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“They define a republic to be a government of laws, and not of men.” —John Adams (1775)

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Biden Spreads His Border Crisis Across the Country

The migrant surge is a boon for Biden’s cronies, while Kamala Harris finally seeks to push back.

Thomas Gallatin

Illegal aliens are continuing to flood into the U.S. due to Joe Biden’s near-nonexistent policies on border control. And as federal migrant housing facilities swell beyond capacity, the Department of Health and Human Services’s Administration for Children and Families has awarded a no-bid $530 million contract to Family Endeavors to help with the “emergency intake” and “wrap-around care” of migrant children.

First, don’t forget that many of these “children” are older teens, not the toddlers of Time magazine covers. Second, this is cronyism at its “finest.”

“The contract is the second-largest ever to be awarded by ACF and the second from HHS to go to Family Endeavors,” the Washington Examiner reports. “Already, HHS has opened more than a dozen emergency facilities in southern border states, as well as Michigan and Pennsylvania, to hold the more than 18,000 children in its care as of Monday.” And this is the second time in less than a month that the Biden administration has awarded Family Endeavors with a no-bid lucrative contract, the first totaling $87 million.

This no-bid contract is rather shady because while Family Endeavors has no contract history with Immigration and Customs Enforcement prior to last month, the organization’s leadership does have close ties to the Biden administration.

The Examiner notes, “Family Endeavors does have a former senior official on the Biden transition team in its leadership: former ICE official Andrew Lorenzen-Strait, identified as a potential broker in the deal by Rep. Andrew Clyde of Georgia, who is tracking the ICE contract, as well as two others with knowledge of the situation.” In other words, it appears that Biden’s border crisis is a boon for his business buddies.

Meanwhile, the Biden-Harris administration has shipped and dumped masses of illegal aliens all across the nation, often with little notice to or apparent input from local authorities. For example, county schools in the Chattanooga area have been alerted to expect “an increase of unattended migrant youth” and to “please register them immediately.” Conveniently, “They do not need 2 proofs of residency.”

On top of this, ICE priority arrests of criminal illegal aliens across the interior of the country have dropped by 75% since Biden took office. Jessica Vaughan, policy study director for the Center for Immigration Studies, notes, “Almost one thousand more ‘worst of the worst’ criminal aliens were arrested under Trump’s priorities. What this tells me is that, paradoxically, it looks like the Biden policies are actually hampering ICE’s ability to arrest even the most serious criminals who are a priority.”

Interestingly, Biden’s first “border czar,” former ambassador to Mexico Roberta Jacobson, who upon taking up the appointment in January blasted Trump administration border policy that “intentionally made [immigration] worse,” is now throwing in the towel. She dubiously claims that her original intention was to stay only through Biden’s first 100 days. Even The New York Times finds that suspect, observing, “The timing of her departure is nonetheless striking, coming in the middle of the administration’s efforts to reduce the flow of immigration from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.”

But this was the plan all along. It’s just that the migrant numbers jumped much more quickly than Team Biden anticipated and the bad publicity has gotten out of hand. This crisis is no “accident, but by design,” argues Trump’s ICE Director Tom Homan. “They’re bringing in millions of people into this country who will now be counted on the census because Joe Biden overturned that, which leads to seats in the House [and] Electoral College in elections. This is power over public safety; the quest for power over protecting American citizens.”

Finally, after going nearly a month without visiting the border or even publicly addressing the border crisis, the White House announced that Kamala Harris will finally be stepping into her role as “border czar.” Clearly, the heat of a spiraling crisis that has members from both parties as well as media outlets and officials in border states repeatedly noting her glaring absence appears to have gotten to the administration. The trouble is that this Biden-created crisis is a political tar baby that Harris would love to avoid.

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9/11 Afghanistan Withdrawal Is Symbolism Over Substance

While U.S. objectives are far from clear, it’s obvious that Biden has politics in mind.

Nate Jackson

The debate about withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan has long involved a lot of political theater. That’s true again as President Joe Biden announced that he’s set a new date for withdrawal — September 11, a symbolic 20 years after the jihadist attacks on our nation that provoked our war in Afghanistan.

