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Hilton: Resurfaced video of Dr. Fauci proves he lied about gain-of-function experiments and the Wuhan lab | Fox News

‘The Next Revolution’ host Steve Hilton said Sunday that Dr. Fauci and NIH Director Francis Collins have lied repeatedly about the origins of COVID-19 and their role in funding gain-of-function research.

Ted Cruz accuses Facebook of censoring Covid-19 content ‘on behalf of govt,’ suggests users could SUE platform over deleted posts — RT USA News

Ted Cruz accuses Facebook of censoring Covid-19 content ‘on behalf of govt,’ suggests users could SUE platform over deleted posts

 Greg Nash/Pool via REUTERS

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has accused Facebook of acting as a “state agency” during the Covid-19 pandemic for the government and health officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci, saying this behavior should carry legal consequences.

Cruz used Facebook’s recent reversal on a rule to flag posts suggesting Covid-19 was man-made as proof that the company is on “behalf of the government” in a Sunday interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo.

“These latest breakthroughs have real consequences because it now is clear that Facebook was operating at the direction of and in the direct benefit of the federal government and operating as the government’s censor, utilizing their monopoly position to censor on behalf of the government,” the senator said. 

The fact that Facebook appears to be taking its policing cues from the government and officials like Fauci, Cruz said, means they may not be able to hide behind their usual “private company” defense as they are acting as a “state agency.”

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Rand Paul says he and his family have received ‘death threats’ as result of clashes with Fauci on Covid-19

“When they say, ‘Should we censor this? And Fauci says, ‘Yes.’ And they censor it for the federal government. And then magically when the government changes its mind and says, ‘Oh, all those facts that were there a year ago, now you’re allowed to talk about it.’ They stop censoring it with the flip of a switch,” Cruz said, adding that the platform should be open to “very serious legal liability.” 

Facebook announced in February that it was policing posts that suggested Covid-19 had man-made origins, a previously ‘debunked’ conspiracy theory that is now a debated topic as investigations into the virus’ origins continue. The company announced this month they were reversing the policy after “consultation with public health experts.” 

Cruz alleges it was only government officials taking a lighter stance on theories that the virus was created in a Wuhan lab accident that prompted the social media giant to change their policy.

The Texas senator claims Facebook’s obvious reversal could and possibly should open them up to legal action from previously-censored users.

“If you went out and posted the facts that led a year ago to the very strong likelihood that the COVID virus escaped from a Chinese government lab in Wuhan, China, if you posted that a year ago and they took it down, I think there’s a very good argument you have a cause of action against Facebook,”he said. 

Cruz also turned his attention towards Fauci and the recent email dump as a result of multiple Freedom of Information Act requests, accusing the medical official of “misleading” the American people, along with Facebook.

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‘Have I been a bad boy?’ CNN’s Stelter roundly mocked for interview with Psaki asking what press gets ‘wrong’ in Biden coverage

“I got to say this email dump that came out makes clear that this is not just being sloppy, it is systematic, and it is systemically an effort to mislead the American people,” he said, referring to emails where Fauci is seemingly more open to Covid being man-made than than what he said in his public statements. 

Numerous Republican lawmakers have called on Fauci to resign from his position, citing the recent email dump and multiple seeming flip-flops on key issues. 

President Joe Biden said this week that he’s “very confident” in Fauci despite recent controversies, and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed Biden had no plans to push Fauci out of his position.

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Dr. Fauci’s credibility is ‘entirely shot’ says Stanford epidemiologist | WND

‘Despite the tarnish on his name, Fauci continues to be protected by the media, contributor Joe Concha wrote on The Hill.’

Recently released emails that show Dr. Anthony Fauci saying one thing in private and another in public have terminally damaged his credibility, according to one expert.

“I think he’s been all over the place on masks,” Jay Bhattacharya, epidemiologist and professor of medicine at Stanford University said Friday during an appearance on “The Ingraham Angle,” according to  Fox News.

“There are emails you can find in the treasure trove of emails that have been released where he acknowledged the virus has been aerosolized — well the cloth masks people have been recommending, they’re not particularly effective against aerosolized viruses,” he said.

But Fauci would later publicly insist that one mask is good and twomight be even better.

“I really don’t understand his back and forth and his answer made absolutely no sense,” he said.

Bhattacharya said that although there has been evolving research, the facts about how the virus spreads did not change “a ton.”

“Yes you should change your mind when the science changes, what is that science that changed that convinced him that masks are the most effective way?” Bhattacharya said.

“The CDC Director Robert Redfield said masks were more effective than vaccines and Dr. Fauci did not contradict him when Dr. Scott Atlas said that was nonsense, which it was,” he said.

“I think his credibility is entirely shot,” Bhattacharya said.

Despite the tarnish on his name, Fauci continues to be protected by the media, Fox contributor and columnist Joe Concha wrote at The Hill.

Fauci “continues to contradict himself while delivering ambiguous messages about the virus: He’s addicted to the spotlight. He’s never met a microphone he doesn’t like,” Concha wrote Saturday.

“Anthony Fauci once was the most trusted man in America on all-things-COVID. That’s clearly no longer the case.  But much of the media still largely treats him as such — even as those reading and watching at home appear to know better,” he wrote.

Fox News host Jesse Watters agreed that Fauci’s image has been irrevocably comprised, according to Fox News.

“We expect politicians to lie to us — but we don’t expect scientists to. But that’s exactly what happened. Anthony Fauci hasn’t been telling the truth and he’s been caught,” he said.

“The Fauci era is officially over. The cover-up is crashing down. For the Democrats — he’s too big to fail and the media is doing everything they can to preserve the Fauci legacy. But there’s no turning back now,” he said.

Fauci came in for criticism Saturday when Republican Gov. Kristi Noemof South Dakota, appearing at a North Carolina Republican event, told the crowd that Fauci had once told her she would need 10,000 hospital beds for  all the COVID-19 patients her state would have.

She said she only needed about 600 beds.

“Fauci is wrong — a lot,” she said, according to The North State Journal.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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Virologist Who Told Fauci SARS-CoV-2 ‘Potentially Engineered’ Just Nuked His Twitter Account | ZeroHedge

Update (1650ET): 

Aaaand, it’s gone:

At least he won’t have to keep blocking pesky questions from inquiring minds…

*  *  *

A California virologist who told Anthony Fauci that COVID-19 looks ‘potentially engineered’ and ‘inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory’ – only to later reverse course and publish a ‘natural origin’ paper 8 weeks later (before receiving a multi million-dollar NIH grant) has deleted more than 5,000 tweets.

Kristian G. Anderson who runs the Andersen Lab in La Jolla, CA, wrote in a Feb. 1 email to Fauci “The unusual features of the virus make up a really small part of the genome, less than 0.1 percent, so one has to look really closely at all the sequences to see that some of the features (potentially) look engineered,” adding that he and his team found “the genome inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory.” 

Anderson was responding to an article sent to him by Fauci exploring the origins of the virus. The next day, Fauci sent an urgent email to his deputy, Hugh Auchincloss, with the subject “IMPORTANT,” writing “Hugh, it is essential that we speak this a.m. Keep your cell phone on. … Read this paper as well as the email that I will forward. You will have tasks today that must be done.”

The document attached was titled “Baric, Shi, et al – Nature medicine – SARS gain of function.pdf.” 

So right after one of Fauci’s trusted scientific advisers suggests COVID-19 could be man-made (while Fauci and associates publicly dismissed the possibility as a conspiracy theory), he shot a research paper concerning gain of function research – which Fauci was funding at the Wuhan Institute of Virology – to his deputy.

And now Anderson has deleted more than half of his tweets.

Anderson claims that his old tweets are ‘auto deleted’ – which would suggest a rolling, automated process – not the sudden disappearance of over 5,000 tweets preceding March 7, 2021.

The deleted tweets come as internet sleuths begin to unravel Anderson’s involvement with Fauci and the NIH.

Meanwhile, Fauci has denied funding gain of function research in Wuhan, yet…

— Read on www.zerohedge.com/political/virologist-who-told-fauci-sars-cov-2-potentially-engineered-just-deleted-5000-tweets

June 6 Evening Quotes of The Day

All Should Participate in Public Worship
Isaiah 43:21; Psalm 95:2–3; 1 Corinthians 14:26

In public worship all should join. The little strings go to make up a concert, as well as the great. Though you have but little grace, yet God’s worship would not be complete without you.


Ritzema, E., & Vince, E. (Eds.). (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Puritans. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Hate Our Faults with a Quiet Hate
2 Samuel 22:28; Psalm 18:27; Ephesians 4:26

We must hate our faults, but with a tranquil and quiet hate, not with an angry and restless hate; and so we must have patience when we see them, and draw from them a profit of a holy abasement of ourselves.


Ritzema, E. (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Reformation. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

June 6 Evening Verse of The Day

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3:1 brothers The Greek word for “brothers,” adelphoi, can simultaneously address both male and female believers.

pray for us Even when asking for prayer, Paul considers the interests of Jesus Christ—that His message would rapidly spread and be honored.

       Prayers in Paul’s Letters Table

word of the Lord Refers to the gospel message (1 Thess 1:8; Acts 8:25; 15:35–36).

just as also it was with you The Thessalonians’ response to the gospel was exemplary (see 1 Thess 1:6–10).[1]

3:1 pray for us. Paul frequently enlisted prayer support from the churches for his ministry (cf. Ro 15:30–32; Eph 6:18, 19; Col 4:2, 3; 1Th 5:25; Phm 22). In particular, he asked them to pray that the word of God would continue to spread rapidly as it had been already (cf. Ac 6:7; 12:24; 13:44–49), and be received with the honor it deserved.[2]

3:1. As he often did, Paul asks for prayer—pray for us—for his ministry of the word of the Lord. Paul wants the word of the Lord to run swiftly and be glorified. He speaks of it as though it were a living, breathing thing, which in a sense, it is. This is the Word of the living risen Lord. God’s Word changes the lives of those who are open to its ministry. God is glorified when the Word is obeyed.

The Word had been effective in the Thessalonians (as it is with you). It had run and been glorified there. The effectiveness of this work is dependent not only on the preparation of the speaker but also on the blessing of God.[3]

3:1 Paul felt the need for the prayers of the saints. This chapter opens with his request for prayer in three areas: (1) for the dissemination of the message; (2) for the triumph of the message; (3) for the preservation of the messengers.

He desires that the word of the Lord may run swiftly—a graphic picture of the gospel sprinting from place to place in spite of obstacles (see Ps. 147:15).

He also desires that the word will produce the same marvelous spiritual and moral revolutions elsewhere that it did in Thessalonica.[4]

3:1. Finally introduces the last major part of the letter. The Thessalonians needed prayer in their temptations, but they also needed to pray for others. Assuming a burden of prayer for others lightens one’s own load. The apostles were needy too. Prayer was requested for two matters. The apostles acknowledged that the success of their missionary labors was due to God’s blessing His Word as they proclaimed it. In particular, the spreading of the gospel was God’s work and its reception among those who heard it was due to His preparing hearts. The Thessalonians knew from their experiences how God works in people’s hearts to prepare them to receive the gospel; so they could pray with conviction that God would honor His Word by causing others who heard it to believe it.[5]

3:1. Paul left the eschatological teachings of chapter 2 and moved on to instructions for daily living. He began by asking the Thessalonians to pray for us. This request for himself, Timothy, and Silas shows the human side of these three great men. Like everyone else, they depended on the prayers of others to carry on their work and remain steadfast in their lives.

Paul’s request reminds us that we never reach a place in our Christian maturity or service where we progress beyond the need of prayer. Prayer remains essential to the life and work of all believers, not as a ritual, but as an honest interaction of longing and trust with our Lord. Prayer that agrees with Christ’s will always result in divine empowerment. We are foolish if we assume that the work of God can be carried forward without prayer.

