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Deconversion: Walking Away From Jesus — VCY America

Date:  May 11, 2021  
Host:  Jim Schneider  
​Guest:  Dr. Ed Hindson 
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It’s disturbing to hear of those who make a confession of faith and proclaim the name of Christ, only to eventually walk away from Jesus.  In late 2019, author and pastor Josh Harris spoke openly about leaving his wife, the church and Christianity.  Then there are CCM artists like Marty Sampson who publicly denounced his faith on social media.

The guest on this edition of Crosstalk calls these incidents, “deconversion”.  So why is this happening?  Is this something new or has this been going on for some time?

Joining Jim to discuss this issue was Dr. Ed Hindson.  Dr. Hindson is the founding dean of the School of Divinity and Distinguished Professor of Religion at Liberty University.  He’s the speaker on The King is Coming broadcast.  For decades he’s been an active conference speaker and has served as the editor of five major Study Bibles.  He is the author, co-author or general editor of over 40 books, many on the topic of Bible prophecy including: 15 Future Events That Will Shake the World and Earth’s Final Hour.

Dr. Hindson communicated that the phenomenon of people walking away from the faith is not new.  It goes all the way back to the New Testament.  He cited John 6 where Jesus is making some strong statements about himself.  He told the people he is the bread of life, he fed the 5,000, and when they came back the next day for more food, instead of giving them food, he let them know he wanted to give them a message that would change their life and that his real intent was to call them to faith.  He told them the manna that came down from heaven that their fathers ate, those folks are dead.  He let them know he had living bread so that they would never die.  They didn’t like this message with the result appearing in John 6:66  where it tells us that many of his disciples went back and no longer walked with him.

This points to the confusion that can appear in the minds of people over what is a person’s commitment to Jesus.  Dr. Hindson fears that sometimes people make a profession of faith because they want to go to heaven or don’t want to go to hell but they don’t really want to follow Jesus either.

This is the main thrust of a program that also looks at the following:

  • The difference between profession and possession.
  • Expectations people may have about what Jesus can do for them.
  • What about those who claim repentance is works?
  • The Parable of the Sower as it relates to this issue. 

There’s much more to learn from this broadcast while listeners add their questions as well.

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Deconversion: Walking Away From Jesus — VCY America

7 Dangerous Books That Could Radicalize Your Child — The Babylon Bee

The world is full of sinister voices, always trying to lure your children toward extremist, far-right ideas. How can you protect your kids from growing up to be literally Hitler– or worse– Ben Shapiro? We did several minutes of research and found the 7 books you must avoid at all costs: 

1. The Bible: This deeply problematic book teaches that all human beings are of one race, with only two genders, made in the image of God. Yeesh. Not a good look, God. 

2. Any math book: Math is a gateway drug into the white supremacist idea of “either/or” thinking. It starts with 2+2=4, and ends with your kid microaggressing her non-binary classmate. Stay away! 

3. The works of Shakespeare: We don’t know much about Shakespeare because he uses big words so we never read him. We know this much though: he was a white cis-male. We recommend a comic book by Ta-Nehisi Coates instead. 

4. If You Give A Mouse A Cookie: This deeply anti-communist work criticizes the welfare state and reeks of white supremacy. It also smacks of bigotry. It’s rare for a book to both reek and smack like that. 

5. The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe: Indoctrinates kids into Christianity, and shames women from being Witches/feminists.

6. Are You My Mother?: REEEEEEE!

7. The Tuttle Twins: Kids who read these books have been known to grow into virtuous, productive citizens. How is the government going to grow bigger if everyone is a virtuous, productive citizen? Sounds pretty counterproductive to us. 

7 Dangerous Books That Could Radicalize Your Child — The Babylon Bee

Do You Get The Feeling That Events Happening Now Are Leading Us Into An Endless Global Nightmare? — The Economic Collapse

2021 was supposed to be the year that life went back to normal.  Obviously that is not happening, and so a lot of prominent voices out there are going to be forced to update their narratives.  Global events have really started to accelerate, and so many of the things that the “doom and gloomers” have been warning about are starting to happen right in front of our eyes.  For example, on my websites I have been talking about Israel a lot in recent months, and now it appears that the region is on the brink of war.  So far, more than 700 rockets have been fired into Israel from Gaza, but by the time you read this article that number will probably be even higher.  In response, the IDF has conducted a series of dramatic strikes inside Gaza, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is promising “to attack harder and increase the pace of attacks”

‘Hamas will be hit in ways that it does not expect,’ Netanyahu said. ‘We have eliminated commanders, hit many important targets and we have decided to attack harder and increase the pace of attacks.’

Joe Biden and other world leaders are begging for peace, but neither side appears to be inclined to back down.

Every time Israel retaliates, Hamas just launches even more rockets at Israeli cities, and they are insisting that this is their “right”

“We have the right to respond to the Israeli offensive and protect the interests of our people as long as the Israeli occupation continues the escalation,” Hamas said in a statement.

So here we go.

As I discussed yesterday, this situation has the potential to get wildly out of control very rapidly.

On Tuesday, the skies above Tel Aviv looked like something out of a science fiction movie as Israel’s Iron Dome intercepted countless incoming rockets from Gaza.  Could you imagine living in fear that a rocket could explode right next to you at any moment?

If that was happening in this country, millions of Americans would be screaming for Biden to nuke somebody.

Meanwhile, the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack has caused massive gasoline shortages up and down the east coast of the United States.  On Tuesday evening, the Drudge Report breathlessly declared that more than 1,000 gas stations had run out of gasoline, and Zero Hedge was reporting that some people were waiting in line for up to five hours in a desperate attempt to fill up their vehicles.

Up until recently, just about the only thing that we were missing from the economy of the 1970s was the long gas lines, but now here we are.

