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May 4 Evening Quotes of The Day

Loving a False Notion of God
2 Kings 17:40–41; Acts 17:22–24; Romans 1:21

Self-love, through the exercise of a mere natural gratitude, may be the foundation of a sort of love to God many ways. A kind of love may arise from a false notion of God that men have some way imbibed, as though he were only goodness and mercy and not revenging justice, or as though the exercises of his goodness were necessary and not free and sovereign, or as though his goodness were dependent on what is in them and as it were constrained by them. Men, on such grounds as these, may love a God of their own forming in their imaginations when they are far from loving such a God as reigns in heaven.


Ritzema, E., & Vince, E. (Eds.). (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Puritans. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

True Wisdom Is Knowledge of God and Ourselves
Psalm 111:10; Proverbs 1:7; 2:3–5

True and substantial wisdom principally consists of two parts, the knowledge of God and the knowledge of ourselves. But while these two branches of knowledge are so intimately connected, which of them precedes and produces the other is not easy to discover.


Ritzema, E. (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Reformation. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Francis Chan Says Catholic Understanding of Gospel is Very Similiar, If Not the Same, as His — Christian Research Network

“Chan is currently involved in an all-out assault on the Word of God and sound doctrine. It would be nice to think the best of him by believing that he doesn’t actually know what he’s doing–but, considering his solid theological education at the Master’s Seminary, that’s going to be tough to pull off.” 

(Reformation Charlotte)  In the third installment of our report on Francis Chan’s diatribe against the Scriptures and sound doctrine for the day, we’re going to show you how Francis Chan is becoming even further aligned with the Roman Catholic Church….

In the first two parts, we reported that Chan said that charismatic false prophet, Benny Hinn, repented right in front of him and then prophesied an anointing on him. Then he went on to say that another charismatic false prophet, Mike Bickle of IHOPKC, is a “godly, godly man” whose office is full of John MacArthur commentaries.

Now, in this installment, Chan and Preston Sprinkle–of the “gay Christian” Revoice movement–are discussing a recent event that Chan attended where Catholic priests washed his feet and prayed over him. We reported on that at the time and that article can be read at this link.    View article →


Francis Chan

Roman Catholic Church – What the RCC teaches

Francis Chan Says Catholic Understanding of Gospel is Very Similiar, If Not the Same, as His — Christian Research Network

May 4 – Into the world — Reformed Perspective

They were to be educated for three years, and at the end of that time they were to stand before the king. – Daniel 1:5

Scripture reading: Galatians 1:3-10Daniel 1:1-7

Welcome to the University of Babylon! As part of an assimilation strategy, King Nebuchadnezzar provided for the education of the prominent youth of the exiles from Judah so that he might strip away their foreign ways and bring them into service in Babylonian society. Daniel and his young friends were, in the plan of the king, going to be more valuable to his empire than the cups of gold and silver that he had taken from their temple. Their introduction to success in Babylon is the thing that would strip them of their past loyalties and family ties. They had no path to success in Jerusalem anymore. They had a clear path to success in Babylon if they followed the program of study and cultural immersion into Babylonian life.

Youths of this age in Judah were supposed to be learning the Torah – the catechism of their people. Now their lesson book was being swapped for the catechism of the Chaldean empire and religion. These youth also had their Hebrew, God-fearing names replaced with Babylonian, false-god worshipping names.

Yet, as we will see, we know the Lord is strong to save! We know He guards His servants who call on Him in prayer. We know He walks with us in this present evil age (Galatians 1:4) that He might deliver us at the appointed time. We see this in Daniel’s life and we can certainly see this in our own lives in this world as well.

Suggestions for prayer

Pray for the wisdom that begins with the fear of the Lord. Pray for discernment to see how the Lord’s Word speaks to the circumstances you are in each day.

Rev. Norman Van Eeden Petersman is the pastor of the Vancouver Associated Presbyterian Church and he is the husband of Rosanna and father of Elliott. Prior to being ordained in the Associated Presbyterian Church, he was the pastor of Adoration United Reformed Church in Ontario. This daily devotional is also available in a print edition you can buy at Nearer to God Devotional.

May 4 – Into the world — Reformed Perspective

Fighting Our Rescue Swimmer — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

Stretch out your hand from on high; rescue me and deliver me from the many waters, from the hand of foreigners,” Psalms 144:7

One of my all-time favorite movies is The Guardian. The whole movie follows a class of recruits on their journey into the United States Coast Guard. They met their instructor early on in the movie and are in for quite a treat. The instructor of the class was a famous rescue swimmer himself. His main role as a rescue swimmer was to dive into rough waters and save those drowning in the ocean or stuck on a sinking ship. This is an incredibly dangerous job, even life threatening. He would have to walk through fires, move barriers, and dive deep into the ocean to save people. One thing he told the recruits early on was that if you want to be in the United States Coast Guard you have to be willing to save people who do not want to be saved. Whether that person wants to be saved or not, their job was to do everything in their power to save them.

In real life, when rescue swimmers attempt to save people stranded in the ocean, many of those needing rescued fight with the rescuers, push them under the water, or refuse to move. We may think to ourselves how could this ever happen? Why would these people not want to be saved? I think there are several reasons for this. People are scared, they feel like no one can save them, they feel like they are better off not being saved, or they are too prideful to allow someone else to help them.

The sad reality is that people do not respond like this in only their physical lives, but they also respond this way in their spiritual lives. By ourselves, we are sinful, broken, and hopeless. People have tried for centuries to fix their own lives only to discover that they more they try to fix their lives, the more broken they become. We need someone to rescue us. We need a Savior.

The great news is that we have the perfect Savior. The God of the universe sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to come into this world and save us from our sins. He lived a perfect life, died on the cross for us, and rose again three days later. He is alive today, reaching out His hand for us to grab onto. All we have to do is let go of ours sins, fears, and pride. We turn to Him and ask Him to save us. When we do this, His mighty hand restores our brokenness, and one day He promises to bring us to eternal safety and peace in Heaven, away from the rough and dangerous waters of this world.

The sad news, however, is many people will never grab hold of His outstretched hand. No matter how deep the waters become around them, they will refuse to be saved. They may refuse this because of fear, pride, or doubt. They believe they are not worthy to be saved or they still believe the lie that that can fix all their problems on their own. When the storm ends for these people, instead of arriving in a perfect, peaceful place, a new storm in their lives will begin.

The truth, however, is that if you are still living, the Savior’s hand is still outstretched for you. No matter how many times you have pushed Him away, ignored Him, and tried to handle things on your own, He is still swimming after you. All you have to do is let go and let the Savior of the world rescue you and save you from all your sins. As soon as you give your life to Him, a new life in you will begin. The Savior has arrived, now it is your turn to allow yourself to be saved.

By Bradley Andrew Stubbs
Used by Permission

Are you willing to let the Savior rescue you?   Why don’t you ask Him to come into your life today, thank Him for forgiving your sins and ask Him to direct your life from this day forward. The following is a suggested prayer:

Lord Jesus, I want to know you personally. Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. I open the door of my life to you and ask you to come in as my Savior and Lord. Take control of my life. Thank you for forgiving my sins and giving me eternal life. Make me the kind of person you want me to be.

The rescue starts now


•  Now that I am a Christian, What’s Next? – Printable PDF file
•  Reading the Bible – Where to Start?

Learn more about knowing Jesus at: https://thoughts-about-god.com/four-laws/

Fighting Our Rescue Swimmer — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

May 4 Afternoon Quotes of The Day

Loving Obscurity before the Spotlight
Matthew 19:30; 20:16; Mark 9:35; 10:31; Luke 13:30

No man appears in safety before the public eye unless he first relishes obscurity. No man is safe in speaking unless he loves to be silent. No man rules safely unless he is willing to be ruled. No man commands safely unless he has learned well how to obey. No man rejoices safely unless he has within him the testimony of a good conscience.


Ritzema, E. (Ed.). (2012). 300 Quotations for Preachers. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Honor Not Hindered by Accusations or Won by Flattery
Psalm 7:8; 15:1–5; 27:12–14; Proverbs 10:9; 22:1

As the esteem of good men cannot be taken away by false accusations, so it cannot be won by the attentions of flattery. It rests with the individual himself either to advance that esteem by fruitfulness in virtue, or to detract from it by deficiency.


