Avoid the Unexamined Life — Ligonier Ministries Blog

Too many people go through life without ever paying much thought to how we should think about the world around us. In this brief clip, R.C. Sproul shows that this is not an option for Christians, for we are called to seek the mind of Christ.

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No two of us view the world in which we live from exactly the same perspective. We have our antennae; we have the grid; we have the patterns; we have our own personal history; all of which contribute to the way we interpret reality as we encounter it. Now, from a philosophical perspective, we call that a “worldview,” a way of examining the world in which we live and the meaning of our own individual lives. Now, everybody has a worldview. For the philosopher or the theologian, perhaps the structure of that worldview has been carefully thought out. It’s been criticized. It’s been analyzed. It’s been evaluated. Certain elements have been discarded; others have been added. Most of us go through our lives with our own individual way of seeing the world around us, without ever giving a moment’s consideration to it. This is what Socrates called the “unexamined life,” where we just sort of respond to what’s there. But a Christian, I’m convinced, is called to seek the mind of Christ, to seek an understanding of his or her world from the viewpoint of the eternal, to see things as best as we possibly can, the way God would have us view them, so that the things that we affirm are the things that God affirms and the things that we deny would be the things that God denies. And so, what we’re going to do in this series of lectures is to look, by way of introduction, at the most basic foundational elements that together make up the grid or the structure of a personal worldview.

Avoid the Unexamined Life — Ligonier Ministries Blog

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