First, Paul requested prayer that the gospel may spread rapidly and be honored. The verb translated “spread” actually means “run,” carrying the idea of continual movement forward. While the word spread sounds a bit aimless, even impersonal, “run” conveys an animated energy exercised with direction and purpose. Such was Paul’s desire for the gospel message.

He also desired that the gospel be honored, seen as valuable and admired for its inherent transforming power. Paul mentioned the Thessalonians as proof of the realism of his prayer request. He also complimented them for the manner in which they received the gospel.[6]

3:1 “Finally” This phrase (“for the rest”) is used by Paul to mark off his last major truth or subject (cf. 1 Thess. 4:1). It is the beginning of the conclusion. It is also used to introduce his closing statements (cf. 2 Cor. 13:11).

There is also the possibility that this is a literary marker for the central thrust of a chiasm (cf. 1 Thess. 4:1).

© “pray for us” This is a PRESENT MIDDLE (deponent) IMPERATIVE. Paul felt the need for prayer and believed it affected the effectiveness of his ministry (cf. 1 Thess. 5:25; Eph. 6:19; Col. 4:3).

© “that the word of the Lord” Paul asks prayer for the sake of the gospel, not himself.


NASB, NRSV  “will spread rapidly and be glorified”  
NKJV  “may have free course and be glorified”  
TEV  “may continue to spread rapidly and receive glory”  
JB  “may spread quickly, and be received with honour”  

There are two PRESENT SUBJUNCTIVES. The term “spread” is literally “run a race” (PRESENT ACTIVE SUBJUNCTIVE). This may be an allusion to Ps. 147:15. “Glory” (PRESENT PASSIVE SUBJUNCTIVE) in this context must be understood as “honor.” It refers to the gospel being received and rejoiced in. The gospel is honored when fallen humans respond to it appropriately (cf. v. 2) and are changed.[7]

Ver. 1. Finally, brethren, pray for us.—

The power of prayer:—The Apostle Paul is now writing from Greece, either from Athens or from Corinth. The note at the foot of the epistle mentions Athens. The same ancient subscription testifies that the first epistle was written from Athens. There is, however, the strongest reason for believing that both the epistles were written from Corinth; and without discussing the question we will assume that at least this second epistle was. Thus we see that Paul desired that the Word of the Lord might be as unimpededly spread and as illustrious in renown when he preached it in Corinth as when he had published it in Thessalonica. I. And first, an apostle asking help of private Christians. God alone is really independent. Only God can say, “I am that I am.” All the creatures of God within the range of our knowledge are mutually dependent, including man, the divinest of all terrestrial beings. The highest officers which the Church of Christ has known were apostles, and those were extraordinary functionaries; yet one of these, and that the greatest, pens the words of our text, saying to the young men and to the little children in the Church of Thessalonica, “Brethren, pray for us.” The eye cannot say unto the hand, I have no need of thee; nor again the head to the feet, I have no need of you. Now, ye are the body of Christ and members in particular, and it is just this mutual dependence which is recognized in the request of Paul as embodied in the text. There are four things which are likely to make us forget our dependence upon others—gifts or endowments, office, position or standing, and past successful service. These four things—gifts, office, position, successful service—are very likely to make us forget our dependence upon others unless we be on the watch against the mischievous influences which occasionally proceed from them. And there are four things in others which tend to make us overlook the assistance they can afford us—low temporal estate (especially in these days when wealth is becoming in our churches a false god), the possession of a single or but few talents, a retiring disposition, and the not holding any office in the Church of Christ. II. Let us look at prayer co-operating with preaching and securing its success. Who can tell what is being wrought, and what has been effected, by the ordinance represented by this little word “pray”? In asking his friends in Thessalonica for assistance the apostle said to them “Pray.” Prayer is very different from preaching, and yet a moment’s reflection will show how they work together. Prayer speaks to God for man; preaching speaks to man for God. Prayer seeks to bring God to man; preaching aims to bring man to God. Prayer moves God towards man; preaching persuades man to seek after God. Prayer makes known unto God man’s request; preaching reveals to man God’s mind and will. Preaching casts in the seed; prayer brings the rain and the sunshine. Preaching deposits the leaven; prayer secures the hand which adds its working. Preaching utters the good tidings; prayer carries the sound to the ear and makes that all sensitive. Preaching is doing the practical work which man can do; prayer asks for what God only can do, and for that which is necessary to the success of that which the man can do. But although prayer occupies this lofty position, we are all more or less in danger of being diverted from it. Those who reason much upon religious matters are diverted by a secret scepticism. Those who are carnal and walk as men are diverted by their fondness for a quick and visible return for all their efforts. Those who think of themselves more highly than they ought to think are diverted by self-sufficiency. Those whose estimate of human nature is too valuable are diverted by their too strong expectation of what may be done by the simple presentation of the truth; for there are men so excessively simple that even now, after eighteen centuries of trial, they will tell you that if you only put God’s truth as well as you can before men they will take it in. III. Thirdly, at a church in a Macedonian city being requested to sympathize with a church in a city of Achaia. This request recognizes the common relations of man and the supreme relations of Christ. Thessalonica, as the schoolboy knows, was a chief city of Macedonia, a then northern and Roman division of Greece, as Corinth of Achaia was the southern division of the same country. The Macedonian city had become, under the Romans, great, populous, and wealthy, and contained a large number of Jews. It has been called, very justly I think, the Liverpool of Northern Greece, on account of its commerce, ships sailing from its harbours to all parts of the then commercial world. Corinth was also a magnificent mercantile city, extremely rich and densely populated; the population consisting of Jews, Greeks, and Romans, with a smaller proportion of Jews than were found in Thessalonica. Where Thessalonica has been compared to Liverpool, Corinth has been likened to modern Paris. Now considering that the two cities were but some four or five hundred miles apart—that they were chief cities in two provinces of the same country—and that they had several national and civic features in common, the existence of sympathy, it may be said, must be taken for granted, and as scarcely worthy of remark. But would such a saying be reasonable and true? Men in great cities are generally inclined to become isolated, and exclusive, and self-absorbed. Moreover great cities are proverbially envious, and jealous, and contemptuous of each other—compare, for instance, Glasgow and Edinburgh—so that it is no small thing to have the men of one city greatly concerned for the men of another. Now Paul would have the Gentile in Thessalonica lovingly interested in the Jew of Corinth, and the Jew of Thessalonica in the Gentile of Corinth. The disposition which looks upon all men now as a family, and all Christians as a household, is pre-eminently the spirit of Jesus Christ, and to this Paul appeals when he writes: “Brethren, pray for us that the Word of the Lord may have free course and be glorified, even as with you.” IV. The latter part of the text expresses the one thing to be desired wherever the gospel is preached. This is the fourth object at which we said we would look. The language here employed is evidently derived from the public races. The word here rendered “have free course” is elsewhere translated “run.” Paul in passing from Athens to Corinth would go along the isthmus where the Grecian games were celebrated. He would see the stadia and theatre; he would look upon the busts and statues of successful competitors, and would see the very trees which yielded the corruptible crown. Accustomed, like the Great Teacher, to draw his illustrations from near sources, he would naturally use an institution which increased the fame of the renowned city. Hence he speaks of the Word of the Lord running as a racer without impediment, or as a chariot without a drag on the wheel, and being honoured and applauded at the end of the course. In plain language Paul requests the Thessalonians to pray that the Word of the Lord may speedily be communicated to man, may be cordially received, may appear to be not the word of man but the Word of God, and may produce all promised results, being universally acknowledged as worthy of all acceptation. Now these words imply that there were hindrances to the spread of the Gospel in Corinth. Some of these were peculiar to Corinth and others were common to all places. Our Lord Jesus Christ had forewarned his apostles of these obstacles when he spoke to them of the hatred and persecution which they would encounter for the Gospel’s sake, also in some of the similitudes by which he represented the kingdom of heaven, especially in the parable of the sower. Therein Christ teaches that the counteracting work of sense, the want of comprehension and appreciation in the hearers, the lack of depth of feeling, the cares of the world, the deceitfulness of riches, the lust of other things, the wealth and pleasures of this life impede the Word. All this every hearer has more or less experienced, and every preacher more or less observed, ever since Christ spake the parable whose lessons we are quoting. Now from the commencement of his apostleship Paul saw this. Paul was not a man to look on the most pleasant side of an object. Invariably, as we all know, he turned a thing round and round, and looked at it on all sides. Heathenism and Judaism had opposed the spread of that Word in Thessalonica, especially Judaism. The Jews envied the apostles their miraculous powers and their influence over the Gentiles, and raising a fierce tumult against them, drove them from the city; but they could not banish the word of the Lord, and now in Corinth it found embodiment again. The luxury of the city, the vain show, the expensive habits of the people, the attractive immorality, the self-indulgent habits of the citizens, presented peculiar obstacles in Corinth, but the chief of them are common to all places, all races, and all ages of the world. Men do not care for any word of the Lord. They do not feel their need of this peculiar Word of the Lord that we call the Gospel. Men have their ears filled with the words of man. But, it here occurs to me that we have scarcely noticed recently what is meant by the Word of the Lord. According to the text the Word of the Lord is something definite and positive. That of which Paul speaks, is not any or every word of the Lord, but some word which, on account of its importance and blessedness, he calls “The Word.” It is the Gospel of our salvation, which is sufficiently definite to enable one to detect “another Gospel.” Now some men seem to say that the Gospel of our salvation is not definite at all. As the God revealed in the Bible is a personal God, so the Word of the Lord is a peculiar and positive revelation that Paul here actually personifies, so distinct and well-defined does it appear to his eye. Then this Word of the Lord has a special mission to mankind. It needs to have free course. Its free course is like the going forth of the sun from horizon to meridian, spreading on its way light and heat, fruitfulness and life. Or, returning to the allusion of the text, its free course is like the successful running of a racer, or the driving of the charioteer, upon whose supremacy is staked, not the laurel, but liberty and life—not crowns, but the very existence of peoples and of kingdoms. Hence the prayer that the Word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified. Brethren, you who know the Word of the Lord publish it. Keep it not as a sacred trust in the treasury of your spirit. As you, then, publish the Word of the Lord, lay your account to the existence and to the manifestation of impediments. Expect to see it proceeding, sometimes, slowly as a chariot whose wheels are locked—slowly as a racer encumbered by reason of long and heavy train. Yet imagine the reverse of this—the Word of the Lord having free course. Think of this; nay, more expect this. Remove impediments by your own hands if possible; but in every instance ask the Lord who spake the Word to give His Word free course. Give others who are publishing the Word of the Lord your interest. Pray for all mothers and fathers of the land. (S. Martin.)

Prayer for ministers:—If Paul with all his supernatural endowments required the prayers of God’s people, how much more ordinary ministers. The progress of the gospel is not to be attributed to the power of the minister, however great, but to the power of God in answer to prayer.

I. The nature of prayer generally. 1. Sincere desire. 2. Believing expectation of the blessings supplicated. The prayer of the man who doubts, of the heart which wavers, refuses to give glory to God by confiding in the promises He has made. But there must be some ground on which the believing expectation rests, viz., the testimony of God concerning His Son, and not mere sincerity, good character, attendance or the ordinances of religion. 3. The influence of God’s Spirit. Without the Spirit’s regenerating power, we can have no spiritual vision or believing confidence. We cannot call God “Father” but by the Spirit of adoption, and therefore cannot offer the prayer of children. 4. Petitions in accordance with the revealed will of God. It is possible to seek what God has never promised, and even what He has forbidden. It is important, therefore, not to trust our own feelings, but to rely upon God’s Word.