Ritzema, E., & Brant, R. (Eds.). (2013). 300 quotations for preachers from the Medieval church. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

4 May 2021 News Briefing


New Dead Sea Scroll revelation: Eight manuscripts were written by same mysterious scribe
The study revealed that some of the scrolls were more ancient than previously thought. The results of the radiocarbon tests on 25 of the scrolls helped calibrate an algorithm for digital analysis of paleography (the science of handwriting). They focused on the Great Isaiah Scroll (1QIsaa) from Qumran Cave 1. The writing on the scroll seems uniform, attributable to one scribe, but some believe it was written by two scribes using identical styles. Precise comparisons focusing on minute details are difficult.

Former BLM Movement Leader Arrested For Interfering In Homicide Probe
Mazin M. Mohamedali, 20, was arrested Saturday, and faces one count of accessory after the fact, an aggravated misdemeanor, according to a criminal complaint filed in Johnson County District Court. His arrest follows a fatal shooting during a suspected robbery at his Iowa residence in February. Police say he failed to immediately call emergency services after the incident. He also later lied to investigators about the shooting’s circumstances and provided false descriptions of people involved, according to an affidavit filed by an officer.

Corporate News Outlets Again “Confirm” The Same False Story, While Many Refuse To Correct It
One of the primary plagues of corporate journalism, which I have documented more times than I can count, just reared its ugly head again to deceive millions of people with fake news. When one large news outlet publishes a false story based on whispers from anonymous security state agents with the CIA or FBI, other news outlets quickly purport that they have “independently confirmed” the false story, in order to bolster its credibility (oh, it must be true since other outlets have also confirmed it). This is an obvious scam — they have not “independently confirmed” anything but rather merely acted as servants to the same lying security state agents who planted the original false story — but they do it over and over, creating the deceitful perception that a fake story has been “confirmed” by multiple outlets, thus bolstering its credibility in the public mind.

Dershowitz on FBI raid of Giuliani home: US comparable to a banana republic
In the aftermath of the FBI raid of former Trump lawyer and ex-New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s home, lawyer Alan Dershowitz compared the US to a “banana republic.” “In banana republics, in Castro‘s Cuba, in many parts of the world, when a candidate loses a race, they go after [them], they go after their lawyers, their friends,” said Dershowitz, who was speaking on a podcast hosted by John Catsimatidis on Sunday, reported the Washington Examiner. “That’s [what’s] happening in America now. They’re going after Rudy Giuliani.”

U.S. officials in Mideast to reassure jittery allies over Iran
The trips come as the U.S. and Iran, through intermediaries in Vienna, discuss a return to Tehran’s tattered 2015 nuclear deal with world powers that former President Donald Trump abandoned three years ago. The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf allies, excluded from Obama-era nuclear negotiations, have repeatedly pressed for a seat at the table, insisting that any return to the accord must address Iran’s ballistic missile program and support for regional proxies.

FBI agents shoot intruder near entrance to CIA headquarters
A suspected intruder who was stopped by armed guards near the main entrance to Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) Virginia headquarters on Monday was shot by FBI agents, Fox News reports. The shooting occurred around 6:00 p.m. local time, when the unidentified suspect got out of his vehicle with a weapon before he was shot, the FBI told Fox News in a statement. “The subject was wounded and has been transported to a hospital for medical attention,” the FBI said.

Bill & Melinda Gates to divorce, shaking philanthropic world
Billionaire couple Bill Gates and Melinda Gates said in a joint statement on Monday that they have decided to end their marriage. “After a great deal of thought and a lot of work on our relationship, we have made the decision to end our marriage,” the two said in a statement posted on the Twitter account of Bill Gates, who co-founded Microsoft Corp. Due to his name being linked to many medical and vaccine development efforts as well as his prediction from five years ago, many conspiracy theorists include Gates in their theories regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Rabbi warns: To form coalition Israeli Government Must Choose Yishmael over Mixed Multitude
Rabbi Tau’s letter bears the message that a right-wing coalition that includes Arab parties is preferable to a left-wing coalition of non-Arab parties. “The plot of far-left elements that push for a ‘state of all its citizens,’ is not just to oust Netanyahu and form a government the diplomatic-security policy of which would be hollow and may severely undermine our position against Iran, it could also undercut the integrity of our land while promoting the false idea of ‘two states for two peoples’,” Rabbi Tau wrote. “The extreme progressive Left is ready to implement its dangerous ideas such as the cancelation of the Nation-State Law and declaring the state as a state of all its citizens [a non-Jewish state],”

Biden Picks BDS Activist as Assistant Secretary for Human Rights
Sarah Margon, “Airbnb to remove listings in Israeli settlements of occupied West Bank. Thanks @Airbnb for showing some good leadership here. Other companies should follow suit,” she tweeted. “Airbnb is playing a role by supporting the settlement real estate infrastructure — they’re perpetuating an illegal activity,” Margon ranted. “There is no way for a company … to do business in the settlements without violating the laws of occupation.” That’s the woman Biden picked as his assistant secretary of state for democracy, human rights, and labor. BDS will now have a powerful ally within the Biden administration and the State Department.

Israeli lawmaker Calls on IDF to engage in battle in accordance with Bible
“When a terrorist with a knife approaches a soldier, she should be shot,” Ben Gvir wrote. Do not wait, do not shout or shoot in the air. Shoot to kill. “The procedure for opening fire in the dissolute state of Israel is illogical and mostly immoral, “These righteous soldiers are not to blame. The interpretation of the existing procedure is very broad and can be adapted to different interpretations. When a terrorist with a knife approaches a soldier, she should be shot. Do not wait, do not shout or shoot in the air. Shoot to kill. I will work in the Knesset to change the procedure for opening fire. It’s time to support our soldiers.”

Ingenuity helicopter lands new job as scout after “resounding success”
NASA’s Mars helicopter Ingenuity has been given a new mission after acing its historic test flights. The drone will soon embark on some one-way flights to demonstrate its ability to act as a scout for the Perseverance rover. Ingenuity made history on April 19 with the first powered flight on another planet. In the weeks since, the little helicopter has taken to the Martian skies three more times, adding horizontal flight to its repertoire and increasing its distance, flight time and air speed.

Netanyahu’s mandate to form gov’t set to expire
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s mandate from President Reuven Rivlin to form a government will expire at 11:59 p.m. Tuesday night without success in building a coalition, barring an unexpected last-minute development. Rivlin will invite the factions on Wednesday morning to call him if they have new recommendations to form a government.

Senior Swiss diplomat in Iran found dead after fall from high-rise
The first secretary at the Swiss embassy in Tehran was found dead on Tuesday after falling from a high-rise building where she lived in the north of the city, a spokesman for emergency services was quoted as saying by Iranian news agencies. The Swiss foreign ministry (FDFA) said an employee at its embassy in Iran had died of an accident, without identifying the victim.

Iran Teases Attack on US Capitol Building as Biden Admin Prepares To Lift Sanctions
Iran released a provocative new video over the weekend that depicts its military forces blowing up the United States Capitol building, a threat that comes as the Biden administration inches closer to providing Tehran with billions of dollars in economic sanctions relief. The video debuted Sunday on Iranian state-controlled television before Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei delivered remarks…

Around 30 reportedly killed in Burkina Faso village attack
Suspected jihadists have killed around 30 people in eastern Burkina Faso, security sources in the country said. A large group of armed men attacked the village of Kodyel in Komandjari province early on Monday morning, a local official said. If estimates of the number killed are correct it would make the attack one of the deadliest ever in Burkina Faso.

Mexico City metro overpass collapse kills 23
At least 23 people have been killed and dozens injured after a metro overpass collapsed in Mexico City while a train was travelling on it, officials say. Several train carriages plunged to the ground, crushing at least one car, which was on a busy road underneath. Children are among the dead. Rescue workers and firefighters are still searching for survivors.

Heeding complaints, Biden lifts refugee cap to 62,500
U.S. President Joe Biden said on Monday he has resurrected a plan to raise refugee admissions this year to 62,500 after drawing a wave of criticism from supporters for initially keeping the refugee cap at a historically low level. A Democrat, Biden formally reversed himself just two weeks after his administration announced it would keep the cap at the 15,000 level set by his Republican predecessor…

G7 mulls a message to China: the West ain’t over just yet
The Group of Seven rich democracies will on Tuesday discuss ways of countering challenges from China and Russia without trying to contain Beijing or escalate tension with the Kremlin, two of its top diplomats said…the G7 is debating responses to the two vast and increasingly assertive countries as well as the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change.

Lebanon, Israel talks resume over maritime border
Lebanon and Israel resumed US-mediated negotiations over their disputed maritime border on Tuesday after a months-long hiatus, in efforts to clear the way for offshore oil and gas exploration. The fifth round of talks, between countries still technically at war, kicked off at the UN base in the town of Naqura in southern Lebanon, the National News Agency said.

