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June 19 – A Spirit-filled life is submissive — Reformed Perspective

…submitting to one another in the fear of God. – Ephesians 5:21

Scripture reading: Philippians 2:1-11

Evidence of a Spirit-filled life is made manifest in our “submitting to one another in the fear of God.”  Quite literally, Spirit-filled Christians rank themselves under one another. Even within the Godhead, Jesus, in His humility, submitted Himself to the will of His Father though He is one and equal with the Father.

We are to submit to our civil authorities whom God has appointed over us in all things not contrary to the Word of God (Romans 13:1-7). We are to submit to the office-bearers of the church whom the Holy Spirit has made overseers to shepherd the church (Acts 20:28), and who keep watch over our soul (Hebrews 13:17). Wives are to submit to their husbands as to the Lord (5:22). Children are to obey their parents (6:1). Employees are to be obedient to their employers (6:5).

To maintain good order within the various spheres of life instituted by God, He commands us to submit to one another. Refusal to submit is a sin and results in disunity and chaos from which we must repent. And yet, submission is hard – real hard!  Why? Because of our sinful rebellious nature. We all insist upon our rights, our ways and our opinions. We live in an age of entitlement. Pride and arrogance trump humility and submission. And yet, a Spirit-filled Christian is a mutual submitting Christian.

Suggestions for prayer

Pray for a spirit of Christ-like humility that we may submit to one another. May we submit to one another as the Holy Spirit empowers and enables us to do so.

Rev. Henry Van Olst felt called to the ministry at the age of 32 after 12 years of working in the accounting field. He served the Parkland Reformed Church (URC) of Ponoka, Alberta from 1993 to 2005; served in several other churches, and upon retirement in 2020 moved back to Ponoka, Alberta along with his wife Mary, to be closer to their four married children and fifteen grandchildren. Rev. Van Olst remains active in preaching and teaching as the church is currently vacant. This daily devotional is also available in a print edition you can buy at Nearer to God Devotional.

June 19 – A Spirit-filled life is submissive — Reformed Perspective

June 19 Evening Quotes of The Day

“God’s Wounds Cure”
Isaiah 30:26; Hosea 13:2; Matthew 26:48–49; Mark 14:44–45; Luke 22:47–48

God’s wounds cure—sin’s kisses kill.


Ritzema, E., & Vince, E. (Eds.). (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Puritans. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

God’s Greatness Is Above Our Reach
Ecclesiastes 5:2; Isaiah 40:13; 55:8–9; Romans 11:34; 1 Corinthians 2:16

It would be dangerous for the feeble brain of man to wade far into the doings of the Most High; whom although to know be life, and joy to make mention of his name; yet our soundest knowledge is to know that we do not know him as indeed he is, neither can know him: and our safest eloquence concerning him is our silence, when we confess without confession that his glory is inexplicable, his greatness above our capacity and reach.


Ritzema, E. (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Reformation. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Refreshing Sleep — VCY America

So he giveth his beloved sleep. (Psalm 127:2)

Ours is not a life of anxious care but of happy faith. Our heavenly Father will supply the wants of His own children, and He knoweth what we have need of before we ask Him. We may therefore go to our beds at the proper hour and not wear ourselves out by sitting up late to plot, and plan, and contrive. If we have learned to rely upon our God, we shall not lie awake with fear gnawing at our hearts; but we shall leave our care with the Lord, our meditation of Him shall be sweet, and He will give us refreshing sleep.

To be the Lord’s beloved is the highest possible honor, and he who has it may feel that ambition itself could desire no more, and therefore every selfish wish may go to sleep. What more is there even in heaven than the love of God? Rest, then, O soul, for thou hast all things. Yet we toss to and fro unless the Lord Himself gives us not only the reasons for rest but rest itself. Yea, He doth this. Jesus Himself is our peace, our rest, our all, On His bosom we sleep in perfect security, both in life and in death.

Sprinkled afresh with pardoning blood,

I lay me down to rest

As in the embraces of my God,

Or on my Saviour’s breast.

Refreshing Sleep — VCY America

“Banishing” God from the Classroom — Ligonier Ministries Blog

While the medieval universities embraced theology as the “Queen of the Sciences” that holds all learning together, the Renaissance sought to separate the study of creation from the knowledge of God. In this brief clip, R.C. Sproul connects this shift in thinking to our own day.

Today, watch the entire message for free.


The first challenge that came to the medieval synthesis, or what we call the classical synthesis, was the challenge brought by the Renaissance. In this were the initial movements that were going to (sooner or later) displace the medieval structure of the university. It was commonplace to think that the “Queen of all the Sciences” was theology, and philosophy was called her handmaiden. So, the theological faculty would be the dominant faculty of the entire university. And then, second in command was the department of philosophy. Well, as you know, today that’s not the way it is, and some radical changes were already starting to take place as a result of the impetus of the Renaissance. Also at this time, as part of the Renaissance mindset, was a challenge to teleology. I remember when I was a senior in college, I still had not yet taken my required course in freshman biology. The reason for that was scheduling. When I was a freshman, I took Greek, and the only time I could take Greek conflicted when courses were offered for what they called “bonehead biology”—Biology 101. So, I didn’t take it until I was a senior; I had been a philosophy major. I remember that the first day in class, the biology professor said something that disturbed me greatly. In her opening lecture, she said, “You must learn, if you’re going to be scientific and to engage in the pursuit of the knowledge of living things, you have to set aside any concerns of teleology.” I said, “Wait a minute! That’s like telling me I can never ask the question, What is the purpose of these things that we’re studying?’” And I had real problems with that: philosophical problems and theological problems. What I didn’t realize was that she was merely reflecting an attitude towards science that had been deeply rooted already in the Renaissance. The Renaissance reacted against the medieval education’s “fixation” (they believed) on trying to interpret everything we learn in this world according to how it fit with the divine plan and the divine purpose. You think God was banished from the schoolroom only in the 20th century? But this challenge was that we are to study things for their own sake and not to be concerned with how they fit in with the ultimate purposes of God, and so on. This was a serious challenge to Christian thinking, because the Christian worldview was such that wanted to understand everything that we learn in light of its relationship to the purposes of God.