North America’s largest petroleum pipeline has been shut down for just a few days, and now much of the southeastern quadrant of the country is absolutely paralyzed.

Do you think that there is a lesson to be learned here?

Of course there is.  Once again we see how incredibly vulnerable we are to any sort of a major disruption.  If the unprecedented power grid failure in Texas a few months ago was not enough of a wake up call for you, this definitely should be.

At this point, we are being told it is uncertain whether or not the Colonial Pipeline will be able to restore operations by this weekend…

If the Colonial Pipeline is not back in business by the weekend, prices could continue to rise at the pump and there will be broader localized fuel shortages across the southeast and mid-Atlantic regions.

Eventually, the flow of gasoline will be restored and everyone along the east coast will be able to fill up their vehicles again.

But the crazy inflation that we are witnessing right is not going to go away.

For years, economic “doom and gloomers” have been warning that if we kept recklessly creating, borrowing and spending money that really bad things would happen.

How many times have we heard about “the death of the dollar” and the dangers of wildly inflating our currency?

Well, it turns out that the “doom and gloomers” were dead on accurate.  Inflation is one of the biggest stories of 2021 so far, and we just got another confirmation of how bad things are getting out there…

The median price for a single-family home in the U.S. rose the most on record in the first quarter, as buyers fought over a dearth of inventory, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Prices jumped 16.2% from a year earlier to a record high of $319,200. The growth eclipsed the 14.8% rate in the fourth quarter, which was the highest in data going back to 1989, the group said in a report Tuesday.

But at least home prices are not rising as fast as the price of cotton is.

If you can believe it, the price of cotton is up more than 50 percent over the past year.

Of course the price of corn is rising even more rapidly.  As I discussed the other day, the price of corn is up about 50 percent just since the turn of the year.

Needless to say, lumber still has everyone else beat.  The price of lumber has actually risen more than 200 percentover the past 12 months.

A lot of comparisons have been made to the horrible inflation that the U.S. experienced during the 1970s, but really I think that we need to go all the way back to the 1930s for a more accurate parallel to our current situation.

At this point, we are becoming more like the Weimar Republic with each passing day.

But if you think that things are really bad now, just wait, because you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Everywhere you look, systems are failing, society is crumbling and evil is growing.  Even the Secret Service, who are supposed to be the best of the best, are now plagued by endless scandals and widespread incompetence.

This is not a drill.  A widespread societal collapse is now underway, and it is going to get progressively worse.

This is the time of our endless nightmare, but nobody is going to ever be allowed to wake up from it.

Do You Get The Feeling That Events Happening Now Are Leading Us Into An Endless Global Nightmare? — The Economic Collapse

May 11 Evening Quotes of The Day

The Difference Between the Opinion and Sense of God’s Holiness
Psalm 34:8; John 1:16–18; James 2:19

There is a difference between having an opinion that God is holy and gracious, and having a sense of the loveliness and beauty of that holiness and grace. There is a difference between having a rational judgment that honey is sweet, and having a sense of its sweetness. A man may have the former that knows not how honey tastes, but a man cannot have the latter unless he has an idea of the taste of honey in his mind.


Ritzema, E., & Vince, E. (Eds.). (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Puritans. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

God’s Word Has Authority in Any Language
Isaiah 28:11; 1 Corinthians 14:21

The scripture and word of God is truly to every Christian man of like worthiness and authority, in what language soever the Holy Ghost speaks it.


Ritzema, E. (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Reformation. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Fighting Discouragement Through Worship — The Master’s Seminary Blog

I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the LORD!’ – Psalm 122:1

Psalm 73 describes the incredible spiritual journey of a man named Asaph. The psalmist declares what is undeniably true: “God is good to Israel, to those who are pure in heart” (Psalm 73:1). Amen! Indeed He is. With that strong statement of faith, the sermon could come to an end. But there’s more.

The Frustration of Spiritual Inequity

The preacher continues, “But as for me, my feet had almost stumbled, my steps had nearly slipped” (Psalm 73:2). Now he makes it personal. The psalmist is essentially saying, God is good to His people, but I feel like the exception.

From verses 3 to fifteen, Asaph details the things that are consuming his soul. He laments the wicked who seem to enjoy all the prosperity they can stand. It seems to him as though those who live contrary to God’s law experience lives of luxury and ease. He notes that those who treat people with violence and hatred remain unpunished as they rage in their sinfulness. He is indignant that those who neither believe in God nor worship Him taunt those who do. Parading their immoral lifestyles, they mockingly boast in Psalm 73:11, “How can God know?”

As Asaph processes this spiritual inequity, the psalmist presumes that his attempts to follow the Lord are in vain. What is the point of striving to be godly and holy if it gets him nowhere? Asaph feels stricken and rebuked day after day while the wicked enjoy all of the wealth, popularity, and entertainment they could ever desire.

After all of this, Asaph adds one more discouraging layer.

He laments that he cannot bear to speak these things out loud. He struggles with the feeling that God blesses other people, but not him. Asaph feels alone and abandoned. What’s worse, although God blesses His people, Asaph feels as though he is the exception to the rule. He doesn’t voice his feelings because if he did, he feels like he would betray the people’s confidence in his ministry (Psalm 73:15). He keeps his thoughts to himself and allows them to trouble him deeply.

How miserable to be jealous of the wicked and frustrated at the world’s success. How painful to feel like the only one without protection, and to hold these feelings inside.

The Difference Worship Makes

Then something changes. Something tremendous takes place. He reaches a place of comfort as he journeys “into the sanctuary of God; [and discerns] their end” (Psalm 73:17). 

Asaph’s perspective changes in the presence of the almighty God. That is where he sees the truth. The elements of worship lifted his eyes from the world and put his focus on God. When he understood, everything changed. His situation did not change. But his perspective did entirely.

