WHAT CRISIS? Waves Of Illegal Immigrants Continue To Cross The Border Uninterrupted (VIDEO) | American Lookout

Democrats and the Biden administration continue to deny that there’s any crisis at the southern border, but recent videos taken at the border in Texas prove once again that this is a huge problem.

Over the weekend, a reporter caught footage of people casually crossing into the country totally unimpeded.

The Federalist reports:

WATCH: Dozens Of Migrants Cross Rio Grande In Del Rio, Surrender To Border Patrol

With a major influx of migrants being detained by Border Patrol agents in Del Rio, Texas, a reporter captured footage Sunday of an estimated 46 additional migrants crossing the border.

The footage, shared by Fox News National Correspondent Bill Melugin, show illegal immigrants from Venezuela making their way over the Rio Grande and into U.S. territory. Allegedly, law enforcement instructed the reporter that “this is one of the biggest groups they’ve ever apprehended.”

The Border Patrol witnessed more than 68,57o migrant encounters from October to March, four times more than a year prior in the same time period. Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez, a Democrat in Val Verde County, told San Antonio Express-News “this is the worst we’ve seen it as far as the migrants” and that “[i]t’s been terrible.”

“It’s causing a lot of hardship to our community, to local resources, to our federal partners,” Martinez added. “This is going to continue until some policy is put in place that prohibits this activity and allows these immigrants a path for citizenship.”

See the videos below:

But whatever you do, don’t call it a crisis.

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