.

Bluey: We certainly did, Marc, and it’s great to have you back on the show. One of the things that I wanted to begin with, because I think it’s so important is to explain to our listeners, why we should be worried about this Green New Deal.

Morano: Well, in a very short answer, this is not about climate energy or the environment. The Green New Deal is about a takeover of our economy using a climate scare to achieve their ends and the architects of this Green New Deal are very open about that. 

This is a, basically, a backdoor way of central planning, socialism, progressivism in America using a climate emergency, climate crisis as their way. 

So the reason you should be scared is they’re not being honest or straight with you about the science and about the so-called solution, even if we did face a climate crisis.

>>> Heritage Explains: The Green New Deal

Bluey: Well, thank you for mentioning that because there’s a lot in this Green New Deal that has nothing to do with the issue of climate change. Can you go through some of the examples and in some ways the absurdity of what makes up this massive piece of legislation?

Morano: Yeah. In fact, one of the architect’s famous quote was, “It’s a change-the-whole-economy thing.” 

So we have everything in here from affecting everything we eat, to we drive, to our homes, to public transportation, to tearing down buildings and rebuilding them green, to going after everything we’ve become used to in America. 

Everything even from plastics on down, they’re trying to literally strip away and it also includes environmental justice, health care, racism. I have a whole chapter about the identity politics invading the climate debate.

So, the entire premise is just a gigantic, left-wing, progressive wish list, but it’s all thrown into a Green New Deal and they’re trying to scare, particularly children, into acting because we need all of this radical, progressive agenda in order to solve the climate crisis. 

In other words, they actually say in the book, “Capitalism is incompatible with a livable planet. Capitalism is incompatible with a climate, a healthy climate.” So it’s straight after the system. 

And then of course, you have all the identity politics and all the wokeism and all of the, just all of the wackiness of today’s modern left and if they threw everything and the kitchen sink into the Green New Deal.

Bluey: Marc, I’m glad you brought up young people. I want to get back to that in a few moments, but first I wonder if you can take us back and explain who created the Green New Deal and how it became the centerpiece of the left’s agenda?

Morano: Great question. I have a whole chapter devoted to the origins and I start out, by the way, talking about [President Franklin D.] Roosevelt’s New Deal, and oddly enough, the architects of the Green New Deal fondly recall FDR’s New Deal. 

Well, in the book, I go back and show that it was actually considered, and even by modern historians, there [were] a lot of issues with Roosevelt’s New Deal when it comes to minorities. 

They thought it was just an entitlement to the white middle class and it excluded minorities. In fact, it actually started modern segregation in our cities, and there’s a lot of criticism. 

So it’s interesting that the woke authors and proponents of the Green New Deal like to harken back to FDR, which, by today’s standards, they should be toppling his statues of FDR based on what all the other statues and other criteria, that they’re toppling statues of George Washington, etc.

So what happens is, in the book, I go back and I show you the 1970s Club of Rome. The whole anti-growth agenda is really a key origin, but the real origin of this, the direct descendant, if you will, is the United Nations’ … Agenda 21, Sustainable Development Agenda, that came out of the Rio Earth Summit in 1992. 

I pull exact quotes out of the Rio Earth Summit’s Sustainable Development Agenda, which was signed by [President] George H.W. Bush and was ratified by the Democratic Senate in 1993. This was right when Bill Clinton was elected.

And that is really [what] their model is, and it’s basically the U.N. Agenda 21, which is basically the U.N.’s idea that every aspect of modern society has to be regulated and controlled by bureaucrats in order to save the planet and to make most efficient use of resources. 

That’s the origin of the Green New Deal and it’s laid out very compelling[ly]. I mean, that’s where they got it from. And of course, there’s more recent origins. 

If you go back to around 2007, ’10, people like Michael Shellenberger, before he converted to an apocalyptic climate skeptic, he was actually all in on the original Green New Deal of the late 2000s, and a couple other people claim authorship of it as well.

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Bluey: One of President [Joe] Biden’s first actions in the White House was to rejoin the Paris climate agreement, so we obviously know he’s focused on some of these issues. Where does he stand on the Green New Deal?

