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Former White House doctor Ronny Jackson urges Biden to take a cognitive test | Daily Mail Online

Texas GOP Rep. Jackson told Sean Hannity he was concerned about Biden’s mental state. He has been circulating a letter with House colleagues and has the signatures of 13 GOP lawmakers. 

‘Joe Biden is not physically or cognitively fit to be our president’: Ex-White House doc Ronny Jackson and 13 GOP reps. send president a letter urging him to take mental test

  • Ronny Jackson, who was Trump’s White House physician, appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show on Thursday night
  • Jackson said that Biden’s week in Europe had been ’embarrassing’ and questioned the president’s mental fitness 
  • Jackson has been circulating the letter with House colleagues and has been able to get the signatures of 13 GOP lawmakers
  • The letter cites the president’s ‘mental decline and forgetfulness’
  • It also notes several of his ‘gaffes’, and urges the White House to publish the test results immediately
  • It was addressed to the president, his physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor and Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci
  • The letter called on the Biden to share the results with the country 
  • — Read on www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9698687/Former-White-House-doctor-Ronny-Jackson-urges-Biden-cognitive-test.html
  • Ronny Jackson, House Republicans push for Joe Biden cognitive test – Washington Times

    Rep. Ronny Jackson, a former White House doctor, sent a letter to President Biden on Thursday that called on him to prove his mental fitness to be president.

    The letter, which was co-signed by 13 other Republican lawmakers, told the president that he seems to be suffering “mental decline and forgetfulness” based on numerous “gaffes.”

    “We urge you to submit to a cognitive test immediately,” the lawmakers wrote.

    — Read on www.washingtontimes.com/news/2021/jun/17/ronny-jackson-house-republicans-push-joe-biden-cog/

    Osama bin Laden’s niece protests Biden-Putin summit with ‘Trump Won’ flag | WND

    ‘Trump has shown he protects America and us by extension from foreign threats by obliterating terrorists at the root.’

    When U.S. President Joe Biden arrived in Geneva for his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he was most likely expecting the meeting to grow contentious at times.

    What he probably did not foresee was a relative of one of the world’s most infamous terrorists protesting the summit from right outside.

    Outlandish as it may sound, that is exactly what took place. The Daily Caller posted a video that showed Noor bin Ladin, Osama bin Laden’sniece, protesting in Geneva by holding up a flag that said “Trump Won.”

    Noor bin Ladin has previously denounced the actions of her uncle and committed herself to fighting for Western values. In a September 2020 interview with the New York Post, bin Ladin publicly expressed her support for former President Donald Trump.

    “I have been a supporter of President Trump since he announced he was running in the early days in 2015,” she told the Post.

    “I have watched from afar and I admire this man’s resolve. He must be re-elected. … It’s vital for the future of not only America, but Western civilization as a whole.”

    Five months after Biden took office, Noor is apparently not convinced that his election win was legitimate, and she was ready to let him know as much in Geneva.

    According to Business Insider, Noor is the daughter of Osama bin Laden’s half-brother, Yeslam bin Ladin. His portion of the family ends their name with “in” rather than “en.”

    Noor was raised by her mother, Carmen Dufour. Dufour divorced Yeslam bin Ladin in 1988 and took Noor to Switzerland along with her two other daughters.

    Noor told the Post that she has visited the U.S. several times since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. While she still lives in Switzerland, she told the outlet that America holds a special place in her heart.

    It is because of that love for America that Noor said she supported Trump. She said in September 2020 that a potential Biden presidency would open the door for more terrorist attacks.

    “ISIS proliferated under the Obama/Biden administration, leading to them coming to Europe,” she said. “Trump has shown he protects America and us by extension from foreign threats by obliterating terrorists at the root and before they get a chance to strike.”

    Whether or not you care about Noor bin Ladin’s political opinions, the fact remains that having protesters outside the summit is an embarrassing look for Biden.

    In addition, he is not the only member of his administration who has been greeted with such hostility in recent days. When Vice President Kamala Harris arrived in Guatemala on June 6, protesters held up signs imploring her to “go home” and declaring Trump the rightful president of the U.S.

    As easy as it is to giggle at these visuals, the unfortunate truth is that they paint a frightening picture for America. Other countries’ citizens have made it clear they do not fear or respect Biden, who is supposed to be the leader of the free world.

    As for Biden himself, he has not done much to change their minds. From reading off of “flashcards” to forgetting the words of the Declaration of Independence, he has hardly inspired confidence in his leadership.

    The international trips Biden and Harris have taken over the last couple of weeks have shown that the administration is a laughingstock to at least some citizens of other countries. As Americans, that should be a concerning development regarding the leaders of our great country.

    This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

    — Read on www.wnd.com/2021/06/trump-supporting-niece-bin-laden-protests-biden-putin-summit-trump-won-flag/

    Scientists Admit Lab-Leak Hypothesis Was Valid Last Year – But Kept Quiet Because Of Trump | ZeroHedge

    Last month, a group of 18 scientists published a letter calling for a deeper investigation into the origins of COVID-19 which would give serious consideration to the lab-leak hypothesis – which posits that the virus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

    Now, several of those scientists, including MIT and Harvard geneticist Alina Chan, admit that scientists avoided the lab-leak hypothesis because they didn’t want to be associated with then-President Trump, according to NBC News.

    Chan said there had been trepidation among some scientists about publicly discussing the lab leak hypothesis for fear that their words could be misconstrued or used to support racist rhetoric about how the coronavirus emerged. Trump fueled accusations that the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a research lab in the city where the first Covid-19 cases were reported, was connected to the outbreak, and on numerous occasions he called the pathogen the “Wuhan virus” or “kung flu.”

    The shift reflects how some scientists who previously avoided the topic or were quick to dismiss it are grappling with enduring uncertainties about the virus’s origin, free from the politicization that clouded such discussions during the Trump administration.

    So while America was told to follow the science, scientists chose to play politics.

    At the time, it was scarier to be associated with Trump and to become a tool for racists, so people didn’t want to publicly call for an investigation into lab origins,” said Chan.

    Those who have ‘come around’ in recent months are also pointing to China’s lack of transparency.

    There are three primary theories circulating, according to the report:

    • The virus evolved naturally before spilling over into humans from an infected animal.
    • The virus evolved naturally, but an employee at the lab became infected from a sample and accidentally “leaked” it into the community.
    • Scientists at the lab were manipulating virus samples and accidentally or intentionally released the pathogen.

     “If we had a pandemic that was sourced near to a BSL-4 lab in the U.S., the first thing you would be asking is if they were working with that pathogen in that lab,” said Andrew Reed, an expert on evolutionary genetics of infectious diseases and a professor of biology at Penn State – who cautioned that while the lab leak is plausible, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most probable explanation (it is).

    As the Daily Wire notes, “David Asher, who led the Trump administration’s investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, said in an interview last month that he had biostatisticians from the U.S. government calculate that the odds of the coronavirus evolving from nature and they estimated that it was about 1-in-13 billion.”

    If only ‘the science’ had been more interested in facts than politics, we’d be further down the road of accountability:

    — Read on www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/scientist-backing-wuhan-probe-admits-lab-leak-hypothesis-was-valid-last-year-kept-quiet

    Disney Plus Aims To Be The #1 Corrupter Of Children With A ‘Reimagining’ Of Popular Disney Songs To Promote The LGBTQ+ Movement Agenda — Now The End Begins

    Disney+ will host a LGBTQ Pride concert aimed at kids and starring drag queen Nina West, with performances of popular Disney songs that will reportedly be re-imagined with LGBTQ themes.

    From their inception, the Walt Disney Company geared itself to families and children, but when inspected closer, there was always a dark undertone to their product offerings with hidden messaging in animated movies and overly-adult themes in dialogue in children’s movies. Modern day Disney is pro-abortionpro-occult, and don’t seem to care about the fact that China uses Muslim slave labor in Chinese concentration camps. Now Disney Plus wants to indoctrinate your kids with LGBTQ+ ideology set to some of their most-loved music.

    “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.”Ephesians 5:11-13 (KJB)

    It used to be that children were protected, that they were intentionally kept from themes and ideas that they were not emotionally ready to explore, but safeguards like that have no place in our society as the spirit of Antichrist continues to rise. Now children are ‘fair game’ and seen as recruitment tools, mere fodder for the LGBTQ+ machine that is preparing to devour them. Woe unto you that allow this to happen, the Lord will require this at your hands.


    Disney+ Hosting LGBTQ Pride Concert Aimed at Children, Starring Drag Queen Nina West

    FROM BREITBART NEWS: Disney+’s This Is Me: Pride Celebration Spectacular, which is set to stream on YouTube and Facebook on June 27, will feature appearances by Kermit the Frog as well as pop stars Hayley Kiyoko and Todrick Hall. Other performances will include gender-fluid singer Alex Newell and gender non-binary performer Jesse James Keitel.

    Drag queen Jackie Cox is also set to appear during the concert. (Both West and Cox are alumni of RuPaul’s Drag Race.) The virtual concert will feature performances of notable Disney tunes reinterpreted through a LGBTQ+ lens, according to a report from Deadline. It remains unclear which songs will be featured in the concert.

    The event is intended to raise awareness of GLSEN, a LGBTQ youth advocacy group founded by Kevin Jennings, who is a former Obama administration official.

    Disney+ is recognizing Pride Month by spotlighting LGBTQ-themed programming. The streaming service recently debuted the short film The Little Prince(ss) about a gender non-conforming kid. As Breitbart News reported, the new comedy series Big Shots, starring John Stamos, featured a lesbian kiss between to high school characters.

    Other streaming services featuring Pride Month-themed programming include Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video. READ MORE

    Meet Disney+ Songbird Nina West

    Disney Plus Aims To Be The #1 Corrupter Of Children With A ‘Reimagining’ Of Popular Disney Songs To Promote The LGBTQ+ Movement Agenda — Now The End Begins

    The 2021 Southern Baptist Convention: What Just Happened? — Founders Ministries

    The 2021 Southern Baptist Convention: What Just Happened? - Randy Starkey

    Several things happened at #SBC21 and many, if not most, of them are deeply concerning to grassroots Southern Baptists who love Christ, fear God, tremble at His Word, and want to cooperate for the cause of missions and evangelism with others who are likeminded.