Rocket barrage targets Iraqi base hosting US contractors
Six rockets were fired towards Iraq’s Balad airbase north of Baghdad, lightly wounding a foreign contractor working for a US company. Three rockets initially fell in an area where US company Sallyport – the contractor that maintains F-16 aircraft purchased by Iraq from the US – is located, an Iraqi security official said, requesting anonymity.

In arms race for air superiority, Russia challenges US hegemony
Five years since its return to the Middle East with a military base in Syria, Russia is moving into weapons markets left vacant by the United States and boosting sales to traditional clients. Moscow’s expanding arms sales bring money and geopolitical influence, as it seeks to challenge US hegemony.

Ark. Ends Sales Taxes on Gold and Silver; Additional States May Soon Follow
(Jp Cortez, Sound Money Defense League) By signing sound money legislation today, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson has officially ended sales taxation on gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion and coins– thereby setting an example for legislators in New Jersey, Maine, Ohio, and Tennessee, who are still considering similar measures in their own states this year.

States Offer Beer, Cash Incentives As Vaccine Demand Softens
“With this incentive program, we are further encouraging state employees to get vaccinated to help keep themselves, their families, and their communities healthy and safe…”

Huge lava fountains at Fagradalsfjall, biggest since the eruption start, Iceland
New fissure openings have formed several times since the eruption at Fagradalsfjall, Iceland began on March 19, 2021. On May 2, the activity at the volcano changed, producing huge lava fountains — the biggest since the eruption started. The video was captured by Sigfús Steindórsson around 02:00 local time on May 2.

Tornado outbreak: Destructive tornadoes sweep through Mississippi, U.S.
Several destructive tornadoes swept through Mississippi late Sunday night (LT), May 2, 2021, damaging buildings and downing trees and power lines. A tornado emergency was declared for Tupelo and surrounding areas, but there were no immediate reports of injuries.

Tornado west of Jena, Louisiana to begin tornado outbreak in U.S.
A tornado was intercepted by Reed Timmer’s Dominator Drone just west of Jena, Louisiana at 17:50 LT on May 2, 2021.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg donated hundreds of millions to help Democrats steal the election for Joe Biden
Moreover, who would have thought that a geeky billionaire named Mark Zuckerberg would become powerful enough to literally decide the outcome of presidential elections?

Finnish Politician Charged With Hate Crimes for Tweeting Bible Verse, Criticising Homosexuality
A Christian Finnish politician has been charged with multiple hate crimes, after she tweeted a Bible verse and criticised homosexuality, and could face up to 6 years in prison as a result.

Ep. 2468a – It Has Begun, Businesses Are Beginning To Accept Alternate Currency
The push for the great reset is failing, people are rejecting their electric vehicles. Biden has now told everyone that anyone making 400,000 or less will not have to pay taxes. The [CB] is losing the battle, more and more businesses are accepting cryptocurrency.

NGOs Dump Hundreds of ‘Rescued’ Migrants on Italian Islands in Days
Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are in the process of moving hundreds of migrants to Italian islands, according to reports.

Pentagon Tracking 14 Cases of Heart Inflammation in Troops After COVID-19 Shots
The Defense Department is tracking 14 cases of heart inflammation, or myocarditis, in military health patients who developed the condition after receiving either the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

MINISTRY OF TRUTH: 12 state attorneys general demand Big Tech platforms eliminate all speech from people injured by vaccines
Attorney generals from twelve states are calling on the world’s top social media networks to completely eradicate any negative claim about covid-19 vaccines. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey have already implemented “misinformation” policies that remove any dissent against government lock downs, mandatory masks, and Big Pharma’s forceful vaccine push.

 Biometric Wearables And ‘Smart Clothing’ Is An Exploding Market As The Push To Create Human Cyborgs Skyrockets
Apps and services such as Noom and vHealth by Aetna are supporting the collection and interpretation of biometric data, in order to deliver long-term behavioural change for individuals who are harnessing the power of wearables. The future, therefore, looks bright for health care biometrics, with continuous innovation set to improve the range of devices, features and services; the accuracy of captured data; and, importantly, the health and wellbeing of wearables consumers around the world.

The Biden Administration, the CCP, the Cartels and the Catholic Church Are Importing Every Perversion Known To Man to the Four Corners of the United States
There is, at present, an invasion of the United States for the sole purpose of destroying the culture and what’s left of the moral fabric of the United States. This article will highlight the threat.

With Covid Losing Its Grip Over America, the Next Deadly False Flag Is Almost Upon Us
The next false flag event is beginning to show itself. With covid losing its grip on most of America, it is time to introduce a deadly kill shot and the picture is beginning to crystalize.

California to Release 63,000 Violent and Repeat Felons Back Onto Streets to Create “Safer Prisons”
California will release at least 76,000 inmates including 63,000 violent criminals and repeat felons back onto the streets in order to create “safer prisons.” It also includes 20,000 inmates who are serving life sentences with the possibility of parole.

Tanker Truck Driver Shortage May Fuel Higher Gas Prices This Summer
“We’ve been dealing with a driver shortage…” 

Source: 4 May 2021 – Rapture Ready

Apostasy Watch Tuesday 5-4-21

Day 1 of the GraceLife Church Trial: ‘Compliance with AHS Meant Noncompliance with God’

Canadian Pastor Calls Lockdowns “Greatest Threat” to Health in First Day of Trial

Police lock Ontario church for violating COVID-19 restrictions after court injunction

Jerry Falwell Jr. Cancels Liberty Graduation Party at Family Farm, Claims Health Concerns

Cult or church? This Korean sect has thousands of devotees, but ex-believers lost faith and money

Inside the Spirituality ‘Cult’ Whose Members Allege Sexual and Financial Exploitation

Germany Shuts Down International Child Pornography Site Used by More Than 400,000 People

Is Christian cohabitation the new norm?

Source: Daily News and Commentary (apostasywatch.com)