“Banishing” God from the Classroom — Ligonier Ministries Blog

Little Children — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

“But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.” Romans 5:8

Maybe your father mistreated you or was unkind.

Oh, dear one, is the image of your heavenly Father based on your earthly father?

Lily was abused as a teenager by her father.
She was even ordered to never again call him “Daddy.”

As Lily prayed and read God’s word, she learned that her heavenly Father was different.
The Bible says God showed His great love for you by sending Christ to die for you
while you were still a wrongdoer.

You know, God began to change Lily’s heart towards her father.
Rather than looking for her father to change, she began to
see him through God’s eyes of love.

It changed their earthly relationship.

Father God is merciful and loving. Cultivate a relationship with Him through prayer.

Then keep on talking to Him. He loves hearing from you.

by Vonette Bright
Used by Permission

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•   A Call to Fatherhood
•   The Ultimate Perfect Father – What can we learn from God Heart’s? by Sylvia Gunter
•  Salvation Explained

Little Children — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

June 19 Afternoon Quotes of The Day

Capable of Three Births
John 3:3–8

Man is made capable of three births: by nature, he enters into the present world; by grace, into spiritual light and life; by death, into glory.


Ritzema, E. (Ed.). (2012). 300 Quotations for Preachers. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Why Wonder at Persecution?
Psalm 69:4; 109:3; John 7:7; 15:18, 24–25; 17:14; 1 John 3:13

If, therefore, Christ suffered such things at the hands of the priests, He that healed all sicknesses by His word, and who without money and without price, cast out devils, raised the dead, taught them the law of God, hurt no man in anything, and did no sin, except only that He exposed their wickedness, why do we wonder if today the ministers of Antichrist, who are more greedy, luxurious, cruel and crafty than the Pharisees, persecute God’s servants, insult, curse, excommunicate, imprison, and kill them?


Ritzema, E., & Brant, R. (Eds.). (2013). 300 quotations for preachers from the Medieval church. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

19 Jun 2021 News Briefing


Israel shaken by second earthquake in one week
A 3.2 magnitude shook southern Israel on Thursday evening centered in an area 43 kilometers southeast of Dimona. This is the second earthquake in Israel this week. On Wednesday, a 4.2 magnitude earthquake was felt in southern Israel.

Russian Spy Ship Now Loitering Off North Oahu
U.S. Naval Institute News, which was the first to report the ship’s presence last month, loitering in international waters off Kauai, delayed a Missile Defense Agency missile test. According to Honolulu Star-Advertiser, the vessel is a Russian Navy Vishnya-class auxiliary general intelligence ship Kareliya (SSV-535), which was detected this week just north of Oahu.

Reading, Writing, And Ratting Each Other Out
Much ink has been spilled over the illiberal education that college students receive these days, and how ivory tower-incubated ideas are now finding their ways into society at large. But less well-known is how some of the more devious – and unconstitutional – policies employed by America’s colleges and universities have begun to migrate down to the K-12 level as well. One such program is the bias response team, which encourages students and staff to file reports about perceived “bias incidents” through portals on the school’s website – anonymously if individuals so choose. Reports are sent to a school’s “team,”

Pence taunted as ‘traitor’ during speech at Florida conservative conference
Former Vice President Mike Pence was met with jeers and called a “traitor” when he took the stage at the Orlando, Florida, Faith and Freedom Coalition conference on Friday. “It is great to be back with so many patriots dedicated to faith and freedom and the road to the majority,” Pence said as he took the stage. Moments later, a woman could be heard shouting “traitor,” while others yelled “boo” as the crowd erupted during his remarks.

China’s Mars rover beams a ‘family portrait’ back to Earth ‘Already doing doughnuts’
The Chinese rover was deployed on the Red Planet’s surface on May 22 this year, after spending more than nine months in space. The Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA) has now shared new images snapped by Zhurong, including a full-body self-portrait. Unlike NASA’s Perseverance rover, which can take 36-degree selfies using one of its robotic arms, Zhurong had to rely on a wireless camera.

Giant murder hornet discovered in Washington – experts’ warning
A GIANT MURDER hornet has been discovered in a new place in the United States as experts begin to worry the invasive species is spreading through the country. In late 2019 and early 2020, researchers discovered a nest of giant murder hornets, known as Vespa mandarinia, in British Columbia on the Canada-US border. However, researchers have now found one of the species in Seattle, Washington, which would suggest the invasive species is moving.

Mexico hit by 242 earthquakes – and the bizarre swarm could form new Ring of Fire volcano
A NEW volcano may be forming beneath Mexico after hundreds of small tremors occurred in the west of the country, experts have revealed.
The experts believe the swarms could mean magma is on the move, which could ultimately burst through the surface to form a new volcano.