Asaph realizes that those who mock God may enjoy temporary blessings, but they will be consumed one day in judgment. Even though at times Asaph felt like he was stumbling, he became aware of God’s upholding hand. Then, after worship, his envy turns to praise. He concludes, “Whom have I in heaven but You? And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides You. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever” (Psalm 73:25-26).

What a transformation! What made the difference? The wicked of Asaph’s day were still living in rebellion. Other believers continued to enjoy blessings that Asaph did not. But here is what did change: Asaph’s focus. He no longer looked at everybody and everything around him but looked instead to God through worship, fixing his gaze upon the Lord.

Only after he encountered the Living God in worship were things put in the proper perspective. Only after his encounter with God did he write his story. Only after his encounter with God did he confess his feelings. The story does not end in despair. He encourages the reader with his new direction, “I have made the Lord God my refuge, that I may tell of all Your works” (Psalm 73:28). Having been reminded of the goodness and faithfulness of God, he has a story worth telling.

Corrie ten Boom, a survivor of a Nazi prison camp, would later sum up how Asaph felt so many years ago and indeed how many Christians today have felt at one time or another: “If you look at the world, you’ll be distressed. If you look within, you’ll be depressed. If you look at God, you’ll be at rest.”

Only worship can take your eyes off of the world and set them on Christ. Read Psalm 73 and see for yourself the difference worship can make. Then remember, as the psalmist did in Psalm 122, how good it is to enter the house of the Lord.

Fighting Discouragement Through Worship — The Master’s Seminary Blog

May 11 Evening Verse of The Day

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6:4 Essential to the work of the apostles was their devotion to prayer and to the ministry of the word. The burgeoning ministry of charity was distracting them from this calling. The Greek-speaking Hellenists from whom the seven were selected were better equipped to serve and communicate with the widows.[1]

6:4 Prayer and the ministry of the Word (cf. v. 2) define the highest priorities of church leaders.[2]

6:4 — “ … but we will give ourselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the word.”

Church leaders and teachers, in particular, must never skimp on their time spent in prayer and in God’s Word. Since they will “receive a stricter judgment” (James 3:1), they need to make sure they stay close to God.[3]

6:4 prayer and … word: Note the order here. Prayer was primary for the apostles (2:42).[4]

6:4. The Twelve then specified their own duties. They would dedicate themselves “continually to prayer and to the ministry of the word.” This wise and simple solution freed the apostles to pursue their primary ministry.[5]

6:4 The apostles would give themselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the word. The order here is significant—first prayer, then the ministry of the word. They made it a point to speak to God about men before speaking to men about God.[6]

6:4 “devote ourselves” This Greek term is used in several senses.

1.    to closely associate with someone, Acts 8:13

2.    to personally serve someone, Acts 10:7

3.    to be steadfastly committed to something or someone

a.    the early disciples to each other and prayer, Acts 1:14

b.   the early disciples to the Apostles’ teaching, Acts 2:42

c.    the early disciples to each other, Acts 2:46

d.   the Apostles to the ministry of prayer and the Word, Acts 6:4 (Paul uses the same word to call believers to steadfastness in prayer, Rom. 12:12; Col. 4:2).

 “prayer and the ministry of the word” This phrase is fronted (i.e. placed first) in the Greek sentence for emphasis. Isn’t it paradoxical that it was these “seven” who were the first to catch the vision of the world mission of the gospel, not the Apostles. It was “the seven” whose preaching forced the break with Judaism, not the Apostles.[7]

4. And we will give ourselves unto prayer. They show again that they have too much business otherwise, wherein they may exercise themselves during their whole life. For the old proverb agreeth hereunto very fitly, which was used sometimes in the solemn rites, do this. Therefore, they use the word προσκαρτερησαι, which signifieth to be, as it were, fastened and tied to anything. Therefore, pastors must not think that they have so done their duty that they need to do no more when they have daily spent some time in teaching. There is another manner of study, another manner of zeal, another manner of continuance required, that they may3 indeed boast that they are wholly given to that thing. They adjoin thereunto prayer, not that they alone ought to pray, (for that is an exercise common to all the godly,) but because they have peculiar causes to pray above all others. There is no man which ought not to be careful for the common salvation of the Church. How much more, then, ought the pastor, who hath that function enjoined him by name to labour carefully [anxiously] for it? So Moses did indeed exhort others unto prayer, but he went before them as the ringleader, (Exod. 17:11.) And it is not without cause that Paul doth so often make mention of his prayers, (Rom. 1:10.) Again, we must always remember that, that we shall lose all our labour bestowed upon plowing, sowing, and watering, unless the increase come from heaven, (1 Cor. 3:7.) Therefore, it shall not suffice to take great pains in teaching, unless we require the blessing at the hands of the Lord, that our labour may not be in vain and unfruitful. Hereby it appeareth that the exercise of prayer is not in vain commended unto the ministers of the word.[8]

[1] Crossway Bibles. (2008). The ESV Study Bible (p. 2092). Wheaton, IL: Crossway Bibles.

[2] MacArthur, J. F., Jr. (2006). The MacArthur study Bible: New American Standard Bible. (Ac 6:4). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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[7] Utley, R. J. (2003). Luke the Historian: The Book of Acts (Vol. Volume 3B, p. 92). Marshall, TX: Bible Lessons International.

[8] Calvin, J., & Beveridge, H. (2010). Commentary upon the Acts of the Apostles (Vol. 1, pp. 236–237). Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software.

You Are Unique — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

My only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.” Acts 20:24 (NIV)

You’re the only person in the world who can live your life. No one else can live your life for you, and no one else is in competition with you to complete the task Jesus gave you.