Mexico City metro overpass collapses killing dozens and injuring nearly 80 peoplePosted: 04 May 2021 07:57 AM PDT(AP) — An elevated section of the Mexico City metro collapsed and sent the train plunging toward a busy boulevard late Monday, killing at least 23 people and injuring at least 79, city officials said.Rescuers found four bodies trapped inside a rail car that was dangling from the overpass but were unable to remove them. It was not clear if those dead were included among the 23. A crane was brought in Tuesday to lower the car down.Continue reading Mexico City metro overpass collapses killing dozens and injuring nearly 80 people at End Time Headlines.
Skyrocketing Lumber Prices Have Increased The Average Price Of A New Home By $35,872 In 12 monthsPosted: 04 May 2021 07:37 AM PDT(OPINION) MS – Do any of you remember when you could buy an entire house for $35,000?  There was a time in America when middle-class Americans could buy a house and have it paid off in just a few years.  But now existing home prices have soared into the stratosphere, and lumber prices are making it ridiculously expensive to build new homes.As you will see below, skyrocketing lumber prices have driven up the average price of a new home in the United States by almost $36,000 over the past 12 months. Continue reading Skyrocketing Lumber Prices Have Increased The Average Price Of A New Home By $35,872 In 12 months at End Time Headlines.
China now punishing those who provide worship venues for believersPosted: 04 May 2021 07:26 AM PDT(ETH) – A new report is now revealing that authorities with the Chinese Communist Party have stepped up persecution against those of faith by punishing those who provide worship venues for believers.According to Asia News, a Catholic in the town of Wangli in the Zhejiang province was just fined for offering his private chapel to the bishop of Wenzhou diocese, Msgr. Peter Shao Zhumin. The report from the Christian Post details that on March 16th, Huang Ruixun, 56, reportedly offered his chapel to Shao and about 20 Catholics but it was shortly afterward that,he was then sentenced to a hefty fine of 200,000 yuan (the equivalent of about $30,000) under the charge of hosting the bishop for “illegal religious activities, also providing him with lunch, a restroom, etc.” Huang was said to be accused of violating the state-sanctioned church’s principle since Shao “was ordained by a foreign institution,” which “goes against the principle of independence, autonomy, and self-administration of the Church in China.”The report reveals that a 2018 China-Vatican Agreement, renewed last year, permits the Chinese government to propose new bishops to the Vatican through its state-approved Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association, with the pope having veto power on the decision.Continue reading China now punishing those who provide worship venues for believers at End Time Headlines.
School teacher goes off on police officer who pulls her over, repeatedly calling him ‘a murderer’Posted: 04 May 2021 07:14 AM PDT(OPINION) ETH – In what is an absolutely ridiculous story coming out of Los Angeles, A School teacher has been captured on video delivering a racist tirade against a Latino sheriff’s deputy in Los Angeles, In the video, she can be clearly heard calling the officer “a murderer” and taunts, “You’re always gonna be a Mexican, you’ll never be white, you know that?”According to TheBlaze, The video was obtained by KTTV-TV‘s Bill Melugin, who obtained the footage from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department deputy involved.Continue reading School teacher goes off on police officer who pulls her over, repeatedly calling him ‘a murderer’ at End Time Headlines.
The mayor of DC has just banned dancing at weddingsPosted: 04 May 2021 06:51 AM PDT(ETH) – If you live in DC and enjoy dancing at weddings, you will probably be upset with the latest guidelines announced by the mayor. According to the report from Fox News, Washington, D.C.’s, new social distancing rules ban standing and dancing at weddings and the announcement has completely blindsided couples that have already made plans to tie the knot.“It’s insane, it’s been an absolute roller coaster,” says Stephanie Sadowski, a D.C.Continue reading The mayor of DC has just banned dancing at weddings at End Time Headlines.
Reports of Jesus revealing himself to Muslims growing in MideastPosted: 04 May 2021 06:32 AM PDT(CBN) – As the Islamic holy month of Ramadan starts winding down this week, Muslims are praying and fasting with greater fervor – particularly on the “Night of Destiny” when they seek a spiritual breakthrough. Millions of Christians around the globe are also interceding on their behalf. CBN is joining with Uncharted Ministries for a five-night event featuring interviews and prayers with former Muslims who now follow Jesus.These former Muslims are sharing their stories of discovering Jesus as their savior and praying that others will have the same experience.Continue reading Reports of Jesus revealing himself to Muslims growing in Mideast at End Time Headlines.
This next generation implantable sensor should send a chill down your spinePosted: 04 May 2021 06:10 AM PDT(OPINION) ETH – This next report should send a chill down anyone’s spine who has an understanding of the Book of Revelation and the coming “Mark of the Beast”. A military doctor is calling a next-generation technology that could ultimately stop a future pandemic, “a human check engine light.”According to the report, A tiny hydro-gel sensor that sits right under the skin and was originally developed to help treat diabetes has just been developed and the Defense Department is saying it could actually be a way to stop the spread of infection in its tracks. Continue reading This next generation implantable sensor should send a chill down your spine at End Time Headlines.
Fuel prices skyrocketing just like they told us they would, Buffet warns of substantial inflationPosted: 03 May 2021 06:10 PM PDT(ETH) – Last week we reported that they are now warning us that we could see major gas shortages this Summer because of a shortage of tanker truck drivers that are needed to deliver the gas to stations and now we are seeing the fuel prices skyrocketing in or around Southern California for the ninth day in a row and this isn’t just the west coast but appears to be a similar trend nationwide where other states were seeing an increase as well.Continue reading Fuel prices skyrocketing just like they told us they would, Buffet warns of substantial inflation at End Time Headlines.
Lumber prices have just broke another new record producing major price hikes on home pricesPosted: 03 May 2021 04:32 PM PDT(WSJ) – The frenzied climb in lumber prices is generating superlative profits for sawmill owners. Homebuyers, renters, and do-it-yourselfers are footing the bill. Wood prices pushed further into record territory, a sign that Weyerhaeuser Co., Canfor Corp. and other sawmill owners are in line for even fatter profits than the record earnings they have been reporting for the first three months of 2021.These companies have emerged as the biggest beneficiaries of the wood boom.Continue reading Lumber prices have just broke another new record producing major price hikes on home prices at End Time Headlines.
UPDATE: Police lock Ontario church for violating COVID-19 restrictions after court injunctionPosted: 03 May 2021 04:20 PM PDT(ETH) – After being granted permission by a judge in Ontario, Canada, authorities have temporarily locked the doors of a church that has reportedly refused to follow provincial restrictions on gatherings aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19.According to more details of the report, The attorney general’s office for Ontario had officers lock the doors of Trinity Bible Chapel of Waterloo through next Saturday in efforts to prevent in-person worship services.Continue reading UPDATE: Police lock Ontario church for violating COVID-19 restrictions after court injunction at End Time Headlines.
Tornado emergency issued after twisters strike Southwest of Atlanta and Mississippi CitiesPosted: 03 May 2021 01:30 PM PDT(ETH) – A dangerous storm system that is moving across the South has produced more than a dozen tornadoes and began in Mississippi, where homes were reportedly damaged and trees and power lines were taken downed in Tupelo, where a rare tornado emergency was issued.“Tornado emergency for Tupelo! This is a life-threatening situation! Take cover now!” tweeted the National Weather Service office in Memphis, shortly before 11 p.m.Continue reading Tornado emergency issued after twisters strike Southwest of Atlanta and Mississippi Cities at End Time Headlines.
NASA asteroid simulation confirms what the Bible has already told us would happen in the futurePosted: 03 May 2021 12:58 PM PDT(OPINION) ETH – NASA has just finished up recent simulations on how to preapre society for an astoeroid strike and theri conclusion was that there is currently no technology on Earth that would be capable of stopping a massive asteroid from wiping out Europe.According to the report from MSN News, The week-long exercise that was led by Nasa concluded that catastrophe would be unavoidable, even if humanity was given six months to prepare.Continue reading NASA asteroid simulation confirms what the Bible has already told us would happen in the future at End Time Headlines.
Glenn Beck warns that the “Great Reset” has taken hold in Europe and Businesses may be forced to soon complyPosted: 03 May 2021 12:44 PM PDT(OPINION) TheBlaze – The World Economic Forum isn’t trying to hide its plans for the Great Reset. Details to “reset” the global economy have been published on its own website.Despite that and all the warning signs, many are still quick to refute this master plan as a “conspiracy theory” or as something that will never actually take hold. But as Glenn Beck explained on the radio program Monday, the Great Reset is happening right now in Europe.Continue reading Glenn Beck warns that the “Great Reset” has taken hold in Europe and Businesses may be forced to soon comply at End Time Headlines.

Mid-Day Snapshot · May 4, 2021


“The bosom of America is open to receive not only the Opulent and respectable Stranger, but the oppressed and persecuted of all Nations and Religions; whom we shall welcome to a participation of all our rights and privileges, if by decency and propriety of conduct they appear to merit the enjoyment.” —George Washington (1783)

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Refugee Smoke and Mirrors

Biden’s higher refugee cap is a distraction from the real crisis on the southern border.

Nate Jackson

Ever since Joe Biden took the presidential oath “to support and defend” the Constitution, his number one goal has been to violate that oath in as many ways as possible. “Moderate.” “Unity.” Pfft.

A key component of his America Last agenda has been undoing President Donald Trump’s work to secure our southern border. Or, as Biden puts it, “undo[ing] the damage of the last four years.” Biden issued a slew of executive orders in his first few days reversing numerous enforcement mechanisms, and the predictable result has been a border crisis.

A couple weeks back, our Thomas Gallatin recounted how Biden had finally admitted it’s a crisis, even though the president and his handlers quickly walked that back. Part of the calculation there was Biden’s waffling about Trump’s cap on refugees. As Gallatin explained, the administration is trying to “erode and expand the definitional distinctions the U.S. has long had in place when it comes to recognizing genuine refugee status.” Rather than welcoming those suffering various forms of persecution, Team Biden wants to fling the doors open wide for “refugees” who’d merely rather have a better-paying job.

After facing significant leftist backlash for signing an executive order last month saying that he’d keep Trump’s cap of 15,000 refugees, Biden quickly acquiesced. He announced Monday that he’ll raise it to 62,500, declaring, “It is important to take this action today to remove any lingering doubt in the minds of refugees around the world who have suffered so much, and who are anxiously waiting for their new lives to begin.” In other words, “to remove any lingering doubt in the minds of” Biden’s leftist puppeteers. Meanwhile, the effective message to everyone south of the border: Just cross the Mexican border, man!

This numbers game is partly smoke and mirrors. “The cap increase comes eight months into the government’s fiscal year, meaning it is unlikely that the full 62,500 people will enter the U.S. before Sept. 30,” reports the Wall Street Journal. “The U.S. has admitted just over 2,000 refugees so far this year, by far the lowest ever.”

Biden tried to bolster his “compassionate” credentials by lamenting, “The sad truth is that we will not achieve 62,500 admissions this year.”