    The Founders pre-conference was outstanding under the theme, “Be It Resolved.” Those messages will be posted online in the weeks ahead and I commend them to everyone, whether SBC or not. Though I was unable to attend I heard that the Conservative Baptist Network breakfast on Tuesday morning was also an outstanding event (and, like the Founders pre-conference, sold out). Those who gathered in these two events were people who are concerned about the progressive direction of many in the SBC.

    The reports from the International Missions Board about gospel-advance around the world are always encouraging to hear and to be reminded of what is, or at least can be, best about our Southern Baptist Convention. We do have a great mechanism for getting workers into hard places for the sake of Christ.

    More could be said about the good things that took place in Nashville, such as evangelistic efforts, fellowship and renewal of friendships, encouraging conversations, discipleship efforts, and the passing of the strongest resolution in SBC history against the holocaust of abortion—which was done by successfully challenging the Resolutions’ Committee efforts to prevent the convention from ever seeing it. It also overcame a media campaign by one of that committee’s members (Bart Barber) against it, compounded by Southern Seminary professors’ (Denny Burke and Andrew Walker) public opposition to it, along with an impassioned speech on the floor of the convention against it by a paid employee of our Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Josh Wester. The fact that a widely split convention (the presidential race was won by a 52% to 48% vote) could overcome almost insurmountable odds to get this resolution passed was a clear reminder that denominational elites do not always have to get their way if grassroots church members will unite to wisely engage the process to challenge their agenda at those points that are problematic.

    Ed Litton, a pastor in Alabama, was elected President of the SBC. At the time of his election his church believed that

    God is the Creator and Ruler of the universe. He has eternally existed in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. These three are co-equal parts of one God.

    Shortly after his election (and after this statement from his church’s website was publicized), the church changed their beliefs to exclude that last sentence about God, which is a good thing because it eliminates an ancient heresy that teaches that God has parts and is not one, divine, simple, Being. This rapid step toward orthodoxy should be celebrated despite the questions it raises about the church’s polity.

    Before the convention Ed said, “I think that our pulpits should be places that reflect our view of pastors. At Redemption church, we do not have women preach.” Also, before the convention Ed’s wife, Kathy, said thiswhile on stage with her husband during a Sunday morning, “In this series that we’ve been doing for five weeks… this is our last sermon…”

    Many Southern Baptists find this problematic. Evidently, the majority of those voting for a new president did not. Though the celebration of the elitists and more woke-minded Southern Baptists was exuberant, and the disappointment of the grassroots Southern Baptists was palpable, everyone should stop and remember that Ed Litton won that race by 556 votes. Despite all of the attempts by the platform personalities to assure us that we are united and “together on mission,” there is no denying that the division within the SBC right now is real.

    That divide can be assessed from various angles and I am sure that those on the other side of ideological divides will see things differently, but here is my immediate assessment. There were two types of Southern Baptists in the convention hall: those who wanted open discussion and opportunity to repudiate Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality vs. those who wanted to avoid addressing those ideologies by name; those who wanted the voices of hundreds of Southern Baptists to be heard (through the submission of this resolution by more than 1300 church members) vs. those (primarily the Resolutions Committee chaired by James Merritt) who wanted those voices silenced; those who wanted to speak strongly for the abolition of abortion vs. those who wanted to say less than the resolution that ultimately passed actually said; those who repeatedly reminded us from the platform that “the world is watching us” vs. those who were more concerned that God was watching us.

    The Southern Baptist Convention is in a mess. We are facing a pivotal moment. By “moment” I do not mean, month” or “year.” I mean five years. From conversations that I and others had my sense is that we had more first-time messengers at this convention than we have had in years. I am sorry that the post-convention survey did not ask that question. But it is undeniable that many, and I would guess thousands, of new people showed up to vote for a new president. The Washington Post has reported that the North American Mission Board financially invested in getting voters for Ed Litton to Nashville:

    One insider said NAMB has been pouring money into getting urban church leaders to the annual meeting to get enough votes to secure the presidency for Ed Litton, an Alabama pastor who has promoted work on racial reconciliation. Litton’s wife, Kathy, heads NAMB’s ministry for wives. A NAMB spokesman said it will send 150 church planters to the meeting this year.

    So, I guess congratulations are in order for Kevin Ezell and his NAMB crew for successfully securing their objective. But surely Kevin won’t be surprised that grassroots Southern Baptists will be upset to learn that their money that they have contributed through the Cooperative Program has been poured into getting Ed Litton elected. They probably will become even more upset when they learn that Southeastern Seminary President, Danny Akin, used his platform to “Urge [his] brothers and sisters to get behind @EdLitton!!!! He would serve us best!” Once again, our Cooperative Program dollars hard at work. Whenever CP giving decreases over the next year, SBC executives ought to stop and consider that lots of people do not like paying for our denominational servants to use the money we give them to undermine the very things we stand for. If you are going to rob my house, don’t expect me to pay for your get-away car.

    With all of the CP money used to get Pastor Litton elected, and all of the scandalous smear campaigns carried out against Pastor Mike Stone to keep him from getting elected, the presidential vote was still decided by only 556 ballots. I spoke to people who voted for Al Mohler on the first ballot and did not vote on the second because the unfounded accusations by Russell Moore and Phillip Bethancourt (be sure and actually listen to the edited audio clips & don’t simply take Bethancourt’s comments to tell you what you are supposed to be hearing) made them concerned that Mike could be involved in some kind of coverup. So the negative campaign tactics worked. And yet, the vote was decided by only 556 ballots.

    What does all of this suggest? Among other things it makes clear that shrewd political operatives have successfully elected their candidate to lead the SBC for the next year. They have done so by using money that rank-and-file Southern Baptist churches gave to support missions and by a smear campaign against a faithful Southern Baptist pastor who is more like they are than any of the SBC elites who want to maintain their death-grip on the levers of power in the convention.

    For this to change, more of the 47,000 churches are going to need to become involved in the annual meeting. It is time to send a message to the elites. They can make fun of us, scold us, suggest we don’t care about evangelism, and call us “jerks”—all of which, by the way, was done from the platform this year—but such tactics will not work anymore.

    It is time for Southern Baptist churches, led by God-fearing pastors, to show up, stand up, and speak up, and remind the elites and our erstwhile leaders that the seminaries, institutions, and agencies of the SBC belong to the churches. Those who lead them and work in them work for the churches. The trustees of them are not their unpaid employees but represent the churches. And it is past time that the churches start holding our employees and trustees accountable.

    This can happen, and I believe will happen. But it will not happen without decisive steps that will evoke charges of being mean-spirited, unkind, fundamentalist, unchristian, and worse. Trust me, I know. But my encouragement to all who want to see the SBC become healthier is to keep your Bibles open and don’t listen to the naysayers who fear the churches of the SBC rising up to make our voices known. Fear God and do what is right. The battle is the Lord’s, and He will decide the outcome. Let us be found being faithful and pursuing righteousness according to whatever light and power the Lord will give us.

    (I will offer further thoughts for pastors and churches in the SBC in the weeks ahead)

    The 2021 Southern Baptist Convention: What Just Happened? — Founders Ministries

    Breaking Down the SBC Annual Meeting, Pastor Mike Stone Joins Us — Wretched

    Wretched Radio | Air Date: June 17, 2021


    • Let’s examine what took place at the 2021 SBC Annual Meeting.
    • Pastor Mike Stone joins us to discuss “deep fractures and different visions” within the SBC.
    • CRT was likely the largest issue (not) discussed at the convention.
    • What did some SBC leaders mean by the repeated claim “the world is watching”?
    • Another contentious issue was incrementalism being denounced. 
    • Should the SBC’s faith statement be so broad?

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    Breaking Down the SBC Annual Meeting, Pastor Mike Stone Joins Us — Wretched

    June 17 Evening Quotes of The Day

    Faith Weakens When Obedience Falters
    John 3:36; Romans 1:5; Revelation 3:15

    When obedience falters, faith weakens. How can there be great faith, where there is little faithfulness?


    Ritzema, E., & Vince, E. (Eds.). (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Puritans. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

    Failing to Examine Our Habits
    1 Kings 3:9; 1 Timothy 5:13

    Men will not bend their wits to examine whether things to which they have been accustomed be good or evil.


    Ritzema, E. (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Reformation. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

    Back, Then Forward — VCY America

    Nevertheless I will remember my covenant with thee in the days of thy youth, and I will establish unto thee an everlasting covenant. (Ezekiel 16:60)

    Notwithstanding our sins, the Lord is still faithful in His love to us. He looks back. See how He remembers those early days of ours when He took us into covenant with Himself, and we gave ourselves over to Him. Happy days those! The Lord does not twit us with them and charge us with being insincere. No, He looks rather to His covenant with us than to our covenant with Him. There was no hypocrisy in that sacred compact, on His part, at any rate. How gracious is the Lord thus to look back in love!

    He looks forward also. He is resolved that the covenant shall not fail. If we do not stand to it, He does. He solemnly declares, “I will establish unto thee an everlasting covenant.” He has no mind to draw back from His promises. Blessed be His name, He sees the sacred seal, “the blood of the everlasting covenant,” and He remembers our Surety, in whom He ratified that covenant, even His own dear Son; and therefore He rests in His covenant engagements. “He abideth faithful; he cannot deny himself.”

    O Lord, lay this precious word upon my heart and help me to feed upon it all this day!

    Back, Then Forward — VCY America

    Believing Before Seeing — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

    “blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”  John 20:29

    In our world where scientific, rationalistic thinking is highly prized, it seems preposterous, even unwise, to state with assurance that one’s entire life on earth – and beyond – is based on the unseen.