II. The duty of prayer for ministers in particular. Such prayer—1. Connects devotion with public instruction. Mere critical hearing or indifferent hearing destroys the chances of edification. We should remember that we are not only in the presence of the preacher, but of the preacher’s God. When we link the pulpit to the throne, there will be a blessing in the feeblest ministrations. 2. Associates ministerial success with its true cause. There is a great danger of attributing this to the talent of the preacher, and giving the glory to man which is due to God alone. Prayer will help us to recognize the agency of God in the instrumentality of man. 3. Creates a right state of mind in regard to ministerial failure. The blame may be not his but yours. Success may be withheld not because of any failure in his powers, but in the failure of your prayers.

III. The influence of a praying people on the state of the world and the Church with regard to the diffusion of the gospel. Prayer exercises an important influence in this direction because it—1. Increases and maintains love to God. Prayer leads to acquaintance with God, and the more we are acquainted with God the more we shall love Him. 2. Love to man. Prayer for conversion is at once an evidence and a means of growth of that love. 3. Zeal. Without zeal there will be no success; but what promotes love to God and man will inflame zeal; and inflamed zeal gives energy to philanthropy. 4. Practical activity, which is inseparable from love and zeal. 5. Patience. Without prayer, difficulty assumes unreal proportions and begets despondency; but by prayer the believer knows that they are not unsurmountable, and works hopefully for their removal. 6. Devotedness. Prayer is the secret of entire consecration, without which there can be no success. (J. Burnet.)

The power of prayer:—I once knew a minister who was constantly successful, who enjoyed a revival every year for twelve years, and could not account for it until one evening at a prayer meeting a brother confessed that for a number of years past he had been in the habit of spending every Saturday evening till midnight in prayer for his pastor the next day. That explained the secret, in part, at least. Such a man praying would make any ministry successful. (C. G. Finney, D.D.)

Prayer and success:—No one can tell how much power may be imparted to a pastor’s preaching if even one person be among his hearers whose thoughts are wrestling with God that the word may be made effective unto salvation. In a church it was noticed that for several years one young man after another became a communicant. This could not be referred to the preaching of the pastor, nor to any known agency. At last it was found that an old coloured woman who sat in the gallery had been doing this. She selected one young man whom she saw in the congregation, and made him the object of her prayers. She prayed for him in her home and when she was at church. After he united with the church she selected another. And thus for years She had been praying. This reminds us of the legend so sweetly put into verse by Adelaide Procter:

“The monk was preaching: strong his earnest word,

From the abundance of his heart he spoke,

And the flame spread,—in every soul that heard

Sorrow and love and good resolve awoke;

The poor lay brother, ignorant and old,

Thanked God that he had heard such words of gold.

‘Still let the glory, Lord, be thine alone,’

So prayed the monk, his breast absorbed in praise;

‘O Lord, I thank Thee that my feeble strength

Has been so blessed; that sinful hearts and cold

Were melted at my pleading,—knew at length

How sweet Thy service and how safe Thy fold;

While souls that love Thee saw before them rise

Still holier heights of loving sacrifice.’

So prayed the monk, when suddenly he heard

An angel speaking thus: ‘Know, O my son,

Thy words had all been vain, but hearts were stirred,

And saints were edified, and sinners won

By his, the poor lay brother’s, humble aid

Who sat upon the pulpit stair and prayed,”

God give us in all our churches the lay brother who prays. He is the best prayer book. (George S. Mott, D.D.)

Confidence in prayer:—Upon one occasion of great difficulty, Melancthon and Luther had met together to consult about the best means to be adopted. After having spent some time in prayer, Melancthon was suddenly called out of the room, from which he retired under great distress of mind. During his absence, he saw some of the elders of the reformed church, with their parishioners and families. Several children were also brought hanging at the breast; while others a little older were engaged in prayer. This reminded him of that passage, “Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings has thou ordained strength, because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and avenger.” Encouraged by this pleasing scene, he returned to his friends with a mind set at liberty, and a cheerful countenance. Luther, astonished at this sudden change, said, “What now! what has happened to you, Philip, that you are become so cheerful?” “O Sirs,” replied Melancthon, “let us not be discouraged, for I have seen our noble protectors, and such as, I will venture to say, will prove invincible against every foe!” “And pray,” returned Luther, filled with surprise and pleasure, “who, and where are these powerful heroes?” “Oh!” said Melancthon, “they are the wives of our parishioners, and their little children, whose prayers I have just witnessed—prayers which I am sure our God will hear: for as our heavenly Father, and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, has never despised nor rejected our supplications, we have reason to trust that He will not in the present alarming danger.” (Scottish Christian Herald.) That the Word of the Lord may have free course and be glorified.—

The unfettered gospel:—St. Paul had just prayed for the Thessalonians, he now asked them to pray for him. But it is worthy of remark that the first point mentioned has no reference to himself, but to his work. His life was in danger, and in ver. 2 he begs them to pray that he may be delivered, &c.; but this was not the thing nearest his heart.

I. The Word of the Lord. What this was we may gather from the record of another missionary (Acts 10:36–43). It included the heavenly mission, miracles, life, death, resurrection and future coming of Christ, and the certainty of pardon through trust in Him. 1. How inestimable this privilege. 2. How universal.

II. Its free course. Marg. “run,” indicating progress overcoming whatever obstructions. The psalmist prayed that God’s saving health might be “known among all nations:” how much more should we, the professed servants of Him who said “Go ye into all the world,” &c. We should pray that the gospel may have free course—1. In ourselves. 2. In our families, including servants. 3. In our neighbourhoods. 4. Among our countrymen in overgrown towns and neglected villages. 5. Among our emigrants, so many of whom go forth, no man caring for their souls, to found our colonies. 6. Among the heathen.

III. Its glorification, i.e., its eminent success. What kind of success the Apostle explains, “as it is with you.” How was that? The word of the Lord came to them—1. In power (1 Thess. 1–5), as a fire burning in the conscience; as a hammer breaking their wills; as a two-edged sword, discerning the thoughts and intents of the heart. This glorious power was given to the Word by the Holy Ghost. 2. Bringing assured peace and joy. They were not merely startled by it at first, but the more they heard the more they were edified. 3. Resulting in continued obedience. 4. Ministering to the increase of holiness.

IV. The connection of prayer with all this. The gospel will not run and succeed as a mere matter of course. But prayer lays hold of the power of God which alone can—1. Overcome difficulties. “Is anything too hard for the Lord.” 2. Make the gospel effectual in salvation. (D. Fenn.)

The glorification of the Gospel:

I. The great object of Christian devotion. 1. The free and unimpeded circulation of the gospel. (1) There are impediments—the spirit of persecution, the prevalence of idolatry, superstition, and infidelity, the inconsistency and corruptions of the Church—all of which are resolved into the opposition of the human heart. (2) The allusion is to the stadium or racecourse—in which it was necessary that every obstacle should be removed, crooked places made straight, &c. The Son of God is riding forth in the chariot of His gospel, and the prayer is that nothing may be allowed to stop His progress. 2. The removal of hindrances was only a means to the end of the glorification of the gospel. (1) It would not be enough if in every part the most unrestricted freedom were enjoyed, that all obstacles to evangelism were removed, that spacious churches were everywhere raised, and that all rank and authority were made subservient to the progress of truth. (2) The word of God is glorified only when it is the medium of spiritual renovation, when its supreme authority is acknowledged by its professors, when its discoveries are cordially received, its injunctions practised, its holy influences exemplified.

II. The duty of fervent prayer in order to its accomplishment. The connection between prayer and the success of the gospel involves many important principles. 1. Prayer honours the agency of God. If we have the ear of God we are sure of His hand. If the spirit of supplication be poured out upon us, that itself is a pledge of success. And God honours prayer because prayer acknowledges that “it is not by might, nor by power,” &c. 2. Prayer is expressly enjoined. “Ask, and it shall be given you.” “For all these things I will be inquired of,” &c. 3. All history demonstrates that the spirit of prayer is invariably connected with success. No one ever prayed for himself that did not succeed. Let this encourage the anxious inquirer. Can you refer to any praying church that was not a successful church? 4. Those engaged in promoting this object have especial claims on you. “Pray for us.” It is the prayer of the Christian minister. Like Moses of old, he is upheld in the hands of prayer. 5. In proportion to the spirit of prayer shall we cherish the spirit of activity, liberality, and zeal.

III. Known instances of success are grounds of encouragement. “As it is with you.” Not that we are to be satisfied with success; on the contrary, notwithstanding it, we have much cause for humiliation. Still humiliation is not incompatible with thanksgiving for what has been done in and by us. The apostle quotes the case of the Thessalonians as an illustration of what God can do and a pledge of what He will do. Look upon the history of your own conversion. What God can do for you He can do for every one. Conclusion: The subject—1. Demands inquiry. 2. Encourages hope. 3. Enjoins activity. (J. Fletcher, D.D.)

The success of the gospel:

I. The object proposed. That the Word of the Lord may have free course, &c. 1. By the Word of the Lord we understand that revelation of God’s will contained in the Holy Book, a revelation of every doctrine necessary to be believed, and of every duty to be practised. This is the Word of the Lord—(1) For it bears the stamp of Divinity upon it, being authenticated by miracle and fulfilled prophecy. (1) The gospel in its course has met with opposition from high and low, rich and poor, &c. Heathens and infidels have entered the lists against it. Its progress has been impeded by subtle errors. But the greatest obstacle has been the inconsistencies of its professors. (2) The text contemplates this gospel as rising and bearing down every opposing barrier, and rolling the majestic tide of truth to the utmost regions. 2. This gospel is the great instrument which is intended for human salvation. It is God’s instrument for enlightening the mind; His tender of pardon; His directory of the way to heaven. The age prior to the gospel abounded with great men; but the world by wisdom knew not God. The gospel, however, is the power of God unto salvation. 3. The object proposed is that this Word of God may have free course. Some see here a reference to the Greek races. Here is a course to be run, and the glory relates to the crown and the plaudits of the spectators. But the more natural view is that of a river. The gospel is the river of the water of life. Wherever it comes the wilderness and solitary place are made glad. Trees of righteousness laden with fruits of peace overhang its margin. 4. “And be glorified.” It is glorious in itself, but it is the manifestation of this glory that the text has in view. The Word of the Lord is glorified—(1) In its rapid and extensive progress. This was the case when three thousand were converted under the ministry of Peter, when Luther arose, and Wesley, and in modem missions. (2) In its effect on the character of its converts, e.g., Saul of Tarsus. (3) In the happy deaths of Christians.

II. The means indicated. Pray for your ministers because—1. They are instruments of God for the dissemination of the gospel. The gospel is an offer of peace and they are ambassadors of God; it is good news and they are the messengers; it is a mystery for man’s benefit and they are the stewards; the world is a field and they are the cultivators; the Church is an edifice and they are the builders. Other powers are auxiliary, e.g., Sunday schools, tract and Bible societies; but preaching leads the way and has the special sanction of Christ. In view of all this, “pray for us.” 2. They meet with many discouragements, arising from their weakness, their responsibility, and their failures. 3. The efficacy of their preaching depends upon the unction of the Spirit, and this can be secured only by prayer. 4. It is your duty. It is enjoined by God. They pray, study, preach for you; the least that can be asked is that you should pray for them. 5. It will be beneficial to yourselves. Without prayer you cannot expect to profit by their ministrations. Conclusion: 1. Great is the efficacy of prayer. 2. You cannot be neutral in this work. You are either for the gospel or against it, and prayer or the neglect of it will determine which. (J. Brown.)