No, the sad truth is that far more migrants than that will come across the border. Some 19,000 unaccompanied minors came across in March alone.

There are “admissions,” and then there are “admissions.” While just 2,000 refugees came in under lawful channels, and while the nation may not reach 62,500 refugees this year, the border has been flooded with migrants coming in illegally. If they’re apprehended, they’re often given a court date and released; most never show up in court. Biden knows this because it’s by design.

The United States has always been a bastion of hope for the world’s refugees. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” written by Emma Lazarus, is on a plaque mounted at the Statue of Liberty. But that was at a time when “E pluribus unum” — Latin for “Out of many, one” — was literally still the motto of our nation. Democrats have turned that on its head, and for them it’s now “Out of one, many.”

They have destroyed the idea of cultural assimilation, meaning today’s refugees become little more than their political pawns in a nation of tribal divisions. Democrats have undermined Rule of Law by offering lavish benefits that cost taxpayers far too much. They’re also putting American citizens last. “Increasing the refugee admissions cap will put American jobs and safety at risk,” said Senator Tom Cotton. “The Biden administration should be focused on getting Americans back to work.”

No nation can long survive such ill-conceived policies. When you hear Biden speak of this as compassion and “America’s values,” just remember that he and his fellow radical Democrats are utterly redefining “America’s values.” It’s “a statement about who we are, and who we want to be,” he says. Well, borderless socialism is utterly antithetical to our nation’s founding principles and values, and it’s not who Patriots want to be.

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Biden’s Big School Reopening Power Play

He moves the goal posts once again, as Dems look for ways to continue to justify their unprecedented power grab.

Thomas Gallatin

Joe Biden marked his first 100 days in office last week in a brief appearance on NBC News’s “Today,” where he surmised that schools “should probably all be open” this fall “based on science and the CDC.” He further observed what everyone has known since last fall — that “there’s not overwhelming evidence that there’s much of a transmission among these young people.” Yet he seemingly remains uncommitted on reopening schools next fall. Why?

As Mark Alexander observes, “What happened to Biden’s commitment to have schools open by April/May? Three months ago, Biden’s commitment implied schools would be open just in time for summer break. Now, Biden won’t commit to having schools open next fall. This is a case study in a leftist unwilling to give up power.”

Indeed, the Democrats’ “follow the science” trope has become a smokescreen to justify their unprecedented power grab.

Meanwhile, besides the reality that school-age children are not and have never been under great threat from COVID-19, nor have they been primary vectors for spreading the novel disease, Pfizer is in the midst of Phase 3 trials for approving its coronavirus vaccine for adolescents age 12 to 15. Pfizer’s current two-dose vaccine already has been approved for those 16 and older. In other words, vaccines are and will soon be available for many children — those least in need of it, if we’re actually following the science.

Even Dr. Anthony Fauci, who still for some reason insists kids should wear masks outside, confirmed last month, “The default should be, and has been for quite a while, that to the best of our ability, we should try to get children back to school as quickly as we can and keep them in schools.” Yet Biden’s continuing to waffle on promoting that idea.

One government official who hasn’t waffled and has stood firmly on both the science and, more importantly, protecting his constituents’ civil rights is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. He recently signed a bill limiting state and local authorities from “closing business or keeping kids out of in-person instruction, unless they satisfy demanding and continuous justifications.”

DeSantis also hammered the mixed messaging coming from the Biden administration: “When you have people, particularly in Washington, saying, ‘Yeah, get vaccinated, but then make sure you continue to social distance and wear masks all the time,’ well, the message that that sends to people is that the vaccines don’t work. Because if the vaccines worked, that would be your ticket to basically live normally, and make decisions for yourself. That would be the message that actually would work with people. So, I think that they’ve sent a message to say, ‘You know what? Get vaccinated, but it really isn’t going to do anything for you.’ Well, why would someone want to put something in their arm if they don’t think it’s effective? And the fact of the matter is, that is an anti-science posture, to say that we need all these restrictions even with mass vaccination.”

The governor just put on a master class in Liberty. If only incorrigible students like Biden would take note.

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Is Our Spy Agency a Woke Joke?

In a newly released recruiting video, the CIA outs itself as having woefully misplaced priorities.

Douglas Andrews

At first glance, it looks like one of those cleverly produced SNL skits. Indeed, at the 0:49 mark, as the star of the video proudly proclaims, “I am a cisgender Millennial who has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder,” we wonder: Is that Maya Rudolph? Maybe Rachel Dratch? And as the video nears its finish, we can’t help but brace ourselves for the whole SNL cast to bust in and start high-fiving their comedic colleague.

But they never do. Because what we’re watching is not a joke — at least not in the intended sense. No, what we’re watching is an actual CIA recruitment video — one that implores its viewers to “command your space” and “be unapologetically you.” Take a look.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the video — aside from its utter lack of self-awareness — is the efficiency with which its producers rattle off one woke cliché after another: “I am perfectly made … I am a woman of color … I am intersectional … I am a walking declaration … I did not sneak into CIA … I am educated, qualified, and competent … I am proud of me … I am unapologetically me.” I, I, I, I, I, I, aye yi yiii.

And then our favorite: “I used to struggle with imposter syndrome, but at 36, I refuse to internalize misguided patriarchal ideas of what a woman can or should be.”

As Fox News reports, “Former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright took issue with the video, tweeting: ‘The CIA used to be about mission to country. (I speak from experience). Now it’s now about demanding — and getting — accommodation to fix an emotional wound or advance a personal agenda. America is less safe with this new CIA, and dangerously more political.’”

Meghan McCain of “The View” offered this scathing and spot-on indictment: “This CIA recruitment video is a joke and truly embarrassing for our entire country. China, Russia and our enemies are laughing at us.”

Perhaps most glaringly, as Fox News contributor and grandchild of Mexican immigrants Rachel Campos-Duffy observes, the anonymous agent boasts about “all her identities … EXCEPT American. God help us.”

As Glenn Greenwald points out, he told us so. “Lots of people who pay no attention to the CIA and the security state seem to think this CIA video is the first time they’ve promoted, endorsed and embraced woke ideology,” he tweets. “They’ve been doing it for years. I wrote about [it] back in 2015.”

Sure enough, he did. “[The CIA] now issues press releases hailing LGBT Pride Month and its ‘Agency Network of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Officers and Allies (ANGLE),’ which ‘heralded the start of Pride Month by unveiling a photography exhibit at CIA Headquarters showcasing LGBT officers, allied employees, and their families.’”

Dude was prophetic.

Has the CIA jumped the shark? Inquiring Patriots want to know. In addition, we’d like to know that our spy agency, the agency that claims to be our nation’s “first line of defense” and boasts, “We accomplish what others cannot accomplish and go where others cannot go,” is on the job and firmly committed — above all else — to being the world’s best intelligence agency.

And if it’s not too much trouble, we’d like to know that our CIA is recruiting the best people for the job without regard to their race, color, creed, religion, or political persuasion.

To be clear, it’s great to have an agent who can, in her words, “change a diaper in one hand and console a crying toddler with the other.”

We believe that. And we honor it. But we wonder: Can she also spy on our enemies?

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Remember That the Messenger Matters, Too

Tim Scott is the right man to bring the right message at the right time.

Harold Hutchison

One thing can be clear about Senator Tim Scott’s response to Joe Biden’s address to Congress: It was a success. In fact, the decision to have him give the response has to rank as one of the smartest tactical and strategic decisions the Republican Party has made in a long time.

Scott’s speech itself was a solid one and a big improvement over past responses that fell flat — or worse. Scott also has shown that, like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, he has many of the right enemies. There is one big difference, though: Scott has triggered them into acting in a vicious and ugly manner that was clearly tinged with actual racism.

This is not a frivolous play of the race card. Grassroots Patriots have all too often been on the receiving end of that card, including at the hands of the current president. Many of Scott’s critics seem to believe, based on their attacks, that a certain skin tone requires one to think a certain way. That’s a form of racism, plain and simple.

Make no mistake: For all the good President Donald Trump did for the Republican Party, including providing a necessary dose of chemotherapy, his pugnaciousness led him into situations that often hurt him among people who would otherwise have backed the issues he championed. The resulting defections over the distaste for Trump’s way of delivering the message aided in the success of the bulk-mail ballot strategy the Left used in 2020.

And it should be noted that Tim Scott has fought back — not in Trump’s bellicose manner, but in a way best described as giving his enemies enough rope with which to hang themselves. After giving corporate America a chance to do the right thing, he went after them. He’s deftly skewered the Left with its own rules, and the issue is lingering.

