How well are Democrats doing on crime prevention and border security?


So, one of the reasons why people vote for the Republican party is because Republican policies are better for law-abiding people to be safe. Republicans are in favor of allowing law-abiding people to defend themselves from criminals. Republicans are in favor of using police to investigate and prevent crimes. Republicans are in favor of securing the border and keeping criminal aliens out.

So the Democrats won the 2020 election, and they have the House, Senate and White House. So, how are they doing on crime?

Here’s the Washington Examiner:

A new crime reporting system released by the FBI shows that the murder rate in virtually every city in the United States is at its highest levels in more than two decades.

In 2020, the country saw more homicides than in any year since 1998. Experts came to that conclusion after looking at reported quarterly data from roughly 12,000 agencies in various cities…

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