Biden dumping illegal-alien youth across nation without notice
With little or no notice to local officials, the Biden administration is placing in towns across the nation young illegal aliens who are part of the massive surge in border crossings. Sen. Todd Young, R-Ind., told the Washington Examiner’s “Secrets” column the development is the “reckless” result of Biden’s effort to erase President Trump’s immigration legacy.

Iran’s nuclear progress: the genie and the lamp
Rafael Mariano Grossi, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), made remarks starkly illustrating the threat posed by Iran’s nuclear program. A threat that should not be brushed aside. “A country that gets rich at 60% is very serious – only bomb-making countries reach that level,” he explained. “60% is almost to the point of making weapons, the enrichment for commercial purposes is 2.3%.”

The ‘Change Government’ is a Plutocracy
Naftali Bennet and Yair Lapid’s “change coalition” is almost totally comprised of factions representing the State of Israel’s wealthiest and most westernized elites. Rabbi Yehuda HaKohen is joined by Aryeh Shapiro for an analysis of Bennet-Lapid’s new “change government” and the need to take it down before it can cause too much harm to the State of Israel’s Jewish character and working poor.

The latest group to be offended by Ilhan Omar’s comments? Hamas
“The remarks made by US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar are very peculiar; she equated between the victim and the executioner when she treated the resistance of the Palestinian people, the Israeli crimes in Palestine, and the US aggression in Afghanistan as an equal footing,” Basem Naim, a member of Hamas’ International Relations Office, said in a statement posted on the terrorist group’s website. The Hamas statement referred to a June 7 tweet by Omar, which read in part: “We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the US, Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan, and the Taliban.”

UN official warns Myanmar at risk of ‘large-scale’ civil war
UN special envoy on Myanmar Christine Schraner Burgener told the 193-member UN General Assembly on Friday “the risk of a large-scale civil war is real” following a February 1 military coup in the country.

US to pull Patriot batteries from key MidEast countries
According to the WSJ report “the Biden administration is sharply reducing the number of US antimissile systems in the Middle East in a major realignment of its military footprint there. The US is moving up to eight Patriot air defense batteries from key countries in the Middle East, according to a Wall Street Journal Report Friday.

TC Claudette – Heavy rainfall and gusty winds expected along the northern Gulf Coast, landfall on June 19
A new tropical cyclone — currently designated Potential Tropical Cyclone Three — is expected to form in the Gulf of Mexico on June 18, 2021, and make landfall along the north-central Gulf Coast by early Saturday, June 19 (LT). The National Hurricane Center has issued Tropical Storm Warning for Intracoastal City, Louisiana to the Okaloosa/Walton County line, as well as Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Maurepas, and Metropolitan New Orleans. The next (third) name on the 2021 Atlantic hurricane list is Claudette.

Record breaking, long-lasting heatwave grips much of western U.S.
A long-lasting heatwave continues to bring record-breaking across much of western U.S. Thursday, June 17, 2021, exacerbating the current drought situation. The National Weather Service (NWS) announced that more than 40 million residents are under a heat advisory or excessive heat warning.

As vaccines are taking their toll on America, the Chinese and the Russians are planning for the final solution!
I have been writing and warning what is coming to America and that day is finally arriving.  In 2016, I first wrote that I believed that we would be attacked when our nation was embroiled in a violent internal dispute when the attack comes. The violent struggle has arrived and it is called BLM, Antifa and anything George Soros touches. At that time, I identifed 7 phases, or prongs of attack that were coming based upon US war gaming that I was told about. Plans change an in today’s world, the attack parameters have been expanded to nine phases of subjugation culminating in genocide.

Vaccine passports now coming to California as state moves to implement “vaccine verification system”
California Gov. Gavin Newsom, despite facing a recall this fall, is reportedly moving forward with plans to roll out a “vaccine verification system” for private businesses to verify that their customers have been injected for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Royal Caribbean discovers that vaccines cause outbreaks, after eight vaccinated crew members test POSITIVE for COVID
Royal Caribbean’s Odyssey of the Seas was scheduled to leave Port Everglades on July 3rd. The cruise was halted after eight crew members tested positive for COVID. Strange enough, all eight COVID-positive crew members were “vaccinated” for COVID, proving yet again that these spike protein bioweapons do not stop people from testing positive for COVID or transmitting infection. Royal Caribbean has discovered that the VACCINATED cause outbreaks, and vaccines are not magic elixirs that prevent infection at all times.

DeSantis pardons all Floridians convicted of violating social distancing rules, mask mandates
Any person living in Florida who was arrested or fined this past year for not “social distancing” or wearing a face mask will be pardoned of their “crime,” thanks to the diligence of Gov. Ron DeSantis.

As America is pushed beyond the breaking point, be prepared for the coming invasion as Biden and Democrats catapult us towards the ‘eve of destruction’
The wreckage that our country faces did not start with the Biden administration. The socialist tendencies of the progressive socialist Democrats started way back in the era of Woodrow Wilson. Since then, the government has required the citizenry to bow down to the false god of governmental power.

Entire Portland Police Rapid Response Team resigns after city indicts one of its members for engaging violent left-wing rioters
A unit within the Portland Police Department known as the “Rapid Response Team” has voted unanimously to resign after one of its members was criminally indicted over his response to riots that occurred in the city back in August 2020.