Take a deep breath, and rest in the truth that God created you with such a unique mix of spiritual gifts, passions, abilities, personality, and experiences that only you can be you. No one else can duplicate you, and you cannot, should not, imitate another. You are an original masterpiece from the Master’s hand.

Your uniqueness means you’re the only one who can fulfill the mission that God assigned for you to complete.

God’s graduate assistant, Paul, says,

I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace” Acts 20:24 (NIV).

We shouldn’t waste a precious minute of life doing things that don’t matter if that means the most important thing we can do is left undone.

It’s never too late to start faithfully pursuing the mission God has set before you — the one he designed you to complete.

You may think you don’t have skills God can use, but the truth is, God designed you with the very skills he needs in you to do what he asks of you. You are uniquely, wonderfully, and fearfully made.

– Everything God has done for you, including redeeming you from your sinful failures, will support your success and bring glory to God. Think back on your life. In what specific ways has God been preparing you to accomplish his goal for your life?

How would you live differently if you truly believed God created you for a unique mission, one that only you can accomplish?

By Jon Walker
Used by Permission


•  Stepping Into a Personal Revival
• Fully Surrender to the Lord

Learn more about knowing Jesus at: https://thoughts-about-god.com/four-laws/

You Are Unique — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

Your Mundane Matter — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand.” Ephesians 2:10

I used to think living completely for Christ would mean my every day would be marked by countless ministry opportunities. I thought serving overseas or working for a church would mean I could lead others to Christ, plant churches, and even teach God’s Word. While it is still in my heart to do those things, I’ve learned an incredible truth that should manifest itself in the life of every Christian: we do not have to be in the ministry to do ministry.

In Ephesians, Paul writes to the church of Ephesus that “we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them” (2:10). This verse should prompt Christians to want to do good works for Christ (serving, teaching, and loving others), but also remind us that these works can be performed wherever we are.

Although the mundane days rarely feel exciting, we have to remember that they truly are important. There is strength in monotony. The works that feel less than thrilling are often the hard and holy things that are beautiful in the eyes of God.

When you start to feel as if your work isn’t important, remember that as a child of God, you were created for good works. Your life is a living example to those around you, and no task is unimportant.

Heavenly Father, thank you for the opportunity to serve exactly where I am. Thank you that I don’t have to be hundreds of miles away or even working in a church in order to live completely for you. Let your light shine through me today and onto others who need you most.

Remind yourself often that you are God’s masterpiece and that God has planned out the good he wants you to do today. Ask him to keep your eyes open to the love you can shed abroad all through this day in his Spirit’s strength.

By Mckenna Vietti
Used by Permission


•  Reasons to be Thankful
•  Guiltless is God’s Eyes

Learn more about knowing Jesus at: https://thoughts-about-god.com/four-laws/

Your Mundane Matter — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

May 11 Afternoon Quotes of The Day

Lead a Dying Life
1 Peter 2:24

Realize that you must lead a dying life; the more a man dies to himself, the more he begins to live unto God.


Ritzema, E. (Ed.). (2012). 300 Quotations for Preachers. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Glad to Be Corrected
Proverbs 9:8; 13:1; 15:12, 31; 19:20; Zechariah 3:2

The one who is glad to be corrected is truly wise.… The foolish man is angered when corrected.


Ritzema, E., & Brant, R. (Eds.). (2013). 300 quotations for preachers from the Medieval church. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

May 11 – Only God knows — Reformed Perspective

Through the church the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places. – Ephesians 3:10

Scripture readings: Ephesians 3:1-10Daniel 2:8-11

Daniel was not the first person called to Nebuchadnezzar’s court. He was a good student, but he was not first on the list of dream interpreters in Babylon. After all, he was one of the Jews and not a sophisticated wise man or pagan sorcerer. Nebuchadnezzar’s terror because of the dream he received was amplified by his realization that his advisors were cheats, swindlers and liars. Whatever their dark arts, they did not have a way to bring him the truth. Normal dreams don’t provoke such a reaction, but this was no ordinary dream that Nebuchadnezzar received.

The frantic search for truth on Nebuchadnezzar’s part brought him to a state of fear that positioned him to be ready, by the Lord’s doing, to receive the word of a young messenger from the Lord. In your life, the Lord works this way as well. While He doesn’t use dreams with you, He does awaken our consciences to truths about ourselves that we know only God knows! The fear this creates in our hearts is calmed by the message of God which He also is pleased to bring to us through His Word!

Do you make time to learn from God’s Word each day? Do you seek answers to life’s questions in the Bible? When you face a fearful realization of guilt, do you know that your security rests in the Lord Jesus Christ Who is the Word made flesh so that He might deliver you from fear and death? Praise the Saviour!

Suggestions for prayer

Pray for the gospel to bring you greater comfort. Pray for a blessing on your meditation upon God’s Word. Pray for messengers to go out to the world’s rulers and the world’s lowliest inhabitants to bring these words of life!

Rev. Norman Van Eeden Petersman is the pastor of the Vancouver Associated Presbyterian Church and he is the husband of Rosanna and father of Elliott. Prior to being ordained in the Associated Presbyterian Church, he was the pastor of Adoration United Reformed Church in Ontario. This daily devotional is also available in a print edition you can buy at Nearer to God Devotional.

May 11 – Only God knows — Reformed Perspective

11 May 2021 News Briefing


Pollard: G-d gave us this Land – not the US
“This is our Land, G-d gave it to us, and if you don’t like it, that’s OK. We set the rules,” he continued, adding, “You may have heard that the US wants to set up a PA embassy in Jerusalem. We can’t allow this. If the Americans want to set up a Palestinian embassy in Washington, good luck. That’s their business. But not here. Not in Israel. Not in Jerusalem.” Pollard said it was time for Israel to leave the UN, stating that “our presence in the UN is an insult to all our ancestors who gave their lives for this country.”