Morano: That’s a great question. The book, my deadline for writing this was right before, a couple of weeks before Biden was sworn in, so I was able to see how he’s doing his Cabinet. 

But if you watch him over throughout the last campaign for president, that’s a great question because Joe Biden was sort of all over the place, but he generally tried to portray himself as more of a centrist. He had one of the more, less ambitious Green New Deal plans out there. 

But, at some point, he had to make peace with his Democratic Party base. And I show in there that he brings up [Sen.] Bernie Sanders and [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] and Sunrise (a youth movement), climate activists, and they all basically come in and they take over and they, essentially, wrote his climate agenda.

So the question is, Joe Biden himself may not be as radical as people associate with a lot of the proponents of the Green New Deal, but Joe Biden is now going to be, essentially, the front man for all this stuff happening behind the scenes. 

I don’t think Joe Biden’s going to be that actively involved in shaping this at this point. I think it’s a done deal. They’re waiting.

And right now it’s interesting as we talk here, it’s the late March 2021, still no Green New Deal, still nothing introduced in Congress, still no House or Senate bill, no press conferences on it, nothing. They’ve just been … very, very quiet. 

I think what they’re doing is they’re giving the Biden administration a chance to implement the other parts of his climate agenda, which is obviously the executive orders going after pipelines and drillings on federal lands.

But also he’s going to have every department, every department agency have climate as one of their foremost issues. And we’re talking whether it’s Treasury, or [Environmental Protection Agency], or State Department, climate is going to be first and foremost. “Every agency is a climate agency” is their motto. 

So in the words of Noam Chomsky, to answer your question, Rob, Biden is probably the furthest left of any president we’ve ever had, or any Democratic nominee, on climate, even though he himself has never really made it a big priority. 

But the point is he has now surrounded himself with people who would make President [Barack] Obama’s climate agenda seem rather timid at this point.

Bluey: Well, and a couple of those people would certainly be his vice president, Kamala Harris, who I believe was very vocal in support of the Green New Deal prior to joining his administration, and of course, John Kerry, who is serving as his climate czar. 

So certainly there are two people who have significant influence, I would suspect, over the president and some of his actions, so they’re people to watch. 

But it is interesting, as you point out, Marc, that they’ve been disciplined, perhaps, in a way not to get out ahead of the administration on this as they focus on other troubling priorities, whether it be HR 1 or the Equality Act, or some of the other things that have come down the pike early in his administration.

Morano: And that’s what they’re doing. I think a lot of this is COVID, the lockdowns, the vaccine distribution. So I think they’re just waiting. And at this point, if I were to project, I’d be surprised if May, middle of May, comes around and they haven’t introduced it, but it’s possible. 

They may wait until June, but they’re going to wait until some other stuff is settled, because they know pretty much all hell’s going to break loose when the Green New Deal comes back up. Because once they introduce this and once it’s there, they’re going to have to do it. 

I can’t imagine they’re going to have to do it within a few months or less, but once they do it, we are talking congressional hearings, we’re talking, … essentially, the national attention is going to shift now to the Green New Deal.

And I think one of their focus[es] is going to be is they don’t pay attention to what happened the last time we introduced the Green New Deal in 2019. 

They’re going to pretend none of that happened and they’re going to try again, and they’re going to be much savvier this time and make it just look just kind of like as reasonable as possible as an incremental bill as they can come up with because, … and I go through this in the book, they ended up having to pull stuff down off websites. 

They were truly embarrassed by the original Green New Deal release, the one mentioning farting cows and other phrases and “People don’t need to work if they don’t have to work,” and all sorts of things that they put in there that was just bonkers.

I think, in the words of one analyst, “It was like a gift to any critic of the Green New Deal.” 

So I think they’re going to be much savvier this time around and I think Joe Biden, in a way, is the perfect face because he is just, whether you want to argue he’s out of it or not, … this is not his issue and I think he’s going to just make some broad statements and let all this happen behind the scenes. 

So I think they’re well-poised to make something happen. Of course, it’s going to come down to people like Sen. Joe Manchin, who may ultimately hold the veto power of this.

