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April 9 Evening Quotes of The Day

Even Those Who Deny God Set Up a God in Their Hearts
Psalm 10:4–6; 14:1; 53:1; Jeremiah 2:11; 16:20; 1 John 5:21

He who dares to deny a God with his lips, yet sets up something or other as a god in his heart. Is it not lamentable that this sacred truth, consented to by all nations, which is the band of civil societies, the source of all order in the world, should be denied with a bare face and disputed against in companies, and the glory of a wise Creator ascribed to an unintelligent nature, to blind chance?


Ritzema, E., & Vince, E. (Eds.). (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Puritans. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

People May Pray Anywhere, Not Just in Church
Psalm 27:4; 1 Corinthians 3:16–17; 6:19; 1 Peter 2:5

We must … beware of imitating the practice that commenced some centuries ago, of imagining that churches are the proper dwellings of God, where he is more ready to listen to us, or of attaching to them some kind of secret sanctity that makes prayer there more holy. For seeing we are the true temples of God, we must pray in ourselves if we would invoke God in his holy temple.


Ritzema, E. (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Reformation. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Tim Keller Says Biblical Moral Values Cannot Be Proven to Be True — Christian Research Network

“It cannot be any clearer. Tim Keller denies the Biblical truth about God once again and, like it says in Romans 1:25, he has exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worships the Creation–in this case, his own intellect–rather than God.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  Tim Keller has long been heralded as one of the most profound thought leaders in Reformed Christianity. An author of several books and a popular speaker in the Evangelical speaking circuit, Keller has been silently creeping his way in under a facade of a defender of the Christian faith all the while attempting to destroy it from within.

Tim Keller is a prime example of trading historical Christian thought and represents a wave of postmodern thinking that has so infected the Church. Works of the Puritans and the Reformers and works of the early Church fathers — these collect dust on the bookshelves as many have given them a backseat to the influx of the nuanced and noncontroversial. View article →


Tim Keller

Progressive “Christianity”

CRN has a list of professing Christians to mark and avoid (Rom 16:17-18). Scroll down to WARNING

Tim Keller Says Biblical Moral Values Cannot Be Proven to Be True — Christian Research Network

Bill Perkins: End Times Agendas; Reasons to Not Take the Vaccine — Stand Up For The Truth

Today on Stand Up For The Truth, Host David Fiorazo speaks with Bill Perkins of Compass, Intl. about the recent Steeling the Mind conference, vaccines, government intrusion, virtue signaling, and media propaganda.

Bill Perkins Founded Compass International in 1993 with his wife, Susie. The purpose of this evangelical, Idaho-based ministry is to sharpen believers in Christ and defend the accuracy of the Bible from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22. Compass International offers email Bible studies, articles, Biblelands trips and missionary outreach, and also organizes the “Steeling the Mind Bible Conferences,” bringing together top Christian speakers to hammer away on difficult and timely issues.

“It feels like the world is in some sort of slow-motion change…changing to a One-World everything and there’s nothing we can do to slow or stop it. Here in the United States things are changing almost by the minute. Between the Biden Administration’s anti-Biblical Executive Orders, the border crisis, HR1 and the Dems spending money like they are trying to collapse our economic system, the poop will eventually hit the fan…unless God does something major soon.” Bill Perkins


Palms and Vaccines – by Bill Perkins

The Covid Playbook Revealed

Study: Biden Voters Don’t Know God, the Bible

Canadian Police Place Barricade at Church Entrance with Fencing, Tarps to Keep Worshippers Out

RESOURCE list mentioned

Bill Perkins: End Times Agendas; Reasons to Not Take the Vaccine — Stand Up For The Truth

April 9 Evening Verse of The Day

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15:2 The singular reference to my father’s God echoes the Lord’s words to Moses at the burning bush, which indicate that this phrase refers to “the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob” (3:6) and equips Israel also to say of him, “this is my God.”

15:2 Praise for God’s salvation anticipates the songs of praise for Christ’s final work of salvation (Rev. 5:9–14; 15:3).[1]

15:2 Because my strength and my song is such an unusual pairing of words, some have thought that the word translated song must mean “power,” “fortress,” or something similar. However, the idea as it is expressed is wonderful: God is my strong song. That is, a person of faith may regard the living, omnipotent God as the reason for singing! my salvation: The word save and its related nouns have to do with room or space (14:13). With the terrifying sea before them and the pursuing Egyptians behind them, they were trapped. Yet God surprised them with His deliverance! The words of the first half of this verse are quoted in Ps. 118:14; Is. 12:2. I will praise Him: There are numerous words for praise in the Bible. But the Hebrew verb here (nawâ) is unique; it means “to bring God beauty.” By the sacrifices of one’s lips (Heb. 13:15), people of all ages can bring beauty to the One who created all that is beautiful. my father’s God: The Israelites worshiped the same God that Abraham, their father, had worshiped, believed, and obeyed. Today, Christians are part of Abraham’s line because they also believe, obey, and worship the same God (Gal. 3:6, 7). Many faithful believers have preceded us.[2]

2. The Lord. Here the Hebrew uses the shorter form YH, not the longer YHWH, as in verses 1 and 3. It is this shorter form of the divine name which appears in proper names, and in the common exclamation ‘hallelujah’ or ‘praise YH’. For the thought, compare Psalm 118:14. My song. Cross and Freedman translate zimrāt as ‘defence’ or ‘defender’ rather than as ‘song’. This would suit the context better, has lxx support, and is based on a cognate word in Arabic. If true, the same translation would go for Psalm 118:14, etc. I will praise him. This word does not occur elsewhere in Hebrew. The translation is a guess, from the parallelism, and from similar words in other Semitic languages. This is one of the many archaisms of the song.[3]

2. The Lord is my strength. In this expression they acknowledge that they have a sufficient defence in God; and afterwards they add, that His grace furnishes them with just ground for praise. The sum is, that they were strong in God, and had not conquered their enemies by their own bravery; and that, therefore, it is not lawful to glory save in God alone. But we must observe that the help of God is conjoined with His praise, because this is the end of all His benefits, that we should hold our salvation as received from Him, which is here mentioned in the third place, for to say that God had “become their salvation,” was as much as to say that the people were saved by His grace. In the second clause there is an antithesis between the true God and all false ones; for there is much emphasis in the declaration, “he is my God,” as by it Moses excludes all that multitude of gods which then were everywhere worshipped in the world. To the same effect he adds, “my father’s God,” thus distinguishing the faith of Abraham from all the superstitions of the Gentiles. The faithful then declare that it is safe for them to repose in this One God, and that His praises are worthy of celebration. Isaiah imitates this figure, chap. 25:9, “Lo, this is our God; we have waited for him, and he will save us: this is the Lord; we have waited for him.” What follows in the next verse—“The Lord is a man of war,” is to the same purpose, for although at first sight the phrase may seem a harsh one, still it is not without beauty: that God is armed in military attire, to contend with all the forces of His foes. Therefore, says Moses, the name of the Lord belongs to Him alone, because His hand awaits to destroy whatever lifts itself up against Him.[4]

2. The praise here riseth to a note still higher. In the former, Moses adores God for his salvation. But here for the covenant relations into which the Lord hath condescended to bring himself. Reader! do you know any thing of this? Can you say he is my God. Isaiah 12:2. What a sweet scripture to this amount is that of the people’s call, and God’s answer? Zech. 13:9. Reader! do not overlook the children’s covenant blessings in this verse, for it is very precious. We have authority to remind God of his covenant promises to our fathers. The church frequently did so, and found the sweetness of it. Deut. 9:27. 2 Chron. 6:42, &c. And God himself condescends to put the children in remembrance of the same, when referring his mercies to this source. Levit. 26:42. Micah 6:5. And the mercy of mercies, is ascribed in after ages to the same. Luke 1:72–75.[5]

The Lord is my strength and my song;

he has become my salvation.

He is my God, and I will praise him,

my father’s God, and I will exalt him. (15:2)

The form for Lord here is the shorter Yah (also found as part of proper names and in the expression Hallelujah, ‘Praise the Lord’), not the usual Yahweh. It is probably an early variant form, preserved in poetry and in names.

There are five attributes of the Lord listed: ‘strength’, ‘song’, ‘salvation’, ‘my God’, ‘my father’s God’. ‘Strength’ or ‘power’ is what can truly be found in God alone (Isa. 45:24), but through the bond of the covenant that divine omnipotence is used on behalf of his people so that it becomes ‘my strength’. ‘Song’ is an archaic word for which some produce evidence (including the Septuagint) that it means ‘might’ (NRSV) or ‘defence’ (REB). While this reinforces the preceding idea (a common feature of Hebrew poetry), it is better to retain along with other early translations the idea of ‘song’ in the sense that because he is effectively my strength, he therefore is the reason for my song of praise (Ps. 21:1, 13; 28:7, 8; 118:14; Isa. 12:2, the last two of these citing this verse). ‘Salvation’ or ‘deliverance’ (14:13) points to the help that had so transformed the dire situation in which the Israelites had found themselves. For ‘father’s God’ see on 3:6. Conscious of the relationship that previously existed and which they now personally acknowledge continues, the people dedicate themselves to his worship not only as they sing this song but also in the future that lies before them.[6]

[1] Crossway Bibles. (2008). The ESV Study Bible (p. 168). Wheaton, IL: Crossway Bibles.

[2] Radmacher, E. D., Allen, R. B., & House, H. W. (1999). Nelson’s new illustrated Bible commentary (p. 113). Nashville: T. Nelson Publishers.