The gospel’s conquests:—A captain once rushed into the presence of the general in hot haste, and said: “General, we can never fight them, they are so numerous.” “Captain,” said the general, coolly, “we are not here to count them, but to conquer them, and conquer them we must.” And conquer them they did. (J. Ossian Davies.)

The diffusion of the gospel:—It begins in the individual’s heart; and secretly, silently, but powerfully, it spreads till the whole nature is penetrated by its influence, and animated to a new character. It is silent as the dew of heaven, but as saturating also. Like a sweet stream, it runs along many a mile in silent beauty. You may trace its course, not by roaring cataracts, and rolling boulders, and rent rocks, but by the belt of verdure and fertility that extends along its margin. The fact is all great forces are silent; strength is quiet; all great things are still. It is the vulgar idea that thunder and lightning are the mightiest forces. Gravitation, which is unseen, binds stars and suns in harmony. The light which comes so silently that it does not injure an infant’s eye, makes the whole earth burst into flowers, and yet it is not heard. Thus love and truth, the compound elements of the gospel leaven, are quiet but mighty in their action; mightier far than hate, persecution, bribes, falsehood, and swords. Souls are won, not by might, or by power, but by the Spirit of the Lord of Hosts; and this Spirit is secured by the quiet efficacy of prayer. (J. Cumming, D.D.)

Spreading the gospel:—At the close of the war with Great Britain I was in new York. One Saturday afternoon a ship was discovered in the offing, which was supposed to be a cartel, bringing home our commissioners at Ghent from their unsuccessful mission. The sun had set before any intelligence from the vessel had reached the city. Expectation became painfully intense as the hours of darkness drew on. At length a boat reached the wharf, announcing the fact that a treaty of peace had been signed, and was waiting for nothing but the action of our government to become law. The men on whose ears these words first fell, ran in breathless haste to repeal them to their friends, shouting as they rushed through the streets, “Peace, peace, peace!” Every one who heard the sound repeated it. From house to house, from street to street, the news spread with electric rapidity. The whole city was in commotion. Men bearing lighted torches were flying to and fro, shouting like madmen, “Peace, peace, peace!” When the rapture had partially subsided, one idea occupied every mind. But few men slept that night. In groups they were gathered in the streets and by the fireside, beguiling the hours of midnight by reminding each other that the agony of war was over. Thus every one becoming a herald, the news soon reached every man, woman and child in the city; and in this sense the whole city was evangelized. All this, you see, was reasonable and proper; but when Jehovah has offered to our world a treaty of peace, why is not a similar zeal displayed in proclaiming the good news? Why are men perishing all around us, and no one has ever personally offered them salvation through a crucified Redeemer? (Dr. Wayland.)

The progress of Christianity:—In the first 1,500 years of its history Christianity gained 100,000,000 of adherents; in the next 300 years 100,000,000 more; but in the last 100 years 210,000,000 more. Make these facts vivid. Here is a staff. Let it represent the course of Christian history. Let my hand represent 500 years. I measure off 500, 1,000, 1,500 years. In that length of time how many adherents did Christianity gain? 100,000,000. I add three finger breadths more. In that length of time how many adherents did Christianity gain? 100,000,000. In the 300 years succeeding the Reformation Christianity gained as many adherents as in the 1,500 years preceding. But I now add a single finger’s breadth to represent one century, How many adherents has Christianity gained in that length of time? 210,000,000 more. Such has been the marvellous growth of the Christian nations in our century, that in the last eighty-three years Christianity has gained more adherents than in the previous eighteen centuries. These are facts of colossal significance, and they cannot be dwelt on too graphically and too often. By adherents of Christianity I mean nominal Christians, i.e., all who are not Pagans, Mohammedans, or Jews. At the present rate of progress, it is supposed that there will be 1,200,000,000 of nominal Christians in the world in the year 2,000. (Joseph Cook.)[8]

1. Finally (to loipon; see comment on 1 Thess. 4:1) brings us to the concluding part of the letter. It does not mean that there is nothing more to say, for Paul could and did discuss weighty matters after it. But it does mean that the main argument is concluded. Here it leads to a request for prayer (as in 1 Thess. 5:25). The verb pray is in an emphatic position (the subject is important), and it is in the present tense, which means ‘Pray continually’. Some think that Paul had been told that the converts were praying for him and that he responds with emphasis, ‘Keep on praying (as you are doing).’ Or he may mean, ‘Not only hold fast our teachings (2:15), but also pray for us.’ But we should not read too much into a tense; Paul often asks people to pray for him and this may simply be a reflection of his deep sense of need; he depended on God and he thus needed constant prayer.

That the message of the Lord may spread rapidly is more exactly ‘that the word of the Lord may run’. Paul sees ‘the word’ as active and vigorous, moving swiftly to accomplish God’s purpose. The imagery goes back to Psalm 147:15 (cf. also Ps. 19:4–5), and the Greek games may also be in mind, for Paul often uses illustrations from these athletic contests. ‘May run’ refers to what the word does in itself, while be honoured (or ‘glorified’) is concerned rather with its effect on people. When people see what God’s word accomplishes they will glorify it, as the Gentiles in Pisidian Antioch did (Acts 13:48). There is no it was in the Greek; Paul says ‘just as also with you’. Translators usually help him out with it was (as niv), making him refer to the time of the original mission, or ‘it is’ (av), making the reference to the time of writing. More likely it includes both. Paul was having difficulties in Corinth, and he recalls with nostalgia the Thessalonian mission (cf. 1 Thess. 1:5–10; 2:1, 13) and Timothy’s later report (1 Thess. 3:6–7). In Thessalonica the word of God was not bound (cf. 2 Tim. 2:9), and Paul longs to see its swift and powerful action in Corinth too.[9]

Ver. 1.—Finally; furthermore; for the rest; introducing the concluding part of the Epistle (see 1 Thess. 4:1). Brethren, pray for us (see a similar request in 1 Thess. 5:25). Observe the unselfishness of the apostle’s request. He does not ask the Thessalonians to pray specially for himself, but for the unimpeded diffusion and success of the gospel, and for himself only in so far as that he might be freed from all hindrances in preaching the gospel—that God would be pleased to crown his labours with success. That; introducing the subject-matter of prayer; what he requested the Thessalonians to pray for. The word of the Lord—namely, the gospel—may have free course; literally, may run; that all obstacles to its progress may be removed; that its diffusion may be free and unimpeded; that, like the sun, it may rejoice as a strong man to run his race (Ps. 19:5; comp. Ps 147:15, “He sendeth forth his commandment upon earth: his word runneth very swiftly”). And be glorified; namely, in the conversion of souls (comp. Acts 13:48) The allusion may be to the applause given to the victors in the foot-races which constituted so considerable apart of the Grecian games. This personification of the Word of the Lord is a favourite figure with the apostle. “In St. Paul’s language there is but a thin film between the Holy Ghost, the Divine personal Spirit, and the spirit in the believer’s inmost being. And so in St. Paul’s conception there is but a thin film between the Word preached and the living Word of God who is God” (Bishop Alexander). Even as it is with you; a recognition of the eagerness with which the Thessalonians had received the gospel.[10]

1  That this request for prayer begins something new in the letter is made certain in two ways: first, by the opening to loipon, an adverb that has traditionally been translated “finally,” and thus served to make Paul the butt of many misguided jokes; and second, by the sixth (of seven) instance(s) of the vocative, “brothers and sisters.” While it is true that at the very end of a letter, as in 2 Corinthians 13:11, to loipon does mean “finally,” more often in Paul it appears somewhat earlier in the letter when he is picking up the last item(s) on his agenda. Thus it usually means, as it does here, “as for what remains to be said,” which the TNIV translators have nicely caught with their “as for other matters.”11 Although it has been suggested that in this case it implies a movement toward secondary matters, it is much more likely, in light of Paul’s later habits, that in fact, and as a point of emphasis, he has saved the final word for a matter that concerns him greatly—since the first time around had proven unsuccessful.

What “remains to be said” first is a request for prayer from them, a request that follows nicely his own prayer for them (2:16–17). And here is an instance in the letter where the plural “for us,” which has otherwise probably been primarily a polite literary plural, is almost certainly intended to refer to all three of them—Paul, Silas, and Timothy. But, typical of Paul, at issue in the Thessalonians’ praying “for us” is not for safety or health, but for the cause of the gospel itself. In making this request for the gospel, (literally) “that the word of the Lord may run and be honored,” Paul echoes very closely the language of Psalm 147:5 in the Septuagint, whose second strophe reads, “his word runs swiftly.” Thus, using the verb “to run” as a metaphor, Paul expresses his concern that the gospel “spread rapidly” in Achaia, where he is now,14 and beyond.

However, despite this basically plain language, Paul’s phrase “the word of the Lord” is from our distance quite ambiguous and has thus led to more than one interpretation. Because of the set phrase “word of the Lord,” it has been argued that “the Lord” here refers to God the Father. But that is against Paul’s own usage elsewhere and is thoroughly misleading in context, especially since “the Lord” in all instances of this paragraph reflects Paul’s standard usage as referring to Christ. Indeed, Paul’s predominant use in these two letters of “the Lord” as a referent to Christ makes it most highly improbable that Paul has suddenly changed his referent and intends the Thessalonians to hear this one as “the word that comes from God.” Thus if we follow Paul’s own usage with this idiom, as, for example, in 1 Thessalonians 1:8, then he is here once again referring to the gospel itself, the “message about Christ.”

What Paul wants for the gospel, therefore, aided by their prayers, is that it will “speed on its way” and that it will “be honored.” The latter word, rendered “honored” by the TNIV, is Paul’s standard word for something or someone’s being “glorified,” that is, receiving its proper glory and honor among people. Very likely, therefore, it is used here as an indirect reference to the victor’s “crown” in a race. But in this case, as a reference to the gospel, it is not eschatological glory that is in view, but present glory. The way it will be “glorified” among people is by their accepting its message as the good news from God that it really is,20 and thus themselves becoming followers of the crucified, now glorified, One.

To make this point stick—prayer on behalf of the gospel as the Thessalonian believers’ proper duty—Paul adds the phrase, regarding the spread of the gospel, “just as with you.” This final phrase, which is verbless in the Greek text, is therefore probably not to be understood as having a temporal referent at all, but simply to the reality itself, both at its beginning and continuation. What Paul is after here is the reality of the success of the gospel among them, not when this success occurred. Although this kind of reference does not occur often in Paul’s letters, it is one of his basic working assumptions—that the gospel is God’s good news that has reached him and his churches, and is thus good news for others as well. Good news is to be shared, and Paul’s concern is that the Thessalonians will recognize this for themselves by making it a matter of prayer.[11]

1 Thus, as he passes from the major section of this letter to that which follows, he does so with a request for prayer. He puts his imperative “pray” in an emphatic position, which leaves no doubt as to the importance he attaches to it, and he puts it in the present continuous tense, so that it means “pray continually.” He looks not for a perfunctory petition, but for continuing prayer (though perhaps we should not press the tense; Paul often asks people to pray for him and this may be another example of his recognition of his continuing need for prayer support). In the first letter he had requested prayer (1 Thess. 5:25). Now he specifies the objects for prayer. The first of them concerns “the word [NIV has “message”] of the Lord.” This means the preaching of the gospel message (as in 1 Thess. 2:13). Paul wants it to “run” (“spread rapidly,” NIV), a piece of vivid imagery in our present verse and probably going back ultimately to “his word runs swiftly” (Ps. 147:15). It is clear that when Paul first preached in Thessalonica there were spectacular results. Many were speedily converted. It is this kind of free movement of the word of God that he has in mind. With this he couples the idea of the word’s being “glorified” (NIV, “honored”; cf. Acts 13:48). People are led to glorify the word when they observe what it does. There may also be a glance at the idea that, when the word is operative in the way spoken of, it displays its glories before people. Both verbs are in the present subjunctive, and the significance of this continuous tense should not be overlooked. Paul is not looking for a single striking manifestation of the word, but for its continuous swift advance and its continual arousing of admiration.