The Marxist left is pushing for a full breakup of America so the tyrants can rule over the ashes unchallenged by patriots: And they’re using race to do it
..Today’s Democrats are all students of Marx, as are the corporate CEOs and academics, the latter of whom believe they will become part of the ‘ruling class’ when the Marxist revolution is realized in America.

STUDY: Masks are exposing children to a horrifying array of deadly pathogens
Despite what the medical fascists continue to claim, face masks are entirely ineffective at preventing the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) and come with long-term negative impacts, especially for children.

British Airways confirms four vaccinated pilots have recently died, claims no link to vaccines
Online rumors have been circulating over the past few days that four British Airways pilots have died, and that British Airways is in “crisis talks” with the British government about these deaths. In attempting to dismiss this rumor, Reuters ran a fact check article that actually confirms the deaths of the four pilots.

Liberal Comedian Jon Stewart Drops Huge COVID-19 Truth Bomb About Virus Leak From Wuhan Lab In China
Last week an amazing thing happened, Liberal comedian Jon Stewart appearing on the Stephen Colbert Show failed to toe the Democratic Party line, and dropped a couple of truth bombs. The biggest things Stewart said, and you could see the shock registering on Colbert’s face while he said it, was that COVID-19 came from the Wuhan lab in China and implied that is was likely released intentionally. Colbert kept waiting for the punchline but it never came, Stewart was 100% serious about his claim, a claim that you and I know is 100% correct.

George Soros Bought District Attorneys Across the Nation
For the past decade, New York billionaire George Soros funded campaigns of leftist District Attorney challengers across the United States. Many were elected. Now Americans are paying dearly–many with their lives.

Warning: COVID Vaccine ‘Spike Protein Shedding’ Damages Placenta, ‘We Are Being Experimented On’
Powerful interests are invested in depleting our immune systems and defecting human fertility with coercion and mandates of experimental vaccines that are only in investigative states.

Source: 19 Jun 2021 – Rapture Ready

Medicaid enrollment swells to record 80 million peoplePosted: 19 Jun 2021 07:29 AM PDT(ETH) – The pandemic-caused recession and a federal requirement that states keep Medicaid beneficiaries enrolled until the national emergency ends swelled the pool of people in the program by more than 9 million over the past year, according to a report released Thursday.The latest figures show Medicaid enrollment grew from 71.3 million in February 2020, when the pandemic was beginning in the U.S., to 80.5 million in January, according to a KFF analysis of federal data.Continue reading Medicaid enrollment swells to record 80 million people at End Time Headlines.
CNN’s Don Lemon rips parents who oppose critical race theory: ‘Stop making it about you”Posted: 19 Jun 2021 07:12 AM PDT(OPINION) ETH– CNN anchor Don Lemon recently lectured parents around the country who are voicing opposition to the implementation of critical race theory into their children’s K-12 curricula, telling them to “stop making it about you.”Lemon made the comments during CNN’s nightly handoff between “Cuomo Prime Time” and “Don Lemon Tonight,” when he and fellow anchor Chris Cuomo were musing about the significance of designating Juneteenth as a national holiday and the topic of critical race theory came up.Continue reading CNN’s Don Lemon rips parents who oppose critical race theory: ‘Stop making it about you” at End Time Headlines.
Singer Macy Gray says US needs a ‘new flag’ to replace ‘tattered, dated, and divisive’ flag, “symbol of racism”Posted: 19 Jun 2021 07:02 AM PDTOPINION (ETH) The American flag is “tattered, dated, divisive, and incorrect” and needs to be updated, singerMacy Gray argued this week in an op-ed written for Juneteenth.But the piece, published Thursday by MarketWatch, received a quick rebuke from a few prominent conservatives.The five-time Grammy nominee’s article appeared the same day President Biden signed a bill making Juneteenth a federal holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the 1860s.Continue reading Singer Macy Gray says US needs a ‘new flag’ to replace ‘tattered, dated, and divisive’ flag, “symbol of racism” at End Time Headlines.
Pence Heckled With Boos and Cries of ‘Traitor’ at Evangelical Conference…Posted: 18 Jun 2021 07:10 PM PDT(ETH) – Former Vice President Mike Pence owes a great deal of his political career to support from evangelical conservatives, and Friday’s Faith & Freedom Coalition Summit has been home turf for him for years.But the Republican base is still very devoted to former President Donald Trump, and Pence’s apostasy on Jan. 6 — refusing to oppose the Electoral College votes that certified President Joe Biden’s victory — is a sin for which there seems to be little forgiveness.Continue reading Pence Heckled With Boos and Cries of ‘Traitor’ at Evangelical Conference… at End Time Headlines.
Global study claims atheists are just as happy as those who claim to know GodPosted: 18 Jun 2021 06:56 PM PDT(OPINION) ETH – Atheists are just as happy as devout religious believers, a study said yesterday. It confounded the long-accepted convention that confirmed Christians and the convinced followers of other faiths are happier and more content with their lives than those without religion.But the researchers found that either a firm belief in God or strong atheist views are more likely to lead to a satisfied mind than a loose attachment to religious faith.Continue reading Global study claims atheists are just as happy as those who claim to know God at End Time Headlines.
California unveils new digital system to provide proof of COVID vaccinationPosted: 18 Jun 2021 03:39 PM PDT(ETH) – Officials on Friday unveiled a new system through which Californians can access a digital copy of their COVID-19 vaccination record.While everyone who’s been inoculated for COVID-19 should have received a white paper card from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention detailing where and when they got their shots, state officials said an electronic option will give residents an alternative.Though the California Department of Public Health “recommends that vaccinated Californians keep their paper CDC card in a safe and secure place, we recognize that some people might prefer an electronic version,” state epidemiologist Dr.Continue reading California unveils new digital system to provide proof of COVID vaccination at End Time Headlines.
Gulf Coast braces for first significant impact of 2021 hurricane seasonPosted: 18 Jun 2021 03:29 PM PDT(ETH) – Less than three weeks into the season, the Gulf Coast of the United States was bracing for its first significant impact of the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season on Friday.Tropical storm warnings were plastered along the coast from southwestern Louisiana to the far western Florida panhandle, and AccuWeather meteorologists continued to warn that tropical storm conditions will arrive on Friday, well in advance of the storm’s arrival along the coast Friday evening or early Saturday morning.Continue reading Gulf Coast braces for first significant impact of 2021 hurricane season at End Time Headlines.
Drought gripping America on track to become worst in 1,200 years.Posted: 18 Jun 2021 03:23 PM PDT(ETH) – The heatwave gripping the US west is simultaneously breaking hundreds of temperature records, exacerbating a historic drought and priming the landscape for summer and fall of extreme wildfire. Salt Lake City hit a record-breaking 107F (42C), while in Texas and California, power grid operators are asking residents to conserve energy to avoid rolling blackouts and outages. And all this before we’ve even reached the hottest part of the summer.Continue reading Drought gripping America on track to become worst in 1,200 years. at End Time Headlines.
‘Woke’ university doctors calling for new laws to protect animals from “Hate Speech”Posted: 18 Jun 2021 03:15 PM PDT(OPINION) ETH – New laws are being proposed by two university doctors to protect animals — from hate speech. A barmy research paper suggests anti-animal language should be banned. It says “speciesist” hate speech is as bad as racism.The proposals — published in the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies — would see cats, dogs, farm animals, even seagulls safeguarded. And the plans ignore the fact animals can’t be offended by words.Continue reading ‘Woke’ university doctors calling for new laws to protect animals from “Hate Speech” at End Time Headlines.