[3] Cole, R. A. (1973). Exodus: an introduction and commentary (Vol. 2, pp. 130–131). Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press.

[4] Calvin, J., & Bingham, C. W. (2010). Commentaries on the Four Last Books of Moses Arranged in the Form of a Harmony (Vol. 1, pp. 256–257). Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software.

[5] Hawker, R. (2013). Poor Man’s Old Testament Commentary: Genesis–Numbers (Vol. 1, p. 296). Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software.

[6] Mackay, J. L. (2001). Exodus (p. 264). Fearn, Ross-shire, Great Britain: Mentor.

Shut the Door — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

‘She went up and laid him on the bed of the man of God, then shut the door and went out.’ 2 Kings 4:22

She was rich, the Bible says. She would give the prophet Elisha a meal whenever he was in town because she knew he was a holy man of God. It was her way to honor him and the Lord. In fact, she made up a small room for Elisha to stay in so he could rest from his travels. But when her son fell ill and died, she didn’t lay the boy on his bed or even her own as was the custom for mourning visitations before burial. She laid him on Elisha’s guest bed and shut the door.

That, to me is an important difference. It shows faith. She didn’t mourn at all. She knew if anyone could revive her son, it was the man who acted for God, and hopefully, by the power of God, he’d heal the boy.

You see, she had been barren and Elisha prophesied God would give her a son in thanksgiving for her hospitality. So when that happened, she knew it as a gift from God. When her son collapsed in her arms and breathed his last, she sought out Elisha. She went to the source. She wanted the prophet, and only the prophet, to come since it was he who had prophesier she’d have the boy. Elisha saw her tenacious faith, went with her, and revived her son while she waited outside of the door.

The story tells me that when something awful happens to me, I need to respond in faith. Set it down, shut the door, and seek Jesus instead of wallowing in my sorrow or fear or hurt. Not try by my own knowledge or strength to handle it, and not to get angry with God. If I respond in faith, Jesus will respond to me.

God may not do exactly as I ask, as Elisha did for the tenacious woman, but He will do what is best in my situation. My response is to trust and pray. Shut the door on my problem and seek His face before anything else. He will know how to handle it as I wait patiently.

By Julie Cosgrove
Used by Permission


•  The Power of Resurrection
•  The Word of God and the Power of God

Learn more about knowing Jesus at: https://thoughts-about-god.com/four-laws/

Shut the Door — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

Tested Faith — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.” James 1:12

During my school days, I spent many hours preparing for tests. There were oral tests, written tests, open-book tests, placement tests. After completing my formal education, I hoped, my testing worries would cease somehow for the most part.   But once in the workforce, I discovered that it was expected, if not mandatory, to take work-related classes and seminars to help us advance in our profession, and that meant more tests and examinations.    As Christians, we know God also tests us. He asked Abraham to sacrifice his son to test his faithfulness. Jesus asked Peter if he loved him over and over again to test his love for him. God asked Job to endure many hardships to test his loyalty.    The forming of our faith, obedience, love, integrity, and loyalty through testing is serious business for God. He evaluates our responses to people, difficulties, and challenges. And this includes looking at the ordinary things—opening the door for a stranger, running an errand for a friend, and giving the gift of a smile to someone who needs encouragement.    God’s tests are not impossible to pass when we focus on him rather than the circumstances. He strengthens us and encourages us along the way. And with every test we get through, God rewards us by pouring blessings into our lives.

He finds great joy in our successes and always looks for ways to grow our faith. Let us commit ourselves to pass each test of faith and bring joy to our Savior.

Lord, help me to see the tests in my life the way you see them. I thank you for all the second chances you have given me. And with each hurdle I overcome, may my faith and trust in you deepen, my Lord and Savior. Amen.

See each difficulty and challenge as an opportunity to draw close to your Father and trust him to strengthen you and grant you the wisdom needed to overcome the challenge

By Doug Lim
Used by Permission


•  God is Faithful
•  He Lets Me Rest

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April 9 Afternoon Quotes of The Day

Christians Are Gold in the Ore
1 John 3:2

A Christian in this world is but gold in the ore; at death, the pure gold is melted out and separated, and the dross cast away and consumed.


Ritzema, E. (Ed.). (2012). 300 Quotations for Preachers. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

No Virtues Live Apart from Love and Humility
1 Corinthians 13:13; Ephesians 4:2

No virtue … can have life in itself except through charity and humility.


Ritzema, E., & Brant, R. (Eds.). (2013). 300 quotations for preachers from the Medieval church. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

How Is the Culture Impacting the Church? (Video) — Cold Case Christianity

What special challenges face the church in this generation? What has changed about the nature of truth, and how can we help believers (especially young believers) understand the truth? Christopher Sernaque from Christ Jesus Ministries discusses the issue with J. Warner on the Pilate’s Interview Podcast.

To see more training videos with J. Warner Wallace, visit the YouTube playlist.

For more information about the reliability of the New Testament gospels and the case for Christianity, please read Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels. This book teaches readers ten principles of cold-case investigations and applies these strategies to investigate the claims of the gospel authors. The book is accompanied by an eight-session Cold-Case Christianity DVD Set (and Participant’s Guide) to help individuals or small groups examine the evidence and make the case.

How Is the Culture Impacting the Church? (Video) — Cold Case Christianity

9 Apr 2021 News Briefing


Famine, flooding or war are repercussions of Ethiopian Dam filling without deal
After the failure of talks on a mechanism to resume negotiations on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) was announced Tuesday, a number of Egyptian experts and former ministers gave insight on the issue. Former Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources Mohamed Nasr Allam said in a TV interview that filling the dam’s reservoir without a legal binding agreement may incur a famine in Egypt and Sudan. That is because the capacity of the dam is 74 billion cubic meters, which is almost equivalent to the annual water shares of Egypt (55.5 billion cubic meters) and Sudan (18 billion cubic meters) combined.

Taal Volcano: Alert Level 2 stays; Four volcanic quakes recorded in 24 hours
Taal Volcano remains under Alert Level 2 as the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) reported Thursday morning that four volcanic earthquakes were recorded in the area in the last 24 hours. According to Phivolcs’ 8 a.m. bulletin, three of the recorded earthquakes were low-frequency volcanic earthquakes while one volcano-tectonic event was also recorded.

Biden announces gun control on ‘ghost guns,’ ‘red flag’ gun confiscation, pistol braces and more
Biden announced on Thursday several gun-control measures that will be enacted by the White House, including regulations on pistol braces, a proposed rule to help stop the growth of homemade “ghost gun” firearms and a federal model for state “red flag” laws, moves that were condemned by pro-Second Amendment groups like the National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America.

Israel tells ICC it does not recognize court’s authority
Israel does not recognize the authority of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and will not cooperate with its investigation into alleged Israeli war crimes against the Palestinians, senior government officials decided at the end of a Thursday meeting.

Iran: We will respond to attack on our ship in the Red Sea
Iran will respond to the recent attack on its ship in the Red Sea once it uncovers the source of the attack, Iranian Armed Forces spokesman Maj. Gen. Abu Al-Fadel Shkarji told the Russian Sputnik news agency on Thursday. “We need to ascertain the source of the incident. If we uncover the source of the attack on the ship, we will definitely respond, we will never be silent.

Archaeologists unearth ‘ancient Egyptian Pompeii’ near Luxor
Archaeologists said on Thursday they had uncovered a large ancient pharaonic city that had lain unseen for centuries near some of Egypt’s best known monuments. The city was built more than 3,400 years ago during the opulent reign of Amenhotep III, one of Egypt’s most powerful pharaohs, the Egyptian archaeologist overseeing the excavations,

Israel may have achieved herd immunity against COVID-19
Herd immunity occurs when a sufficient percentage of a population has immunity—through vaccination or having recovered from the disease—to indirectly protect those who aren’t immune by preventing the disease from spreading. Approximately 56 percent of Israel’s 9.2 million citizens are now vaccinated and another 15 percent (approximately 700,000 people) have recovered from COVID-19, putting Israel comfortably in the expected herd immunity range.

Israel Bracing For Iran To Possibly Strike From Their Own Territory
In response to their recent exchange of naval attacks, which reached its height on Tuesday with a strike on an Iranian spy ship in the Red Sea, Israel is readying for a potential assault on its own assets inside Israel from Iran’s territory … .

Republicans delay Biden administration’s funds to Palestinians
Congressional Republicans put a hold on $75 million of the newly reinstated US aid to the Palestinians, two sources in Washington confirmed on Thursday…Sen. Jim Risch (R-Idaho) and Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), used their respective positions…to stop the USAID’s notification about the reinstated funding from reaching the committees, which means the aid will not start on April 10 as planned.

Al-Aqsa preacher: Muslims who sell property to Jews are denied burial
Sheikh Ikrimah Sabri, the preacher of al-Aqsa Mosque and former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, announced on Thursday that any Muslim who sells land or houses to Jews will be denied burial in a Muslim cemetery. Sabri’s new fatwa (Islamic religious decree) came after 15 Jewish families moved on Thursday morning into 15 apartments in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan (Kfar HaShiloach).

Israel responds to ICC: You have no jurisdiction over us
Israel will not cooperate with the International Criminal Court’s investigation of Israel for alleged war crimes, top ministers decided on Thursday. The state will argue in a letter of response to The Hague that the court has no jurisdiction to open the probe, consistent with Israel’s longstanding position.