“Just as it was with you” reminds us of Paul’s difficulties at the time of writing. Since his departure from Thessalonica he had been compelled to leave Berea, he had had little success in Athens, and he was meeting opposition in Corinth. He had begun his work in that city by reasoning in the synagogue, but the Jews opposed him; he then concentrated on the Gentiles. He was evidently somewhat disheartened, for the Lord spoke to him in a vision to encourage him (Acts 18:1–11). He himself said that he came to the Corinthians “in weakness and fear, and with much trembling” (1 Cor. 2:3). In these difficult times he recalls the glorious days in Macedonia, days that were continuing, judging from the reports he was receiving. There is no “it was” in the Greek, and it is not required. The statement is very general. Paul is probably including both the first days of the mission in Thessalonica and the days when he was writing. It is worth noting that the account in Acts 17 does not picture the mission in Thessalonica as outstandingly successful; evidently the writers of the New Testament were not concerned to highlight every success. But from this passage it is clear that the mission to Thessalonica had been very successful and that the success continued after the first preachers went on to other work.[12]

1 Eschatological matters have been Paul’s main concern in writing this letter. “Finally” indicates that these have, in the main, been dealt with. Yet an important and related matter remains before the letter ends. Before taking it up, Paul makes one of his typical requests for prayer (cf. Ro 15:30–31; Eph 6:18–19; Col 4:3; 1 Th 5:25; Phm 22).

“Spread rapidly” (trechō, GK 5556) relates to the idea of “running.” Paul also desires that the gospel be “honored” (NASB, “glorified”); this speaks of triumph. As more people receive the good news, victories are won and God is glorified. “Spread rapidly and be honored” does not apply to isolated victories or a single great triumph but to a continuing progress—i.e., the word conveys the meaning “keep on running and keep on being glorified.” “Just as it was with you” recalls the amazing success of the message in Thessalonica (cf. 1 Th 1:5–6, 8; 2:13). Paul wants this repeated in other communities where he preaches Christ.[13]

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Clutter — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” Proverbs 16:3

Are you weighed down by the clutter in your life? I mean lots of little chores to do sometime in no particular order. If you focus too much on these petty tasks, trying to get them out of the way, you will discover that they are endless, eating up as much time as we devote to them.

Let me suggest that instead of trying to do all of your “chores” at once, choose the ones that need to be done today and let the rest slip into the background of your mind.

Then turn your attention to Jesus and make Him the forefront of your awareness. Our ultimate goal should be living close to Him, being responsive to his initiatives. He can communicate with us best, when our mind is uncluttered and turned toward Him. We should seek His face continually throughout each day.

His presence will bring order to our thoughts and He will infuse peace into our entire being. We should first seek His kingdom, and all these things will be given to you as well. (Matthew 6:33) A mind fixed on Him will return perfect peace, because He trusts in us. (Isaiah 26:3)

All those things in our lives that seem to say how important they are really aren’t that important after all. What are your priorities? Are they on that never ending list of things to get done or are they on the face of the Master, who gives peace and order to life?

It is best summed up in one of my favorite hymns which says: Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face; and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.

By John Grant
John Grant is a former Florida State Senator and is a practicing attorney
Used by Permission

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Clutter — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

A New Prescription — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

But you try many medicines in vain; there is no healing for you. Jeremiah 46:11

A wise biblical scholar said his doctor put him on high blood pressure medications. The doctor told him his condition was hereditary, and there was no cure. However, to manage it and keep it from endangering his health, he only needed to take a pill each day.

The scholar related it to our human nature. We have inherited pride and sin from Adam. There is no cure on this side of heaven, but we do have a daily remedy for it. Jesus.

I take medicine daily, too. I might skip a day without any horrid ramifications, but if I skip two or three days, my health may be endangered. The same with my spiritual life. If I skip a day of prayer and Bible reading, I can get by. I may be a tad grumpy or negative. But if I go for too long without my “Jesus pill,” I can slip back into my old ways. Look for other things to bring me peace and joy, like comfort food, spending hours watching a TV series, or shopping for what I don’t need.

People self-medicate all the time. Some with alcohol, some with drugs or sex. Others with adrenaline rushes, money, or power. None of those things satisfy the soul. For our chronic human condition, there is only one thing. We need a Savior. He alone can help us manage what life throws at us without raising our “blood pressure.”

Christian, have you taken your medicine today?

Holy Lord, forgive me when I neglect to include you in my daily life. I need your merciful grace to help me control my human nature and its self-fulfilling tendencies. Remind me to take a good dose of your Word each day and allow your Spirit to fill me with your presence in prayer. For you alone can satisfy my soul. Amen.

Ask the Lord to show you where you “self-medicate” apart from his Spirit, and ask him to help you grow deeper in your relationship with him.

By Julie Cosgrove
Used by Permission

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A New Prescription — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

June 6 Afternoon Quotes of The Day

“Lead, Kindly Light”
Psalm 43:3; 119:105; Isaiah 42:16

Lead, kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom,
Lead thou me on!
The night is dark, and I am far from home,—
Lead thou me on!
Keep thou my feet! I do not ask to see
The distant scene—one step enough for me.


Ritzema, E. (Ed.). (2012). 300 Quotations for Preachers. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

“Jesus Suffered in Our Stead”
Matthew 26:28; Romans 1:18–20; Ephesians 2:1–3; Hebrews 2:17; 9:15

To avert from men God’s wrath
Jesus suffered in our stead;
By an ignominious death
He a full atonement made.


Ritzema, E., & Brant, R. (Eds.). (2013). 300 quotations for preachers from the Medieval church. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

June 6 – To be imitators of God presupposes we know God — Reformed Perspective

Therefore be imitators of God as dear children. – Ephesians 5:1

Scripture reading: Romans 10:14-21

To be imitators of God, as dear children, presupposes that we know God. We cannot become more God-like apart from gaining a deeper and richer appreciation of the person and work of our God. We cannot imitate someone we don’t know. We come to know God through our family devotions and through our personal reading and studying of God’s Word.

But are we growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord our God?  Are we making the time in the busyness of life to better know our God? OR, are we perhaps too busy, like Martha, tending to the daily necessities of life that we supposedly have no time to be more like Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus to listen and learn from His Word?

Today is the Lord’s Day. Today we gather together as God’s covenant people to worship our God. A central part of our worship is to sit under the faithful preaching of God’s Word. The Word preached directs us to God’s wonderful work of redemption in Christ Jesus our Saviour. The Word, through the work of the Spirit, informs us and transforms us to be imitators of God.

As one author put it, “We pray that God will also use our preaching to produce such a knowledge of God’s will that others will live to please him and will produce spiritual fruit, resulting in an ever-growing knowledge of their God.”

Suggestions for prayer

Pray that God will continue to call and equip men to faithfully proclaim the Word of God.

Rev. Henry Van Olst felt called to the ministry at the age of 32 after 12 years of working in the accounting field. He served the Parkland Reformed Church (URC) of Ponoka, Alberta from 1993 to 2005; served in several other churches, and upon retirement in 2020 moved back to Ponoka, Alberta along with his wife Mary, to be closer to their four married children and fifteen grandchildren. Rev. Van Olst remains active in preaching and teaching as the church is currently vacant. This daily devotional is also available in a print edition you can buy at Nearer to God Devotional.

June 6 – To be imitators of God presupposes we know God — Reformed Perspective

6 Jun 2021 News Briefing


Israeli F-35s to take part in joint drill with US, Italy, Britain
Israeli F-35 stealth fighter jets are taking part in a large-scale drill in Italy, marking the first time that the fifth generation plane has been deployed outside of Israel for drills. The IAF jets that took off from Israel on Thursday, will participate in the two-week long Fifth Crown drill alongside planes from Italy, the United States and England.

Jewish entrance to Temple Mount in danger of collapse – report
The bridge to the Mughrabi Gate, which Jewish and other non-Muslim visitors use to enter the Temple Mount, is in immediate danger of collapse, an expert engineer for the Western Wall Heritage Foundation warned on Thursday, according to Channel 13. The wood of the bridge will not afford safe use for an extended period…advising that the bridge be replaced “without delay”…

Gantz demands cancellation of flag march in Jerusalem
Defense Minister Benny Gantz held briefing on Sunday to discuss the Jerusalem Day flag march which has been rescheduled for Thursday in Jerusalem’s Old City. Both Israeli politicians and Hamas have been warning against allowing the Jerusalem Day flag march. Gantz…concluded the meeting with the demand not to hold a flag parade in Jerusalem this week because it could lead to complications in ongoing political processes.

Iran’s proxies in Iraq increase drone war against US forces
US forces in Iraq face increasing drone threats linked to Iran. This has been known for months, since drones first began appearing among pro-Iranian militias in Iraq. Initially used by Kataib Hezbollah and other pro-Iranian groups in Iraq to threaten Saudi Arabia, they have now been turned on the US.

Budapest protest against China’s Fudan University campus
Thousands of people marched through Budapest to protest against plans to open a Chinese university campus in the Hungarian capital. Opponents of the project say it will undercut the country’s own higher education and increase the influence of China’s Communist authorities. The right-wing government of PM Viktor Orban has close ties with Beijing.

Bitcoin: El Salvador plans to make crypto-currency legal tender
El Salvador’s president says he will make the Bitcoin crypto-currency legal tender in the country. If his plan is backed by congress, the Central American country would be first in the world to formally adopt the digital currency. It would be used alongside the US dollar, El Salvador’s official currency.

Biden said considering former ambassador to Israel for Mideast envoy
U.S. President Joe Biden is considering tapping former ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro as Mideast envoy, the Washington Post reported Friday. The potential new position would likely involve building on last year’s Abraham Accords, in which Israel normalized relations with four Arab countries — the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco.

High-Ranking Chinese Defector Reportedly Working With DIA Has “Direct Knowledge” Of China’s Bioweapons Program
Sources say the level of confidence in the defector’s information is what has led to a sudden crisis of confidence in Dr. Anthony Fauci…

California churches celebrate win for religious liberty as state agrees to pay $2.1M over lockdown battles
Churches in California are celebrating their victory for religious freedom after a religious freedom legal group secured settlements requiring the state to pay 2 1 million in attorneys fees to a Pentecostal church and a Catholic priest, and to never again impose discriminatory restrictions on houses of worship

Intense earthquake swarm near Salton Sea, Southern California
An intense earthquake swarm is taking place near the Salton Sea in Southern California, U.S. on June 5, 2021, starting with M2.2 at 08:05 UTC (01:05 LT).

How the Covid Vaccine May Be Related to Alien Disclosure 
I have come across information that may indicate that the vaccine may have not-yet discussed effects on our DNA which may impact our soul as well as having an impact on the food supply. And there may be an alien (eg Fallen Angel) connection to all of this. Walk with me as I relate what I have learned in the last few years.

Food prices to soar higher as California farmers destroy crops because dust bowl conditions continue to spread
What is happening in California right now is going to affect every man, woman and child in the entire country.  Today, California has 24.6 million acres of farmland, and the state produces more of our fruits and vegetables than anyone else by a very wide margin.  So if agricultural production is dramatically reduced because of the endless megadrought that currently has the state in a death grip, that is going to be a major problem for all of us.

Compound in soy found to turn male fish into “females” 
Japanese researchers have discovered that male fish fed soy isoflavones, which Americans also eat, eventually turn into “females.”