Bluey: It certainly seems that way. We are talking to Marc Morano, author of “Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal Is Even Worse Than You Think.” Marc is also the publisher of Climate Depot. 

Marc, the Earth’s climate has been changing for 650,000 years. That’s not in dispute, it’s the past 100 to 200 years that we’re really talking about. And while clearly humans are playing some role, you argue that we’re not facing a man-made climate disaster in the book. Can you tell us why?

Morano: Yeah. We’re not the control knob of the climate. Yes, carbon dioxide can warm the climate, but you can’t distinguish its effect from other factors. There’s hundreds of factors that influence climate. 

So the key is you mentioned 650,000 years. I actually quote geologists who’ve talked about the geologic history of the earth, billions of years. We are in the 10% coldest period of Earth’s history and we’re in the 10% lowest CO2 in Earth’s history. We’ve had ice ages with many higher times CO2 levels. 

… I spent a whole chapter detailing everything from floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, sea level, none of it’s unprecedented. Many of it is actually either a no trend or declining trend, all these extreme storms you hear about.

The only way they can scare people about climate is to say, “It’s worse than we thought.” 

You say, “How? Sea level’s not accelerating. There’s more polar bears than we’ve ever had. Tornadoes are at or near record lows. Hurricanes were much worse 50, 60 years ago, and they’re cyclical.” 

They say, “Well, our predictions of the future are much worse.” 

And I get into that a little bit because what they do is, it’s a misdirection: When current reality fails to alarm, make scarier and scarier predictions.

I also show how polar bears actually are disappearing, Rob. They’re disappearing from Al Gore’s books and movies, because now we’re counting more polar bears than we’ve ever counted, just in the last 15 years, oddly, since Al Gore’s film originally came out. 

That’s why Al Gore in his sequel, both movie and book, just conveniently omitted mention of the polar bear because all of his predictions of the polar bear went the opposite direction.

>>> Learn More: It’s Not Just About Cost. The Green New Deal Is Bad Environmental Policy, Too

Bluey: Wow. What an inconvenient truth. Marc, you just mentioned something that I was hoping to raise anyway, and that’s that there seems to be no weather event—be it a hurricane or a blizzard—that isn’t blamed in some way on climate change. 

So what advice do you have for people as they may be just engaging in conversation with family or friends to push back on this assertion? I mean, just every day, you really can’t go beyond the media to see where they attribute it in some way to climate change.

Morano: In fact, it’s an opposite prediction. And one of the things I point out is they predict more floods, less floods; more snow, less snow; more malaria, less malaria; more fog, less fog; shorter days, longer days. They’re on the opposite side of almost every climate prediction. 

Therefore, no matter if you’re at the Super Bowl and you bet on it, you bet on both teams to win, guess what? Next week at the office, you can tell everyone, “Hey, I was right. I picked a winner.” And that’s what they do. 

Many of these climate models and the people who claim that they’d been correct on climate, they come up with dozens, hundreds of different scenarios. One of them is going to be correct. It’s sometimes their exact opposite and then they pat themselves on the back. But people are inundated with this, but what it is is it’s short-term statistical trickery.

So yes, California, if you pick certain years of an eight-year trend, even sometimes a 20, droughts are much worse in California, if this continues. The problem is, if you go back either 50 years, 100 years, you find wildfires and droughts, there’s no trend or they’re actually radically higher in the past. 

The problem is … you have an environmental group that’s working with the TV weatherman who’s picked 1970 as their baseline. 

In every major city, 1970 is one of the coldest times in U.S. history because we had the coming ice age, global cooling scare. So what they do is they pick a warm period baseline, and of course we’ve warmed since then, they’ve got the maximum warming. 

“If this continues … ” and “Climate scientists think this will … ,” this is how they scare you.

So every event becomes “weaponized,” in the words of meteorologist Joe Bastardi, of “weaponizing” the weather. “Climate ambulance chasing” is another phrase. And this is how they do it and it’s very deadly effective. 

That’s why I devote a whole chapter—and I actually wrote the chapter in a talking points format that it would have citing experts and studies and it’s very easy to read, so that one chapter can just serve as your talking point. Not just to the science, but also to some of the claims.