Dispute over Nile dam project may lead to military conflict
Talks between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan over Addis Ababa’s disputed dam on the Nile River has reached a political impasse, amid rising concerns that the crisis may turn into a military conflict. The latest round of talks…failed to reach an agreement. Ethiopian Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy…said…his country would continue filling the dam’s massive reservoir during the upcoming rainy season…

Border Officials Encounter 172k Illegals in March – 71% Increase From February
Border officials encountered 172,000 migrants at the border in March, a 71% increase from February and the latest indicator of the extent of the crisis at the southern border. Of the 172,000 migrants encountered, the majority were single adults, and included 18,890 unaccompanied children — a 100% increase from the already high numbers encountered in February, and the largest monthly number in more than a decade.

1 dead, multiple injured in mass shooting in Bryan, Texas
A mass shooting was reported in Bryan, Texas on Thursday, with one reported dead and multiple people injured. Police have apprehended a suspect who is now in custody. Further details released by the KBTX revealed that the shooting took place at an industrial park in Bryan, a town between Austin and Houston. This was at the Kent Moore Cabinets, a cabinet manufacturer in Bryan.

Kim Jong-un warns of North Korea crisis similar to deadly 90s famine
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has urged citizens to prepare for hard times ahead, following warnings from human rights groups that the country faces dire food shortages and economic instability. Speaking at a party conference, Mr Kim appeared to compare the situation to a deadly famine in the 1990s. North Korea has shut its borders due to the coronavirus pandemic.

US blacklists seven Chinese supercomputer groups
The US has blacklisted seven Chinese groups it accuses of building supercomputers to help its military. It is the first move by the Biden administration to make it harder for China to obtain US technology. On Thursday, three companies and four branches of China’s National Supercomputing Center were added to the US blacklist.

Ukraine conflict: Moscow could ‘defend’ Russia-backed rebels
A top Russian official has warned that Moscow could intervene to help Russian-speaking residents in eastern Ukraine if Ukraine launches an all-out assault on separatists there. Russian-backed separatist rebels and Ukrainian troops have been clashing in the east of the country. Russia has also been building up troops on the border with Ukraine.

Belfast: Police attacked during another night of violence
Petrol bombs, fireworks and stones have been thrown at police during another night of violence in Northern Ireland. It follows rioting on Wednesday night which police said was on a scale not seen in Northern Ireland in years. Crowds rioted on both sides of an interface between loyalist and nationalist areas in west Belfast.

Western Australia under rare weather threat of three strong tropical systems
The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has warned residents living on the coast of Western Australia to brace for intense winds, rain, and possible flooding as Tropical Cyclone “Seroja” is expected to pass between Carnavon and Jurien Bay late Sunday or early Monday, April 11 or 12. In a rare weather event, two other potentially strong storms are looming west of WA, with the potential to hit the area over the coming days.

Authorities: NFL player Phillip Adams killed 5, then himself
Former NFL player Phillip Adams fatally shot five people, including a prominent doctor, his wife and their two grandchildren before killing himself early Thursday. ..He and his wife had four children and nine grandchildren, and were actively involved with their church, as well as with Camp Joy, which works with children with disabilities and where Lesslie served as camp physician for a week each summer.

Pennsylvania Agrees to Remove Names of Dead Citizens From Voter Rolls: Settlement
The state of Pennsylvania agreed to remove the names of deceased people from voter rolls, an election-integrity watchdog group announced after reaching a settlement with state officials.

Laodicean Apostate Beth Moore Apologizes For Teaching And Promoting Bible Doctrine As She Walks Away From The Southern Baptist Convention
Beth Moore is in the process of slowly, but quite steadily, sliding down the very slippery slope into full-blown Laodiceanism, not that she was ever all that solid to begin with. Over the years, Beth Moore has defended homosexuality, and claimed direct revelation from God with her ‘vision’ that all the denominations of the Church, including Roman Catholicism. In light of the success Pope Francis has had in launching the One World Religion of Chrislam, she might be onto something.

MRNA vaccines may cause your body to churn out PRIONS that “eat your brain” like Mad Cow Disease
The spike protein outer shell of the coronavirus contains “prion-like regions” that give the virus very high adhesion to ACE2 receptors in the human body. This has been documented by a study entitled, “SARS-CoV-2 Prion-Like Domains in Spike Proteins Enable Higher Affinity to ACE2,” published by the Human Microbiology Institute:

Mask-Wearing Represents Fear and Blind Obedience, Not Science 
When I see people walking outside, often alone with no one anywhere near them, wearing a mask, my primary reactions are disappointment and sadness.

Most people against Covid Vaccine – Covid Vaccine kills people
Most people are against the Covid “Vaccine” Chinese Officials Dodge Covid Vaccine. As the Chinese regime races to vaccinate tens of millions through coercive policies and a propaganda, many Chinese officials are quietly dodging the covid vaccine.

Worse Than Shutting Down Churches, Relentless Gov’t Attempts To Shut Down Belief in God Almighty 
A sorrowful, heart-rending time in Canada for People of Faith as churches are shut down during Easter and the 8-day Easter Octave.

BREAKING: BLM Protestors, Including George Floyd’s Nephew, Storm Iowa State Capitol
BLM protestors, including the nephew of George Floyd, have invaded the Iowa State Capitol, clashing with state troopers when they tried to arrest one woman.

Satanic Prayer on Hating White People Included in New “Prayer Book” Being Sold at Target (Video)
A new prayer book being sold at Target and written by  Sarah Bessey features a prayer from Chanequa Walker-Barnes that begs the Lord to help her “hate white people” and the “nice ones, the Fox News-loving, Trump-supporting voters who ‘don’t see color’ but who make thinly veiled racist comments about ‘those people..

Joe Biden’s going to get us all killed! Prepare for World War 3 and nuclear annihilation with America sent back to the Dark Ages if Biden and Democrats get their way
Reporting that Joe Biden and the US have declared their ‘unwavering support for Ukraine’ at a time when Russia is flooding Crimea with ‘trains full of tanks and escalating tensions’, we’ll remind you that according to numerous military experts as we’ll explore within this ANP story, Russia has far surpassed the US military in numerous ways, with their unstoppable hypersonic nuclear weapons a threat to our electrical grid, America’s ‘achilles heal’ that should it be brought down for any lengthy period of time could lead to our destruction.

As We Watch The Full Import Of The Great Reset Come Into View, It Is A Frightening And Dystopian Future The New World Order Is Bringing To Us
Speaking at a virtual meeting of the environmental charity Conservation International the other day, Prince William slipped in a codeword to tip his hat to the actual agenda he and his New World Order buddies are promoting. He said ‘All of us, across all sectors of society, and in every corner of the globe must come together to fundamentally reset our relationship with nature and our trajectory as a species.’ That codeword ‘reset’ tells you everything you need to know about, well, everything. So let’s connect all the dots, shall we?

European Court of Human Rights Rules That Mandatory Vaccinations Are Legal
The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that mandatory vaccinations are legal in a significant judgment that could have a big impact on the rollout of the COVID-19 jab.

Fallen Angels, Deagel Report, End Times and America’s Future-Daniel Holdings and Dave Hodges 
I recently interviewed Daniel Holdings. We discussed a number of topics including Fallen Angels, the impications of the Deagel Report, the Bible and end times prophecy and and the impact of these variables on every American. There is no question that life will never be the same. People use the euphimism that we are in the “new normal”.  There is nothing normal about what is coming. In fact, what is coming is already here.This is not an interview for the faint of heart. The cognitive dissonance crowd of “see no evil” wil never be the same after listening to this interview.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: ‘Protect Democracy Project’ – The Group Threatening Arizona Auditors Is Connected to Obama, Soros, China and Biden’s DOJ
The corruption from the Obama years is not over.  It’s just beginning.  The so-called “Non-For-Profit” group, the Protect Democracy Project, is now involving itself in the Arizona Senate’s audit of Maricopa County.  They are connected to Obama, Soros, China, and Biden’s DOJ, and are fighting to prevent an accurate count of the valid votes in the county.

Source: 9 Apr 2021 – Rapture Ready

Apostasy Watch Friday 4-9-21

Never Enough: The Dream Destiny Pursuit of the Charismatic Movement

Tom Horn Says Asteroid Will Strike Earth in 2029, Unleashing ‘Alien Virus’ That Will Give Rise to the Antichrist

Liberty University Names Jonathan Falwell as New Campus Pastor

Christian charity provides foster homes for hundreds of immigrant children amid border crisis

While GraceLife Church is Shut Down, Islamic Mosques are Left Alone

YouTube CEO wants globalist cabal to censor content that is ‘legal but could be harmful’

Source: Daily News and Commentary (apostasywatch.com)