Counterfeit News Network (CNN) promotes eating dangerous mercury-loaded cicada bugs that have been underground for 17 years as the “future of food”
Researchers at the University of Cincinnati College of Engineering found surprising levels of deadly mercury in the 17-year cicadas, also known as Cincinnati’s “Brood-X” insects. This type of cicada is a well-known bio-accumulators of mercury, the most toxic non-radioactive element on earth, also found in many vaccines. The loud critters also often accumulate high levels of pesticides over the years, so eating them and knowing this is a welcome mat for health catastrophe.

Nursing homes experiencing large disease “outbreaks” due to covid vaccination
Residents of nursing homes where Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” have been widely administered are suddenly coming down in droves with Chinese Virus infection, which the mainstream media is already referring to using the word “outbreak.”

Amazon is about to start sharing Alexa owners’ bandwidth with their neighbors
The tens of millions of Americans that own Amazon smart devices like Alexa, Echo and Ring only have a few days left to opt out of a company experiment that will severely compromise their personal privacy and security.

Fauci emails: Fauci colluded with Zuckerberg to fearmonger about the coronavirus before the election
The recently released emails from White House Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci show that he colluded with Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg to fearmonger about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) before the 2020 election.

Students at West Point threatened with solitary confinement, separation from Academy for refusing risky covid vaccinations
The United States Military Academy at West Point is attempting to force all cadets to get vaccinated for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) by threatening them with solitary confinement, separation from the Academy, and no more essential training.

CJ Hopkins: Covidian Push Toward A New Totalitarian ‘Normal’
“What it’s about is training us, conditioning us to live in a society where we accept this type of control…”

‘My world fell apart,’ says CofE school chaplain accused of terrorism over LGBT sermon
A school chaplain who was fired from his job and reported to the government’s counter-terrorism watchdog for delivering a sermon questioning the school’s LGBT policies, says in a media interview that his world fell apart after he was accused of being a terrorist

 The Corona Scandal: The Greatest Crime Against Humanity In The History Of The World (Video)
Please watch this video in its entirety. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is also a lawyer and is part of a global lawsuit against the Gates Foundation and all of the bad actors involved in the “Greatest Crime Against Humanity in the History of the World”

Source: 6 Jun 2021 – Rapture Ready

Influential Nigerian preacher dies at 57Posted: 06 Jun 2021 05:59 AM PDT(BBC) – Nigerian preacher TB Joshua, one of Africa’s most influential evangelists, has died at the age of 57.A post on his Facebook page, which has more than five million followers, said: “God has taken His servant”.He was said to have died on Saturday shortly after conducting a live broadcast, but the cause of his death has not been made public.Tens of thousands would attend his services, with top politicians from across Africa among his followers.Continue reading Influential Nigerian preacher dies at 57 at End Time Headlines.
Putin warns America may regret using US dollar as sanctions weaponPosted: 05 Jun 2021 07:56 PM PDT(ETH) – President Vladimir Putin said Russia doesn’t want to stop using the dollar as he accused the U.S. of exploiting the currency’s dominance for sanctions and warned the policy may rebound on Washington.Russia has to adopt other payment methods because the U.S. “uses its national currency for various kinds of sanctions,” Putin said late Friday in St. Petersburg at a videoconference with representatives of international media organizations.Continue reading Putin warns America may regret using US dollar as sanctions weapon at End Time Headlines.
Ransomware attacks are closing schools, delaying chemotherapy, and derailing everyday life…Posted: 05 Jun 2021 07:46 PM PDT(ETH) – It can feel abstract: A group of organized but faceless criminals hijacking corporate computer systems and demanding millions of dollars in exchange for their safe return.But the impact of these ransomware attacks is increasingly, unavoidably, real for everyday people. These crimes have resulted in missed chemotherapy appointments and delayed ambulances, lost school days, and transportation problems. A ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline in May led to gas shortages and even dangerous situations caused by panic buying.Continue reading Ransomware attacks are closing schools, delaying chemotherapy, and derailing everyday life… at End Time Headlines.
Earth’s solid-iron inner core is growing faster on one side than the other altering magnetic fieldPosted: 05 Jun 2021 07:40 PM PDT(ETH) – For reasons unknown, Earth’s solid-iron inner core is growing faster on one side than the other, and it has been ever since it started to freeze out from molten iron, according to a new study by seismologists at the University of California, Berkeley.The faster growth under Indonesia’s Banda Sea hasn’t left the core lopsided. Gravity evenly distributes the new growth — iron crystals that form as the molten iron cools — to maintain a spherical inner core that grows in radius by an average of 1 millimeter per year.Continue reading Earth’s solid-iron inner core is growing faster on one side than the other altering magnetic field at End Time Headlines.
Earthquake swarm rattles Imperial County in California producing strong magnitude 5.2 quakePosted: 05 Jun 2021 12:11 PM PDT(ETH) – Imperial County was hit by a swarm of earthquakes Saturday, the largest one measuring magnitude 5.2, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Quake swarms are not unusual for this border region. But the magnitude 5.2 quake is considered moderate.The biggest quake in the swarm was felt across Imperial County, in San Diego, and in parts of the Inland Empire. There were no immediate reports of injuries or significant damage.Continue reading Earthquake swarm rattles Imperial County in California producing strong magnitude 5.2 quake at End Time Headlines.

No End to Covid Mass-Jabbing Madness | Stephen Lendman

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Experimental, unapproved mRNA drugs and vaccines for covid mass-jabbing are designed to cause irreversible harm and death sooner or later.

They don’t protect and preserve health as falsely promoted.

Pharma connected CDC director Rochelle Walensky is a modern-day Angel of Death Joseph Mengele.

The same goes for charlatan, fraudster, profiteer Fauci and other US/Western public health officials involved in pushing mass-jabbing with deadly toxins.

Fauci’s Big Lies and mass deception were exposed by his own emails.

He’s reportedly on the cusp of being sacked as Biden regime chief medical advisor — a position he never should have been gotten, nor any other US public health one.

On Friday, Health Impact News (HIN) said the CDC under Walensky should be renamed the Center for Death and Population Control.

HIN accused her and the agency she heads of “committ(ing) crimes against humanity by heading up a program to kill, maim, and render infertile American children between the ages of 12 and 17.”

The same goes for all Americans and others elsewhere who’ve been conned into self-inflicting harm from covid jabs.

No one anywhere needs to be pre-medicated for seasonal flu — now called covid — that’s safely and effectively treated by long ago developed drugs if contract the viral illness.

Walensky, Fauci, and other US public health officials are part of a diabolical social control/depopulation scheme.

Virologist Judy Mikovits earlier explained that large numbers of people are dying after being jabbed for covid — largely the elderly with weakened immune systems. 

She believes that around 50 million Americans are at risk of perishing from covid jabs.

Around half the US population has been infected with “the most dangerous spike protein,” she explained, adding:

“We knew the spike protein alone is the disease, so they can all backtrack, because they just injected everyone in the world with a synthetic deadly virus.” 

“They injected the poison. The word ‘virus’ means ‘poison’ and they injected it into everybody” jabbed for covid — what she called attempted “mass-murder.”

Earlier she said “I can’t sleep (because of) how evil this is. This is so deadly, I can’t scream it loud enough from the rooftops.”

Walensky, Fauci and other US public officials want maximum numbers of adults and children infected with toxic covid jabs — designed as bioweapons of mass destruction.

They’re pushing genocide on an unparalleled scale that’ll succeed if their diabolical plot in cahoots with US/Western dark forces, Pharma and press agent media aren’t publicly exposed and checked.

I’ve cited and quoted eminent physician, author of over 100 books Dr. Vernon Coleman before and no doubt will again.

In his latest article this week, he stressed how he’s been warning about covid mass-jabbing since last year.

“(T)he whole experimental jabbing program should be halted immediately,” he stressed, adding: 

“The lunatics have truly taken over the asylum, and they could kill billions with these jabs alone.”

Jabbing adults with “this toxic brew is madness,” he stressed. But they have a choice.

Jabbing young children “is total lunacy,” he added. 

It’s criminal!

Nothing remotely warrants mass-jabbing them “with dangerous poison straight out of the witches’ cauldron in Macbeth, and they don’t have the faintest idea what is happening to them.” 

“There is absolutely no informed consent, and they are being given an experimental vaccine that doesn’t do what people believe it does, to protect them from a disease which I have proved, in a previous video, is nothing more than the rebranded flu.”

Promoting and using what’s harmful to health is a flagrant Nuremberg Code breach.

But that’s precisely what’s been going on since last December in the US, West and elsewhere.

There’s lots of guilt to spread around among government officials, public health ones, their press agent media — and, of course, Pharma by profiteering from selling toxic drugs.

Coleman stressed that parents allowing their children to be jabbed should be held accountable “for child abuse,” adding:

“Any doctor or nurse who jabs a child with one of the experimental covid jabs should be arrested for assault and child abuse and imprisoned for a very long time.”

Professor of viral immunology Byram Bridle explained that the spike protein in covid jabs “spread(s) throughout the body, enter(s) the spleen, liver, bone marrow and ovaries (and)  affects the platelets which can cause clotting, bleeding, heart problems and neurological problems,” according to Coleman.

Affected antibodies “in breast milk can cause bleeding in infants.”

“Why would anyone have anything made by Pfizer injected into their body,” Coleman added? 

Throughout the West, the most diabolical ever mass deception campaign continues without letup.

Getting jabbed for flu now called covid assures irreversible harm and death that can come soon or later.

Either way you’re dead!

VISIT MY WEBSITE: stephenlendman.org (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

Source: No End to Covid Mass-Jabbing Madness

Ted Cruz: Facebook’s Actions and Correspondence with Fauci Shows Big Tech Operating as Extension of Government – Opens Them Up to Legal Liability (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures on Sunday morning to discuss Facebook’s roll in suppressing the true information that did not coincide with what Dr. Fauci was telling the public.

We now know that Fauci was misleading the public for over a year on the coronavirus, where it came from and how to treat it. Millions died following Fauci’s dishonest and misleading reports and advice.

And Facebook acted as an agent of the government to silence anyone who proposed alternative ideas and facts regarding the coronavirus.

This is a huge development!

Senator Ted Cruz: In the email dump that came out, it makes clear that this is not just being sloppy. It is systematic and it is systematically an effort to mislead the American people. And as you noted he wasn’t doing it alone but was doing it with much of the US government behind him and with Facebook and Big Tech operating as an extension of the US government in order to silence any views that disagreed, not with the science, because he wasn’t looking for the science. He was suppressing the science. But rather trying to silence anything that disagreed with the political narrative that was convenient that he was pushing at that moment…

…If you went out and posted the facts that led, a year ago, to the very strong likelihood that the coronavirus escaped from a Chinese government lab in Wuhan, China. If you posted that a year ago and they took it down, I think there is a very good argument you have a cause of action against Facebook. And, Facebook would ordinarily say, “We’re a private company. We’re not liable.” Well, you know, when they act at the behest of the government. When they contact Fauci. When they say, “Should we censor this and Fauci says, “Yes.” And they censor it for the federal government. And then magically when the government changes its mind and says, “Oh, all those facts that were there a year ago, now you’re allowed to talk about it.” They stop censoring it with the flip of a switch. That lays a very strong argument that Facebook is operating as a state agency and that opens very seriously legal liability.

Via Sunday Morning Futures:


Source: Ted Cruz: Facebook’s Actions and Correspondence with Fauci Shows Big Tech Operating as Extension of Government – Opens Them Up to Legal Liability (VIDEO)

Biden Memo Urges ICE Attorneys to Simply Not Worry About Prosecuting Illegals | The Western Journal

As much as it’s one of the cooler acronyms in the bureaucratic alphabet soup, it may be time to retire ICE, because the “E” part clearly isn’t very important to President Joe Biden’s administration.

