Support H.R. 899 and S. 323 to Abolish the Department of Education

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Members of Congress are seeking to pass legislation to terminate the unconstitutional and Deep State-controlled Department of Education (DoE).

H.R. 899 is sponsored by Representative Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) and co-sponsored by 14 additional representatives, while S. 323 is sponsored by Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.). The two bills are identical; they consist of only a single sentence that states: “The Department of Education shall terminate on December 31, 2021.”

Abolishing the DoE is essential for multiple reasons. First, nowhere does the U.S. Constitution give the federal government any authority over education policy. Under the 10th Amendment, education policy lies with the states and the people. By its very existence and shaping of U.S. education policy, the DoE violates the Constitution.

Additionally, the federalization of U.S. education policy is enabling spread of curriculum that promotes left-wing values and that dumbs down students. These include Common Core and the Every Student Succeeds Act that codified the former. Furthermore, the Biden DoE is actively promoting critical race theory and the 1619 Project.

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