Russia and Ukraine could be days away from war as Putin deploys 100,000 troops on border, China makes new threats against TaiwanPosted: 09 Apr 2021 10:32 AM PDT(RUMORS OF WAR) ETH – Things are not getting any better with the ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine and now a new report is indicating that the crisis could be only days away from exploding into a full-scale war.This comes as UK senior commanders and Whitehall officials have been placed on “high alert” and are actively monitoring the situation “with growing concern” The latest intel reveals that Russia has now amassed close to 100,000 troops at the flashpoint border and has recently announced the deployment of a war-fighting fleet towards Ukraine arriving within days.Continue reading Russia and Ukraine could be days away from war as Putin deploys 100,000 troops on border, China makes new threats against Taiwan at End Time Headlines.
New footage shows ‘pyramid UFOs swarming a Navy destroyer’…Posted: 09 Apr 2021 08:05 AM PDT(ETH) – New stunning footage has reportedly been released by a US Navy destroyer that has been leaked appearing to show several pyramid-shaped UFOs swarming above the ship at night.According to details of the report, a filmmaker named Jeremy Corbell – who is known for producing documentaries for the likes of Netflix – states that he allegedly was sent the baffling video from an anonymous source back in July 2019 as well as detailed information on an alleged intelligence briefing conducted by the Pentagon into Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).Continue reading New footage shows ‘pyramid UFOs swarming a Navy destroyer’… at End Time Headlines.
Explosive volcanic eruption rocks Caribbean island… Ash plume seen 5 miles high ..Posted: 09 Apr 2021 07:42 AM PDT(ETH) – After residents were told to evacuate and the entire area placed on a red alert, an explosive eruption has just rocked La Soufrière volcano located in St. Vincent less than 24 hours of volcanologists warning of an imminent eruption.According to reports, the eruption has shot a plume of ash that has reached nearly 5 miles into the sky and ashfall has already been reported to have reached the country’s airport on the opposite end of the island nation according to reports from the country’s disaster risk management agency.Continue reading Explosive volcanic eruption rocks Caribbean island… Ash plume seen 5 miles high .. at End Time Headlines.
Western Australia is facing a rare “triple threat” weather eventPosted: 09 Apr 2021 06:26 AM PDT(ETH) – Western Australia is in the crosshairs for a triple threat as the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has just issued a warning to residents living on the coast of Western Australia to brace for intense winds, rain, and possible flooding as Tropical Cyclone “Seroja” is expected to pass between Carnavon and Jurien Bay on late Sunday or early Monday, April 11th or 12th.In what is being deemed a rare weather event, two other potentially strong storms are also looming west of WA, with forecasters warning of the potential of these storms striking the area over the coming days.Continue reading Western Australia is facing a rare “triple threat” weather event at End Time Headlines.
Severe Outbreak With Widespread Damaging Winds and Tornadoes to Hammer the SouthPosted: 09 Apr 2021 06:08 AM PDT(ETH) – The South is once again in the crosshairs this weekend for severe weather that is expected to strike parts of the South on Friday, Friday night, and into Saturday morning from parts of Texas and Oklahoma into Alabama and the Florida Panhandle.According to the report from TWC, NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center has issued a level 4 out of 5 – “moderate” – risk for severe thunderstorms throughout parts of the South for Friday and Friday night.Continue reading Severe Outbreak With Widespread Damaging Winds and Tornadoes to Hammer the South at End Time Headlines.
How Bad Will the Tribulation Be?Posted: 08 Apr 2021 07:34 PM PDT(OPINION) David Jeremiah – Our culture has embraced the idea of suffering for a cause, but it has cheapened the concept of martyrdom in the process. Terms like social change martyr, digital martyr, work martyr, and political martyr have expanded the meaning of martyr to include any inconvenience resulting from expressing an opinion. But in order to understand just how bad the Tribulation will be, we need to know what words like martyr mean in their biblical context.Continue reading How Bad Will the Tribulation Be? at End Time Headlines.
Gender fluid model becomes first male in 57-year history as one of finalist in Sports Illustrated SwimsuitPosted: 08 Apr 2021 06:53 PM PDT(ETH) – History was just made for Sports Illustrated as for the first time in the 57-year history of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, a male model has been considered to be on the pages of the annual publication.According to the report, Lewis Freese was named as one of the coveted finalist spots, which has been traditionally reserved for females in previous years of the publication. Freese was named one of the 15 finalists to be considered for the 2021 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue defeating thousands of other models in clinching the spot.Continue reading Gender fluid model becomes first male in 57-year history as one of finalist in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit at End Time Headlines.
17-year-old superstar JoJo Siwa says she’s ‘pansexual’ claims ‘I still don’t know what I am’Posted: 08 Apr 2021 06:18 PM PDT(ETH) – Another celebrity has come out as “pansexual”. This time, JoJo Siwa, a 17-year-old dancer, singer, and actress, has come out claiming that she now identifies as “pansexual” following her recent coming out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community in January.Jojo recently stated in a cover story with People that she was reluctant to “label” herself when she initially decided to come out, but later she revealed that she’s very happy in her relationship with her 18-year-old girlfriend, Kylie Prew.Continue reading 17-year-old superstar JoJo Siwa says she’s ‘pansexual’ claims ‘I still don’t know what I am’ at End Time Headlines.
St Vincent orders mandatory evacuations as volcanic eruption imminentPosted: 08 Apr 2021 04:49 PM PDT(ETH) – Residents of the Caribbean island of St Vincent have been ordered to evacuate immediately after officials have issued a red alert after seismologists warn of La Soufrière volcano showing signs of an imminent eruption.According to the Guardian,  Prime minister, Ralph Gonsalves, has issued the order after several days of increased seismic activity. According to a statement released by the country’s National Emergency Management Organisation on Twitter, there was a “substantial prospect of disaster”, and warned local residents to “be ready, get your things in order”.Continue reading St Vincent orders mandatory evacuations as volcanic eruption imminent at End Time Headlines.
Fatal ‘rabies-like disease’ discovered in bats in Australia poses threat to humansPosted: 08 Apr 2021 03:16 PM PDT(ETH) – What is being deemed as a deadly “rabies-like” disease has just been discovered by Medics in South Australia where at least two cases of Australian Bat Lyssavirus (ABL) have been identified.The report reveals that the potentially killer virus can be transmitted from bats to humans through means of bites and scratches. Both ABL and rabies belong to the same group of viruses called Lyssavirus, which attacks the nervous system.Continue reading Fatal ‘rabies-like disease’ discovered in bats in Australia poses threat to humans at End Time Headlines.
Multiple people have been shot at a store in TexasPosted: 08 Apr 2021 02:59 PM PDT(DEVELOPING) ETH – There are reports of multiple people being shot at a Kent Moore Cabinets store in Bryan, Texas, leaving at least six wounded with some having serious injuries according to local media outlets.The report states that Police have reportedly launched a manhunt for a suspect that still remains at large. Initial reports indicate that some of the victims are in critical condition.RT News is reporting that Bryan Police Department spokesman Lt.Continue reading Multiple people have been shot at a store in Texas at End Time Headlines.
Forecasters expect 2021 Atlantic hurricane season to be more active than usualPosted: 08 Apr 2021 02:32 PM PDT(ETH) – Forecasters are already expecting the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season to be more active than usual. According to the Weather Channel, the report is coming from an outlook that was recently released by the Colorado State University Tropical Meteorology Project.This group is said to be led by Phil Klotzbach who is calling for 17 named storms, eight hurricanes, and four major hurricanes for this 2021 season. Just for a perspective, a major hurricane is considered to be one that is Category 3 or higher (115-plus-mph winds) on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.Continue reading Forecasters expect 2021 Atlantic hurricane season to be more active than usual at End Time Headlines.

Mid-Day Snapshot · Apr. 9, 2021

Mid-Day Digest


“Laws that forbid the carrying of arms … disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes… Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” —Cesare Beccaria

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The Biden Gun Show

“No Amendment to the Constitution is absolute.”

Mark Alexander

Joe Biden opened the doors to his gun show yesterday, announcing six incremental executive orders to bolster the Left’s constant pursuit of deconstructing and repealing the Second Amendment.

According to Biden, “Nothing I’m about to recommend in any way impinges on the Second Amendment. They’re phony arguments suggesting that these are Second Amendment rights in what we’re talking about.” Furthermore, as Kamala Harris asserted, “Real people on both sides of the aisle want action.”

Apparently, calling out their “boiled frog” strategy to “impinge” on the Second Amendment (it’s “infringe,” Joe) is a phony argument only unreal people make.

Biden declared, “No amendment to the Constitution is absolute. You can’t yell ‘fire’ in a crowded movie theater and call it freedom of speech.” Except the Bill of Rights enumeration of the fundamental rights of Americans absolutely is absolute, including Article 2, commonly called an “amendment.”

If you yell “fire” in a theater, you should be arrested. If you shoot a gun in a theater, you should be arrested. Individuals are and should be held responsible for how they exercise their rights. But leftists are determined to suppress rights, as they have relentlessly demonstrated regarding the infringement of “the right to keep and bear arms,” and more recently demonstrated in their massive efforts to “redline the First Amendment” assurance of free speech.

First up in the Rose Garden ceremony was the nomination of a radical gun control advocate to head the BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) — which Biden repeatedly bungled as “AFT.” Biden announced, “Today, I’m proud to nominate David Chipman to serve as the director of the AFT. David knows the AFT well…”

David Chipman is a lunatic. This is the wacko who recently declared that the Branch Davidians shot down helicopters in Waco. They did not.

And then there’s the hilarity of the advice Chipman recently offered in a Reddit Q&A: “While at ATF I conducted studies involving people who failed background checks to determine how many later committed crimes with a gun — many did. This is a perfect opportunity to arrest people before committing crimes rather than responding after the fact.” In other words, if somebody fails a Form 4473 background check to purchase a firearm, it’s a “perfect opportunity to arrest them” because they might commit a crime later.

When Chipman deleted thousands of social media posts before his appointment was announced, he should’ve looked at his Reddit page too. I mean, using his logic, given that a grossly disproportionate number of crimes are committed by black Americans, shouldn’t we just arrest all black Americans now?

On the other hand, if you are the president’s son and lie on a Form 4473 when buying a handgun, no problem! Secret Service, Hunter Biden cleanup on aisle three.

Meanwhile, President Post Turtle resurrected the phantom “gun show loophole.” Biden said, “Most people don’t know you walk into a store and you buy a gun, you have a background check, but you go to a gun show, you can buy whatever you want, no background check.”