Maybe we could try ICES: Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Sometimes. That’s clearly the message the president is sending. After all, he’s nominated Harris County, Texas, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez — who stopped working with ICE under a federal partnership during his time in his current office — to head the agency. Biden also called for a 100-day halt on deportations — which was blocked by a judge, but deportations are still way down under the Biden administration.

And late last month, the administration sent ICE attorneys a memo urging them to use prosecutorial discretion over what cases they should seriously pursue.

According to a report Friday in The Hill, the memo, originally drafted May 27, includes a number of factors ICE prosecutors should consider as mitigating factors when looking at whether a case should be pursued.

For instance, lawyers are allowed to forgo cases that involve green card holders; the elderly, pregnant or ill; and those who have been in the United States from a young age.

Not only that, lawyers were supposed to look at “compelling humanitarian factors” when looking at which cases to bring into immigration court. If the individual has been a victim of a crime, for instance, or is a caregiver, the Biden administration urges that to be considered.

“Prosecutorial discretion is an indispensable feature of any functioning legal system,” wrote chief ICE attorney John Trasviña in the memo.

“The exercise of prosecutorial discretion, where appropriate, can preserve limited government resources, achieve just and fair outcomes in individual cases, and advance the department’s mission of administering and enforcing the immigration laws of the United States in a smart and sensible way that promotes public confidence.”

The memo added discretion should be used “at the earliest point possible.”

Is BIden betraying his presidential duties?
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BuzzFeed News, which originally revealed the existence of the memo on Friday, reported that “[Department of Homeland Security] officials hope it leads to the public trusting that cases are not being pursued solely because they can be.”

“The reality is that we have 1.3 million cases in the immigration court system today and it is extremely hard for a person to have their case heard at this point in a timely fashion,” on unnamed DHS official is quoted as saying.

“That is not a mark of a system that is working as you want it to be working. We are hoping this is not only going to lead to an immigration court system that is not only a little more manageable in its workload, but also that we’ll start to see results from this process that will themselves help to restore faith in the system itself in the way that the immigration laws are being administered.”

There was an entreaty in the memo from Trasviña to focus on national security threats and public safety. Also, lawyers weren’t specifically told to refrain from pursuing cases.

The tone of what was contained therein, however, was pretty unmistakable: If ICE attorneys can find a way to get to abandoning a deportation case, maybe it would be wisest to do so. In addition, this is diametrically opposed to the policies under former President Donald Trump, who limited prosecutorial discretion.

“This is absolutely significant and a game-changer for many people who were completely out of luck,” John Amaya, a former senior ICE official, told BuzzFeed News. “It will have a profound impact on individuals who had no path forward under the strict guidelines the last administration applied.”

Another unnamed DHS official said greater prosecutorial discretion would “build faith” in the system, according to BuzzFeed.

“As a general matter, making decisions about when and how to enforce the law in a way that is just and is fair and that resonates with people is one way certainly to show fidelity to the law, but also to build faith that the laws are being applied in a way that’s consistent with our values and that itself can help build confidence in the system as a whole,” the official said.

In other words, the second part of the two-word construct “prosecutorial discretion” doesn’t necessarily sound like rings true. Discretion, after all, is something one does of one’s own volition. If your boss encourages pulling overtime to ensure a project gets accomplished, but insists pulling that overtime is at your own “discretion,” how much stock are you putting into that insistence?

As BuzzFeed News noted, this was “the latest change pushed by a Biden administration that is intent on reshaping how ICE officers and prosecutors pursue arrests and deportations.” ICE attorneys are one of the most important links in the deportation process, deciding which cases to pursue and which should be delayed or dismissed.

Now, their boss is telling them, in no uncertain terms, that it’s at their discretion to not pursue overtime in that department.

It’s not rocket science what the effect of this memo will be: Prosecutors will now essential ignore one of the law governing who is allowed to enter the country’s borders — one of the most important laws on the books of any entity that claims to be a sovereign nation.

“In Trasviña’s memo, prosecutors are told that they should be screening cases for potential prosecutorial discretion regardless of whether attorneys request it,” BuzzFeed reported. “This screening should happen at the beginning stages throughout the entirety of the process, officials added.”

That’s quite extraordinary — even if defense lawyers don’t call for the prosecutors to consider using prosecutorial discretion, prosecutors are supposed to use it. What more do you need to know?

Maybe a better acronym would be ICER: Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Rarely. On the basis of this memo and everything else we’ve seen regarding ICE’s purview under the Biden administration, that’s certainly the direction we’re heading.

When Biden took the oath of office on Jan. 20, he swore to “faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States” and to “preserve, protect and the Constitution of the United States.” That same Constitution requires the president — whoever he is — to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.”

This is a betrayal of that oath, and an abdication of President Biden’s responsibility to uphold our laws and protect our citizens — and yet, why are we surprised?

Source: Biden Memo Urges ICE Attorneys to Simply Not Worry About Prosecuting Illegals

Greg Gutfeld Dug Deep and Found The Most Fatal Flaw Media Made During COVID | LifeZette

With Fauci’s emails getting released, it’s opened a whole new can of worms on the origins of COVID-19 and the initial response to it.

During a recent segment on The Five, Greg Gutfeld went deep into the media’s response in the early days of the virus, or more specifically the lack thereof.

Gutfeld points out that when COVID-19 was starting to rage throughout China, the media was focusing 100% of their time on that first sham impeachment.

Instead of looking at the illness that was sweeping through China, they chose to give 24-hour coverage to a phony impeachment that in the end failed miserably.

And also, it’s fair to note, the Dems did the exact same thing. They didn’t care about the virus – all they cared about what impeaching Trump.

From The Daily Caller

“I love how the media talked about how pristine Fauci’s emails were like that lady, Nicolle what’s-her-face? Wallace — ‘Oh, they’re so wonderful’ — They neglected to say that it’s his government email. He has a separate personal email. It is common for everybody to keep their government emails as bland as possible,” Gutfeld said, adding that he had always considered Fauci to be a bureaucrat and was not as furious with him as some seemed to be. (RELATED: ‘You Pass The Test’: MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Fawns Over Fauci In First Interview After Email Dump)

“I’m more disgusted by the media, surprise, who once again, they refused to do their job. They are supposed to be heroes. Aren’t they supposed to open up the can of worms? When somebody says it’s a can of worms, they are supposed to like dive right onto the can, open it up and suck all of the worms down,” Gutfeld continued, immediately realizing that his analogy was not the best.

“They did not do any legwork to dismiss the theory. They preferred to mock those who mentioned the theory as either stupid or racist. They kind of replaced their journalism with an anti-Trump fervor that caused them to miss perhaps the biggest story of their lives,” Gutfeld concluded. “Instead, they chose impeachment theater as the disease exploded because they wanted the optics, and because of that, hundreds of thousands of people died. So I blamed the Democrats on that because that is what they would do to Republicans.”

“To be fair, I mean, whether or not it was a lab leak or was a wet meat lab, I don’t think — the death number it would have still been the same,” cohost Richard Fowler argued.

“If they knew it came from a lab, they could have buttoned everything up,” Lisa Kennedy pushed back as the show cut to a commercial break.

The media only started focusing on COVID when it appeared to be a way to cripple Trump.

Again, proving how all of this is just politics.

Can you imagine how different things would’ve been if they had approached this virus earlier and from a different angle?

This piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com and is used by permission.

Source: Greg Gutfeld Dug Deep and Found The Most Fatal Flaw Media Made During COVID

UN’s torture expert condemns persecution of Julian Assange as efforts to free journalist ramp up ahead of G7 summit | RT – Daily news

UN’s torture expert condemns persecution of Julian Assange as efforts to free journalist ramp up ahead of G7 summit

Efforts to free WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from Belmarsh Prison in the UK were ramped up this week ahead of the G7 summit with an action in Geneva, a petition, and an intervention by the UN special rapporteur on torture.

Assange’s fiancee Stella Moris, Geneva Mayor Frederique Perler, and UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer called for the journalist’s release and an end to US extradition proceedings against him on Friday.

Melzer, who also serves as the Swiss human rights chair at the Geneva Academy, called Assange’s incarceration “one of the biggest judicial scandals in history” and referred to the WikiLeaks founder, as well as whistleblowers Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning, as the “skeletons in the cupboards of Western countries.”

“It is the story of a man being persecuted in our part of the world for having told the truth,” Melzer said. “He has exposed war crimes, he has exposed torture, he has exposed corruption. It’s an inconvenient truth.

“Are you teaching your children that it’s a good thing or a bad thing to tell the truth?” he continued, concluding that he cannot leave his children a world “where it has become a crime to tell the truth because, once that has happened, we are living in tyranny.”

A temporary monument to Assange, Snowden, and Manning was unveiled in Geneva on Friday. The mobile art installation, made by Italian artist Davide Dormino in 2015 and dubbed ‘Anything to Say?’ shows the three figures standing on chairs with a fourth empty chair next to them. A petition set up by the Geneva Press Club also went live, demanding Assange’s immediate release.

“In the name of respect for inalienable human rights and the values promoted by human rights organizations based in Geneva,” the Geneva Press Club called on the British authorities “to refuse the extradition of Julian Assange and to restore his freedom” and for the US government “to drop the prosecution of Julian Assange.”

The Geneva Press Club also called on democratic states such as Switzerland “to ensure Julian Assange [has] a territory of refuge where he can protect himself from new prosecutions.”

Though he has not been found guilty of any crime, Assange has spent over two years in Her Majesty’s Prison Belmarsh, a maximum-security jail which has housed some of the UK’s most infamous and dangerous criminals, including several high-profile terrorists, serial killers, and rapists. Assange remains at Belmarsh despite a judge ruling in January that he could not be extradited to the United States due to mental health concerns.

Assange’s fiancee said on Saturday that the journalist is “barely hanging on” in the prison and has been in “a terrible state, unable to even string a sentence together” as he is confined to a small cell for 22 hours a day.

“Julian is not violent, he is not a danger to society. He is a publisher and this case is about freedom of information. This situation shames the UK’s justice system. It is a blight on the UK’s global reputation,” Morris declared, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

She called it “unacceptable” that a “foreign power” like the United States is able to “tell Britain what to do.”

“It’s time for President Joe Biden to drop the charges against Julian, and Boris Johnson should ask him to do so at the G7 meeting in Cornwall this week. Hopefully then, justice will prevail,” Morris concluded.

The Mail reported that Assange “has a cork board” in his prison cell “on which he has pinned pictures of his two youngest sons – Gabriel, four, and Max, two,” and he also “feeds a pair of mallards nesting beneath his cell window.”

The 47th G7 summit is set to take place in the UK between June 11 and 13. The UK, the US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the European Union, and Japan will participate.

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Pork-Stuffed Bill About To Pass Senate Enables Splicing Aborted Babies With Animals

The United States can’t beat China by emulating its utter disregard for medical ethics and human rights. This bill is a shameful monstrosity.

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‘Too risky to pursue’: Wuhan lab ‘bat woman’ and US expert warned against performing gain of function experiments in 2015 paper after they created a coronavirus capable of infecting human cells

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 • https://www.dailymail.co, By HARRIET ALEXANDER
  • A team was tasked by Matthew Pottinger, deputy National Security Adviser
  • They set about investigating the ‘lab leak’ theory to explain COVID-19’s origins
  • The theory had been swiftly dismissed by many scientists: Trump disagreed
  • Pottinger’s team came across a 2015 document spelling out the threat 
  • The paper reported on the dangers of ‘gain of function’ research
  • The discovery suggests the idea of a virus escaping from a lab is not far-fetched
  • Vanity Fair reported the Wuhan lab had had several previous security scares

The head of the Wuhan virology lab and a University of North Carolina expert warned of the immense danger posed by their own ‘gain of function’ research after creating a new form of coronavirus – and said it was potentially ‘too risky to pursue’ in a 2015 report, it has been revealed.