    One follower of Christ, heartbroken and disillusioned after seeing the violent beatings and unspeakably horrible death of this One he loved, simply could not believe that Jesus was now alive. Even the testimony of those who claimed to have seen Him was suspect. It took the physical presence of Jesus, the sight of scars and sound of His voice, to finally elicit a statement of faith: “My Lord and my God.”

    Carlo Carretto writing in, In Search of the Beyond, states: “I began to know Jesus as soon as I accepted Jesus as truth.”  Today God calls us to believe before seeing, but once that step of faith – acknowledging the truth of Christ – is taken, an increasingly intimate “knowing” of Jesus begins. We can be one of those blessed ones who have not seen and yet have believed.

    Thank you, Father, that you only ask for small faith in Jesus before you begin the mighty work of transformation.

    By Marilyn Ehle
    Used by Permission

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    Believing Before Seeing — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

    Seeing Him Who Is Unseen — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

    There are times when, to lead us on into new authority and blessings, God must liberate us from the container of our previous experiences. Consider Elijah’s encounter with the Most High on Mt Horeb. Three natural signs occurred. But the Lord was not in the wind, the earthquake or the fire — all of which were familiar symbols to Elijah. The Lord who caused these mighty manifestations was not in them.

    For Elijah, mighty manifestations had been signs of God’s approval. But something new was at hand that required a fresh submission to the living God. A double portion of power was coming! The distinguishing characteristic of this new anointing would not only be seen in supernatural manifestations, but also in greater wisdom and compassion.

    Earthquakes, fires, and storms — the signs that accompanied Elijah — are the signs of our times as well. But to receive the double portion, we must learn to recognize God’s nearness when there are no “earthquakes” or “storms” to capture our attention. The Lord demands we enter a more refined relationship with Him, one that is based on His love and the whisper of His voice, not merely on spiritual phenomena or natural disasters.

    After the last sign, there came “…a gentle blowing” (1 Kings 19:12). The King James Version says, “a still small voice.” In holy silence the presence of God was returning; in the center of the silence was the whisper of God’s voice. Elijah “wrapped his face in his mantle” (v. 13). Perhaps it was near this very site that Moses, five hundred years earlier, hid when the Lord passed by. Now it was Elijah’s turn.

    We too must learn to hear the voice of Him who rarely speaks audibly and observe the actions of Him who is otherwise invisible. Elijah would gain the courage to endure Jezebel’s wrath the same way Moses faced the rage of Pharaoh: “He endured, as seeing Him who is unseen” (Hebrews 11:27). We must learn to detect, without great signs, the still small voice of God.

    The Lord will not fight for our attention; He must be sought. He will not startle us; He must be perceived. It took no special skill to “discern” the earthquake, the fire or the great storm. But to sense the holy quiet of God, our other activities must cease. In our world of great pressures and continual distractions, the attention of our hearts must rise to the invisible world of God’s Spirit. We must learn to see Him who is unseen and hear Him who is rarely audible.

    Oh Master, how easily I fall into dead religious habits and spiritual dullness. Lord, I long to know Your ways, to have eyes that really see and ears that clearly hear. Teach me, Lord Jesus, the intimacies of God. Remove the mystery surrounding Yourself that I might truly know You. Forgive me for looking for signs instead of listening for Your voice. Oh God, how I long to abide in Your glory. Restore to Your church the double portion You have promised, and guide us into the fullness of Your love. In Jesus’ name. Amen

    By Francis Frangipane
    Used by Permission

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    Seeing Him Who Is Unseen — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

    June 17 Afternoon Quotes of The Day

    The Unprofitableness of Controversy
    Proverbs 29:9; 1 Timothy 6:4; 2 Timothy 2:23; Titus 3:9

    I see the unprofitableness of controversy in the case of Job and his friends: for, if God had not interposed, had they lived to this day, they would have continued the dispute.


    Ritzema, E. (Ed.). (2012). 300 Quotations for Preachers. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

    Which of Us Follow Christ’s Life?
    Matthew 24:12; Philippians 2:21; 2 Timothy 4:3–4

    Which of us—alas!—is following the life of Christ in poverty, chastity, humility, and diligent preaching? Woe, woe, woe! The apostle’s word is fulfilled: “All seek the things that are their own, not the things that are Jesus Christ’s.”


    Ritzema, E., & Brant, R. (Eds.). (2013). 300 quotations for preachers from the Medieval church. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

    17 Jun 2021 News Briefing


    FBI Operatives Likely ‘Unindicted Co-Conspirators’, Organizers Of Capitol Riot: Report
    Tucker Carlson dropped several bombshells on his show Tuesday night, chief among them was from a Revolver News report that the FBI was likely involved in organizing the Jan. 6 Capitol ‘insurrection,’ and were similarly involved in the kidnapping plot against Michigan Governor Gretchin Whitmer.

    Texas has begun building wall along border, Abbott says
    The state of Texas launched border wall construction along its border with Mexico, marking the first step in building a barrier to prevent noncitizens from illegally crossing into the United States. “Building the wall in Texas has officially begun,” Republican Gov. Greg Abbott said during a press conference Wednesday afternoon, adding that construction was going on “as we speak.”

    “They are trying to start the War of Gog and Magog”
    But amid Hamas threats to respond to the flag march with additional rocket and fire balloon attacks, elements of the new government further to the Left decried the Jerusalem procession as an act of “provocation.” “This is not just a parade of flags, there will be other nationalist initiatives the purpose of which are to bring about the War of Gog and Magog,” tweeted Yair Golan of the far-left Meretz party, using the biblical language for an end-times apocalyptic battle over the Land of Israel.

    Bin Laden’s niece opposes Biden-Putin summit with ‘Trump won’ sign
    Noor Bin Laden signalled her apathy for Mr Biden on Wednesday by holding a sign that read “Trump Won”. It happened in Geneva, where the President was holding a summit with his Russian counterpart.

    Iranian Confirms 6.5 kg Stockpile of 60-Percent Enriched Uranium
    Iran announced Tuesday that it has produced and stockpiled 6.5 kilograms (14.3 pounds) of 60-percent enriched uranium, in addition to 108 kilograms of uranium enriched to 20 percent purity. Purity of 90 percent is the level of enriched uranium used in producing nuclear weapons. Uranium enriched to 60 percent purity is a just a short step from the 90 percent purity required to fuel nuclear weapons.

    Biden, Putin in agreement Iran must not have nuclear weapons
    Joe Biden said he and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to work together to ensure Iran does not obtain nuclear weapons. In what was described as a “pragmatic” first summit on Wednesday to hold arms control and cyber-security talks and return their respective ambassadors, while agreeing to differ on other issues.

    Israeli camouflage tech makes soldiers ‘invisible’
    sraeli survivability products company Polaris Solutions has developed a camouflage technology that renders soldiers on the battlefield virtually undetectable. In cooperation with the Defense Ministry, the company recently unveiled Kit 300, an innovative camouflage sheet made out of a material that provides multispectral concealment.

    Will every Israeli airstrike now be front page news? – analysis
    The airstrike received major coverage on CBS, NBC, CNN and other channels. CNN noted: “Why balloons strapped to explosives are the latest flashpoint in Israel-Hamas tensions.” BBC put the airstrike at the top of its homepage for all of Wednesday …

    Massive cosmic corkscrews are largest spinning structures ever found
    Planets rotate, stars rotate, galaxies and galaxy clusters all rotate. But how far up the chain does this angular momentum go? Astronomers have now discovered evidence that some of the largest scale structures of the universe also rotate – mind-bogglingly gigantic filaments that pipe galaxies around the cosmos. From our vantage point here on Earth, looking up at the stars, they seem to be pretty much randomly scattered across the sky. But on the largest scales the universe is surprisingly well-ordered. Stars are generally concentrated in galaxies, and galaxies themselves tend to gather in clusters.

    USGS records 2.6 earthquake in South Dakota
    A 2.6 magnitude earthquake was reported Tuesday in South Dakota. According to the United States Geological Survey, the quake occurred at 6:11 p.m. CST and originated 5 kilometers below ground. It happened nine miles northeast of Quinn, South Dakota.

    Mao’s Cultural Revolution Has Arrived In America
    The American “Woke Revolution” is hellbent on destroying any and all vestiges of traditional society, especially those that celebrate freedom, individualism, and American exceptionalism, in general.

    Rare waterspouts spotted in the Strait of Georgia for 2 days in a row, Canada
    Several waterspouts were seen in the Strait of Georgia between Vancouver Island and British Columbia, Canada, for two days in a row on Wednesday and Thursday, June 9 and 10, 2021. According to Environment Canada, the occurrence of up to five waterspouts in two days is considered very rare in this region.

    Slow-moving meteor from large asteroid 2004 HW puts on spectacular display over Andalucía, Spain
    A slow-moving fireball lit up the night sky over Andalucí​a, Spain, at 21:33 UTC (23:33 LT) on Monday, June 14, 2021. The spectacular event was mostly witnessed in the provinces of Sevilla, Malaga, and Cadiz. According to an analysis, the meteor entered the atmosphere at about 50 000 km/h (31 000 mph) and originated from a large, Potentially Hazardous Asteroid (PHA) designated 2004 HW.

    Shallow M6.1 earthquake hits Seram Island, Indonesia – tsunami warning issued
    A shallow earthquake registered by the Indonesian BMKG as M6.1 hit Seram Island, Moluccas, Indonesia at 04:43 UTC (11.43 LT) on June 16, 2021. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). EMSC and USGS are reporting M5.8 at a depth of 10.6 km (6.6 miles).

    Evidence-based medicine consultancy issues “yellow card” warning about dangers of covid vaccines
    …experts are concerned that Chinese Virus injections could pose serious problems that “may not be seen until a very large number of people have received the medicine.” Already, large numbers of people are dying or suffering serious adverse drug reactions (ADRs) from the shots, and the government is pretending as though nothing is wrong.