That is patently false.

The vast majority of “gun show” transactions are between federally licensed vendors and individuals, all of which require a background check. There are some transactions between individuals who attend gun shows (and everywhere else in the country), and those private transactions do not require a background check. So the real agenda here is not about “gun shows” but about requiring background checks on any firearms sale or gift between individuals, thus establishing a permanent backdoor gun registration for all firearm transfers.

And then there are those spooky so-called “ghost guns,” the small number of handguns and rifles that hobbyists build themselves, including those scary “assault rifles.” (Somebody get the Ghostbusters on the line.) For the record, according to annual Department of Justice records, in an average year more than four times as many people are murdered with knives than a rifle of any description.

All of Biden’s bumbling blather aside, here is a reality check on both the violent assailants who use firearms and their victims: If you’re not a career criminal, or affiliated with gangs or drugs, your chances of being a victim of violent crime drop dramatically, in fact below some European Union nations with the strictest gun control laws. If you’re not involved in criminal activity, your statistical probability of being killed by a drunk driver is exponentially higher than being murdered. (Oddly, no one is organizing marches to ban automobiles or ask for a federal background check before purchasing a beer.)

In the Left’s insatiable quest for power and control, which really fuels its zeal for deconstruction and repeal of the Second Amendment, what the socialist Democrat Party leaders don’t want to discuss is that the deadliest grounds in America are their inner cities — where the vast majority of murders and violent crimes are black-on-black.

The Demos’ objective is to keep the focus on inanimate objects — guns — in order to keep it off their failed socialist policies, the result of which is an epidemic of decayed cultural devolution in the urban centers they have generationally controlled.

Finally, as you undoubtedly know, there are thousands of federal, state, and local gun laws on the books. Fact is, however, where there are more guns, there is less violence. Whenever Demos invoke the words “common sense” in reference to gun control, you can be certain that is a non sequitur.

Violence is a cultural problem. More “gun control” regulation is not the solution for systemic violence. As you may be aware, criminals don’t abide by gun regulations now, and they most assuredly won’t abide by any new regulations. Only law-abiding citizens obey the law.

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Chauvin Trial Not Going as MSM Says

The prosecution’s murder case against the former Minneapolis cop isn’t gaining traction.

Thomas Gallatin

Immediately following the death of George Floyd during his arrest by four Minneapolis cops, the ubiquitous and troubling image of Officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on the neck of Floyd sent not only the city of Minneapolis but the whole country into an uproar. The mainstream media declared Chauvin guilty of murder — a murder that was motivated by racism. He’s now on trial for that murder, and it’s not going quite as well for the prosecution as some might have hoped.

More on that in a minute. Black Lives Matter’s violent and murderous riots, along with widespread looting, ironically did the most damage to minority neighborhoods and took black lives. Nevertheless, the Leftmedia excused the “mostly peaceful protests” because all (white) cops are guilty of “systemic racism.”

No one in the MSM seemed bothered by the fact that, other than the races of Chauvin and Floyd, there was little evidence to support a racism narrative. It was simply enough to conclude based solely on Chauvin’s ethnicity that his actions on that fateful day were motivated by the whiteness of his skin. In short, cops hate blacks, and white cops especially so. In fact, Chauvin was not an individual who happened to be both white and a cop. Rather, he was representative of all white people and all cops. By declaring Chauvin guilty, the Leftmedia indicted all of white America. Never mind getting to the facts — those only get in the way of serving the social justice narrative.

Thus, it’s no surprise that, in the mainstream media coverage of Chauvin’s trial, any question over his guilt has been treated as indisputable. Indeed, one would have the impression that the prosecution has effectively put to bed any reasonable questions over his guilt and that anything other than a guilty verdict would be a miscarriage of justice. Democrats certainly do hope to foment more rage if Chauvin is found guilty of anything less than second-degree murder — that was Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison’s entire gambit on charges.

However, as has been the case so often with the MSM, there is little reason to trust its reporting. While the prosecution’s case against Chauvin seemed to get off to a compelling start, the progression of the trial has raised serious questions as to whether the state will be able to make its case.

As former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy observes, “[This case] has played out in the real court much differently from how it has been related in the court of public opinion. At bottom, this is not a police brutality case. It is a police failure of care case. Even an egregious failure of care, while condemnable, is not the same as an aggressive killing. If one egregiously fails to take measures one is duty-bound to take, and death results, that is manslaughter, not murder.”

McCarthy notes that the prosecution had in some ways spun away from its “he choked him to death” claim and pivoted to a “failure to render obligatory medical assistance.” Again, not murder, but manslaughter. That’s a big turn of events, but you wouldn’t know it by following the MSM coverage.

That said, the prosecution had a big day Thursday. Its expert medical witness testified that it wasn’t the drugs that killed Floyd but the sustained pressure exerted by Chauvin and the three other officers while he was on the ground. “A healthy person subjected to what Mr. Floyd was subjected to would have died,” contended Dr. Martin Tobin, who is a lung and critical care specialist. Dr. Tobin said that Floyd died from a lack of oxygen. There’s one tidbit of information to add here, although it likely does nothing to change Dr. Tobin’s analysis, and it’s the fact that Chauvin weighs only 140 pounds. By the way, for a picture of why such force was employed, compare Chauvin’s size to Floyd’s 6’6″ and 240 lb frame.

With its slanted reporting, the MSM is setting this up for a ruling that shocks the public after believing that all the evidence was clearly pointing to Chauvin’s guilt, when that really wasn’t so clear. If Chauvin is acquitted of the murder charges, or even if he is found guilty on the lesser charges of manslaughter, the narrative will be one of the failure of the “systemically racist” justice system. And more rioting, violence, and looting will inevitably follow.

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Stacey Abrams Soils Herself

By forcing MLB into the Social Justice Wars, the Georgia activist cost her state dearly.

Douglas Andrews

Poor, poor, pitiful Rob Manfred.

Lacking either the brains or the intellectual curiosity to check things out for himself, Manfred, the commissioner of Major League Baseball, took the appallingly reckless step of making a $100 million business decision based primarily on information he’d received from a bunch of snake-oil salesmen.

But Fox News’s Charlie Gasparino reports a new twist: “Manfred decided to move the All-Star Game on his own after holding extensive discussions with voting rights groups associated with LeBron James, Stacey Abrams and Rev. Al Sharpton. … Abrams and Sharpton told the commissioner players would boycott the game if not. Sources say that Abrams’ current stance, that she is disappointed about the Georgia boycott, is suspect as she was a key player in the decision. James has publicly supported the Georgia boycott.”

So, Rob Manfred took his “social justice” marching orders from James, a money-grubbing, speech-suppressing apologist for the genocidal communist Chinese; from Abrams, a race-baiting sore loser and voting conspiracy theorist; and from Sharpton, the vile anti-Semite shakedown artist and unrepentant hate-crime hoaxer.

What could go wrong?

Manfred, at some point, must’ve convinced someone that he had the chops to lead an economic enterprise that generates $10.7 billion annually. But who? And how? As our Nate Jackson put it earlier this week, “[Manfred] succumbed to pressure out of ignorance, and his motives are profit-driven rather than based on integrity. If it were integrity, and if he truly believes Georgia is a racist backwater, he’d follow the advice of Senator Marco Rubio and withdraw his personal membership from the Augusta National Golf Club. And he’d demand that the Braves move out of Atlanta rather than forcing other MLB teams and all their black players to play 81 other games there this season. Don’t get us started on MLB’s efforts to expand in China.”

Manfred, then, is a dupe. A useful idiot of the lying Left. Abrams, though, has no such excuse. She, more than anyone else, is responsible for her state suddenly finding itself $100 million poorer than it was a week ago. And why? Because she has a problem with ballot integrity. Because she knows that Democrats benefit from loose, lax election laws — just like they did last November 3. And because she knows that the new Georgia law, which strengthens personal identification requirements for Georgians seeking absentee ballots, will make it harder for her side to cheat.

As for those personal identification requirements, the need to show photo ID enjoys overwhelming bipartisan support. According to a recent AP-NORC poll, a whopping 72% of all adults favor it, while only 13% oppose it. This includes 91% of Republicans and 56% of Democrats. But, yeah, it’s a “Jim Crow” law — or “Jim Crow on steroids,” if you prefer President Joe Biden’s despicable characterization.

So what’s Abrams afraid of? The truth? The will of the people? It’s pretty clear that she punked Manfred into moving the All-Star Game out of Georgia, and in doing so caused Major League Baseball to take the money and skedaddle from Atlanta, which is majority-black, to Denver, which is 76% white. Big mistake when you’re counting by race like Democrats do.

What’s worse, though, is that she won’t own up to her role in the fiasco. “Georgia Republicans,” she tweeted, “must renounce the terrible damage they have caused to our voting system and the harm they have inflicted on our economy.”

Get real. Whether Abrams actually supported the move out of Atlanta is immaterial. What is material is that she and her henchmen pressured the MLB commissioner to denounce the Georgia law and, as Gasparino reports, “urged the commissioner to support other issues, including voter drives and H.R. 1, the For the People Act,” the abominable effort by Democrats to federalize all election laws and irrevocably stack the deck in their favor.

Also according to Gasparino, people close to Manfred say he feared the All-Star Game would become “a political event” — which is what prompted him to politicize it and pull the plug on Atlanta.

In short, Abrams overplayed her crooked hand, and it cost her state dearly. It’ll be interesting to see whether Georgians will forgive her when the time comes to elect their next governor.