Former President Donald Trump had previously set a withdrawal date of May 1, which coincided with the 10-year anniversary of the Navy SEALs dispatching Osama bin Laden. He famously decried “endless wars” and had little appetite for maintaining American troops anywhere there wasn’t a clear mission for victory.

His predecessor, Barack Obama, notoriously waffled on what to do in Afghanistan. He insisted on premature withdrawal from Iraq, which led to the rise of the Islamic State. But on Afghanistan, he never could seem to make up his mind. Was withdrawal on a contrived timetable the best policy, or was it a surge of U.S. troops to keep fighting the “good” war? Nobody seemed to know what Obama aimed to accomplish.

So, here we are, almost 20 years from the first U.S. troops landing in Afghanistan, and many Americans might be saying, “We still have troops in Afghanistan?” Yes, between 2,500 and 3,500 of them. It’s a forgotten war and a lost objective.

As far as Biden’s date, there are two things you need to know: It’s not Trump’s date, and it’s supposed to mark a significant achievement on a meaningful anniversary. The truth is, Biden is doing nothing for national security and everything for politicizing the issue. What’s left to win is not entirely clear, but what could be lost is arguably quite predictable. The Taliban has no reason to abide by its agreement with the U.S. to cut ties with al-Qaida. In fact, the Taliban already has been working with al-Qaida to capture military bases in the nation, and Kabul is hardly safe without American troops.

According to the 2021 Threat Assessment by U.S. intelligence services, published Tuesday, “The Afghan Government will struggle to hold the Taliban at bay if the coalition withdraws support.” In other words, 20 years after 9/11 could look an awful lot like 9/10. Whether that truly serves America’s interests remains to be seen.

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Breaking News: CNN Deplatformed Trump!

CNN admits promoting fake Trump news. Where are the deplatformers?

Mark Alexander

A contender for my favorite movie line is the faux declaration of shock expressed by the corrupt police prefect, Captain Louis Renault, in the classic 1942 film “Casablanca.” Upon “discovering” there was gambling in “Rick’s Café Américain,” Renault, who is the perennial beneficiary of that illegal enterprise, insists, “I’m shocked — shocked — to find that gambling is going on in here!” A moment later a croupier hands Renault a wad of cash, saying, “Your winnings, sir.” Renault responds, “Oh, thank you very much.”

In that same vein, brace yourself. I know you will be shocked — shocked — to find out that CNN, the nation’s leading propagator of fake news, was fully committed across its media platforms to defeating Donald Trump, whether with fact or fiction.

CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester was on a faux Tinder honey-trap date when caught on video (compliments of Project Veritas) explaining how CNN “got Trump out” of office.

According to Chester: “Look what we did, we [CNN] got Trump out. I am 100​% going to say it, and I 100​% believe that if it wasn’t for CNN, I don’t know that Trump would have got [sic] voted out. … Our focus was to get Trump out of office, right? Without saying it, that’s what it was.”

Describing an example of how CNN propagated fake news, Chester noted: “[Trump’s] hand was shaking or whatever. … We brought in so many medical people to all tell a story that was all speculation — that he was neurologically damaged, and he was losing it. He’s unfit to — you know — whatever. … We were creating a story there that we didn’t know anything about, you know? That’s what I think is propaganda.” Conversely, Chester noted, “We would always show shots of [Biden] jogging and that [he’s] healthy, you know, and him in aviator shades. Like you paint him as a young geriatric.”

Chester said he did not care if Biden died because Kamala Harris was “f—ing real.”

Now that Trump is out and Harris, Biden’s heir-apparent puppeteer, is waiting in the wings, what is CNN going to do as its next propaganda act?

Well, Chester says, “I think there’s a COVID fatigue. … They’ve already announced in our office that once the public is — will be — open to it, we’re going to start focusing mainly on climate. It’s going to be [CNN’s] focus. Like our focus was to get Trump out of office, right? Without saying it, that’s what it was, right? So our next thing is going to be climate change awareness. … Like, constantly showing videos of decline in ice, and weather warming up, and like the effects it’s having on the economy​. … Climate change can take years, so [CNN will] probably be able to milk that quite a bit.”