    China has taken over U.S. agriculture and Americans are too distracted to care
    The most expansive foreign heist of America’s farming resources is taking place right this moment, and most Americans are too asleep, complacent or distracted to care.

    Mysterious plane flights across America may be flying in Chinese mercenaries and weapons as ANP readers warn of feelings of ‘something very nasty headed our way’ in the days ahead
    …numerous mysterious plane flights now happening all across America appear to be flying into the country ‘enemies of America’ who don’t have our best interests in mind at a time when guns and gun parts are going missing.

    Pfizer pushes ahead with plans to push coronavirus vaccines on younger children, including toddlers and infants
    Pharmaceutical company Pfizer is moving ahead with its plan to provide its Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines to younger children, including toddlers and infants as young as six months old. This despite growing reports of adverse events among teenage and young adult recipients, including heart inflammation and blood clots.

    LIGHTS OUT: Cyber strike against America’s power grid and energy infrastructure seeks to take down the nation and sow chaos so that bad actors can cover their tracks
    We now have intel from multiple sources, both public and private, that indicate a large-scale cyber warfare strike against America’s infrastructure will be attempted soon, possibly carried out by both the communist Chinese (for their own strategic reasons) but also potentially aided by the U.S. deep state that seeks to sow chaos in the aftermath of Arizona ballot audit results being released (estimated to occur in late July).

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warns that Fauci, Gates are committing mass genocide against humanity 
    What was accomplished in 2020 other than the abolition of Americans’ constitutional rights? Not much, according to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who recently took some time to talk to Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, about the wreckage that has been left behind due to the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic.

    Parler Warned FBI More Than 50 Times Before Capitol Riot, Rep. Carolyn Maloney Says
    Rep. Carolyn Maloney of New York revealed to the House Oversight Committee and the Reform Committee Tuesday that the conservative social media site Parler sent warnings about its users’ violence to the FBI more than 50 times leading up to the January 6 attacks on the Capitol.

    US Food Bank Lines May Reemerge As Millions Set To Lose Unemployment Benefits
    US food banks in Republican states are preparing for a massive demand surge in food aid this summer as 24 GOP-led states are set to end federal unemployment assistance before they’re set to expire on Sept. 6.

    Welcome To Wokespeak: Its Logic-Defying Rhetoric Is Making Heads Spin
    “It makes almost every conversation not among close friends into a booby-trapped environment…

    Source: 17 Jun 2021 – Rapture Ready

    Apostasy Watch Thursday 6-17-21

    Mike Ratliff – SBC Downgrade

    Jordan Standridge – The Faith to Die in the Faith

    New SBC President Not Just a Liberal, Might be a Rank Heretic

    Southern Baptists Approve Abuse Task Force, Agree to Ban Abusive Pastors

    ‘This Is About Power’: Voddie T. Baucham Exposes ‘Demonic Ideology’ Behind CRT, BLM, Anti-Racism

    IRS Denies Tax-Exemption to Texas Religious Group Because Prayer, Bible Reading Boost the Republican Party

    Texas Governor Abbott signs bill prohibiting abortions……. if Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade

    Joe Biden keeps quoting Mao Zedong, Communist leader who killed 45 million: America turning Communist

    Source: Daily News and Commentary (apostasywatch.com)

    Homelessness is becoming a crisis of epic proportions in the United StatesPosted: 17 Jun 2021 11:24 AM PDT(OPINION) ETH – Can you imagine what it would be like to not have a home? For many Americans, this is not something that they need to imagine because it is a daily reality.Nobody knows for sure how many homeless individuals there are in this country, but recent estimates range from “fewer than 600,000 to more than 1.5 million people”, and everyone agrees that the number has been growing. Even as the wealthy engage in wild bidding wars over the most desirable properties, more impoverished Americans are being forced into the streets with each passing day.Continue reading Homelessness is becoming a crisis of epic proportions in the United States at End Time Headlines.
    Supreme Court rules in favor of Catholic group over LGBT rights disputePosted: 17 Jun 2021 10:49 AM PDT(ETH) – The Supreme Court on Thursday delivered a unanimous defeat to LGBT couples in a high-profile case over whether Philadelphia could refuse to contract with a Roman Catholic adoption agency that says its religious beliefs prevent it from working with same-sex foster parents.Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in an opinion for a majority of the court that Philadelphia violated the First Amendment by refusing to contract with Catholic Social Services once it learned that the organization would not certify same-sex couples for adoption.Continue reading Supreme Court rules in favor of Catholic group over LGBT rights dispute at End Time Headlines.
    UPDATE: Hawaii military base mysteriously launched three F-22s in response to unknown incidentPosted: 17 Jun 2021 07:26 AM PDT(ETH) – Three F-22 fighter jets were launched from Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii by an apparent request from the Federal Aviation Administration, but the details are shrouded in mystery.The military has remained tight-lipped about what prompted the patrol but did confirm it was not a training exercise and came at the request of the Federal Aviation Administration. When asked for comment on Sunday’s patrol, the FAA merely said it “has a close working relationship with the military.”Two F-22 Raptors took off from JBPHH around 4 p.m., followed by a third F-22 about an hour later, Hawaii News Now reported.Continue reading UPDATE: Hawaii military base mysteriously launched three F-22s in response to unknown incident at End Time Headlines.
    Woman flips out and begins cussing and punching McDonald’s employees over refusal to mix slushie flavorsPosted: 17 Jun 2021 07:17 AM PDT(OPINION) ETH – An Ohio woman went berserk on a pair of McDonald’s employees earlier this week in an incident that was caught on video. Police say the alleged perpetrator, 44-year-old Cherysse Cleveland, was apparently angry because the workers denied her request to mix slushie flavors together.She is seen physically attacking the employees multiple times in a clip taken by a witness. Facebook user Brian Allen posted the video to the platform on Monday, writing in a message, “Craziness is out in full force, just saw this at Ravenna McDonald’s.” Allen’s video shows Cleveland behind the counter at McDonald’s, pushing two female employees as one calls for bystanders to call the cops and another asks her, “Are you crazy?”Cleveland then punches one of the employees while the second worker tells the suspect, “Do not touch my boss!” Cleveland continues to argue and yell at the two other women, who repeatedly ask her to leave before one of the employees tells her, “Honey, I don’t know what’s wrong with you.”That comment appeared to calm Cleveland for a brief moment.Continue reading Woman flips out and begins cussing and punching McDonald’s employees over refusal to mix slushie flavors at End Time Headlines.
    The NY Times says Southern Baptists have gone “Woke”Posted: 17 Jun 2021 07:04 AM PDT(OPINION) ETH – On Tuesday messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention named Ed Litton as their president — embracing a moderate pastor who says critical race theory is nothing to worry about. Litton defeated Georgia pastor Mike Stone, favored by conservatives but fiercely opposed by woke Baptists, basement-dwelling Twitter Baptists, and left-wing religion news propagandists.The New York Times headline summed up the day’s events — “Southern Baptists Narrowly Head Off Conservative Takeover.Continue reading The NY Times says Southern Baptists have gone “Woke” at End Time Headlines.
    IRS Denies Tax-Exempt Status to Christian Non-Profit Saying ‘Bible Teachings’ Are Affiliated with Republican BeliefsPosted: 17 Jun 2021 06:50 AM PDT(OPINION) ETH – The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) denied tax-exempt status to a Texas Christian non-profit last month, arguing it was not eligible for 501(c)(3) status in part because “Bible teachings are typically affiliated with the Republican party and candidates.”Christians Engaged, an organization dedicated to educate and empower Christians to pray for the nation and elected officials, vote, and be civically engaged, was denied the tax exemption in a letter from IRS Exempt Organizations Director Stephen A.Continue reading IRS Denies Tax-Exempt Status to Christian Non-Profit Saying ‘Bible Teachings’ Are Affiliated with Republican Beliefs at End Time Headlines.
    Grid operators in CA and TX urge power conservation in the midst of record heatPosted: 17 Jun 2021 06:36 AM PDT(ETH) – Searing heat across the U.S. Southwest and soaring electricity demand for air conditioners this week are prompting grid operators in Texas and California to warn consumers about energy conservation to avoid outages.Peak temperatures are forecast to reach 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46°C) in interior California through the week, according to the state’s electric grid operator, which warned the biggest supply deficit could occur on Thursday after the sun goes down and solar power is no longer available.Continue reading Grid operators in CA and TX urge power conservation in the midst of record heat at End Time Headlines.
    Dying woman claims she felt ‘pulled into the light’ where she felt peace and joyPosted: 16 Jun 2021 07:11 PM PDT(OPINION) ETH – The jury is still out on whether life goes on after physical death but many people claim to already known an answer. People who have gone through so-called near-death experiences (NDEs) frequently describe visions and sensations of what they believe is the afterlife.One such person is a woman named Leila, who claims to have temporarily passed into the afterlife more than 15 years ago. Leila shared the account of her NDE with the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF), explaining how she was dying in hospital from complete liver failure.Continue reading Dying woman claims she felt ‘pulled into the light’ where she felt peace and joy at End Time Headlines.
    Netanyahu refers to new Bennett-Led Government as ‘Sodom’Posted: 16 Jun 2021 05:55 PM PDT(OPINION) ETH – On Sunday evening, Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, bid farewell. In characteristic fashion, he went down fighting.As a parting shot, he cited a verse in Psalms with a hidden meaning highlighting the partisan duplicity of Naftali Bennett, comparing the new government to the Biblical hotbed of evil, Sodom. “I stand here on the merit of millions of citizens who chose the path of standing proud and not the path of submission,” Netanyahu said in the opening of his speech.Continue reading Netanyahu refers to new Bennett-Led Government as ‘Sodom’ at End Time Headlines.
    Judge rules against Christian baker Jack Phillips in transgender ‘birthday’ cake casePosted: 16 Jun 2021 05:36 PM PDT(ETH) – A judge has ruled that Colorado Christian baker Jack Phillips violated state anti-discrimination law by refusing to bake a pink-and-blue transgender birthday cake. Denver District Court Judge A. Bruce Jones ruled Tuesday that Phillips violated the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act by refusing to make the cake for Autumn Scardina.In his opinion, Jones concluded that Phillips engaged in unlawful discrimination by denying “goods and services” because of Scardina’s “transgender status.” The ruling states that Phillips’ wife had initially agreed to make a pink cake with blue frosting for about six to eight people.Continue reading Judge rules against Christian baker Jack Phillips in transgender ‘birthday’ cake case at End Time Headlines.
    Activists in Beersheba just rolled out the Middle East’s largest LGBT pride flagPosted: 16 Jun 2021 05:24 PM PDT(ETH) – LGBT activists in Beersheba unveiled the largest Pride flag in the Middle East on Wednesday, laying out a huge 30 meter long, nine-meter high rainbow flag at the entrance to the capital of the Negev.The huge flag was assembled in the studio of Assaf Pren, a local designer, out of six rolls of fabric that came together to form the Pride flag. The project aimed to express the power of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community in the periphery and across Israel.Continue reading Activists in Beersheba just rolled out the Middle East’s largest LGBT pride flag at End Time Headlines.
    Moscow orders mandatory Covid vaccinations as hospitals strainPosted: 16 Jun 2021 01:59 PM PDT(ETH) – Moscow ordered service-sector and municipal workers to get vaccinated amid a spike in Covid-19 hospitalizations, as the Kremlin denied any reversal in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s opposition to compulsory inoculation.The vaccination drive will cover more than 2 million people, Deputy Mayor Anastasia Rakova said Wednesday, the state-run RIA Novosti news service reported. That’s 60% of workers at consumer-facing businesses and city employees, including health professionals and teachers, who must receive a dose of one of Russia’s domestically-developed vaccines by July 15, according to an order from Moscow’s public-health office published Wednesday.Continue reading Moscow orders mandatory Covid vaccinations as hospitals strain at End Time Headlines.
    Company creating helmet that reads minds, What could go wrong?Posted: 16 Jun 2021 12:29 PM PDT(ETH) – Over the next few weeks, a company called Kernel will begin sending dozens of customers across the U.S. a $50,000 helmet that can, crudely speaking, read their mind.Weighing a couple of pounds each, the helmets contain nests of sensors and other electronics that measure and analyze a brain’s electrical impulses and blood flow at the speed of thought, providing a window into how the organ responds to the world.Continue reading Company creating helmet that reads minds, What could go wrong? at End Time Headlines.
    4.2 magnitude earthquake rattles southern IsraelPosted: 16 Jun 2021 10:53 AM PDT(ETH) – A magnitude 4.2 earthquake reportedly struck southern Israel on Wednesday night and was felt throughout the region.According to the Jerusalem Post, there was no injuries or damage reported. The IDF’s Homefront Command said the epicenter was 68 kilometers northeast of Eilat.Continue reading 4.2 magnitude earthquake rattles southern Israel at End Time Headlines.