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New York to Provide $2B to Illegals

Democrats want to give payouts of up to $15,600 to illegal aliens who lost their jobs during the pandemic.

Thomas Gallatin

New York plans to give $2.1 billion in taxpayer money to illegal aliens. Radical Democrats in the state legislature approved a bill that would give direct payments of up to $15,600 to illegals who lost their jobs due to the ChiCom Virus pandemic. Calling it the “excluded workers fund,” these Democrats contend the funding is to provide for illegals who were not covered by the federal “COVID relief” bills.

Not all Democrats were on board, however, and opponents were naturally hit with disingenuous assertions of racism and bigotry. New York Democrat Party Chairman Jay Jacobs pushed back against the smear tactics, stating, “To assume that one’s political disagreement with spending any amount of money — no less $2.1 billion — on a program to give undocumented, non-taxpaying, off-the-book workers a humanitarian grant is motivated by racism and not economics is unjustified, uncalled for, unfair, and unbecoming of any public official elected in a democratic system that survives on the decency of civil public discourse.”

But such smears against Republicans are just part of being a Democrat, so Jacobs can spare us the indignation.

Meanwhile, Fox News reports, “In order to qualify for the money, individuals must prove they are New York residents who were ineligible for unemployment benefits and stimulus checks due to their immigration status. They will also need to demonstrate that they lost income during the pandemic.” How exactly is someone who’s not legally allowed to live or work in the U.S. supposed to provide verification of employment? That, it would seem, is a rather difficult task.

Ultimately, the most obvious question is this: Why should illegal aliens get anything since they are not legal resident of the U.S. and broke our laws to even be here? The fact of the matter is that legislation like this only encourages illegal immigration. It’s proof positive that Democrats have no interest in ending the border crisis. Indeed, to these radical leftist Democrats, even the concept of borders is immoral. Ironically, they see no immorality in taking tax dollars from hardworking American citizens and giving the money to illegal aliens who have expressly broken our laws and do not pay taxes. They see it as virtuous. But if this is how tax dollars are being used, why pay taxes? Isn’t it better to remain a noncitizen and not pay taxes while getting government handouts and having protected victim-class status?

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A Gift That Gives Back

Our primary objective at The Patriot Post is to secure the legacy of Liberty. It was won at great sacrifice by generations gone before and must be extended to the next generation.

We have a critical funding deadline to meet to ensure our defense of Liberty is funded into the summer. If you can, please partner with us in this important work and make your gift to the 2021 Patriots’ Day Campaign today. If you have already sent in a recent contribution, thank you!

Manchin’s Filibuster Pledge

The West Virginia senator felt the need to make a high-profile promise.

Michael Swartz

With the Biden-Harris administration following the lead of House extremists and promoting a radically left-lurching agenda, the negative results of the January special election in Georgia loom larger and larger.

In practically any other state, finishing first on Election Day despite only receiving a plurality of the vote would have been good enough for Republicans Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. Unfortunately, the Georgia rule that a majority of the vote is required extended the drama for an extra couple of months and made the runoff election a cause célèbre for progressives, so once the votes were tallied the Senate was cast into the evenly divided state of play we are now enduring with bated breath. Part of this apprehension comes from the Democrats’ serious talk of finally eliminating the longstanding protection of the minority called the filibuster.

The filibuster has been an endangered species for some time, though. Revised in the 1970s from its original 2/3 majority to a 3/5 threshold of 60 votes, it’s been further chipped away by rules on budgetary reconciliation and the elimination of judicial filibusters, first by Harry Reid and the Democrats on appellate court nominees, then by Mitch McConnell extending it to those seeking a seat on the Supreme Court. Had the filibuster been in place for those instances, President Donald Trump would have been completely stymied in reworking the judiciary from the Supreme Court on down. (Of course, now it’s President Joe Biden’s turn.)

Yet the Democrats’ radical agenda — which is being rammed through a closely divided House by Speaker Nancy Pelosi — has that final obstacle of needing 60 Senate votes to advance, and the two senators who stand in the way of the Left’s fever dreams are Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema and West Virginia’s Joe Manchin. While Sinema stands in opposition because she believes the Senate shouldn’t “erode the rules” and senators can “change their behavior and begin to work together,” she’s more malleable from electoral pressure in her home state, which has taken on more of a purple shade over the last few elections.

On the other hand, Manchin may be the only Democrat capable of winning in West Virginia — a state Donald Trump carried by 39 points — and it took two terms as a popular and outspoken governor who hasn’t been afraid to go against party orthodoxy on issues dear to his home state to earn him that status. It’s why people believed Manchin in November when he told Bret Baier of Fox News, “I will not be the 50th Democrat voting to end that filibuster or to basically stack the court, and in all the other things you’re hearing about.” It makes you wonder how many Georgia voters who were on the fence made their decision based on that assurance.

So, as our Douglas Andrews noted shortly after the Georgia election debacle, “Here we are, then, in the sorry position of having to count on a single Democrat politician to save us from ruin.” Three months have passed and we haven’t moved since, despite Manchin’s repeating the pledge this week in a Washington Post op-ed: “I have said it before and will say it again to remove any shred of doubt: There is no circumstance in which I will vote to eliminate or weaken the filibuster.”

Unfortunately, as we’ve seen over the years, this type of language often comes just before the betrayal — and we’ve already seen cracks in his pledge. “While Manchin has refused to consider eliminating the filibuster entirely, in March the senator said he was open to limited reform that would make the practice more ‘painful’ to implement,” warns Zachary Evans at National Review. “That position appears at odds with his op-ed claim that he wouldn’t vote to ‘weaken’ the filibuster.”

If he was serious about opposing the scrapping of the filibuster and other parts of the Democrat agenda, the move that would actually give Manchin credibility would be to pull a reverse Jim Jeffords and shift the entire Senate makeup by giving the Republicans a 51-49 majority. (It’s not an original idea, as our Mark Alexander pondered this scenario last month.) Despite Biden’s ham-handed attempt to keep Manchin on the reservation by picking his wife for a cushy government job, Manchin would probably be in office as long as Robert Byrd was should he pull that switch.

Until something earth-shattering like that happens, we have to treat Joe Manchin (and Kyrsten Sinema) like any other career politician and simply not take them at their word.

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Democrats Want Tax Cuts for Their Rich

They’re still fighting to restore bigger SALT deductions for wealthy folks in blue states.

Brian Mark Weber

Tax cuts for the rich.

That’s all we hear from Democrats when Republicans try to lower taxes. Predictably, when former President Donald Trump signed major tax reform legislation that included a cap on state and local tax deductions from federal taxes in 2017, Democrats began sweating.

“Tax the rich, tax the rich, tax the rich,” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo famously said. “We did. Now, God forbid the rich leave.”

Sure enough, as day follows night, they’re leaving.

That’s because Democrat-run states generally have the highest taxes, and the cap limited SALT (state and local tax) deductions at $10,000. That means the wealthiest residents of places like New York and California had to fork over a lot more in taxes to Uncle Sam. Some of them put their homes up for sale and fled to tax-free states like Florida and Texas.

Now, Democrats in these states want to repeal the SALT cap and stick lower-income red-staters with the subsidy bill.

New York Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand introduced legislation in January that would eliminate the cap. Other Democrats are lining up in support of the proposal, and they’re trying to wedge it into every unrelated bill they can think of.

In other words, Schumer and company want a big, fat tax cut for the rich.

Democrats are so desperate to get rid of the SALT cap, they’re threatening to hold up President Joe Biden’s multitrillion-dollar infrastructure plan.

“The Democratic enthusiasm for this tax cut has two sources,” the editors at National Review Online write. “It disproportionately benefits not just high earners but high earners in high-tax, which is to say liberal and Democratic-run, jurisdictions: the kind of people who fund Democratic campaigns everywhere. It also makes it easier for state and local governments to maintain high levels of taxation: Taxpayers in other parts of the country pick up some of their burden. Public-sector unions are, for that reason, also enthusiastic about the deduction.”

Sounds like a great plan for all the groups that support Democrat politicians. After all, why come up with ways to make government more efficient, control spending, and allow more middle-class people to keep the money they earned when you can cozy up to Big Business and continue to make government bigger?

CNBC reports, “Kathryn Wylde, president and CEO of the Partnership for New York City, with hundreds of members that represent businesses across the city, told CNBC that Schumer addressed the need to bring back the SALT deduction during a Friday virtual fundraiser for his reelection bid.” Members of the partnership include big names such as “JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser and Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman.”

Schumer harshly criticized the 2017 GOP tax plan that capped SALT deductions, but his own plan would line the pockets of the very wealthiest New Yorkers while leaving middle-class residents of other, more fiscally responsible states with the bill.

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget concludes, “The retroactive change would cost over $130 billion, and repealing or loosening it for this and/or future years would cost substantially more. About half of the dollar value of the tax cuts would flow to households making over $1 million. Less than 6 percent of the benefit would go to taxpayers making under $200,000, and only 0.5 percent would go to those making under $100,000.”

The push to remove the SALT cap is just another example of Democrats claiming to represent the interests of the working class. In reality, they’re the party of Big Business and Big Government.

And they want the rest of America to pay for it.

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Newsom vs. DeSantis

The contrast between the governors of two big states couldn’t be more stark.

Nate Jackson

California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom is a piece of work. Let’s take a walk down memory lane to illustrate.

Newsom was one of the strictest governors in the country when it came to stay-at-home orders, even shutting down churches. He made a shady $1 billion deal with China to provide masks and mandated them for the state’s residents — even “in between bites” of food. But Newsom is like most Democrats in his hypocrisy, infamously being caught at a high-dollar restaurant dining maskless.