IDF strikes Hamas rocket launchers, kills 8 terrorists after rocket attacks on Israel
According to a statement from the IDF, the Israeli military struck two rocket launchers and two military outposts. The army also eliminated eight Hamas terrorist operatives, the statement added. Gazan authorities said Israeli strikes killed at least 20 people, including a senior Hamas commander, and injured another 65.

Tropical Storm Andres Forms In Pacific, Earliest On Record; Expect Another Busy Atlantic Hurricane Season
Tropical Storm Andres is the earliest named storm to develop in the eastern Pacific Ocean, surpassing Adrian in 2017. Andres became a tropical storm on Sunday, according to the National Weather Service. Andres formed off the southwest coast of Mexico Sunday, had sustained winds of 40 mph and moved out to sea at six mph.

It’s Official: McCarthy Sets Wednesday Vote For Liz Cheney Ouster
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said he has officially scheduled a vote for Wednesday to oust House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) from her post, soon after he endorsed Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) for the No. 3 leadership spot.

Has The Mainstream Media Finally Turned Against Bill Gates?
Not long after we pointed out a report from the Daily Beast which traced the tensions in the marriage of Bill and Melinda Gates to Bill’s relationship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, the Wall Street Journal has followed up with more reporting that confirms that Melinda Gates started consulting divorce attorneys as far back as 2019, before the pandemic thrust her husband back into the global spotlight as the world’s de facto vaccine czar.

Wildfires Rage In Arizona; Southwestern US Faces Megadrought
The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has warned against a megadrought approaching dangerous levels in the southwestern US. Wildfire conditions have been ripe across the region as Red Flag Warnings have been sprouting up from California to Texas. Arid conditions in Arizona appear to have sparked a duo of wildfires burning in the state, forcing thousands of folks to flee as firefighters struggle to contain the blazes.

US Already Planning How To “Choke” Chinese Submarines In Case Of Conflict
“For them to move from China’s near seas to the open ocean, they’re going to have to transit through different chokepoints and straits in the island chains,” mentioned Shugart, an adjunct senior fellow on the Center for a New American Security assume tank. “That will provide opportunities for an adversary — the U.S. and our allies’ submarine forces — to monitor more closely and try to intercept them if we were involved in a conflict, or in the run-up to a conflict.”

Welcome To The Socialist Paradise Of California
If you like extremely high taxes, a ridiculously inflated cost of living, horrifying bureaucratic nightmares, rising crime rates, endless homeless encampments and “health restrictions” that make it nearly impossible to operate a small business successfully, then you are going to absolutely love California. Vast hordes of people have fled the state over the past 12 months, and so that means that there is now plenty of room for more socialists to move in.

US seizes massive arms shipment in Arabian Sea
the U.S. Fifth Fleet said the large weapons cache “included advanced Russian-made anti-tank guided missiles & Chinese Type 56 assault rifles.” The illicit arms cargo is reportedly worth millions of dollars. The Navy’s raid on the suspicious vessel reportedly took place between May 6 and 7. The U.S. Navy had reportedly tracked the vessel for some 36 hours before confronting it. The Fifth Fleet conducts regular patrol security operations in the Persian Gulf, the Arabian Sea and the Red Sea.

Evidence of extraterrestrials? Funding research is better than eyewitness reports
Putting our hands on a piece of alien technology would change the way we perceive our place in the universe, our aspirations for space and our philosophical and theological beliefs.

Israel bombarded by over 150 Gaza rockets; IDF hits Hamas in Strip
Southern Israel was hit by repeated barrages of rocket fire from the Gaza Strip on Monday night, as Palestinian terror groups in the coastal enclave attacked civilian targets over what Hamas called Israeli “crimes and aggression” in Jerusalem.

Latest escalation complicates effort to unseat Netanyahu
In the wake of the ongoing clashes in Jerusalem and the massive rocket attack on Israel on Monday, Ra’am leader Mansour Abbas Abbas cancels meetings he was scheduled to have with Yesh Atid and Yamina, the two leading factions in the anti-Netanyahu bloc.

Mounting evidence reveals: Abbas behind deadly Jerusalem riots
The day after the lethal shooting attack earlier this month in which one Israeli teenager was murdered, yet another song encouraging martyrdom-death and calling on Palestinians to “redeem Jerusalem with [their] lives” was posted by Abbas’ Fatah Movement on Facebook and broadcast on its TV channel Awdah.

Netanyahu: Israel will respond with great force
“We are in a struggle that is spreading across several fronts: in Jerusalem, in Gaza and elsewhere in the country. The terrorist organizations in Gaza crossed a red line in the evening on Jerusalem Day and attacked us with missiles at the entrances to Jerusalem,” Netanyahu said. “I tell you, the citizens of Israel, the current conflict may continue for some time. We did not want escalation, but those who chose to escalate will feel the comfort of our arms,

IDF closes roads near Gaza amidst Jerusalem Day tensions
In light of the assessment of the situation, the IDF decided to block areas and roads near the Gaza Strip perimeter fence. In addition, train service has been halted between Beersheba and Ashkelon.

Two Israelis killed in Ashkelon rocket barrage; Top terrorist killed in Gaza
Two Israelis were killed in Ashkelon on Tuesday as barrages of rockets struck the southern city and the IDF continued to target Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist sites throughout the Gaza Strip. The Israelis were killed when rockets slammed into their home in Ashkelon. Minutes later the IDF reported that it had killed the top Islamic Jihad commander responsible for rocket fire in Gaza.

No ceasefire in sight as Hamas, IDF threaten escalation
Hamas and the IDF expressed opposition to efforts by Egypt to mediate a ceasefire…with terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip firing over 250 rockets…and the IDF carrying out strikes on Gaza in response, killing 25 people. Terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip announced…they were launching an operation called the “Sword of Jerusalem,” as Israel announced that it was launching an operation in response called “Guardians of the Wall.”