    Mid-Day Snapshot · June 17, 2021

    “From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”.


    “The rights of neutrality will only be respected when they are defended by an adequate power. A nation, despicable by its weakness, forfeits even the privilege of being neutral.” —Alexander Hamilton (1787)

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    Biden Got Nowhere With Vladimir Putin

    But the American president did take time to bully a reporter for asking a decent question.

    Douglas Andrews

    “Where the hell… what do you do all the time?”

    That was Joe Biden’s bizarre response to a decent question about Russian President Vladimir Putin from CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, who asked him as he walked away from his post-summit press conference, “Why are you so confident he’ll change his behavior, Mr. President?”

    After berating Collins from afar, Biden approached her and wagged his finger. Collins then calmly elaborated, noting that Putin had denied his country’s clear involvement in recent cyberattacks against U.S. companies, downplayed Russia’s human rights abuses, and refused to even mention the name of imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny. “So,” Collins asked, “how does that account to a constructive meeting?”

    To which Biden sneered before walking away, “If you don’t understand that, you’re in the wrong business.”

    That didn’t sit too well with Collins’s colleagues, one of whom, New York Magazine’s Olivia Nuzzi, quipped, “If you’re the most powerful person in the world and you can’t field questions from the media without losing your temper, maybe you’re in the wrong business.”

    We agree. It was a sorry scene for a man who, when he’s not getting deferential coverage from the media, is cowering from it altogether. Now we know why: He can’t answer tough questions, and he can’t control his temper. Indeed, as the Washington Examiner’s Jerry Dunleavy noted, “Biden flips out almost every time he is asked an even vaguely pointed question — true during the campaign and true as president.”

    Biden opened his post-summit presser with some introductory remarks, during which he tried to talk about the God-given rights of the American people. But he blew it: “We don’t derive our rights from the government,” he correctly began. “We possess them because we’re born. Period. And we yield them to a government.”

    Huh? We “yield” our rights “to a government”? What’s the purpose of a written constitution or a bill of rights if the people whose rights they purport to protect must ultimately surrender them to their government?

    Sadly, the president needs a civics lesson.

    “Another area we spent a great deal of time on was cyber and cybersecurity,” Biden continued. “I talked about the proposition that certain critical infrastructure should be off-limits to attack. Period. By cyber or any other means. I gave them a list, if I’m not mistaken — I don’t have it in front of me — 16 specific entities; 16 defined as critical infrastructure under U.S. policy, from the energy sector to our water systems.”

    Ooooh. He gave them a list. Of 16. Here again, the president needs a lesson — this time in national sovereignty.

    What about all the other entities? Open season on them? Conservative commentator Noah Pollak called it “one of the most pathetic moments in American diplomatic history.”

    National Review’s David Harsanyi one-upped him: “Biggest loser today: the 17th most critical infrastructure entity in America.”

    Finally, mercifully, at the conclusion of his opening remarks, Biden let the assembled media know it was a rigged game: “I’ll take your questions and, as usual, folks, they gave me a list of the people I’m gonna call on.”

    “As usual, folks,” our intrepid president only takes questions from those his handlers have pre-approved.

    Biden then fielded questions for a brief 22 minutes before skedaddling, but his Russian counterpart seemed disinclined to run from the media. As Fox News media critic Joe Concha put it, “Putin presser approaching one hour with no signs of stopping. This is what Putin sees as show of confidence and endurance in what appears to be an effort to make Biden look weak/small when he ends up taking relatively few questions from handpicked reporters before exiting.”

    A strong case can be made that Joe Biden lost his showdown with Vladimir Putin before it even began. How? By showing his willingness to appease the Russians beforehand.

    Rebekah Koffler, former Defense Intelligence Agency Russia analyst and author of a forthcoming book on Putin, told Fox News that Biden extending the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty II (START II) and eliminating Nord Stream 2 [pipeline] sanctions before the summit left him without anything to negotiate on. “I think our president is in the losing position and Putin is in the winning position, and that was even before the summit,” she said. Biden “pretty much has given out the store to the Russians,” she explained, so “he had no negotiating leverage.”

    Indeed, Biden has already helped enable Putin’s geopolitical power grab by removing those pipeline sanctions, which will make Germany and other Western European nations dependent on Russian natural gas and thereby vulnerable to Russian coercion. Biden, of course, canceled our nation’s own energy pipeline, Keystone XL, eliminating 1,000 union jobs and wrecking countless lives and businesses in the process. And his Nord Stream about-face came just two weeks after a Russian criminal cyber gang disrupted America’s energy supply with a ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline.

    If you’re thinking, Whiskey Tango, Joe, you’re not alone.

    On the tarmac just before boarding Air Force One, Biden briefly apologized to CNN’s Collins and tried to put a rosy spin on his European trip, but that’s only because his handlers told him to. And he tried to talk a good globalist game, once again deriding Donald Trump’s “America First” approach and reminding our allies about how “America is back.”

    But are we really back? Nope. Not if one considers this week’s pathetic performance by the American president.

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    Incorrigible Hillary Airs Her Grievances

    More importantly, the former secretary of state gets American foreign policy exactly backwards.

    Nate Jackson

    Say what you want about Donald Trump, but nobody nurses a grudge like Hillary Clinton.

    In the midst of President Joe Biden’s summit with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, the Should Have Been President™ couldn’t resist sharing her vast wisdom with the commoners. And it started with whining about a stolen election. In 2016.

    Putin “made it his mission to deny me the presidency,” insisted the woman who believes the presidency was her birthright, still harping on the same refrain she’s sounded time and time again over the last four and a half years. (It seems like longer than that, but we did the math.)

    Clinton wants to have it both ways, too. On the one hand, she still doesn’t accept the 2016 election results, arguing that Russia tainted and orchestrated the whole thing (just never you mind her own funding of the Steele dossier or that she’s the one responsible for initiating the collusion hoax). On the other hand, she says that people arguing over the 2020 election results are “doing Putin’s work.”

    “We never thought we had to worry about domestic enemies. We never thought we had to worry about people who didn’t believe in our democracy,” Clinton said. “Sadly, what we’ve seen over the last four years, and particularly since our election in 2020, is that we have people within our own country who are doing Putin’s work … to sow distrust, to sow divisiveness, to give aid and comfort to those in our country who, for whatever reason, are being not only disruptive but very dangerous.”

    That is some classic Clintonian projection — casting Democrat faults onto Republicans.

    But wait; there’s more of it. First, the setup: “We can’t turn the clock back, but I think what President Biden understands is he wants to sit across the table, as I have done with Putin, and basically look him in the eye and say, ‘Okay, let’s figure out where we can work together. … Let us tell you what we are no longer going to abide, and there will be consequences,’” Clinton said, adding, “‘And don’t test us.’”

    After that phony macho approach, she said that conservatives “really resonate to the authoritarianism” of the Putin model because “they find that kind of macho approach to everything quite attractive.”

    There’s no sin she can commit that she can’t foist onto her opponents.

    This is all far more consequential than a few gotcha quotes about Hillary’s projection and grievances, though. It goes to the heart of American foreign policy.