Just last month, Newsom blasted Texas for pulling back on its mask mandate, claiming the decision was “absolutely reckless.” That’s odd criticism coming from a state with the nation’s most COVID deaths, even if its death rate sits in the middle of the pack.

So pardon us as we marvel at Newsom’s announcement this week that his state will open up entirely, with the exception of the mask mandate, come June 15. Why isn’t that reckless?

Perhaps because it comes with a great big caveat: “if we continue the good work.” He explained the reopening will happen “in anticipation and expectation” that residents will keep wearing masks and getting vaccinated, and that the state will be “continuing to administer vaccines in an equitable framework.” It’s all so very contingent. “If we keep the pace,” he said, “we are now moving beyond the [reopening tiered] blueprint.”

Welcome to the club, and not a moment too soon as Newsom faces a recall over his COVID tyranny.

Meanwhile, Newsom’s counterpart in Florida, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, has been roundly criticized for his handling of the pandemic, despite the fact that he “got it right.”

As Kelly Sadler of The Washington Times explained in February, “Florida has lower per-capita COVID-19 mortality than the national average and lower than 27 other states … despite having more senior citizens. Its unemployment rate is lower than the national average. Florida offers more in-person education than any other state, and it leads the nation in vaccinating those older than 65 years old. And its budget remains in good shape, with Mr. DeSantis declaring he hasn’t had to use a penny in Florida’s rainy-day fund to cover for pandemic-related expenses.”

Oddly enough, it’s DeSantis, not Newsom, who finds himself beset by YouTube’s censors. Video of a discussion DeSantis had with four medical experts was removed from the Google-owned video giant because the experts — experts, mind you — had the temerity to question the efficacy of masks for children. If only DeSantis had been joined by a couple of World Health Organization experts to explain why the WHO advises that children under five shouldn’t wear masks, and for those up to age 11, it depends on the circumstances.

Or if only DeSantis had removed his own mask while dining with the experts.

Strangely, YouTube appealed to the “consensus” of the experts, when the video itself by definition disproved that there is such a consensus. And isn’t debate over perhaps the defining issue of our day worth airing in public, especially when it features a public official explaining his rationale to constituents?

Nope, not where Big Tech censorship is concerned. The real trouble is that, when paired with the tyranny of Democrat governors, Liberty itself is at stake.

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The Untouchable Hunter Biden

Conveniently, Amazon has blocked negative reviews of Hunter’s new memoir.

Douglas Andrews

White males, it’s generally understood, are the sum and source of all that’s wrong in the world — from the ChiCom Virus to the border non-crisis to baseball’s designated hitter. And, as such, we tend to come in for a lot of opprobrium.

Except one of us. One single white male among us has managed to avoid the day-in, day-out attacks on our white privilege and our toxic masculinity. His name? Hunter Biden. And his protectors? Big Tech.

It began back on a date certain: October 14, 2020. That morning, the New York Post published a bombshell story on Hunter Biden that threatened to derail his dad’s presidential campaign with just over two weeks until the election. And had Big Tech not circled the wagons and censored that story from distribution on Twitter and Facebook, Donald Trump would likely be three months into his second term.

Of course, with the election safely in the rearview mirror, Twitter now admits that banning the Post’s reporting for two weeks was “a total mistake.” And yet the rest of the media still has no interest in holding Hunter Biden accountable, even as he peddles his self-serving memoir.

As for that memoir, we’re not even allowed to speak ill of it on Amazon. As Matt Margolis at PJ Media writes, “My book, The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama, is routinely targeted by the Left for bogus negative reviews. Roughly 25 percent of the book’s reviews have always been bogus one-star reviews that are not tagged as a ‘verified purchase’ that simply accuse me of being racist, claim the book is poorly researched (it has over 1,000 endnotes), or involve some other attack. Since its original publication in 2016, the percentage of these bogus reviews appears virtually unchanged. I’ve made many complaints to Amazon over the years for the incredible number of undeniably bogus reviews that make it through the company’s screening process. So, I was incredibly shocked to discover that while Amazon took no interest in protecting my book from bogus reviews, that it has chosen to protect others.”

What other books might those be? Well, Hunter Biden’s memoir, Beautiful Things, for one. But if you want to zip over to Amazon and neg the book, don’t bother. You’ll be met with this message: “Amazon has noticed unusual reviewing activity on this product. Due to this activity, we have limited this product to verified purchase reviews.”

So, to summarize, “unusual reviewing activity” refers to negative reviews of certain favored books.

“That must be nice,” Margolis continues. “I wish my book could have been protected from bogus reviews, too. I wonder why it wasn’t, despite my complaints. Now, let me be clear, I do not condone posting bogus negative reviews on Amazon. But, if Amazon’s policy is to allow reviews and ratings from people who haven’t purchased a particular product on its platform, there’s something wrong with the company protecting some books from reviews from people who haven’t bought it, while not protecting others.”

Why, if we didn’t know better, we’d swear Amazon were playing favorites.

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Democrats Ruin Cities — Ask St. Louis

After 70 years of one-party rule, the Gateway to the West is a shell of its former glory.

Nate Jackson

St. Louis represents a microcosm of one-party Democrat rule, and it doesn’t look like things will change anytime soon. St. Louis Treasurer Tishaura Jones was elected the city’s next mayor Tuesday, and her big message was an old one: “We are done ignoring the racism that has held our city and our region back.” She pledges to accomplish this by boosting social workers and reducing police.

However, what interests us is not the particulars of Jones’s messaging, which is pretty standard Democrat fare these days, or even the fact that she’s the city’s second female mayor in a row and first black female. What matters is that St. Louis, like so many American urban centers, has been slowly destroyed by Democrats over the course of many decades.

The last Republican mayor of St. Louis left office in 1949, which also happens to be roughly the city’s peak.

From 1893 to 1949, seven of the nine St. Louis mayors were Republican. During that time, the Gateway to the West boomed and was one of the most populous and prosperous in the country. It ranked fourth in population in 1900 and eighth in 1950.

Then Democrats took over.

Since 1950, the population has plummeted from about 856,000 to about 295,000, and it now ranks 68th nationwide and second in Missouri, behind cross-state rival Kansas City. And it’s crime-ridden and dilapidated. For the last two decades or so, St. Louis has been competing with Detroit for the title of most dangerous city in America. It variously has the highest murder rate in the nation.

It’s worth noting that the FBI itself warns against ranking cities based on its annual crime report because there are so many variables at play. While Leftmedia outlets engage in this very kind of ranking all the time, Leftmedia “fact-checkers” sure do bristle at the suggestion that Democrats have anything to do with urban crime. It’s “a stretch to link them,” USA Today informs us.

Is it?

Last year, 262 people were murdered in St. Louis — five short of the record in 1993, when the population was far bigger. And 2021, with 46 killings already, is on pace to break the record. Maybe a black female mayor chanting “black lives matter” and cutting the police budget will do the trick.

America’s largest cities often have a problem with crime while very few of them have Republican mayors. It’s true that most of that crime is relatively localized even within these cities (see: Chicago), and we can debate correlation versus causation all day long. But until St. Louis or another long-held Democrat urban center even entertains a Republican mayor, no one will really know what a difference that would make.

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In Brief: Why Not Fewer Voters?

Kevin Williamson ponders the unthinkable: Is having more voters necessarily good?

It is an a priori assumption for most Americans that having the most Americans vote is a good thing. But we’ve had a fair bit to say about the woeful under-education of the citizenry in the civics department, and National Review’s Kevin Williamson shares those concerns.

Much of the discussion about proposed changes to voting laws backed by many Republicans and generally opposed by Democrats begs the question and simply asserts that having more people vote is, ceteris paribus, a good thing.

Why should we believe that?

Why shouldn’t we believe the opposite? That the republic would be better served by having fewer — but better — voters?

Many Americans, being devout egalitarians, recoil from the very notion of better voters as a matter of rhetoric, even as they accept qualifications as a matter of fact.

Those qualifications by necessity exclude some people, even though, as Williamson says, that person “might make a good voter, or a better voter than someone who is eligible.”

I’m not convinced that having more voters is a good thing in any case, but, even if I were, that would not be the only good, but only one good competing with other goods, one of which is seeing to it that the eligibility rules on the books are enforced so that elections may be honestly and credibly regulated.

Compare it to other things, he says:

There would be more voters if we made it easier to vote, and there would be more doctors if we didn’t require a license to practice medicine. The fact that we believe unqualified doctors to be a public menace but act as though unqualified voters were just stars in the splendid constellation of democracy indicates how little real esteem we actually have for the vote, in spite of our public pieties.

And then he gets to the civic ignorance and group-thinking of many Americans:

One argument for encouraging bigger turnout is that if more eligible voters go to the polls then the outcome will more closely reflect what the average American voter wants. That sounds like a wonderful thing … if you haven’t met the average American voter.

With our public education in its current state, and politicians exchanging favors for votes, is it any wonder we find ourselves in such a predicament?

Read the rest here.

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Jordan Candler

Top of the Fold

  • National Association of Manufacturers study: Tax hikes will cost a million jobs in first 24 months (Breitbart)

“The study, authored by Rice University economists John W. Diamond and George R. Zodrow, calculated the effects of increasing the corporate tax rate to 28%, increasing the top marginal tax rate, repealing the 20% pass-through deduction, eliminating certain expensing provisions, and taxing capital gains as ordinary income for individuals earning $1 million or more. They found that the U.S. would lose one million jobs in the first two years, GDP would be $117 billion lower by 2023, and ordinary capital, or investments in equipment and structures, would be $80 billion less in 2023.”