Weekend Snapshot · June 19, 2021

“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”

Make Fatherhood Great Again

We need fathers to realize that responsibility does not end at conception.”

The Politics of Making Juneteenth a Federal Holiday

It’s a day that ought to be unifying, but that many on the Left would rather use to divide.

Big Tech’s Viral Vax Blackout

The Big Tech arbiters of truth don’t want you questioning Big Gov.

The ChiCom ‘Wet Market’ Lie

The evidence points to a Wuhan lab, not a wet market, as the source of the pandemic.

The Trouble With Narrow SCOTUS Rulings

From ObamaCare to religious liberty, some justices can’t discern what constitutes judicial activism.

Biden Embarrasses Us at the G7

The American president is utterly ill-equipped for the world stage.

Biden Got Nowhere With Vladimir Putin

But the American president did take time to bully a reporter for asking a decent question.

Is Joe Biden Mentally Impaired?

A letter from House Republicans to the president asks that he take a cognitive exam just as Donald Trump did.

Incorrigible Hillary Airs Her Grievances

More importantly, the former secretary of state gets American foreign policy exactly backwards.

Biden’s ‘White Supremacist’ Bogeyman

Biden’s deluded reference to “White supremacists” and “right-wing extremists” is thinly veiled code for “Trump supporters.”

Dems’ HR 1 Gambit Dead-Ends at GOP Roadblock

Joe Manchin’s proposed compromise on the election-rigging push was rejected by Republicans.

The Democrats’ Woke Postmortem

Party players and activists will probably ignore a report indicating that something’s very wrong.

Sexualizing Children to Destroy Families

Pride Month” has become rife with Rainbow Mafia indoctrination directed at kids.

CRT Is the Front Line of the Culture War

A majority of teachers who know CRT favor it, whereas a majority of parents reject it.

Pricing the American Dream Out of Reach

Investors are drastically driving up the cost of real estate for the middle class.

The Fight Against Redlining Free Speech

Big Tech and Leftmedia giants are suppressing certain unapproved political views.

North Korean Defector: ‘This Country Is Choosing’ Tyranny

Yeonmi Park has a grim warning about the similarities between her birth country and this one.

We Welcome the Wokeness Whistleblowers

A congressman and a senator, both veterans, invited their military brothers to speak out about Team Biden’s efforts to indoctrinate.

Americans’ Generous Spirit Only Grew During the Pandemic

Charitable giving increased in 2020 by 5% over the prior year.

Dads Make the Difference

Troubled kids often lack a father, while children who excel have a dad in the home.


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“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”

CNN Anchor Gets Completely Owned By Her Own Guests Over COVID Vaccines | LifeZette

CNN has been pushing COVID fear porn since the beginning, pushing vaccines since Biden took office. Their ratings and viewership have basically been in free fall and now their guests aren’t even buying it anymore.

Alisyn Camerota: Jeanine, tell me about your hesitancy. What’s it based on?

Jeanine Younes: I’ve had COVID in February so I have natural immunity. There’s no reason for me to get the vaccine. There’s no reason for me to take the vaccine doses from vulnerable people in this country or other countries who need it more than I do.

Alisyn Camerota: You just don’t know how long you natural immunity will last.

Jeanine Younes: You don’t know how long the immunity from the vaccine lasts. This has taken on a religious mentality in my opinion on the progressive liberal side of the spectrum.

