Mid-Day Snapshot · May 10, 2021

“If Congress can do whatever in their discretion can be done by money, and will promote the General Welfare, the Government is no longer a limited one, possessing enumerated powers, but an indefinite one, subject to particular exceptions.” —James Madison (1792)

Biden’s Bad Economy Blame Game

NATE JACKSONHe says Trump’s responsible for poor jobs numbers and that his “rescue” plan is needed.

COVID-19 Came From a Chinese Lab

DOUGLAS ANDREWSThe ChiComs’ claim that this uniquely potent virus came straight from a bat cave is ridiculous.

Worst Cyberattack in U.S. History Signals Trouble

THOMAS GALLATINThe pipeline responsible for 45% of the East Coast’s fuel was shut down following a ransomware attack.

Will Asian Americans Trade Success for Solidarity?

ARNOLD AHLERTDemocrats are attempting to convince them of their victimhood so as to win their votes.

Harris Blames Climate ‘Crisis’ for Border Crisis

ROBIN SMITHJoe Biden’s “border czar” clearly wants nothing to do with actually solving the problem.

A Sensible Scientist Unsettles the Left

DOUGLAS ANDREWSA new book by a former Obama official dumps plenty of cold water on the “settled science” of climate change.

Is New York City About to Elect a Pro-Gun Mayor?

THOMAS GALLATINA pro-Second Amendment Democrat candidate has taken the lead in the polls.

How Black Silence Is Violence in the Black Community

PATRICK HAMPTONAttacks on conservative ideas are as fierce as ever, but the leftist grip on black America is finally loosening.

In Brief: Biden’s Trojan Horse

POLITICAL EDITORSBobby Jindal says voters didn’t elect Biden to transform America, but that’s what they’re getting.

Monday Executive News Summary

JORDAN CANDLERFuel pipeline cyberattack, China’s SARS weaponization, border Dems slam Biden, and more.

Monday Short Cuts

JORDAN CANDLERNotable quotables from Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, AOC, and more.

Video: FBI Raids the Wrong Lady Over Pelosi’s Stolen Laptop

Close enough for government work doesn’t mean it’s just or right.

Video: The Elites Think You’re Stupid

Why do the liberal elites get every issue wrong? It’s because they think you’re stupid.


Milton Friedman’s Revenge
The specter of inflation haunts Joe Biden’s presidency.

Voter Suppression? Democrats Flat-Out Wrong. Census Data Gives Real Story About U.S. Elections.
Harris made that false claim about “voter suppression” in September last year when she was running for office.

GOP: Big Tech Is Playing a Losing Game of Monopoly
A lot of comparisons have been made between Big Tech and the robber barons of the 20th Century.

The April jobs report was a total miss. Just 266,000 new jobs were created.

Mask Hysteria
If ever a treatment was worse than the disease, this was it.

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