    Clinton engages in ridiculous hyperbole when saying that Trump was “a spokesperson for Putin,” though we likewise often thought that Trump’s flattery of dictators was repulsive and unhelpful. At the same time, we saw clearly that Trump’s strategy was very Teddy Roosevelt-esque: “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Trump understood that sometimes you have to speak kindly to your opponent for the art of the deal to work. All the while, he was doing everything in his power to counter Russian (and Chinese) influence in the world. The biggest examples were that he strengthened the military, worked toward energy independence, and fought for fair trade.

    To borrow Hillary’s words, he was “a president who will stand up and defend American interests.”

    By contrast, Clinton and Biden prefer talking tough while acquiescing, all while knocking America down a few pegs. “Don’t test us,” Macho Hillary says they say to Putin. He’s a “killer,” Macho Joe adds. Yet Clinton undermines “our democracy” at home by destroying confidence in our elections, and Biden weakens our military both at home and abroad.

    Which message do you think Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin take to heart as more beneficial for their own interests? And why would any honest person argue that Putin or Xi wanted Trump to win either election?

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    Biden’s ‘White Supremacist’ Bogeyman

    Biden’s deluded reference to “White supremacists” and “right-wing extremists” is thinly veiled code for “Trump supporters.”

    Mark Alexander

    Joe Biden continues to invoke the January “Capitol insurrection” as fodder for insisting, as he trumpeted in his joint address to Congress, that “the most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today is from White supremacist terrorism.” He repeated that race-bait rhetoric two weeks ago in Tulsa, where he used the anniversary of a racial attack 100 years ago to promote the Demos’ race-hustling agenda.

    Of course, Biden’s deluded reference to “White supremacists” and “right-wing extremists” is thinly veiled code for “Trump supporters.”

    Endeavoring to perpetuate that delusion, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) tried to form a “9/11-type commission,” which she was going to use to keep the Capitol riot front and center from now until the 2022 midterm elections. Her comparison of the Capitol incident to what actually happened as a result of the 9/11 Islamist attack on our country in 2001 is inexcusable. Wisely, Senate Republicans blocked Pelosi’s theatrics, leaving Biden to piece together some other scheme to keep his “White supremacist insurrection” narrative fresh.

    Attorney General Merrick Garland has now been tapped as the frontman for that narrative. As if enough senior Department of Justice bureaucrats have not already demonstrated their partisan political views by trying to take down Donald Trump over the last four years, Garland and his enemies of Liberty are taking the Left’s deep-state perversion to the next level.

    In a seminal speech this week on the Biden administration’s just-released “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism,” Garland declared: “According to an unclassified summary of the March intelligence assessment, the two most lethal elements of the domestic violence extremist threat are ‘racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists, and militia violent extremists.’ In the FBI’s view, the top domestic violent extremist threat comes from ‘racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists, specifically those who advocated for the superiority of the White race.’”

    Garland added, “We must not only bring our federal resources to bear, we must adopt a broader societal response to tackle the problem’s deeper roots.” Round ‘em all up!

    Of course, the Department of Homeland Security and other federal law enforcement agencies piled on.

    For the record, federal law defines “domestic terrorism” as “activities that involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State; appear to be intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population, to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion, or to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.”

    Garland did not mention the urban terrorism being perpetrated in the last year by Marxist “Black Lives Matter” radicals or the so-called “antifa movement” leftists — terrorism that has cost many lives and billions of dollars in damage.

    Instead, for an example of terrorism that met Biden’s narrative, he had to reach back to the 2015 attack in South Carolina, where seven Black citizens were murdered by a neo-NAZI racist — an attack generally fitting the broadest definition of “domestic terrorism,” but more specifically a racially motivated “hate crime.” He also mentioned the 2017 Charlottesville incident when “a man drove his car into a crowd of peaceful protesters … murdering one and injuring many more.”

    What Garland did not mention were any of the far more frequent and much more deadly actual acts of domestic terrorism by Islamists, including the 2015 murder of four Marines and a Navy Petty Officer in Chattanooga, Tennessee, by an Islamist terrorist. Nor did he mention the San Bernardino Christmas party attack six months later, when two Islamists murdered 14 people, wounding 17 others.

    Garland did not mention the 2016 attack in Orlando, where a radicalized Muslim murdered 49 people and wounded 53 others. At the time, then-president Barack Obama could not bring himself to call it what it was, stating only that “we do have suggestions that that individual may have leanings toward a particular ideology.” That would be the same location Biden just declared “hallowed ground” for a National Memorial site, insisting the victims were killed by “gun violence,” not a terrorist.

    In fact, Garland did not mention any of the prolific terrorist assaults by Islamists. He did mention the 2018 murder of 11 worshippers at the Tree of Life synagogue by an anti-Semite, but he made no mention of the inflammatory remarks last week by Islamist anti-Semite Rep. Ilhan Abdullahi Omar.

    Fact is, regarding “activities that involve acts dangerous to human life,” according to the FBI’s national crime statistics for the latest year (2019), there were 16,425 murders — more than 45 murders every day. Highly regarded crime researcher Heather Mac Donald has documented the interracial crime disparity between White and Black people, and she determined that Black people committed 90% of interracial felonies, and White people committed less than 10% of such crimes. In other words, Black people, who represent just 13% of our population, perpetrate 90% of violent interracial crimes.

    If Garland had any interest in being anything other than a political hack, he would spend every waking moment making clear that there is an enormous hate-based racial violence threat in our country — but it is not driven by “White supremacy.” One could argue that an underlying cause of this racial hatred is “Black supremacy,” seeded and fomented by Biden and his leftist cadres.

    (Follow @MAlexander1776)

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    Murder Capital Mayor Lightfoot Calls for Help

    She blames guns for Chicago’s spiking murder rate when it has everything to do with her own policing policies.

    Thomas Gallatin

    The murder rate in Chicago is spiking, up nearly 200 over what it was at this same time last year, and it has Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot calling for help. On Tuesday, following yet another mass killing, the second in less than a week, Lightfoot lamented, “We must acknowledge this for what it is — a tragedy that has ripped apart families and inflicted intense trauma on several individuals.” Indeed, it is a tragedy. However, true to form, Lightfoot projected the blame for growing violence on Americans’ access to firearms:

    What we will likely learn as the details become clearer is that illegal guns continue to plague us. Gun violence continues to have a deep and painful history in our city. Unfortunately, Chicago is not unique. We are part of a club of cities for which no one wants to belong — cities with mass shootings.

    Lightfoot is blaming guns to divert attention away from the conveniently ignored real root cause behind this sudden spike in violent crime — her policing policy directives enacted last year in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter “systemically racist police” narrative following the death of George Floyd. “Lightfoot banned the police from chasing criminals, even in the case of some very serious offensives, and her D.A. refuses to prosecute many crimes,” Fox News host Tucker Carlson observed. “The results? Nearly 200 more people have been murdered this year than last.”

    What makes this worse is the fact that at this time last year, as the city’s violent crime rates were beginning to spike, then-President Donald Trump offered to send federal officers to help the Chicago PD quell the violence. Due to an acute case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, however, the offer so offended Lightfoot that she huffed, “Under no circumstances will I allow Donald Trump’s troops to come to Chicago and terrorize our residents.” Her residents are terrorizing themselves well enough, thank you very much.

    In further explaining her rationale at the time, Lightfoot ironically exposed her own hypocrisy:

    There are some things the federal government is uniquely qualified to handle. We would welcome that. What we do not welcome, and what we will not tolerate, and we will fight against is the deployment of unnamed federal special secret agents onto our streets to detain people without cause and effectively take away their civil rights and their civil liberties without due process.

    No one was proposing that, of course. But now Lightfoot wants to blame Americans’ Second Amendment right to bear arms in self-defense while calling on the feds to essentially enforce Chicago’s restrictive gun control laws across the entire nation:

    This is a national problem. Cities individually cannot tackle this problem. We just cannot. In Chicago, we’ve done absolutely everything possible and we need help from the federal government. When guns are so porous that they can come across our borders as we see every single day in Chicago, we know that we have to have a multi-jurisdictional, national solution to this horrible plague of gun violence.

    Who knew that porous borders were a problem?

    Yet, as Chicago Police Chief David Brown observed last June, the spiking violent crime rate was mostly due to a “lack of consequences” for criminals — even when breaking the city’s own gun control laws. “Electronic monitoring and low bond amounts given to offenders endangers our residents and flies in the face of the hard work our police officers put in on a daily basis to take them off the streets,” Brown stated.

    Finally, none of Lightfoot’s cognitive dissonance on this topic should be a surprise given her behavior with her own staff, which has come to light via released emails. Bordering on the maniacal, Lightfoot browbeats her staff over apparently minor issues, such as “I need office time every day!” That sentence was repeated verbatim 16 times in a row in one email. “Unstable” might be the best way to describe Lightfoot, and it certainly describes her response to the spiking murder rate in Chicago.

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    Pricing the American Dream Out of Reach

    Investors are drastically driving up the cost of real estate for the middle class.

    Arnold Ahlert

    According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), home prices are up 19.1% from April 2020 to April this year, as every region in America recorded price increases. “This is a record high and marks 110 straight months of year-over-year gains,” it stated. The NAR also explains that much of this price rise can be attributed to low inventory. At the end December, housing inventory stood at just 1.07 million homes for sale on a national level, marking the lowest number of available homes in 39 years. And though inventory has rebounded somewhat, rising to 1.16 million units in April, it’s still down 20.5% from last April. These realties, coupled with low interest rates that make home buying more affordable, can be attributed to traditional market forces. But what if the market is being artificially manipulated?

    In a Wall Street Journal article titled, “If You Sell a House These Days, the Buyer Might Be a Pension Fund,” columnist Ryan Dezember explains that pension funds and other investors looking for higher returns on their capital investments are not just buying single houses but entire neighborhoods.