Egypt, Qatar and the UN urge Hamas to end violence against Israel
Egypt, Qatar and the United Nations have contacted Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in an attempt to prevent a major confrontation between the Gaza-based terrorist groups and Israel, sources close to Hamas said Monday night. Haniyeh, who is based in Qatar, phoned Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and briefed him on the current situation in the Gaza Strip and Jerusalem, the sources said.

China census: Data shows slowest population growth in decades
China’s population grew at its slowest pace in decades, according to government data released on Tuesday. The average annual growth rate was 0.53% over the past 10 years, down from a rate of 0.57% between 2000 and 2010 – bringing the population to 1.41bn. The results add pressure on Beijing to boost measures for couples to have more babies and avert a population decline.

Strait of Hormuz: US fires warning shots at Iranian boats in Gulf
A US Coast Guard ship fired warning shots at Iranian boats that came close to American naval vessels in the Strait of Hormuz, the Pentagon says. The Pentagon said 13 fast boats from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy (IRGCN) came within 140m (459ft) of US vessels on Monday. The Iranian vessels left after 30 warning shots were fired, the Pentagon said.

Algeria to ban unauthorised protests
Algeria will ban unauthorised demonstrations, the country’s interior ministry has announced, a move that observers say is aimed at bringing to an end a years-long protest movement seeking democratic reforms. The announcement came on Sunday as protests by the Hirak movement gained momentum in recent weeks after a months-long hiatus caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Lake Cuitzeo, the second-largest lake in Mexico dries up
At the end of April 2021, drought conditions were covering 85 percent of Mexico. Numerous lakes and reservoirs have dried up, or are in the process of drying up, including the country’s second-largest body of freshwater — Lake Cuitzeo. Before the current drought, Lake Cuitzeo was Mexico’s second-biggest lake, with an area of approximately 300 – 400 km2 (120 – 150 mi2), and the site of a thriving fishing economy in Michoacán.

Water reservoirs drop to critical levels as Taiwan suffers worst drought on record
Taiwan’s water reservoirs have dropped to critical levels in May 2021 in what is now the country’s worst drought in 56 years. The government has allotted money to explore new sources of water and is using geoengineering planes to dump cloud-seeding chemicals in hopes of triggering rain. The country’s central regions are the worst affected, with water reservoirs currently below 10%.

Heavy rains leave 25 people dead, more than 150 000 at risk in days ahead, Somalia
Heavy rains lashed many parts of Somalia over the past few days, triggering flash floods that affected around 25 000 people and killed at least 25.

Tropical Storm “Andres” forms as eastern Pacific’s earliest named storm on record
Tropical Storm “Andres” formed at 15:00 UTC on May 9, 2021, as the earliest eastern Pacific Ocean named storm on record. The previous record was held by Adrian which formed on May 10, 2017. There is no threat to land from this storm and Andres is expected to become a remnant low by Tuesday, May 11.

Biden HHS Rolls Back Religious Conscience Protections for Doctors
The Biden administration adopted a new rule Monday that could force Catholic hospitals, religious doctors, and other objectors to perform sex changes.

Temple Mount Death Toll Rises To 20 As IDF Retaliates Against Hamas Terrorists After Over 150 Missiles Fired On Israel From The Gaza Strip Border
By any scale, the intense fighting going on in Jerusalem is only one step away from becoming all out war, which it very well may be by the time the sun rises over the middle east tomorrow morning. Hamas wants war with Israel and it looks like they’re going to get it, already 20 Hamas militants have been killed in retaliatory strikes.

Biden Admin Reverses Trump Rule, Will Require of Hospitals to Provide Sex-Change Procedures
The Biden administration took action Monday to require hospitals to perform sex-change procedures and offer other other transgender medical services or face anti-discrimination lawsuits, restoring an Obama-era policy that had been ended by President Donald Trump.

Report Verifies China Was Plotting World War III Using Covid As Bioweapon
The Daily Mail published a story claiming that China was preparing for a Third World War and weapons included coronavirus weaponized.

Millennials are being devastated by chronic health conditions and no one knows why 
A new Harris Poll conducted on behalf of CNBC has revealed that nearly half of all millennials born between 1981 and 1988 suffer from at least one chronic health condition that majorly inhibits their ability to live and function normally.

Sonic attacks now blasting people inside U.S., White House admits
It’s called the Havana Syndrome and it involves Americans experiencing a variety of physical and health symptoms, and experts think it may be caused by deliberate microwave or sonic attacks from enemies of the United States.

NEW: Man Who Shot Three Random People in Times Square in Broad Daylight Identified as Farrakhan Muhammad
NYPD identified the man who shot 3 random people, including a 4-year-old child in Times Square on Saturday evening. Police identified Farrakhan Muhammad as a person of interest by his brother, the Denver Channel reported.

Leaked Internal Docs Reveal Disney is Pushing White Employees to Donate to BLM, Tells Them Not to Question Black Peers
Leaked internal documents from the Disney corporation show an insane level of far-left extremist policies and plans to “take a stand” and stop shying away from political controversies.

Canadian Pastor Shockingly Arrested And Put In Chains For ‘Inciting People To Attend Church’ In Violation Of Canada’s Fascist COVID Laws
Let this sink down deep into your brain, and let it be a warning to you. Canadian pastor Artur Pawlowski was hunted down in the streets like a dog, knocked to the ground, placed in chains and arrested. What was the charge? The charge was ‘inciting people to attend church’. Wake up, people, it’s later than you think. In fact, time’s up.