Alisyn Camerota: Has this experience with COVID changed your politics?

Jeanine Younes: Yes it’s changed my politics. Now I’ll vote for anybody who cares about civil liberties and doesn’t allow the trampling of our rights that we’ve seen over the past year.

Alisyn Camerota: Jennifer, I see you applauding. So tell me your thoughts?

Jennifer Bridges: I’m loving hearing her talk right now. Everything she says I basically agree with.

QuickSilva: I was really applauding the young lady who said something about, just taking away our First Amendment rights. Not only am I a DJ, I am a club owner. What this did to businesses, a lot of businesses will never recover. I know the government tried to do certain PPP but all the big major billion dollar Fortune 500 companies, they got all the big grants. A lot of us small businesses, especially Black owned businesses, we were left with crumbs. And you get what you can get in that. You gotta pay it back. I mean it just, all of this has become so unfair and so political and I think that’s why there’s this distrust because we see that people are doing things now not for health reasons but for business reasons.

Alisyn Camerota: And last Jennifer, your boss says that everybody needs to get the vaccine by June 7th, or lose their job. Are you willing to lose your job as a result of not getting it?

Jennifer Bridges: Absolutely. I’ve actually had multiple companies reach out to wanna hire me now cuz they respect the fact of what an advocate I’m being. And I’m totally prepared to lose my job.

QuickSilva: She’s willing to lose her job for something she believes in. I respect that more than someone who does something just because the world says it’s the right thing to do


This piece was written by Zach Heilman on June 19, 2021. It originally appeared in RedVoiceMedia.com and is used by permission.

Source: CNN Anchor Gets Completely Owned By Her Own Guests Over COVID Vaccines

REVEALED: Google Funded Gain Of Function COVID Research By EcoHealth Alliance Who Was Collaborating With Wuhan Institute Of Virology — Now The End Begins

Google funded research conducted by Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance – a controversial group which has openly collaborated with the Wuhan Institute of Virology on “killer” bat coronavirus research – for over a decade

With each passing day it seems, we are learning something new as to exactly how the COVID-19 coronavirus was created, and how it was released onto the global population. Today comes the news that Google, the search engine giant who is indexing the entire world, gave buckets of money to Peter Daszak of the EcoHealth Alliance. Daszak turned around and used that funding to collaborate with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, next thing you know, bats are giving COVID-19 to humans and the entire planet is on lockdown. It happened just about that fast.

“For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad.” Mark 4:22 (KJB)

In a 14-page white paper, EcoHealth said “Research has demonstrated that human-animal interfaces, such as within these wet markets, provide an ideal environment for infectious disease emergence, transmission, and amplification.” And that’s exactly where COVID came from, and how it infected the whole world. Don’t blame the bats, they were hijacked. Now you know why Google, as well as all social media, censors you when you try and talk about the ‘lab leak theory’. See how deep the rabbit hole goes? Welcome to the New World Order.


Google & USAID Funded Wuhan Collaborator Peter Daszak’s Virus Experiments For Over A Decade.

FROM THE NATIONAL PULSE: The unearthed financial ties between EcoHealth Alliance and Google follow months of big tech censorship of stories and individuals in support of the COVID-19 “lab leak” theory. The Google-backed EcoHealth Alliance played a critical role in the cover-up of COVID-19’s origins through its president, Peter Daszak. Daszak served on the wildly compromised World Health Organization’s (WHO) COVID-19 investigation team. He championed the efforts to “debunk” the lab origin theory of the virus, despite mounting support for the claim first made by experts on Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic podcast in early January 2020.

Left-wing websites masquerading as “fact checkers” still call the lab theory “false,” despite the shift in tone from the Biden regime, leading world scientists, and intelligence officials. EcoHealth Alliance also funneled hundreds of thousands of U.S. taxpayer dollars from Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to its research partner, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, to conduct studies on “killer” bat coronaviruses.

Google.org, the charity arm of the tech behemoth, has also been funding studies carried out by EcoHealth alliance researchers including Peter Daszak since at least 2010. The decade-plus relationship is evident in a 2010 study on bat flaviviruses, which lists Daszak and EcoHealth Alliance Vice President Jonathan Epstein as authors, that thanks Google.org for funding. A 2014 study on henipavirus spillover, which was authored by Daszak, similarly declares it was partly “supported by Google.org.”

In 2018, EcoHealth Alliance researchers authored a paper entitled “Serologic and Behavioral Risk Survey of Workers with Wildlife Contact in China” that was “made possible” by the financial contribution of Google.org.

The 14-page paper’s abstract summarizes:

We report on a study conducted in Guangdong Province, China, to characterize behaviors and perceptions associated with transmission of pathogens with pandemic potential in highly exposed human populations at the animal-human interface. A risk factor/exposure survey was administered to individuals with high levels of exposure to wildlife.

The paper appears to lay the groundwork for the theory that SARS-like coronaviruses could originate in a wet market in a province close to the city of Wuhan – the likely epicenter of COVID-19.

“The majority of human infectious diseases have an animal origin, therefore understanding the human-animal interface as it relates to disease emergence and risk is of upmost importance The increasing frequency and variety of human-wildlife interactions in China provide opportunities for the transmission of zoonotic pathogens from animals to humans,” the paper begins.