Recently, John Kerry came out and said, “We need an insurance policy in case the climate skeptics are wrong.” 

And I go through and I explain U.N. Paris Agreement, any EPA regulations, the Green New Deal would have no impact on U.S. emissions, measurable, let alone global emissions, let alone climate in any way, shape, or form. 

There is no insurance policy. This is paying a huge upfront premium for no payout on your home if your home were to burn down. That’s what they’re selling us here. 

The reason it’s called “Green Fraud” is because A, they’re hyping a nonexistent climate emergency, which is their new phrase. And B, they’re telling us the facts are, even if we faced a climate crisis emergency, nothing they proposed would have any impact on the climate and be able to save us.

Bluey: Marc, thank you for, again, writing the book and providing that information. It’s incredibly valuable, as is your website, climatedepot.com.

Following up on that, I’m glad to hear that you pointed out the skepticism, why we should be skeptical of the climate modeling that we see. But what about the alarmism that we hear about, for example, that we may only have 12 years to save the planet? What do you have to say about things like that?

Morano: That I treat as comic relief. Actually, I show in the book that you go back to 1864, [that] was the first climate tipping point. We were warned by a naturalist, I believe, was who said that we had a “war of climatic excess” in quotes. Since that time, we go through, and I show from the 1970s, the global cooling scare, all the way through the ’80s. 

My favorite is Prince Charles, who had the 100-month tipping point and actually went and gave speeches counting down those 100 months. And then when the 100 months expired, he ended up extending it into the 2040s when he would be in his late 90s, which he still might make it to that age. 

So AOC, of course, famous 12-year tipping point. John Kerry came out again with another tipping point recently. … I think it was 10 years. They’re trying to count down from that original 12 years, two years ago.

This is just … so comical on its face that it’s ridiculous and it’s also a misreading of what even the United Nations claimed. 

They came up with a couple of different emission scenarios and said, “If we’re within 12 years, if we don’t start working on this … ” they never said the world was going to end. So they can’t even quote their own allies correctly on this. 

But it’s just base, low-brow propaganda and it works for a general media and public and for schoolchildren trying to skip school to get them motivated. … I have a whole chapter on this, they actually have kids believing that they have no future now unless the government acts to safeguard their climate.

Bluey: Well, I’m glad you brought us back to the future generations because that’s where I want to go next. 

There seems to be no issue of more importance to many on the left than climate change. It’s become a religion for many of them. In fact, they’re talking about ending the filibuster to pass things like the Green New Deal. 

How do you explain this obsession and what are some of the ways that we can counter it, particularly among young people and future generations?

Morano: Great question. I think the simplest way of explaining their focus and obsession with schoolchildren, they’ve literally failed to convince adults of a climate emergency, and so what’s happened is they’re trying to shame adults by using children who are, frankly, more gullible on this. 

What’s happened here, if you go back and look at Gallup polling, even in the 1980s, people can say, “I believe in global warming or as a climate change,” all nonsense. The Gallup polling and Pew, and even, I think it was Harris polling CEO came out. 

The level of concern and the key is, are people afraid? Are they concerned about climate? That’s what doesn’t really change. People can believe in climate or think that man’s changing it or the climate is changing, these generic meaningless phrases.

So what happened is they went after kids. Kids, as a age group, are the highest believing, most committed, and most afraid. They’re the most concerned about climate. … 

I have a whole chapter devoted to this. I go through the whole school-skipping syndrome with Greta Thunberg, where she came from, how her parents were heavily involved in the environmental movement, heavily involved with even the Swedish government, and that whole movement of hers was, essentially, not some organically sprung movement that just happened. 

In fact, she wasn’t even regularly going to school. She was at almost like a homeschool scenario in which she did that, but she became the face of the youth movement.

Then, of course, you have groups like Sunrise Movement. I go in great detail of how these kids testified on Capitol Hill and it’s become intergenerational. It’s kind of like, “Mom and dad trashed the planet. Thanks, mom and dad. It’s up to us to save it.” 