Fauci and the NIH caught funding China’s covid bioweapons research
In today’s Situation Update podcast, we cover the bombshell news that communist China’s militarized bioweapons industry was funded by the NIH under the control of Dr. Fauci. They deliberately funded bioweapons development “gain-of-function” research in China, which led to the deliberate release of the SARS-CoV-2 bioweapon that’s now being used to push weaponized depopulation vaccines around the world.

On Jerusalem Day In Israel The Specter Of All Out War Looms Between Israelis And Palestinians In Gaza Strip
Canada and the Middle East Quartet (the United Nations, United States, European Union and Russia) condemned on Sunday the violence that took place on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and called on Israel to halt eviction plans for Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood as violence rises in the country’s capital.

Maricopa County Elections Witness Testifies that Dominion Ran Entire Election – County Officials and Observers NEVER HAD Access or Passwords! (Video)
Back on November 30, 2020, Maricopa County elections witness Jan Bryant testified before the Arizona legislature. Jan has a strong project management background. She could not believe what she witnessed during the 2020 election in Maricopa County, Arizona.

UK now pushing pregnant women to take covid vaccines despite miscarriage, infertility risks 
Following a recent back-pedal in the risk assessment of experimental mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, pregnant women in the U.K. are now being instructed by the publicly funded BBC that they “should be offered the COVID vaccine.”

Big Abortion wants baby murder clinics on every street corner 
Big Government and Big Pharma have become household names around here, but what about Big Abortion? It turns out that the abortion industry is rapidly franchising in an attempt to make baby murder as easy and available as popping in to a corner convenience store for a hot dog.

Source: 11 May 2021 – Rapture Ready

Apostasy Watch Tuesday 5-11-21

Manning Johnson – Creating Hate: A Commentary by a Former Communist

Gary DeMar – The Messianic State Will Use Any Excuse to Shut Down the Church

Mike Oppenheimer – Why can’t we agree or unite with “today’s prophets?”

Mark Driscoll Accused of Cult-Like Actions; 24/7 Surveillance, Mandated Loyalty

Revoice Leaders Promoting “Homosexuality is a Blessing” Nonsense

Parents outraged after first grade teacher reads book promoting transgenderism to students

Waco church retires millions in medical debt for county residents

Source: Daily News and Commentary (apostasywatch.com)

Mid-Day Snapshot · May 11, 2021

“To cherish and stimulate the activity of the human mind, by multiplying the objects of enterprise, is not among the least considerable of the expedients, by which the wealth of a nation may be promoted.” —Alexander Hamilton (1791)

The Truth About Unemployment

We’re not getting it from Joe Biden, who says there’s no problem and also promises to fix it.

Don’t Blame the Pandemic for Spiking Crime

Leftist politicians claim COVID is responsible, conveniently ignoring the anti-police narrative fomented by BLM.

NBC Awokens the Golden Globes

The network canceled the annual awards show over concerns about its lack of “diversity.”

Biden Waives His Own Ethics Rule

When it comes to Democrat-friendly unions, the rules just don’t apply.

Detroit’s Top Cop Poised to Challenge Whitmer

Police Chief James Craig calls himself a conservative, and he might be just the man to unseat an unpopular leftist governor.

Refugees? Take in the ‘Terps’

There are people in Afghanistan who aided America and should qualify for refugee status here.

Red-State Governors Want Workers Off the Dole

They’re increasingly rejecting pandemic federal unemployment benefits in an effort to get people back to work.

In Brief: 3 Things to Know About SCOTUS Gun Case

As the Second Amendment returns to the highest court, here are key considerations.

Tuesday Executive News Summary

AOC berated border agent, fallout from Colonial Pipeline hack, Iran swarms U.S. warships, and more.

Tuesday Short Cuts

Notable quotables from Matt Walsh, Paul Krugman, Jeffrey Zients, and more.

Reader Comments

What follows are a few thought-provoking comments about specific articles.

Video: Killing Comedy

Seth Dillon is the CEO of The Babylon Bee, where they write satire for a living. You’d think that would be easy in today’s absurd world, but in reality, it’s just the opposite.

Video: Satire: Men for Total Equality

94% of portapoddy clearers are men, a career field in which women are underrepresented. It’s time for change.

Biden’s Child Care Folly He’s talking about using taxpayer dollars to create as a default an arrangement that most parents would rather avoid.

Biden’s Blunders in Foreign Policy: The First 100 Days His blunders in foreign and defense policy are far more likely to have immediate and long-lasting consequences.

Are We to Be the World’s Greatest Force for Good or Not?
America is poised to do in Afghanistan what it did in Vietnam.

In the Face of Most Democrats’ Opposition, U.S. Steel Cancels a Billion-Dollar Investment
Allegheny County chief executive Rich Fitzgerald, a city Democrat, said he was “blindsided by the news.”

The Infernal Revenue Service
The U.S. government takes in record amounts of revenue. The Biden administration wants more.

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“The Patriot Post” (https://patriotpost.us)

Biden administration holds migrant children in mass shelters by the tens of thousands with little oversight

The Biden administration is holding tens of thousands of asylum-seeking children in an opaque network of some 200 facilities that The Associated Press has learned spans two dozen states and includes five shelters with more than 1,000 children packed inside.

Source: Biden administration holds migrant children in mass shelters by the tens of thousands with little oversight

Rand Paul Urges Fauci to Abandon Gain-of-Function Research, Citing Possible COVID Lab Leak

Fauci quibbled with Paul’s definition of gain-of-function research during the exchange and refused to condemn the practice as dangerous.

Source: Rand Paul Urges Fauci to Abandon Gain-of-Function Research, Citing Possible COVID Lab Leak

Investors are ignoring a ticking-time-bomb stock market, says this money manager

Investors aren’t worried about risk and the Fed helped them get there, but it isn’t going to end well, warns our call of the day from Thomas H. Kee Jr., president and chief executive of Stock Traders Daily and portfolio manager at Equity Logic.