The paper also highlights how SARS has “emerged in humans and other mammals in wet markets”:

Handling, transporting, and butchering of hunted or farmed wildlife poses a risk of pathogen spillover into humans. In southern China provinces, including Guangdong, a significant percentage of the population obtains fresh meat for consumption from wet markets, community markets that specialize in selling and butchering live animals, including animals that are rare and endangered. Research has demonstrated that human-animal interfaces, such as within these wet markets, provide an ideal environment for infectious disease emergence, transmission, and amplification. READ MORE

REVEALED: Google Funded Gain Of Function COVID Research By EcoHealth Alliance Who Was Collaborating With Wuhan Institute Of Virology — Now The End Begins

June 19 Morning Quotes of The Day

Do Not Slander or Listen to Slander
Psalm 50:20–21; Proverbs 17:4; 24:21–22; Matthew 7:1–2; James 5:9

Keep your tongue from criticizing and watch over your words. Know that in judging others you are passing sentence on yourself and that you are yourself guilty of the faults that you blame in them. It is no excuse to say, “If others tell me things I cannot be rude to them.” No one cares to speak to an unwilling listener. An arrow never lodges in a stone; often it recoils upon the shooter of it. Let the detractor learn from your unwillingness to listen not to be so ready to detract.


Ritzema, E. (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Early Church. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Christianity Costs Man His Love of Ease
2 Corinthians 8:8–15; 2 Timothy 3:1–9; 1 Peter 4:12–18

To be a Christian it will cost a man his sins. For another thing, it will cost a man his love of ease.


Ritzema, E., & Vince, E. (Eds.). (2013). 300 quotations for preachers from the Modern church. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

June 19 Morning Verse of The Day

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2:11 Adding marvelous deed upon marvelous deed was additional evidence of God’s power for those who were willing to see (Is 6:9–10).[1]

2:11 Elijah, like Enoch (cf. Gen. 5:24), did not taste death. The fiery phenomenon was some type of theophany through which Elijah was translated immediately into the heavenly realm.[2]

2:11 chariots of fire and horses of fire. God’s heavenly attendants escort Elijah to heaven “by a whirlwind.” Fire appears several times in Elijah’s ministry as a sign of God’s all-consuming power (1:10, 12, 14; 1 Kin. 18:38; cf. 1 Kin. 19:12).[3]

2:11 a fiery chariot with horses of fire Fire in the ot is associated with God’s presence (compare 2 Kgs 1:10, 12). The chariots and horses belong to Yahweh (Hab 3:8).[4]

2:11 Elijah’s ascent prefigures the triumph of Christ over death and his ascension (Luke 24:51; Acts 1:9).[5]

2:11 chariot of fire and horses of fire. The horse-drawn chariot was the fastest means of transport and the mightiest means of warfare in that day. Thus, the chariot and horses symbolized God’s powerful protection, which was the true safety of Israel (v. 12). As earthly kingdoms are dependent for their defense on such military force as represented by horses and chariots, one single prophet had done more by God’s power to preserve his nation than all their military preparations.[6]

2:11 In one of the most dramatic scenes in the Bible, heaven opened, a fiery chariot with fiery horses appeared, a whirlwind blew, and the prophet of God vanished alive into heaven. The fire associated with the chariot and the horses indicate the presence of God, much as the fiery angels do that Isaiah saw stationed around the throne of God (Is. 6:2).[7]

Ver. 11.—And it came to pass, as they still went on, and talked (comp. Luke 24:50, 51). The antitype answers to the type in little details as well as in the general outline. That behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire. God’s “angels are spirits, and his ministers a flaming fire” (Ps. 104:4). When the eyes of Elisha’s servant were opened, and he saw the angelic host that protected his master, it appeared to him that “the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha” (ch. 6:17). Material fire is, of course, not to be thought of. But the glory and brightness of celestial beings, when made visible to man, has some analogy with fire, or at any rate brings the conception of fire before the mind. The historian doubtless reports the account which Elisha gave of what he saw on this memorable occasion. And parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven; literally, and Elijah went up in a storm into the heavens. There is no mention of a “whirlwind;” and “the heavens” are primarily the visible firmament or sky which overhangs the earth. Elijah, like our Lord, rose bodily from the earth into the upper region of the air, and was there lost to sight. Three only of the seed of Adam—Enoch, Elijah, Jesus—have passed from earth to heaven without dying.[8]

11. Instead of unprofitable and improper enquiries concerning this event, I would rather refer the Reader to the consideration, how lively a type the prophet was, in this instance, of his divine master. And is it not probable (for I beg it may be understood that I do not presume to say as much) that from this view of the prophet, in his translation, like Enoch, to glory, the minds of the faithful in the church through all the intermediate ages from Elijah to Christ, were strengthened in their faith of the coming Saviour; the outlines of whose redemption-work they were brought savingly acquainted with? Heb. 11:5.[9]

11 Isaiah (Isa 66:15–16) utilizes the figure of fire and chariots like a whirlwind to depict God’s coming in judicial anger against sinful humanity. Much of that imagery was probably drawn from texts portraying God as present in intense thunderstorms (e.g., Pss 18:9–15; 29:3–9).[10]

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June 19 – The Poochie Lip Disease — VCY America

June 19
1 Kings 20:1-21:29
Acts 12:24-13:15
Psalm 137:1-9
Proverbs 17:16

1 Kings 20:6 – The dangers of appeasement. When you have given everything they have asked for, they may ask for more.

1 Kings 20:32 – Ah the definition of the “good ole boys club” – even though Benhadad threatened to rape and pillage the land, Ahab still thought of him as a brother. But this wasn’t Ahab’s war, this was the LORD’s war (1 Kings 20:28, compare to Rabshekah and Hezekiah in Isaiah 36:15). 1 Kings 20:42 says that we don’t have authority to make peace with the enemies of the LORD that he has appointed to destruction, unless we want to take their place.