Researchers inserted a protein from a Chinese rufous horseshoe bat into a SARS virus from 2002 – resulting in a new pathogen which could infect human cells, Vanity Fair has revealed.

But worried researchers wrote: ‘On the basis of these findings, scientific review panels may deem similar studies building chimeric viruses based on circulating strains too risky to pursue, as increased pathogenicity in mammalian models cannot be excluded.

‘The potential to prepare for and mitigate future outbreaks must be weighed against the risk of creating more dangerous pathogens.’

Wuhan Institute of Virology’s lead coronavirus researcher, Shi Zhengli, and an epidemiologist from the UNC, Ralph Baric, were among 15 authors of a report on novel coronavirus research.

Shi has been dubbed ‘batwoman’ for her research into how Covid mutates in bats.

Infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci had previously denied that there was any possibility that the coronavirus was engineered in a lab.

But emails released under the Freedom of Information Act this week show he was warned at the start of the pandemic that it may have been, and he was sent a copy of a paper by Baric and Shi.

Fauci has since said his emails have been ‘taken out of context’ but he ‘can’t guarantee everything that is going on in the Wuhan lab’.

Fauci’s NIH Funded Wuhan Military Scientist Who Died Mysteriously After Filing COVID Vaccine Patent | ZeroHedge News

As we move further down the rabbit hole of exactly what in the devil has been going on in China’s ‘bat labs,’ we now turn our attention to one Zhou Yusen – a Chinese military scientist specializing in coronaviruses who collaborated with the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s “Bat Woman,” Zhengli Shi – with at least one project to geneticially manipulate coronaviruses having been funded by three grants from the National Institutes of Heath (NIH)  – home to Dr. Anthony Fauci – via US universities, according to documents obtained by The Weekend Australian (ostensibly leaked by Aussie intelligence)The previously undisclosed NIH funding of a PLA military scientist is separate from millions in grants awarded EcoHealth alliance, which also collaborated with the WIV.

The revelation shows American money was funding risky ­research on coronaviruses with People’s Liberation Army scientists – including decorated military scientist Zhou Yusen and the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s “Bat Woman”, Shi Zhengli.

Now we learn that Zhou, 54, is dead – three months after filing a patent for a COVID-19 vaccine in Feb. 2020.

Zhou Yusen, Zhengli Shi

According to the report, Zhou’s May 2020 death went largely under the radar, despite the fact that he was an award-winning scientist at the PLA’s Laboratory of Infection and Immunity at the Beijing Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology. “There were no reports paying tribute to his life. His death was only mentioned in passing in a Chinese-media report in July and at the end of a December scientific paper. Both had the word ­“deceased” in brackets after his name.”

And while Zhou’s death may have been suspicious (or he may have simply died of COVID), the revelation that the US government was funding his research with the WIV may provide a clue as to why US officials – Dr. Fauci (backed by the ‘scientific community’ after his lapdog, EcoHelath Alliance’s Peter Daszak, penned a ‘natural origin or you’re a lunatic‘ letter in the Lancet) – peddled the CCP’s ‘natural origin’ theory, while any suggestion that it could have been created in and/or leaked from the very lab which received NIH dollars was strictly verboten. 

Emails released under a Freedom of Information request from Buzzfeed this week showed that, in the early days of the pandemic, Dr Fauci was concerned that US funding had gone towards gain-of-function research in China.

In other emails, scientists wrote to Dr Fauci expressing the preliminary view that the SARS-CoV-2 genome appeared “inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory” and that it had some features that “potentially look engineered”. -The Weekend Australian

In short, ‘conflict of interest’ doesn’t even begin to explain what Fauci is now going to have to explain the next time Rand Paul has him in the hot seat.

The revelation shows American money was funding risky ­research on coronaviruses with People’s Liberation Army scientists – including decorated military scientist Zhou Yusen and the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s “Bat Woman”, Shi Zhengli.

National security sources said the ties between Zhou and Dr Shi ­supported claims by US intelligence that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was engaged in “secret military activity.” -The Australian

How long was China sitting on the genetic sequence for SARS-CoV-2?


If we’re considering the timeline and its implications, Zhou died three months after filing a Feb. 24, 2020 patent application for a COVID-19 vaccine. While this could mean that he was working on a COVID-19 vaccine before the virus became public knowledge in December 2019, keep in mind that Moderna was able to design the sequence for their COVID-19 vaccine just two days after Chinese officials released its genetic sequence on Jan. 11, 2020 – filing for their first related patent in March, two months later.

Also note that Zhou had been working on coronavirus vaccines since at least 2006 in response the original SARS-CoV outbreak – authoring a study which found that “the vaccines containing the (receptor-binding domain) of SARS-CoV S protein may induce sufficient neutralising antibodies and long-term ­protective immunity against SARS-CoV challenge in the ­established mouse model.”

So, assuming an expert would need approximately two months to go from genomic sequence to patent application, it implies that China withheld the genetic sequence for a month before its Jan. 11 public release. Or, Zhou may have had more of a ‘head start’ than that.

This is something we have never seen achieved before, raising the question of whether this work may have started much ­earlier,” said Nikolai Petrovsky from Flinders University.

(And if one wants to explore the implications assuming SARS-CoV-2 was genetically engineered, Karl Denninger has some thoughts below)

And while we may never know the full extent of Zhou’s role in all of this, he and ‘bat woman’ Zhengli were working on a COVID vaccine right before the pandemic.

Per the Weekend Australian:

Right before the pandemic, Zhou and three other scientists from the PLA-run Beijing Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology – Yuehong Chen, Lei He and Shishui Sun – partnered with two Wuhan Institute of Virology scientists – Dr Shi and Jing Chen – and eight Chinese scientists now based in the US at the University of Minnesota and the Lindsley Kimball Research Institute, New York Blood Centre. Their paper, titled Molecular Mechanism for Antibody-­Dependent Enhancement of Coronavirus Entry, was submitted to the Journal of Virology on November 27, 2019, and was published on February 14, 2020.

The research examined MERS and SARS coronaviruses as avenues for antibody-based ­antiviral drug therapy to treat coronaviruses.

Their paper had some positive results: “Taken together, our ­results show that RBD-specific neutralising MAbs bind to the same region on coronavirus spikes as viral receptors do, trigger conformational changes of the spikes as viral receptors do, and mediate ADE through the same pathways as viral-receptor-dependent viral entry.”

They found this “novel molecular mechanism for antibody-enhanced viral entry” could “guide future vaccination and ­antiviral strategies”.

This study was conducted “in vitro”, meaning in a petri dish or test tube, using humanised kidney and lung cells. Their last paragraph indicated the next step in a future paper would be to conduct “in vivo” experiments with ­humanised mice or primates. A paper published in Nature ­Reviews Immunology 18 months later, in April this year, would find that “neutralising monoclonal antibodies” could help the treatment of Covid-19.

Meanwhile, Zhou’s patent application states: “The invention ­relates to the field of biomedicine, and relates to a Covid-19 ­vaccine, preparation methods and applications. The fusion ­protein provided by the invention can be used to develop the Covid-19 protein vaccine and a drug for preventing or treating the Covid-19.”

What does this all mean now? Karl Denninger has a few thoughts via market-ticker.org, and is notably very suspicious of the patent timing (edited for brevity):

So what do we now know?

  • China’s military was in fact involved at the Wuhan lab.  It was not just a civilian operation.  This, by the way, has been repeatedly denied over the last year and change.
  • The lab’s scientists knew not only the sequencing of the virus but in addition had a patentable way to create an alleged vaccine before the pandemic was public.  It takes time to draft patents and figure them out.  Quite a lot of time, in fact — not a couple weeks or months.
  • It takes time to prove up patent material, including in the case of a vaccine.  To patent something you must be able to demonstrate it; you cannot patent ideas, only embodiments of ideas.  In that case you would have to prove immunogenicity which isn’t instantaneous; it takes weeks or even months to get through original science on this with animals and then humans, which means the date of knowledge was not February 24th it was months or even further before that.
  • That means they were working on this even before that time because to work on a vaccine you have to know you must or would want to work on it in the first place.  This in turn means they knew damn well there was a virulent virus in the wild prior to that date, or they released it or intended to release it into the wild on purpose.  Nobody comes up with a vaccine for a virus you intend to and have confined entirely within a laboratory in animal or cell culture testing; that’s worthless.  Without an isolate to create a vaccine for and a virus outside of a lab environment where vaccination becomes a “thing” that might be required and thus have value why would you do the work to create one?

What’s the timeline on all this?  Many, many months or even a couple of years.

That means either the virus was “out” for many months to a couple of years before February of 2020 (not a month or two) or the Chinese intended to release it in the fall of 2019.  In either case the evidence is now overwhelming that this was not a virus that “magically appeared” one fine day in late December having come naturally from bats and perhaps pangolins. That is not just improbable anymore — it is now, on the manifest weight of the evidence, impossible.

Next up is exactly what sort of vaccine patent we’re talking about here?

Specifically how is it that the “stiffened” areas in the viral vector and mRNA shots we’re using in the US came to be known and proved up?  How did Moderna and Pfizer know they needed to do that?  That sort of study takes months if not years too, not days or weeks, to both come up with it and then prove it actually works as expected.

Remember that Covid-19 has a rather-unique site on the spike called the “furin-cleavage” area which it uses to “fold” and get into the cell; the S1 unit attaches, the cleavage area “folds” and then the second part penetrates the cell wall like a spear.  SARS and MERS both lack this structure so there was no “prior art” to use and in the first couple of months the characterizing of all of this was pretty darn new.

Yet the “official story” is that these folks had a proposed candidate configuration, including the replacement of encodings to “stiffen” that area within days of the publication of the viral RNA sequence for Covid-19.

Is the completed work in that area what the Chinese “gave” us complete with that part of the work already done?  That would explain how it happened that quickly, wouldn’t it?  I’d sure like to understand how someone — anyone — does that sort of work complete with the lab verification in cell cultures and animals, reachig those conclusions in days.

What are the connections there?  I’d like a full explanation of that please.

Source: Fauci’s NIH Funded Wuhan Military Scientist Who Died Mysteriously After Filing COVID Vaccine Patent


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 • https://halturnerradioshow.com

The email below, sent to Fauci describes it as a “Bioweapon” and explicitly describes exactly how it was made.   Fauci had this information more than a year ago, in March, 2020 . . .


This email, part of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, seems to prove beyond all doubt that the National Institutes of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) was actively – and ILLEGALLY — working on a Biological Weapon.

It also appears the staff of NIAID knew this was bioweapon research and perpetrated it anyway.

If this email proves what it seems to prove, then it appears to lay-people, that Dr. Anthony Fauci may have committed a series of criminal acts, in violation of federal laws and in violation of various international Chemical and Biological Weapons Treaties, and should be arrested immediately – along with the other staff who engaged in this work.

Hal Turner Editorial Opinion

If this email proves what it seems to prove, then government officials all over the world KNEW this was, in fact, a bio-weapon, and ALL OF THEM CONCEALED THE TRUTH FROM THE PUBLIC.

Every single government employee and official who concealed this truth should be instantly removed; no matter who they are, or what job/office they hold.  If they knew this was a Bioweapon and they intentionally concealed that fact, then they covered up the release of a deadly bio-weapon, and repeatedly LIED to the general public, saying it was a naturally-occurring bat-virus.

Their lies, their deliberate omissions, literally resulted in the deaths of millions around the world, hundreds-of-thousands here in the USA alone.

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