Source: Investors are ignoring a ticking-time-bomb stock market, says this money manager

Biden Thankful For Gas Crisis To Distract From Inflation Crisis, Unemployment Crisis, And Border Crisis — The Babylon Bee

WASHINGTON, D.C.—In the days following the Colonial Pipeline hack, gas stations have begun to run out of fuel, creating a panic for many. As for the President of the United States, this has come as a relief when considering all the other crises that have been nagging his presidency.

“Finally, a distraction!” said Biden letting out a sigh of relief. “It was either ‘inflation crisis’ this, or ‘unemployment crisis’ that, and I don’t even want to hear the words ‘border crisis’ again. I was like– would you just shut up man?!”

Biden explained that all of this negative coverage was starting to make him look bad. He said that things like his wild federal spending, paying people not to work, and soft border policies have nothing to do with the current state of the country. “Hopefully, a good old-fashioned gas price hike and shortage will finally give me a quieter news cycle.” 

“People keep directing the blame at me like I’m supposed to do something about this. But c’mon man — that ain’t the President’s job. It’s up to the American people to come together, and unify to solve this stuff,” Biden continued. “And anyway, everyone should just pony up and drive a Tesla. Get with the times, and save the planet, Jack. It’s common sense.”

At publishing time, Biden tried to sign some executive orders to increase our national cybersecurity and resume construction of the Keystone pipeline, but his pen was out of ink from all the other orders he’d signed.

Biden Thankful For Gas Crisis To Distract From Inflation Crisis, Unemployment Crisis, And Border Crisis — The Babylon Bee

Watch: This is The Damning Video From Months Ago That Exposed Fauci | WayneDupree.com

Dr. Fauci has gone from trusted COVID doctor to public enemy #1 in a record amount of time.

At first, many looked to Fauci for guidance on the COVID-19 virus, but soon, his flip-flopping and politicization took over and he lost the trust of the American people.

But now, thanks to this video, we know how much worse it really is – and as a result, many people believe little Fauci should be behind bars.

It all starts with an ironic twist – back in the day, Obama created so-called “safety mechanisms” that would halt research that had the potential to create a worldwide pandemic.

The research centered around a study involving ferrets of all things.

The study started some 10-years-ago at a lab in the Netherlands, but it quickly gained steam, and labs all over the world were studying how ferrets (who have a similar respiratory system to humans) reacted to viruses. They wanted to see specifically if they could “mutate” a virus and make it transmittable through the air.

(Yes, they could, apparently).

The important thing to note here is that researchers made the COVID virus highly contagious – it didn’t start out that way. They muted it, so they could study highly contagious viruses in ferrets.

Wuhan, China took over as the lead laboratory researching “ferrets,” and was partially funded by the “National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases,” headed up by Dr. Anthony Fauci.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Tucker Just Went There…He Said The Words Nobody Has Dared to Say About Fauci

The biggest safety concern of this type of study was that mutating and then researching a highly contagious virus came with a lot of risks, including the possibility it could escape (or be unleashed) and cause worldwide devastation.

That’s actually when Obama stepped in and halted the funding of the research.

Fauci, on the other hand, disagreed with Obama, and said that it was a “risk worth taking.”

“Despite the controversy surrounding this type of research.” This sort of dangerous science always had one steadfast champion, a leading figure in the world of infectious diseases, Anthony Fauci.

His institute actually funded that first ferret study.

At the time Fauci co-wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post describing the research as “a risk worth taking… important information and insight can come from generating a potentially dangerous virus in the laboratory.”

This is Fox News host Steve Hilton’s Part I of the “deep dive” into Fauci and the origins of COVID-19.

It’s a must-watch.

Now, after much investigation, Steve Hilton claims that Dr. Fauci and his partner continued funding the controversial “ferret program,” even after they were told to stop.

Here is part II of his investigation and it’s a doozy.

You can watch the video below:


People are outraged, and calling for Fauci’s head on a platter:

“Thank you Steve and others who actually work and research to reveal the facts of this pandemic. I question why is congress not investigating this? This virus has affected so many lives and is continuing too. We need facts not coverups. WE NEED KNOWLEDGEABLE PEOPLE WE CAN TRUST!!!”

“Dr. Fauci should be in handcuffs, not on CNN and magazine covers!!” 

“The money ties are undeniable. If fauci tell american the true origin of this virus at the beginning of pandemic, last Jan, american might be better prepared”

“I don’t believe for a second this was an accident. Setting Fauci up to take the fall but there are probably hundreds if not more involved with him.”

“Covid19 virus origins circle back to the Democrats and media hero, Dr Fauci, and his partner, Dr. Collins NIH, secretly over-riding Obama’s ban on their mad scientist experiments of the SARS bat virus. This information is irrefutable, these two men MUST be held accountable!”

So, what did Fauci know about this disease before it even left the lab, and when did he know it – and what, if anything, did Fauci not reveal?

Why did he continue funding this program, even after he was told to stop, and what accountability should he face for that?

These are all great questions – but the problem we face now is that the left looks at COVID as the “savior” that finally took down President Trump, so they’re in no hurry to get to the bottom of anything…and who knows, there might be a lot more “nefarious” things uncovered about the origins of COVID-19 if a public investigation were to take place.

So, I don’t see the left calling for an investigation into the origins, even though this is supposedly one of the worst things to ever happen to the world.

However, this investigative journalism from Steve Hilton is so good, and so deep, and brings up so many questions, that it’s almost impossible to deny.

Dr. Fauci must be asked point-blank why he continued funding the “ferret” research, even after President Obama placed a moratorium on it…because as it stands now, this is all looking very suspicious.

Source: Watch: This is The Damning Video From Months Ago That Exposed Fauci