1 Kings 21:4 – Patch the Pirate wrote the song “The Poochy Lip Disease” about the displeasure and pouting that King Ahab did because he couldn’t get a garden.


1 Kings 21:8 – In the University of Chicago’s Oriental Collection, they have a large collection of seals.

1 Kings 21:10, 13 – Interesting the word LORD is not used but the generic word Elohim (God). Naboth identified with the LORD, but the sons of Belial idnetified with just a generic God.

1 Kings 21:29 – Interesting that Ahab had a somewhat soft heart – unfortunately it seems he was stirred up by his wife, Jezebel (1 Kings 21:25). Solomon wrote well of the woman that feareth the LORD (Proverbs 31:30). Many a pastor has been limited in his ministry because his wife was not on the same page. In Bible college the observation was shared that half of all preachers married the wrong woman. On the other hand, I’ve heard of women that felt God’s call to the mission field, but married a husband that was not responsive to that calling as well.

Acts 12:24 – Welcome to the theme verse of the book of Acts. We have seen and will continue to see how the Word of God grew and multiplied!

Acts 12:11 – It is dangerous to interfere with the work of God. In Acts 5 we saw Ananias and Sapphira dead. Acts 12:23 we see Herod dead.

Psalm 137:9 – The final verse in this psalm of mourning is troubling for some. Atheist debater Dan Barker cites this as proof of the “monster”-ship of God.  Some say its merely an expression of the feelings of the writerJean Jones cites some helpful points including understanding synecdoche, symbolism, lex talionis, and prophecy. Kyle Butt claims its an imprecatory prophecy without divine command.

Proverbs 17:16 – If you aren’t going to learn, don’t bother paying extra for tuition….

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June 19 – The Poochie Lip Disease — VCY America

Wuhan’s Bat Lady Found ‘All Genes’ Required To Genetically Engineer SARS-Like Coronavirus: 2017 Report | ZeroHedge

Yet another piece of the pandemic puzzle has fallen into place – after being hidden in plain sight until it was wiped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s (WIV) website.

Unearthed by The National Pulse‘s Natalie Winters, a Nov. 2017 reporttitled (no really): Bats in China carry all the ingredients to make a new SARS virus,” describes how researchers at the WIV had identified ‘all the genes to make a SARS coronavirus similar to the epidemic strain,’ among 11 new strains of viruses collected in horseshoe bats.

“After five years of surveying bats in a cave in southern China’s Yunnan Province, Zhengli Shi and colleagues discovered 11 new strains of SARS-related viruses in horseshoe bats (especially in Rhinolophus sinicus). Within the strains, the researchers found all the genes to make a SARS coronavirus similar to the epidemic strain, says Shi, a virologist at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

These new strains are more similar to the human version of SARS than were previously identified bat viruses, says Matthew Frieman, a virologist at the University of Maryland in Baltimore. -PLOS Pathogens

More via The National Pulse:

The article, which was recently wiped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s website, also notes that Shi and her colleagues found that “several of the strains” could grow in human cells.

“By analyzing the new viruses’ complete genetic makeup, Shi and her colleagues retraced the steps that might have given rise to the original SARS virus. A few spots in the viruses’ DNA seem particularly prone to rearrangement, so remixing happens often. The study suggests that recombination between viruses has shaped the evolution of SARS, says Baric.

Several of the strains could already grow in human cells, Shi’s team found. That indicates “there’s a chance that the viruses that exist in these bats could jump to people,” Frieman says. “Whether they will or not is anybody’s guess.”

Also in 2017, a subagency of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) – headed by Dr. Anthony Fauci – resumed funding a controversial grant to genetically modify bat coronaviruses in Wuhan, China without the approval of a government oversight body, according to the Daily Caller. This comes after a temporary suspension of federal funding in 2014 for gain-of-function research by which bat COVID was genetically manipulated to be more transmissible to humans. Four months prior to that decision, the NIH effectively shifted this research to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) via a grant to nonprofit group EcoHealth Alliance, headed by Peter Daszak.

Notably, the WIV “had openly participated in gain-of-function research in partnership with U.S. universities and institutions” for years under the leadership of Dr. Shi ‘Batwoman’ Zhengli, according to the Washington Post‘s Josh Rogin.

In 2017, however, the “Potential Pandemic Pathogens Control and Oversight (P3CO) Framework was formed within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS),” which was tasked with evaluating the risks involved with enhancing dangerous pathogens, as well as whether proper safeguards are in place, before a grant into ‘gain-of-function’ or similarly risky research can be issued.

Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) – the subagency which funded EcoHealth – didn’t think the grant needed review, and resumed their relationship with Daszak without flagging it for the P3CO committee, an NIH spokesperson told the Caller.

Or – and just hear us out, a random bat infected a yet-to-be determined intermediary animal species, which nobody has been able to identify after 18 months of searching, which then infected humans in Wuhan – coincidentally home to the bat coronavirus lab, before anywhere else in the world.

— Read on www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/wuhans-bat-lady-found-all-genes-required-genetically-engineer-sars-coronavirus-2017-report