    “D.R. Horton Inc. built 124 houses in Conroe, Texas, rented them out and then put the whole community, Amber Pines at Fosters Ridge, on the block,” Dezember writes. “A Who’s Who of investors and home-rental firms flocked to the December sale. The winning $32 million bid came from an online property-investing platform, Fundrise LLC, which manages more than $1 billion on behalf of about 150,000 individuals.”

    Far more important, Dezember added that the home builder “booked roughly twice what it typically makes selling houses to the middle class — an encouraging debut in the business of selling entire neighborhoods to investors.”

    Encouraging to whom? Real estate consultant John Burns, whose firm estimated that approximately 20% of homes are being bought by someone who never moves in, sees the writing on the wall. “You now have permanent capital competing with a young couple trying to buy a house,” he warned. “That’s going to make U.S. housing permanently more expensive.”

    Dezember also recounts similar stories in his book, Underwater: How Our American Dream of Homeownership Became a Nightmare. He reveals that the world’s largest real estate investor, Blackstone Group, has bought other corporations such as Invitation Homes, which is on what he called a “buying spree.”

    It is a spree fueled by $10 billion being used to buy $150 million worth of houses — per week.

    The genesis of these sales was the real estate crash of 2008. Three years later, corporations began buying large amounts of foreclosed homes at steep discounts, even as banks were making it harder for regular home buyers to get a mortgage. When that proved enormously successful, they moved from buying foreclosures to buying on the open market, snapping up suburban houses and renting them out, often charging those renters more than they would have otherwise paid in rent or a mortgage.

    And while this phenomenon didn’t exist a decade ago, by 2018, corporations were purchasing up to one in 10 suburban homes. The result? “Between 2006 and 2016, when the homeownership rate fell to its lowest level in fifty years, the number of renters grew by about a quarter,” Dezember writes.

    Unfortunately, he believes this is just the beginning, as he says these corporations are both wealthy and technologically proficient enough to manage “multiples more” with “ruthless efficiency” — and eviscerate the nation’s middle class in the process.

    Unsurprisingly, government is the real culprit here. More than a decade of minuscule interest rates and massive money printing engendered by the Federal Reserve to initially bail out Wall Street at the expense of Main Street has morphed into little more than a cover for Congress’s flagrant — and oh-so bipartisan — fiscal recklessness.

    Nonetheless, Main Street is still competing with Wall Street. “Since the government quietly taxes away your savings through inflation, people and institutions who want to put money away for future use, or just grow their assets, are forced into riskier and more distortive behavior,” explains columnist Joy Pullmann. “Thus mega-dollar money asset managers and private equity firms are snapping up millions of homes at inflated prices because government profligacy has made it harder for them to secure a yield.”

    Yield — or power? Earlier this year, the World Economic Forum posted a video stating what its “Great Reset” predictions were for the world by 2030. The very first one features a smiling, bearded young man. The caption underneath? “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.”

    The first part might be accurate, but the second half is a flat-out lie. “Home-price appreciation has historically been how Americans achieve financial prosperity,” Dezember writes. “Unlike stocks and bonds, ownership of which is concentrated at the top, houses are widely held. Roughly half of housing wealth is owned by America’s middle class.”

    Are we supposed to believe Americans will be happy without prosperity and personal property? Or that renters and owners are equally invested in maintaining the quality of their properties — and the quality of life — in their neighborhoods?

    Nothing better defines the American Dream than owning a home. Denying millions of Americans that opportunity — and just as critically, the sense of responsibility and personal freedom that comes with it — will manifest itself in far more deleterious ways than simply creating a nation of renters. If one can’t own anything, why get married, why have kids, and why plan for the future, when the best one can hope for is being beholden to a more benevolent landlord than the previous one?

    If this trend continues, entire generations of Americans will literally be priced out of prosperity. There’s no surer road to serfdom than that. Tragically, for a nation looking more and more like a corporate-controlled oligarchy instead of a constitutional republic, that may be precisely the intention.

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    Big Tech Under Scrutiny in the House

    Five new bills aim to rein in some of the excesses of the biggest technology companies.

    Lewis Morris

    The House Judiciary Committee announced last Friday that it is moving forward with a slate of bills to address the outsized and growing power and market dominance of Big Tech companies like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google. This is the first significant bipartisan attempt by Congress to take on the tech giants, and the House Antitrust Subcommittee introduced the bills by saying the goal is “holding unregulated Big Tech monopolies accountable for anti-competitive conduct.”

    Both parties see a problem. “Big Tech has abused its dominance in the marketplace to crush competitors, censor speech, and control how we see and understand the world,” argued the Judiciary’s ranking Republican, Ken Buck of Colorado. “Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google have prioritized power over innovation and harmed American businesses and consumers in the process. These companies have maintained monopoly power in the online marketplace by using a variety of anticompetitive behaviors to stifle competition. This legislation breaks up Big Tech’s monopoly power to control what Americans see and say online, and fosters an online market that encourages innovation and provides American small businesses with a fair playing field. Doing nothing is not an option.”

    The big tech bills coming out of the committee are:

    • The “American Innovation and Choice Online Act” to prohibit businesses from taking actions on their platforms that favor their own products or services
    • The “Platform Competition and Opportunity Act” to prevent acquisitions of competitive rivals that expand or entrench the market power of online platforms
    • The “Ending Platform Monopolies Act” to promote competition and fairness in online marketplaces by eliminating conflicts of interest that arise when online platforms control a marketplace while selling products on it
    • The “Augmenting Compatibility and Competition by Enabling Service Switching (ACCESS) Act,” which lowers barriers to entry and switching costs for businesses and consumers that want to move between online platforms
    • The “Merger Filing Fee Modernization Act,” which will raise filing fees for digital mergers and acquisitions and increase antitrust enforcement resources.

    Conspicuously absent from this bipartisan legislative package are any bills addressing Big Tech’s attacks on free speech.

    Since Donald Trump’s presidency began, social media giants have become more brazen and unrepentant about stifling conservative speech online. Facebook and Twitter routinely buried content that ran counter to the official government narrative during the COVID pandemic, along with any reporting that was unflattering to Joe Biden during the 2020 campaign. There are also plenty of examples of Amazon manipulating its marketplace to achieve ideological conformity.

    The hope is that these bills will help loosen the ideological stranglehold Big Tech has on free speech by forcing companies to open up to competition and become more neutral forces in the marketplace of ideas.

    Some legislators have raised concerns that the legislation gives too much authority to the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission, which could mire potentially effective outcomes in bureaucratic red tape. However, there is hope that this first congressional antitrust legislation in 20 years could yield positive results. After years of doing nothing to combat Big Tech’s outsized influence on the economy, these bills represent a welcome opportunity to make a change.

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    Unemployment Pays How Much?

    In 21 states, individuals on unemployment can pull in $25 an hour.

    Thomas Gallatin

    There are 9.3 million job openings currently in the U.S. labor market. In other words, there are plenty of jobs to be had for anybody seeking one. But that’s just the problem — few people without jobs are seeking work.

    The catalyst for this particular situation falls primarily at the feet of the federal government with its overly “generous” COVID unemployment benefits. The federal government’s “temporary” $600 per week unemployment supplement — in addition to existing state-level unemployment payments — has effectively disincentivized working for a living. Yet it might be even worse than anyone knew, at least according to a newly released study from the Committee to Unleash Prosperity.

    The study highlights include some doozies:

    • In 21 states and DC, households can receive wage equivalent of $25 an hour in benefits with no one working.
    • In 19 states, benefits are equivalent to $100,000 a year in salary for a family of four with two unemployed parents.
    • In all but two of the blue states, $300 Supplemental Unemployment Insurance benefits plus other welfare pay more than the wage equivalent of a $15 minimum wage.

    According to University of Chicago economics professor Casey Mulligan and Texas Public Policy Foundation economist Stephen Moore, “It is now nearly beyond dispute that supplemental unemployment benefits are reducing employment.” Moreover, they assert, “If Congress or the remaining states were to suspend the weekly benefit supplement, several million more workers would gain employment over the summer months.” Which is precisely what the economy needs.

    Incentivize working via income, and people will go find jobs; incentivize not working by giving government payouts, and people will sit at home. That in turn means they become a drag on the economy while at the same time ensuring that the cost of living goes up for everyone. Never mind the ever-growing national debt. Other than that, what’s not to like?

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    • Juneteenth bill passes House, set to become federal holiday (Washington Examiner)
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    • Texas Governor Greg Abbott puts $250 million down payment on a border wall (Washington Post)
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    • We’re shocked — shocked! Fed estimates inflation will grow faster than projected just three months ago and moves up expectations for rate hike (Washington Post)
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    • Records suggest more than 100 batches of absentee ballots in Fulton County, Georgia, could be missing (Just the News)
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    • Thanks to SCOTUS’s narrow rulings, Colorado court rules against Christian baker who refused to make gender “transition” cake (National Review) | “The weaponization of our justice system”: Jack Phillips appeals ruling (The Federalist)
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    • Sadly, most eligible voters would fail U.S. immigration civics test, survey finds (National Review)
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    • Policy: How Critical Race Theory grew from law school thesis to K-12 trend (Washington Times)
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    Insight: “The essential characteristic of Western civilization that distinguishes it from the arrested and petrified civilizations of the East was and is its concern for freedom from the state.” —Ludwig Von Mises (1881-1973)

    Observations: “Please understand that when someone talks about ‘ending’ racism, their idea of racism ‘ending’ is always within the context of people who fit within certain ethnic and intersectional categories obtaining more worldly possessions and power. That’s what ‘ending racism’ looks like.” —Darrell B. Harrison

    Political futures: “In the early 18th century, French nobleman Alexis de Tocqueville traveled around the United States, trying to grasp the secret of the great success of the new, young country. In his classic book ‘Democracy in America,’ he observed as follows: ‘America is, however, still the place in the world where the Christian religion has most preserved genuine power over souls. … one cannot say that in the United States religion exerts an influence on laws or on the details of political opinions, but it directs mores, and it is in regulating the family that it works to regulate the state.’ We know quite well what the Democratic Party is about. The question is whether the Republican Party will provide the country a choice, championing the Christian values that de Tocqueville identified as the ‘secret sauce’ of America’s success.” —Star Parker