Ah, yes, back to the future of the Demos’ socialist so-called “climate change” agenda!

Chester confirmed that the “head of the network,” Jeff Zucker, chairman of WarnerMedia News & Sports, which owns CNN, was integral in setting CNN’s agenda. But regarding CNN’s propaganda, he added, “No one ever says those things out loud.” For the moment, though his LinkedIn account with his CNN employment information has been deleted, he has not yet been fired, as that would be tantamount to affirming his claims.

So, where are the fact-checkers and deplatformers? When will CNN go down?

Oh, wait, CNN is an integral part of the Leftmedia and social media cabal, dedicated to systemically redlining and canceling only conservative media and organizations supporting American Liberty.

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Biden Tax Hike Will Hammer Workers, Consumers, and Retirees

After promising to only soak the rich, Democrats have plans for your wallet.

Louis DeBroux

Despite Joe Biden’s repeated promises to never raise taxes on anyone earning less than $400,000 per year, he is now working with Democrats in Congress to hammer the middle class with devastating tax increases.

At issue is the so-called American Jobs Plan (AJP), a $2 trillion boondoggle of progressive wish-list spending, combined with a $2.5 trillion tax increase. In this case, the tax increases are designed to achieve maximum political benefit for Democrats by tapping into their base’s desire to see the evil “rich” and corporations punished with higher taxes, but in a way that obscures their fingerprints on the pain the working class will suffer.

Democrats are depending on what ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber called “lack of transparency” and the “stupidity of the American voter” in order to pass the AJP as they did ObamaCare — by promising things they know they can’t deliver in order to get the increased spending they lust for.

In reality, increasing the corporate tax rate primarily hurts average Americans because corporations don’t pay taxes, only people pay taxes.


Because when corporations are hit with higher taxes, they simply pass the cost along to workers in the form of lower wages and reduced benefits, to customers in the form of higher prices, and to shareholders in the form of reduced dividends on investments.

Many Americans have a tendency to think of investors as wealthy, wine-sipping fat cats who live in mansions and spend their weekends on their yachts. There’s good reason for the stereotype, but in reality, a huge percentage of investors are the working class who spend years putting hard-earned money into pensions and 401(k) retirement accounts.

A corporate tax increase will raise the cost of goods and services — food, housing, electricity, transportation, appliances, etc. — on the front end, and result in less take-home pay and reduced retirement savings for the middle class on the other end.

Millions of Americans may cheer Democrats for sticking it to the rich, only to discover that Democrats consider them rich, even as they struggle to make ends meet.

When President Donald Trump signed the Republicans’ 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, slashing corporate income tax rates from 35% (highest in the world) to 21% (one of the lowest), it unleashed an economic boom the likes of which had not been seen in decades. Millions of new jobs were created, and real household income soared by $4,400.

Furthermore, the 2017 TCJA incentivized American multinational corporations to bring their overseas profits back home, and they did, repatriating a staggering $1.6 trillion in capital. These same corporations also began investing in America, opening new factories here and creating countless thousands of high-paying jobs.

Biden knows that reversing the Republicans’ tax cuts and increasing corporate tax rates by 33% would result in American companies fleeing for foreign lands with more favorable tax treatment, which is why Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is working with the finance ministers of G20 nations to enact a global minimum tax rate, effectively limiting the ability of companies to escape harsh tax treatment. Unfortunately, the harmful impact on consumers and workers would remain.

In pushing for his tax-and-spend plan, Biden revealed the progressive Democrat mindset — that all of your money belongs to them, and you’re lucky to get what they let you keep. As he put it, “I didn’t hear any of our friends, who are criticizing this plan, say that the corporate tax cut, which added $2 trillion to the debt — the Trump tax cut, $2 trillion — $1.9 trillion in debt — wasn’t paid for.”

Tax cuts are reductions in the rates at which government confiscates your earnings. By arguing that tax cuts must be “paid for,” Biden is saying your earnings belong first to the government.

Secretary Yellen, in endorsing the AJP and the global minimum tax, flat-out lied when she claimed, “Our tax revenues are already at their lowest level in generations.” At $3.86 trillion for FY2021, tax revenues are not only not at their lowest point in generations, they are at their highest nominal point ever, and nearly double the tax revenues received in FY2009, the last time there was a year-to-year drop in revenues. As a percentage of GDP, tax revenues are within the post-World War II average.