The next step, if the GOP wants to utilize it, is to now show the Left’s racist pattern — one that goes back decades. It includes the time when Pete Stark attacked then-Health and Human Services Secretary Louis Sullivan, the many attacks on Clarence Thomas, and the treatment given to Trump allies like Herman Cain and Ben Carson. The Left and mainstream media may invoke Colin PowellCondi Rice, and Michael Steele to attack Trump now, but back during the days when George W. Bush was president, they too were subjected to the same racism from the Left that Scott faces today for the same reason.

This type of follow-up is what could accelerate the black community’s trending toward the Republicans — a trend that worries more than one Democrat consultant. Blacks are not alone in being the target of vicious attacks for daring to be conservative, either. Just ask a certain former reality star and Olympic athlete who isn’t toeing the Left’s line on women’s sports.

While the 2022 midterm elections are essential to putting a halt to the Biden-Harris regime’s assault on our liberties, the real big tasks come in 2024. The general election, to ensure our country is back under the leadership of someone dedicated to our constitutional republic, will be difficult — but the level of difficulty will be determined by who is selected as the messenger for that election by virtue of being nominated for president. The right choice for messenger could make all the difference.

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Woke Coke Gets a Rude Awakening

The iconic company hears from the Right and reconsiders its efforts to appease the Left.

Douglas Andrews

Coke is wet, lightly caffeinated, and its two-liter bottle makes for a great geyser, but that’s about the extent of its benefits. At least in our eyes. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a beverage that’ll fatten you up and rot your teeth, and whose sanctimonious CEO will insult your intelligence, it’s hard to beat The Real Thing.

Long one of the world’s most powerful brands, Atlanta-based Coca-Cola has done plenty of damage to that brand of late. Coke, in recent years, has gone woke, and the folks seem to be fed up. A recent Rasmussen Reports survey, for example, found that while only 25% say Coca-Cola’s stand against Georgia’s new voting reform law makes them more likely to buy Coke, some 37% of American adults say they’re less likely to purchase its products.

Who can blame them? Here’s what Coke’s British CEO, James Quincey, had to say about an American state’s duly passed voting reform law: “I want to be crystal clear. The Coca-Cola Company does not support this legislation, as it makes it harder for people to vote, not easier.”

Have a Coke and a sneer.

Here’s a question for Quincey: Should the purpose of voting reform legislation be to make casting a ballot as easy as possible, or to make it as honest as possible? We’d argue the latter, because the former only invites more cheating. And the American people seem to agree. According to a recent poll, a whopping 77% of voters believe “a valid form of state or federally issued photo identification to prove U.S. citizenship” should be required for casting a vote. Even 60% of Democrats are in favor of photo ID.

So Woke Coke’s efforts to appease the Angry Left have clearly backfired. But what came first for Coke — going woke or going broke?

FrontPage Mag’s Daniel Greenfield has a theory: “Brands don’t go broke because they get woke, they go woke because they’re going broke, and don’t know how to stop the slow but steady collapse of their business. … But it’s those old, familiar brands that go woke because their products and business models are dated. Virtue signaling is their way of adapting to a changing market without really innovating.”

Patriot Post guest columnist Tom Aquinas (who happens to teach at a business school) sees the same trend: Coke is “more concerned with its distorted notion of social justice and less concerned about why so few are drinking its product. Maybe it’s trying to deflect criticism for being such a badly run company. But with each generation, its fate becomes more clearly sealed. This company is a dead company walking. How do I know? I teach college students and virtually none of them are drinking this product.”

What’s more, Coke seems to have placed a higher priority on globalism than on business competence. As Greenfield notes, “[Coke] has a British CEO who pledged allegiance at Davos to a ‘new social contract’ and an ‘economy that works for everyone.’ He took over from the company’s previous Turkish CEO, and the Turkish CEO’s South African predecessor. The head of Coca Cola in North America is a Honduran who came out of its Latin American division.”

We wonder: Is it xenophobic to ask what’s wrong with picking an occasional American to lead an American company?

In any case, Coke may finally be getting the message. As National Review’s Dan McLaughlin writes, “Conservatives who are tempted to despair over the abrupt shift of major corporations into engines of [the] left-wing culture war might want to take a look at Coca-Cola. Recent developments suggest that Coke is rethinking woke.”

Having suspended its advertising on Facebook and Instagram for their refusal to censor then-President Donald Trump, having been embarrassed by leaked slides from a training program that told Coke employees to “try to be less white,” and having been outed for instituting strict requirements for hiring lawyers based on their race, Coke began to feel the heat from a normally quiet Right. This included Trump and Senator Rand Paul calling for a boycott of Coke, and Senator Ted Cruz tweeting, “I wonder who the largest institutional purchasers of Coca-Cola are? Do they all agree with WokeCoke radical politics?”

The result was a rather remarkable about-face.

“We believe the best way to make progress now is for everyone to come together to listen, respectfully share concerns and collaborate on a path forward,” said Coke in a statement. “We remain open to productive conversations with advocacy groups and lawmakers who may have differing views. It’s time to find common ground. In the end, we all want the same thing — free and fair elections, the cornerstone of our democracy.”

It’s a republic, not a democracy. But, hey, it’s a start.

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Vast Majority of Americans Favor Voter ID

A new poll finds that 77% of voters believe IDs should be present to vote.

Thomas Gallatin

A recent poll conducted on voters across the nation found that a whopping 77% agreed that one should show “a valid form of state or federally issued photo identification to prove U.S. citizenship” in order to cast a vote. Only 19% of the voters surveyed rejected the voter ID requirements. Perhaps most remarkably, the majority of voters across both major parties and independents agreed with voter ID requirements: 95% of Republicans, 76% of independents, and even 60% of Democrats. Someone get Nancy Pelosi on the line.

“In addition, the survey also found that 81 percent of Republicans are extremely or very concerned about voter fraud, including 46 percent extremely or very concerned about voter suppression,” Breitbart reports. “Only 39 percent of Democrats were extremely or very concerned about voter fraud and 78 percent were extremely or very concerned about voter suppression.”

Indeed, where the two major parties find significant disagreement is regarding the problem of voter fraud. Fox News noted, “Voter fraud is one of the top concerns among Republicans — and comes in dead last among Democrats.” Gee, it’s almost as if the Left has politicized expressing concern over voter fraud into a taboo subject that could get one booted off social media. Maybe we should substitute “Russian collusion” and see where Democrats land.

As for the issues, the top concerns voters have are the economy (78%), gun laws (74%), and healthcare (73%). So far at least, it would seem that the Democrats’ nonsensical arguments against voter ID laws have made little headway with the American public.

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Jordan Candler

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  • Fifth-graders give the Bidens an earful on virtual schools (Fox News)

  • Permit for National Day of Prayer service at U.S. Capitol building denied (ChurchLeaders.com)

National Security

  • Iran teases attack on U.S. Capitol building as Biden admin prepares to lift sanctions (Free Beacon)
  • Armed man shot outside CIA headquarters (UPI)

Around the Nation

  • Candidates who opposed a racist education plan took about 70% of the vote in Southlake, Texas (NBC News)
  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declares COVID “state of emergency” over, overrides local restrictions (Miami Herald)
  • Most New York and New Jersey capacity restrictions to end starting May 19 (NBC New York)
  • Ninety-three law enforcement officers died in the line of duty in 2020 (UPI)
  • BLM releases new list of demands, including permanently banning Trump from “all digital media platforms” (Washington Examiner) | Meanwhile, Facebook’s Oversight Board to issue Trump ruling on Wednesday (USA Today)

“Non Compos Mentis” Award

  • Dr. Anthony Fauci says kids must continue wearing masks outside, says they are “more at risk” of infection than vaccinated adults (Disrn)

Closing Arguments

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Insight: “Collectivism holds that the individual has no rights, that his life and work belong to the group (to ‘society,’ to the tribe, the state, the nation) and that the group may sacrifice him at its own whim to its own interests. The only way to implement a doctrine of that kind is by means of brute force — and statism has always been the political corollary of collectivism.” —Ayn Rand (1905-1982)

Observations: “Continued mask wearing outside by huge numbers of vaccinated people is annoying because in general their attitude about it is like the Taliban’s about beards and burkas. They despise anyone who refuses to do it voluntarily, and wish they could use force to make everyone comply.” —Buck Sexton

Leftist spoiler alert: “I oppose biological boys who are trans competing in girls’ sports in school. It just isn’t fair and we have to protect girls’ sports in our schools.” —”Caitlyn” (Bruce) Jenner