  • CPB stopped nearly 19,000 migrant children in March — the most ever in a single month (Forbes)

“Authorities apprehended more than 172,000 total migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border last month, a 71% increase from February. … The number of arrivals of unaccompanied migrant children at the border has grown particularly fast in recent weeks, doubling to 18,890 in March from 9,457 in February. … The Biden administration has struggled to house the influx of unaccompanied migrant children, leading officials to lift Covid-19 capacity limits at shelters and to open up a number of emergency facilities.”

Addendum: “Biden administration is spending $60 million per week to shelter unaccompanied minors.” —Washington Post

Government & Politics

  • ChiCom Joe backtracks as China expresses fury over possible Beijing Olympics boycott (Washington Times)
  • “David Chipman’s anti-constitutional lobbying career clearly disqualifies him from holding public office”: Biden ATF pick alarms gun rights groups (Fox News)
  • Indiana AG announces warranted investigation of large tech companies over censorship of conservative viewpoints (Disrn)

Culture & Heartland

  • Ex-NFLer identified as suspect who killed five, then himself, in South Carolina (Fox News)
  • CNN finds something new to be offended by, warns of “racist” fonts that “communicate Asianness” (Fox News)
  • “A silent but strong guardian over any infant surviving an abortion”: Wyoming Governor signs Born Alive Act (Daily Caller)

Second Amendment

  • Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signs bill protecting state gun laws from federal legislation (Fox News)
  • Governor Bill Lee signs permitless carry bill into law as Tennessee joins 18 other states (Tennessean)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: Amazon’s support for a corporate tax hike should be a giant red flag (FEE)
  • Policy: Biden’s infrastructure proposal includes no serious attempt to control runaway costs (City Journal)
  • Humor: Biden unveils $4 trillion bill for dinosaur statues, giant twine balls to restore nation’s crumbling highway attractions (The Onion)

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Make America California — California is the Biden administration’s role model for America. What is it thinking?

Opposing Voter ID Laws Is Racist — White leftists unwittingly expose their racist views when arguing against voter ID.

Satire: IDs Are Racist! — Asking for ID to buy alcohol? This makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle!


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Insight: “We are so concerned to flatter the majority that we lose sight of how very often it is necessary, in order to preserve freedom for the minority, let alone for the individual, to face that majority down.” —William F. Buckley, Jr. (1925-2008)

Upright: “The woke revolution is not a grassroots movement. It is powered by a well-connected and guilt-ridden elite. Yet the religion of wokeness assumes that these high priests deserve exemptions. Their wealth, credentials, contacts and power ensure none are ever subject to the consequences of their own sermons. … Self-righteous elites rant about carbon footprints, needless border security, defunding the police, gun control and charter schools. But they rarely forgo their private jets, third and fourth homes, estate walls, armed security guards and prep schools. Apparently, the more you rant about ‘privilege,’ the less you need to worry about your own. Wokeness is an insurance policy. The louder the damnation of American culture, the more likely a career will be saved or enhanced. … Wokeness is not really about fairness for minorities, the oppressed and the poor, past or present. It is mostly a self-confessional cult of anointed bullies, and hypocrites of all races and genders, who seek to flex, and increase, their own privilege and power. Period.” —Victor Davis Hanson

Observations: “Wokeness is sort of the product of political correctness, and I don’t even understand how people who think logically can not see through what’s being done to divide us. We can’t be destroyed by Russia or China or North Korea or Iran or anyplace. We can only be destroyed by ourselves. And there are those who know that and therefore they plant the seeds of dissension.” —former HUD Secretary Ben Carson

Political futures: “It’s really unacceptable that Biden is so obsessed with Trump reversals that he’ll literally put the American public, and these [migrant] kids, at risk the way he is. And then he gives Kamala Harris — apparently, she’s the one in charge. This is the same person who encouraged 7,000 migrants to come to America. She referred to ICE as the KKK. She’s now in charge of this. She’s been missing in action, and God help us if she ever becomes president, because if this is how she handles a crisis, I mean, I just can’t imagine how she would run our country.” —former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley

For the record: “Major League Baseball can’t become a weapon in the culture wars, a hostage for one political party or ideology. It can’t be only for the rich or the poor, nor can it only be for one race, as it was until 1947. Baseball must always stand above politics and its dark elements of corruption, greed and sordid selfishness. It can’t go wrong by standing for national greatness. The situation calls to mind the 2006 Duke lacrosse case, when many erred — like Mr. Manfred has here — by leaping to a conclusion based on assumptions rather than carefully considered facts.” —former MLB Commissioner Fay Vincent

And last… “More media outrage over the Covington kid smiling or not smiling than the two teenage girls who killed a man during a carjacking.” —Erielle Davidson

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Scott Walker Discusses How Campuses Became So Radical – and the “Long Game”

Governor Scott Walker joins me to discuss how campus culture became so radicalized and what his “long game” is to counter the hegemony of the Left. — Dinesh D’Souza is an author and filmmaker. A graduate of Dartmouth College, he was a senior domestic policy analyst in the Reagan administration.

Religious Liberty in Crisis: Protecting Your Freedoms in ‘Cancel Culture’ Era

What was unfathomable in the first two decades of the twenty-first century has become a reality. Religious liberty, both in the United States and across the world, is in crisis. Full report: https://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2021/april/religious-liberty-in-crisis-protecting-your-freedoms-in-the-cancel-culture-era

$60M Per Week Being Spent to Shelter Illegal Immigrant Minors

The Biden administration is reportedly shelling out $60 million per week to care for the more than 16,000 illegal immigrant minors being housed in Department of Health and Human Services shelters. The dollar figure comes…

Source: $60M Per Week Being Spent to Shelter Illegal Immigrant Minors

John Kerry Humiliated as Climate Change Prediction Turns Out to Be Totally Wrong

Democratic climate czar John Kerry ominously predicted in 2009 that climate change and global warming were such imminent threats to humanity that the Arctic would have an ice-free summer by 2014. That never happened. Despite being dunked on by Mother Nature, Kerry and his merry band of left-wing climate alarmists continue to push unscientific talking… The post appeared first on The Western Journal .

Source: John Kerry Humiliated as Climate Change Prediction Turns Out to Be Totally Wrong

Hundreds Of Sheriffs Call On Biden To Finish Trump’s Border Wall, Stop ‘Gangs, Guns, Dangerous Drugs’ Entering U.S. | The Daily Wire

A photo taken on March 30, 2021 shows a general view of an unfinished section of a border wall that former US president Donald Trump tried to build near the southern Texas border city of Roma. - The 11,000 inhabitants of the Texas border town Roma have been living with illegal immigrants for decades. Many have mixed feelings about the new arrivals: empathy and compassion on the one hand - especially since many of their family members also arrived in the United States illegally - but also concern and fear about the growing number of migrants in recent months. Sometimes 500 per night, many of them families or unaccompanied minors. (Photo by Ed JONES / AFP) (Photo by ED JONES/AFP via Getty Images)ED JONES/AFP via Getty Images

Hundreds of sheriffs from dozens of states sent a letter to President Joe Biden on Wednesday pushing him to solve the ongoing crisis at the U.S. southern border.

The letter, signed by 275 sheriffs from 39 states, warns of dangerous repercussions to allowing the flow of illegal immigrants into the U.S. to continue. U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) reported taking a record number of 172,331 people into custody in March for entering the country illegally.

“America’s Sheriffs are deeply troubled about the dangerous impacts your administration’s border policies are having on our citizens, legal residents and communities,” says the letter, released by the Federation for American Immigration Reform. “You must act now before our nation’s public safety resources are overwhelmed with the criminal side effects of unchecked illegal immigration, including transnational gangs, guns, dangerous drugs and human trafficking.”

“As this situation continues to evolve, more families will be exposed to the violence associated with drug trafficking and transnational gangs,” the letter continues. “More parents will suffer the loss of their children, not because they were irresponsible, but because of exposure to criminal illegal alien violence caused by the reckless and irresponsible policies of your administration.”

“In a myriad of ways, you and your administration are encouraging and sanctioning lawlessness and the victimization of the people of the United States of America, all in the name of mass illegal immigration,” it says.

The sheriffs accuse Biden and his administration of intentionally creating the crisis at the border. Law enforcement had warned Biden and his Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas when both were serving in the Obama administration what the effects of such border policies would be, yet the Biden administration persisted in crafting policies that would encourage mass illegal immigration.

“In the interests of ending the undermining of our laws and the increased risks to the safety and security of the people of the United States of America, we respectfully request that you immediately reverse course on your pro-illegal immigration policies, resume the border wall construction, and embrace the common-sense, public-safety-supporting border policies of the previous administration,” the letter says.

The Biden administration may be walking back some of its border policies. Mayorkas told Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officials last week that the Biden administration was looking at closing “gaps” in the construction of the border wall started under former President Donald Trump, according to leaked notes from the meeting.

According to the notes, the Biden administration will not be constructing any new sections of wall, but renovating and enhancing those sections of wall already built.

“The president has communicated quite clearly his decision that the emergency that triggered the devotion of DOD funds to the construction of the border wall is ended,” the notes say. “But that leaves room to make decisions as the administration, as part of the administration, in particular areas of the wall that need renovation, particular projects that need to be finished.”

Source: Hundreds Of Sheriffs Call On Biden To Finish Trump’s Border Wall, Stop ‘Gangs, Guns, Dangerous Drugs’ Entering U.S.