    For the record I: “With voices on the right and left subjecting [Kamala] Harris to legitimate scrutiny on her avoidance of the [illegal immigration] crisis, the vice president is laughing off their questions — literally — in a stunning show of dismissiveness from someone who claims to be a leader. … It is no laughing matter when toddlers are filmed being dropped over walls or heartbreakingly crying out as smugglers abandon them. It is no laughing matter when evil drug cartels turn a massive profit from this crisis, or when men on the FBI terror watch list waltz into our country. It is no laughing matter when migrants, drawn by the promise of the Biden-Harris open borders agenda, drown in the Rio Grande.” —RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel

    For the record II: “Right now, Customs and Border Protection agents are arresting nearly 6,000 illegal immigrants a day, the highest number in over two decades. Seizures of the deadly smuggled drug Fentanyl are spiking, with more fentanyl seized so far in 2021 than throughout all of 2020. The flood of migrants includes thousands of children with nowhere to go, preyed on by vicious cartels. Human rights groups estimate that a significant percentage of women who make the dangerous journey to our border are raped along the way. With a situation that disastrous, it makes sense that Harris is uncomfortably laughing and trying to change the subject. Approaching this crisis with appropriate solemnity would force Biden and Harris to grapple with the humanitarian devastation their failed policies have created.” —Ronna McDaniel

    Revisionist history: “We’ve always said, ‘Keep an open mind and continue to look.’ So I think it’s a bit of a distortion to say that we deliberately suppressed [the Wuhan lab-leak theory].” —Dr. Anthony Fauci

    The BIG Lie: “We’re seeing a coordinated attack on voting rights in this country. It’s Jim Crow in the 21st century, and it must end. Congress must enact legislation to make it easier for all eligible Americans to access the ballot box and prevent attacks on the sacred right to vote.” —Joe Biden

    And last… “Where Leftist governance reigns, criminality thrives. And where criminality thrives, Americans flee.” —Ben Shapiro

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    The unethical history of Big Pharma, and why they can’t be trusted on anything

    Article Image
     • Natural News – Lance Johnson

    (Natural News) From August 2013 to December 2018, the pharmaceutical industry paid out more than $12 billion (in disclosed payments) to 1,036,163 doctors, 1,249 teaching hospitals, and 2,191 companies. The current model of “medicine” incentivizes bribery, kickbacks, and institutional control over the scientists, the media and medical professionals. This Big Pharma-dominated system is also legally permitted to market directly to consumers, allowing for perpetual brainwashing of the general population and the medical professionals.

    Even worse, Big Pharma is set up in a way to generate high returns for their shareholders; the system is NOT incentivized to promote a healthier population. This high-return incentive brings out the most appalling behavior and the most anti-human business decisions.

    Big Pharma has convinced entire populations there is no natural immunity, no solutions for infections

    For instance, during the covid-19 outbreak, some doctors were brave enough to use safe, inexpensive antivirals such as hydroxychloroquine, zincivermectin, glutathione, vitamin D and C. But instead of promoting safe, anti-viral treatments that are easy to manufacture, the Big Pharma establishment fought to suppress treatments and other approaches to help the population mount a healthy immune response.

    This is nothing new, for those who understand how this monopoly works. Over the decades, nutrition and traditional herbal medicine have been systematically removed from Western medicine. This suppression of vital information and natural immunity solutions ultimately paves the way for emergency use authorization of “too big to fail” vaccine investments. As these corporations fight for dominance, their influence over the regulatory agencies, the media, and the “science” leads to unethical business activities and is the reason why no pharmaceutical company can be trusted.

    Big Pharma greed makes medical systems vulnerable, especially during an outbreak

    In 2020 alone, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi, Gilead and AstraZeneca generated a combined revenue stream of $266 billion. Even though the industry is flush with cash, the U.S. federal government handed the Big Pharma monopolies at least $18 billion in taxpayer funds to develop covid-19 vaccines. This siphoning of wealth from the American people is conducted without a single vote from the people themselves. Congress does not represent the Will of the People; they, too, are bought off by this Big Pharma monstrosity.

    Spiritual Deception Is Rampant — Christian Research Network

    (Daniel Mann)  Jesus teaches that the world cannot receive the Spirit of God, God within us:

    “If you love me, you will keep my commandments. And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, to be with you forever, even the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees him nor knows him. You know him, for he dwells with you and will be in you.” (John 14:15–17)

    Yet many professing “Christians” claim that God lives within each of us, even if we have not been reconciled to Him, forgiven, and His wrath abides upon us:

    • “The God who dwells in our inner sanctuary is also the God who dwells in the inner sanctuary of every human being.” (Henry Nouwen)
    • “Yes, God is alive and he is in every single human being. (Robert Schuller)  View article →

    Spiritual Deception Is Rampant — Christian Research Network

    Federal Judge Rules That Jewish Baker Must Make ‘Death To Israel’ Cake For Arab Customer — The Babylon Bee

    NEW YORK, N.Y.—A federal appeals court judge has ruled that a Jewish bakeshop owner must comply with his Arab customer’s request to bake a “Death To Israel” cake.

    Jacob Greenstein, the owner of Jake Bakes Cakes in Brooklyn, said the controversy started after a customer ordered a special Hamas-themed “Death To Israel” cake for his son’s sixth birthday party.

    “He wanted me to bake a cake with the words “DEATH TO ISRAEL” on the top in bold lettering,” Greenstein said. “He offered me extra money if I could put a few Jewish dead bodies on the sides. I thought it was offensive since I’m an Israeli Jew, so I politely declined.”

    Greenstein said the customer was enraged at his refusal and took the matter to court. After Greenstein won at trial, the customer eventually appealed to a federal circuit court where a judge overturned the ruling.

    “The American right to cake is just as sacred as the right to kill unborn babies, choose your own pronouns, and vote by mail without showing ID or proof of citizenship,” the judge said in his scathing 12-page ruling. “As such, I decree that Jake Bakes Cakes must bake the ‘Death To Israel’ cake.”

    “Furthermore, the cake must be chocolaty and delicious, with buttercream frosting that’s sweet but not too overpowering,” the judge continued. “And everyone must wear masks while baking it, lest any COVID particles get into the batter. Thus sayeth the government.”

    Greenstein said he plans to appeal the decision all the way to the supreme court if necessary, but that he’s having trouble finding a lawyer. “Most of the law firms I’ve talked to said they’re refusing to take my case because I’m Jewish,” he said. 

    Federal Judge Rules That Jewish Baker Must Make ‘Death To Israel’ Cake For Arab Customer — The Babylon Bee

    Florida governor pardons citizens facing fines for breaking Covid-19 restrictions | RT USA News

    Florida governor pardons citizens facing fines for breaking Covid-19 restrictions

    Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Florida) has pardoned citizens in his state still facing fines and other penalties from violating Covid-19 orders issued by local governments.

    In a Wednesday press conference, DeSantis called his pardons “necessary” for Florida to return to “normal” and many of the orders violated were “way, way overboard.”

    Mike and Jillian Carnevale, former gym owners in the state, joined the governor for his press conference. The two had multiple run-ins with officials when they refused to force their customers to wear masks while they were working out. The couple had misdemeanor charges against them dropped in May, but DeSantis argued the business owners should have never been punished at all for exercising “common sense.”

    “Just understand, if you’re in good shape, you’re going to handle COVID 99.99% of the time. And so, they are telling you to close people’s gyms, have them eat takeout, and watch Netflix all day. That’s not good for health,” DeSantis said. “So, one of the best things you can do for COVID is to be in good health.”

    The total number of pardons for individuals and businesses is not yet known.

    Also on rt.com

    Anna Paulina Luna speaks to the crowd during the SAVE AMERICA TOUR at The Bowl at Sugar Hill on January 3rd, 2021 in Sugar Hill, Georgia. © David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire
    Florida Republican candidate caught on recording saying he’ll send ‘Russian and Ukrainian hit squad’ after rival

    DeSantis’ pardons follow the governor making waves for also banning vaccine passports in his state, ensuring citizens won’t be required to prove they are vaccinated against Covid-19 to travel or enter certain businesses. DeSantis also signed legislation last month effectively banning local governments from continuing pandemic-era restrictions and penalties.

    The governor’s public profile has risen as he’s become one of the fiercest Republican opponents of lockdown restrictions. DeSantis also became a popular target for Democrats. Nikki Fried, a Democratic candidate for governor, issued a statement following DeSantis’ pardon announcement and chalked it up to a “politically motivated stunt.” She was the only dissenting vote against the governor on the state’s Clemency Board.

    “I voted today to uphold our laws, while our so-called pro-law enforcement governor is actively encouraging people to break the law with politically motivated stunts like this,” she said.

    DeSantis has argued, however, that those who broke pandemic-era restrictions are not “real criminals.”

    Source: Florida governor pardons citizens facing fines for breaking Covid-19 restrictions

    Mike Lindell: Supreme Court will vote ‘9-0’ to reinstate Trump after they see my voter fraud

    Article Image
     • https://deadstate.org, By Sky Palma

    Joining Lindell was an alleged computer expert who he said has been reviewing “millions of lines of data” that someone Lindell claims gave him on Jan. 9. The alleged expert’s identity was ominously blurred out for the video.”China did it,” Lindell said, referring to his conspiracy theories about voter fraud, calling it “a cyberattack of historic proportions” and “the biggest crime against our country and humanity I can think of ever.”

    “Now everybody knows why I’ve had the confidence I’ve had over the last couple months,” Lindell said.

    “It’ll be 9-0 everybody,” he said, adding that the Supreme Court’s justices will be “heroes” when they follow the “100 percent non-negotiable” evidence.