The BIG Lie: “The 2nd Amendment is about State Militias, not personal ownership of guns. The word ‘own’ does not appear in it, nor does any synonym for ‘own.’” —Keith Olbermann

Unity buzzkill: “Only about a quarter of Americans (23%) think the country has become more united since Biden took office.” —ABC News

Lack of self-awareness: “Who are the groups that we’re targeting on the vaccination? Youthful and the doubtful. … Maybe you go home and kiss your grandmother and wind up killing your grandmother.” —Governor Andrew Cuomo (“He would know — both about kissing people and killing grandparents.” —Janice Dean)

Race bait I: “Every day we have seen this nation get more racist than anybody thought perhaps would be at this point in time.” —Congresswoman Maxine Waters

Race bait II: “The sole black Republican in the Senate sounded a stone fool when he said this: ‘Hear me clearly, America is not a racist country.’ Okay, let’s be clear. Tim Scott does not represent any constituency other than the small number of sleepy slow-witted sufferers of Stockholm Syndrome who get elevated to prominence for repeating a false narrative about this country that makes conservative white people feel comfortable. … Please, senator, say more about how unracist the country is while you trot out that tired line about going from cotton to Congress to clown.” —MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross

Race bait III: “Tim Scott, he does not seem to understand — and a lot of them don’t seem to understand — the difference between a racist country and … systemic racism. They don’t seem to get the difference. Maybe it’s not a racist country. Maybe Americans, the majority, are not racist. But we live in a country with systemic racism.” —”The View’s” Joy Behar

Race bait IV: “Some will concede the historical point and insist on the progress point, arguing that was then and this is now, that racism simply doesn’t exist now as it did then. I would agree. American racism has evolved and become less blunt, but it has not become less effective. The knife has simply been sharpened. Now systems do the work that once required the overt actions of masses of individual racists.” —New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow

And last… “If you’re looking for institutional racism, it exists within Critical Race Theory. Ban it. At every level. It is the new Jim Crow.” —Candace Owens

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The Bleak Biden Way — Christian Research Network

“Biden’s Napoleonic 100 days will be remembered in the left-wing halls of Versailles as a golden moment of defiant activism. More mundanely, it is far easier for Joe to earn the wrath of Republicans than to take on the take-no-prisoners fanatics of his own woke base.”

(Victor Davis Hanson – American Greatness)  After a hundred days of President Biden, I think most Americans are now on to what will follow in the next few years.

Joyless Joe

Biden frowns. He grimaces. He occasionally barks and yells as he delivers a gloomy view of America and its people, past and present.

Admit it: We are all racists, then and now, captives of Jim Crow still. Biden needs as many fabricated enemies as he can find; otherwise, his speeches, his demeanor, his agenda are little more than absurdities. They cannot stand or fall on their own merits because they have none. So grumpy Biden, in his latest and final incarnation, is always anti-something, usually anti-Trump, anti-racism, and anti-everything traditional America is for.

Lots of bad white people still need to be rooted out—outside of the beltway. These are the ones never woken by Wall Street, Silicon Valley, the media, academia, the corporate boardroom, professional sports, and the foundations. These retrograde deplorables apparently won’t give up their “privilege” without a fight.

Bidenism demands these environmental desecrators must stop boiling the planet. We are a xenophobic nation that won’t let pioneering migrants enter the United States. We are a Neanderthal America full of people who won’t wear their masks when vaccinated and outdoors. We are a battered America still reeling from the Trump disasters on the border, the Trump failed coup on January 6, the Trump racism that led to peaceful equity marches all last summer. View article →

The Bleak Biden Way — Christian Research Network

Highly Cited COVID Doctor Comes to Stunning Conclusion: Government ‘Scrubbing Unprecedented Numbers’ of Injection-related Deaths |Global Research

One of the world’s most prominent medical doctors with expertise in treating COVID-19 has gone on the record with a scathing rebuke of the U.S. government’s approach to fighting the virus. He says the government’s strategy, carried out in cooperation with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the United Nations World Health Organization, has resulted in tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths and is now being followed up with thousands more deaths caused by a mass-injection program.

Dr. Peter McCullough, in a 32-minute interview with journalist Alex Newman, said if this were any other vaccine it would have been pulled from the market by now for safety reasons.

McCullough holds the honor of being the most cited medical doctor on COVID-19 treatments at the National Library of Medicine, with more than 600 citations. He has testified before Congress and won numerous awards during his distinguished medical career.


Between Dec. 14 and April 23, there were 3,544 deaths reported to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System [VAERS], along with 12,619 serious injuries.

One might expect these numbers would trigger an exhaustive investigation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. But the opposite has occurred. According to McCullough, the government has taken what amounts to a passing glance at the alarming numbers and dismissed them with a bare minimum of scrutiny.

“A typical new drug at about five deaths, unexplained deaths, we get a black-box warning, your listeners would see it on TV, saying it may cause death,” McCullough said. “And then at about 50 deaths it’s pulled off the market.”

The U.S. has a precedent for this. In 1976 during the Swine Flu pandemic the U.S. attempted to vaccinate 55 million Americans, but at that point the shot caused about 500 cases of paralysis and 25 deaths.

“The program was killed, at 25 deaths,” McCullough said.

Compare that type of response to the government’s reaction to much higher reported death numbers related to the Moderna and Pfizer shots and the contrast is alarming, McCullough said, especially when the shots have not even been granted full FDA approval and are only being allowed on the market under an Emergency Use Authorization.

“In the U.S. today [as of late March] we have approximately 77 million people vaccinated for COVID and we have 2,602 deaths reported, so it’s unprecedented how many deaths have accrued,” he said.

“Then on March 8 the CDC announced on their website with very little fanfare,  that they had reviewed about 1,600 deaths with unnamed FDA doctors and they indicated not a single death was related to the vaccine,” he added. “I think that was concerning in the academic community.”

McCullough said he knows from first-hand experience that doing a thorough investigation into 1,600 potentially vaccine-related deaths would have taken months to complete.

“I have chaired and participated in dozens of data safety monitoring boards and sat on those committees and I can tell you that this type of work would have taken many months to review all the labs, the death certificates and all the circumstances of an event. It is impossible for unnamed regulatory doctors without any experience with COVID 19 to opine that none of the deaths were related to the vaccine.”

Previous studies, including one from Harvard University, estimate that only 1 to 10 percent of all vaccine-related deaths get reported to VAERS. So in all likelihood, there are more people dying than even gets reported, yet the FDA can’t come up with a single death related to the Moderna and Pfizer shots.

“Reporting a death requires a healthcare worker to enter it into the system,” he said. And if the death does not occur within the normal 15-minute monitoring period they often go unreported. Most deaths occur within 72 hours of the shot. “They pile up on day one, two and three,” he said.

As a matter of comparison: There are 20 to 30 deaths reported every year to VAERS related to the flu shot. That’s with 195 million receiving flu shots. Compare that to the COVID shot, which resulted in 2,602 reported deaths through 77 million vaccinations.

That’s a stunningly high ratio of deaths to vaccinations, the highest for any vaccine in U.S. history, and yet no major media outlet has launched an investigation. Independent journalists and researchers such as Alex Newman, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Leo Hohmann have been ruthlessly censored.

“So the U.S. government has made a decision, along with the stakeholders – the CDC, NIH, FDA, Big Pharma, World Health Organization, Gates Foundation – they have made a commitment to mass vaccination as the solution to the COVID pandemic and we are really going to be witness to what’s going to happen in history. We’re sitting on, right now, the biggest number of vaccine deaths, there’s been tens of thousands of hospitalizations, all attributable to the vaccine, and going strong.”

McCullough testified before the U.S. Senate on Nov 19, 2020.

“I estimated at that time we could have saved half of the lives lost,” he told Newman. “There are now current estimates that we are up to about 85 percent of all lives lost could have been saved with something called sequenced oral multi-drug therapy.”

But instead, the government and its “stakeholders” in Big Pharma chose to focus on vaccines. At the same time, news organizations were recruited to present only one side of the vaccine story.

Mainstream outlets have agreed to not allow any news critical of the shots to reach the American people. This corrupt collusion falls under the Trusted News Initiative, a global collaboration signed onto by Big Tech social-media giants and many of its corrupt corporate media “partners.”

The partners signed onto the Trusted News Initiative to date are: Associated Press, AFP; BBC, CBC/Radio-Canada, European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Facebook, Financial Times, First Draft, Google/YouTube, The Hindu, Microsoft, Reuters, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Twitter, The Washington Post. The New York Times has also participated in the past.