Yellen also claims the revenue generated by the Made in America Tax Plan would pay for “investments” that would in turn increase GDP by 1.6% in just three years. But an analysis by the University of Pennsylvania’s prestigious Wharton School of Business found that Biden’s plan would reduce GDP by 0.9% by 2031, resulting in hundreds of thousands of jobs lost and lower wages.

Couple that with new federal mandates and expensive new regulations, and the economy will slow to a crawl, just as it did in the Obama-Biden years.

With a 50-50 split in the Senate, and Democrat Senator Joe Manchin saying he will vote for “only” a 20% corporate tax increase, Biden will have a hard time passing this bill, even using reconciliation, so now he is trying to browbeat Republican lawmakers into supporting his plan.

This plan is disastrous for working-class Americans. Republicans should have no part of it.

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Left Goes to Bat for Biden’s Racist Civil Rights Nominee

As Kristen Clarke faces scrutiny over her past espoused racist views, the Left claims the criticism of her is itself racist.

Thomas Gallatin

Demonstrating that loudly proclaimed concerns over racism are nothing more than a facade covering politically induced power plays, leftists have gone to bat for Joe Biden’s choice of a racist to lead the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, Kristen Clarke. As our own Douglas Andrews noted back in January, Clarke has repeatedly espoused racist and pseudoscientific views, which apparently “qualifies” her in Biden’s view to push “equity” in the Civil Rights Division.

On the pseudoscience, she said, “Some scientists have revealed that most whites are unable to produce melanin because their pineal glands are often calcification [sic] or non-functioning. Pineal calcification rates with Africans are five to 15 percent, Asians 15 to 25 percent and Europeans 60 to 80 percent. This is the chemical basis for the cultural differences between Blacks and whites.” Sounds like she’s arguing whites are biologically defective.

And on race, she concludes, “Liberal whites underestimate the damage which racism causes to the minds of Black children, and conservative whites know all too well how to enlarge that damage. No matter how rich or supportive a Black person’s home might be, by the time she is ready to take the SAT or apply to college, she has struggled far more extensively than any white person of the same social and economic background.” Seems that she’s saying no amount of effort or merit will suffice.

That’s not all. Clarke has also organized a conference in support of convicted cop killers like Assata Shakur, who murdered a New Jersey state trooper. She dubiously refers to these killers as “political prisoners.” Power Line’s Paul Mirengoff notes, “One of the speakers was Safiya Bukhari, founder of the Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition. Bukhari downplayed the Holocaust, saying it ‘was only 6 million Jews killed in the camps and prisons of Germany and Poland.’”

In short, Clarke’s promotion of racists, cop killers, and anti-Semites should be enough to doom any chance of her confirmation, but Democrats and their cohorts in the Leftmedia are circling the wagons. They’re ridiculously asserting that the real reason Clarke is facing mounting criticism from Republicans has nothing to do with her racism. Instead, it’s due to the fact she challenged Donald Trump. This Washington Post headline is illustrative: “Kristen Clarke faced abuse for taking on Trump. Now she’s poised to lead Justice Department’s civil rights team.”

Even the leftist Jewish organizations American Jewish Congress and the Union for Reform Judaism have no problem endorsing Clarke, as they contended, “Black women in our country too often get disproportionate criticism and harmful backlash for the same actions or behaviors that would be overlooked from white and male colleagues.” This statement may be true when it comes to conservative black women like Candice Owens, who has repeatedly been the target of hatred and vitriol from the Left for daring to break free of its black victim narrative. But ask Black Lives Matter cofounder Patrisse Cullors how much mainstream blowback she’s received for using her race-hustling cash to buy a couple of million-dollar mansions. No, she’s only the victim of a “right-wing offensive.”

Of course, Clarke herself only sees racism one way — that is from those who have called her out. In a recent social media post, she boasted, “Not deterred by those who harbor and espouse racism and hate.” She might want to take a closer look in the mirror.