They have all these lawsuits with former NASA scientist James Hansen and others basically suing the U.S. government in order to impose a Green New Deal on us to save their future from bad climate.

The way to do this is to go, “We need to educate parents first and then get kids to be more critical thinkers on this.” 

Also, these are fads. I think it’s eventually going to pass. I think these kids will be much like the flower children of the ’60s. I think within 10 years or so, they’ll look back and probably be embarrassed that they held these views and went to these rallies and said such inane things about the climate.

Bluey: Oh, critical thinking is an important aspect and I would certainly encourage all the parents and grandparents who are listening today to use the information that you provide in “Green Fraud” to share with their kids and make sure that they’re aware of all that is going on.

Marc, in the book, you also read about fossil fuels. They obviously get a bad rap from many in the media and on the left, yet we seem to take for granted just how much they’ve helped people and companies thrive, including some of those who regularly use oil and gas. And one recent in which I know you played a role was the hypocrisy involving the clothing company North Face. 

I was wondering if you could speak to that and why you think that some of these big players are able to get away with the hypocrisy. And you’ve done some tremendous reporting on this yourself.

Morano: It’s amazing. In the case of North Face, this was a company that all of their products essentially are made, derived from fossil fuels. All their fleece jackets made of polyester or anything else. I mean, it’s just an amazing thing. 

So what they did is they did not want to be involved with any oil company, so they wouldn’t put the company’s logo on their jackets because they thought, “Oh, my gosh, we’re climate friendly. We’re not going to put this oil company on our jackets.” 

So what happened was, the oil company fought back and it was an amazing thing. The Colorado Oil and Gas Association had some fun with this recently, and they literally pointed out that North Face is made up of fossil fuels and they pointed out the absurdity.

This is one of the things, at what point are you going to carry this virtue signaling? Does anyone who drove to the store in a fossil-fueled car, are they going to be able to buy a North Face product? If anyone benefits, are you going to allow an oil worker to come in and buy your products? Where does this kind of virtue signaling end on this?

But you mentioned the larger picture on this. People like Bill Gates, who was pro-climate, pro-lockdown—very pro-lockdown, telling people that they should stay at home—but meanwhile, … he’s bidding on the world’s largest private jet transport company. And I think at last count his electric bills are something in the neighborhood of like $30,000 a month on his home, which is so massive. 

This is the guy who flies private jets exclusively, and he doesn’t want anyone else, he wants everyone else staying at home right now.

Yet people like John Kerry, very similar situation. John Kerry actually said he’s so important that he has to fly private jets. But they don’t see any irony in the fact that they themselves don’t follow the rules that they’re claiming everyone needs to follow. 

Of course, President Obama has a house at sea level in Martha’s Vineyard after spending years warning of the climate change disaster.

This is just one of the things that I think the general public resonates with them. They realize that they find out that the leaders of this movement, when they act this way, they don’t actually believe we face a climate emergency because they themselves don’t act like it and don’t live that way. 

At some point, you would not be living at a home at sea level if you actually thought it was going to be swallowed up by sea levels in short order.

Bluey: Marc, you’ve been working on these issues … dating back to the time that you and I were together at CNS News, which is almost a couple decades ago. You’ve done phenomenal work in terms of writing books on the topic, running Climate Depot. What is your passion? What motivates you to stay involved and engaged and make sure that Americans get the truth?

Morano: It’s weird because I’ve always considered myself as a Republican, except when it came to environmental issues. And that’s the way I, even under Ronald Reagan, I remember thinking James Watt, when he was putting in roads in forest areas, I always was like, it was always a thought Republicans were wrong on that.

My eyes were opened because, … originally, I got in the Amazon rainforest scare, but then after I ended up doing a documentary on it, made several trips down there, talked to environmentalists on the ground there who would throw the guidebooks down and call them crap. It’s because I’d been had on that. 

Scientifically, it turned out rainforests are the least, the Amazon was the least endangered forest, and for every acre cut, 50 were regenerating. So it was an amazing story and it was all about public fear. So I felt I’d been duped. So by the time climate came around, I was skeptical. 