Reporting facts related to the dark side of the experimental mRNA vaccines is considered “dangerous disinformation” by the globalist media elites behind the Trusted News Initiative.

Dr. McCullough describes ‘whitewash of historic proportions‘

“So I think this was effectively a scrubbing, like we’ve seen elsewhere. There is a Trusted News Initiative, which is very important for Americans to understand, this was announced Dec. 10, and this is a coalition of all the major media and government stakeholders in vaccination, where they are not going to allow any negative information about vaccines to get into the popular media because they’re concerned about vaccine hesitancy, that if Americans got any type of fair, balanced coverage on safety events then they simply would not come forward and get the vaccine.”

“The Trusted News Initiative is really troublesome,” he continued, “because we’re now at record numbers of deaths, they continue to occur every day.”

Confirming a LeoHohmann.com report from earlier this month, McCullough said the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, while it does have issues with blood clots, is actually the safest of the three vaccines now being offered to Americans.

“In my professional opinion, the safest vaccine on the market was the J&J vaccine. And that was pulled for very rare blood-clotting events. We had seven million people vaccinated but the estimates are for the other two vaccines available, the blood-clotting rates are probably 30 times that of J&J, and these others are going strong.”

McCullough suggested that there is an incestuous relationship between the U.S. government and certain elements within Big Pharma, which causes regulators to look the other way when confronted with safety issues.

“A lot of Americans don’t understand how tight these stakeholders are. Keep in mind the NIH [National Institutes of Health] is a co-owner of the Moderna patent, so they have a vested financial interest in keeping these vaccines going,” he said.

More than 15 months into the COVID nightmare, the evidence is beginning to suggest the U.S. government colluded from the outset with the Gates Foundation, CDC, FDA, the United Nations World Health Organization and Big Pharma to make the vaccines the central focus of the global COVID response effort. They started promoting the vaccines before they were even out of clinical trials, McCullough said, which is against U.S. regulatory law.

More reports of high death counts

LeoHohmann.com has been getting reports that confirm Dr. McCullough’s warning that harmful events caused by the vaccine are being covered up by the medical establishment, the government, the legacy media and social-media giants Google, Facebook and Twitter.

A physician with a practice in the Kansas City area told LeoHohmann.com that of a recent 500-person sampling of nursing-home patients who received the COVID injection, 22 died within 48 hours. That represents an astonishing 4.4 percent death rate. Most people in the Kansas City area nursing homes are receiving the Pfizer shot, he said.

“I can’t prove they all died of the vaccine, all I can prove is it happened within 48 hours,” the physician told LeoHohmann.com.

“The requirements are they only need to be monitored for 15 minutes. So we are never going to know the real numbers,” he said. “If it happens outside of that 15-minute window it’s going to be impossible to prove… If the FDA approves this then God help us.”

The Kansas City physician requested his name not be revealed for fear that he could lose his medical license.

A Canadian doctor, Dr. Charles Hoffe, recently broke his silence and went public in defiance of a gag order, blowing the whistle on how “Moderna shots killed, disabled patients.”


McCollough said the government has never placed a focus on treating sick patients, choosing instead to focus on the WHO recommended strategy of social distancing, lockdowns, masking and vaccines. If the strategy had focused instead on a regimen that includes a multi-drug treatment of early onset symptoms, tens of thousands of lives could have been saved, he said.

In a December 2020 paper, A Guide for Home-Based COVID-19 treatment: Step by step doctor’s plan that could save your life, McCullough prescribes a four-pronged strategy that includes contagion control, early home treatment, late-stage treatment and lastly vaccination.

“I talked about the four pillars, with the first pillar being contagion control [wearing masks and lockdowns]. We’ve spent a lot of time on that. But really the missing pillar, if we would have spent our time focusing on sick patients, that would have had the highest public-health value.

“But what happened in the U.S. was we developed a game plan …that we were going to promote the importance of social distancing as part of contagion control and just have the population wait for a vaccine. There have been no updates on treatment, not outpatient, not inpatient. We don’t hear anything about sick patients. All we heard was about masking, lockdowns and wait for a vaccine.”


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Featured image is from LeoHohmann.com

Source: Highly Cited COVID Doctor Comes to Stunning Conclusion: Government ‘Scrubbing Unprecedented Numbers’ of Injection-related Deaths

BOMBSHELL: Pfizer’s own documents admit covid vaccines will shed infectious particles to others

(Natural News) The latest “conspiracy theorist” to come forward and warn about particulate shedding from those who were recently “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) is none other than Pfizer itself. The pharma giant’s own documents openly admit that people who were recently jabbed for the Chinese virus can transmit whatever is contained in the syringe … The post appeared first on DC Dirty Laundry .

Source: BOMBSHELL: Pfizer’s own documents admit covid vaccines will shed infectious particles to others

The Morning Briefing: States Continue to Not Buy Into Biden’s Commie New World Order | PJ Media

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Top ‘O the Briefing

No Thanks, Comrade Biden

Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. It all falls apart after we quit playing Candy Land.

Gosh, is it Tuesday already? This week is positively WHIZZING by. Before we know it, it will almost be Wednesday.

The longer we meander through this dystopian Biden-alleged kinda/sorta presidency, the easier it is to get lost in the media noise surrounding everything that isn’t. That’s what’s weighing on a lot of the people I know who are gloom and doom all of the time. Even those of us who know that the media hacks are lying can occasionally get a little distracted by it all.

When I say “everything that isn’t” I mean the myth of this sham presidency. The media will tell you that all is going well. Everybody loves this cuddly old teddy bear of a president. Heck, we don’t even need to fact-check him anymore. They’ve got polls. They’ve got op-eds. They’ve got Jake Tapper and the rest of the MSM dotting their “i”s with hearts in their feelings journals, just like they did when The Lightbringer was president.

What they don’t have is reality.

The Democrats have a bad habit of taking any election victory and claiming that they have a mandate from the people to play their Democratic/commie reindeer games. The suspension of disbelief required to actually accept this mandate fairy tale after the last election is remarkable, but here we are.

The Masked Biden Fetish Brigade would have us all believe that the majority of the citizens of this country are thrilled with everything the administration is up to. What we’re seeing out in the hinterlands doesn’t quite bear that out, however.

Biden’s border nightmare that’s largely being ignored by, well, him is so bad that the state of Arizona and now parts of Texas have declared emergencies to deal with the problem. Spoiler alert: this is only going to get worse.

People are getting fed up with the mask nonsense.

We’ve seen a lot of states try to get out in front of Biden’s anti-2nd Amendment fervor and strengthen their gun laws.

And, much to the chagrin of the Democrats and their flying monkeys in the media, some of the “irregularities” from the last election are still being addressed.

The state of Kansas just dealt with those last two issues, which Bryan wrote about yesterday:

In the span of a month we’ve come full circle on election reforms — actual reforms, not the Democrats’ monstrosity that’s merely advertised as such. That unconstitutional power grab is going nowhere.

Kansas’ legislature has just overridden its governor’s veto and put into law a set of election reforms similar to those that just weeks ago Joe Biden declared were “Jim Crow on steroids.”

Biden would know these laws are nothing like Jim Crow, if he still had all his mental faculties, because he was around for Jim Crow. Biden happily cavorted with segregationist Democrats when it suited him. And Jim Crow was a Democrat policy.

That’s right, the Sunflower State just boldly went where Georgia has been getting savaged for going.

I don’t think the Biden message is resonating quite the way his team thinks it is.

This is from Bryan’s post as well:


Getting rid of what Bryan calls the “Zuck bucks” is huge. That nightmare needs to be kneecapped nationwide, but this is a good start.

Regarding the gun stuff:

The Legislature overrode Kelly’s veto of a bill that would create a special concealed carry permit for 18-, 19- and 20-year-olds, and that’s a major victory for gun-rights advocates. The state already allows people 21 and older to carry concealed guns without a permit and adults can carry them openly, but Kelly’s election had advocates of tougher gun laws hoping for a roll back of Kansas’ generally loose policies.

The Biden vision for America is certainly popular in the coastal-leftist hive mind regions of the country. Once you tiptoe into real America, however, it is anything but. It’s important to remember that the discontent with the Democrats’ overreach is manifesting itself in tangible pushback, not just raging emotion. The bad news is that this may just inspire the Dems to get even more aggressive with the commie push.

We’re just gonna have to hope there is something left to salvage by the time 2022 gets here.

I’ll stay positive for now. Whiskey helps.

Source: The Morning Briefing: States Continue to Not Buy Into Biden’s Commie New World Order