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Jordan Candler

Top of the Fold

  • Some Trump immigration policies are good and should stay, Democrats say (Examiner)

“The Trump administration did a number of things on the immigration side that I really disagree with,” Sen. Tim Kaine, a Virginia Democrat, told the Washington Examiner. “However, I don’t think the Biden administration should just wholesale say, ‘We’re getting rid of all of it.’ I think we analyze pieces of it and see. We need a comprehensive approach.” … Sen. Jon Tester, a Montana Democrat, told the Washington Examiner he is favorable to the “Remain in Mexico” policy. “Working with the folks south of the border to make sure folks don’t come is smart politics,” Tester said.

National Security

  • Iran to begin enriching uranium to 60%, its highest level yet (AP)
  • U.S. adding 500 troops in Germany, despite Trump pledge of partial withdrawal (AP)


  • Officer who shot, killed Daunte Wright and Brooklyn Center police chief both resign (ABC News)
  • Minnesota police arrest more than 60 for criminal behaviors (Fox News)
  • A vast right-wing conspiracy! BLM blames “right-wing offensive” for outcry over Patrisse Cullors’ real estate buys (Washington Times) | Except even BLM of NYC is calling for an “independent investigation” of the BLM cofounder (Daily Wire)

Other Notables

  • Black church leaders bash Biden and Abrams for lies regarding Georgia’s voting reform law (Center Square)
  • 59% of black voters say voter ID laws don’t discriminate (Breitbart)
  • Consumer prices post biggest gain in 8-½ years (Reuters) | Get ready for higher grocery bills for the rest of the year (NBC News)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: Why inflation is a real threat to the economy (1945)
  • Policy: The promise and peril of ranked-choice voting (City Journal)
  • Humor: Minneapolis City Council to offer looting passports (Babylon Bee)

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Insight: “There can be no prescription old enough to supersede the Law of Nature and the grant of God Almighty, who has given to all men a natural right to be free, and they have it ordinarily in their power to make themselves so, if they please.” —James Otis (1725-1783)

Upright: “The Biden infrastructure plan is a head fake. The agenda here isn’t about creating ‘millions of new jobs.’ It’s a declaration of war against one of the largest sources of new jobs in the United States: our domestic energy producers. Some 80% of our energy today comes from fossil fuels, and well more than half of it comes from oil and natural gas. … Let’s have a grown-up discussion on energy policy. The U.S. is going to continue to use oil and gas for decades to come. Today, only 10.7% of our energy comes from wind and solar power. Approximately 2% of the cars on the road are electric vehicles. Even if that were to rise by tenfold over the next decade, we will still have 80% of cars using good old gasoline. If we don’t produce the oil and gas here, we are going to fill our tanks with oil and gas from the Middle East or Russia.” —Stephen Moore

Observations: “Truth, it is necessary to say again and again, is a liberal value and a conservative value, but it has never been a left-wing value. … America is drowning in left-wing lies. And it is being asphyxiated by the left’s substitution of ‘social justice’ for justice.” —Dennis Prager

For the record: “What I saw on this trip was chaos and disorder. What the Biden administration does not want you to know is simply that they have handed over the borders of our country to the cartels and smugglers.” —Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis

Hot air: “Given the circumstances, Scientific American has agreed with major news outlets worldwide to start using the term ‘climate emergency’ in its coverage of climate change. … This idea is not a journalistic fancy. We are on solid scientific ground.” —senior editor Mark Fischetti (“This sounds very, very sciency and not at all political.” —Ben Shapiro)

Non compos mentis: “You can’t be anti-racist if you’re anti student debt cancellation.” —Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley

A trip down memory lane: “Remember: every example of violence Donald Trump decries has happened on his watch. Under his leadership. During his presidency.” —Joe Biden, August 2020

Dezinformatsiya I: “Daunte Wright was stopped for expired plates, but driving while Black may have been his ‘crime.’” —NBC News

Dezinformatsiya II: “Did the Boulder shooting count as White male violence? Depends on how you define White.” —The Washington Post

And last… “There can be tragic mistakes that have nothing to with race. The desire to label every dire outcome a product of racism, no matter the intent, is destroying our society.” —Erielle Davidson

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