So I’ve always had a passion because there’s very few reporters and media focusing on non-hysterical environment and energy and climate information. So I feel like that’s my calling right now because there’s very few people out there willing to do it other than delving into it on short stints.

But this is a full-time job. I mean, it’s just an endless machine of hype, fear, all designed for political reasons behind the scene. 

Everything that comes out of the United Nations is all designed to lobby and support their next treaty, policy, committee, or whatever goal that they have in mind. It’s all science in service of public policy. 

And sadly, we’re seeing a little bit of this now with COVID. In fact, I have a whole chapter on the COVID climate connection in the book where people are so excited, the activists, environmental activists—from John Kerry to Greta Thunberg, Al Gore—they’re all quoting the lockdowns and saying, “This is exactly what we’ve needed for climate.” “This is fantastic for the Earth,” was one of the quotes from climate activists.

Bluey: Well, it’s certainly something to watch. I think that there is an agenda at play there and people will try to use the current situation that we find ourselves in to advance other priorities. I mean, that’s so true with just the $1.9 trillion bill that made its way through Congress and to the president’s desk. 

So, Marc, one final question for you: What’s your advice to conservatives or others who get labeled as climate change deniers, find themselves censored on social media, or shut out of debates, or even shunned by maybe their own family when it comes to this issue? You’ve been in situations like that yourself, I’m sure. What advice do you have for people?

Morano: It’s a great question. I think people just need to get my book “Green Fraud” and read particularly Chapter 3, where I go through the basics of the talking point. 

If you start, like at Thanksgiving dinner, if you have people—not that you’d ever want to spend Thanksgiving dinner doing this—but if you actually ask them, “Why are we facing emergency?” and what the solution is and get them to admit and get them to realize that they’re talking utter nonsense. 

I mean, from both a geologic perspective of the earth, which is very simple to understand. And also, from even, if we face the crisis, the solutions would not only have no impact, it’s the exact opposite way to go.

So, the last chapter of my book I actually go through and explain that if we did face the climate crisis, what we would want is more free markets, more innovation, more technological advancements—not some top-down, central planning, bureaucratic, crushing of American entrepreneurship. You would want the exact opposite, and that’s what’s so weird about this. 

Luckily, we don’t face the climate emergency, but if we did and we relied on the U.N. or the Green New Deal, we would all be doomed.

I think once people understand that this is just, essentially, a Trojan horse, the Green New Deal is a Trojan horse for another agenda, which is attack on capitalism, is really at the heart of it. 

I have a whole chapter just on the history of that in the last 40, 50 years. How back in the 1960s, just the entire movement has been planning and plotting and using the environmental scares. 

It’s always been a different scare before climate. Originally it was overpopulation, resource scarcity, running out of oil, … I have a whole chapter up on global cooling.

Who would have thought the man-made ice age scare in 1970s—they thought our fossil fuels were causing the Earth to emit aerosols, which are blocking the sun, causing global dimming, creating a new ice age—who would have thought the solution to that was exactly read like the Green New Deal? So I literally go through point-by-point. 

They wanted central planning, wealth redistribution, more controls, less capitalism, all to solve the man-made global cooling problem in the ’70s. It’s always the same solutions, changing the environmental scare as needed, and right now we’re stuck with the climate scare as the latest one since the 1960s.

Bluey: It’s amazing, Marc. Wow. Well, the book is called “Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal Is Even Worse Than You Think.” Pick up a copy. Marc Morano, thank you so much for joining us on “The Daily Signal Podcast.”

Morano: Thank you, Rob. Appreciate it.

— Read on www.dailysignal.com/2021/03/22/your-guidebook-to-combating-the-climate-crazed-left/

Are We Witnessing The End Of America? – YouTube

Voices: Wayne Dupree, Leah Bella and Brian Smyth

Guests: Drew Berquist, Michael New

Fox News confirmed Sunday that Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley Sector (RGV) have begun to process and release illegal border crossers who claim asylum without issuing a Notice to Appear (NTA) – allowing them to depart custody without scheduling a court date for a hearing.

The unprecedented move places the responsibility of seeking an asylum hearing on the migrants through Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or legal assistance.

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